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Weekly Update: 8/6/2001

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: August 6th. 2001
Times Viewed: 7,201

Not-That-Ordinary Days and Ducks and Wiccans...

Wren was so busy tossing bread and laughing with the gulls down at the edge of the Little Pond that she didn't even notice the newcomer until he had placed one very large, very orange and very muddy webbed foot squarely down on her right- and up to that point, white- sneaker. "Huh-loh," she wondered out loud, "Now, who the heck are you?" The newcomer was a big one. A raised bright red-orange helmet-beak sat astride a white and black head that then blended into the deep evergreen feathers down the back. The wings were also black with a white crescent accent. A saucy fan of black tail-feathers completed the package. Weighing in at about 15 pounds or so, Wren guessed by the pressure on her toes, this was one she hadn't seen before. But he was obviously good-natured and friendly- and quite happy for the free breakfast treat handout.

Upon checking her bird reference guide, Wren figured out that the newcomer was some sort of Eider. Now wild Eiders live only in the far North, so this one was either very bad in the navigation department, an escapee from a wildlife attraction or someone's wandering pet out to see the world. As he was very much used to being fed by people and showed no timidity toward Wren at all, her guess is that some duck aficionado woke up that day to find her pet duck colony was one Eider short. Whatever his story, the newcomer was yet another reminder of the diversity of lifeforms that can be found in a quite ordinary Little Pond on a quite ordinary day by a quite ordinary Witch. And as it frequently happens, a whole bunch of quite ordinary things often conspire together to produce some quite not-that-ordinary results. (Wyld Witch Word to the Wise: Never entirely trust any quite ordinary day to stay complacently ordinary. They can be quite sneaky that way.)

Last week, an e-friend of Wren had sent her a most intriguing email posing the question: "Has anyone noticed that many Wiccans/Pagans/Witches are becoming 'anti-magic'?" Christopher went on to further query that if Pagans/Wiccans/Witches are then not using magic- the knowledge of said magic being one of the very things that sets them/us apart from most of the other religions/belief systems currently operating in the world- then what indeed is so special about being Witch/Wiccan/Pagan? As he points out, "Couldn't we do all of the things we are doing and not bother being Witches? If we are Witches and in Partnership with the Ancient ones don't we have work to do? You don't hear that four letter word work very much any more in Wiccan circles."

Wren thought about those questions quite a bit during the week and composed many responses to send to Christopher- all of which she deleted. But on the morning that the wandering Eider appeared, Wren thought of an answer that she might consider actually sending. In a way, this particular writing is it.

Wren thinks that perhaps Christopher did get the question right. But she also believes that the four letter word that Christopher was looking for as a possible solution in his theoretical proposal for reawakening an interest in magical workings was not 'work'. Although work certainly is involved in any magical undertaking, work alone will not bring anything magical into being without that other thing.

Did Wren happen to mention that ordinary events are always plotting some sneaky covert way to turn an ordinary day into something not-so-ordinary? Well, the day had its plan set in motion and it literally was falling into place. While rearranging what is supposed to be the dining room but is actually the library by default, some of the books piled high on a shelf came tumbling down. As she groaned and began to pick through the pile, she paused over two of the selections.

Now Wren regularly practices a form of stichomancy (Stichomancy is the practice of seeking metaphysical insight by reading a random passage from a book.) when a thing or two is rattling around in her brain bucket. So, she put those two books aside, cleaned up the residue and treated herself to a rereading of the wayward book selections. They were actually two favorites that she hadn't looked at for a while. (So many books, so little time.) The books were 'The Words of Gandhi' and 'The Crack in the Cosmic Egg'.

Wiccans of late are taking potshots from all over. There are probably many reasons for this, but Wren (who is not Wiccan) was thinking about two of them in particular: The first problem that many contemporary non-Wiccans (and some within the Wiccan community) find in Wicca is that the background and/or foundation of the Wiccan movement may have been a little less than truthful or based upon historical facts. While most Wiccans are getting their acts together and are coming to grips with these issues, some damage has been done to the credibility of Wicca. And this has had ramifications that directly point back to Christopher's question: "Why have many Wiccans become so 'anti-magic'?"

Wren believes that Wiccans have had their confidence undermined by the criticism that continues to rage in some circles. And that is where the first book, 'The Crack in the Cosmic Egg' offered Wren- and perhaps it will offer some Wiccans as well- an interesting parallel parable. In the book, author Joseph Chilton Pearce, relates this tale:

"In the early 1950's, kidney transplants were a fascinating possibility. A Chicago doctor finally made an apparent successful transplant of one kidney, in a patient with a good left. The doctor and his staff kept extremely accurate and detailed reports, covering every bit of data on the entire affair. After a few months the doctor cautiously published his reports on the apparent success, that others might benefit and follow suit with further lifesaving attempts. Immediately after the performance was known to be workable, similar operations were tried all over the world, and the margin of success soared beyond all previous expectations."

"To his alarm however, the doctor later found out that he had erred in his interpretations. The transplant had failed, probably from the beginning; the other kidney had carried a double load plus the added strains of rejection and so on. The data so cautiously published had been erroneous. In what was admirable honesty, the doctor published a retraction and apology, but by then, of course, his error was incidental. Who cared? Success was at every hand, and has been growing ever since. All that may have been needed was sureness, belief and a concrete hope."

And of course, kidney transplants are done successfully every day and Wicca, after fifty-plus years is a successful experiment in a new spirituality. So who cares? They both work no matter what the truth of their beginnings might have 'technically' been- or not been.

The other point that Wren was pondering on the ordinary day, which turned out to be not-very-ordinary at all, was related to the first. And here is where Wren would substitute Christopher's four-letter word 'work' for another one: 'will'. Now 'will' is a strong word and we often perceive it as a forceful word. Indeed it is and will is all about forces and strengths. But 'strength' and 'force' are also linked and locked into the psyches of modern humans with terms such as 'aggression' and physical/mental/spiritual 'power over' ideas. Wiccans with their code of ethics commonly known as the Rede then are often accused of having no 'real' will, no ability to move beyond the ambiguity of 'what is no harm', no strength or force that amounts to much of anything. And here is where the second book, 'The Words of Gandhi', thumped Wren upside the head. (Thank the Gods, it's a smallish book!)

Wicca, regardless of its origins, has evolved into a spiritual path with great empathy towards and a growing affinity for what Gandhi called 'non-violent resistance'. In a world where 'might' frequently is seen as the same thing as 'right', such a stance is often met with some considerable resistance and antipathy. " In this age of the rule of brute force, it is almost impossible for anyone to believe that anyone else could possibly reject the law of the final supremacy of brute force," Gandhi wrote. But just as Gandhi was certainly a man of indomitable will and stuck to his course despite opposition from within and without, Wiccans- if and when they can come to grips with this similar philosophy- may become an equally considerable force dedicated to peace through non-violence and tolerance. The road to this way for Wiccans- as it did for the Quakers, the Tibetan Buddhists and the Hindus that still follow the teachings of Gandhi- is beginning to come into focus. While the signposts are there, whether Wicca will ultimately choose to travel this path remains to be seen. For this Path too, requires will.

"Nonviolence and cowardice go ill together. I can imagine a fully armed man to be at heart a coward. Possession of arms implies an element of fear, if not cowardice. But true nonviolence is an impossibility without the possession of unadulterated fearlessness," Gandhi clearly states. "Nonviolence should never be used as a shield for cowardice. It is a weapon for the brave." And so Wren would ultimately say to Christopher, "Where some brave Wiccans will lead, the magic is sure to follow."

This morning the Eider was back at the Little Pond. He has become a regular along with the noisy gulls and the gentle mallards. And while Wren has made the 'logical' conclusion that he comes from someone's fenced-in duck collection, it may be just as equally true that he did actually fly in all the way from Alaska to join us at Wren's Breakfast Bar. Who cares? He's here. He has found a place where he is welcome and enjoyed for what he brings to the place. And Wicca, no matter where it came from, is also here. And those who welcome and enjoy what Wicca brings to the World are pleased to see it.

As Pearce comes nearer to his conclusive chapters in 'The Crack in the Cosmic Egg', he muses: "Perfection is daring to embrace the universe itself as our true dimension, daring to steal the fire of the gods, to walk on water or fire unafraid, to heal, to claim plenty in time of dearth, to behold boldly that desired and become what we have need to be."

Whether Pagan or Witch or Wiccan or Heathen, it is our time to decide what and who we have need to be.

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
The Witches' Voice Inc.

Anchor Photo: Although our preference would have been to place a more appropriate image in this space, we simply could not find one in time... This shot is a fave from the past and was taken in Salem, Mass in 1994 by Fritz during the filming of a TV special on Witchcraft for the Learning Channel Network. We don't own this expensive wand (borrowed for the shot).

/a>A Permanent Memorial for Adam Dylan Schleimer
July 14th - Sherman, New York (Brushwood)

by Elizabeth Ariadne

On July 14, 2001, friends and family of Adam Schleimer gathered at Brushwood Folklore Center in Sherman, NY, for a memorial circle to honor his memory. Sirius Rising festival was in full force, and many people who were there early for Starwood were also in attendance.

Adam left us to go to the Summerland in January of this year. It was a difficult loss for many of his friends, some of whom only got to see him once a year at Brushwood. Adam was a part of the family called Babylon, a diverse group of people who come together once a year at Brushwood and form a close-knit community. We come from Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Vermont, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and elsewhere. The first thing we say when we arrive is "Hi honeys, I'm home!" Adam was our little brother.

We were blessed with the presence of Adam's mother, aunt, family friend, and girlfriend, who came out to Brushwood from Staten Island to be with Adam's chosen family. The bonding was instant; we saw in them where Adam came from, and they saw in us why Adam loved Brushwood so much.

Adam's Mom wanted to provide a permanent memorial to him there, and decided on a granite bench. She had one of Adam's favorite poems engraved on it, along with his name and the dates of his birth and passing. The poem was one that Adam used as a signature line in his e-mails, and it is a lovely remembrance of him. "Those who do love her, however, see the starkest beauty of the Northlands in her high and rocky fells, her shining ice and dark crags; to some, the sound of her howling wolves and howling wind is the fairest of all songs, and her ski-tracks through the snow the brightest of all paths against the winter's long night." (
Full Memorial).

Thank YOU Elizabeth for this piece and for the beautiful top created for Wren. We love you much!

Witchhugs to Christina...
Our deepest thanks go out, this week, to Witchvox staff member and old friend Christina Aubin for her quick creation of a powerful piece on the Pagan Holiday Lammas. Note: Also look for Christina's famous "8 Holidays of the Craft" piece to be posted on Witchvox very soon. This is a wonderful overview that she wrote back in 1996 that has been looted and posted on various websites, without credit, over the years. We do hope to set the record strait and see that Christina gets credit for her own work.

Occulture Celebrates Repeal of WitchCraft Laws
Brighton/Sussex, England
(late June 2001)
by Jon

Left to Right - Ramsey Dukes author and Chaos Magician, Ralph Harvey Order of Artemis and John Belham-Payne (Guardian of the Book of Shadows).

The three caught up with each other at a recent festival held in June UK called Occulture. The event marked the 50th anniversary of the Repeal of the Witchcraft laws in the UK and was a celebration of a new law protecting religious freedom.

Ramsey Dukes is regarded inside ceremonial magic circles as one of the most powerful magicians in the country and through his writings helped define 20th century magic. Ralph Harvey who presides over 200 covens worldwide and who made some of the earliest documentaries on the Craft helping to break down prejudice against Paganism. John Belham-Payne who was Doreen Valiente's last High Priest acted as compere at the week long festival. He spoke out against persecution of the Old Religion and welcomed the new laws enshrined religious freedom for all.

Founded by the Hexagon Archive, the Occulture festival was orginally formed to protect the rights and interests of those working in the esoteric domain. Occulture has become a symbol of religious freedom and personal belief. The event provides a positive platform for its contributors to speak openly about their beliefs and interact with the audience. Occulture welcomes people of all paths and persuasions. Visit the website for additional info. Witchvox NOTE: Jon and friends offer the critical Witch site: Doreen Valiente).

Starwood 2001
Sherman, New York
(July 16-22, 2001)
attendance: 1500+

Review by Don "Two Eagles" WaterHawk

Sirius Rising was over, and cars started rolling in to the field in preparation for Starwood. Down at the field, ACE and the Chameleons began their work in setting up the their space. Generators were brought in for the stage performances and the Laser light show, a new Puffer dome was set up, twice as big, in the far field, and more merchants were putting up their pavilions among the already set up vendors. A new energy was being felt in the field, and a new anticipation was being felt by the people. One of the great things about doing both Sirius and Starwood, is that one can ground well at Sirius for the swooping in of Starwood, plus you are already set up. The road signs to slow down, were mostly ignored by the incoming people, so there was a new entertainment by the field people as people began slamming into the road bumps. Slow down people, road kills start to smell in a couple of days, you're at Starwood, not Fastwood. We trust that one day these speed demons will get it, before land mines will be used.

Registration was opened and the long lines formed and shortened throughout the day as people got their tags and signed up for their workshifts and got their Starwood schedule books. Then at 7pm the famous Starwood opening circle started. I have to give great thanks to Susan and Ian for making this particular event happen at Starwood. Its one of my favorites. The booming voice of Ian, the sounds of the drumming, and the absolute fun that is brought into the circle, to end in the largest ( and safest) Spiral Dance in the country. 600+ people holding hands and snaking in and out through the circle is truly a sight to behold. Next year I trust that more people will go up to these two, Susan and Ian, and tell them thanks for bringing their energies here to be shared with the community. By late in the day the fire was lit in the roundhouse and the drumming began... (Full Review Parts I & II).

Pictured: Tia Waterhawk, Josh and Tara Waterhawk

Next Week: August Adult Essays, another new FREE mp3 gift, 20 new cat shots and much much more...


AUGUST Teenage Pagan Essays Now UP!
As we enter the 21st. century, one thing is clear, Pagan Youth will lead the way. They are embracing this spiritual path with a passion and conviction like we have never seen before. We are honored to feature the wonderful Teen Essays written by our Young Pagans.

  • Magic Happens
    What's the most magickal thing that ever happened to you in your life? Tell us about something that clearly happened either in response to a spell, a prayer or to some kind of personal work you had been doing . Read these powerful essays here: Page 1 - 2

  • Sacred Space
    What do you think "sacred space" is? How do you create it? How do you use it? Page 1 - 2 - 3.
Other Young Pagan Resources at TWV: WitchVox Teen Essays MAIN Index - Young Pagans in YOUR Town (6,638 listed) - Young Pagan Covens and Groups (310 listed) - F.A.Q.'s of the WitchVox Teen Section - Teen Article Submission Topics! Make YOUR Voice Heard! - Teen Pagan Web Sites (242 sites listed!) - Click HERE to submit YOUR Teen Pagan Site.
TWV Essay Topics NOW UP!: Diotima has POSTED the essay topics for the rest of 2001... Choose: Teen or Adult

Notes from a WebCrafter
Staring at the Trees, Avatar and other News

Greetings Everyone,

This past week was one with much activity throughout the Pagan community both on and offline. Several Pagan Authors are putting the final touches on books due for release this fall, AvatarSearch made the announcement that they are putting their site up for public auction and we continue to be amazed at the non-stop increase in submissions to our networking section. Allow me to touch on some of these subjects, offer up another free Pagan tune and note some other items of interest.

AvatarSearch For Sale...
For most of this year Avatarsearch has been struggling to raise cash to both keep the site online and to pay its founder for her time. Although the site was put up for sale (unsuccessfully) late this past year, they decided to give it another go buy launching their personals site but sadly that didn't fly. In the spring they made a plea to the community and offered some AvatarSearch Products as well as a PayPal donation link system. Apparently, this generated enough cash to purchase an auction program (and a beautiful one I might add) at the suggestion of some... Sadly, the Auction project didn't take off either. They then worked a co-venturing deal with Mark Dabbs and friends to create the "AvatarSearch Registered User Program" as a way to generate cash. For 29.95 the ARUP offers a diverse online 'zine (now in its third edition), a connection to Goddess Daily news and the chance to be listed as a supporter of Avatar. By design ARUP is a professional venture that should make money for Avatar, its writers, affiliates, advertisers, and its founders. To date there are no posted numbers as to how successful the ARUP has been but it seems that, from Diana's announcement of this past week... "Unfortunately, this has not provided any revenues to us at this point in time, and appears to have splintered on to other goals.", it isn't saving the day yet.

AvatarSearch has always been the busiest Occult search engine of it's kind and thanks to their banner exchange and brilliant "cool links" marketing program, they have always generated some serious traffic. No "canned/colored" Cgi here folks, AvatarSearch has been handcrafted, since day one, by the brilliant Tina Coutu.

On 6/30/1996 we were honored with one of the first "Mystic Site of the Web Award of Excellence" awards for a site we were running called the Witches' League for Public Awarness... It was that day that I began a relationship with Tina Coutu. On 10/10/96 we received a notice of the conversion of our award to the just launched "AvatarSearch" site (yes, we really DO have all email since 4/96). AvatarSearch came on strong and as an Occult Search Engine has not been rivaled to this day.

Although it is difficult for me to think of AvatarSearch as a community site (since it has been a business venture since day one laced with mucho advertising) I can't help but feel disappointment that AS a business venture it hasn't generated enough revenue to pay its creator a salary.

Personally, it has been disheartening for me to watch the sharks circle 'round this wounded spirit over these past 8 months. I have witnessed countless suggestions that are more steeped in "I'll help you as long there is something in it for me/us" than actual selfless support. But, as they say "business is business". The selfless support came from the actual fans of the site that DID make PayPal donations and patronized other money generating areas. To this group, Avatar HAS been a community site. I have always known Tina's spirit to be true and as a retailer/wholesaler for the past 30 years have been routing for her success. Her trusting spirit has caused her much pain this year and I, for one, am glad she is considering a high paying job in the outside sector.

So what will the public auction be like? Will their be a minimum bid, will there be a hidden reserve? Will the bidders and the bids be posted? If there is a minimum bid and it isn't hit will they simply take the site down? Only time will tell, but according to this weeks statement we will all know very soon.

We do know this, *if* Avatar changes hands or simply disappears... the Pagan web will never be the same. This brilliant piece of programming has served millions in the Mystic/Occult community for almost 5 years and has generated tens of thousands of customers for its Mystic/Occult advertisers. Although some will scramble to grab the Avatar traffic and it's paid advertisers, it just won't be the same. At present there is NO replacement for AvatarSearch and I don't see one coming down the road.

Thank YOU Tina Coutu for the work you have done and do know that we wish you the best in your future business and spiritual ventures. Perhaps you will find a way to stay with us all.

For the notice of sale click here

Staring at the Trees - Another New Free Mp3 tune!

For August 2001 we am honored to offer another original Pagan tune called Staring at the Trees. A bouncy composition, with sexual overtones, that simply celebrates my love for trees and the magick that they are so rich with. Oddly, this tune was the most fun piece to record for this project and is a perfect example of words tossed on a canvas for the melody line. I'd have to say that this is my fave track from these sessions. It was both an easy and fun song to record.

This composition is all about groove and feel. I do understand that most folks listen to music and actually pay attention to the lyrics. For me this has never been the case. As a "sound and feel" kinda guy, lyrics are the last thing I focus on. This tune is a good example of how some of us compose tunes. Personally, I start with a groove and flesh out the melody with any words that come into my head. This creates a 'scratch vocal'... Typically I go back and write some proper words and then re-record the vocals. With this tune, the scratch vocal trax remained. This is mostly due to the fact that even though the lyrics are a throw a way, I just loved the way they felt and the fun I had tossing them out there.

For our overview/story of "Staring at the Trees" and to fire off the mp3 file... Click HERE

Some Quick Notes:

Submissions to the Witchvox networking pages (Witches of the World) continue to break all records here at TWV. Of late, we are experiencing nearly 1,000 submissions (both new and modified) a week. This means YOUR State/Province Page is in a constant state of change, and more than likely, contains many new events, people, groups, announcements and websites since your last visit (we process submissions every 48 hours). Thank you for making this such a critical resource for us all.

July 2001... Quite busy for a Summer Month
To our surprise this past month, even with cripped to many users, was busier than we expected. With 1,520,653 actual pages delivered (8,873,010 hits) it appears that interest the NeoPagan community, its ways and beliefs continues to wax.

Submissions to the Witchvox networking pages (Witches of the World) continue to break all records here at TWV. Of late, we are experiencing nearly 1,000 submissions (both new and modified) a week. This means YOUR State/Province Page is in a constant state of change, and more than likely, contains many new events, people, groups, announcements and websites since your last visit (we process submissions every 48 hours). Thank you for making this such a critical resource for us all.

Witchvox.NET ... Still trying to Get our ISP to Deal with this.
This past week we again received a dozen pieces of email from folks that cannot get into our networking section (www.witchvox.NET)... After much research, it is clear that the problem lies with our ISP "" ... Simply stated, they have our DNS screwed up and we are presently 'breathing all over them' to get this together. Traffic at has never been busier, but we estimate that 10% of you get 'server not found' messages. We apologize for this frustration and will get this resolved this coming week. It is worth noting that this is NOT a problem with Witchvox.COM which is hosted by

Proudly in Your Service,

Fritz Jung (WebCrafter - Witchvox)
Monday, August 6th. 2001

Photo Credit: The photo of yours truly was taken at a Pagan Pride Day march in Salem, Mass in 1989 (photographer unknown).

Thanks to you... Ellen Cannon Reed Beats Leukemia!
by Katzedecimal

As promised a few days ago, here are the details of Ellen Cannon Reed's amazing recovery from a recent bout with leukemia. TWV wishes to thank Katzedecimal for keeping us up to date on Ellen's situation. A few days ago we received this email...

"Hello! I phoned Ellen yesterday afternoon as a Lughnasadh present and had a good long chat with her.

She is considered to be 'cured' and has shown no signs of relapse as of yet. If she can maintain her condition for three years (no remission), she will be considered to be cured of the leukemia.

Due to her long convalescence, her muscles are very weak. She is using a walker to get around her home and cannot yet climb steps or get out of low chairs. She is living in a hospital bed in her living room, as this is tall enough to let her stand as soon as she swings her legs out. She is taking physical therapy and progressing nicely.

The ordeal of Leukemia has been a powerful affirmation of faith for Ellen. She has become truly convinced of the powers of prayer and magic. When she was first diagnosed, her prognosis was only "fair", due to her age and the severity of the leukemia - she had had it for close to two months before it was diagnosed. Her leukemia responded with only one course of chemotherapy, a course that was, in her words, "embarrassingly uneventful." While another hospital mate went through terrible throes of vomiting on his chemotherapy, Ellen did not suffer many side effects at all. Her bone marrow 'rebooted' cleanly and quickly. She has spent only six weeks in hospital. Her doctor told her, "You are a miracle"; she replied, "No, I'm a witch with connections."

One night, Ellen was moved to a transitional house to begin her physical therapy, readying her to return home. This transitional house was dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis was the most 'pagan' of the Catholic saints, believing that nature was not merely a work of God but a thriving, vivacious eminence of God's glory. He is usually portrayed as surrounded by animals of the wood, and places dedicated to him are usually nature sanctuaries. Ellen woke up to trees. When told she was to begin walking exercises, she was asked where she would like to walk. A little hesitantly (since her immune system is still somewhat fragile), she asked if she could walk outside. She was taken outside into a beautiful sunny day, to walk among the trees and the grass. When she tired, she was sat down on a bench in the garden of St. Francis, his statue across from her in a chuckling fountain. Her spirit and body strengthened quickly and Ellen was sent home a week later. Ellen has rejoined us on Undernet #witchcraft, via a laptop computer from her bed. Last night we had a rousing welcome-home party on the channel, with plenty of tears and laughter.

Ellen has seen Bearcloud's "Wishes4Ellen" site and wishes it to remain. She would like it turned into a petition site, where anyone with a sick loved one may post requests for prayers and healing. She herself is intending to study further into healing magic.

We of Undernet #witchcraft wish to thank you for your updates on Witchvox. They generated an enormous response. We have been very touched by the number of people who have come onto the channel and onto Wishes4Ellen to express their concern. Thank you.

Is mise le meas
-==- Katzedecimal

Pagan Perspectives
WitchVox Question of the Week!

Last week, we asked...

This week, we ask the question:

Have you ever been to a Pagan Festival? What did you like Most about the experience? - Of all of the variables mentioned concerning what makes for a 'successful' Pagan festival, actual Pagan festival-goers seem to like the feeling of 'community' the best of all. Many replied or remarked that it is indeed the PEOPLE who make the events such rewarding and enjoyable experiences. -- Post YOUR Opinion or view the Responses of others.

This week, we ask the question:

What is 'Will' or 'Willpower'? - Okay, now that you're all rested up from your fun festival experiences, time to stretch the ole brain cells once more: What do you think the human/spiritual/magickal 'will' may be? Where does it come from? How do you get it? Is it a function of the brain, of the spirit? Does it emerge from rational mind processes/training or is it an instinctual survival method? How might 'will' be used to produce good ends and/or how might it be abused? Do you believe that a person or persons with 'will' can affect the processes of the natural world or change the course of history? If decisions and the course of human/political/social events are determined every day by people and systems with an agenda, how could/would (or not) Pagans use their own 'willpower' to either aid or deter such agendas? Finally, do you believe- REALLY believe- that one person or a group of like-minded persons with sufficient will can change the world? If you do, then why does it seem that so few people are actually working at doing so? Post YOUR Opinion or view the Responses of others.

In Closing...

"The wild is within you; you are its voice. You will never fully belong to the castle, the realm of humans, for yours is a different task: to be the voice of the land, the stars, the wild things; to speak for them in the councils of the castle, to live on the borderlands, not one thing or another but always moving between shaman, magician, Witch."
- Starhawk and Hilary Valentine; The Twelve Wild Swans.

In Your Service,


The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, August 6th., 2001


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