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Weekly Update: 8/20/2001

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: August 20th. 2001
Times Viewed: 8,747

The First Day...

Greetings Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans,

Sipping on her morning coffee and nibbling at the English muffin, Wren relaxed for a few moments in her favorite overstuffed chair. The animals and birds and turtles were all fed, the cats had wandered off to take their ten o'clock nap and Skye was in the bathroom prepping for a day of bargain hunting in the St. Petersburg antique shops with her mother. Visiting antique shops and flea markets- even if they didn't plan on buying anything- was something that they had always enjoyed doing together. Wren sighed and took another sip. Skye would be returning home to New Hampshire in just a few days. Financial constraints kept their visits down to only one each year and this one was almost over. Wren pushed that thought aside. Today her daughter was here and making those very normal everyday-type rustling sounds behind the closed bathroom door and that was enough for right now.

Wren and Skye have always been close. More like sisters or best friends than mother and daughter, their relationship is something that each of them treasure. They just plain like each other, love each other and enjoy being together. They talk about everything under the sun and a few things beyond that. They have developed a set of secret signals between themselves- usually based upon some shared 'what the..?' type of experience- and each knows when the other is..Well, let's just say that cash registers 'tend' to malfunction and light bulbs 'happen' to blow out and microwave ovens may not always micro anything when the two of them really get going. And they laugh. They laugh a lot.

In the days since Skye had arrived, mother and daughter had already laughed their way through several stores, shops, visits with friends and long talks well into the night. To anyone who spied them during one of their little jaunts about town, they would look like two women without a care in the world. Some Pagans- if they happened to spy the pentacles that they both wear openly- might be inclined to curl a lip and mutter something about 'white-light fluffy bunnies', so carefree did they seem. But both groups would be wrong. And that's what generally happens when people make assumptions, judgements or sweeping generalizations about other people, isn't it? It's not that we all don't do that from time to time; it's just that some people have made a career out of it.

Religions and belief systems have evolved from the human need to make sense out of events and experiences. The answers to questions about good and ill, life and death, and what ultimately may lie beyond this earthly realm are the issues that these religions and belief systems have always tried to address. Let's face it: Life is not always easy; Life is not always kind and often it seems to us, Life is not always fair. Bad things happen to good people every day while at the same time the guilty often go unpunished. Why this is so is another topic with which religions/belief systems attempt to make some sense of.

Some religions put the blame on one or more 'evil entities' to explain why pain or suffering exist. These same religions and belief systems often twist pain and suffering into something 'noble' since they cannot adequately remove them from the world. Other religions and belief systems that embrace the notion of reincarnation state that we are reaping now what we have sowed in a previous lifetime. Since the cause of present pain and suffering often seems to have no connection to the here and now, there must be an invisible cause that carries over from another time or past life actions. You've put in your past-life nickels and now as the crank turns, you get whatever comes out the slot. Other people believe that the universe simply works like a mechanical device on autopilot; there is no one at the helm; the world just keeps going and stuff just happens because it happens. How well each religion/belief system provides the answers- if not final answers then at least some source of strength or solace when hard times hit- will determine how successful the future of that system will be. And of course, as knowledge of the physical causes of diseases or other maladies of mind and body emerge, the systems must shift a bit to remain viable and meaningful. And what belief system a person adheres to will greatly color their perceptions of what is 'good' or 'bad' in the world and why they or other people are experiencing certain problems or blessings.

Some of the most positive and spiritually healthy people that Wren knows happen to be people who are also struggling with chronic, hereditary, life debilitating or even potentially terminal illnesses. Rather than whining about their conditions, they simply take the bad days along with the good days and keep on going. Since most of these people also happen to be Pagans, they don't subscribe to the 'suffering is noble' mindset. They are also not in denial about the realities of their situations. They just deal with it day after day and most people who might meet them will never know what lies beneath the smiles or the laughter or the twinkle in their eyes.

If there is anything in this world that most people of faith agree upon it is that to one degree or another humans have a certain portion of free will. Choices can and are made every day. And much to the disgust of the cynics, of the pessimists, of the self-appointed advocates of the 'dark side', many people actually choose to embrace a positive attitude in the face of adversity. So they can call these optimists white-lighters and 'fluffy bunnies' if that is what makes them look more superior or sophisticated in their own eyes. Choices, choices, choices. We all make them.

Wren opens her eyes as the bathroom door flies open and Skye waltzes around the corner. 'How do I look, Mom?" she asks. "You look great, " Wren smiles. And she does. With her skin creamy and smooth, her brilliant green eyes sparkling with anticipation and her auburn wig stylishly in place, Skye looks the picture of health and vitality. No one today will ever guess that she has brain cancer. No one today will see any of the muscle weakness left from the chemotherapy or the slight vision impairment left from the radiation treatments. Or know that under her wig her hair is just starting to grow back or that the piece of her skull cut out during her craniotomy is now held in place with plastic clips and a flap of skin. And no one today will know that the dismal statistics for her type of brain cancer say that she may have only eight years to live or that fifty percent of those with malignant anaplastic oligoastrocytomas will never make five of those years. And no one will know that Skye has made her choice.

Skye is not a white lighter or a fluffy bunny. No one who has been through what she has could be either one of those things. She knows the score and it matters little if other people know the reasons behind her choices or not. For Skye HAS chosen to be a positive person, an optimist, and a survivor. She believes each day is a new beginning.

Some people advocate the theorem that we should all live every day as if it were our last. Skye has chosen to live each day as if it were her first.

As Wren gives her only child a big hug, they both laugh. The sun is shining, the car has a full tank of gas and the world is full of adventures waiting to happen. A new 'first day' has begun. And as they close the door behind them, Wren and Skye have chosen to make the most of it.

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
The Witches' Voice Inc.

Photos: These two images (video still frames) were captured on Sunday 8/19/2001 and document the love and respect between Wren and Skye. They are truly beautiful creatures and their light is quite easy to capture on Video. (F.J.- Webcrafter Witchvox).

Thank YOU Council of the Magickal Arts...
Celebrating a Great Pagan Zine

Wren and I would like to thank Marilyn Dillon and the magickal folks at CMA (Council of the Magickal Arts, Inc.) for allowing us the opportunity to speak candidly in a interview in the latest edition of the Accord Magazine . Good questions and lots of fun. Although CMA is Texas based, this Pagan 'Zine is Global in scope. It is always a treat to find the Accord in our mailbox. This Pagan 'Zine is always packed with interesting articles and features that truly speak to the vast majority of this wonderful community. Wren and I are proud to say that we have been members of CMA for 4 years. The following excerpt from the Accord Website best explains this 'zine and CMA...

"Accord is a quarterly journal for Wiccans, Pagans and others on a magickal/spiritual path, which focuses on Pagan spirituality, the practices of the magickal arts and topics of interest to the Pagan community. It is published near the Solstices and Equinoxes by the Council of the Magickal Arts, Inc".

"CMA is a Texas-based association of practitioners of the religions of the magickal arts. Over 1, 500 members strong, CMA promotes spirituality based on Pagan beliefs, and is open to people of all traditions who are interested in celebrating nature, spirit and community".

"Each issue of Accord focuses on a theme related to Pagan spirituality and lifestyles. Regular features include messages from CMA officers, multimedia reviews, events calendar, personal announcements, and columns on Pagan parenting, online resources, community, advice and humor, religious liberties issues, magickal lore - and more!"

For info on subscribing to this fabulous Pagan Zine visit the Accord Site over at

Drummers, Dancers, & Firetenders
It's YOUR turn to do the talking!

Drummers, Dancers, & Firetenders - We need your help for a survey. Don Waterhawk and Trish Telesco are working on a spiritually-oriented drumming book for which they'd appreciate as many voices from the community as possible participating (so the book itself becomes like the Drum cicle). If you can take a few minutes to fill out our survey for this book please email - Thank you! Trish Telesco

Ft. Meyers/Naples Pagans UNITE This Thursday!
This just in from Mino...

Wren, this is just to keep you informed on the local situation here in Collier County: This is an e-mail sent out to known local area pagans, and also posted in local pagan message boards as well as announced at local pagan functions.

There was a Christian Coalition Rally over the weekend here in Naples to support the IN GOD WE TRUST posters that they want to put in Collier County Public Schools (see They are planning on having a huge turnout at the School Board Meeting on Thursday at 5:30pm.

WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT to keep this kind of thing OUT of the public schools! If at all possible, please attend Thursdays meeting at the school board to help slam this door and keep these right wing moral majority bible-thumping peoples' agenda OUT OF THE PUBLIC PLACES THAT YOU PAY TAXES TO MAINTAIN! Their main fuel is the fact that it is a National Motto, and is on U.S. Currency. We have no choice but to spend that currency. Our kids will have no choice but to read that poster.

Stand up for your rights! They want to make your choices for you, and are trying to force your kids to have this religious distraction while they attend schools that are paid for by YOUR TAX DOLLARS. If they get their way on this, it is only the beginning of their conquest to assimilate local government and threaten your religious freedom.....and freedom FROM religion.

See You On Thursday! August 23rd, 5:30pm at the school board meeting off of Estey Avenue and Airport Road. Go East on Estey and turn right before the vocational school.

Mino Mercurious of OGW
(photo by Don Waterhawk)

Celebrating the Handfasting of Jennifer Lynn Graham & Laura Michelle Harper
May 5th, Beltaine, 2001

This past week we received notice of a recent handfasting and are honored to share some of the details and a few photos with the community at large. The Witchvox staff extends our best magick and wishes to this union.

On May 5th we woke up to excitement from all quarters. The faeries have been waiting for this day, the day one of their own marries a human witch. The sky was looking worrisome even though the weather man pulled his reputation out of the fire several times this week saying it would rain, then it wouldn't, now... look... clouds and a chill in the air. It's May, it's Cinco de Mayo, It's Beltaine! So... the first thing I did - after making a huge pot of coffee - is to have a little chat with the sky. I told it that it already rained here and it would have to move along now... time for the flowers to warm up again. It agreed with me for a bit, but was kinda suspicious too... kept looking over it's shoulder to see if I was laughing or not.

My sisters had checked into the hotel the night before and my parents were due to arrive around 11 or so at the hotel and then around 2pm here or so to help if necessary. Our first helper arrived at 11am - Katherine Roody with her gal Shawnee in tow. They were champions! They had the biggest job, keeping Laura calm, non-mussed and help her when it's time to get dressed and such. Katherine was also her escort.

At 3:15pm Laura went down the stairs and outside to the left side of the house and I with the children to the right side of the house . Neither one of us has seen each other since we went to put Laura in the front room with Katherine. The music started, The refrain was sung. I began to walk forward with my sons on either side of me On the fourth step... I looked to my left, My heart lept in my chest

There was the most beautiful woman that has ever graced this planet! She was dressed in an opalescent lavender floor-length dress. Escorted by Katherine in a floral print dress The whole world seemed to be sighing their approval of her. Summer Goddess, my faerie child, my angel on the wall. We met over three years ago, began dating a little less than that the day we began dating was the first day I said I love you to her. Today ...I say it for all the days to come.

Laura and Jennifer joined hands, hearts and lives on this day witnessed by their sons Brendan and Malcolm, their friend Katherine, and all their family and friends who mean so very much to them.

For complete details of the glorious union visit (click on the link "My Wedding Album")

Pagan Net - Community News
In case you hadn't heard

AvatarSearch Public Auction Begins! Today, Dianna of AvatarSearch announced (via emailing all listed at AvatarSearch) that this famous Mystic/Occult search engine is NOW up for public auction. The auction has commenced with a minimum bid of 31 Grand. No bids as of this writing and the reserve price will remain a mystery until it is hit.

What IS AvatarSearch worth in cash? Wow, I haven't a clue. With 1 million visitors a month, there is bound to be someone that sees potential revenue from this traffic. But traffic on the net isn't worth the cash it was just a few years ago. Is 31k too much? Is it way to little? Is AvatarSearch really worth 200k? perhaps 800k? A Million bucks? Will a real buyer bypass the auction and simply deal with them directly with an offer? Only time and the Gods will tell. To place your bid for this amazing piece of work hit the Avatar Auction Site... The AvatarSearch auction is set for a 90 day run.

Alternatives and Lots of them... In the past few weeks we have also noted that no one (in our opinion) is poised to "take their place" ... I said this due to the custom CGI work that makes Avatar powerful, useful and quick. It is worth noting that there indeed many other mystic/occult sites that are quite diverse and offer many similar features. One that comes to mind is beautifully crafted site called Freaky Planet. We have known Capt. Ike and company for a few years now and have also know these folks to be good spirits. They offer FREE WEBHOSTING (with NO Advertising) as well as lots of interesting links and zillions of features. Freaky Planet has much to experience and is more diverse in scope (Paths) than even Avatar is.

Some Witchvox Crowing: although we have never actually stated it, it is worth noting that for 5 years Witchvox has presented and maintained a Pagan search engine (VoxLinks Pagan Search ) second only in size and traffic to AvatarSearch (visited over 2.2 million times). Our focus is tighter in that we feature ONLY Witch, Wiccan and Pagan sites and don't include UFO, Satanic, Christian or New Age listings. To our knowledge VoxLinks Pagan Search is the only other site of this size that actually does verify ALL the links on a regular basis. Judging from the sheer number of links that can disappear in a 90 day period it is clear that verification is a must do. Fact is, had we not faithfully performed this cleansing ritual over the past 5 years, we *could* crow about "featuring" 13,000 links and over 8,000 would be broken. Like AvatarSearch we also use a 100% custom written programs to give us flexibility and true control over daily maintenance and future enhancements.

You built VoxLinks Pagan Search and you did it without advertising, commercial co/venturing or required link backs. You've built something both useful and powerful. I, for one, have enjoyed be the groundskeeper.

AOL "Ask A Witch" Regulars Unite...
Working Some Serious Magick

Some of the Reg's of the Life "Ask A Witch" AOL chat room got together on 21 July 2001 to put the finishing touches on a healing ritual that was started months ago for Heather (daughter of LdyShaylyn) who was diagnosed with cancer.

Heather had a CT Scan done Friday afternoon (20 July) and it reveals that there are no more tumors to be found!!! This brave child has a long road yet to walk and additional energy is gratefully accepted. In addition to her cancer she also has Juvenile Diabetes for which she has to take insulin several times a day. The chemo hestroys her platelets, so she must also get periodic transufions to make sure that her blood supply is adequate to support her body.

Our healing ritual became a wonderful celebration of life and spirit and a chance to follow up on the wonderful way she has used the energy that she has received from everyone by totally drenching her in healing energy and loving thoughts. She sat in the midst of us all and directed the cone of power herself...taking what she needed and storing the rest in her calcite globe for extra strength when she needs it. She is not done yet since the doctors want to continue the chemo just to be sure that all of the cancer is gone, so keep that energy flowing...none of it has gone to waste. What Heather doesn't use Misty can certainly benefit from since Heather's main source of energy right now is by draining Misty and Sam when she really needs an extra boost.

Pictured: Sam and AZThARA (standing) LdyShaylyn, Jvet1, TXsueMOM, Heather, TheNomadd, JennaSilvr, CntryDwlr Patty and PSAtyre

Notes from a WebCrafter
WOTW CleanUp, Teachers/Elders/Leaders and another Free Tune

Greetings Witches, Wiccans and Pagans,

This has been a wonderful week here at TWV in Clearwater, Florida. Wren is on "cloud nine" due to a reunion with her daughter the beautiful Skye Luna. Because of this visit, posts at Wren's Nest have been a bit spotty, but I figure that Wren has earned a break and am glad that she is taking one.

This month has rendered an unusually high number of complaints about Groups, their "leaders" and power over related tactics. I feel compelled to reiterate our stance on these matters and point you to our Arbitration Page for a detailed explanation of our thoughts and policies. I also take this opportunity to remind you to be careful out there and encourage you to check out the folks you are getting ready to circle with. You have a powerful inner voice, listen to it and don't let your desires, or neediness rule the day.

Sadly the takers in this community DO tar the givers by association. Although this subject is a rant in itself, I'd like to briefly touch on the qualities of good and bad local leaders/elders and teachers of our community.

The Light! Thank the Gods for our good teachers and elders, they work for the good of YOU and rarely for themselves. They actually care about YOU and your spiritual path. They show this constantly, both directly and indirectly. They are our community's most valued commodity and most unappreciated entity. Don't take this type of individual for granted and DO thank them face to face, its the very least you can do. We have seen many a good teacher/elder/leader burn out over the years. This type of never says a LOUD goodbye, they simple go quietly into the night. This is always a tragedy and could have been avoided with a little genuine appreciation.

You wanna "freak out" a good teacher/elder/leader? Here is a proven method... Simply stop them, break their concentration and thank them sincerely. I can guarantee you that will catch them off guard and 9 times out of 10, actually make their day. Don't assume that they are lavished with kudos, they aren't. Why will it freak them out? Quite simply they aren't used to focusing on themselves. Try it, it's fun.

The Dark! Charismatic and savvy individuals work their "magick" in all spiritual communities and the NeoPagan community is no exception. They do this to build wealth and/or power. They are masters of control. They have developed these skills over the years at both the conscious and subconscious levels. They prey on needy, wide-eyed seekers to do their bidding, pay their bills and cut their grass. Although they may *seem* like the real deal ask yourself some simple questions... Why? because it may save you a boat-load of pain. These few "big signs" are from our combined 40 years experience in the Neo-Pagan community and just a sampling of some things you may want to consider...
  • Where are the Elders of this Trad or Group? This leader has been teaching and running their group for years yet it consists of folks that have only been involved for a few months... High turn over you say? Why?
  • The fast path vs. the never ending path: This "elder" seems to grant degrees based on his/her favorites (or lovers or folks that can serve them personally)... They stall the advancement of the "cash cows/workerbeez", the ones that may actually be doing MORE of the real work. Why?
  • Financial/Romantic "Advice": They claim they are the true magicians, that THEY can teach YOU to do bitchen' spells for a better love life or for financial gain... YET even to the casual observer THEIR life is a mess. Why? - DO look at their life and ask yourself how magickal/successful it really is. Don't cut them any more slack than you would cut yourself. It amazes me how many overlook this simple reality.
  • Can't/Won't get along with local groups: My mother always used to say that "can't means won't". To me this is another tell tale sign. When they state that they simply cannot work with any of the other local groups, smell a rat. You can bet that there are stories to be told. So *If* they are NOT respected by the other groups in the area, you must ask WHY! Or you can believe that everyone is your area is a problem and that they aren't - That will be their 'spin'.
  • Suffer to Learn: Did I miss something or isn't this the 21st. century?
  • Illegal Behavior: Your choice, if you want to set yourself up for this kind of mess.
  • It's all about YOU serving them: Respect is earned, NOT demanded, or asked for. If it seems like a one way street, it probably is.
  • You do the work, they pocket the cash: Incredibly, there are those claiming that they are community spirits, yet you don't get paid and they DO for the work that YOU DO for them.
These observations are off the top of my head. I am sure that there are many other signs. Also check out the Advanced Bonewits' " Cult Danger Evaluation Frame"(Version 2.6) for powerful way to measure group leaders, Wren's powerful series "Teachers of the Craft" and the countless articles and comments in our WitchWars Section". Never forget that this is YOUR spirituality that we are talking about, ONLY you are the best judge of what is appropriate for you.

Oh yes, you should thank the bad teaches/elder/leaders as well. They are capable of teaching you critical life lessons. Do thank them and be specific. For only they can best teach you how NOT TO BE!

Quarterly WOTW Audit Now in Progress
This week we also began our quarterly "cleansing ritual" for the Witches of the World pages (AKA: WOTW). So far we have cleaned up Links, Covens/Groups and Events of any and all "bad email addresses". During this past week close to 500 listings have been removed from WOTW. Details are as follows...

Ongoing local Events at TWV Audited 8/15: 543 Ongoing events were tested (dated events expire automatically and weren't tested). We received over 100 undeliverables and almost 100 responses telling us that their Event was history... It's also worth noting that another 120 ongoing events that were working submitted changes and updates.

Covens, Groups and Orgs Audited 8/16: 2483 Groups were tested. We received over 183 undeliverables and almost 200 responses telling us that their group was history... Another 226 groups submitted changes or updates.

This Week we Audit 32,000 Personal Listings: This coming week we will send out email verification to the 32, 330 personal contacts listing on the WOTW state/province pages. Response is encouraged ONLY if you want you listing removed. We do this every 90 days in an effort to remove any and all listings where we get an "undeliverable" or "mail box over quota" response. If past results hold true, we will be removing over 4,000 listings just from this section.

Throw Your Arms (Around Me)
Another Free Tune from Us to YOU.

This week we release a "cover tune" for your spiritual listening pleasure, free of promotion and free of hustle. By "cover tune" I mean that we didn't write it. "Throw Your Arms (Around Me)" was tune recorded during the Celtic feast of the Dead Sessions just for fun.

This tune was written by Mark Seymour of the New Zealand group "Hunters and Collectors" and is just one of those singing 'round the campfire classics.

For details on the session, the tune and for a link to the mp3 file surf to the Throw Your Arms (Around Me) page over at

Never forget that is "cooler" to be kind than to be right and always measure the RESULTS of your actions. The lessons are everywhere... Stop, Look and really listen.

Proudly in Your Service,

Fritz Jung (WebCrafter - Witchvox)
Monday, August 20th. 2001

Photo Credit: The photo of yours truly was taken at a Pagan Pride Day march in Salem, Mass in 1989 (photographer unknown).

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    Magic Happens
    What's the most magickal thing that ever happened to you in your life? Tell us about something that clearly happened either in response to a spell, a prayer or to some kind of personal work you had been doing . Here were some essays that we received on this topic: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

    Sacred Space
    What do you think "sacred space" is? How do you create it? How do you use it? Page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

TWV Essay Topics NOW UP!: Diotima has POSTED the essay topics for the rest of 2001... Choose: Teen or Adult


AUGUST Teenage Pagan Essays Now UP!
As we enter the 21st. century, one thing is clear, Pagan Youth will lead the way. They are embracing this spiritual path with a passion and conviction like we have never seen before. We are honored to feature the wonderful Teen Essays written by our Young Pagans.

  • Magic Happens
    What's the most magickal thing that ever happened to you in your life? Tell us about something that clearly happened either in response to a spell, a prayer or to some kind of personal work you had been doing . Read these powerful essays here: Page 1 - 2 - 3

  • Sacred Space
    What do you think "sacred space" is? How do you create it? How do you use it? Page 1 - 2 - 3.
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Cats of WitchCraft - 43 New photos... Now Up

In an effort to dispel one of the many myths about the craft, we began featuring pictures of Witch Cats back in '97 when we went online. Of late, we have been barraged with submissions... A plea for help last year resulted in some fine volunteer work by some fine Pagans. Out of that group came Daven who has faithfully and in a timely manner coordinated our last 8 Cats pages. Thank YOU Daven for treating us all with the latest... To gush over this new batch of cuties Click HERE for page 26.

Pagan Perspectives
WitchVox Question of the Week!

Last week, we asked...

What is the connection between Spirit, Nature and Humankind? - Many Pagans stated that they see no boundaries separating Spirit from Nature from Humankind-that all are a part of the whole and interact accordingly. Some see Nature as a reflection of Laws that span both 'above and below'. Others see less of a tangible link between the concepts than perhaps that of a machine with no cognitive function of its own and that is useful only as a tool but not as a guide or authority on 'how things are'.-- View the Responses.

This week, we ask the question:

What Lies Beyond? - What does your magical/magickal tradition, belief system, training, religion or Path say about what will happen to you when you depart this earthly realm via what we call 'death'? If your belief system includes concepts such as 'Summerland', 'Avalon' or 'Valhalla' as a final arrival point in the hereafter, what do you envision that place/state will be like? Is it permanent or do you move on from there? If your belief system teaches/advocates reincarnation, what steps does the soul/spirit go through in the process? Why does the belief that you have been taught or have chosen concerning the afterlife appeal to you? Do your beliefs- or non beliefs- in the continuation of the Spirit help you in your life today when you encounter hard times, illness or the physical death of a loved one? Post YOUR Opinion or view the Responses of others.

In Closing...

"Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend - or a meaningful day." - (the 14th Dalai Lama, interview in "TIME", 11 April 1988).

In Your Service,


The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, August 20th., 2001


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