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Weekly Update: 8/27/2001

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: August 27th. 2001
Times Viewed: 8,047

Magick's Arrow...

Pulling back on the bowstring for the first time, Wren marveled that she could actually do it at all. It certainly was more difficult than she had thought that it would be and yet it felt smoother and more fluid than she had anticipated. It wasn't a very big or a very fancy one. A simple straight bow, it had a pull of only about fifteen pounds or so. Halfway into her draw, Wren was a very, very happy Witch that she had decided not to go with anything heavier than this. When the 'break' finally came and the string at last came back and level to her ear, Wren inhaled and looked down the sight. Across the lawn a standard bulls-eye target wavered, then steadied before her eyes. (Well, one eye anyway.) Mentally checking her stance, she inhaled again, held it, and then gently released her arrow.

Not too bad for a first time. Low and about six inches beneath the center circle, her arrow still vibrated slightly. At least she hadn't missed it altogether. And as she was in the company of some guys who were pulling professional compound bows of sixty-five pounds and more, she had no doubts that a very prolonged- and probably self-perpetuating- round of guffaws would have followed her as she walked over to retrieve her point had she totally blown it. Nope, not too bad at all.

Twenty-something years later, Wren hasn't touched a bow in quite a while. But she can still recall quite clearly the technique and the 'feel' of her foray into the world of archery. The mental preparation, the perfecting of the physical stance, the focus and the intense concentration had taken several months to become a 'habit' rather than a mental checklist that she had to consciously run through each time she took up a bow or notched an arrow. What she remembers most is the delicious buildup of tension and controlled power that seemed to suspend reality for those last few seconds before the arrow was released into flight. Of course, she doesn't have to thump her memory very hard to recall any of these things; she still uses the very same techniques every time she works up some magic(k).

While her daughter, Skye was visiting last week (She went back home to New Hampshire on Monday. Sniff!), they went out scouting for bargains at antique malls and thrift shops. While on one of these jaunts, Wren picked up an old vanity bench for a mere eight dollars. Structurally very sound, it just needed a little reupholstering to make it a real gem. Thinking that she could use the bench for both extra seating and as a portable buffet table, Wren decided that a piece of red leather would be the perfect choice for the replacement cover. Trouble was, as usual, that finances were tight. She had spent about ten minutes that same day trying to decide if she could justify the fifteen-dollars for a pair of pinking shears or the twenty for a staple gun. The 'little voice' that she relies upon while bargain-hunting whispered, "Nah!" and so she sent the requests for these little things into her 'psychic wish list folder'. In other words, she made it known to the powers-that-be (call them whatever you prefer) that these are things that she is looking for. Wren didn't find an affordable piece of leather that day- or the scissors or the staple gun for that matter. But that's okay. Wren is a very practical and a very patient Witch. She knows that seldom does the Universe teleport physical items and drop them into her living room. But she also knows that if she projects her psychic wish list 'out there' consistently and with focused concentration, eventually things get rearranged- and sometimes it's Wren's master plans that get rearranged!- and the items either find their way to her or she to them. And as it turned out, that 'little voice' was correct once again.

Pagans who practice the martial arts or regularly engage in a sport know that the difference between sports psychology and magickal psychology is mainly in terminology only. The same values and training advice resonate throughout each venue. If you take a look at the steps outlined in Mind Tools-Sport Psychology, one can easily recall many occult or Pagan books and web sites that say pretty much the same thing. Substitute the words 'magic(k)' or 'spell' for 'sport' and there you have the basic outline for magickal mental and physical training in a nutshell. Of course, the budding magickal practitioner or athlete still has to supply the will, the determination, the practice and the intention to any such program if they are to develop any real proficiency in either one. One has to practice, practice, and practice before what once took conscious effort to recall or execute becomes a habit of thought and action. But once that level of expertise and experience in sport is reached, it is quite easy to pick up a bow or a tennis racket at any time and in any place and use it well. So it is also in magic(k). A mentor once told me that the most powerful occult practitioners he knew never seemed to leave their easy chairs. The magick had become second nature to them. They could slip in and out of altered states of consciousness and send out their projections as easily as the opening and closing of a door.

One develops instincts in magickal workings done over time. Just as a golfer or an archer can tell by the 'feel' of their posture whether they are 'on target' or not, so can seasoned occultists and magickal practitioners 'feel' if the conditions for their workings are right. As the ball or arrow springs from the sportsman or woman, they often can tell right away if they have made a good shot or missed the mark even before the projectile gets anywhere near the goal. This special insight doesn't happen overnight but is the culmination of many years of dedicated and continuing practice and attention to detail. 'Close enough' is a phrase not spoken by serious sportsmen and women and those words shouldn't ever escape from between the lips of anyone serious about magic(k) either. Trained athletes and trained adepts make what they do look easy, but it is only because they have paid their dues with time, dedication and energy that it seems so. Anyone serious about developing their magic(k)al talents and skills needs to know up front that there is no shortcut. But the rewards that eventually do come to those who are disciplined enough to stay focused upon their goal are well worth all of the effort.

And the pain. If Wren had known how sore that she would be for the three days after her first archery lesson, she still would have gone for it. But it would have been nice to know ahead of time that using some of those muscles in her arms and ribcage and neck for the first time and in entirely different ways was going to make her feel as if she had an anchor tied to each finger for several days. Ouch! So here's your Wyld Witch Word to the Wise on that subject: A beginner in magickal workings should recognize that he or she is using certain spiritual 'muscles' for the first time and in entirely different ways. Headaches, vision distortions, equilibrium disturbances and general physical and mental fatigue may follow your first practice sessions and can reoccur anytime one attempts a new line of magickal or occult training. Sometimes one can 'work through' these 'pains', but sometimes one really needs to ease off and rest those 'muscles' before attempting the next session. It's up to you, but at least now you know that those 'sore spots' in your after-magick psyche are not just your imagination. And neither is that 'little voice' that tells you when the timing for something is right.

The Universe is the original and ultimate 'open source'. Its supplies are unlimited and available to those who know how to access them. That is what has always made Witches unique. They know and they can feel threads of energy within the fabric of the Universe that others do not. They are not surprised when what they have on their psychic 'wish list' comes their way. Although sometimes the delicious and creative 'way' that these spells/projections travel astounds even them.

In her weekly phone call with her mother-in-law yesterday, Wren and Georgia were just chatting about family stuff when Georgia- literally out of the blue and without any mundane knowledge of Wren's current post-it notes on the Universal bulletin board- asked Wren if she by any chance could use some- yep, you guessed it- red leather! It 'happened to be' that someone had just given her an entire cowhide of red leather (Chuckle. That's Wren's fault. She didn't specify the SIZE of the leather piece that she was looking for!) and that she had taken it- not because she had any use for it herself- but because she figured that maybe 'somebody' else would. Uh-huh. And, oh by the way, Georgia continued, would Wren 'just happen' to have any use for a staple gun or some pinking shears as well?

Wren-who is still a very patient and a very practical Witch- has seen some pretty amazing things in her lifetime. Some of them- such as the physical healings of friends and family- are the very big things that we often concentrate upon. But it is in the small mundane things of Life where the Universe really shows itself to be truly available to us. And it is in the small things where we come to realize that the Universe has a vested interest in all areas of human activity. Life is as interested in the small things as it is in the large things. We need only to remember that, to ask for them and to then believe that we will receive them.

So, does magick really work? Well, make up your own mind, but Wren is willing to bet her sweet new pair of pinking shears that it does!

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
The Witches' Voice Inc.

Photos: This weeks anchor photo is also from the new tradition called Equitas Veneficii (Equal Magicks). Yes, the very same folks that are on the Witchvox cover this week... Thanks Charlie! (Website)

Hot New 'Net Book Coming from M. Macha NightMare...
Forthcoming from ECW Press, November 2001; foreword by Phyllis Curott

This week we are honored to offer you pre-release info on some of the Pagan books that will be release this fall. In a effort with the authors and publishers we plan on featuring press releases, details, quotes and perhaps even some excerpts from these hot new releases. If YOU are a Pagan author and want to get in on this powerful promotion, email us for details. NOTE: As always, the Witches' Voice does this in the name of community news and receives ZERO compensation or "favors" for sharing this info with you.

Here are some details from Macha's Website:

An unconventional yet incisive look at the cultural effects of the Internet on the ancient-future spirituality that is contemporary Witchcraft.
  • Sacred technologies: accessing the "between the world" place in cyberspace and in terraspace.
  • Manipulating energy in magic and via electronic communications.
  • Polytheism and the Internet.
  • Online teaching, ways of learning, covens, and spellwork.
  • Networking, building community, organizing, and mobilizing for safety and change.
"The Great Goddess Spider Woman lives -- and she's weaving herself a new world on the Web, through which Macha NightMare threads her way with wit and energy. More than a manual for technopagans, this book offers provocative questions on the nature of both magic and community."
-- Patricia Monaghan, author of The New Book of Goddesses and Heroines and Wild Girls: The Path of the Young Goddess

"Witchcraft and the Internet: to many people, it seems incongruous, even counter-intuitive at first, but Witches have been in the forefront of the internet revolution.... and if you think about it rationally, it makes perfect sense. Not only are thousands of modern Pagans working in computer fields, but as a once, and sometimes still persecuted minority religion, Witches find the web the perfect place to create community, exchange ideas, and even create new kinds of cyberspace rituals. Now comes the first book to explore this phenemonenon: Witchcraft and the Web. M. Macha NightMare has written a smart, insightful and extremely readable book filled with all the resources anyone would need to explore the cyber world of Witchcraft. More important, she deftly shows the impact of the web on the Craft - how it is changing the religion's notions of authority, leadership, authenticity and even the way rituals are conducted."
-- Margot Adler, author of Drawing Down the Moon: Witches, Druids, Goddess-Worshippers and Other Pagans in America Today

"In this book, Macha opens up the fascinating world of online Witchcraft. She points out how perfectly the form and structure of the World Wide Web fit our decentralized model of linking and organizing, and how the Web has served the growth of the Craft. Full of great resources, it's a thought provoking look at an important aspect of our current history."
-- Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance:A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess, co-author of Circle Round: Raising Children in Goddess Traditions

You will be able to order Witchcraft and the Web from Powell's Books . For the latest info on this release visit the Macha NightMare Web Site .

Look for more info on this release and others right here at the Witches' Voice.

Ft. Meyers/Naples Pagans help with Victory
Reported by Mino Mercurious

The highly controversial School Board Meeting about the proposal by the Christian Coalition to post plaques in our public schools with the motto IN GOD WE TRUST was held tonight. The vote was 3-1 AGAINST !

The meeting had to be moved to a nearby school to house all of the attendees. There were 52 speakers from the community. At least 30 spoke in favor of the plaques which brought rounds of cheers and applause from the supporters. On several occasions, the Chairwoman had to warn people against the disruptive outbursts. Those who were opposed applauded opposition speakers very lightly and in a more respective manner. What struck me funny was that many Christians were airing their grievances about the schools teaching of evolution. The comment was made several times that the speaker was offended to hear that they possibly came from monkeys.....this brought about unruly cheers and YOU GUESSED IT, "ugh ugh ugh" or victorious grunting! I too was resisting the urge to scratch!

Complete exclusive coverage can be found, where elese, Wren's Nest Spirit News (photo by Don Waterhawk)

Church of Ozark Avalon Wins Property Tax Case
Another Precident for us All!

"The Ozark Avalon Church of Wicca is pleased to announce the positive resolution of a property tax dispute, which has continued for two years. On August 8, 2001, the State Tax Commission of Missouri set aside a previous decision of the Cooper County Board of Equalization upholding the determination of Cooper County tax assessor Jim Lachner that Wicca is not a religion as defined by Missouri law. Among other things, Chief Hearing Officer W. B. Tichenor found that "Complainant's (Ozark Avalon) evidence was substantial and persuasive to rebut the presumption of correct assessment by the Board of Equalization. The subject property is actually and regularly used exclusively for religious worship and for purposes purely charitable and not held for private or corporate profit." Ozark Avalon's volunteer clergy, Rose Wise and R. Tom Dixon III, report themselves satisfied with this decision. Ms. Wise states, "We are happy that Wicca is now recognized at all levels of government and hope this decision paves the way for other Pagan churches in Missouri and other states." Mr. Dixon adds, "Wicca is a living religion, and one of the fastest growing religions in the US. By some estimates, there are several million Pagans worshiping in this country alone."

Fritz and Wren wish to extend their deepest congratulations to Moose and all the folks at "Ozark Avalon" for fighting the good fight and thank them for what they are doing for us all. For complete details of the landmark case... visit the Ozark Avalon Website.

Buzzin' the Pagan Net
In case you hadn't heard

Isaac Hits the Big 50 Again!
Last year we reported and celebrated Fame Pagan Author and "sharp lookin' Man" Isaac Bonewits. This week we congratulate Isaac on his Website delivering to its 500,000 visitor (ok, so that the big 50 with four more zeros). A half a million visitors IS something to be! Since "Visitors" is based on unique IP addresses over a specifically define time frame (typically 24 hours) this is one of the fair ways to measure traffic (hits are the loosest way)... Here at TWV we measure actual pages viewed and by our observation, Isaac's pages have been viewed between 2-3 million times (assuming the surfer hits 4-6 pages per visit)... Either way this is something to Crow about. Thank YOU Isaac for offering this critical work to so many people. For the complete "Bonewits Experience" visit the Isaac Bonewits Home Page

Oberon Zell's non-involvement in the current Green Egg crisis
"Recently, the Church of All Worlds Board of Directors suspended publication of Green Egg, its renowned international magazine, and dismissed its current Publisher and Editor because of chronic financial problems and an enormous debt. In spite of the heroic efforts of the Green Egg staff and many friends and supporters, frequent fund-raising efforts, and huge patience on the part of the CAW BoD, these problems continued to worsen. Increasing difficulty paying creditors is among the serious problems the magazine's staff and the CAW BoD had to face. Oberon, as the magazine's founder, is being frequently asked about the crisis. Unfortunately, he has had little access to information about the current situation, nor any ability to influence it". For the complete press release visit the Witchvox Global Announcements Page.

Fote's Purple Ribbon Campaign Hits Year 4
"The Purple Ribbon Campaign has been created through Fellowship of the Earth to show solidarity of kindred spirits. "Fight the Fear" is the slogan chosen to represent the Purple Ribbons. Like many ribbon campaigns, this is a way for us to outwardly show our support for religious tolerance and the freedom to believe in our own paths. Pagans, Wiccans, Shamans, Native Americans and so many more of the various Earth Religions are misunderstood by most people with mainstream Christian backgrounds. We believe that it is fear that fuels the fires of misunderstanding and intolerance. In order to fight the fear people have of others beliefs, we have adapted this ribbon campaign as our way of promoting respect and tolerance of all belief and non-belief systems. We all are on different paths with the same goal. None is more sacred than another and none should be discounted as being fraudulent or misguided. Every person has their own personal connection to their spirituality, but regardless of what or who we call Goddess or God everyone should be able to worship in their own way without persecution".

"The color purple for this particular campaign was chosen because of it's highly spiritual symbolism. Many cultures and religions signify the color purple with a higher spiritual calling. It's the favorite color of many Pagans I know, and it's a color most everyone seems drawn to. It's warm yet cool, a balance of the color energies". For more info and how you can participate visit the website and click on the 'Fight the Fear'.

Pagan Pride Org. Declares a New Pagan Day
"The Pagan Pride Project has named October 31, 2001, as the 1st Annual "Out Of The Broom Closet Day" as a means to support and encourage followers of Pagan, Heathen, and other earth-based and ethnic religious paths to publicly declare and support their chosen religion to those who they encounter in everyday life".

"Suggested activities include public wearing of symbols of Pagan religious paths, contacting press and media in order to correct misconceptions about Pagan religions and to educate non-Pagans, and other activities designed to support and encourage public expression of religious diversity in the non-Pagan world". -For the complete press release visit

The Festival of Tara 2001
(August 17-19, 2001)
Review by Baer Kenney

Well, I've just come home from the best pagan festival I have ever attended. It was Tara 2001, a festival to honor the God Lugh in the same fashion the Kelts have on the Hill of Tara for centuries. It's held near Kansas City at Gaea Campground and always encompasses a Highland Games competition. I say always, but it is still fairly new. This year was the forth year for this festival, which initially was to be a one time fund raising event for camp Gaea. Each year, still, 100% of the proceeds go to supporting the camp. I think I join in all the participants in thanking John and Cammie Kramer for continuing to share their festival with the rest of us. - For the complete review Click HERE.

A Pagan Police Officer Offers Some tips for Pagan Parents
Searlas adds to the Witchvox White Pages

Like many Pagan Parents from our community I am a "closet witch". I have chosen to stay in the broom closet because as a police officer, the trust of those I work with is more than just something nice to have. For me it's not just a question of employer bias, or on the job harassment. I have been in some really dangerous situations, and I depend on the people I work with. They also depend on me, and unfortunately police officers are by nature suspicious of anything they don't immediately understand. There are laws which protect all of us from religious harassment on the job, by the government or even the public. However, what is the law is not always reality.

No where is this more evident than issues involving parents' rights or allegations of child abuse/neglect. The following is not, and should not be taken as legal advice. It is a little bit of insight by a fellow pagan who has been on "the other side" of those parenting issues.

First of all, let me say that each state is a little bit different in how their agencies handle complaints of child abuse/neglect, so you should familiarize yourself with your state's procedures if this is a concern for you. If you don't know where to look or who to ask, I'll cover that later on.

For the complete article Click HERE.

Mabon and the Harvest in Modern Times
by Anita Stewart (the Tarotlaydee)

As our days get slightly shorter than the nights we wave goodbye to Summer! There is a chill to the air in the morning and we are reminded of Fall and certain familiar scenes have the bright and warm colors of this Sabbat. When we see children going back to school and the big golden school buses and number 2 pencils, the multi-colored leaves, new brown shoes, we know we have come to Mabon, the Fall Equinox and the second of the Harvest Festivals.

People want to nest and stay close to the hearth. This is natural, the insufferable heat is gone, yard work is easier, and chores are done to prepare for the coming of winter. In the old days, this was the "Wine Moon," the time of storing the new wine, the wheat and corn would be brought in, fruits and vegetables dried and stored, meats salted and hung, and extra hay placed strategically throughout the barn for the animals to live in comfort from the cold to come. -- For the complete piece Click HERE.

Secrets of the Inner Circle:
(Simple Ways of Getting Involved in Pagan Groups)
by Elizabeth Barrette

Witchvox is honored to present this thought provoking essay on how YOU can get involved. Although this piece was introduced to the community last month, it appears that it is already being snipped up and forwarded AS unaccredited work. We add this to our "Rants, Inspirations and Food for Thought" chapter in an effort to help nail down the complete essay with proper credit given to its author. Here is the overview...

"This essay began as a thread (beginning 6/29/01) on the OurFreedom mailing list, a forum dedicated to Pagan leadership and activism. We got to talking about community service, and people complained about a lack of much-needed volunteer labor. Others pointed out the difficulties in novices finding groups/teachers and in groups/teachers dealing with the large numbers of novices. So I decided to write out a few helpful tips..." -- For the complete piece Click HERE.

Notes from a WebCrafter
32,330 Emails verified, Pagan Humor, Feedback, Clarification and Thanks,

Greetings Witches, Wiccans and Pagans,

This past week things got back to normal 'round 'witchvox central', Wren's daughter left on Monday, mom cried and went back to work. Wren's Nest is back 100% with some very good articles about our community.

Back in February we started working on a mock up of a new front end for Witchvox. Since we can't dynamically feed it from the domain, due to our lack of knowledge of mysql on a unix platform, this project has stalled ever since. is totally dynamic, but that server is flat out and we just can't push it. That said, do look for changes on the front pages of Witchvox in the weeks to come. If nothing else we simply have to expand it. It is clear that trying to cram all this info into two pages is NOT the ideal. Check OUT this weeks Question of the week, and offer YOUR suggestions related to the sight that you have created.

Image Backlog:
Although, we continue to encourage you to send in stunning photos of YOUR coven or group, fact is, we are a bit back logged and have many that either don't fit the formatting for our front door or are are copy anemic. Since I can safely assume that you tired of looking at my puss, it only makes sense to sneak a few in here. We received this smiling shot (to your left) this past week... "We celebrated the inauguration of our new circle on Aug 1st. Reverend Mother - Mother 'Showbizzz' Superior - of the Church of the Holy Laughter with the Cup that Holds the Wine of Life". That's a hel' of a chalice of Wine there dahlin'.... I love this shot and would like to note that if you'd like to contact "Mother 'Showbizzz' Superior" you can visit her Tarot Site at

Pagan Humor... Is it alive?
By the Gods, the NeoPagan sense of humor is stronger than ever. Sadly, the Neo-Pagan 'sense of humor' just doesn't seem to play that well on the 'net or in 'zines. You can bet that "Mother 'Showbizzz' Superior" has one, Silver and Mick have one, Isaac has a wonderful one, Janet and Gavin Bone ARE a hoot, in fact just about all Pagans that we meet when we are on the road have a fabulous sense of humor. I believe that this simple fact is lost on many of you that have only the net as your 'community experience'. So do know that when you get out there to a fest or gathering expect it and embrace it.

You CAN read that sense of humor in the faces we present here at TWV. Permanent marks are clearly noted on the faces of many of our older brothers and sisters. The Witchvox staff is no exception, there is lots of yuks going on at this end. In fact, we don't see how you could be a neo-pagan and NOT have a delicate sense of humor.

My "Be Careful out there" piece from last week rendered much positive mail and one of concern about two of the points. To properly present a piece like this really does require much more space and much more clarification. In an effort to better explain, allow me to append the three points that got the most mail.
  • Where are the Elders of this Trad or Group? This leader has been teaching and running their group for years yet it consists of folks that have only been involved for a few months... High turn over you say? Why?
    Obviously this is not applicable to new groups and YES there are many insincere seekers that simply want to grab a title or rub the lamp. Hence, turn over sometimes is the fault of 'flaky seekers' ... BUT my point still stands, if a group has been around for years and MOST of the members are new, be suspicious, and want to know where the original members are.

  • Can't/Won't get along with local groups: My mother always used to say that "can't means won't". To me this is another tell tale sign. When they state that they simply cannot work with any of the other local groups, smell a rat. You can bet that there are stories to be told. So *If* they are NOT respected by the other groups in the area, you must ask WHY! Or you can believe that everyone is your area is a problem and that they aren't - That will be their 'spin'.
    Of course there are local groups that ARE impossible TO get along with, AND there is nothing wrong with a group staying to themselves. My point was missed completely. We DO receive countless emails detailing local WitchWars and I do suspect groups that slag all the others in their area. I AM curious as to why everyone IS against them.

  • Financial/Romantic "Advice": They claim they are the true magicians, that THEY can teach YOU to do bitchen' spells for a better love life or for financial gain... YET even to the casual observer THEIR life is a mess. Why? - DO look at their life and ask yourself how magickal/successful it really is. Don't cut them any more slack than you would cut yourself. It amazes me how many overlook this simple reality.
    This point got the most responses. Many noted that this was so obvious that they simply hadn't thought of it. Several of you thanked us FOR stating the obvious and shared your own observations along these lines. As with all points in last weeks piece, this is not black and white, and as always cut your leader a bit of slack. Always remember that the points I noted were ones that SHOULD raise suspicion, ONLY you can form your own opinion... The lessons are everywhere... Stop, Look and (most importantly) listen!
Again, these observations were off the top of my head. I am sure that there are many other signs. Also check out the Advanced Bonewits' " Cult Danger Evaluation Frame"(Version 2.6) for powerful way to measure group leaders, Wren's powerful series "Teachers of the Craft" and the countless articles and comments in our WitchWars Section". Never forget that this is YOUR spirituality that we are talking about, ONLY you are the best judge of what is appropriate for you.

Quarterly WOTW Audit Now Completed
This week we finished up our quarterly "cleansing ritual" for the Witches of the World pages (AKA: WOTW), by testing ALL personal local listings. Results are as follows...

32,000 Personal Listings: Ouch! This one is a bear to pull off... It took us 3 days just to "cue up" the serialized emails and another two days to actually send them (one at a time)... When the dust settled 3,007 listings were removed... 2,668 were dead email addys (or mailbox full) and 339 of you requested that your listing be removed. All removal requests have been honored as of this morning. Past experience has show us that removal requests will continue to trickle in from this cleansing ritual for months to come... We will process them every 48 hours as we have, faithfully for the past 5 years.

This concludes our quarterly scheduled audit and verifies ALL 42,000 listings at Witches of the World. As of this writing all 38,765 listings are real and tested.

As with most of Witchvox it is YOU that has made it valuable. The WitchVox networking pages are viewed 1,478 times every hour by your brothers and sisters looking to network with others in their area... Visit Witches of the World today and check out YOUR local community.

Throw Your Arms (Around Me)
For the Record (no pun intended).

The response related to our release of another free mp3 tune this past week was wonderful... Thanks to all of you that sent over such kind words... However there was an error in the copy and in an effort to keep things correct we applied the fix quickly...

"Most excellent of you to provide a version of the 'Hunter's' "Throw Your Arms Around Me"...a truly magnificent song. However, just a bit of nit-picking...the Hunters and Collectors were an Australian band, not a New Zealand band. I know to most people around the world it does not matter one iota, but down-under we have a healthy rivalry with New Zealand and, although we often claim theirs as our own (such as Russell Crowe and Crowded House), we don't like Aussies being classified as Kiwies (besides, New Zealanders have way too much talent already for such a small nation!). Cheers...keep up the top work".

Although this email wasn't signed it is clear that this lad has a sense of humor and we thank him/her for setting us strait. For details on the session, the tune and for a link to the mp3 file surf to the Throw Your Arms (Around Me) page over at

In closing allow me to remind the newer seekers to be care out there and trust YOUR spirit. Never forget that is "cooler" to be kind than to be right and always measure the RESULTS of your actions. The lessons are everywhere... Stop, Look and really listen.

Proudly in Your Service,

Fritz Jung (WebCrafter - Witchvox)
Monday, August 27th. 2001

In Closing...

"Will is the steady directing power: it is concentration. It is the pilot which, after the vessel is started by the mighty force within, puts it on its right course and keeps it true to that course. Nothing can resist the power of thought when thus directed by will."- (Ralph Waldo Trine; What All The World's A-Seeking).

In Your Service,


The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, August 27th., 2001


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