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Weekly Update: 10/1/2001

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: October 1st. 2001
Times Viewed: 6,472

In A Mirror Darkly...
by Wren Walker

"I trust Tyr to be Tyr."

So says High Guard Captain, Dylan Hunt, and so ends episode five in the sci-fi series Andromeda. Tyr Anasazi is Nietzschean, a member of a biologically enhanced race with human origins but who have embraced the concepts of self-interest, survival of the fittest and violent struggle as a means to sort out who is worthy of respect and prestige. Dylan Hunt is human and the last of the military corps who guarded and guided the interests of the intergalactic alliance of planets known as the 'Commonwealth'. The Commonwealth was held together through diplomatic agreements, the protective police actions of the High Guard and a vision of universal cooperation amongst the member planets and races. The Nietzscheans ultimately betrayed the Commonwealth which they saw as having become too bureaucrat, unwieldy and ultimately too weak to hold the alliance together. All that 'togetherness', they felt had watered down the diverse nature of the individual planets and races. What followed was an intergalactic war which left all sides decimated and fragmented.

While it would seem that the Nietchzscheans got what they said that they wanted- a universe where the strongest now survive by looting, robbing and generally one-upping each other- their power has also been reduced and their own way of life has suffered greatly. Three hundred years later, Dylan Hunt is rescued from a space time warp and vows to resurrect the Commonwealth. Tyr and Hunt now share space on the warship, Andromeda, but they do not share a common ideal on what should happen next. Tyr still believes that only those who have proven themselves to be the stronger (in their own self-interest) have the right to survive. Hunt still believes that all races have inherent worth and the 'good of all' should be the guiding vision. Sound familiar?

The tension that this creates between the two seemingly opposing philosophies is undoubtedly the most compelling element of the series. In the interim periods between encounters with other races and/or planets, Tyr and Hunt engage each other in intellectual and philosophical discussions on the merits of his own position. One could easily imagine such debates taking place in the real world chat rooms and message boards frequented by members of the Pagan and other spiritual/political/ideological communities. Such discussions can become heated and in some ways divisive, but no sociological impact really results from such encounters. However, just as when a physical crisis arises aboard the Andromeda and the result of implemented actions based upon a certain philosophy will now have real consequences, so too we have moved from the realm of mere intellectual cyber-bitchfests. For now whatever actions that the world decides to undertake in response to the terrorist acts of September 11th will have its real life effects. And just as Nietzschean and human struggle with the question of right action, so do we.

There are factions in the world, in our own society and within the Pagan communities who likewise seem to be at odds. Both sides to seem to agree that certain wrongs against the innocent- especially those of a particular heinous nature such as mass murder, child molestation, etc.- need to be made right and the perpetrators need to be stopped. If such acts affect them personally, the emotional and psychological impact of the crime is even greater. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

Those who see such an affront as a moral issue would declare that 'you' have done something contrary to the ethical code as 'we' know it to be. "My moral duty now," says this faction, "mandates that I must repay you in kind. To do less than this would mean that I have 'let you get away it' and that is violates my moral code." However, the down side of that philosophy also must include the realization that the 'other' now has an obligation to again repay ME in kind and 'we' now can expect- indeed anticipate- some form of re-retaliation from you. Hence this philosophy must live with both the continuing escalation of violence (tit-for-tat) and the ever present need to always remain suspicious and wary lest one be caught unprepared for such retaliation. Since such cannot really believe that anyone in their position (and always operating under the assumption that everyone thinks as they do) would NOT retaliate given the chance, attempts at peacemaking are not to be trusted.

On the other side of the philosophical fence, the 'harm none' adherents also have a moral code that they live by. If an affront is NOT repaid in kind by them then they feel that they have lived up to their own code of non-violent response in NOT perpetuating a cycle of violence. However, their own bed of nails is made up from the thorny issues that result when the perpetrators ARE allowed in some form (not giving tit-for-tat) to 'get away with it' and so do not have to pay in kind for what they as the aggressors have done tp others. How justice ultimately can be rendered is deferred to the laws of the land, the courts and those elected or appointed to administer that justice.

You can see why the extremes, the true believers, the Tyrs and the Hunts can be at odds on what the best course of action might be. And it would be easy for either side to resort calling the other names (baby-killer, fluffy-bunny, murderer, unpatriotic) or washing their hands of each other (in effect giving up the argument as a hopeless cause). In the most extreme case scenario, one side (guess which one?) may eliminate the other forcibly and permanently from the process. But in the world of 'Andromeda' at least, this hasn't happened. Why not?

The tension between Tyr's philosophy and Hunt's vision can only be maintained through one mechanism: respect. Through their seemingly endless verbal and intellectual sparring, both have learned to listen to the other's point of view. But more importantly, throughout the varied circumstances and adventures in which they have been engaged, each has acted with integrity according to his own philosophy and moral code. And while they may not agree on tactics or worldview or which philosophy is the better, they can and do admire and respect each other's consistent adherence to do what he thinks is the right thing to do. And what is more, they have found that each philosophy does work under the proper circumstances.

In many ways, this same dynamic is also being played out in our world today and nowhere is this more evident than in the hot discussions on what the proper response to the terrorist attacks should be. Each side has its point. One may not agree with those who take the opposite view, but if they (and we) are indeed operating from a position of integrity according to our moral philosophy or code, we should at least be able to respect the other side for holding true to their own. If we, when challenged, hold fast to our principles and deem it admirable that we do so, then we must look beyond the message of the side and find that same steadfast integrity and admirable quality also resides in them. If we can at least respect each other, though it be an existence laced with tension, we shall probably find something in each other that is worth preserving.

For sometimes, war does work. World War II worked in stopping Germany and Japan from decimating the rest of the world. But peace and mutual cooperation also work, as through financial aid and reconstruction efforts these same two countries have become our allies. Dylan Hunt knows that when an evil cannot be stopped from perpetuating evil by any other means, Tyr can be counted upon to handle it. Tyr has come to understand that sometimes Hunt's cooperation method works to make everyone's position stronger and more secure thus making his own life also stronger and more secure.

There is one big difference however between life aboard the Andromeda and our life here on the earth. If they just can't stand each other anymore, Tyr can always get off at some other planetary port-of-call or Dylan could always jettison Tyr out of some shuttle bay door.

Traveling together through space on our own little blue and green and white spaceship called Earth, we however have nowhere else to go. This is our only spaceship, our only world. We need to honor and respect each other both for our personal differences and in spite of them. In a world where the use of nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction is always just a button press away, there is no other real or viable choice to be made. No matter how difficult it may seem, we simply have to find ways to make it all work.

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, October 1st., 2001

Photo Credit: Thanks go out to Wvox staff photographer Don "Two Eagles" Waterhawk (Web) for this powerful image. (location: Wendyl and Bill's ritual space in Ft. Meyers, Florida).

Victor H. Anderson -- Words From Loved Ones
(5/21/1917 - 9/20/2001)

Priest Victor H. Anderson was born May 21, 1917 to parents Hilbert and Frances in Clayton, New Mexico. He was delivered by his father on their ranch. After several years of meeting on the astral plane, Victor met his wife, Cora in person in Bend, Oregon in 1944. Recognizing each other immediately, they married three days later on May 3rd.

Victor was an accomplished poet and the author of Thorns of the Blood Rose, a modern classic book of Goddess poetry and liturgy first published in 1970, as well as numerous articles on the Feri (Faery) Tradition and Huna. In 1975, he won the Clover International Poetry Competition Award. He was a contributor to Witch Eye, Green Egg and Nemeton magazines.

Victor and Cora are well known as the Grand Masters of the Feri Faith of the Old Religion. Victor was one of the last Kahuna and a Bokor. An extraordinary shaman and priest, he was a member of the Harpy Coven in the 1930s in southern Oregon. Victor and Cora initiated some of the most influential voices in contemporary Paganism, including Starhawk and the late Gwydion Pendderwen.

An accident during childhood left Victor almost totally without sight. As a result, he attended a school for the blind in Oregon. Largely self-educated, Victor had a profound love of physics, chemistry, literature and world spiritual traditions. He was an avid reader, storyteller and brilliant linguist who spoke numerous languages, among them Hawaiian, Spanish, Creole, Greek, Italian, Gaelic and Dahomean.

He was gifted with a beautiful voice, loved to sing and was adept on the drum. During his adult life, Victor earned his livelihood as a musician, playing the accordion at public and private dances. He was a member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Alameda Lodge for 40 years.

Victor crossed over on September 20 in his home. His passing was swift and painless, as was his wish. He will be sorely missed by his beloved wife of 57 years, Cora Ann; his son, Victor Elon; daughter-in-law, Lois Diane; grandchildren: Victoria, Nathan and Elon Thomas; adopted grandchildren: Lori, Jared and Jason; several great-grandchildren; and the members of his coven, Nostos (aka Blue Circle).

Witchvox thanks Nostos for this latest info and has set up a Victor H. Anderson Memorial Page - we encourage friends and family to help us share Victor's Life by sending in thoughts and Pictures.

The family and coven Nostos would like to thank all those who have sent prayers and flowers. Special thanks to Max for arranging the bagpiper at Victor's memorial service. This could not have been done without the hard work of many folks. If you would like to send cards or donations to Cora, they will be graciously accepted. Please make checks payable to Cora Anderson, and email Blue Circle for the mailing address. Blessed be!

10/1/2001 Update: We have just added a beautiful "Eulogy for Victor H. Anderson" given by his son, Victor E. Anderson to the Victor H. Anderson Memorial Page here at Witchvox.

For more information on Victor and Cora Anderson or the Feri (Faery) Tradition, check out Tombo Studio and Witch Eye (which also is featuring a tribute to Victor). (Photo of Victor Anderson is copyright 2001 Cora Anderson)

Tradition Profiles at Witchvox
(Viewed 103,130 Times)

A Powerful Resource Gets Stronger

This week, we are blessed to share yet another Pagan tradition profile with the community... The Arician Tradition by Raven Grimassi

"The Arician Tradition was founded in 1998 by author Raven Grimassi. It is a blend of modern concepts along with many ancient beliefs and practices that once comprised the religious rites held in the sacred grove of the goddess Diana at Lake Nemi, Italy. The Tradition also incorporates modern adaptations based upon the ancient Mystery Schools of the Aegean/Mediterranean region. The Arician Tradition is an offshoot of the Aridian System, which is a modern Tradition for Americans interested in the Old Religion of Italy. The Arician Tradition is an initiate system as opposed to the Aridian System, which only requires self-dedication. Although as practiced today in its entirety the Arician Tradition is a modern system, it is based largely upon the archaic beliefs and practices of Old Europe. The Arician Tradition is structured as a European Mystery Tradition, teaching and training individuals in the essential concepts of the Old Religion". (Full Profile)

If you work within an established tradition, please consider writing something for us about it. We will accept more than one essay per tradition, so feel free to send us your own view, even if there are already others posted on your tradition. Please read the Editorial Guidelines page as well as the introduction on the Traditions page before sending your essay to Diotima.

Associate Editor - Witches' Voice
October 1st., 2001

A Special Samhain Treat From Mike Nichols
The Ever-Widening Circle
A New Pattern Glimpsed in the Holidays

BIG NEWS: Craft Elder and all around respected community leader Mike Nichols has just released a wonderful new piece of work. In a joint launch with Mike's famous website "The Witches' Sabbats" Witchvox is thrilled to present this new composition. Here is an excerpt...

"Have you ever held a kaleidoscope up to the light, turning it this way and that, for the sheer pleasure of the beauty it brings -- when suddenly, to your startled delight, the pieces fall into place, and you see a pattern that you've never seen before, one that makes sense?

I do that with the Wheel of the Year.

This particular kaleidoscope has long been my favorite toy. Again and again, I return to the Wheel of the Year, not only for the shifting beauty of Nature as seen through its moving prism, but because nothing else grounds our existence on this planet so completely, and nothing else can equal the comfort of its never-ceasing lessons of renewal. Yet every now and then, as I hold the Wheel up for inspection, gently turning it, a pattern will suddenly show itself, one that I fancy has gone unnoticed until now. This happened once before with my seasonal interpretation of The Death of Llew. And now it appears it has happened once again.

This "discovery" may not be as flashy as my reinterpretation of the Fourth Branch of the Mabinogi, but it has a subtle charm all its own. Also, whereas my former essay tended to appeal mostly to specialists in Celtic mythology, this one is equally accessible to the generalist. It is based on a succession of folk customs connected with each of the holidays on the waxing side of the year. And while I lack specific analogous folk practices from the waning side of the year, I believe at least one other folk belief about the calendar will shed enough light to bring the Circle to a close".

To experience this thought provoking piece Click here.

Just in From Pagan Pride "Ground Zero"
Logan Sullivan/Emerald Rose Reports in...

As promised this past week we are now featuring a journal of Pagan Pride in NYC penned by Logan Sullivan of the band Emerald Rose. In case you have been living in a cave, Emerald Rose is a wonderful Pagan Band from North Georgia. They are presently visiting PP NYC and Ground Zero itself. We thank Emerald Rose for this unique opportunity for us all to experience this trip vicarious through Logan's journal.

"Today is a day unlike any other in my experience. I have just returned from the site of the World Trade Center bombings, and I am still reeling from the journey. Our band, Emerald Rose plays the first concert of our NY/NJ tour tonight. Since we had the day free, we decided to go over to the attack site and pay homage to the fallen. Now my lungs are full of the smoke of the burning rubble, and I have decided to write to you all while the memory is still fresh".

"My family and I flew into Newark airport on Wednesday afternoon. We had a quiet flight from Atlanta, smooth and easy, but filled with silent tension. Everyone was on edge, keeping an eye out for possible terrorists and remembering the images from September 11. We passed through the lines at the Atlanta airport without problems, and during our third picture ID check were greeted by a grateful woman who said to us "Thank you so much for flying today." And she really meant it. Throughout the flight, and all through the airport, I could not help myself from regarding people with suspicion and caution. Perhaps this was the most significant wound to our country - the creation of an atmosphere of distrust and suspicion. Our flight was normal, and no one came on the radio to give us instructions about "what to do in case of a terrorist attack". Still, I remained on my guard and nervous".

"We arrived at Newark airport to see dozens of uniformed police and federal marshalls in high visibility. These were very serious people, and I had no urge to make jokes or act in anything but a somber manner around them. It was with considerable relief that we claimed our baggage and left for my mother-in-law's house in Jersey City. Flags adorned houses everywhere, hung from second stories or flown on poles. Almost every business had a flag. Newspapers had stories about people stealing flags in fits of misplaced patriotism. The streets were quiet, more quiet than they are on Christmas or New Year's Day. I have visited this area many times, because my wife grew up here, and still has family here. I have NEVER seen it this quiet. Fear is palpable here, balanced with shows of bravery and patriotism. Only now are people really starting to go outside again". -- Read the Full Article

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
It's all about Trust

Greetings Witches, Wiccans and Pagans,

Tonight in Tampa Bay (Florida) the weather is perfect! I trust that the next 8 months will continue to offer near perfect weather. I can say this because this trust is inspired from consistent seasonal patterns here in the Sunshine State.

Trust, seems a more important word these days... So many are stating... "Trust me!" Trusting or not trusting our leaders seems to the issue of the day. Last week we asked the question: "Do we need National Leaders?" Many of you noted that you didn't trust our leaders to speak for you. Some of you noted that you don't trust those that claim to be National Leaders based on their past performances. It all comes down TO trust. In fact, IF most of you did trust those that are already claiming national leadership, last week's question would have been moot and we would be working on supporting these leaders in a big way.

A Need for National Pagan Leaders
by Fritz & Wren

As stated in last weeks update, we decided to 'hold' our thoughts on this until after last weeks question had rendered a week worth of responses. It was a HOT question for sure! A record 288 of you responded and YOUR thoughts were viewed over 16,000 times. We will approach this question again in the future.

Allow us to preface this statement by saying that these are our personal thoughts and are of no more value than any of the statements posted on last week's question or that of anyone else in the community. We present our thoughts here due to the challenge in the email that started this discussion (our brief public response to that post is located at the end of this statement).

It is also worth noting that we had no "hidden agenda" behind proposing last weeks question. We have NEVER considered ourselves leaders and have nothing to gain or lose by the results from this question. Simply stated Wren and I, and many others, are in positions of community service. It's what we do and if we hadn't fallen into this (Witchvox), we would have been serving the community in other ways. We did this before Witchvox and we will, no doubt, serve the community in some capacity after our work here is done.

We are most impressed with local leaders (many of them don't even refer to themselves as such). Witchvox exists TO celebrate those that ARE actually doing something at the local level, they are the spirit OF this community. Our local leaders are in the trenches, teaching, gathering and celebrating the Pagan Path. They do this daily and consistently. If anyone is going to speak for us it will be those that live that path.

Although we see a specific need for National Leaders, we see it as a very small one. As Wren likes to say, "What would they do?". In fact, most inquiries by the press ARE for local stories about local Pagans. As I stated last week, it is our policy to send the press TO the local figureheads or groups.

Any national leader would really have to be spiritually attuned to some Pagan path, but be willing- and able- to look beyond his/her personal belief system in order to speak on issues relevant to Paganism in a neutral manner. People used to advise that in polite company one simply did not bring up the very emotionally charged topics of religion or politics. Now we seem to speak of each of them a good deal of the time. And we often speak of religion and politics together. We would prefer that in the constitutionally inferred spirit of the separation of church and state, that religion really could be separated from politics all of the time. Unfortunately, that final taboo has already been broken and we doubt that we can stuff the genie back into the bottle any time soon.

Faced with that reality, it would naive to think that Pagans have no need to keep abreast of or to publicly address political issues. That is one area where easily identifiable and readily available informed Pagan leaders would be an asset. Standing in as neither conservative nor liberal, but rather simply as for or against a policy, law or bill that may impact Pagan civil rights and equality, some such as these could be very helpful. However, this position would require that such a person be open, easily identifiable and readily available to the Pagan individuals and communities BEFORE they stand up and take on that role for the rest of the world to see.

It is amazing to watch some 'leaders' who have tried to reverse this process. Why they would want to lead or represent Pagans- when by almost every word that they utter (privately anyway), deed that they do (and if they won't get paid for it, they don't offer it) and attitude that they strike (Careful ya don't scrap that nose on the ceiling there, darlin!), they make it plain that they don't respect, notice or even LIKE most of the Pagan community- is beyond us!

Like most of you, we don't trust just anyone to speak for us, especially IF they show little desire in seeking our thoughts (do take note of this) as just plain ole members of the Pagan community. There are many that claim themselves national leaders, and we were delighted to read that we are not the only one who notice that many of our national leaders don't seek our ('our' here being the collective Pagan communities) input. If we don't get to choose them via an election, then the least we can ask is that they assertively solicit our community input BEFORE they speak for us all.

The Modern Pagan is an independent and feisty creature, and one that is clearly passionate about his/her spiritual path. As long as we have the First Amendment, we have the constitutional right to practice this spiritual path. Personally, Wren and I have little desire to be accepted or 'respected' by other faiths. No set of National Pagan Leaders, elected or not, will gain us the respect of other faiths. We WILL obtain respect when we DO things that are worthy OF respect. It always comes back to the work that actually gets done. Trust and respect are always earned.

Oh Yes, in response to the email entitled "An open letter to the Pagan Leaders" in which we were specifically noted. (see copy)
  • We aren't leaders, 'self-proclaimed' or other wise,
  • We have no desire to be Pagan leaders. Never have.
  • We aren't "psychics" or "seers", nor have we ever claimed to be.
  • We didn't get 'invited' to the National Cathedral. Even if we did, we are poor folk, I spent that day (Fri), like most of you, working 10 hours at my "day job" so that we could afford food and rent. How were we supposed to get from Florida to NY on Friday anyway?
  • We don't have a book or any desire to get a "book deal". Hence you won't see anyone lining up for a book signing. In fact, only one person in 6 years has ever asked for our "autograph", we were stunned and cheerfully complied!
  • We aren't MIA, the Witches' Voice is alive and has been updated daily all week. Anyone CAN connect to our email address from the bottom of any of the 3,600 pages at Witchvox. We have a rich history of actually responding to email.
  • We DO community service, via offering powerful news and networking, for FREE and have done this faithfully for almost 6 years. We have worked very hard to do this effectively.

It is clear to us that we have many wonderful leaders and the results of their work can be seen everywhere. They are the ones who usually don't think of themselves AS leaders. They don't demand your respect, they work hard in order to earn it. And once they have earned it, they do not abuse it but treasure it as the sacred trust that it is. We salute the self-less natural leaders of our community and are honored to call them brother and sister.

The journey really IS the reward, but while these fine folks do offer themselves as servants, they do not consider themselves anyone's slaves. So if you do happen upon one of the leaders/facilitators/elders/ service folk who seem to fit the description above, do take a moment to thank him or her. They don't do what they do for the power (which they will never accept) and they don't do it for the glory (There isn't any.) and they don't do it for the recognition (They are already working on something else anyway). They certainly don't do it for the money. They simply want to make a difference and they want to include everyone in the benefits that result from the service that they offer. Thus the words that they would appreciate hearing from time to time are simply: "Thank you. You have made a difference. I appreciate the work that you have done."

And so, to you who have been so kind and supportive to us over the years, we say; "Thank YOU. YOU have made a difference and we appreciate everything that YOU have done."
Proudly in Your Service,

Fritz Jung & Wren Walker
Co-Founders - The Witches' Voice
Monday, October 1st., 2001

Pagan Perspectives
WitchVox Question of the Week!

Last week, we asked the question...

What About Those Pagan Leaders Again? -Many interesting responses with a majority on the 'we don't need no stinkin' leaders' side. Diversity, independence and a lack of cohesive beliefs were the main reason most didn't think national leaders were needed or desired. The minority view however makes a good argument for some sort of spokespeople or public council of spokespeople to be available to the media and perhaps to spearhead political issues important to Pagans. Happily, many of you also gave kudos to your local Pagan leaders, facilitators and guides for doing a good job in the local Pagan communities and recognized the more generalized work that some of the more widely known Pagans had contributed over the years.-- View the Responses.

This week, we ask the question:

Are You Willing To Give Up Some Civil Liberties To Be Safe? Increased domestic security is on everyone's minds these days and the U.S. government has already begun implementing more restrictive security screenings than most Americans can ever remember seeing before. As the news continues to report on the likelihood of more terrorist attacks including chemical and/or biological agents, how safe do YOU feel? Would you be willing to undergo searches of your person and/or belongings at airports? How about personal searches at sporting events or when entering a mall? Are you willing to allow the government to read your email, listen in on your telephone conversations, track your web surfing habits, inquire into your membership affiliations or restrict your ability to meet in groups (say at a large Pagan festival or open circle) in order to feel more safe? Is there a point where you would draw the line at surrendering your civil rights? (Did you notice that the media when referring to the idea usually use the word 'liberties' instead of 'rights'?) Are you a little more nervous about being known as a Pagan these days? Post YOUR Opinion or view the Responses of others.

Justice Altar Set up for Presidents Address
br>This is a picture of part of the altar I have set up over the past week and a half. A little bit gets added, and some taken away, everyday. This picture was taken tonight right before President Bush's address. I am a lawyer, and a Witch. Many of these items are usually discretely placed in my office. I collected the Liberty Bell and the "key to Independence Hall" when as a first year law student - studying among other things Constitutional law - I happened to visit Philadelphia to attend a friend's wedding. Those certainly were happier times than these.

The altar has helped me, and I would encourage one and all to create something to express your feelings, whether through an altar, art, writing - whatever moves you - I truly believe in every act of creation we help heal our own wounds.

Blessed Be,

The Hunt for Osama bin Lauden
A Global Psychic Experiment

"There are thousands of people with psychic abilities in America and elsewhere in the world who are wondering how to fight terrorism in general and Osama bin Laden in particular. Here is one possible way that might also produce some scientifically useful data. Using your psychic or divinatory skills on the map above (or the larger one downloadable in these overlapping segments: NW, NE, SW, SE) decide on one block of the map (B11, J3, etc.) as his location for each date. Then email your impressions to me at, with OBL-Hunt as the Subject, and listing all three dates thusly: "Oct. 2, B7; Oct. 9, G10; Oct. 16, H5", plus any additional images or hunches related to the dates (very briefly, please)" - Isaac Bonewits.

For this challenge visit
For more from one of our best visit the Isaac Bonewits Home Page

CONDOLENCES: Corporate Many Business are raising millions of dollars for NYC relief... Since the 911 tragedy, Pagan-Run Web hosting company has aligned with and is encouraging folks to funnel their donations through this new org. The (American Red Cross) has a wonderful track record of quickly dispersing funds and making things happen. Go with the folks that make this happen quickly... Go with the best.

Attention Pagan Parents: Right now you can also go into any ToysRUs, KidsRUs or Imaginarium and get a free workbook titled "First Aid for Feelings". This is a children's workbook created by Denise Daniels, founder and director of the National Childhood Grief Institute, and an expert in counseling children suffering from grief, loss, and trauma. This workbook is designed for use by parents and teachers to help children cope with recent tragic events. This will aid you and your children get through this difficult time. A downloadable copy of this workbook is also available via Acrobat Reader through -- (Condolences: Corporate Article) - Thanks to Sia of Full Circle Events for sending in this info

Pagan Music Press Releases...

PRESS RELEASE 10/1/2001:
An Evening with Gaia Consort October 13th, 2001

Just in time for Samhain, (Halloween) Suddenly Naked Arts Collective is proud to present An Evening with Gaia Consort, Saturday, October 13th 2001, 8pm, at the Museum of History and Industry, Seattle. The concert celebrates the release of Gaia Consort's new CD, Secret Voices,

Gaia Consort is a duo; Christopher Bingham; guitar and vocals and Sue Tinney, vocals, backed by the incredible rhythm section of Dan Ochipinti (drums) Dan Mohler (bass) and Jay Kenny (keyboards). Soloists include Mathew Weiss; violin (Trio Con Brio) Heather Alexander; violin, James Lowe; flute and Craig Olson on electric guitar.

Gaia Consort makes music that celebrates the living earth - Pagans, Gaians, greens, Freethinkers, cultural creatives, all relate to Gaia Consort's upbeat wizardry.

Tickets for the concert are $20.00 in advance and $24.00 at the door, and are available at, Sweet Spirit Candles in Renton, and Travelers Shop on Capitol Hill.

Secret Voices is Gaia Consort's second release. Their first release Gaia Circles, received enthusiastic critical acclaim, from nationally distributed magazines such as Green Egg, Sagewoman and Circle.

Gaia Consort is an unusual band, eschewing the traditional venues of clubs and coffeehouses, preferring to build their audience at house concerts, festivals and rented halls. The performance at the Museum of History and Industry is reflective of the need for a larger capacity room.

If there is one Earth celebratory concert you attend this fall, be sure to catch Gaia Consort at MOHI, with the entire band in tow. It's the show your friends will be talking about.

Contact Christopher Bingham (360) 862-8762, visit or e-mail for more information.

For more on this music press release and others... visit the Pagan Music Press Pages.

In Closing...

"If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity." - (John F. Kennedy).

In Your Service,

WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, October 1st., 2001


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