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Weekly Update: 10/15/2001

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: October 15th. 2001
Times Viewed: 7,629

This Weeks update: Hail and Welcome! This week the Witchvox staff scrambled to feature the mountain of news and networking that our community has sent our way. Over the past 5 years Witchvox (thanks TO some wonderful community submissions) has built a Powerful Samhain Section related to this high holiday. -- Also check out the Samhain Events in Your Town!

The Spirits of Samhain...

In these troubled and uncertain times, it is good to know that someone is always on duty. It's comforting to see a dedicated guardian stationed at his or her post and working hard to keep us all safe. Ever alert to changing situations, perpetually vigilant to any perceived threats from within or without, the often unsung heroes and heroines of the protective forces are our first line of defense. And while in more peaceful times we probably took this particular one for granted, we have definitely come to appreciate her calm presence in the last few weeks. Standing tall and proud, our own local guardian puts in her shift, day and night, week after week. And we are so pleased with her performance that we can even overlook the fact that she isn't always 'standing proud and tall' exactly. Most of the time, in fact, she is actually lying down with her back propped up against the wall. Nevertheless, we are confident in saying that Ruby is definitely the best hall monitor that we have ever had.

Okay. We admit it. Our hallway is known around here as 'Spook Central'. Whether or not this is because of an east-west alignment or because we have here all of the 'classic' elements of a paranormal 'hot spot' (the power lines, the crystallized fossil-coral beneath our feet, the underground springs, the remains of ancient Indian settlements), we can't be certain. But we do know that our hallway does tend to harbor orbs and smoke forms and thingies that brush up against the ankles and that this spook traffic frequently turns our otherwise nondescript hallway into a ghostly four-lane highway to Otherwhere. Thankfully Ruby, The Hall Monitor, is always on top of things.

We can get a pretty good idea about what is happening in our spook thoroughfare based upon where our Ruby decides to position herself. If she is lying at the eastern end of the hallway, then the energies are coming from the western realms and (at least in our belief system) the direction of the Otherworlds. If she is lying at the western end, she is watching the energies travel from this world to the next. If Ruby is in her favorite spot- squarely in the middle- the traffic is going both ways in a normal fashion. And Ruby is probably catching a cat-nap.

For we also watch Ruby in order to gauge her reactions to this entire haunting hubbub. Most of the time, she likes it. She will stretch out, eyes half-closed and if you listen, you can hear that she is actually purring. At other times, she will start up a bit, the pupils of her eyes will get even rounder and she will carefully keep those pupils fastened upon whatever it is that she sees. As long as she settles back down, we know the whatever- while maybe a bit stranger than the usual strange- has passed through without incident. In fact the only times that we have witnessed her running off- in that sort of flattened slouch that cats do when they want to vacate the premises as quickly as possible- is when something outside our carefully warded area startles her.

What was interesting- so interesting in fact that Skye even remarked on it while she was visiting here- was that in the month before the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, DC, most of the traffic was arriving from the west. That means that helpful energies and spirits and Ancestors were already making their way into this realm perhaps to aid those who would be affected by the coming events. We didn't realize that at the time. But Ruby probably did. That's her job after all. And she probably tried to tell us. But we hadn't yet come to that point where we were aware that something new was about to come slithering into our neighborhoods. (Stupid humans!) Ruby doesn't seem to hold that lack of discernment against us though. Of course, seeing as we are the only beings here with the opposable thumbs that are capable of flipping open the pop-tops on the ''Fancy Feast" cans...

As you have probably surmised by now, Ruby is our four-year-old cat. A blend of soft fluffy gray fur and owl-round yellow eyes, Ruby is blessed with that same odd combination of skittishness and bravado that defines the character of most of the animal tribes. Animals instinctively are cautious whenever something unusual winds its way through their territory. Noses twitch. Ears flick. Eyes scan the landscape. Muscles quiver and get ready to flee or to fight depending on the immediacy of the situation. Humans too still retain some of that same fight-flight instinct when confronted with the unknown. Unfortunately, our senses are no longer as keen as those of our animal kin. But we do possess another tool that allows us to make assessments in any given situation: reason. Human reason however is all too often the first casualty whenever fear comes strolling into our own backyards.

Fear can be our friend or it can be our foe. Fear as Friend acts as an early warning system that tips us off to the fact that something is not quite right. Something new has entered our world. In those first moments after we have identified an 'intruder', we do not yet have enough information to be able to completely decide if a real threat to our health or safety actually exists. Instinctively the wise thing to do then would be to distance oneself from it until one can gather enough information about this new strange thing to make a decision on a possible threat level. While animals use their sharp natural senses to do this, humans use reason. What IS this new thing? What does it do? How does it act? What has it done in the past? Has it proven harmful? Is it an immediate or long-term threat to me? What are the chances that this new thing will actually attack me where I am? Are my own defenses strong enough to meet any such threat or should I take other precautions? These are some of the questions that fear as Friend prompts us to ask ourselves.

Fear as Foe on the other hand can overwhelm us to the point where we can no longer reason objectively. We cannot ask the questions because even the very questions themselves become hopelessly entwined with the threat itself. Fear as Foe paralyzes us into inaction at that very moment when we need to be engaged enough with our surroundings to be able to make reasoned assessments. Fear as Foe pins a set of bared teeth onto every sound, every news item, and every new 'thing' whether it has been proven to be a real threat or not.

As the Samhain season rapidly approaches, our thoughts naturally begin to turn to such Otherworldly matters. Our Ancestors move closer to us and our own awareness of presences beyond the veil grows sharper. Our Ancestors throughout the ages have been alternately both the victims and perpetrators of war and violence and terror. Some of our Old Ones felt the fear of invasions, persecution or want. Other generations were those who invaded, persecuted and deprived. Thus when we embrace ALL of our Ancestors, we also have access to their entire experience and knowledge of terror and of courage, of what it is to be a predator or how it feels to be the prey, and of fear as both a Foe and a Friend.

Animals cannot always make their homes in what would be the absolute safest place. Their homes must be close to sources of food and water. But animals via their senses become familiar with their surroundings so that they can recognize whenever the 'strange' enters in. So it is with humans as well. We have to go to work, to school, to the grocery store. We can't easily just pack up and head for that steel-lined cave in the mountains. However we too can make where we are safer by familiarizing ourselves with our neighbors, our neighborhoods and our surroundings. And we are not entirely bereft of 'senses' ourselves.

The events of September 11th have compelled people from all faiths to cling more closely to their own personal spiritual beliefs. So, too, are Pagans thinking now about how to apply their own knowledge of the unseen hosts to aid themselves and perhaps the souls of those who have been so suddenly and unexpectedly driven to the other side. We can also become the psychic 'hall monitors' for our home territory.

If you are a solitary, you can ward and monitor your home, your house, your building and maybe even your street or city block. If you know one or two more Pagans in the area, you can band together and watch over your town or city. If you have a group, you can monitor the energies in your state. Groups can link up with other groups in various states and countries and expand the psychic net and wardings across the globe.

These things, these abilities, these workings are not superstitions or the quaint old-fashioned tales of folklore. These are very real senses and powerful tools. We set up 'Neighborhood Watch" programs to combat crime. We can set up 'Neighborhood Psychic Watch' programs to fight terror. (Can't you just picture those signs? "This Neighborhood Protected by Magick!") It's time to put aside the tinkering around, to roll up our psychic sleeves and get to the Work. We were caught unawares last month. Let's do what we as magickal people can do- and perhaps what ONLY we as magickal people can do- to see (pun intended) that such a thing never happens again.

Walking down the hallway and back to the office, I see that Ruby is lying there in her usual spot. She is curled up, her back is against the wall and she is purring like a kitten. Looking down at her fluffy little body, I feel a sense of order, of security, of rest. Ruby's on duty. She's keeping the hallway safe. She's keeping watch over the borders between fear as Friend and fear as Foe. She'll be there, ready to sound an alert should it be necessary. Maybe we didn't understand what she was trying to tell us the last time. We promise to pay more attention in the future.

Ruby looks up, yawns her little pink-tongued yawn and gives a wee mee-yew in my direction. No problem. There's one 'alert' message for which I don't need to have a great deal of psychic ability in order to discern. I turn around and head back to the kitchen. Opening the cupboard, I put that all-important opposable thumb to good use. One can of 'Fancy Feast' coming up! Ruby has earned it. No doubt about it. She really is the best darn Hall Monitor that we have ever had.

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, October 15th., 2001

But, Will There Be Treats?

Indeed! There are Always Treats!

Merri Meet Everyone,

It is that time again, dear friends. The Wheel of the Year draws near the points of change and introspection, beginnings and endings, Samhain and Beltane (down under). Wren and I simply love this time of year and (no doubt) most of you do as well.

Over the past five years and with your input we have built a strong Samhain section here at the Voice, and this year, with your help, we will continue to add to the cauldron. For the past three years the Neo-Pagan community has been in the press constantly. Samhain (or Halloween) is still a strong time for both education and awareness. This year WitchVox will do its part to optimize this with our "Reporters Info Kit"... Wren has compiled a powerful data page that includes; pointers to Wiccan, Witch and Pagan overviews, statistics, surveys, FAQ's and links to the community websites. This week we plan on updating this page substantially to better reflect Paganism in the year 2001.

October is our busiest month here at WitchVox and at present we are on a pace to generate 1.9 Million Pages this month alone. Like most of you, by the time Samhain arrives we are in a state of sheer exhaustion. This year we plan on better pacing ourselves by doing fewer interviews and by making it easier for the press to get info from WitchVox. We will, once again point the press directly at you!

Samhain = Serious Magic Generally speaking, the Neo-Pagan community celebrates Samhain (commonly pronounced "SOW-in") as the end of the year (Pagan New Years). Many dress up as a projection of what they want to become in the new year. It's a time of celebration, magic, ritual, reflection and thanks. Many believe that this is optimal time for connecting with those that have passed through the veil during past year. They say this is when is the veil is in it's most transparent state. Powerful magic is done on Samhain and many groups and covens hold this time sacred.

Did someone say Treats?  If you look, you will find them... they are everywhere!

The Annual Halloween Scaredy Cat Ban

Once again we point you to Wren's article "The Annual Halloween Scaredy Cat Ban" article. This piece has evolved over the past three Halloweens and is now a permanent addition to our Samhain Pages. Here is an excerpt...

"Are there people out there who really do abuse cats and other animals? Yes, there are, but they are not Witches or Wiccans. The 'mysterious cults' that are mentioned (but are never really identified) in news articles about Halloween cat-related horrors are actually following in the footsteps of Christian clerics rather than pagan practitioners if they are using or abusing the innocent cat in some sort of bizarre sacrificial ritual setting...

The larger professionally run animal shelters know that indeed it is not the Wiccans/Witches who are doing the abusing. Thanks to all of the concerned pagans who have written the shelters, the newspapers and town officials during 'scaredy cat' seasons past, we have gotten that point across rather well.

It is instead the "thrill seeker, " the wanna-be "satanist"- ala-Hollywood -movie- scripts or the emotionally disturbed individual who perpetuates such crimes against animaldom. We join with the animal protection agents in the hope that the people who abuse cats and other animals will be caught and then prosecuted for their heinous and cruel acts." For the Complete article Visit the WitchVox Samhain Pages.

Adult Essays for October NOW Up!...
12 Wonderful essays presented for your reading pleasure.
    Beyond Wicca 101
    We hear a lot of folks say they're tired of the "Wicca 101" approach that's found in so many books. So we'd like to hear what topics would be part of a book on "advanced" Wicca? What would you like the elders in our community to write about? Here were the essays that we received on this topic: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9

    Magick for Personal Gain
    Do you think magick/spells should be used for personal gain? What constitutes personal gain (e.g. love spells, money spells, healing spells, self-improvement spells...) Page 1 - 2 - 3

Ed Note: Diotima is soliciting topics for next years Essays... If you have something you'd like to see covered Email Diotima.

Pagan Pride Italy ... Magick in Rome!
This just in from Rome via... Vanth

The Witches Voice continues to receive wonderful stories and pictures from Pagan pride events from all over the world. Once again we are honored to share the magick of the people that make pagan pride a reality by coming out in their town and celebrating... This week we received this email from Italy. Do yourself a favor and do check out the other wonderful images captured from this event. Thanks Vanth and friends for doing something really wonderful in Rome...

Merry meet,

I am glad to inform you that Italy has had its first Pagan Pride event on Saturday, September 22nd in Villa Pamphili, one of the most ancient and beautiful parks in Rome. I am attaching some shots of the day that capture just a fraction of the excitement of the event, which saw a lot of wonderful people gather to peacefully manifest their pride in being pagans here in this ancient land.

We have yet more pictures on this page...

The page is in Italian, but the pictures tell a lot more than our words will ever be able to express. You will find also links to a movie clip of the event, in different sizes to accommodate most connections... the best resolution one is quite large and I recommend it only to people with a very broad band.

We thank you for your work, which has inspired us all here, and hope that you will like these simple images for a very special occasion for the Italian Pagans.

Blessed Be

Pagan Pride - Live from Ground Zero - Part II
Reported by Logan Sullivan of Emerald Rose
Photos by Danae Sullivan

Organizers for the first annual NYC Pagan Pride Day are considering the event "a victorious success." Over four hundred pagans joined together in Washington Square Park on September 29 to celebrate religious freedom and to work magick for the protection and healing of New York City and America. Attendance was nearly double expectations, and the event went very well, drawing in dozens of people from the busy park. Curious bystanders came to watch and were drawn into the fun of the day. Organizer MoonTwin stated that the event went better that planned, and credited the NYC Parks Dept. for their support and cooperation during the gathering. Originally planned for Battery Park, just blocks from the WTC site, Pagan Pride Day was moved north to hip and quirky Washington Square Park, in the center of Greenwich Village.

Music for the Goddess opened the entertainment for the day with a spirited version of "The Star-Spangled Banner", led by Wendy Sheridan, accompanied by MftG bassist Dax. Celtic Harper Erin played beautiful haunting music on her harp, and Lady Rhea gave a speech about the city's Elders of the Craft, who brought magick into the public consciousness in New York City.

Emerald Rose played a rousing, foot-stomping set, filling the park with people, many of whom stayed for the main ritual. You can see a small video clip of the band performing "Hills of America" at the event on The band was honored by the reception the New York Pagans gave them. We made many new friends and we will be returning to area for another tour in the Spring! - click for Full Article with lots of cool pictures.

ECSG Does the Work and a bit of Shakespeare as well!

Members of UUAT's Earth Centered Spirituality Group, an eclectic group which is made up of members of local covens, solitaries and UU church members that reach out to educate the public and provide open circles, workshops, discussion groups and classes to the larger community.

This picture was captured after our midsummer ritual which included a mystery play "a midsummer nights' dream part two-the morning after" (Ed note: Do check this page for a large version of this picture and many others)

The group was featured in the Tacoma News Tribune earlier this year, in a positive portrayal of Pagans and Witches which went out on the Scripps-Howard News Service and was reprinted in newspapers all over the country

Bright Blessings, Lisa

Pictured (L to R) -- Sound Elf, Flirtatious Faery Girl, Cobweb-Faery of the South, Barb the Bard, Moth-Faery of the North, Dancing Faery and child, Mustard Seed-Faery of the West, Titania, Pease-Blossom-Faery of the East and Puck

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
A Month of Reflection and Revelry

Greetings Witches, Wiccans and Pagans,

Samhain is upon us and many in the Pagan community are gearing up for magickal celebrations, personal reflection on the year gone by and of course just having some fun. Samhain Events listed here at TWV are breaking all records and coming in daily. Check YOUR state event page for the latest.

Samhain IS the high holiday for many a pagan and if they are like this Witch, they make sure that they have that day off from work. In fact I have never worked on Samhain, even once in my life. Before I knew anything about all of this, it made sense (to me) to take 10/31 as a day of reflection.

Like most of you we do plan on treating ourselves at Samhain. This year Wren and I have been invited to two local fests in central Florida. During the first week of November, we will be at the Southeastern Spirit Gathering (sponsored by Rowan Grove) on Friday, November 2nd. We attended this fine fest last year and were thrilled to hang out with Druydess and Thiatsii and all the magickal people from Central Florida. Big NEWS: They are paying to fly in famous Pagan author Phyllis Curott (Book of Shadows) as their special guest, as well as The Raft (Awesome Pagan Rock), Maya Heath (Author of: Handbook of Incense, Oils, and Candles), DeLuna and many others, so your money should be well spent.

The following week we will be a AutumnMeet WITH Peg. Scheduled guest speakers include Patricia Telesco, Isaac Bonewits, Dreamtrybe, Don and Dee Waterhawk, Maya Heath, Darragh, Harper Deluna, Steve Reel and Gaia, Nybor and Elspeth, and many more. Wade, Dianne and the AM staff has given us a wonderful home since we arrived here in Florida 3 years ago and we are again thrilled to attend.

For more info on these fests and others, visit the Witchvox Events Pages.

Who is that man? Pictured to your right is none other than Talon Sunheart (Email: . "The photo was taken this fall at Dragon Harvest (I think) the most recent festival at Dragon Hills in Georgia". Lookin' Good my Brother! Lookin' REAL good!

A Samhain Treat From Witchvox:
Come Celebrate... The Celtic Feast of the Dead!

For October 2001, I am honored to offer a FREE mp3 tune entitled Celtic Feast of the Dead. As a Samhain baby (born 10/31/1952 - my mother blames herself for all of this - grin) this day has always had special meaning for me, in fact it brought me into this community.

My story...

Since I have been into recording and sound reinforcement most of life, many local bands would invite me to check them out at a club called "The Channel" in Boston. Not being a "club guy" and having played in clubs for many years, I had little desire to hang out in a club. Usually I would politely pass on this these offers, but on Labor Day in 1987 I didn't. That night was different and was to reveal a classic example of synchronicity (yes, Sting looted this from my "Unky Carl").

The Channel was packed that night with over 1,000 people and as I stood near the bar, my eyes connected with a beautiful blonde woman that was about 100 feet away. I had a strange sense that something very interesting was about to happen. In an almost trance like state, we simply walked towards each other without loosing eye contact. I said, "Hello, my name is Fritz"... She responded by saying, "It's wonderful to meet you Fritz, my name is Mari... they call me the pumpkin lady". My response? "My that's interesting, the pumpkin lady? Why do they call you that?"... She said that it was because she was born on Halloween. Hummmm, I thought... and said, "I don't believe you, may I see your license?" She had a puzzled look on her face but said sure, and took out her license. I used my lighter to read it in the dark club to my shock, when I looked at her date of birth; I saw the exact day that I was born on... Whoa... I knew then and there that this wasn't a coincidence and that something very special had just happened.

I looked at Mari and said "Wow! Do you want to see something that will blow you away? She balked nervously for a moment but said sure... I took out my license and handed it to her, she struggled to get it in the right light to read it and when she saw my date of birth she almost fainted... She paused, looked at me and stated "Oh My!"

Mari and I both knew we had just experienced something very magickal. Born on the same Samhain? 47 minutes apart from each other? Drawn together in a crowd of 1,000?

We spent the night chatting, connecting at many levels and agreed that we needed to get together again soon. That following weekend, we met and had dinner. Midway through the meal, she looked up at me said, out of nowhere, "Your a Witch!"... My response was a shocked, but curious, "I'm a what?"... She said, "Oh yes! And there is SO much I need to tell you"... And tell me she did. She made me aware of a wonderful spiritual movement that was happening all around me. Everything I had practiced and believed since I was a child all fell into place. Mari introduced me to many friends that I hold close to this day. I was a classic example of "I always knew I had a religion, I just never knew it had a name". I have been involved with the Neo-pagan movement since that very day.

For years, Mari and I met for breakfast on Samhain morning to celebrate our day of birth and our love for the latest Samhain treats from Hallmark. Our special bond will never be broken and it is with great pleasure that I dedicate this tune to her. I love you Mari, have a magickal Birthween!!!

Click here for tune details, complete lyrics and for the Free Samhain Mp3 File.

Proudly in Your Service,

Fritz Jung
WebCrafter - The Witches' Voice
Monday, October 15th., 2001

Pagan Perspectives
WitchVox Question of the Week!

Last week, we asked the question...

What Are Your Thoughts On The Current "War on Terrorism"? - While the differences in the viewpoints expressed amongst Pagans about this issue was not unexpected, one thing did stand out as a bit of a surprise: Pagans seem to have done their homework. We were quite pleased to read quite a bit concerning the history of the Middle East region, American involvement in various political policies in those regions and even some philosophical musings on the power of religion to both heal or harm.-- View the Responses.

This week, we ask the question:

Have You Done Any Protection Spells or Workings? Do You Plan To? Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11th, have you done any protection spells or workings for yourself and your family? Have you done any for the military forces or for the nation? How about something geared toward the biological/chemical threats? Have you participated in any of the calls for a binding spell aimed at stopping/finding those responsible? Do you plan to do something like this in your Samhain rituals this year? Have you asked your Gods/Ancestors/ spirits to watch over you, guard you or aid you in such magickal endeavors? Do you think that the recent events will change how you usually celebrate or participate in Samhain rituals? Post YOUR Opinion or view the Responses of others.

An Elder Speaks..
by Carol A. Bulzone, Lady Miw HPs, and
Lord Tuan, HP and Elder, Welsh Tradition

Our entire nation has felt the pain, shock and anguish from the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Some of us are mourning. Some of us are angry. Some of us want revenge. Some of us want peace.

Our store, Enchantments Inc. is a little more than one mile away from the WTC disaster. And, we as NYC Witches, can especially feel the pain of those who were lost and died such horrible deaths. We feel for their loved ones and others who are experiencing such sadness and mourning. We honor and thank the firefighters and police who gave their lives and their efforts to try and save the victims.

In this month's, An Elder Speaks, I would like to introduce to all of you a very dear, old friend and the finest (living) High Priest that I know -- Lord Tuan: "When Lady Miw asked me to write something for the Neo-Pagan Community in New York City, I thought I'd write something quick because of limited time. Well, so much for that idea. I guess the old adage is true: "Never ask an Elder to do something simple. . ." But my Love and Concern for all my sisters and brothers in the Tri-State area got the better of me, and it just began to flow uncontrollably -- which is after all how Love should be.

Having lived in New York for 20 years I know better than to try and tell a New Yorker what to think or what to feel. But as a Priest of the Craft, I also want to do and say what I can to help my sisters and brothers overcome this terrible event. You are not alone!

Here is a Ritual given to me by Lord Govannan (Herman Slater), owner of the Magickal Childe back in 1980 when he asked me to teach the EarthStar Temple. He received this material from Herman Enderle and Donna Cole of the Chicago Pagan Way (circa 1971). I used this Ritual as the foundation for creating the Pagan Way at Enchantments in 1982.

It is a true piece of Neo-Pagan History in America. As far as I am aware, not many people have this material anymore, and I offer it now as it was used all those years ago -- it is freely given with an overwhelming Love for my Sisters and Brothers of the Neo-Pagan Community of New York City and the Tri-State area, and may you be Wise in its execution.

Love is the Greatest of All Magicks, and my Love for you all is as Bright as the Sun! May the Goddess Bless You and the Great Horned One keep you safe!" -- With Loving Blessings, Tuan Cu Mhara.

YOUR Voice Wanted... The Witches' Voice is actively soliciting positive and inspiring editorials, articles and essays on a variety of topics of interest to the Pagan Teenager. PLEASE be sure to read our Editorial Submission Guidelines 2001 page before submitting an essay. We love to hear from Pagan Teens about Topics that you'd like to see covered. Simply Email Diotima with your suggestions.

Adult Essays November 2001:
    Submission Deadline: November 4th Publication Date: November 11th

    Topic: Faith
    What is faith? Is it simply a decision to believe in something rooted in our psychological needs, or is it deeper than that? Is it illogical, or based in a logic that goes beyond what our conscious minds can grasp?
    Topic: The Dark Side of the Craft
    Is there a dark side to the Craft? Should it be avoided? If you believe there is a dark side how do you describe it or what do you consider it to be? Is it "evil" or just a balancing factor of the universe?
Young Pagan Essays November:
    Submission Deadline: October 28th Publication Date: November 4th

    Topic: Being Different
    Pagans often speak of feeling set apart and different from their peers.. Do you feel singled out as "different" among your friends and acquaintances, or do you try to seem as normal as possible? How has being Pagan set you apart from other teens, and how do you deal with that?
    Topic: The Dark Side of the Craft
    Is there a dark side to the Craft? Should it be avoided? If you believe there is a dark side how do you describe it or what do you consider it to be? Is it "evil" or just a balancing factor of the universe?

In Closing...

"What is needed, rather than running away or controlling or suppressing or any other resistance, is understanding fear; that means, watch it, learn about it, come directly into contact with it. We are to learn about fear, not how to escape from it." - (Jiddu Krishnamurti).

In Your Service,

WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, October 15th., 2001


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