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Weekly Update: 10/29/2001

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: October 29th. 2001
Times Viewed: 8,062

This Weeks update: This week the Witchvox staff and friends offer another week of Samhain/Halloween features and updates. Over the past 5 years Witchvox (thanks TO some wonderful community submissions) has built a Powerful Samhain Section related to this high holiday. -- Also check out Samhain Events in Your Town! (Note: we have been updating the events listings daily to pick up last minute changes)

Respect for the Old Ways...

I don't know exactly when it was that they left us. I can't even remember the last time that I saw them. One morning they were there as usual snarfing up bread crumbs and then another morning they were nowhere to be seen. It took a few more mornings of no-shows before I realized the sad truth: The ducks had migrated south for the winter and somehow, I had missed it. I never got to say good-by and 'good-journey-to-you'. I feel rather bad about that. It's a family thing.

My family has always been pretty big on keeping the old ways. I am not talking about generational spell books or secret handshakes. I mean to say that we have always been rather adamant about just how one properly celebrates the cycles and seasons of the year. We aren't fundamentalists exactly. We do believe that every other family is free to do it in their own way. We don't actually look down on folks who introduce some new -fangled ways of doing things. Well, we wouldn't be so rude as to laugh in their presence anyway. It's just to our way of thinking, the old ways are indeed best.

Part of living an organically aware life is the need to be constantly aware of the subtle changes in Nature. In today's predominantly artificial living arrangements, it has become increasingly difficult for many people- even those who sincerely aspire to it- to live according to Nature's timetable and natural rhythms. We can get vegetables that are locally out of season at anytime and just about anywhere. We can keep the nighttime hours at bay by simply turning up the lamps. We can suspend the rules of weather by dialing up or down the thermostat. I am not willing to give up any of those things, mind you. But just as it is hard for me to pin down exactly when it was that the ducks left the Little Pond, it is with the same sort of sad regret that I realize how many other of the old ways have left us and we didn't even notice that they had at the time.

Our family had a small organic farm. While my grandmother was alive, we had chickens and grape vines and apple trees and vegetable patches. Dad scrapped the keeping chickens idea (Gram lopped off their chicken heads without a qualm. Dad on the other hand got just too attached to the little fowl beasties to sacrifice them to the fryer pan.) but we still had all of those other things. Which meant that since we kept the old ways, we had to watch them all of the time. For in my family, we didn't cover the grape vines in order to prevent the birds from making off with our potential jam; we checked them daily for ripeness as the season approached. Sometimes, the birds figured out that they were ripe before we did. That meant that we had to get up at dawn for the next few days in order to get our fair share. Same thing for the blackberry bushes and the beechnut trees. But erecting artificial barriers to keep Nature out was never considered. As partners in the cycle of sowing and reaping, the family and the birds and the beasts matched wits and tested perseverance with all hands and wings and paws clearly visible upon the table. In this contest, hanging netting or erecting fences would have been like cheating at cards. It simply isn't done amongst family.

We didn't fence in the corn or the watermelons either. Dad would peel back slightly on an ear or thump a gourd a few good thunks to determine when it was time to harvest them. And often it was that on the very morning Dad had declared that he was going to cut some of the early corn or that a certain watermelon was just about right, we would find that the raccoons or squirrels had already done a taste test and determined the very same thing. We didn't dust the plants with chemicals; we let the slugs drown themselves happily in saucers of beer, planted marigolds and handpicked the rest of the bugs. We didn't use commercial fertilizer; we made compost, relocated earthworms and recycled the fish heads from Saturday night's trout dinner. We didn't spray the apple trees; we ate around the wormholes. That is just the way that it was back then. But things change.

Gram is gone now and so is Dad. The apple trees were cut when old age came to them and the grape vine has become a domesticated and manicured ornamental shrub. The land was rezoned as residential years ago and now a sea of lawn grass flows over the former vegetable patches and garden furrows. An archaeologist with a trained eye might be able to discern what used to be here, but to anyone else it would seem as though this is simply the way that it always was. Things change. Times change. The land changes. We change. And there is no going back to what was. Memories, however, remain and within our memories, these things still live on. We can close our eyes and taste the wild purple of the grapes and smell the hot sun on the tomatoes and feel the sting of the nettles on our skin as we pluck the delicate and succulent raspberries from the bush. And somewhere in there, Gram is baking her spiced apple pies and Dad is whistling his way down the path into the deep woods. And the ducks are flying south for the winter.

In this time of transition, in this Samhain season, Pagans will be holding circles both public and private. Many will be attending a 'dumb supper' wherein the Old Ones, family members or ancestral Gods are invited and honored. This year, many Pagans will be 'adopting' some of our country's 'dearly departed' who so unexpectedly crossed over to the other side on September 11th. We shall ask Them to join us. We shall speak their names. We shall talk of things that once were. We shall laugh and we shall cry and we shall gaze into the flames of time and we shall remember.

For this is the time of the year when the worlds of here and of there overlap. This is the time when what was and what is and what shall be beckon to us in whispered voices to come and sit by the fires and dream of wondrous things. We will remember. We will remember those days long gone by. We will remember the sound of your voice, the touch of your hand, the light in your eyes. Until we meet again, we will remember you.

Everything changes in the outside world, it is true. We see now that the ducks have indeed flown south for the winter. But within our hearts, you are still there. And so on that day when we meet again and laugh again and live again and love again, we will be as if we have never really been apart.

The ducks will return. So will you. So shall we.

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Samhain 2001

Photo credits: The anchor photo to your upper right is from the DreamDance Samhain altar. Our deepest thanks go out to Flute and DreamDance for sharing this beautiful shot. DreamDance can be contacted via email or by visiting their soon to be launched website at -- Photo of Wren Walker by Fritz Jung

Pagan Passages for this past year...

The Witchvox staff asks that you remember the following Pagans that have passed during this past year in your Samhain rituals...

Victor H. Anderson -- Tempest Smith -- Nkosi Johnson
Carol Martin McIntosh -- Paul Tuitain -- Joyce Rasmussen
Adam Dylan Schleimer -- Lord Or3ion -- Aeron -- Robert L. Key

Just in ... Ken Blacklion (Oct 11th, 2001) - See Memorial

For more info on these Pagans that pioneered so much of what we celebrate today visit the Witchvox Pagan Passages Pages . If we have missed ANY pagans that have passed during this cycle, kindly email us and we will add them at once.

What you can do for Halloween this year (Version 1.0)
Just in (10/29) from Isaac Bonewits

Attention Spiritualists, Theosophists, Rosicrucians, New Agers, Witches, Druids, Ceremonial Magicians, Shamans, and other magical people! Some will be celebrating Samhain this year on Oct. 31st (Halloween and first night of the Full Moon), some on Nov. 3rd (Saturday night), and some on Nov. 6th (Druid Samhain). Here are some Samhain 2001 Workings in which you can join thousands of others.

On September 11, 2001, thousands of people died in New York, Washington DC and rural Pennsylvania, in the greatest acts of mass murder in American history. These people were of every race and color, of every religion (including Neopaganism) and none, rich and poor, gay and straight, young and old. They were torn from their lives with little or no warning, except for those heroic rescue workers who ran into the burning buildings to help others escape. Spiritualists, shamans, mediums, and many Pagans know that these are the circumstances under which spirits may become "earthbound" - confused and unable or unwilling to let go of their former lives here in the material levels of reality. In ancient times, we are told, any such earthbound spirits of people who had died during the 12 months preceding Samhain could be given needed assistance to move forward to their afterlife.

-- Click HERE for the rest of this critical piece.

More than just our Question of the Week...

What ARE the most "Frequently Asked Questions' About Witches? -- More importantly, what are the answers? Samhain is the 'out with the old, in with the new' season and so TWV is planning to revamp the FAQ's once again.

As the Pagan communities continue to evolve, so does public perception. We already have some changes in mind: Eliminate the references to Druids and Asatru (THEY self-identify as 'reconstructionist religions' and not as earth-based or Pagan), perhaps remove the 'blood sacrifice and 'wearing black' questions and we will add a 'for more information' link to the Traditions section. NEED FOR FURTHER CLARIFICATION NOTED: We do not necessarily intend to remove any and all references to Druids or Asatru. We have, in fact, asked those who post on the Asatru board at how we can better clarify their religion and whether they even wanted to be included on the site listings. (See:Beliefnet Boards) We may provide either a separate listing for each category or include the 'some of (fill in blank) believe this and some of (fill in blank) believe this'. Thus, while Asatru (if we can up with an FAQ that meets with their general approval) will almost certainly have a separate category listing, Druids might be listed as 'some' in the Pagan category and 'some' in the 'Reconstructionist Religions' category. We are simply trying to treat all Paths, Belief Systems and Religions with equal respect. We knew that this was going to be a difficult undertaking, but are willing to try to address the issue because it is an important one.

Which questions do YOU think should stay and which ones are no longer needed? What changes would you like us to consider in the 'definitions' department? Note: Please bear in mind, that a FAQ is designed to be a very short, concise and GENERAL answer to questions that most people who are unfamiliar with Paganism might ask. We could write books (and many have or will) about the nuances contained within the various Pagans Paths, but FAQs- constructed mainly to bullet point information- are necessarily restricted to a few paragraphs on each question.

Read the Witchvox FAQ's and Post YOUR thoughts or view the Responses of others.

Last week, we asked the question...

What Are YOUR Book Recommendations? - Well, it looks like it's back to the bookstore for us! So many fine recommendations! Thank you for all of your selection suggestions and we hope that everyone found one or two new categories to check out in the bookstore and video mart. -- View the Responses

Dana Davis Releases "WYRD: Cosmic Radio"

It is indeed a season of Treats... The following press release just came in from Dana Davis. If you haven't experienced her muse you are not complete. Arguably the most versatile Vox in the Pagan community, Dana's consistency as a performer and writer are truly inspired by the great ones. Wren and I are proud to call Dana friend and super psyched to hang out with Dana next week at the famous AutumnMeet Festival in central Florida.

Dear Friends,

For the past couple of years I have been rearranging my life, coming to the place of what will be next. I am traveling from studio to studio (been from Los Angeles, CA to Hartford, CT so far!) recording where time and inspiration are offered. This five song sampler of the work in progress is to let all of you in on my direction.

Four producer/engineers were involved in this portion of the record. I like to think of my producers as foster parents to my songkids.

Here's who's on the sampler:
    Soak in I: Barry Coffing, Grammy award winning songwriter and producer who also led a top 40 band I was in for the first years out of high school.
    Walter's Bird: Eric Leikham, disc jockey, writer, singer and producer.
    Medusa: Rick Del Castillo, my partner in Butterfly Tree, a world class writer, guitarist, producer, and singer(and check it out, he's playing drums on Walter's Bird!)
    Rope" & "Cliche: Trickster, captain of mayhem, and leader of Loke E. Coyote's Wiccabilly Circus, songwriter, punster, and theremin master. (also note that Tabber Millard is on drums for two cuts, and all of you will finally get to hear Mike Sutphin play lead guitar)
A lot of love has gone into this project, and will continue until WYRD has been fully realized.

You are helping by ordering a sampler ep, and know I will be working non-stop to make the upcoming release "WYRD : COSMIC RADIO" the best and most entertaining record I have ever done. There will only be 100 of these ep's manufactured, and each is hand numbered in the little green heart on the back. These are the first five hot off the press and they are autographed. These are available on ebay thru madame*magpie OR, search for... Madame*Magpie, WYRD, Dana Davis

After the initial five are sold thru mz magpie, and after autumn meet in Florida, where I have the great pleasure of sharing the stage with DreamTryBe, I will be taking online orders for the sampler here at yahoo.

Peace and Blessings,
Dana Davis

Web: Dana Davis Homepage

Photo Credit: Image of Dana Davis (with Wren) was captured by Fritz Jung on 6/1/1999 at the PhoenixPhyre Festival in Land of Lakes, Florida

Goddess Pictures Releases "Real Witches"
April Melody crafts an educational Video for all!

Real Witches is a documentary about the everyday lives of Witches, Wiccans, and Pagans. This video offers a glimpse of the thoughts and practices of people who stand in obvious opposition to the stereotypes that sadly define this population in the minds of the general public. Real Witches is the debut documentary from director April Melody and her production company Goddess Pictures.

The purpose of Real Witches is to assist the Pagan community in communicating to the general public an image of its practitioners as ordinary people participating in a non-threatening religion. As participants in the film share their thoughts and experience with other major religions, it is communicated that these are not people who walked blindly into a cult but are rather spiritually cognizant relative to many in the world who consider themselves religious.

This documentary is intended as a tool for practitioners and those curious to assist in communicating exhibits of their practices, their beliefs and/or their discrimination to their families, friends, and others. April Melody intends on sending copies to educators and members of the media, as well as making the information in this film available for public access through the internet.

For more information on Real Witches or April Melody OR to purchase a video, go to or email

Good News for Green Egg Subscribers
Options include conversion to Pan Gaia

On June 6th, 2001 legendary Pagan 'Zine "Green Egg" called it quits. This past week orphaned subscribers finally got some good news in their mailbox... A post card was sent to all active subscribers offering the following options...
  • Option 1: Fulfillment of your Green Egg subscription with PanGaia magazine. If you choose this option, your remaining issues of Green Egg will be replaced by an equal number of issues of PanGaia. (Current PanGaia subscribers will have their subscription extended if they choose this option.) Of PanGaia, Green Egg founder and former editor Oberon Zell said recently -- "It's the worthy successor to Green Egg" I read it, I write for it, and I highly recommend it."
  • Option 2: Receive two back issues of Green Egg. You may choose to receive two (2) back issues of Green Egg in lieu of your remaining subscription.
  • Option 3: Donation to your subscription debt to Church of All Worlds. You may release all claims for your outstanding Green Egg subscription as a donation to CAW.
The 'sidegrade' to the incredible PanGaia is VERY good news for subscribers.

This postcard and its options are encouraging news for subscribers and a rare occurrence in the community. It has been my observation that when *most* Pagan 'zines or shops go out of business their subscribers/customers simply get burned. Thanks go to the Green Egg staff for finding a way to do the right thing.

In a related statement Green Egg founder and craft elder Oberon Zell-Ravenheart has committed to writing for Pagan Gaia...
    "This past week Now that Green Egg has died a second death, PanGaia magazine is its worthy successor, published and edited by our old and dear friends, Anne Niven (who used to print GE at her Arena Press) and Elizabeth Barrette. Just as the original mission of Green Egg was in catalyzing a Pagan community, PanGaia was envisioned by its first Editrix, Diane Darling (who had previously edited GE for five years) as a vehicle to help manifest an even more inclusive Gaian perspective. In many ways, PanGaia has been something that Green Egg was perhaps evolving towards. I am now writing for PanGaia, as are many other familiar GE writers, and I highly recommend that those of you who have enjoyed GE over the years join with us in PanGaia for the continuing mission-towards The Awakening!" -- Oberon Zell-Ravenheart (Founder, Green Egg)
For more info on PanGaia Visit their website at or give them a ring at their TOLL FREE line 877-pangaia (877-726-4242)

New in the Witchvox Gay Pagan section...
Gay Gods
by Christopher Penczak

"I remember learning Greek mythology as I was growing up. I loved the stories of the gods and goddess, and was particularly drawn to all those finely chiseled statues. It wasn't until later in life I discovered how sanitized my Catholic and public school education was. The myths were filtered through a lens of conservative morality and I was denied a part of history, most notably a part of gay history. Bits shined through the cracks while I was in college, from more mature academic texts using a clinical tone. But when I found myself delving into the world of neo-paganism, I rediscovered a part of my divine heritage.

World mythology is filled with images of gay deities. As I struggled with my gayness throughout my Catholic school days, I always heard that homosexuality was "not natural" and "against God." I had no idea that prior cultures not only acknowledged same sex love as part of life, but some cultures actually celebrated such love as divine. In these societies, the priests and priestess were often gay or transgendered. In fact, it may be because the Judeo-Christian traditions wanted to disassociate themselves so completely from these pagan cultures that they "outlawed" anything connected with the ancient goddess faiths, including the divine feminine, the sacredness of the Earth and acts of homosexuality. ".

-- Click HERE for the rest of this piece.

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
On the Road and a New Mp3 Treat!

Greetings Witches, Wiccans and Pagans,

As the temperature here in central Florida plummets to a 'bone chillin' 62 degrees, fall is in the air. Having experienced a combined 90 New England fall/winter seasons, Wren and I are quite familiar with the 'real deal'. The onset of cold weather, for us, means the end of year, some double time work here at Witchvox and some much needed rest and relaxation. For our cats it means the placement of our old goose down vests in their cribs to keep them comfy.

Allow us to take a moment and thank Richard from Colorado for his recent support of TWV.

The secular holiday of Halloween IS the second busiest holiday of the year here in the states. Seems that religious choice has little to do with celebrating Halloween. For the Pagan community Samhain IS the big one and many of us like to do both spiritual work AND have some fun. For Wren and I, it's an ideal time of closure, porch chat refection and some 'get-aways'. It is worth noting that you *may* see some light updating here at TWV over the next two weeks.

Since our move, from Boston (three years ago) we have been blessed with some powerful friendships involving some amazing people. As loners we are more than happy to stay home, but as 'herd animals', like all, we need to get out with like kind. Thanks to the Waterhawks, Wade, Dianne and dozens of other "beautiful spirits" we HAVE a family that we can celebrate the holidays with. We love these people and over the next two weeks we will be spending some quality time with them.

Getting Out of the Office...
  • On November 2nd., we will be attending the 2nd. Annual Southeastern Spirit Gathering (sponsored by Rowan Grove) in Paisley, Florida. We attended this exceptional festival last year and were thrilled to hang out with Druydess, Thiatsii and all the magickal people from Central Florida. Scheduled Speakers/Musicians: Phyllis Curott (Book of Shadows) as their special guest, as well as The Raft (Awesome Pagan Rock), Maya Heath (Author of: Handbook of Incense, Oils, and Candles), DeLuna and many others, so your money should be well spent. Wren and I will be there just for the day and doing a workshop.

  • On Saturday, November 3rd, we will be attending a talk with the famous Rev. Barry Lynn, Executive Director of Americans United (for the Separation of Church and State) This event takes place in Pinellas Park, Florida (mercifully just a few miles away). For more info on Americans United, visit their Website at Reservations are required for the morning session/luncheon.... We plan on getting there after lunch for the main talk by Barry. If you are interested in attending email us for details.

  • On Monday, November 5th, we are planning to hook up with Keith Norton for a quick Thai Food dinner and to chat about the work that so many of us are doing.

  • From November 8th. through the 10th. we will be a AutumnMeet WITH Peg (yes, she is actually going to jump on a plane). Scheduled guests speakers include Patricia Telesco, Isaac Bonewits, Don and Dee Waterhawk, Maya Heath, Nybor and Elspeth, and many more... Musical Guests Include: Dreamtrybe, Dana Davis, Darragh Nagle, Harper Deluna, Steve Reel and Gaia, and others. Wade, Dianne and the AM staff and the Guardians (arguably the best there is) have given us a wonderful home since we arrived here in Florida 3 years ago and we are again thrilled to attend this world class gathering.

  • On Friday November 23rd. we celebrate Thanksgiving at the Waterhawks in N. Ft. Meyers, Florida with Don, Dee and friends.

  • On Saturday November 24th, we are honored to be attending the Handfasting of uber talented artists Tara and William, also in Ft. Meyers. By all indications this will be the Pagan social event of the season.
That is just what we are doing... Hundreds of thousands of Pagans all over the world will be equally as busy with their events and gatherings both public and private. Pagan Event listings are running at an all time high over at the Witchvox Witches of the World pages... For Events in YOUR Town Click HERE (and select your province/state)... For a Global listing of Samhain Events Click HERE

Yet ANOTHER Samhain Treat From Witchvox:
This Week we Release a Second FREE Mp3 Tune for Samhain!

Over this past year I sure have enjoyed looking back at the many tunes that I recorded just prior to meeting Wren and allowing my life to be consumed as a public servant via the Witches' Voice. As a special treat for Samhain we are releasing A second FREE Mp3 Tune for your listening pleasure...

Planet to Remember... This was inspired by a long conversation I had with a very famous Witch back in 1994. A tune reflecting on creation, space and control, Planet to Remember was one of the most fun to record and perform.

Musically this tune is piano based. Since I am not really a piano player per say, the parts are simple chords layered to achieve the desired effect. The percussion contains an interesting blend of two completely different tracks 'hard panned' for an interesting effect. I am very happy with the stereo imaging and the punch of this track. Vocally it was a blast. -- Full Story/Lyrics and Free Samhain Mp3 File
Released Earlier this Month...

Celtic Feast of the Dead. As a Samhain baby (born 10/31/1952 - my mother blames herself for all of this - grin) this day has always had special meaning for me, in fact it brought me into this community. -- Full Story/Lyrics and Free Samhain Mp3 File.

In closing, allow us to encourage you to close out this year with your spiritual work for those passing through the veil on Samhain, to put down petty local grievances, embrace those in your area and actually cut loose and have some fun.

Happy Samhain everyone! We will see you on the other side of the wheel,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Samhain 2001

But, Will There Be Treats?
Indeed! There are Always Treats!

It is that time again, dear friends. The Wheel of the Year draws near the points of change and introspection, beginnings and endings, Samhain and Beltane (down under). Wren and I simply love this time of year and (no doubt) most of you do as well.

Over the past five years and with your input we have built a strong Samhain section here at the Voice, and this year, with your help, we will continue to add to the cauldron. For the past three years the Neo-Pagan community has been in the press constantly. Samhain (or Halloween) is still a strong time for both education and awareness. This year WitchVox will do its part to optimize this with our "Reporters Info Kit"... Wren has compiled a powerful data page that includes; pointers to Wiccan, Witch and Pagan overviews, statistics, surveys, FAQ's and links to the community websites. This week we plan on updating this page substantially to better reflect Paganism in the year 2001.

October is our busiest month here at WitchVox and at present we are on a pace to generate 1.9 Million Pages this month alone. Like most of you, by the time Samhain arrives we are in a state of sheer exhaustion. This year we plan on better pacing ourselves by doing fewer interviews and by making it easier for the press to get info from WitchVox. We will, once again point the press directly at you!

Samhain = Serious Magic Generally speaking, the Neo-Pagan community celebrates Samhain (commonly pronounced "SOW-in") as the end of the year (Pagan New Years). Many dress up as a projection of what they want to become in the new year. It's a time of celebration, magic, ritual, reflection and thanks. Many believe that this is optimal time for connecting with those that have passed through the veil during past year. They say this is when is the veil is in it's most transparent state. Powerful magic is done on Samhain and many groups and covens hold this time sacred.

Did someone say Treats?  If you look, you will find them... they are everywhere!

The Annual Halloween Scaredy Cat Ban
by Wren Walker

Once again we point you to Wren's article "The Annual Halloween Scaredy Cat Ban" article. This piece has evolved over the past three Halloweens and is now a permanent addition to our Samhain Pages. Here is an excerpt...

"Are there people out there who really do abuse cats and other animals? Yes, there are, but they are not Witches or Wiccans. The 'mysterious cults' that are mentioned (but are never really identified) in news articles about Halloween cat-related horrors are actually following in the footsteps of Christian clerics rather than pagan practitioners if they are using or abusing the innocent cat in some sort of bizarre sacrificial ritual setting. -- Click for the Full Article.

Witch Cinema: A Taste of Autumn
by Peg Aloi

Usually the month of October is full of old reruns of classic horror films on TV, from the wonderful Hammer horror films with Christopher lee as Dracula, to the silly made-for-TV fare of the 1970s with stars like Linda Blair or any of the young actresses in the Waltons. So check your local listings for a chance to tape any of the wonderful movies full of monsters and mayhem shown this month. Many pagans seem to balance their solemn Samhain rites with some festive celebrations, since so many people around us see this time of year as one to cut loose and defy death's imagery. This year in particular, some are uneasy about spending time out in public on holidays. So why not stay in and watch movies? Be sure to stock up on cider, donuts, cider donuts, candy and whatever else you enjoy during this season; a night in for some deliciously scary or pagan movies might be a nice peaceful way to spend the season, instead of raucous parties. At the end of the column I list some of my favorite Hallowe'en season films; look for them on local networks or in your video store. -- Click for the Full Article

The Mighty Dead, the Beloved Dead and Us © 2001
by M. Macha NightMare

Recently I've been giving a lot of thought to our concepts of the Dead. A seasonal musing each year around this time.

I don't know how many other Craft traditions have these concepts, but both of mine do. Surely everyone has Beloved Dead, meaning those we've loved who've passed on from this realm. We celebrate these ancestors every year at Samhain. We grieve together and we often communicate directly with them, as well. The Mighty Dead are a bit different. The Mighty Dead are said to be those practitioners of our religion who are on the Other Side now, but who still take great interest in the activities of Witches on this side of the Veil. They have pledged to watch, to help and to teach. It is those Mighty Dead who stand behind us, or with us, in circle so frequently. -- Click to experience the Full Article

In Closing...
Between the heavens And the earth, The Way now opens To bring forth The Hosts of those Who went on before-They come riding now Through the Open Door. Dark Wild Hunters Racing the Year. Time stands still; Past and Future are here. Encircled between The Dark and the Light, Together again On this Samhain Night. - Wren Walker; Samhain Night

Happy Samhain 2001,

The WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Samhain - 2001


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