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Weekly Update: 11/12/2001

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: November 12th. 2001
Times Viewed: 6,412

 Week of: Nov. 12th-19th, 2001 Next Holiday: Yule/MidSummer Year: 5  Week: 250  Moon: 63 

Guest Update Notes: Fritz and Wren, in much need of some rest and relaxation, attended Autumn Meet with me, and asked me to write the entire review this year. I was happy to oblige. They did not chain me to the desk and refuse to give me anything but coffee. No, really. They're much nicer than that. - Peg Aloi

Autumn Meet 2001: Where's the Love? HERE's the Love!
Festival Review by Peg Aloi

As ever, this festival; put on by Wade and Diane and their excellent staff is one of the best in the country. Small but lively, eclectic but intense, diverse and friendly, I enjoy these gatherings so much I am even willing to jump on a plane from Boston to attend!

The flight was pleasant and uneventful, once I got ON the plane. Security at Logan Airport (where two planes heading for Los Angeles were hijacked by terrorists and flown in the World Trade Center on September 11th) was intense to say the least. The airport that once allowed me to carry a four-inch Bowie knife onto a plane (after two security officials measured it, argued for a moment with each other about whether to confiscate it, listened to my humbled claim that it was silly of me to bring it along, but I was planning to use it for camping, then wrapped it in duct tape and allowed me to put it in my carry-on bag)two years ago, this time took away a box of matches from me and made me spray rosewater in a glass bottle on myself to make sure it was not a poisonous substance. I watched them tear the files off a nail clipper and confiscate tweezers from cosmetic bags. Men in camouflage, men in black paratrooper pants, men carrying guns, men in berets, barked orders at us, chatted with us while we waited in line, apologized for having to take away our harmless personal property, and generally made this small airport feel like an embassy under siege.

The times are changing. But carry on we must, and so we travel far and wide to be with our loved ones.

"Get back to your lives" they're telling us. But be on your highest alert. "Spend time with family and friends" they say. But be aware of suspicious activity from strangers. "Support the economy!" they cry. But understand we are heading towards unstable, uncertain times.

Just as many Americans, not just Pagans, are looking forward to escaping from our upsetting reality soon with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and The Fellowship of the Ring, I think we are also looking for ways to carry on with our usual routines and move forward with our plans. And our lives consist of more than work and survival and paying bills and making sure there's some bottled water in the pantry. We as Pagans value experiences that bring us ecstasy and joy -- Pagans and Witches see ecstatic experience as a highly sacred part of our path. We seek out settings and events that allow us to express our magical selves, and that bring us together with like-minded folks, our chosen families, to talk and laugh and heal and commune with nature and, for some, to honor chosen deities and celebrate the wonder of being alive, even as we reflect on what our passage from this earthly existence will bring. Through ritual, drumming and dancing, music and magic, and much laughter, we reaffirm our paths and our purpose. For me, there is no finer expression of modern paganism than a good old-fashioned pagan gathering.

I arrived in Tampa Wednesday night, the day the festival began. Wren and Fritz and I planned to spend Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the site (On Sunday everyone is packed up and gone by noon, usually). Each night had a particular focus: Wednesday featured the introduction of the Junior Guardians (teens who have offered their service to the community) and Feast with the Gods and Goddesses (this sounded like fun; sorry we missed it!). Thursday was Bardic Circle, Friday was Music Night on the main stage, and Saturday was the Land Auction followed by the Main Ritual. Each night of course was topped off with drumming and dancing in the ritual circle around a small bonfire (thank the gods there was enough rain this year to lift the ban on outdoor fires!)


We arrived sometime around noon, with plenty of time to meet and greet old friends and get ready for the workshop Wren and Fritz were giving at 3 pm on "Humor: The Other Magickal Tool." As it usually does, this workshop went very well and left everyone in a good mood. Wren added an extra feature this year where she had the attendees break up into groups and create a skit using a bag of props. There were other workshops that day on everything from mask making, drumming, and tarot to ghosts and body art. (There is always a surprisingly diverse selection of workshops at this gathering. I also appreciated the newly-designed schedule which now offers a bit of free time around the dinner hour, instead of trying to schedule everyone's dinner at the same time as the Village Meeting). After dinner De Luna and Darragh Nagle each gave short concerts on the main stage, and then right after a brief meeting at the Ritual Circle space in which several community members pledged their service as Guardians in a powerful ritual affirming the importance of service and responsibility, Bardic Circle began. Paul Moonoak was once again the host and did a great job as usual. The high point of this year's Bardic Circle for me was Isaac Bonewits singing an original song about the myth of Persephone, and having Daniella Waterhawk, Bill Bailey and Wendyl silently act out the roles around the fire as we all watched. I opted not to sing a song this year as I usually do because Wade graciously offered to let me perform on Friday night with all the other musical acts. Since they live so close, your fearless founders of TWV simply drive home each night (tired but happy!) so they can sleep in a real bed and be with their kitties. Newsflash: These two have never been big fans of camping. Well, I like camping. Gods help me, I spend about a month out of each year doing it. This year the Waterhawks offered to bring a tent for me so I could spend the night and enjoy the "full" experience. (There are things that happen in the wee hours of a pagan gathering that are often unforgettable and I am not just talking about the obvious here.) Nothing beats falling asleep to really great drumming. However, I did not stay over that night but returned with Fritz and Wren to their home so we could get a good night's sleep for a very busy Friday.

There was weirdness on the drive back. We usually talk about what happened that day, what was happening the following day, what was said, what we needed to remember to do. Driving in heavy fog, Fritz found himself at one point stopping dead in the middle of the road with the lights off. Wren and I bolted upright trying to figure out what was going on. He recovered quickly and all was well but for a brief moment we all got a mild fright as we could not see anything in the darkness. We tried to figure out why that happened all the way home. At one point Fritz asked me to get his cigarettes out of his coat pocket. He insisted there was an open pack but I only found a new one. Then, when we finally stopped and got out of the car, I found an opened pack (only one cigarette gone) perched on the back of the car, held down by a light film of dew. Apparently he had put them down there, or perhaps on the roof of the car, and something or other kept them there during the whole trip. These strange occurrences gave us loads of fodder for speculating about alien visitation for the rest of the week. It was also a timely reminder not to drive when over-tired in heavy fog! Just before we left the gathering that night there was a minor mishap at the fire (no one was hurt). We thought maybe this blurring of focus or weird energy followed us, too. Samhain brings strangeness always, doesn't it?

Samhain this year has, for many of us, been fraught with painful intensity. Our sadness and shock as Americans in this time of crisis is amplified that much further when we as Pagans observe our Feast of the Dead. At Samhain, we scry, we dream, we journey towards the dark. We commune with the departed and prepare ourselves to enter the Otherworld when our time comes. To do this we work ritually and magically. This year, we are aware of our responsibility as Witches to assist the dead who were taken so quickly, so violently. To help them cross over and offer comfort to those earthbound spirits still trapped in this world. Many witches the world over have been doing this work over the last several weeks, either on their own or with groups.

I really appreciated the solemn ritual thread that permeated Autumn Meet this year: the myth of Persephone. Wooed by Hades, god of the Underworld, Persephone is stolen away from her mother Demeter, goddess of grains and all growing things. As a representation of Mother Earth, Demeter's love for Her daughter reflects the Earth's generosity and comfort towards us Her children. When Persephone is abducted into the Underworld, Demeter is told she will be away for half the year. This is the time of dark and cold and dormancy, when the trees shed their leaves and flowers and fruit, when the landscape grows stark and sere, colorless and barren. When Hades allows Persephone to return to Demeter in spring, this reunion finds Demeter blessing the world with growth again, as trees and plants burst forth with life, buds and blossoms and sap, a joyful feast for the senses. We are reminded that the cycle of life keeps turning and moving forward, evolving and changing, bringing us along in its tides and rhythms and changing colors. As we prepared for bed I thought about this ancient belief, and the way we have adapted it to our modern sensibility, and how thoughts of death and renewal are stronger now in my consciousness than they have ever been before... so thinking I drifted into sleep and dreams of fires and faces and drums and trees...


Like the day before, I got up reasonably early and went for a short run while Fritz and Wren prepared for the day with workshop materials, etc. Jogging on vacation? Well, it's the only time I feel like I have time. It also allowed me to feel virtuous for part of the day before I started in eating junk food, drinking beer and generally being lazy at the festival! We headed out for Day Two and arrived around noon. From Waterhawk Creations (our "homebase" and main hanging out spot) we watched Freedom (a charismatic, handsome and talented drummer) give his workshop entitled "Fun and Flowing Workout" which included soccer, yoga and meditation. There was also a workshop on smoking herbs (the healthy ones), a pagan writer's workshop with author Trish Telesco, and we found we'd missed what was surely an interesting talk from Isaac Bonewits at 10 AM that morning on "Real Magic." No matter, I planned to attend Isaac's "Walking Your Talk" workshop the next day.

At 3 pm the Witches' Voice Three gave another workshop on "Bewitching the Media." Wren decided she would let Fritz and I present this one, even though she worked her butt off preparing the handouts. We talked about press releases, the many changes in pagan outreach as we continue to utilize the internet in powerful ways, and the refreshing improvement in media relations as journalists become better educated about paganism. Despite good attendance, we were well aware that this workshop was up against one bound to be very popular: Darragh gave a Mead Brewer's Workshop with tasting of his fine mead! As Fritz said, if your workshop is scheduled against mead brewing or polyamoury, you are taking your chances no one will show up to yours. We at TWV are now considering throwing the word "Tantra" into workshop titles just to make sure we've got the competition covered.

After a tasty pad thai dinner courtesy of Daniella, we got ready for an evening of music from our dear friends Dana Davis and Dream Trybe! At the Village Meeting, Wade announced an addition that evening's program: me! He asked me to sing for 15 or 20 minutes and that afternoon I walked out into an orange grove to warm up and try to think of what songs I would do (in typical fashion I did not really decide until just before I went on stage). The opening act that night starting at 6:30 (this was a long night of festivities!) was Steve Reel and Gaia, who played pagan instrumental tunes, some traditional and some modern, on guitar and electric keyboard. It was lively and got everyone pumped up for more music. Then, for something completely different, yours truly got up on stage (in a lovely blue velvet dress made by Stacy and lent to me by the lovely Dana Davis) and sang some a cappella traditional music of Scotland, Ireland, England and Nova Scotia. It is always a challenge to sing unaccompanied, especially before an audience that includes children and which has mainly come to see a high-energy rock performance (which they would soon get!), but this was a very respectful crowd; so much so that in the videotape Fritz made the audio quality was excellent because of so little background noise. During one of my songs I asked a group of young girls (ranging in age from 5 to 13) who had been dancing during Steve and Gaia's set to help me out with clapping a rhythm. Then, without being asked, they performed silent but beautiful interpretive dances for two other songs. This was especially appropriate for my last piece, an eerie and haunting song about the Salem witch trials called "I But a Little Girl" by Bob Franke. Several people came up to me afterwards and said having them dance, in their sarongs and cloaks, was a perfect accompaniment to the song and would be perfect for "the music video." I will keep it in mind!

Dana was up next, an absolutely fantastic singer and songwriter whose dark and lyrical ballads and tunes are very reminiscent of the music of Kate Bush. There were some sound problems that started with Dana's set but like the true professional she is she worked around it. She invited Lynda and Ginger of Dream Trybe onstage to sing harmony with "Ma Bete" her gorgeous, lush song based on Jean Cocteau's film Beauty and the Beast. She finished up with a powerful acoustic rendition of "Magic Man" by Heart, helped by Lynda on flute and with Daniella and Bill dancing costumed as Persephone and Hades: roles they performed all week in circle and on stage, as an ongoing observation of the Samhain season.

Dream Trybe was next, with a slightly different line-up than usual: the African drums of Tawny and Nighthawk (who are still guest performers with the band) were now replaced with a traditional drum kit played by none other than Lynda's 19-year old son Tabber! We were VERY impressed with this young man's talent and skill: very professional and accomplished. This three-person line-up (including Lynda on guitar, bass, flute and vocals and Ginger on keyboards and vocals) was as powerful as always, and on several numbers the floor before the stage was cleared to allow fire-spinners to perform their magic: quite an impressive spectacle. Unfortunately, the minor sound problems Dana was having became MAJOR sound problems at the beginning of Dream Trybe's set. Their earlier sound check, where they spent hours getting everything set up, was basically wiped away and their levels were gone. (The frustrating life of a rock musician on the road!) There were also problems with an amp and the wiring. The able-bodied sound engineer helping out was able to get everything up and working reasonably well with Dream Trybe's help. They went at it like the pros they are, the audience understood and this was all met with patience and good humor: what else are you gonna do? It did lead to an extra-long concert, however, and the drum circle later on started an hour late. That did not prevent the audience from demanding an encore of their hit "Come Down" so they invited as many people onto the stage as could fit as they played the song a second time (after Lynda had basically given all the energy she seemed able to muster wailing on the drum the first time, she found a way to do it again). Of course, we all had to dance to it a second time too!

Wiped out from a long but exhilarating day, Fritz and Wren headed home after the concert only to return VERY early the next morning for a 10 AM workshop... I was feeling very tired but after some indecisive Libra waffling, I decided to stay over: why not? (Fritz had teased me earlier saying he knew I would stay up all night "getting hammered"; alas, I just did not have it in me! Maybe next year)

After seeing them off and grabbing a change of clothes, I went into the hot tub briefly, took a long hot shower and decided to stay up long enough for my hair to dry (I figured a couple of hours at least). I went to the fire and there was some great drumming already happening. I did some magical work around the fire, a bit of dancing, at one point walking widdershins to try and banish a bit of chaotic energy I could feel in the circle. I do not think it was coming from any particular person or place, and reflected that, with all the intensity this autumn has brought us, maybe the energy at any gathering was going to be a bit more unpredictable than usual. I was still feeling tired and it got to be 2 AM. I sat in a chair in Waterhawk's booth for a minute because I was cold, and he walked in and asked what time it was, surprised by the answer. He decided after two hours' sleep the night before he needed to go to bed, too. The fire was appealing on this chilly night, but I thought my best use of the drum magic would be to listen to it from a horizontal position in my tent! Lynda lent me some extra blankets , and I tried to dry my still-damp hair by the fire: not wanting to just stand there and interfere with the dancers, I tried shaking my head and moving continuously around the fire, as close as I could without endangering myself (or anyone else). No use: it was still pretty damp. Lynda had watched this and asked how the "pagan blow dryer" was working! Of course, when no fire is nearby drummers also are known to tighten their drumheads with blow-dryers; what the connection is here I don't know but there must be one. I finally went off to bed, lulled by the pounding drums which eventually tapered off into silence in the early hours before dawn...

By the Way: Drumming at Autumn Meet is Always Amazing

Elders in the community have told me they remember the days "before the drums" and sometimes wish for those quiet days when people gathered in the woods and the dominant sounds around the fires at night were songs and stories, not drums. But drum and dance circles have become the lifeblood of gatherings over the last two decades, a central source of any gathering's magical energy and ecstatic taproot. Indeed, some of us judge a gathering based primarily on the quality of its drum and dance experience.

I am not one of those witches who spends the bulk of her gathering experience around the drumming fire. But I am blessed to attend, every year, gatherings where the drum and dance experiences are sublime: Sirius Rising at Brushwood in Sherman, NY, and Autumn Meet/Phoenix Phyre in Land o' Lakes, Florida. Who'd have thought these tiny gatherings in Florida (not more than 200 people usually for the whole event, although many attend for just the weekend) would attract some of the community's most dynamic drummers? Nighthawk, Tawny, Freedom, Waterhawk, Greywolf and Briga, Aristide, these are just a few of the drummers who have been in attendance in years past. (All were there this week except Greywolf and Briga; hope to see them next time!)

As with other gatherings, the drumming circles happen each night and last into the wee hours of morning. I am one of those people who rarely sleeps at gatherings. I am both a night owl and a light sleeper. Bad drumming keeps me awake in a bad way. GOOD drumming eventually allows me to drift off to sleep (once I can resist the pull of the rhythm and energy) and often gives me powerful dreams. I have been consistently impressed with the drumming at these gatherings --some of the best I have ever heard in my 12 years of attending events, from Starwood to Rites of Spring to Free Spirit. Word of mouth is starting to attract people from all over to Florida in November for Autumn Meet, and March for Phoenix Phyre (they have recently added Fires of Solstice in June), who enjoy a smaller gathering experience but don't usually expect such hot drumming with so few people in attendance. It's amazing what a few talented pagans can accomplish when they put their minds and hearts together!


An early start to the day! Wren and Fritz arrived with donuts then we were off to their 10 AM workshop "None of the Above" for pagans who do not fit into any exact title or category with regards to their path. Fortunately for their tired selves, this workshop basically ran itself. The introductions around the circle, in which people said their names, their pets' names (note to Wren: design a pagan pets workshop!) and their paths took up nearly all the time we had. People went from describing their current status to offering up parts of their magical history. It was a great time of sharing and learning and we all came away feeling like we knew each other very well, old friends and new. A brief time-out for some lunch, then a lively and controversial workshop from Isaac Bonewits on "Walking Our Talk" where we were asked to give our opinions on everything from military employment to abortion to health, all in the context of pagan theology. A fascinating discussion.

The land fund auction led by Nybor and Bill Bailey went extremely well and netted nearly $3000 dollars which will go towards the purchase of land for future Phoenix Festivals events. The auction was followed by a final Village Meeting before the Main Ritual. By this time, Wren's back was bothering her from so much time spent in the cold and damp over the last several says, so sadly we made our quick goodbyes to a couple of people (everyone else was gathered for the Main Ritual) and headed home to reflect on another great gathering... I am already looking forward to Phoenix Phyre in March!

Peg Aloi
Media Coordinator - The Witches' Voice
Nov. 5th, 2001

Photo Notes: All Photos in this coverage are by Fritz Jung at the AutumnMeet Festival this past weekend (with the exception of the "Fritz & Wren" shot which was taken by "Unky Wade" Berlin) Important Note: In fact we captured dozens of wonderful shots at this fest... time and exhaustion prevented us from featuring them all. We take this space to thank the fire dancers and attendees for the community magick that was critical to this wonderful event. We will try and "put up" more shots in the weeks to come.

SEVEN 13 Announces "Unleashed."

"The theatrical darkwave band, "SEVEN 13, " formally known as Coven 13, has announced the upcoming release of their newest CD project titled "Unleashed." Samples of this work can be heard at their website,

The band is also focusing on the completion of their debut video to their song "DRINK!"

Each "Unleashed" CD will contain a copy of the video encoded in the disc so every listener will be able to view the video on any personal computer".

The music of SEVEN 13/COVEN 13 is a theatrical experience brought to life through an interfusion of vibrant dance and costumes.

For more information on SEVEN 13 visit their Web site at

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17 thought provoking essays presented for your reading pleasure.
    What is faith? Is it simply a decision to believe in something rooted in our psychological needs, or is it deeper than that? Is it illogical, or based in a logic that goes beyond what our conscious minds can grasp? Here were the essays that we received on this topic: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11

    The Dark Side of the Craft
    Is there a dark side to the Craft? Should it be avoided? If you believe there is a dark side how do you describe it or what do you consider it to be? Is it "evil" or just a balancing factor of the universe? Page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Ed Note: Diotima is soliciting topics for next years Essays... If you have something you'd like to see covered Email Diotima.

Adopt a Soldier Program AUCTION NOW UP! - Week II - New Items
Visit AuctionWitch and help out

Our good friend and Pagan community veteran John Machate has recently set up an amazing program and in a little over a week the response has been incredible. The big problem is funding and YOU can help. Donations are seriously needed to manifest this program. You are the only one that can make this happen.

This week we received the following announcement that the auction has begun...

We started the Charity Auction to raise the rest of the funds for the Adopt a Pagan Soldier Program. From Nov. 1 through Nov. 13 people can go to MPN Auction over at to see what items we have for auction.

For more info on this wonderful program visit the MPN Website and check out the following links...
We applaud John Machate and everyone that works for M.P.N. for this wonderful effort.

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
Quik Notes...

Greetings Witches, Wiccans, Heathens, Pagans etc.

After taking three days off to attend festival we have little time to do a proper weekly update. Webnotes will be brief this week and mercifully to the point.

The AutumnMeet festival was both healing and inspiring. We thank Peg for doing the extensive review above. I would like to that this opportunity to note that her performance on Friday night was just awesome. Wren and I enjoy watching people experience Peg's muse for the first time. The reaction is always the same, they are stunned and highly impressed. -- Thanks again Peg for sharing your magick with us all.

Quarterly Verification of WitchVox Networking It looks like we have hit the end of that 3 moon cycle again and will spend the next week verifying all 44,000 of the listings at TWV. We do this by testing the email address that is listed. Typically this "cleansing ritual" smokes out 12-14% of the listings. All listings with 'mailbox full' or 'user unknown' will be promptly removed...

Do know that if YOU are listed and receive one of these emails... DON'T respond unless you want your listing removed.

Volume of Witches of the World submissions are running very high, of late, with over 200 Pagan, group, event, announcement and other listings coming in on daily basis. Many pagans are jumping right from Samhain celebrations to preparing for Yule. The action at the local level continues grow and grow. You have built the largest pagan contact listing on the planet.

Have a safe and magickal week everyone,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Nov. 12th, 2001

Photo Note: The shot of Peg Aloi was captured on 11/9/2001 by Fritz Jung


November Teenage Pagan Essays Now UP!
As we enter the 21st. century, one thing is clear, Pagan Youth will lead the way. They are embracing this spiritual path with a passion and conviction like we have never seen before. We are honored to feature the wonderful Teen Essays written by our Young Pagans.

  • Being Different
    Pagans often speak of feeling set apart and different from their peers.. Do you feel singled out as "different" among your friends and acquaintances, or do you try to seem as normal as possible? How has being Pagan set you apart from other teens, and how do you deal with that? Page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

  • The Dark Side of the Craft
    Is there a dark side to the Craft? Should it be avoided? If you believe there is a dark side how do you describe it or what do you consider it to be? Is it "evil" or just a balancing factor of the universe? Page 1 - 2.
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What Did You Do this Samhain? - This past Samhain was a special one for many, it seems. As we begin a new year, it is always a good thing to look back on the road that we have walked in the past to see if it has really taken us to where we said that we wanted to go. -- View the Responses

This week, we ask the question:

What Is Music? What is 'music' really? What sort of music do you like or has special meaning for you? Do you use music in your rituals/meditations/workings? Share your favorite music line quotation or the one that has expressed a thought, emotion or hope that you wish more people would 'get a clue' about. Post YOUR Opinion or view the Responses of others.

In Closing...
"You can't be afraid of stepping on toes if you want to go dancing." - Lewis Freedman

Happy New Year Pagans of the World,

The WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Nov. 12th, 2001

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