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Weekly Update: 12/17/2001

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: December 17th. 2001
Times Viewed: 7,112

Good Will Toward Men...
Dear Wren Walker,

"LUCIFER"...will WRENCH your beautiful neck with Hatred for all Eternity, if you finally choose to be his forever.

Wren Walker, consider carefully the Eternal Torture of Trillion and Trillion centuries to be repeated again and again forever. What is it that you are afraid most (sic)? Now imagine that this most fearful pain of yours will be done to you again and again Trillion-Trillion-Trillion-Trillion-Trillion-Trillion-Trillion-Trillion times again and again forever. ..Kick out all your Sins and return to God. We have seen your picture and e-mail address in the withches (sic) vox.

Love in Christ from Ruby and Joe (Catholics)
Well, 'Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men' right back at ya, guys!

Don't you just love this time of year? Maybe it's just the eggnog talking, but everyone seems to be so much cheerier during the holiday season, don'tcha think? Why I only saw two people giving someone the finger for taking 'their' parking spot today and only got honked at once myself for not jack-rabbitting at the mere suggestion that the light was indeed going to turn green. (RIGHT NOW...Go, Go, GO, dammit!) Yep, nothing like the holy-days to bring out the very best in people. So, in that same benevolent spirit, I'd like to thank Ruby and Joe (Catholics) for at least the 'beautiful neck' comment. And for giving me the topic of this week's little column. Yep, it's the big 'T'. No, not 'trillion' which seems to be the word of the weak..I mean, week...for our new email friends, Ruby and Joe. I am talking about the T as used in the word, 'Tolerance'.

Now I am not sure that we can ever really have a complete 'peace on earth' thing going on here. We humans like our squabbles and debates and nit-pickings way too much to ever completely give them up. How boring would it be anyway to be in complete agreement with everyone everywhere on everything? I mean, whatever would we DO with all the extra time that would be freed up if we weren't needling someone about their political leanings, reading materials or religious preferences? The malls are too crowded as it is and I for one don't want to relinquish my 'time crunch' excuse for not cleaning my oven every single day. That 'good will toward men (and women)' part sounds pretty promising though. Maybe we could try to work on that one for a while. And work it would be, too, because 'tolerance' is one of those squishy-squirmy types of concepts that always seems to be able to avoid the definitional fork with which you are trying to spear it. (Wren's note to self: Remember to make up a batch of those green Jell-O cube thingies.)

There are two aspects to 'tolerance'. There is the personal or individual idea of tolerance and then there is the legal or sociological viewpoint of tolerance. Both of these concepts may overlap at some points, but they are also often very different things. One truth that they do have in common is this: They are both conditional.
Tolerance is defined as: "1: capacity to endure pain or hardship; 2 a: sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one's own b: the act of allowing something: TOLERATION; 3: the allowable deviation from a standard; especially: the range of variation." (Merriam-Webster 's Collegiate Dictionary).

It goes without saying- but I am going to say it anyway because it is important- that whatever can be granted as an 'indulgence' can also be taken away. We are at the whim and general good mood of the granter for our 'tolerance'. And that is why we have to look at both the personal and the legal viewpoints on the word. They both can change- tolerance can be granted or withdrawn- at any time. It is simply a bit harder and a much lengthier process to change a point of tolerance that is written into law. That is why asking or expecting other religions to 'tolerate' we Pagans merely as an interfaith courtesy may not be as productive right now as would be focusing our energies into the upholding and strengthening of the laws which have 'tolerance' written within them. (That's just my opinion, of course, and your jolly ole mileage may vary.)

I don't have to care all that much if Ruby and Joe (Catholics) can't get over the fact that I have a perfectly good spiritual system of my own that in no way includes their 'god' with all his petty jealousies and threats of trillions and trillions and trillions (How many 'trillions' was that? I lost count again.) of centuries in fiery torment because I don't happen to dance to his particular tune. Either that particular god meant that 'free will' thing or he didn't. The 'freedom' to either follow meekly along or burn forever is hardly a real choice or real freedom. (Helpful Hint to other like-minded Christian Crusaders: Pagans don't respond well to threats of eternal and fiery damnation. They really don't.) Sound harsh? Too judgmental? Maybe too (gasp!) 'intolerant'?

Then this is indeed a good example of the 'personal' aspect of tolerance. Sometimes we 'feel' tolerant and sometimes we don't and how we respond will depend a lot on that and on our own personal history or past experiences. The point is not that Ruby and Joe are quite mistaken to think that someone who has co-founded an organization dedicated to the preservation of a certain set of religious and/or spiritual ideals would be even vaguely interested in being punished or otherwise kicked around by one of their own personal gods. The point is that my personal level of 'tolerance' for their 'offer' is solely mine to grant or withhold as I might choose. (Another Note to those like-minded Christian Crusaders: Don't even think about throwing that 'But Pagans/Wiccans/Witches have to be tolerant' line at me. THAT tactic doesn't work well with most other Pagans either. While we do tend to be open-minded and pretty much leave everyone to find their own spiritual path as they will, we aren't stupid, misguided or 'deceived'. And we aren't spiritual pushovers either.)

Personally speaking, I don't have to 'tolerate' such rude and selfish email remarks from Ruby and Joe (Catholics) if I don't want to. I can either send them back a nice, but firm, 'Thanks, but no thanks' reply. Or I can hit the delete button. Or I could sweetly attempt to show them my point of view. Or I can take their comments and use them as my sample case in point since I never could track down that guy who honked his horn at me at the traffic light.

But that is the limit of what I can do. Legally, that is. Since Ruby and Joe (Catholics) did not threaten me personally, there is no 'crime' here-except perhaps that of poor taste and less than perfect judgment on their part. The right to speak their mind is covered under law, as is their right to both follow and discuss and even to proselytize their religious beliefs. The 'tolerance' of the law- at least here in the United States- is currently pretty clear on that matter. Under the law, I have to 'tolerate' their rights in this matter and under the same law, they have to 'tolerate' mine. They can't threaten me directly nor can they have me thrown in jail simply for not believing in their god. They may not like it any more than I like their message to me, but the legal 'tolerance' aspect supercedes the personal on those points- and thankfully so. For Pagans and other minority groups, the legal 'tolerance' factor is very important. It is our main protection against those whose 'personal' aspect of tolerance would otherwise lead them to act upon their beliefs in more physically overt or unsavory ways. Should anyone cross that legal line, the law is there to take care of the punishment for that criminal trespass as well. The law is designed to protect everyone equally and I sincerely trust in and will continue to work for the preservation of the Constitution that makes this so. If you would like to read the official documents which support religious freedom both here in the United States and across the world, check out Voices of Freedom.

Now I did say that I thought the 'good will toward men (and women)' thing might be worth looking into. And I did say that it would take some work. And I do admit here that I am still working on it myself. I can't be, wouldn't want to be and would never claim to be any sort of spiritual guru for the Pagan community. So, I can't tell you where to draw your own personal boundaries when it comes to the personal aspect of 'tolerance'. You'll have to do some soul/spirit searching and figure that out for yourself. I would suggest however that you do learn about the laws that define the rights and limits of Constitutional 'tolerance' and do your best to see that these remain intact. Until we all can sincerely and honestly and mutually get to that 'good will toward men and women' point and really live it, laws will at least keep 'the only true way' rabidly religious profiteers in check.

Truth is, wishing good will towards those with whom we strongly disagree has always been a challenge. And many prophets, writers and seers from almost all of the world's diverse religions and beliefs (and from those good people who have followed none) have written about that challenge and yet still they have at the same time encouraged us to pursue that ideal. Whether we can indeed have a 'peace on earth' if we succeed in attaining that goal is unclear. But we can rightly say that we will never have any sort of real peace without the sincere offering- despite our differences- of good will towards our fellow man/womankind.

We all have a stake in the future of our little planet. We all have too much to lose by continuing to assault each other over religion or politics or territory or lifestyle. We all could use a little more 'good will' in our lives, couldn't we? Perhaps it could begin with each one of us making our own personal commitment to at least make an attempt at it and to stretch beyond our own personal 'whim' of tolerance to extend that 'good will' to another during this Holiday Season. And then maybe each year after this, it will become a little bit easier, a little bit more sincere, and a little bit more widespread until finally, finally our spirits have expanded to the point where all of man/womankind is included. It may not result in some utopian 'peace on earth', but it sure would make the world a better, safer and kinder place in which to live together.

This is indeed the season to be of good cheer and so the staff of TWV would like to wish all Pagans, Wiccans and Witches everywhere a very Happy Midsummer or Yule. May your homes ring with the clear laughter of happy voices, your hearths be filled with the golden warmth of true friendship and may all of your presents come wrapped up in love.

And- in that same spirit of good will- to Ruby and Joe, a very 'Merry Christmas'.

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Sunday, December 17th, 2001

Pauline Campanelli Passes Over
(1/25/43 - 11/29/2001)
by Douglas Martin (N.Y. Times)

Pauline Campanelli, a painter whose super-realist still lifes were so popular that their sales were rivaled only by those of Andrew Wyeth among living artists, died on Nov. 29 at her home in Pohatcong Township, N.J., a few miles south of Phillipsburg. She was 58.

Her husband, Dan, also a painter, said she died of complications from childhood polio. She had been seriously ill for nearly three years.

Another influence on her art was her belief in paganism. She wrote books, some with her husband, about witchcraft and pagan rituals and tried to bring her appreciation of ancient, pre-Christian ways to her rustic life as well as to her art.

Her book "Ancient Ways: Reclaiming Pagan Traditions" (Llewellyn, 1991) told how pagan cultures celebrated holidays, and it sold more than 40,000 copies. The Halloween section not only gave advice on charms and spells, crystal balls and using a tambourine to contact spirits but also gave a recipe for pumpkin bread. The May Day section said washing one's face with morning dew on that holiday would preserve a youthful complexion.

NY Times Obituary: Read the Full Obituary
Pauline's Book(s) Surf to
Thanks to Skye MacLean for hunting this information down.

We will Never ForgetThe Witchvox staff offers our most sincere condolences to all those that Pauline has touched over the years. We own many of the Books and will never forget her wisdom and light.

Pauline Campanelli Memorial: We have set up a Memorial for Pauline Campanelli, and we encourage all that knew her to email us YOUR thoughts and stories.

Healing Energies Needed for Young Bowen
(Date of Birth March 18th, 2001)

E-Request received this week by Shannon...

I have a picture I'd love to share in your site if you're up for it. Recently we went to the doctor and my baby might need heart surgery. If you could post his picture and ask for prayers I would GREATLY appreciate it, we need all of the help we can get now and he's a blessing to us... to see him pass would be a great loss. He really is a wonderful baby.

His name is Bowen and he's almost 9 months, he will be on the 18th. (His birth date was March 18th, 2001 for those who'd like it).

Thanks again and BB!


(For addition information and the latest developments email Shannon at

New this Week in the Witchvox Solitice Section....

Pagan Holiday: Yule
December 21st at 19:21 UT
also known as: Yuletide, Alban Arthan.
Yule is the time of greatest darkness and the longest night of the year. The Winter Solstice had been associated with the birth of a "Divine King" long before the rise of Christianity. Since the Sun is considered to represent the Male Divinity in many Pagan Traditions, this time is celebrated as the "return of the Sun God" where He is reborn of the Goddess

Yule Features at Witchvox! (Link)
  • New this Week! - The Season of the Child of Promise
    I share with you some of the insights of my tradition with hopes that it kindles your inner flame during these cold, dark winter months and wartime hours of emotional midnight.... "Do you see what I see? A star, a star wandering in the fará..". Though this song is Christian in origin, it hints of the older mystery of the Holy Child who is the mystery of the season. Season's greetings to all of you as we contemplate the return of the Lord of Light who dwells beneath the cold earth in the fertile bosom of the Dark Mother. As we approach the longest night and call him back through the Festival of Lights, let us look within and truly see the inner light of "what we would become". This "inner light" is the ever-young Child of Promise... Author: Orion Foxwood

  • New this Week! - My Pagan Christmas
    When I first began identifying myself as neo-Pagan, I was, like many newcomers, a voracious reader of books, websites, and all things neo-Pagan. I read about the Wheel of the Year; I read rituals; I read essays. I began my first trip around the neo-Pagan Wheel of the Year. And then, sometime as my religion became a bit more comfortable and a bit less "bookish", I realized I wasn't keeping all the holidays anymore. Furthermore, I was unwilling to give up my cultural holidays, such as Christmas and Easter. I didn't have the energy to keep both all my beloved cultural holidays and all of my new religions' holidays. It felt, to me, as if my life was splitting into two segments - a religious segment, and a secular segment.... Author: Jonobie Ford

  • New this Week! - Fire Retardant for Yule Trees
    - Every year many dreams result in tragedy as a result of Yule trees catching on fire. Traditionally, we take a dead tree (usually a spruce or fir, which is highly flammable when dry) not properly prepared, set it in our homes and wrap it with electric wires. What an invitation for a fire! Provided you follow the directions carefully, this remedy should make your Yule tree fireproof...

  • Yule Events this Season - Check out the Latest Local Listings
    Yule is a time of much magic and celebration. On this page we offer every Yule related event that we have ever heard of. This page is updated daily so do check back for the latest happenings in your area.

Photo credit: The anchor photo to your upper right was sent in last week by RiverWolf and FireWalker or Roseburg, Oregon (Email: <>) and features their wonderful Yule Altar. Thanks RiverWolf and FireWalker for adding this piece of magick to our Yule feature. -- Witchvox Staff

Wiccans and Pagans of Savannah, Georgia!
Photo Caputured on 12/15
Email by Thought Caster


We had our first meeting of "Wiccans & Pagans of Savannah, Georgia" yesterday ... it was great. Most of us met on your site, and for a first event we had a great showing (almost 50 people). We have already sent in updates to WitchVox regarding our second meeting. We also wanted to share a pic with you that we took at the meeting. Not everyone wanted to be in it (understandable, given security concerns), but enough did to make it a nice shot.

Anyway, we hope everything is going well for you in Florida, and we'll try to continue to be an active part of your community. Blessed Be, and travel safely in your Circles.

Your friend in The Craft,

Michael (Thought Caster)
[A Witchvox Sponsor]

MSN Community: Click HERE

Fritz's Note: There is nothing that thrills more than to get email like this. The bond manifested from local gatherings such as this is powerful. The true magick was rendered by the 50 Savannah that DID plan and actually gather at their local Barnes & Noble. Never forget that this is YOUR site and our staff are but the groundskeepers. Blessed Solstice Savannah Pagans!

Powerful NEW Tradition Profiles now UP!
(Pagan Trads Viewed 152,397 Times)

Once again, we are blessed to share two NEW Tradition profiles with the community. Here are some excerpts and links to the full profiles...

The Draconian Path
by Lady Lionrhod, Hpss.

An amalgam of Welsh Celtic, Celtic Traditional Wicca and Wysardn Colleges, the Draconian Path was founded in 1986 by progenitor Lord Ash who brought Wysardn teachings from Europe and melded it with the workings of his Floridian coven. The Wysardn Colleges are a survival of the druids of Britain who fled the Isle of Mona and spread throughout Europe during the three Burning Times. -- Click for the Full Profile

The Taibhsear Tradition
by L. Lisa Harris

Taibhsear is a living growing tradition that honors the Gods, Goddesses and Nature Spirits through: ritual, magick, healing, shamanic journey, study, divination and environmental awareness. It is highly individual in nature. -- Click for the Full Profile

If you work within an established tradition, please consider writing something for us about it. We will accept more than one essay per tradition, so feel free to send us your own view, even if there are already others posted on your tradition. Please read the Editorial Guidelines page as well as the introduction on the Traditions page before sending your essay to Diotima.

Diotima Mantineia
Associate Editor - Witches' Voice
November 19th., 2001

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
Witchvox 2002 - Heading into the Light!

Greetings Witches, Wiccans, Pagans and Heathens!

Allow me to start off by wishing a Blessed Solstice (Winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer 'Down Under') to one and to all.

It's been a time of much excitement here at Witchvox Central! For the first time in over a year, we can move forward from a technical point of view. Last weekend I bagged this column in a effort to grab the time I needed to 'up' and stabilize the new server. This week I hope to catch you up on a few things.

Technologically speaking, Witchvox has been between a rock and a hard place for the past 18 months. Lack of server processing power, lack of proper control, lack of about 40 other variables have all but shackled this site and we are painfully aware of the fact that that has been a very frustrating situation for many of you that use certain parts of this site.

For the past 18 months has shared space with hundreds of other sites on a server over at Jen was kind enough to save our buttskis in May of 2000 by offering us a place to generate traffic at an affordable price, for this we will always be thankful. We promised to serve ONLY static pages, not press the server with any database/CGI calls and we made every effort to be a 'no pain' customer. We are proud to say that we held true to those promises. We always knew that was in good hands with Jen, she appreciated what Witchvox was trying to do and watched over it like a mother hen, you can't get that kind of service anywhere. Thanks again Jen! Our leaving this past week had nothing to do with their server's performance or the fine customer service that we consistently received during our stay. We left because we finally realized that for a few bucks more we could have the power and control we had always dreamed of. We have recommended to many over the years and will continue to do so. It is worth noting that is not the only Pagan IP! There are many others offering wonderful web hosting services. Visit our Pagan Webhost Providers links page for many options. Do what we did! Shop for price/performance and most importantly TEST the customer support before you sign on.

For the past 18 months has been served, to you, from our home on a Mac G4 via an adsl "gold" line. We have had wonderful control over this server and do know that the hardware/software involved could literally do anything that we could have dreamed of... The Problem? The Adsl line is unstable and more than often too slow for the traffic we generate. The other big problem was that we live in the lightening capital of North American. We live in constant fear that we will take a direct hit on our apartment and if ANY hardware is plugged in, it's gonna get fried (those surge suppressors are a joke against a direct lightening hit), When storms are 'breathing on us', we have no choice but to shut down Wrens nest, Witches' of the world and all other pages on this server. We are getting tired of this.

To say that last weeks purchase of our own web server was a dream come true, would be an understatement. After shopping nearly 200 dedicated hosting farms, we settled on an early favorite... These past two weeks (as we were setting up and securing the server - including much customization) we called them on the phone nearly a dozen times at all hours of the day and night. Without fail, they always answered in less than a minute and cheerfully helped us every step of the way (their rep in the newsgroups is fabulous - and we can see why). FYI: is no longer served from Nevada... We are now being served from 'Jersey.

Late last week we moved (an some of our other obscure domains) there. In that we are the only site on this box, both web and ftp connections have been blistering fast. Although we haven't officially announced this until now, several of you did notice this enough to email us to ask where the load speed increase came from.

We plan on moving the slow there in early 2002. This move is delayed due to the fact that we need to rewrite all of our dynamic pages to work in a PHP/mysql environment.

The true hero in all of this is Darragh Nagle. Darragh is not only a beautiful and peaceful man and an amazing singer/songwriter but it turns out he is a Unix monster and lives just down the street. With his guidance (and allot of good ole fashion hacking from this Witch) we got the server configured properly, ripped up a couple of stat programs to finally give us the data we need, installed new programs, quickly rendered some cron routines and optimized security. We can't thank him enough for the two 3 hour sessions he offered. We are honored to welcome Darragh Nagle as staff here at TWV. Look for his profile here at TWV on the "meet the staff" page real soon.

Time Frame for Changes: Turns out we are right on schedule. With the new server up, stable and running at practically an idle speed, it's time to actually evolve the Witches' Voice and see just what this sever can do. The big time eater will be throwing out years of design work and rebuilding TWV based on the PHP/MySql (middleware/database) engines. Until earlier this week, I knew nothing of this combo and leaned on a lasso/filemaker approach. It turns out the Lasso/Filemaker approach IS a much smarter way to do things. I now know that more than ever. Although Php is a robust and easily digestible language, and is embraced by thousands and is finally fast (Zend engine)... it really made me realize how smart and well designed lasso is. The Mysql database backend is very fast and I can see why... It's dumb as a post. All it really does is sit there a hold raw data... it doesn't dance, it doesn't sing, it just holds data! It's no wonder its fast... But really it's just a different way of doing things. A way that is embraced by a user base 1,000 times larger than lasso/Filemaker.

It is worth noting that we have zero desire to toss a canned phpnuke or postnuke shell over Witchvox. We have every desire to write/optimize our own code in an effort to properly customize TWV for 2002.

So What's Happening Right Now? For the first time in months we are psyched to evolve the tech side of Witchvox. My 'to do' list for TWV now contains over 200 'must dos'. First off, we will be rewriting Wren's nest and moving it back to it's original home at The new Nest will be 10-20 times faster (to you), more interactive and actually feed the front end of with the latest in Pagan/religious news. Wren will finally have proper private access, editing power and new info fields to work with. I do hope to have this Wren's Nest v6.0 up and running within days. Right after that we will be moving the popular Pagan perspectives over to the .com domain and then the Pagan Music section. Witches of the World, VoxSearch - Pagan Search Engine, submission forms, and Online shops will stay at our .net domain until we rewrite them from scratch (Feb?), when that is complete will kill the server in our home and transfer the domain to our new server. FINALLY our networking section will evolve to include, user updates, pictures, local news portals and much, much more.

Now that we have the headroom/processing power to do domain lookups and are generating referrer logs we will finally be able to thank those of you that do send us traffic. Look for this to be celebrated on our intro page in early 2002.

In an effort to shore up some desperately needed R&D time, we have pushed back the updates of Witches of the World from every two days to every three. We ask that you be patient with us over the next few months and promise you a much faster and more interactive Witches' voice in the weeks ahead.

Final Note: As has always been the case... NO Microsoft products were used to design, host or deliver the Witches' Voice to your computer screen. (MS internet explorer IS used to check content in that it has but killed Netscape's market share).

In other site related news...
  • Harry Potter: These past few weeks have rendered dozens of email asking the question 'can I stay a Christian and still become a Pagan? We attribute this to the Harry Potter phenomenon. As predicted, many are out there surfing the Pagan net looking for answers to questions about Witchcraft and Magick.
  • Surprisingly Busy: December 2001 is pacing as our second busiest month ever with average daily page requests running at 58,407 and bandwidth running at 2.85 gig a day. This increase is mostly on the .com domain.
  • Pagan Writers: This past week we added the category of "Pagan Writers" to our VoxLinks Pagan Search section... So if you are NOT a book author and your site is dominated by your writing, feel free to list it in this new category - (Our thanks go out to R.D. Davis (LINK) for the inspiration.
  • New Witchvox EMAIL addresses: With our recent server change we took the opportunity to retire many of our old email address and to close the 'catch all' email approach. If you are trying to contact us or are getting bounces, visit our updated 'contact us' page for a list of new contact info.

In Closing Six years ago this week we put our first "Pagan Education Page" on the net. Wren and I will never forget the days when we were astonished that 100 pages of this work were viewed in a single day. These days that happens every 2.5 minutes. As we enter of 7th year, we couldn't be more excited, more motivated or believe any stronger in the magick and power of this spiritual path. YOU have created a powerful resource for the world to learn from... YOUR WORDS have been consumed by literally millions of seekers.

The Witches' Voice is STILL on the net delivering record traffic thanks to those of you that believe in this advertising FREE community resource model. Traffic at this level is expensive and thanks to those of you that have sponsored TWV we will be on the net tomorrow.

IF you find this an important resource, like this NO advertising approach, and visit Witchvox on a regular basis we encourage you help us out and become a Witchvox Sponsor. Always know that even a couple of unused stamps help us to do this work. The staff works for FREE, the office expenses, communication lines and hosting charges are not... For more info on how to sponsor the Witches Voice (your sponsorship IS tax deductible) visit the sponsor links on the bottom of any of the pages here.

Have Blessed Solstice and a Happy Yule Everyone!

Proudly in Your Service,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Sunday, December 17th, 2001

Honor YOUR Pagan Pet!

What About the FAMILIARS of the Craft?
New Pagan Site Focuses on your Pagan Pets

Last month we closed our "Cats of the Craft" section (but only for new submissions) and at the same time made a plea to find out if ANY Pagan site was actually doing a 'Familiars of the Craft section' ... Turns out no one was but ONE man did come forward and noted that he'd be glad to create one. Our community thanks go out to Jeff for taking on this challenge.

Over the years we have taken much criticism for having a 'cats only' section. In fact we personally love all animals but created 'cats of the Craft' to make a specific point. With this new site dedicated to your familiar we will be able to gush over your pets.

Kindly visit and submitt a picture of your critter... We will all be glad that you did.

Pagan Perspectives
WitchVox Question of the Week!

Last week, we asked the question...

How Do YOU View the Balance of Light and Dark? -If I tried to sum up all of the deep and philosophical comments on the light-dark balance that you wrote, I could never do them justice. This is obviously a topic that strikes a deep cord within Pagans and so I will honor that very personal space and leave your words alone to speak for themselves. -- View the Responses

This week, we ask the question:

Is 'Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men' Possible? Is a workable 'peace on earth' just wishful or spiritual thinking or is it really possible? What would it take to achieve such a goal? Is it even a 'good' thing to attempt to bring about? How are your personal levels of tolerance tested in this world and how well do you think that you respond when someone demonstrates an attitude of intolerance towards you? Where do you draw the line and finally say, "No more!" What do you think about the current and future state of the laws that define 'legal' tolerance? Will they hold up over the years? Do you think that we are making progress as Pagans and as human towards a universal set of human rights guidelines? Should we even go there at all? What role does religion or spirituality- for better or for worse- play in the arena of religious and civil rights and/or the quest for peace? Post YOUR Opinion or view the Responses of others.

In Closing...

"The consistent pattern of violent religious intolerance by radical Muslims in the Middle East and Christians in Northern Ireland demonstrates the fallacy of believing religionists can act reasonably when trusted with secular power. To the contrary, the absolute separation of church and state is the only reliable cornerstone for building religious tolerance. Allowing any religion to gain influence over the secular state inevitably leads to religious intolerance. The problem isn't the tolerance of secularists toward religionists wanting to become involved in government; it is the intolerance of religionists in government towards everyone else."
-- (Kort E. Patterson; Secular Ethics and Tolerance).

Blessed Solstice to Everyone,

The WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Sunday, December 17th, 2001


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