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Weekly Update: 1/7/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: January 6th. 2002
Times Viewed: 7,536

Ogre to Ogre...

Once upon a time, on a web site far, far away unless you live in Florida, someone was celebrating her birthday week when.... What's that? No, actually that part's right. Here at TWV we get a 'birthday week' instead of just one day. It's a tradition. And if you happen to be a cat, you get a whole birthday month. I think that one is a law.

Anyway, during my birthday week, we went out to a Japanese Steakhouse and then settled in - all content and generally chopsticked out- to watch a birthday-week celebration video. We had several new DVD choices sitting there on the bookshelf. After carefully and thoroughly consulting several forms of divination techniques- Okay, it was the one on the top- we chose 'Shrek'. Good choice! And if you haven't seen it yet, go out and get it even if it's not your birthday week. I'll try not to spoil too much of it for you here.

Shrek (voice by Michael Myers) is a big, green, flatulating machine who lives alone in the swampy woods, takes mud showers and is a gourmet cook of various sorts of weed-rat delicacies. A Scot Ogre who just wants his 'pri-vi-cee', Shrek soon finds his hut, bed and land infested with various fairy-take creatures driven out from the 'perfect' land of Duloc by the evil Lord Farquaad (voice by Jon Lithgow). Farquaad, a small man in so many ways, wants to become the king of Duloc but he must marry an official princess in order to become the legitimate ruler. So Shrek -accompanied by his new found, unwanted and very talkative pal, Donkey (voice by Eddie Murphy) - heads out to set Farquaad straight on a few matters and to get the wee invaders sent back where they came from. How he ends up to be the chosen champion of Duloc and is commissioned to rescue the beautiful Princess Fiona (voice by Cameron Diaz) is only the beginning of the tale. In what would seem at first to be a classic story of good versus evil, Shrek is an unlikely hero. The guy puts eyeballs in his cocktails, for one thing. But it turns out that you really can't judge a person- or an ogre for that matter- before you really get to know him or her.

But we do it all of the time, don't we? We judge people simply by the color of their skin, their ethnic heritage and of course, because of the religion (or non-religion) that they follow. One thing that makes blanket judgments so very easy to make is found in the way that the brain stores information. The human tendency is to lump things into categories. The human brain, much the computers that it designs, just lives to do this. It's the brain's way of storing information in convenient little blocks of code. So when you 'type in' a category such as 'Witch' or 'Christian' or 'Atheist', the brain retrieves a whole block of information at one time. You may get 'Witches are all evil' or 'Christians are all intolerant' or 'Atheists can't be moral without religion'. But that is only the chapter heading, so to speak, not all of the sub-headings that might come after that. Digging through the file a bit more, if one is willing, one might find such things as: 'Well, Peg is a Witch and I like her.' or Margaret is a Christian and she is always nice to everyone.' or 'Greg is an atheist and is the most honest person that I know.' But that's the key. You have to be willing to look beyond the main category. And sadly, many people just can't or won't.

This week, the Freedom Forum features an article by Charles Haynes. In "Believers should remember 'soul liberty,' respect rights of non-believers", Haynes writes:

"It would help matters if people on all sides could keep two civic principles in mind. First and foremost, the First Amendment religion clauses aren't just for the religious. The First Amendment protects the religious liberty of everyone - people of all faiths and people who profess no religious faith.

And second, government coercion in matters of faith - whether in the classroom or in the courtroom - violates liberty of conscience, harms authentic religion and divides our communities. The public square of America should be a place where all of us - religious and non-religious - are free to persuade one another to our view. But it should not be a place where any of us - religious or non-religious - uses the engine of government to impose our view."
Unlike in the fictional landscape depicted in Shrek, so often our battles do not take place face to face. They are waged through web sites and news articles and book burnings. People become a category. People become a group. And often people come to be labeled under the heading or headlines as 'The Enemy'. How many times have we heard the phrase, 'the enemy of Christianity is such-and-such' with that 'such-and-such' being something Pagan or atheist related? But most Pagans and atheists do not consider themselves 'enemies' of Christendom at all. We are only holding our ground. Our 'crime' is not being Christianity's enemy; our only 'crime' is that we are not Christians and we don't want to become Christians. We ourselves know many Christians and they seem to like us just fine. They don't think that we are their enemy. This is possible though only when we can move beyond the 'category file' into the realm of the personal. It's not easy. We have to be more careful about what we say and write when we discuss religious issues with others of a different faith or belief. But if we really care about people and not just in supporting some pet ideology, then we can choose to make the effort.

'Ogre' is certainly a category. And the townspeople in Shrek had no problem believing that all ogres were bad, nasty creatures who had to be driven out. But as they and Donkey and Princess Fiona (and we in the audience) come to know Shrek personally throughout the film, we find that he not only is sensitive, but also unabashedly sincere, witty and has the proverbial heart of gold.

The Princess herself has more going on below the surface than can blow up a bluebird (Don't ask.) Fiona has a few deep secrets of her own, and she is terrified that people are going to discover them. Not giving away the ending, we find that the very thing that she is so desperate to hide from others is, in fact, the very thing that will transform her from a metaphorically 'imprisoned princess' into a being capable of giving and receiving 'true love'. How many of us hide our real selves for fear of rejection or censure, I wonder? But if we don't dare to reveal our true selves, then how will people come to see and understand the real 'us' beneath the category?
"Perhaps you shouldn't judge someone before you get to know them," says the Princess Fiona.
Why not put THAT on the courthouse or classroom wall right next to a copy of the First Amendment?

Then maybe we can talk. Ogre to ogre.

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, January 7th., 2002

Healing Energy Requested...
Your Magick Will Help!

A year ago this month my wife had a major stroke and lost the total use of her left side. By mid-March she was discharged from the Rehab facility and came home to continue to make progress. In August the doctors discovered that she had a cancerous kidney (also left side), which they removed. In the early morning hours of yesterday she awakened with difficulty breathing and chest pains. We rushed her to the hospital, where they discovered cardiac arrythmias, with ventircular fibrulation.

MassHealth, which provided us with health insurance has just decided, in December, that because my son draws a monthly disability check based on my (hopefully) temporary disabled status, and I get a check, and my wife gets a check, we were making too much month, and we needed to spend almost $8000 a year on medical needs before they could begin to cover our expenses again. Suffice it say that if we spend $8,000 on medical, we have to stop unnecessary expenses, like eating, using any form of transportation, buying clothes (you know - the fribolous stuff).

After talking with my wife this morning, she says it appears that the cardiac problem is controllable through medication. However, another problem has arisen. Her remaining kidney is working fine at removing the excess liquids from her body, it just isn't doing much good for the toxins. At some point in the future, she will probably need to start dialysis, which is no fun no matter how much progress has been made. Being a fifty-two year old (in a couple of weeks) she will be fairly low on the list for potential transplants.

With luck, she is only supposed to spend a couple of more days in the hospital, then come home.

What I am asking for is this: After discussing it with her, she has agreed to allow me to ask our magickal acquaintances and fellow Initiates to send her healing energy (those of you who know her know that she hates to ask for help, so this is a major step for her). Therefore I am asking anyone who can to send healing energy to her.

If anyone would like a photo of her to help focus their energy, contact me off-list and I will email you a jpeg made a couple of years ago (she also hates having pictures taken).

Thanks in advance.

I'll keep everyone updated.

Mike Gleason
Director (Massachusetts Chapter)
Witches Against Religious Discrimination

Faery Spotted in Oregon.
Photo proof sent over in email.

MM Fritz!

I thought you might enjoy this remarkable photo. Here's a little background on it.

My wife, two-month old son, and I went to Medford, Oregon to visit my parents on Christmas Eve. In the dozens of pictures taken (mostly of my kid) this one showed up in the middle of the roll. It was taken with a standard 35mm camera and has not been altered.

To the left you can see the wall with a framed photo on it and the hallway just to the right of that. But my father, who is a very mundane, non-magickal person even made remarks about how this thing appears to have wings. He was stumped so I sent it to my High Priestess. She concluded the same thing. That this is indeed a faery. The fiery backdrop appears to be its life force or aura. It seems to be looking down, or hovering above something. All I remember was that we were paying a lot of attention to my son. And that I was showing my mother the Brian Froud Faery Oracle my wife had gotten me for Yule. I've seen faeries before but this is just remarkable. Enjoy!

Cedar Mantis

Adult Essays for January 2002 NOW Up!...
4 thought provoking essays presented for your reading pleasure.
    Magick and Goals
    How do you use magick to set and attain personal goals? Do you use magick/divination to help chart a course for yourself? Are there magickal methods you use to strengthen your self-discipline and help you achieve your goals? Are there some goals for which using magick might be inappropriate? Give us your ideas, magickal methods, rituals and stories about how you have used magick to change your life and yourself for the better. Here were the essays that we received on this topic: 1 - 2 - 2 - 3

    The Threefold Law
    "Ever mind the rule of three" is something most Witches learn early in their training. What do you think? Is there some natural law that magnifies the energy we send out so it is returned to us "three times over"? Or is this an arbitrary number, and a misunderstanding of of the way the Universe works? Page 1- 2

YOUR Voice Wanted!

Diotima finalized and posted the Adult and Young Pagan Essay Topics for the first 6 months of 2002.

Adult Pagan Topics for February:
  • Imbolc
    What does the Sabbat of Imbolc mean to you? How do you celebrate it, and what myths do you associate with it? Also, since it is a "cross-quarter", do you celebrate it on the traditional date of February 2nd, or on the astrological midpoint of 15 degrees of Aquarius (February 4th this year)? -- Go Here for details

  • Hexing to Heal?
    There's an old saying that goes "The Witch who can't hex, can't heal". Do you think this is true? Is the ability to hex an integral part of the ability to heal? -- Go Here for details
Young Pagan Topics for February:
  • Imbolc
    What does the Sabbat of Imbolc mean to you? How do you celebrate it, and what myths do you associate with it? Also, since it is a "cross-quarter", do you celebrate it on the traditional date of February 2nd, or on the astrological midpoint of 15 degrees of Aquarius (February 4th this year)? -- Go Here for details

  • Hexing to Heal?
    There's an old saying that goes "The Witch who can't hex, can't heal". Do you think this is true? Is the ability to hex an integral part of the ability to heal? -- Go Here for details

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
The Pagan Web 2001... One Lad's Reflections

Greetings Witches, Wiccans, Pagans and Heathens!

As we finish out week one of the new year, many of us continue to note changes over the past year and to take our best shot at predicting the future. As a worker bee on the Pagan web, this past week I spent a bit of time getting out ON the Pagan web (a rarity for me -- little free time) and making mental notes about the changes of the past year and wondering, like so many of you... just what will tomorrow bring?

Wren and I prefer to work with a computer operating system crafted by the folks at (drum roll) Apple Computer. Since the Macintosh holds a measly 5% share of the OS Market, it is quite amazing that it still consistantly delivers some of the best tools to do this work. When the giant (Microsoft) woke up and actually embraced the net in mid 1996, it was clear that the browser share "glory days" of Netscape would be short lived. Indeed a 'thousand monkeys at a thousand typewriters' did create a browser, included it in their dominant OS, and crushed Netscape in just a few years.

Macintosh is Microsoft's main 'proof' that they are not a monopoly (Yes, Linux continues to grow but holds a tiny fraction of the market), unless you are one of those 'cynics' who consider owning a 90 plus% market share to be a monopoly. Microsoft is all but forced to continue development OF Macintosh products. BTW: How many of you realize that both Excel and Word were created for the Macintosh? In fact, the 'windows' versions weren't created until years later.

Two years ago, we saw the writing on the wall and started proofing Witchvox with the MS Explorer Browser. Although it is THE only software that actually crashes our computers on a regular basis, it is truly a feature laden piece of work. -- With the Mac version of just about anything comes some nice unique features. With IE, we have the option to add subscriptions to our bookmarks... I love this feature in that I have little 'pleasure surfing' time and appreciate it watching for the action while I do something else. (There is always something else to do!) The way it works is that you set the subscription to 'ping or test' your favorites in the background and IF the page has been updated, then the icon changes to let you know. With a casual glance, I can see IF a page is worth going back to right now. Like having a snitch.
    Pagan Web: 1995 We first hit the new web in the fall of 1995 ('New' here meaning the Graphic ONE - The Web has been round for years). As Witches, we frantically did searches for 'Witchcraft' Sites... In fact, there were only about 25 to choose from- and most of those, with the exception of Witches Brew- are long gone. Those were exciting times even though the Pagan sites in 1995 didn't contain much more than links to the other 25 sites- and on rare occasion, a few articles. The look was the classic 'Netscape battleship gray'. The Pagan Net had 'everywhere to go' from there. Truth.

    Pagan Web: 1996-1999 Those were some very exciting years! The Pagan Net exploded with passion, inspiration and content, and simply blew away the big spiritual paths of the world during this period. It was a wonderful and ride and none of us really knew where it would go or how big it would get. These were very creative times and no two sites really looked the same. As with any fever, the takers were looting graphics and content as fast as others were creating them.

    Pagan Web: 2000 With some exceptions, much of the passion was waning and many started rethinking the why and the what of their web presence. The enthusiasm that drove the previous period was running out of steam and many were backing off on the regular updating their sites. Commercialism seemed to be 'where the action was' and this was the period where we saw the beginning of the real explosion of Pagan 'for cash' ventures. Coming off of the tail of the 'DOT.Com' crash, it became clear (to some) that, not unlike the California Gold Rush of the 1800's, the only ones that were making the steady money were those selling the picks and the shovels. But the lure of money is strong and many to this day are giving it a shot.

    Pagan Web: 2001 We noted many dramatic changes on the Pagan Web during this past year. Most notable was the dramatic increase in Pagan commercialism and the dramatic decrease in homegrown non-commercial sites. I actually ran some numbers on this mid-year and was shocked to discover that over 40% of the new submissions to our links section were commercial ventures. Today, we feature over 1,600 Pagan commercial Websites in our links section. Much of this change can be credited to the evolvement of prefab auction, online store and affiliate program CGI scripting. If you want to put up an online store or auction site, or sell Amazon books, you could set something up in hours. Just fill out a few variables and ta-dah!
Non-Commercial Pagan sites showed some signs of shriveling up in 2001. Like most of you, we couldn't help but notice that many of the more popular sites just stalled and were rarely updated during this past year. Another obvious trend was the rise in e-groups, e-lists, phpnuke(ish) and 'community pages'. Once again, the astute programmers know that selling the picks and shovels was the best strategy. A personal web presence was but a few form entries away. Sadly, it looks like prefab city out there with so many sites looking like the house next door. So much creativity vanished and much of the Pagan web simply became boring. But as always, a few creative minds in our community did decide to get rowdy and break the new rules and now are crafting some very beautiful and interesting sites. Vivale' Revolution!

With further kudos for my 'subscription feature', the following are some of the observations that I have noticed this past year. I am sure that your observations are different and I encourage you to express YOUR thoughts via our Pagan Perspectives question of the week. Disclaimer: This is just 'off the top of my head' and is not meant to be a complete list of major changes on the Pagan web in 2001.

Busy Pagan Sites... 2001 - A Year of Changes
(in no particular order)
  • AvatarSearch, THE alternative search engine, struggling to survive financially this past year implemented an auction section, a pagan personals section and formed an affiliation with a new venture called, 'Illumin8' and experienced some very tough times. They went up for sale again in August, but apparently there were zero bites. What 2002 will mean for them is anyone's guess.
  • EWitch, the former leader of the Pagan Auction sites, called it quits this past month. Pagan Auction sites in general see a decent amount of sellers, but an anemic number of actual sales. I personally credit much of this to the dominance of retailers putting 'store' merchandise up for bid. Many Pagans, looking for collectables, rare books and good used magickal tools still hit E-bay for the vast selection thereof.
  • Pagan Web pioneer site, 'Witches Brew', saw hard times this past year and in the fall made a plea for help by soliciting funds to help pay off 8 months worth of hosting charges. Fans of WB came to the rescue and they seem to be solid for the time being.
  • Big Pagan Retailers: You have to give this one to Azure Green. They hit the net in a big way in the past few years, have the biggest inventory on the planet, are banner linked everywhere, and their affiliate program seems to the be the first we've seen that is actually working. These folks are pros and have been doing this for a few decades. The other big online Pagan Retailer, 'Whispered Prayers', continues to produce a lively and faithfully updated retail presence. TripleMoon Witchware, Snapdragon Gifts and a few others continue to be successful directly due a savvy business sense and a solid online presence. Witches Web, one of the big Pagan retailers of the past simply vanished in 2001. Many emailed us with concerns, but WW was nowhere to be found.
  • Pagan Profiles, a wonderful early PHP built site, went commercial this past year and now charges to be listed. Boasting over 13,000 members/listings prior to the change, it appears that all but a few dozen Pagans were actual willing to pay to be listed. (AvatarSearch ran into similar problems earlier this past year with their personals section.)
  • Pagan Related News Feeds: Many, earlier this year, tried to portal pagan news via countless search engines to help generate traffic for their sites. This experiment proved disappointing for most as auto news feeds tend to render countless stories that had little to do with the modern Pagan. Many sites scrapped these feeds in 2001.
  • Illumin8: Another promising 'slashdot(ish)' venture, gave it a go in 2001. They promised a cut of the profits to the writers, the web affiliates, AvatarSearch and others via a nicely crafted monthly 'zine. Apparently it just didn't fly. Avatar backed out at the end of the summer, they continued to produce the zine for a few months, but went silent in November and December. Where their future lies is anyone's guess.
  • Pagan Author sites: The scrappiest one of the lot is the Isaac Bonewits site. We can only respect Isaac for keeping up with his site and adding to it on a regular and timely basis. A few other Pagan Author sites were previously updated on a regular basis, but most lay dormant during this past year. However, Phyllis Curott's publisher crafted a very modern site for her new book -- it was stunning. The REAL sad note at year's end was the news that the Wiccan-Pagan Times was folding. Known for powerful interviews with BNP (Big Name Pagans, mostly book authors and I say that respectfully), this departure is a loss for so many. Perhaps they will reconsider but, judging by their recent announcement, it looks like the decision has been made. This was arguably one of the biggest losses on the Pagan net of late.
  • Although not exclusively Pagan, The 'Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance' web site worked an affiliation deal with to help with their traffic charges. They currently note that this isn't saving them and are looking for support from all the religious communities which greatly benefit from their presence on the net.
  • THE religious site ''- fueled by a few million in start up bucks- seems to be as solid as a rock. Their official association deal with AOL/Time Warner this past year all but insured them a solid future.
  • Ghost Town: Our former haunt (AKA the W.L.P.A.) was all but missing in action this past year with little news or info updates. They are an example of how many of the pagan sites that have been around for a few years have stalled and are rarely updated. This is an nostalgic favorite for us and so we hope to see life return to the old girl in 2002.
Hey Fritz, you forgot to mention so many other 'important' Pagan Websites! ... I am sure that I did, but as I stated earlier this profile is both 'off the top of my head' and meant to focus solely on the big changes that I have noticed on the Pagan net.

I highly encourage YOU to offer YOUR thoughts on the Pagan web 2001 via our Pagan Perspective 'Question of the Week'.

For an updated list of nearly 5,000 Pagan websites (detailed by category), visit VoxLinks - The Pagan Web here at the Witches' Voice. In closing, Allow me to note that I have been honored to share the Pagan web with so much talent over the years. It seems to me that in each new month on the net that I discover something just fabulous out there. Together we have all helped to change the thinking world wide about who we are and what we do. No other spiritual path can claim this. YOU can!

Proudly in YOUR Service,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, January 7th., 2002

Pagan Perspectives
WitchVox Question of the Week!

Last week, we asked the question...

What is/was your 2002 New Year's resolution? -"Back away from the chocolate-chip cookies and no one will get hurt!" Yep, dieting is the number one resolution made by most of you... followed by the giving up of other habits that you feel are holding you back. Adopting some new and healthier practices came next with many vowing to improve their skills in meditation or divination work. -- View the Responses

This week, we ask the question:

You Do the Surfing - So What Do YOU Think of the Pagan Web? What changes did you see in the Pagan Web last year? Were these changes good or bad? What do you hope to see happen or evolve on-line this year? What would you recommended to budding Pagan web weavers? Post YOUR Opinion or view the Responses of others.


January Teen Pagan Essays Now UP!
We are honored to kick off our essay series for 2002 with two new essays from our Pagan young elders. Pagan Youth are clearly an inspiration to us all. They are embracing this spiritual path with a passion and conviction like we have never seen before. We are honored to feature the Young Pagan Essays for all the world to see. It is clear that their light shines brightly.

  • The Threefold Law...
    "Ever mind the rule of three" is something most Witches learn early in their training. What do you think? Is there some natural law that magnifies the energy we send out so it is returned to us "three times over"? Or is this an arbitrary number, and a misunderstanding of of the way the Universe works? Page One - Two
Other Young Pagan Resources at TWV: WitchVox Teen Essays MAIN Index - Young Pagans in YOUR Town (6, 638 listed) - Young Pagan Covens and Groups (310 listed) - F.A.Q.'s of the WitchVox Teen Section - Teen Article Submission Topics! Make YOUR Voice Heard! - Teen Pagan Web Sites (242 sites listed!) - Click HERE to submit YOUR Teen Pagan Site.

Worth Supporting and worth featuring again!

Camp Gaea Needs YOUR Help!
Wonderful People Doing Wonderful things

As reported in Reuters and elsewhere: "A Kansas retreat that caters to witches and Pagan rituals is fighting for survival amid community talk that naked Witches may be weaving magical spells in the moonlight.

The owners of the Gaea Retreat Center, a 168-acre (68-hectare) camp west of Kansas City that is home to such annual events as the Gaea Goddess Gathering and a "Heartland Pagan Spiritual event" filed suit on Monday in Leavenworth County District Court after county commissioners effectively put the retreat out of business by denying it a renewal of its land use permit."

In a message from Gendah, the Treasurer of Earth Rising, as posted on the organization's web site, she states:

"Financially, Earth Rising has watched it's P's and Q's this year, and we came into this conflict with some breathing room. However, many of the buildings have deferred maintenance that would have been addressed in the spring, and we are by no means a money rich organization. We are setting aside money into a Legal Defense Fund, and any donations made to this effort will be encumbered and used only to fund these activities. Please consider helping out in this effort. We have not lost the property, the Spirit, or the drive to succeed, and we will not be forced from our land, or denied the right to freely meet. "

"Where can we go where religious bigots don't live? Unfortunately, nowhere. We must stand our well as bend a little to show the surrounding community that we are just as forgiving and flexible as we expect them to be."

Thank you,

Please feel free to write me at and visit our website at Camp Gaea.Org for the latest news and updates.

Donations are being accepted at the following address: Earth Rising, INC, PO Box 696, Tonganoxie, KS 66086

In Closing...

"We seek a free flow of information...We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people." -- ( John F. Kennedy)

Blessed New Year to Everyone,

The WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, January 7th., 2002


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