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Weekly Update: 1/21/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: January 21st. 2002
Times Viewed: 8,796

Mercury Has Left the Building...

The oven broke. Three out of the eight light bulbs in our apartment burned out in the same afternoon. (Okay, one of those was cat related.) Our isp dumped all of its DSL customers (including us) without notice. The new credit cards- the ones that we had to order because our isp dumped us without notice- got lost in the mail. Christian evangelists who won't take 'no thanks' for an answer spammed half of the Pagan web. And then, Fritz's computer fainted. Who knew that electronics could actually pitch a fit of the vapors?

I am sure you'll understand then if during this upcoming week I don't want to give my heart to Jesus, enlarge various parts on my body, refill the toner and ink cartridges, open a bank account with millions of dollars for anyone from Sierra Leone, invest in a 'hot' guaranteed-to-go-up stock or learn how to beat the casinos at their own game. I have other priorities.

I simply want an oven that works, a computer line that is fast and stable, e-mail messages that do not contain the words 'burn in hell', a government without any '-gates' in it, and my snail mail delivered to me on time and without powdery substances. But I can take a hint: This may not be the right time to ask.

For three weeks, four times a year, our dear little solar system sharing planet Mercury goes retrograde. And this past Friday welcomed in that time of the year once again. Hold your applause. Because if the days leading up to this periodic trifecta of havoc is any indication, I'll be taking Bette Davis' advice and fastening my seatbelt because "it's gonna be a bumpy, bumpy ride!"

Mercury retrogrades come and go. Each one is different and each one affects different people in different ways. So your own mileage in terror may vary. This one, according to Terri McCartney over at Astrology Resources, is bludgeoning its way through my tenth house. The tenth house rules "public life and standing in the community, vocation, profession, career, reputation, business, achievements, parents, people with power & authority." Looks like I'll be writing on eggshells for the next three weeks...

As a planet (not including the Sun or Moon) crosses the sky, it periodically appears to be spinning backwards. It is not actually spinning backwards; it just looks that way to we Earthlings from our vantage point. But there does seem to be an impact on how the energy of each particular planet affects us when this orbital back-stroking occurs. When any planet appears to do a reverse spin, it is said to be in 'retrograde' and when it returns to normal spin, it is said to go 'direct'. The point at which the movement changes from one direction to another is called a 'station'. Here the planet seems to be standing still. A station point from which a planet is poised to go retrograde is generally considered by astrologists as not to be the best time to begin anything using that planet's energy. Apparently just minding one's own business is no big safety net either.

Mercury retrograde can result in lost letters, garbled communications, and various sorts of technical difficulties, misspellings and misunderstandings. Since a retrograde planet's regular energies are 'reversed', delayed fruition or delayed timing can result. Rituals that usually work with the planet's energy may not manifest until that planet again goes direct. Mercury and Venus are called the "personal" planets-they are the ones closest to us- and their effects tend to be more noticeable to us since both communication and affections can affect us in a very 'personal' ways indeed! The little darlings also turn retrograde more often as their orbits are shorter than those of the outer planets. Lucky us!

It's not all bad news however. Retrogrades can be useful. The period just before a planet goes direct-the station- is a very powerful time to do any ritual involving that planet's energy. When the planet does go direct again, the energy will then get a 'kick start' which can propel your magic(k) forward in quite exciting ways. Little Mercury will go direct again on February 8th, 2002 at 12:28pm (EST). You can start making your plans for that now. You may have to rewrite those plans a few times, but at least that will keep you out of the chat rooms where you will have to explain to everyone what you really meant to say many more times than that.

Kate, a Strega friend of ours, had one of those old Mercury head dimes made into a pendant that she would then wear during each Mercury retrograde. Other Witches of our acquaintance wrap an orange ribbon around their left ankles to help dilute some of the effects. Orange ribbons can also be tied to the mirror in your car, on the bottom of your computer chair and around your palm pilot and phone. I don't know if any of this stuff really works, but it is a good way to use up some of those leftover Samhain decorations.

Maintaining a sense of humor helps a lot, too. If you can do it. I particularly like The Weekly Horoscope over at Warning: If you are kidding yourself about possessing a 'wonderful sense of humor', don't go there. If you are in doubt about whether or not you actually do possess a wonderful sense of humor, you can ask your friends. Of course, if you ask your friends about your wonderful sense of humor during Mercury retrograde, these people will probably then no longer be your friends. So just restrict the asking of the humor question to those friends who you really don't like all that much anyway.

The oven did get fixed and so we can have cookies again. The computer lines are little slow, but at least they are working. Our isp guy swears that a check for the advance payment will be in the mail. At least one of the new credit cards showed up yesterday. Fritz's computer turned out to be fine. After an hour of purring like a kitten for the tech guy at the mall, we surmise that it just wanted to take a trip to the Apple store in order to see the new iMac. I have an extra package of light bulbs in the closet. I only had to rewrite this column five times. I haven't yet strangled anyone with an orange ribbon. The pot is still making coffee. Most of my friends and some of my relatives are still talking to me. And so with only nineteen more days to go, I'm feeling pretty darn optimistic.

But I am definitely not going to ask anyone what he or she thinks about my 'wonderful sense of humor'.

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, January 21st., 2002

Witch Cinema #6: The Year Behind, the Year to Come

by Peg Aloi

Well, quite a year it was, with Harry Potter and the Sorcerers' Stone and The Fellowship of the Ring in theatres, as well as the long-awaited mini-series of The Mists of Avalon and the DVD release of The Wicker Man. But we had some other films which appealed to pagans, because of their stories, deign elements or themes which ran through them. I want to recommend some of these in case you missed them this year. Moulin Rouge (a spectacular fantasy musical by Baz Luhrmann, gorgeous to look at and thrilling in an old-fashioned way which owes nothing to its amazing cutting edge special effects); Waking Life (an absorbing and unusual film which looks animated although it is live action painted by hand-a young man can't seem to awake from a dream-that's all I'll say, but go see it!); and Hedwig and the Angry Inch (adapted from the hot Broadway musical about a German transgendered singer who finds love after a life of pain).

There's also Memento (clever thriller about a man who cannot form new memories); The Crimson Rivers (French thriller set in the Alps with plenty of conspiracy theory); Session 9 (a spooky piece about the energies and spirits left behind in an abandoned mental hospital and how the place affects four men working there); Mulholland Drive (David Lynch's beautiful, inscrutable mystery about two women; that's all I'll say) Songcatcher (a Victorian musicologist discovers a rich source of folk music in Appalachia); The Price of Milk (Australian romantic comedy with magic realism and Aboriginal mythic elements) and Before Night Falls (true story of an exiled gay Cuban poet). I also loved Bridget Jones' Diary (Reneee Zellweger is great!), The Taste of Others (French ensemble comedy), A Love Divided (true story of a Protestant/Catholic Irish couple whose community turned against them), Life as a House (moving story of a dying man's final task), L.I.E. (well-acted story of a gay teenager's identity crisis), and Intimacy (Mark Rylance and Kerry Fox in a powerful exploration of a sexual relationship that refuses to remain casual)... -- Full Article

Peg Aloi
Media Coordinator - The Witches' Voice
Monday, January 21st, 2002
Email: [Staff Page Link]

Dana Davis launches Wyrd Website
Pagan Muse and Festival Favorite offers Lyrics, Tunes and more!

Wyrd is a rich tapestry of tales between myth and perception woven by singer-songwriter Dana Davis.

From the reflection of Medusa to the smoke-filled stage of Walter's Birds, Dana portrays a truth that is double-edged with soulful sincerity and sardonic wit. Take an exceptional female voice, blend it with Beatle flavors, Nilssonesque melodiousness, add a spoonful of Kate Bush and a smattering of Heart, stir with a twisted perception and you will taste Wyrd.

Dana Sez... "I am thrilled to announce the cyber home of Wyrd!"

"Webdesigner Anders Johansson of WinterTwin Studios has created a beautiful realm for our existence. I am in the snowcapped forests of the Berkshires mountains recording the final tracks for "WYRD: Cosmic Radio" and the record will be birthed very soon."

To check out her latest appearance schedule visit her beautiful website at

Photo credit: Image used by permission and was captured by Witchvox Staff photographer Don Waterhawk at the AutumnMeet festival this past Novemeber. WebSite

Magickal News: CraftWise is Back
Cate and Frank Dalton bring back a Classic!

CraftWise is a Pagan/Wiccan/Metaphysical Conference dedicated to promoting Tolerance and Understanding through Education. We bring together some of the finest Speakers, Merchants and Attendees in a beautiful site in our home state of Connecticut to work together towards Spiritual growth. This year, our site is Camp Hemlocks, an Easter Seals facility in lovely, rural Connecticut. The great thing about this is that the fee we pay to use this facility goes to Easter Seals, not to an already well-off expensive hotel chain. This way, the folks at the Hemlocks can bring disadvantaged disabled folks here for summer camp.

We will be holding CraftWise 2003 on May 10, 11, 12th 2003, so we can use some of the wonderful outdoor areas available at the Hemlocks.

Featured Speakers: Donata Ahern, Ceiswr Serith, Maya Heath, David Butler, Robin Wood, Michael Short, Ardeith Carter, Robert C. Heath, Rev. Lilith Dorsey, Arawn Machia, Norman Fleck, Gretchen Schork, Carlene McCarthy, Rev. Colleen Rose, Rev. Drew Rose, and many more

Sharps Policy: Due to the events of September 11th 2001, we are asking all Attendees, Speakers and Merchants to leave their Swords, Athames, Ritual Letter Openers, Magically Charged Meat Slicing Devices, and other sharps at home for this year. We will not be bringing ours out of respect for those police, fire fighters, rescue personnel, and the innocent victims whose lives were lost in this Great Tragedy, and to remind us that we need only ourselves and our WILL to work with Spirit. As Energy Workers and Magical Practitioners, We Don't Need Any Other Sacred Tool But Ourselves. Swords and Athames are simply tools employed to aid our focus. We ask that everyone respect this policy and use this opportunity to explore alternative tools, become more creative in casting our circles, and to grow in experience, wisdom, and flexibility.

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at:

P.O. Box 2277
Milford, CT 06460
Phone: 203-874-6963
E-Mail us at:
Details: Simply surf to ANY of New England Pagan Events Pages (NY, Ma, CT, Vt, NH) here at Witchvox.

Macabre World Magazine Web Site Launched this Week
The upcoming Premier issue features an interview with Raymond Buckland

Macabre World Magazine is a fresh and fascinating ensemble of the magickal, mythical and mysterious. Pagan and occult beliefs and practices throughout history, renowned historical figures who've influenced occult society, dieties profiled, cemetery pictorials, stories of bizarre hauntings, mystical art and the occassional tidbit of humor - you'll find all of that here and more.

Macabre World prides itself on the fact that its writers, talent and key executives are all practitioners of various pagan faiths. Each bring their own special perspective to the magazine and website all with the same goal: To elucidate upon the truth, beauty and accurate history of the pagan faith and occult practices and to dispel the belief that these traditions are based on a misperceived evil.

The web site - - is designed to be a showcase for the magazine. Readers can get a preview of the current issue, read sample articles and special web-site-only articles, order and subscribe. Information is also available for potential advertisers.

Conceived from his passion for the occult and the mysterious - Macabre World has been brought into the realm of the real by magick, myth and mystery research specialist - Rudy Raven.

To check out this stunning piece of Webweaving created by the magazines designer Linda Joyce Franks visit .

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
Thanks for the Visitors - Mercury Turns and Festival Notes

Greetings Witches, Wiccans, Pagans and Heathens!

This past week we extended our question of the week about what YOU have seen as changes on the Pagan Net in 2001. Thank YOU for the many interesting thoughts and observations. I would like clarify that although NOT updating a website will not inspire return visits, some sites are really just info resources or contact sites, and there is nothing wrong with NOT updating those type of sites. The net has enabled us to put up 'calling card' sites containing great detail. I put up a site for my CD four years ago and only updated it once during that period.

It has been our observation that this past week has been laced with much ineffective communication throughout the Pagan community, a clear indication that Mercury has once again gone retrograde (1/18/2002). Typically the biggest impact starts about a week before the turn and continues into the first couple of weeks OF Mercury IN Retrograde. Many folks, much more skilled in this area than I, recommend that you minimize NEW communication/projects during this period. YES, you can do them, but it may seem like an uphill struggle. Be careful out there, think about what you are saying and more importantly WHY you are saying it.

NOTE: Last week's Question of the Week will be our last one for the time being. Since is now shared/hosted with our personal Road Runner connection we need to minimize the over all activity to maximize the performance of your Networking section until we can port it over to our new server. Look for more Questions of the week in the future.

Wren and I, whilst 'porch chattin' this weekend, couldn't help but note the dramatic rise in conspiracy theories and fabrications that we have heard both directly and indirectly from many that read our words here. We CAN site at least a dozen occurrences over the past two weeks. All of a sudden we find ourselves wondering if folks will read into what we write and actually believe that we are talking about them. I will say this! IF we are referring to someone specifically here at TWV we will/do name names.If we aren't naming names we truly ARE speaking in broader terms. Ya see, we do look at this community in a broad sense and think in patterns/trends as a matter of habit. Last month we entered our 7th year of doing this work and to do this effectively we learned early on that we had to develop some new skills. Thinking beyond the one and trying to be fair to most has been a struggle, but we keep working on this and do believe that we have been fair.

We DO try and balance our coverage of individuals, groups and businesses, but are at the mercy of limited time and energy AND the submissions sent to us. We are hyper conscious of this balance. We do know that we will never cover all that it is good in this community. In fact we will tend to cover info that is sent in (95% does go up here). Do know that if you are waiting for us to feature you and your work, we simply are not a fully staffed full time zine. The witchvox staff are all volunteers and do this for free in an effort to give back to a community we all believe in.

FINALLY - We know WHO to Thank!
Since our first website went online in late 1995 we have asked the question... "Where are these surfers coming from"? With the peppy new server we can finally answer that question. Most of our visits come from 'bookmarks/favorites" (60%). Second to that (and to our surprise) are results from the internet Search engines (27%). I say this because only once have we ever submitted TWV TO any search engines (Lady Alexcia did this for us back in early 1997). Since we now have both the headroom and the horse power to write/rip referrer logs and do reverse domain lookups, we are proud to reveal the first round of results.

It is our desire to finally automate this process and list the top referring sites on one of our front pages in the near future. It's the very least we can do to thank those that really do send traffic to TWV.

Top 100 Referrers to Witchvox
(Date Range: Jan. 1-15 -- Type: Non-search engine referrals)

Note: This listing does not contain only Pagan Sites, but is simply a list of Websites that sent their surfers to TWV and the number of times they did. Since our fundamental mission is to educate the general public about who we are and what we do, we are always happy to get visitors EVEN from sites that we may not personally agree with.


For the complete list of our Top 300 Referrers ---> Click HERE  

Festival and Events News:
CURRENT and FUTURE Circles, Festivals and Events listings here at Witchvox hit an all time high this past week with over 860 listings. Pagan Festivals are no longer seasonal events, they are happening year round. Wren and I are in final negotiations with two of the biggest festivals in America and hope to finalize things this coming week. Since we don't *charge* for appearances there is little to actually negotiate but mininizing our time away from home (limited available vacation days & doing Witchvox) and 24/7 access to coffee. We are serious about the coffee, and don't expect to be waited on, just show us where it is.
  • Wren and I ARE planning on attending what looks to be a fabulous new festival in Bonita Springs, Florida Festival at Summerland on Saturday February 9th. (Mention the Witches' Voice and get in at the $45 pre-registration rate!). There is much excitement about this fest and it looks like it will be a smash. Many notable BNP will be attending.
  • We are also thrilled to be attending the Phoenix Fire 10th Anniversary Fest on 3/30 in Land of Lakes, Florida. This event is simply incredible and laced with many wonderful speakers and musicians (for pictures and reviews visit our Festival Review Pages).
These festivals and many more are detailed over at the Witchvox Circles, Festivals and Events pages. 2002 is shaping up early as yet another record-breaking year for Pagans gathering on a face-to-face level. Nothing could make us happier.

In closing, Be careful with new communication and new projects this week and never forget that it really IS wiser to be kind than to be right.

Proudly in YOUR Service,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, January 21st., 2002

Witchcraft and the Web: Weaving Pagan Traditions Online
HOT New Book by M. Macha Nightmare

1/21/2002 UPDATE: Last week we annouced the release of the wonderful book ... Just after that update went up we received the following details from the publisher... "I am currently organizing the book's official launch. It's going to be at PantheaCon in San Jose on February 16th between 2:00 and 5:00 pm. It will be held in the Reclaiming Suite at the Double Tree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place (see the Witchvox California Events Pages for details". -- Julie Girard, ECW Press

This week, we are honored to announce the release of a new book by M. Macha NightMare. Witchvox regulars will note that we first announced this back in late August, with a tentative release date of November. Obviously that has past but we can now official state that the review copies have been out for a few weeks, there is a wonderful review over at (do a search for Macha Nightmare) and this wonderful book will finally be in stores in two weeks time.

"Guiding the reader from the early days of BBS to today's Web, the book also contains an interesting look at rituals, mailing lists, covens and classes Online. At the same time, the author weaves this information in to the practice of Witchcraft offline. Everything is connected. Facts and experiences in terraspace provide a wonderful look at real versus virtual. The impact of technology on Pagan practices is explored. The author shows quite convincingly that the magick that makes up cyberspace is related to the magick that exists offline".

"Very informative with an impressive collection of links, this book does explain the basics of Wicca in a way that will inform those to whom the information is new, while not boring old hands. Comments by friends of the authors with vast Online experience add a lively dimension to the book". - Janet K. Schmidt (Review on

Many Pagans that have been influential on the Pagan Net over the years are featured in this book. In depth statements by Lhiannon/Jen (founder of, Imagicka (the Wiccan/Pagan Times), Sandy Johnson and Mark Kelly (FOTE and the Talking stick net radio site), Abby Willowroot (Goddess 2000), Cat Chapin-Bishop (Cherry Hill Seminary), Sparky T. Rabbit, Carol Maltby, Grey Cat, Tom 'Moose' Dixon, and countless others ARE included and offer their thoughts on both the history of the Pagan net and it's future.

All in all paramount achievement and a must have resource for those curious about Pagan Net. As we write this, Macha is out on a book signing tour in the California communities... To check out her latest appearance schedule visit her beautiful and info packed website at

Wren's Nest v6.0 -- A Hit with 'Nest Fans
WN Pages viewed 2,944,505 times to date

To celebrate the new year we released Wren's Nest V6.0 on 1/1/2002. The feedback has been most positive with the only real complaints being that (now) there are TOO many articles and that we should make it look more unique. We do plan on making it look a bit less like the front end pages and will do that shortly with a new masthead and different color scheme. There are indeed to many articles in the 7 day loop, but this too shall be fixed as soon as we get some time to put a 'governor' on it.

Most of the feedback hailed the speed increase. This was lead by Wren herself, who no longer has to wait 60 seconds just for a new piece to post. The speed increase is directly related to our new server (we are the only site on it) and the change to a multi-threaded backend database.

Still to be added are new fields for a story location (data is already being captured) for future feeds into YOUR state/province/country page, display of url2, user submission thank yous, the ability for you to submit news, and a final overall polishing.

Wren's Nest Light - Also popular is the PDA version of the nest. This no graphics/lean version of the nest is dynamic and feeds PDAs and cell phones the latest spirit news. A Bonus feature is that this version also works well with 386 pcs and other computers from the 80's.

The new URL for Wren's Nest is

As of this moment... Articles posted in the past 7 days include...

With 3 million Nest section page views it is clear that many in the Pagan community count on Wren's Nest for the latest news... I know that I do. Thanks Honey!

YOUR Voice Wanted!
Diotima finalized and posted the Adult and Young Pagan Essay Topics for the first 6 months of 2002.

Adult Pagan Topics for February:
  • Imbolc
    What does the Sabbat of Imbolc mean to you? How do you celebrate it, and what myths do you associate with it? Also, since it is a "cross-quarter", do you celebrate it on the traditional date of February 2nd, or on the astrological midpoint of 15 degrees of Aquarius (February 4th this year)? -- Go Here for details
  • Hexing to Heal?
    There's an old saying that goes "The Witch who can't hex, can't heal". Do you think this is true? Is the ability to hex an integral part of the ability to heal? -- Go Here for details
Young Pagan Topics for February:
  • Imbolc
    What does the Sabbat of Imbolc mean to you? How do you celebrate it, and what myths do you associate with it? Also, since it is a "cross-quarter", do you celebrate it on the traditional date of February 2nd, or on the astrological midpoint of 15 degrees of Aquarius (February 4th this year)? -- Go Here for details
  • Hexing to Heal?
    There's an old saying that goes "The Witch who can't hex, can't heal". Do you think this is true? Is the ability to hex an integral part of the ability to heal? -- Go Here for details

In Closing...

"Here is a test to find out if your mission on earth is finished: If you're alive, it isn't." - (Richard Bach; Illusions)

In YOUR Service,

The WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, January 21st., 2002


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