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NOTE: For a complete list of articles related to this chapter... Visit the Main Index FOR this section.

Weekly Update: 4/15/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: April 15th. 2002
Times Viewed: 6,645

Beating A Not-So-Hasty Retreat...

Those of you who believe in or follow astrology probably already know that Saturn and Pluto are currently engaged in a bit of a tussle. Looking around our very small apartment last week, one might surmise that those planets had been mixing it up right there in my kitchen. We have limited counter space as it is and much of that had disappeared under rags and salvaged cream cheese containers and baskets. Fritz, patient man that he is, never complained even as he had to excavate the coffee pot out from under the rubble. As a Capricorn, I usually don't deal well with clutter. I like things lined up, visually symmetrical and neat. Not necessarily antiseptically clean, mind you, (where would I leave a message if it weren't for the dust on the table?) but a chaotic jumble of stuff strewn about just grates on my nerves. I suppose that is why I have developed such a pragmatic personality. If one doesn't care for all things messy, one has to develop tools and skills in order to 'unmessify' wherever one can. For all of those other things that lie beyond one's personal control, one simply has to learn to shrug them off and go on. Or you can just do what I did: You can call it art.

For those of you who don't necessarily follow planetary shenanigans on a regular basis-but who may be wondering just why everything really sucks of late- here is a little update. The Saturn-Pluto opposition cycles take place every thirty-five/thirty-six years. This present cycle started with Saturn-Pluto in opposition on August 5, 2001 and again on November 2, 2001. Everyone reading this is certainly aware of the events that happened in the world between those two dates. Pluto, named after an underworld God, rules those things that lie beneath the surface. That sounds safe enough and it would be if those underground things were really and truly dead and were content to remain really and truly dead. But Pluto also rules over such things like explosions, secret plots, mass movements and dramatic transformation. Pluto happens to be completely amoral in those regards. It will change things that need to be changed no matter the cost. Pluto is what must become.

Saturn on the other hand is the planet of what is. Saturn's energy will fight just as hard to maintain existing structures as Pluto's is determined to strike them down. Saturn is preservation. Pluto is transformation. You can see the root of the current world problems right there. You might also see some of the reasons why various factions of the Pagan/Heathen/Wiccan communities are dueling over definitions, historical truths (or the lack thereof) and validations of all kinds. It's shake up time. And some people and some things don't like being shaken up. Anything that has not been built upon a solid foundation is in danger of collapse. But before you start pointing fingers, let me remind you that even the most firm of structures might also get a good rocking when Pluto comes to town. Just to keep things from falling into stasis, you understand. Saturn's influence might keep your religion or belief or system from utter devastation, but even here Pluto will force you to either take a few steps back or even a step forward into new territory. Nothing can remain exactly as it is. To say that this opposition could also shake out a few personal relationships as well is more than an afterthought here if yours just happens to be one of them. Well, maybe it's time to take your lumps, cut your losses and move on anyway. And don't be surprised if you see a lot more political and religious dirty laundry flapping in the breeze out there on the public clothesline. The effects of this Saturn-Pluto opposition will be with us for quite a while to come. And it won't over until they say that it's over.

Feel better now that you know what is going on? Me neither. The final Saturn-Pluto opposition of this cycle will occur on May 25, 2002 at 10:34 AM EDT. But it's not all 'bad' news. The Saturn-Pluto effect can also be channeled into learning new skills and thinking innovative thoughts. It can mean breathing new life into old systems (The 'Three Little Pigs' was probably birthed during a Saturn-Pluto opposition.) or even resurrecting old ones. This can be in the form of investigating new belief systems, returning to a religion that you once left behind or realigning the new with the old where you are right now. Since both Saturn and Pluto ask the same question, "What is real?"-One to question for usefulness and the other to test for worthiness- this can be an excellent opportunity to haul oneself out of that previously comfortable rut and to try something different.

My kitchen certainly looked different and very un-Capricorn-esque this week. But it's all part of the cycle. I went back and rediscovered/ resurrected an old skill that I had forgotten that I had even once possessed: painting. I found that I needed to take a break from all of the shaking of the systems and the rantings of the shook. So I got out my acrylics and my brushes and started to paint. But, of course, under the Saturn-Pluto influences, my paintings- although based upon something quite ancient- were not like any of the artwork that I had ever done before. It was both very old and very new (to me anyway) at the same time. And I have found that this blending of an old system and a new medium has worked very well in getting me back into emotional and spiritual balance. Let me share with you some of the pictures that got me started. You'll recognize the art form right away. But take a few minutes to notice how the artists placed certain colors next to each other and the symmetry of the designs. This type of art is both decorative and spiritual and while this particular combination or style might not 'rock your boat', there are all sorts of different art forms that you can explore on your own. This is just my own mini-tour and I hope that you enjoy it:

This is the picture that started it all. I saw a case like this one in the Boston Museum and fell in love with it. From there, I went exploring and found this. Another simple and clean design. (You can zoom in on the pictures for more detail. The home pages of sites referenced will be listed below.) And I began to muse, "You know, I think that I can do something like that!" Some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring pictures come from Osirisnet such as this one and this curved towering figure has to be one of my favorites. The colors in this one from the International History Project site are still vibrant after all these many centuries and are the basis of my new color palette. Okay, most of these designs are still beyond my budding capabilities, but I did find this site (a coloring book) with many good designs to print and color or to help guide your own 'ancient' Egyptian creations. I adapted the Nut/Geb print onto an old stool and embellished it with a multi-colored border. Sanding down the edges heavily and over the design lightly gave it this nice well-worn look and feel and I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

So if things have been a bit wild of late in your neck of the universe, just take a little break during the window of 'opportunity' presented by the Saturn-Pluto opposition and create your own mini-retreat area. Whether it is through art, music or poetry- or by simply sitting under the shade of a big tree- give yourself some creative or quiet time in which to reflect upon the question, "What is real?" Wait for the answers to come. They will. And then go out and design something worthy -- create something beautiful -- and treasure that which survives the test.

Become an artist. Dare to paint your own life.

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, April 15th., 2002

References and credits:

  1. The Metropolitain Museum of Art
  2. The Egyptian Museum (Cairo)
  3. Osirisnet
  4. The International History Project
  5. Ancient Egyptian Coloring Book
Image credit: Photos for this feature were taken by Fritz Jung on 4/14/2002.

Adult Essays for April 2002 NOW Up!...
As of this morning, adult essays here at Witchvox have been read an astonishing 1,190,158 times. Both adult and teen essays here at TWV have been consumed a combined 2,252,698 times. This month's responses will only drive these totals to a new level... Great stuff!

Mixing Patheons
Pagans tend to be nothing if not eclectic, but some think we take our eclectic tendencies a bit too far. What do you think of working with Gods and Goddesses from different pantheons? Can Kwan Yin and Hera get along? Will Odin and Osiris work together? Or should we find a single pantheon of gods and work with them alone? Here were the essays that we received on this topic:
  • Mixing Pantheons #01 - by Justin Starkenburg
    The word eclectic has gone from an adjective, describing a particular style of Paganism, to a synonym, describing Paganism as a whole. While many Pagans feel at home in an eclectic practice, I personally do not. To explain why eclecticism does not work well for me, I will explain how I arrived at my current religious path and will describe... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #02 - by Kari Tauring
    The movement of human evolution from Individualism and Polarity to Unity and Non-judgement can be greatly accelerated through the understanding and integration of all deities from all cultures. As a believer in the adage 'All gods are one god and all goddesses are one goddess' I think it is healthy to mix pantheons. Exploring, understanding and integrating the personalities of... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #03 - by Margaret Nolan-Williams
    I am a M.U.T.S. (Multi-cultural Universal Truth Seeker) The title was bestowed upon me by a group of dear friends who decided my own spiritual path name was entirely too long to remember. For years I considered myself a 'solitary eclectic ordinary Heinz-57 Pagan Witch with Asatru tendencies'. Yeah, tis a mouthful, I know. I am part of a... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #04 - by NX
    Isis. Odin. Hera. Anubis. We know the mythology which accompanies each of these ancient Gods. We study their history, their followers, the teachings and morals which we believe they stand for. Indeed, as with all ancient reflections of Divinity, it is only the mythology and scattered records of their existence which has been left for our modern interpretation. Yet when... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #05 - by Robert Black Eagle
    The question is basically whether it is right to mix pantheons, rather than whether eclecticism goes too far. The last issue, about eclecticism, is a much larger one. Basically, there are several situations and the answer would vary in each case. The first set of situations deal with individuals and the second with groups. I would distinguish between them. For... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #06 - by Ben Gruagach
    It has been said by some Wiccan authors that mixing mythological pantheons is bad and should be avoided at all costs. The usual argument given for this admonishment is that each pantheon, indeed each deity, has very specific features and should be treated individually. To equate one goddess with a similar goddess from another pantheon is seen as disrespectful. Each... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #07 - by Lori Dake
    A guilty pleasure of mine is professional wrestling: fine, there. I said it! I'm 28 and I like wrestling! Sometimes I really do enjoy watching "WWF RAW is War!" on TNN after a very stressful day at work. Some people, like my husband, like taking out their aggressions on violent video games, and others get a naughty thrill from scaring... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #08 - by Melbrigda Moonglisten
    I come from a Christian background. Not only that, but a Charismatic (Born Again) Christian background. In the Anglican tradition, thank you. I have loving parents who are now more mellowed Charismatic Christians, but still Christians. My mother has even gone to seminary and is a minister in her church. And then somewhere in my searching for that next religious... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #09 - by RuneWolf
    One of the many things I like about Witchvox is that the staff there is never hesitant to throw out controversial topics, and I would have to say that, in my experience, this one is in the Top Five at least. Now, I was taught that one never mixes pantheons, because pantheons are complex social and energetic constructs that have... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #10 - by Mino Mercurious
    This is an age of information. We can only assume it to be the point in time that the Well of Knowledge is fuller than it has ever been. History has recorded many strange and wonderful events involving human beings upon the planet. Indeed, there are many mysteries that have no logical conclusions. Was Isis ever a mortal? Did the... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #11 - by Naomhaidhe
    There are two answers when asking whether it is okay to mix pantheons - a theoretical one and a practical one. And hidden at the intersection between these two answers are factors so fundamental to our being that we barely question them. I learned on Imbolg that gender is one such. For several months, I had been involved in one of... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #12 - by Calieadair
    You work with the Nords? Really? Don't you find them just a bit....uncivilized?' I've heard a lot of different viewpoints on the benefits both of mixing pantheons, and of dedicating to one group specifically. A very good friend of mine works almost exclusively with the Nords, and was on the receiving end of the above comment. Her personality is... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #13 - by Ignatious Fireweaver
    I grew up reading mythology. Greek, Roman, Aztec, Egyptian, it didn't matter where it came from. Nearly every afternoon could find me in the school library. The head librarian came to the practice of setting books out just for me. When I became Pagan, and the choice of deity was mine to make, I assumed I'd pick a pantheon and... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #14 - by Dawn Blacksun
    You heard from a friend that Odin is a good, powerful god. You also like working with Osiris. Should you work them both in the same ritual? Will they get along? Who is Odin anyway? There is nothing wrong with mixing pantheons, as long as one knows exactly what she is doing. This should only be done after much studying... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons #15 - by Eeluna
    I know some people are adamant that a person should work with only one pantheon, while others mix and match Deities according to their needs or whims. When I began studying mythology, it was with the idea of choosing one Pantheon to work with. I thought it would be best to consider the mythology and Deities of my ancestors, but I... (Full Essay)

Next Month's Adult Pagan Topics:
    Publication Date: May 12th
    Submission Deadline: May 5th

  • Beltane
    How do you celebrate Beltane? What is its meaning to you, and what myths do you associate with it? Also, since it is a cross-quarter, do you celebrate it on the traditional day of May 1, or on the astrological midpoint of 15 degrees of Taurus? -- Go Here for details
  • Spirit Guides
    What non-physical entities do you work with? What are your contacts in the realm of Spirit? Familiars? Fairies? Angels? Loas? Tell us who you are in communication with, how you contact them, and why. -- Go Here for details

Gamp Gaea - Victorious and Back for us all!
Details from... Wren's Nest

This past Tuesday, we were thrilled to receive THE NEWS... Camp Gaea is back and has settled with the local officials. The awesome "Clarity" called Wren a few days back to pass along the latest... So this is the FIRST that you've heard of this? Check Wren's Nest; it's been there since last Tuesday.

"We have just received word that the County Commissioners have approved and signed the agreement that resulted from our negotiations. The agreement is about 5 pages and I am trying to get an electronic copy to post or to link to online but so far it's not available.

Earth Rising has been granted a perpetual Special Use Permit. Translation - we don't have to go through this again!! The permit can only be called to question if we do not abide by the laws of the local, state or federal governments" . -- (Full Article)

NOTE: The Pagan community DID come though with both spiritual and financial help during this crisis. The legal bills were substantial and Camp Gaea may or may not be covered... We will be the first to let you know if additional financial support is needed.

Wren's Nest for PDAs - Also popular is the PDA version of the nest. This no graphics/lean version of the nest is dynamic and feeds PDAs and cell phones the latest spirit news. Point YOUR PDA to Wren's Nest PDA v2.0

As of this moment... Articles posted in the past 7 days include...

With over 3 million views, Wren's Nest is clearly the place Pagans count on for the latest news... I know that I do. Thanks Honey!

Next Week... Look for our Special Feature on Earth Day 2002
For Earth Day events in YOUR town - Click HERE

Pagans Chill at Jack's Cabin
A Writer's Retreat and Holiday Cabin in the Wet Mountains of Southern Colorado

Do YOU need "A quiet place to write, read, and smell the pines and where at night sometimes the loudest noise is the gurgle of "Hardscrabble Creek"? If so, and you live near Colorado, we've got something to turn you on to...

Jack's Cabin was built in 1965 when the A-frame cabin fad swept through the Colorado mountains. It is a simple structure and retains many original features of its era.

The cabin is located in the pines at an elevation of 6,600 feet (2,030 meters). It sits on four acres, together with our home. One side of the property touches the San Isabel National Forest; other public lands, including the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness Area, are a short drive away.

For more details and photos... Visit the Jack's Cabin Website

CMA Beltane - See Ya there!
Wren and Fritz will be in Texas later this month!

It's Official: We are proud to announce that we will be attending the 'CMA Beltaine" (Council of the Magickal Arts) gathering just outside of Austin, Texas (April 18-21). We are thrilled at the opportunity to circle with the many friends we've made over the years from Texas. Again, time is not on our side, so we will fly in on Friday and return home very early on Sunday morning. We take this opportunity to thank Loke (Check out Loke's HOT CD release "Druid Four Winds - a Pagan rock opera"), Joy and Greg for making this happen. - We will note more details related to this trip later in the month.

For more details on CMA Beltane, visit their website at Also check out Don Waterhawk's coverage of last years CMA Beltane right here at Witchvox.

NOTE: Attendance to CMA gatherings is limited to CMA members only

EarthDay 2002 SanteFe River Cleanup
On the Sante Fe River at the Ginnie Springs Campground

EARTH DAY 2002 - April 19 -- 21

"Picture yourself among beautiful dogwoods, sparkling clear waters, singing birds, and friends. Phoenix Festivals Inc. and Ginnie Springs Outdoors have teamed up to work a 2.5-mile section of the Santa Fe River for the Great America Clean-up campaign of Keep America Beautiful.

Ginnie Springs Outdoors has set aside camping sites for our weekend. They are donating the use of their canoes, and will be providing free garbage bags and air for divers. This weekend event will start on Friday night, April 19, with a Pot Luck Dinner followed by a Dedication Ritual. The Ritual will unify the participants and dedicate their efforts to improving the health and welfare of our Mother".

For complete details visit the PhoenixPhyre Website

In Memory of Eleanor Bone
by Jonathan Tapsell

Eleanor "Rae" Bone was an English Witch who was instrumental in the revival of modern Witchcraft and is sometimes called the Matriarch of British Witchcraft. She was born in London as the daughter of a school Headmistress, thereby receiving a wide and varied education. An experience in early childhood after a family pet died convinced the young child that reincarnation existed and from that time on she began to read on subjects connected with folklore, magic and ghosts.

During the Second World War, Eleanor was drafted to Cumbria in the North of England and became friendly with an older couple. On one occasion conversation fell to reincarnation and Eleanor said she believed in it, which is when the couple revealed to her that they were hereditary Witches. They then nitiated Eleanor into the Cumbrian tradition in 1941, and she practised with them for four years before returning to London at the war's end. (Full Memorial)

This biography will be included in The Encyclopedia of Modern Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism" by Shelley Rabinovitch and Jim Lewis due out this October (Citadel Books). - Check back here for more info on this critical release as it develops.

Jonathan Tapsell is from the UK, part of the Hexagon Archives, and a the key player for the The Occulture Festival 2002.

"Founded by The Hexagon Archive, an arm of Hexagon Media, the Occulture festival was originally launched to protect the rights and interests of individuals working in the esoteric domain. Occulture has become a symbol of religious freedom and personal belief and is the first of its kind in the world. The event provides a positive platform for its contributors to speak openly about their views and interact with the audience".

For a riveting craft experience, visit the Website

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
Conversion Complete - BUYer BEE WARe - New Cam

Mood: Tired, but working
Spirit: Couldn't be happier
Garb: 'Alien Abduction' Satin Boxers
Listening to: Texax Pagan Rock!
Snarfing on: Einstein Bagels

Greetings Witches, Wiccans, Pagans and Heathens!

This week, I offer my thanks to those of you who have followed our 'conversion of' drama these past several weeks. I am happy to say that as of yesterday, we have finished the conversion of ALL key pages from back to Load time is now 20 times faster and recent traffic increases reveal the strongest community embrace OF these popular pages ever. The only thing left to do is the conversion of the submission form documents and hopefully we will have THAT wrapped up before we head out on holiday thereby enabling us to shut this home server down once and for all. My personal thanks go out to those of you who have helped us 'debug' this critcal rewrite.

This past week, we purchased our first Digital camera (a Sony DSC-S75 - Now 200 bucks off)! FYI: Most of the shots here at TWV are video stills taken from our Sony video camera. There is some real flexibility in using a video cam for stills but you just don't get the detail. Digital cameras have really evolved of late and are quite 'feature laden'. Look for mucho photo abuse here at TWV in the near future!

It was another week of massive changes here at TWV (HERE is what I can remember)...
  • Wrote much intelligence into our busiest page... The "Pagan Profile Detail page". Drilling down for details on those in your area has been extremely popular since we made WOTW 'Wicked Fast'. This page got a serious polishing AND we added a flattering 'Sun sign graphic' (see examples to your right) to the listings that choose to post their sun sign.
  • Moved the final two WOTW modules (local Pagan notices and Local skills and services) over to our .com domain. This involved: renaming, rewriting the code, fixing all the links, creating the databases, enabling the date TO be compatible WITH the new tables and evolving more clean-up routines directly related to MYSql. Look for Global and Local notices to be 'portal'd' throughout the site in the near future.
  • Audited error logs for both domains; fixed incorrect redirects and/or created new ones that point to the proper page.
  • Optimized all field/tables that feed most of Witchvox (making them leaner and smarter)
  • Automated intelligent backup routines for everything Witchvox, both on and offline, AND have them auto-saved in 4 places (two locally, one on our server and one to a secret location). This happens daily and no longer takes up ANY of my time.
  • Did a major rewrite OF the 'Global' Notices Page.
  • Rewrote the main holidays (including Pagan Pride) local events pages and added the ones for the minor holidays as well. Polished up the detail pages for all WOTW modules (much if/else logic as well as dozens of look and feel tweaks).
  • Processed a record number of new submissions (over 1, 300) for the WOTW pages.
  • Squashed dozens and dozens of bugs throughout the site. If you find any more of the critters, please email them to us.
  • Removed 74 'slow traffic' pages from the site (and links to them).
  • Added Month to Date 'page view' stats to our front page.
  • Removed the 'tell a friend' option from our links section (used only 30 times in 4 weeks).
  • Updated the WOTW info pages to better reflect recent changes and internal links.
  • Discovered much more info about the PHP language, backed off (killed redundancy) much of our code to be even leaner and faster.
  • Updated and polished ALL submission forms - added many new fields and removed some irrelevant ones.
So, last week was pretty much like every week these past few months. BUT it really looks like we will have this conversion wrapped up BEFORE we head off to CMA this Friday... This means we will NO LONGER be serving any Witchvox pages from our home (the lightning capitol of North America).

The next big opportunity will be to twist our forms into LIVE forms. This means that you will finally be able to edit your listings live and not have to wait for us to process them. If it was just a matter of allowing folks to write directly to the live data tables, it would be a snap, BUT there is much more to it than that. My biggest challenge over the past 6 years in evolving the 'Witches of the World' pages has been to keep it clean, accurate and free of duplication. We have evolved some very powerful routines (at our end) that do some serious clean up of the data... To properly launch the 'live forms' much of what we've already done will have to be redone and in spades.

Now that we are finally finishing up this conversion, we can move on to the implementation of the hundreds of enhancements that are on our White Board. This finally means some fun for this Witch. As always, YOUR suggestions are welcome. Email YOUR thoughts on Witchvox structure, design or features to us. You've always designed this site and always will.

BUYer BEE WARe!: Along with the recent explosion of Pagan Commercial Ventures (literally thousands) comes a dramatic increase in Pagan fraud. Over these past few weeks, we have been hit with much email detailing mis-represented courses, money taken - no products delivered and complaints about no responses to inquiries, readings or products already paid for... Be smart out there, my friends! Many want YOUR money and more than a few just may be shaking you down. KNOW what/who you are dealing with and precede with caution in all purchases both ON and OFF the net. It's YOUR money and YOUR power; Never give it up with out doing some research. There ARE many reputable Pagan Merchants. Make sure YOU are dealing with one of them! BUYer BE WAre!

This Friday, Wren and I will be flying out to Austin, Texas for a rare getaway and a (much needed) couple of days off. All we can offer is our 'non photoshop enhanced hides' and a mountain of love, but apparently CMA is happy with that. Thanks for the break!

Dio and friends are working feverishly on a powerful Earth Day feature for our next weeks update. Check back next week and help us all to heal the Earth.

In closing, allow me thank all of you who support this site both spiritually and financially. You have changed the world. You have built something very powerful.

In your service,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, April 15th., 2002

Coven of the Triple Cauldron, Treat children at local hospital with Gifts and Love
Jacksonville, Florida Pagan Group makes us Proud!

I wanted to share this with others. We, here in Jax are trying to see if we can't change some "closed" minds and hearts about our community, and this is one of many things we have done, or are in process of doing.

We didn't bother to advertise it was Pagan Pride Project unless we were asked, but when we were asked we told who we were, and then we usually were met with surprised (shocked and "oh") looks something a kin to the deer in the headlights, but after a second or two some big smiles. When we left we had them thinking maybe all of the nasty things people say about us is not quite right....{At least I hope we did}

Anyway, this is what can be accomplished if the members of the community band together and work for positive change.

Just one look at those kids faces, and anyone could see that they didn't really care what our religion was, just that we cared about them.

By the way, we managed to give gifts to every single child on all the admitted wards that day, better then 80 beds on 4 floors, and even some to visiting siblings or pals of the sick kids and we had some left overs as well for the next time.

So just in case after all of the horrors you see on the daily news, have made your faith in the goodness of people wane, just look at the website below.

Brightest Blessings,

Rev. Lacy Gorman, HPS:
Coven of the Triple Cauldron, Jacksonville
Member of : Pagan Pride Project, AREN, ACLU, Jax Pagan Network, and the ULC.

To see the photos click HERE (Photos courtesy of Roxanne U and Organized by Elizabeth Z. They get 99% of the credit, I just collected, and sorted into boxes, and volunteered my kids and self for grunt work.

It's Festival Season again!

Yes! It IS that time of year when festivals, both large and small are starting to happen all over the world. They can be a great place to unwind, make some new friends, meet some BNP's (Big Name Pagans), dance, drum and score some Pagan products.

TWV is proud to list most of them and they can be found via YOUR Area Events Page. Here is one of the big ones...
2002 Spring Gathering of the Tribes

(Windsor, VA)

Presented by: Out Of The Dark
[A WitchVox Sponsor]

When: 4/25/02 - 4/29/02
Time: Gates open noon 4/25/02
Fest Phone: 757-623-6120

Event Details: Family oriented 5-day camping event. Kids events, workshops, drumming and fire circles each night. All paths are welcome. Potluck dinner on Friday night. Guest speakers including Robin Wood, Silver Ravenwolf, Trish Telesco, Mike Short, Bick Thomas and many others....more being added all the time. This is full nudity permitted.

A wonderful event full of fun and magick...lots of experienced people from many different paths all joining together to network, communicate, share knowledge and celebrate.

Event Location: 7651 Whispering Pines Trail , Windsor VA 23487

Visit the Witchvox Major Festivals Page for a more complete list!

From Last week...

April Teen Pagan Essays Now UP!
  • Magick for the Planet - #1 - by Sierra-Rose Autumn'sFox
    Personally, I do send energy to the Earth for healing. She does so much for us, so why not help her back? She has trees to keep us cool and the planet oxygenated, animals and plants to feed us, not to mention makes an appropriate environment for the other elements of fire, air and water (not to mention spirit) to... (Full Essay)

  • Magick for the Planet - #2 - by Sienna
    I find that we must give back and do magick to heal the Earth. In no way do I find this inappropriate. As I speak, the Mother is being raped, burned, despoiled and lacerated. If anyone I knew, man or woman, adult or child, came to me having to bear the treatment that She is enduring right now, I would... (Full Essay)

  • Magick for the Planet - #3 - by Tessa Amara
    As a vegan environmentalist, I am anything but impersonal when it comes to my planet. I have the soul (and thought patterns, and body language, and character... ) of a cat, thus I am incredibly territorial. My home is not just the place where I live, it's my home, and I love it with a passion. I have more than one... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons - #1 - by Rominjn Wind
    Zeus, Osiris, Odin, Hera, Isis, and Freya. Are these gods and goddesses of different mythologies really that different from each other? There are many people who would say that they are different gods with their own personality and power, while others would simply say that they are after all just gods, all descendents of The One. If you were a... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons - #2 - by Tara Starsong
    Stop! Before you read this essay, forget for just a moment everything you've been told about 'monotheistic' and 'polytheistic' religions. Everything I am going to say below asserts that those terms as we traditionally define them are invalid. Alright, ready? I was taught, as you most likely were, that there are three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Well, guess... (Full Essay)

  • Mixing Pantheons - #3 - by Sienna
    This month's topic I found particularly interesting, as it's something I've been wondering about for the last little while. I've organized my ideas so that hopefully you can comprehend them, as they've just been floating around in random spirals through my mind until now. The astral plane is like a school, or work (not literally, figuratively). A school or work... (Full Essay)

Next Month's Young Witch/Pagan Topics:
    Publication Date: May 5th
    Submission Deadline: April 28th

  • Beltane
    How do you celebrate Beltane? What is its meaning to you, and what myths do you associate with it? Also, since it is a cross-quarter, do you celebrate it on the traditional day of May 1, or on the astrological midpoint of 15 degrees of Taurus? -- Go Here for details
  • Spirit Guides
    What non-physical entities do you work with? What are your contacts in the realm of Spirit? Familiars? Fairies? Angels? Loas? Tell us who you are in communication with, how you contact them, and why. -- Go Here for details
See Ya all next week and Happy Earth Day to the Mother...

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