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Weekly Update: 5/13/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: May 13th. 2002
Times Viewed: 4,928

Resistance is NOT Futile...

So, are we having fun yet? This Pluto -Saturn opposition period has certainly manifested in some very interesting ways. If the buzz on the Pagan message and chat boards isn't enough to convince you that some very serious stuff has been going on, a peek at CNN News or the front page of any national newspaper will spell it out for you in scrolling script or bold print. The best phrase perhaps to sum up the actions and interactions of the last few months might be 'stand-off'. All sides and factions seem to have made their moves and countermoves and have battled their way back to a position pretty close to where they started. The toll in human lives and sleepless nights not withstanding, after all the dust has settled, not much has really changed. No one has capitulated and no ideologies have been changed. If there seems to be a lull in the 'festivities' at this point, well...don't get too cozy. The final Saturn-Pluto opposition on May 25 is still to come. Its last gasp might yet be enough to shake the world.

Now, I am not one who walks around the earth (or my little piece of it, anyway) preaching a 'doom and gloom' philosophy. Neither am I one who believes that if we all could just sprinkle more environmentally friendly biodegradable fairy dust on any problem (or problem person) that everything would always turn out just hunky-dory. Most situations involving conflict (whether national, global or personal) are not so simple that either philosophy would easily fit it or resolve it. That there are organizations, factions, movements or individuals who do in fact adopt the extreme viewpoint of either one side of this scale or the other is not surprising however. The human impulse to demonize one's detractors, rivals, competitors, opponents or those who simply do not agree with our- or the current socially 'acceptable'- ideas or beliefs is documented through our history with mixed results. The battles for/against public opinion or for/against social, economic, cultural, political or religious change wage on. And wherever such a change seeks to open up/close a new path, you will also find its shadowy traveling companion: resistance.

How we feel personally about any issue will most often determine if we will elect to stamp Mr./Ms Resistance's visa to enter our physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual or psychic borders as cleared for entry or flatly denied. That is why so much time and/or money is spent by the various factions in their attempt to win you over to their way of thinking. Such tactics are designed -psychologically and emotionally- to either reinforce (if you are with them) or to change (if you are in the opposing camp) your point of view. The rhetoric generally will offer 'best case' or 'worst case' scenarios. In other words, the 'gloom and doom' result if what they propose is not implemented and the 'fairy dust utopia' result if it is, are presented as the only two options available. You're either with us or against us. And, of course, since 'they' say (insert latest poll numbers here) that "most reasonable/intelligent/knowledgeable/cool people agree with us", resistance is futile.

Resistance is defined as "the act of fighting against (something or someone); to not be changed by or to refuse to accept (something)." Entire movements and organizations have been formed in response to either resisting a current trend or idea or to protecting it. Joining or belonging to a group that is made up of people like ourselves, who feel and think about an issue as we do, serves several real needs. One lone dissenter frequently has little access to the larger population or, even if he/she does, little impact when acting alone. (Even the present-day 'lone wolf' terrorist did not arise from a vacuum, but had a support organization or ideology behind him/her that 'sanctioned' or offered some justification for the actions taken.) Psychologically, a person struggling alone against a bigger or more powerful force (unless afflicted with a mental illness) feels vulnerable and isolated.

A group, on the other hand, provides a network of support and a larger pool of resources and a wider circle of ideas from which to draw. On needn't officially 'join' a group or organization to be a part of a movement. Self-identification and/or agreement with the goals, mission, intent or purpose of any group just as powerfully links people together as any glossy set of membership cards could. That such organizations and groups (or an affiliation with the same) can be either a good or a bad thing is both 'self-evident' on one hand and 'all in the eyes of the beholder' on the other. If you like what the group or organization is trying to do or has accomplished, you'll generally think of the group in a positive way. If you don't like or approve of the actions of the group, you won't have much good to say about it. Thus just as the concept of 'resistance' is held as a personal point of view, so are both its purposes and results.

There is a strange disconnect between the 'popularity' of resistance movements and our personal experience. We might feel that identifying with a protest group is somehow noble or radical and we might even take a bit of pride in being 'courageous' enough to be a part of something so daring as to challenge the majority or prevailing viewpoint. But when it comes down to our personal experiences, well...let's just say that we hate it when bad things happen to good people. Those 'good people' being in this case, of course, us. Most of us don't like resistance when we experience it in our own lives. From the first time that a parent introduces our wee selves to that word 'no', we want to resist the message. We hate being blocked or stopped from doing what we want to do. Most of us stop throwing ourselves onto the floor in a tantrum kicking and screaming during an early stage of our emotional development. But some people never do. And. oh happy day, if you are the person behind the service counter on the morning when one of those 'how dare you blah-blah-blah' folks shows up.

But repeatedly hitting a wall or being blocked from what we might desire to do (or to have) should do more than simply make us angry and frustrated or to give us one h*** of a headache. We may need to actually be stopped on occasion in order that we might reevaluate, rediscover or rededicate ourselves anew. Resistance can force some punctuation into our run-on sentence lives in order to create a pause in which we can take a breath and really think out rather than merely act out our plans for (bwah-ha-ha-ha!) world domination. Resistance can be our friend.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Well, that didn't feel very friendly. It never does at the time. But resistance can slow you down for a bit so that you have time to look up from what you are doing in order to ask yourself the question, "Should I be doing this?" It is so easy to fall into patterns of behavior or thought and to just keep doing what you're doing simply because this is how you always did it. Whether it be an emotional response pattern or a political party affiliation or a religious ritual or the way you mix the peas and the mashed potatoes together, sometimes it takes a good slap upside the head- or a firm 'no' from the Universe (often cleverly disguised as your best friend or worst enemy)- to get us to just...stop..and think...and see as if it were from the eyes of a neutral observer what it is that we are doing or believing or supporting. And more importantly, why it is that we are doing it or believing in it or supporting it.

Sometimes, we find that we are (or were) just plain wrong. Well, that's a mighty blow to the old ego, huh? Ouch! This is the hardest lesson to see and accept and we generally will resist this ego pummeling whenever (and however) we can. But, sometimes we discover that we really were wrong. Admit it, make amends where possible and get on with the rest of your life. You'll find that resistance often simply melts away when you finally stop your emotionally charged infantile defense of yourself and your actions, accept your part of the responsibility for any given situation and grow up. The Gods have more important things to do than to be continually changing your diapers or popping your favorite pacifier back into your snoot.

If however, after a period of reflection, we do decide that what we are doing or believing in or supporting is still worth our time and energy and focus, then we can push forward and devote ourselves anew to overcoming the resistance. A renewed sense of commitment on the personal level is sometimes that little extra 'something' that gets the job done. Or should we find that our lives and our priorities have indeed changed, then we are set free- minus the heavy baggage- to pursue, fight for and enjoy other aims. Resistance doesn't have to mean, 'It's over. It's useless." The resistance that you encounter may not be telling you to 'stop' as much as it is advising you to 'yield' to a higher purpose, a better way or simply to slow down and think things through.

Like it and/or not, for better and/or for worse, everything changes. The resistance of the hardest rock eventually surrenders to the smoothing action of relentless water. The resistance of two objects rubbed together eventually brings forth heat and sometimes fire. The wind moves the ship through the resisting sea as it blows against the open sail. Resistance is both a part of Nature and a force that changes Nature. It exists as the thing that resists change and as the force that will change it. It is both the object that blocks our road and the nagging agent that (eventually) empowers us to move that object out of our way.

Resistance is not futile. It is an exquisitely frustrating, incredibly irritating, annoyingly head slapping and persistently contradictory power for transformation.

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, May 13th., 2002

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
The Webby Awards and the Princess

Greetings Pagans, Witches, Heathens and Wiccans!

I am miffed to report that Dixie (AKA Pissy Face) received almost as much email as I did this past week. To some extent she has become a heroine to many that embrace the dark side. Here are some quick excerpts...

"Way to Celebrate your Dark Side Pissy Face!" -- "Never give up... Never Surrender... NEVER say you are sorry" -- "Please don't email that article to MY CAT..."

Thanks go out to those of you that shared your cat, dog and mice stories... Great Stuff!. For a mountain of pictures of Witches and their Cats feel free to visit out Cats of the Craft Pages

So where is the princess at this moment? Right on my lap as with every update ever done here at TWV. With all the attention and email that she has received over the past week from the Pagan community, I just had to ask her how it feels... Her two word response was... (you guessed it) 'Don't Care!'. Why DO I bother to ask?

Could a (write in) Pagan Site Actually WIN This?

The Webby Awards 2002: Last week, we encouraged those who visit TWV to vote for ANY fave Pagan site over at the Webby Awards. To our shock, many of you did and many of you did for Witchvox. As of this writing, we just passed the Vatican (a beautiful site), are in second place and 'breathing' on Beliefnet (built with over 20 million dollars of investor capitol).

What makes the Webby Awards interesting is that, unlike the zillions of award programs out there, they are the real deal; respected, audited by 'Price Waterhouse' and apparently in their 6th year. I am not sure a Pagan site was ever nominated. Many of you are asking why! Some quick research reveals that you pay (85 bucks for next year) to be considered for nomination.

(To your left are the standings as of 3/12 at 1:00pm.) What IS frustrating is that we can't see how all of the other 'write ins' are doing. With so many well-written/award winning Pagan sites, I am sure that many ARE beating the nominees as a percent of total. Perhaps they will reveal this later. Pagan sites hit the net in 1995/1996 like no other spiritual path did and peeked (by my estimation) at nearly 10,000 sites in 1999. I still believe that *we* dominate the spiritual traffic on the net.

What is also interesting are the 'review/comments'. I checked them out on Saturday and was turned on to some wonderful spiritual sites both in and outside of the Pagan community. The Witchvox staff would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who posted such nice words about TWV and other Pagan sites in this section. Many outside the Pagan Community will read your words.

YOU made Witchvox what it is and has been for the past 6 years... and ONLY you will decide the winner of the Webby Awards. YOUR VOTE is Critical to the Outcome of This --- Vote Your Pagan Pride Vote for Any Pagan site that YOU feel is appropriate by CLICKING HERE.

In your service,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, May 13th., 2002

Photo Notes: Yes, she always looks like this and her eyes are actually greener than this photo reveals.

Witch Cinema: Antlered Gods, Desert Treks, and Pre-Raphaelite Punk

by Peg

Hello all and happy spring! I don't know about all of you, but when spring finally arrives for real, I begin to understand that I will be watching less TV and probably not going to the movies as often (something about all that extra daylight, warm weather and sweet-smelling growth all around!) There are a few interesting things to mention in this current installment of witch cinema, including a renegade comment or two about everyone's favorite TV grab your favorite beverage (Reed's Extra Ginger Brew for me) and join me for the latest!

Some of you probably already read in Wren's Nest about the latest WICKER MAN news. The Hollywood "remake" written and directed by Neil LaBute and starring Nicolas Cage is still going ahead, as far as we know. The newest thing (also reported on Wren's Nest--hard to keep up with all that woman's news-gathering, isn't it?) is that a sequel is being made in Scotland with many of the members of the original team (including writer-director Robin Hardy, and star Christopher Lee). This sequel is to be called THE RIDING OF THE LADDIE and rumor has it might also be starring Ewan McGregor! Wren's one-word comment on this ("Drool!") was even more eloquent than my own wordless gasping for breath--! Watch for more updates on this exciting development. The British team was obviously not to be outdone by a big-budget American production, which landed the remake deal primarily because the film's rights now belong to one of the biggest and fastest-growing studios in the industry, Canal + (that's "plus" pronounced in the French way), and the name of the game is usually "money." I hope the Scotland-based production gives the USA-based one a run for ITS money! (Ewan McGregor is way sexier than Nic Cage in my book). ---
Click HERE For Full Article

Witchvox is thrilled to announce...

Grey Cat Releases Deepening Witchcraft

This book is focused on the needs of the leaders in Witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism in general. Beginning with a highly concentrated introduction to analytical thinking, the book continues through many of the skills which must be developed and honed by the advanced student.

The book covers both objective and practical problems which are commonly encountered by a religious leader or magical adept such as teaching, designing public rituals, practicing advanced magic, and sponsoring a public event; it explores some of the knowledge a well-informed Pagan needs such as up to date input on our history, both ancient and modern and an examination of the religious beliefs of Paganism and the anatomy of their deities. Spirituality is not neglected; a chapter on spiritual growth offers both philosophy and practical suggestions to overburdened leaders and the health and growth of our community is examined in chapters on community relations and ethics.

"With this book, Grey Cat takes a keen look at many of our attitudes and assumptions. While we may not agree with everything she says -- which is as it should be -- this book takes us one more giant step towards maturity as a movement, and as spiritually satisfying faith tradition(s). She then reflects them back to us in a way that calls for us to look at ourselves and our ways with a clear eye and a sharp mind. And she does so with her unmistakable Southern 'tude. As we move out of the shadows of the broom closet and into the bright light of our wider communities, each of us can benefit from reading the thoughts, experiences, observations and wisdom of this Crone." - M. Macha NightMare, P&W

"Deepening Witchcraft is an excellent primer for the seasoned witch or neopagan who may be asking the question, 'So where do I go from here?'" - Wren Walker, co-founder of The Witches Voice.

To learn more about Deepening Witchcraft, go to the book's homepage at or visit Grey Cat's Home page at

Our Haven's Beltane Festival and 2nd Pagan Picnic
April 26-29, 2002 (French Lick, Indiana)
Review by Breanna WinDancer and friends

Our Haven's Beltane Festival and 2nd Pagan Picnic was held in French Lick, Indiana on April 26- April 29. Just being at Our Haven made the experience even more special. Our Haven's Dream is a dream in which we all can share, appreciate, and joy.

While it rained the entire festival, that didn't stop people from getting to know one another, workshops, drumming, fire twirling, bands, and the pagan picnic from being enjoyed by all who attended. We had A huge raffle with over 90 items, Drumming till 5 a.m., fire-twirlers twirling even in the middle of another downpour. One mans tent blew over into the fire pit, his reaction, was "oh. well I needed a new one" and the next morning to see him out on the main field trying to fly it like a kite.

People came from all over, Tennessee, Ohio, North Carolina, Chicago, and they all had one thing in mind. Fun, Family, and New Friends. Everyone went home, knowing they had found a place to call home. A home away from home. As Our Haven Elders say, LET OUR HAVEN BE YOUR HAVEN, and it truly is. -- {Full Review)

Other NEW Festival Reviews: Although not current news, this past week we also put up TWO very powerful reviews. Fire Tribe Gathering and FireDance. Judging from the steady traffic in our Festival review section it is clear that many of you ARE looking back, and in many cases checking out a festival that you may be interested in.

WebNote: For upcoming festivals and events in YOUR area, check out the Witchvox "Pagan Events" pages or visit our Major Festivals Page for a listing of the larger gatherings.

Adult Essays for April 2002 NOW Up!...
As of this morning, adult essays here at Witchvox have been read an astonishing 1,228,380 times. Both adult and teen essays here at TWV have been consumed a combined 2,315,576 times. This month's responses will only drive these totals to a new level... Great stuff!

Spirit Guides
What non-physical entities do you work with? What are your contacts in the realm of Spirit? Familiars? Fairies? Angels? Loas? Tell us who you are in communication with, how you contact them, and why. Here were the essays that we received on this topic:
    Spirit Guides #01 - by Mar-Garet Andreas
    My Creative Writing teacher (about 20 years ago) had just assigned to us: 'Imagine an entity who would symbolize to you great wisdom.' Then we were to write a dialogue with that entity in our journals. My 'entity' turned out to be a Porpoise by the name of Rosa! I enjoyed our journal dialogues so much... .I could ask her anything, and she'd always end up give me good (if sometimes quite hilarious) advice!

    One day, I was dialoguing with her when she said to me, 'Wait, I must assume another form in order to answer that question.' What was going on? She changed form into a beautiful and wise female 'presence' who has been with me since I was a very young child. The name of this 'presence' I called 'Saji.' (continued...)

    Spirit Guides #02 - by LadyTia
    Spirit Guides appear to us in many different forms, often ones which are most conductive to the needs of the individuals to whom they present themselves. Of course, there's an infinity of forms in which they may appear, for a multitude of goals. From Gods to Angels to Demons purposes could range from observing individual potential to keeping an individual safe from harm.

    Not always is the purpose of the communication from Spirit Guide to individual. In some cases the individual has found that they identify so well with a type or several types of non-physical entities that they seek out such entities for help to achieve a goal (continued...)

    Spirit Guides #03 - by Shaman David Aquarius
    A breeze drifted through my camp, warm and sweet with the scent of pine and cedar, mixed with the smoke of my fire. I was kneeling before a makeshift altar made from the stump of a long fallen fir, my medicine bag, and three stones arranged with two beeswax candles to form a pentacle in the rings. Around the valley, the creatures of the forest were singing loudly as if they knew that I needed an accompaniment to my ceremony (continued...)

    Spirit Guides #04 - by Angel
    I am one of the lucky Pagans among us, who has known one (ok, two, but this story is about one) of their spirit guides in both the physical and the astral. My spirit guide, who is one among many I have met, is a striking creature, whose presence endlessly enriches my life.

    When I was twelve, I was given my first pet, a beautiful lilac rex rabbit, which I named Lilly (continued...)

    Spirit Guides #05 - by Aurora Rose
    I was initially introduced to Wicca through my friend Duamuteffe, who practices a blend of Shamanism, Christianity, Wicca, and Hinduism. Due to her early influence, my spirit guides have always been animal totems. My first animal totem is Tigress. I honor her by placing a small statue of a tiger my shaman friend gave me on my altar. When I want to speak with her, I light incense in front of it and meditate (continued...)

    Spirit Guides #06 - by Aminata-ken
    Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated by skyscrapers. For some reason I have always felt that they were alive somehow, that there was more to them than just so much glass and metal. Subconsciously, I think I realized there was a soul there.

    "But isn't this supposed to be about spirit guides, and aren't we a nature religion?" I can hear some of you asking. (continued...)

How do you celebrate Beltane? What is its meaning to you, and what myths do you associate with it? Also, since it is a cross-quarter, do you celebrate it on the traditional day of May 1, or on the astrological midpoint of 15 degrees of Taurus? Here were the essays that we received on this topic:
    Beltane #01 - by Lauryl Stone
    'Hey schweethaht, what's a good-lookin' dame like you doin' in a joint like dis, carryin' a tube a' strawberry icing anna chocolate asparagus?'...

    Celebrating Beltane alone, that's what. It was a glorious chocolate cake, Red Hots marching in a crunchy, sweet sacred spiral around the lifelike asparagus standing tall in the middle, festooned with multicolored ribbons that I'd bought earlier that day. With no one to share it, it took me almost a week to eat the cake... (continued...)

    Beltane #02 - by Karl Lembke
    The Wheel turns, and soon the fires of Beltane will be kindled. Beltaneis the last holiday of the spring season, and the final awakening of theLady. Just as Imbolc was the awakening of the Maiden, and Eostre was theawakening of the Mother, Beltane is the awakening of the Crone.

    The awakening of the Maiden brought Light back to the world, and theland grew bright. The awakening of the Mother brought the green woods and meadows to life, and the land turned green... (continued...)

Next Month's ADULT Witch/Pagan Topics:
    Publication Date: June 9th
    Submission Deadline: June 2nd

    Topic: Summer Solstice
    How do you celebrate Summer Solstice? What is its meaning to you, and what myths do you associate with it? -- Go Here for details

    Topic: Pagan Festivals
    What part do Pagan festivals play in both your personal life as a Pagan and in the overall development of the Pagan community? What are some of the major issues you feel need to be addressed about our festivals: cost? safety? children? relationships with neighboring communities? standards of conduct? -- Go Here for details

Pagan Music Press Releases for 2002
from the Witches' Voice

PRESS RELEASE 5/11/2002:
DreamTrybe... Lots of News!

Lynda's daughter, Taylor, gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kiley Anne
April 23, 2002 @ 1:29pm in Houston, Texas

Join us for an 'online baby shower' !! Taylor is registered at BabiesRUs - we plan to host a shower for her in Austin to open her 'online gifts' - and we'll videotape Taylor and baby Kiley and put some of it up on the Dreamtrybe website! Best way we could think to include our extended, long-distance family in this little miracle we've just been gifted : ) To go to Taylor's baby registry, just click on Go to Baby Registries, enter Taylor Smith-Millard, and voila : ) Please don't think you have to purchase anything, though - Taylor would love to hear from you all, regardless ! She does not currently have a computer, so any messages can be forwarded thru or Taylor Smith-Millard c/o Dreamtrybe P.O. Box 150996, Austin, Texas 78715-0996. We couldn't resist sending out the attached photo, taken when Kiley was just one hour old... Proud Uncle Tabber sends his love as well !! : )

Ebay Auction Starts Today !
Velvet Hammer 'LIVE' cd ~(five) Original shrinkwrapped copies of the first cd produced by Velvet Hammer.

Founding members Ginger Doss and Lynda Millard are currently in 'Dreamtrybe'. The 'LIVE' cd has been out of print for many years and is not expected to be reproduced. Recorded at the legendary Steamboat Club in Austin, Texas on August 7, 1995, when VH consisted of Ginger, Lynda, Dana Davis and drummer Katrina Lassberg. Songs include: Mea Culpa, What You Think, Kansas, First Stone, Without a Spirit, Sorcerer's Song, Visions, Hanged Man. These copies were donated by Katrina, with proceeds going to the production of the new Dreamtrybe album due out in Fall of 2002.

The following URL will take you to the first of five copies. Click on 'view seller's other items' to find the other four copies, as well as Madame Magpie's other goodies up for sale : ) -- Auction Link (Auction ends in less than a week !)

Also... PayPal now accepted at - Acoustic Autumn cd available now ! -- The Dreamtrybe Yahoo Group and The Greenwood School May Fair Celebration and Fund Raiser --- Click HERE For Full Press Release and Contact info


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