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Weekly Update: 5/27/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: May 27th. 2002
Times Viewed: 6,765

The Giving Circle...

Only the pale light of the moon guided our way to the small ritual circle nestled amidst the trees. My depth perception deteriorates quite a bit in the semi-darkness, so I was most grateful for William's guiding hand at my elbow as I navigated the steps down and into the back yard. I could sense familiar energies as we formed a ring around the unlit fire pit but only the occasional sound of a muted voice coming from here or from there revealed the identity of those others who were present. Standing shoulder to shoulder under the Florida night sky, the modern trappings of house and street seemed to melt away. We could have been standing anywhere and at any time in history as we prepared to take part in the ageless ritual. The sound of a gecko skittering up the dry side of a palm tree seemed more relevant here than did the echo of the squealing tires of a unseen and distant car as they sped away to destinations unknown.

With a crackle, flames leapt up from the stone circle of the fire pit and Don's face flickered into view. The fire caught hold and we could now see the thirty other faces framed by its glow. As the ring of light expanded and embraced the small company, the gecko scrambled higher into the nest of palm fronds over our heads until only the jeweled sparkle of his eyes reflecting the flames remained visible. It seems that we had found our self-appointed guardian for the evening.

After chanting a welcome to the spirits in his Native tongue, Don Waterhawk extended his greetings to us as well. He then called his wife, Daniella, into the circle of friends and elements. I have always marveled at Dee's grace, but on this special night, she seemed to move more like a sylph than as a flesh and blood woman as she literally glided into our midst. A true beauty, she stood slender and silent by fire. No one would ever guess that she was thirty-nine years old. Tonight, in fact. For that was why we were here: to celebrate Dee's birthing day and to give her our gifts. These were not to be the kind of gifts that come from Pier 1 Imports- all neatly wrapped up in crinkly tissue paper and dripping with fancy bows- although we had already done that, too. (And she got lots of good booty, let me tell ya!) Our present now would come from the heart as each of us would speak of some gift that Dee had given to us during the past year. It was our time to complete the circle.

As Don walked the perimeter of the circle, Dee hesitated for a moment as if not quite sure where to begin. Her humble nature probably urged her to flee from such scrutiny, but she straightened her spine and handed the eagle feather to her oldest friend, Lisa. And so it began. Eye to eye, we each spoke our gift. "Your courage", said one "has been an inspiration to me." 'Your grace and understanding", said another. "Your words of wisdom when I most needed to hear them, " offered a third. Around the circle, the words came, the laughter came, and the tears came. The air was heavy with the smell of tropical flowers, as sometimes eloquently, sometimes stumbling, we shared our love and our gratitude with Dee.

There are plenty of things wrong in the world. There are plenty of things wrong in the Pagan communities. There are plenty of things wrong within each one of us. No one has to really tell us what those things are. Although there are always plenty of people who seem to delight in slithering around and doing just that, now aren't there? From your parents to your political leaders to the Pagan fluff-bunny basher down the street, there is always someone who just lives to tell you what's wrong with you, with your beliefs or with your world. Nothing and no one is perfect. Life sucks. People suck. Everything sucks. In fact, you suck. So there! Why won't you just take off those rose-colored glasses and cash your reality check already? Oh, you know these people, too? I guess we all do. They are usually not the subtle type. And there is after all, some measure of truth in what they say. But theirs is not the entire truth of how things really are-- or of how things could be.

Because some of us- I hope most of us- know someone like Daniella Waterhawk. Dee lives in pain every day from injuries she suffered in an old car wreck. She doesn't rant about the injustice in that. She bears it and she goes on. And in doing so, she teaches other people how to bear the pains that are unavoidable in life with grace and with dignity. She has known more sorrow and fear and betrayal and weariness than many of us ever will. Yet for all of that, I have never heard her say that the world really, really sucks. Rather in Dee's eyes, it is alive with hope and possibilities and new beginnings and love. It's not perfect just as she will admit that she is not perfect. But she chooses to see the best of what the world is and can be. She chooses to see people in their robes of potential greatness rather than in their rags of dismal futility. And through her eyes, we can sometimes see it, too. Our world is a better place because Daniella is in it. And because she is our friend.

As we finished the circle of giving, Don walked back into the fire circle. He had been trying to think, he said, of what he should say to his wife and what gift he could bring to her on this special night. And as he had walked and pondered, he had by chance to look up at the almost full moon. And that is when he knew what to say and what to do. He held Dee then in his arms- and as they both stood there with upturned faces in the moonlight - we knew what was in his heart even before he spoke it.

The moon's light, traveling across those hundreds of thousands of miles, kissed their faces and then began the trip back with its gift. What Don and Daniella reflect- what we all reflect- comes to us through the lessons and the people in our lives and then goes out again from us to others. We can always choose to turn our eyes away. We can always choose to walk out of the circle. Or we can choose to lift our faces up to the moonlight- lift it up to love and to grace and to hope- and then reflect that light back and outward for others to see. It's a choice. To hope, to love, to give is always a choice.

There are plenty of things that are right with the world. There are plenty of things that are right in the Pagan communities. There are plenty of things that are right within each one of us. They should be obvious but sometimes we need to hear it said. So be the one to say it. If someone has given you a gift of wisdom or of love or of support, thank him or her for it. Seek that which is right with the world, with the community that you serve or with the people whom you encounter. Speak it. Share it. Pass on the light that you have been given and know that it will come back to you again. Within The Circle of Giving, you are really neither the giver nor the receiver.

You are the gift.

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, May 27th., 2002

Photo Credit: Photo of Daniella Waterhawk (right WebSite) and Dana Davis (left WebSite) taken by Fritz Jung.

Big News: Isaac Bonewits Releases Witchcraft: A Concise Guide
NEW BOOK - New Pagan Publisher!

Isaac Bonewits' best-selling eBook about Witchcraft is now in print, seriously upgraded and expanded!

"Witchcraft: A Concise Guide" (Third Edition, Earth Religions Press) discusses the many kinds of activities (real and imagined) that have been called "witchcraft" over the centuries. It includes a preface and appendix by Ashleen O'Gaea (author of "The Family Wicca Book"), a succinct history of Wicca's true origins, a glossary, a recommended (and not!) reading list, an analysis of where Wiccan ritual came from (and how and why it works), advice on using music and poetry in rituals, and an introduction to Wiccan duotheology. This book is the fruit of the author's over thirty years of Wiccan research and practice and will be quoted and argued over for years to come.

This is the first title from Earth Religions Press, an imprint of Virtual Publishing Group, a pioneer in eBook and Print-on-Demand book technology. Other books and ebooks by Bonewits and other Neopagan authors will follow soon, under his editorial leadership. Says Bonewits, "I thought it was about time for a Pagan publishing house that was committed to scholarship and high quality writing." ERP will be releasing currently out-of-print classics as well as new titles by well known authors on ancient and modern Pagan paths. ERP will have the advantage of VPG's already existing relationships with major book distributors and chain bookstores.

Look for "Druidism: A Concise Guide" coming out later this summer and "Neopaganism: A Concise Guide" coming out this fall...

For the FULL press release, see Wren's Nest Article #4280
For purchasing info and details on 'autographed copies' visit the Isaac Bonewits Home Page

The Blue Ridge Pagan Alliance's Mid-Atlantic Beltane Festival
(May 2-5, 2002, Heavenly Acres Campground, Stanardsville, VAÊ)

An Overview of the Festival by Branwenn WhiteRaven

The weather wasn't the greatest, but the festival was full of fun and love. The sky rained on us a bit on Thursday evening, enough to cancel the Bardic Circle, but not to dampen the spirits of those who had come out to celebrate the first days of summer.

Thursday afternoon, Robert Matter, a singer/ songwriter from the Tidewater area of VA, and a long time attendee of the Charlottesville Beltane Festival, put on a very well done afternoon concert to a small, but delighted audience. Robert covered folk tunes and coffee house, classic rock hits from the 70s with a smooth mellow voice reminiscent of Harry Chapin.

Eoghan McNemer's Druid workshop-Part 1 in the main pavilion drew a small crowd that grew in number as the festival went on. This five-part workshop was very interesting and introduced Druidry to old and young alike. Our oldest son, Matthew, 13, has become very interested in the Druids thanks to Eoghan.

Lady Serafina and Quark officially opened the festival with a lovely unity ritual Thursday afternoon. Thursday night was the annual Opening Night Potluck Dinner, and as usual, there were a wide range of tasty goodies on the menu. Thursday night, the drums pounded through the growing Pagan village that radiated out from the village square formed by the vendor town in the center of the campground. Despite the raindrops of earlier in the evening, the festival was definitely underway. -- Click HERE for the Full Review

DrakNet Announces Digital Publishing

The Digital Publishing company is finally stocked with everything we need to get moving - the latest software to design the books, thousands of typefaces, a printer that promises 48 hour shipping, staff to run the company. The only thing we don't have are titles!

DrakNet is seeking nine titles of any variety (pagan, poetry, business, fiction, etc.) to publish through DrakNet Digital , a soon to be fully open print-on-demand/digital publisher. This will be a sister company to DrakNet Web Hosting.

In exchange for being our guinea pigs, as it were, the nine titles chosen will have their books formatted, edited for spelling/grammar, designed, set up for printing and ordering, and made available for sale at absolutely no charge to the author. This service will probably cost from $99 to $1000 once the site is fully operational.

For more information, visit: or email

Complete Press Release available over at Wren's Nest

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Season Finale

More Thoughts on Buffy: Now What?

by Peg (with comments from several Fans)

[Warning to UK Buffy Fans: Spoilers ahead!]

Well, the season finale aired and the world didn't end. Although, when Willow drained Giles (Giles is back!) of all the energy a coven in Devon, England had imbued him with, it seemed touch and go there for a bit. But Willow's anger and vengeance was redeemed by Zander's loving friendship (a most unsupernatural emotion, although I still have not figured how he was able to appear at the big ole satanic temple she erected on the hill; complete with inverted pentagram on the steeple! It actually looked pretty cool) and she will have to endure her grief and sorrow like any other mortal. Oh, and Spike has a soul now. And Giles is back! Can't wait until September.

But it seems pagan fans of the show are still a bit concerned about this use of the word "Wiccan" (and, when it suits the writers, "Wicca" as when Anya referred to Willow as "one powerful Wicca"). Though on at least one list I belong to this evolved into a very interesting etymological discussion of these words, the fact remains we are concerned about how the average fan or even indifferent viewer might misunderstand what we do, as a result of hearing this word thrown about in such a cavalier fashion on what is otherwise a very well-written show.

I don't have an answer to all this just now, but I have recently been giving a lot of thought to the impact of the media upon us as a community, and the ways that Hollywood has slowly been appropriating the more shallow aspects of our beliefs and practices into their weekly money-making entertainment ventures. Perhaps it all broke free when The Craft came out (remember that??? Every urban teenage girl with a set of plastic rosaries, some Doc Marten boots and a botanica in her neighborhood was declaring herself a mistress of the dark arts). But no matter how it happened, this is where we are. And if our wish to worship as we choose in the privacy of our own homes, or in public parks, is worth anything to us, we must resist the urge to shrug our shoulders and say "Oh well, that's just Hollywood, no one takes any of this seriously, it's only entertainment." If our efforts to educate the public about who we are (and aren't) is to have any effect or ultimate purpose, we have to acknowledge that the great American pastime, watching television, is part of that effort.

-- Click For Full Article & Comentary from a Panel of Fans

Dancing the Fires - New Segment Added this Week!
by Trish Telesco

Duties, Care & Feeding of Guest Speakers & Artists

In keeping with the overall theme of our Festival series, this article is directed to both the guest speakers/artists and festival coordinators. Putting together a GOOD gathering isn't easy, and you need "names" to put on your advertising. Nonetheless, it's not always easy to find the right speakers and artists, nor know exactly what to expect from these individuals. Likewise, guests don't always know what to expect from a gather!

The most important thing to remember in the Festival Equation is that there is a partnership of trust between a festival coordinator and a presenter or artist. It's very important that everyone do their "jobs" and remain responsible to the community. For example, presenters and artists need to start and finish talks or performances on time (professionalism does not allow for Pagan Standard Time, and remember that other people may be waiting to use your space). They need to be available to the community to share, teach, and interact on an intimate level (you cannot teach or provide guidance if you're not present and atttentive to the community). Third, they need to be mindful that festival staff members are NOT there to be personal servants (common sense and courtesy still goes a long way). It doesn't matter how "famous" you are - among family putting on airs isn't appreciated. Bear in mind that high maintenance presenters don't typically get invited back very often.

-- Click HERE for the Full Article

Webby Update...

Your voting for Witchvox and other Pagan sites over at the Webbys is making a big statement in the 'best spiritual website category'.

This past week saw little changes in the standings. Witchvox picked up 3 more percent of total and is presently in the lead with 38%. Beliefnet is still in second place (with 19%) and showing no change in the past 7 days. None of the above (people that didn't like the 5 choices of the experts) still holds at 60% and continues to be the largest write in percentage of any of the categories,

With two weeks to go, anything can happen and this past week the 20 million dollar funded 'Beliefnet' made their second BIG PLEA for both votes and testimonials for themselves and did this on one of their busiest pages... The intro to their Chat/discussion Area! Although, we believe Beliefnet a 'shoe in' in the judged awards, it is clear that they want the People's Voice award as well. So...

In a Bizarre Move, and 2/3'ds of the way through the voting, the Webby folks decided to selling banner advertising via a plea on the top of the results pages.

If you haven't voted, and would like to see a Pagan site win, your vote will matter big time. YOU made Witchvox what it is and has been for the past 6 years... and ONLY you will decide the winner of the Webby Awards. YOUR VOTE is Critical to the Outcome of This -- Vote Your Pagan Pride Vote for Any Pagan site that YOU feel is appropriate by CLICKING HERE.

Highs in the 90's: This past Thursday came in as our busiest day EVER delivering 96, 801 Page Views (258, 560 page element hits/4 Gigabyte of File Transfers - see stats from server logs) to seekers of the Pagan Path. This was the second day to crack 90k in as many weeks.

PNO's (Pagan Night Outs) are Everywhere...
Here is a quick excerpt of one recently held in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

On May 11th, Burlington, ON Canada held it's first Pagan Meet and Greet Picnic. The picnic began at noon and although we had been warned to expect rain, the day was bright and sunny. Twenty or so people attended, each bringing along with them delicious food to add to the potluck.

We set up next to a permanent Labyrinth in Central Park. In the center of the Labyrinth was a cauldron where all who wanted to participate in the 'Gift Swap' deposited the gift they had brought, anticipating the actual swap which would take place later on that afternoon.

The main purpose of the picnic was to meet other like-minded individuals in the area. With so few ways for solitary practitioners to meet other solitaries, we thought a casual sit down picnic and social would be the perfect opportunity for all to... well... meet and greet! A few brought guitars, a violin teacher brought his violin and another played a drum. The music was wonderful, well received, and added a nice touch to the afternoon.

At the end of the day, I passed out a simple survey to see who would be interested in attending future events and if so, what kind? I received a favorable response from all! In this part of Ontario, there doesn't seem to be much available in the way of casual socials but many in the community wish there was.

Well, I'm taking that idea and running with it! This summer, more events will be planned, organized and scheduled. All Pagans in the Southern Ontario region (or further away if you wish to travel! lol) are welcome to attend! If you are interested in being on the email list to receive event information, please email me at .

Bright Blessings to all,


Web Note: For a listing of PNOs in YOUR Town Click HERE

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
Page Views, Hits, and Server logs v1.0

Mood: Chillin' and Grillin'
Listening to: BSO (Brian Setzer Orchestra)
Atmosphere: Fengshui Balance by Wren
Crisis Goal: Conversion of Forms

Greetings Pagans, Witches, Heathens and Wiccans!

Before I saunter off on this weeks topic, I'd like to take this space and this time to thank an old friend, N'osal Woodbender (WebSite) for creating the wonderful wood carving to your right. We received this a couple of weeks ago and were simply blown away by its magick and its beauty. N'osal is one of those rare givers and healers in our community and is becoming known for (amongst other things) his incredible stands for the famous "Brahm's Eclectic Bookworks book of shadows" (WebSite). It is one of many hopes that we will be able to hug and thank N'osal in person someday, until then we will cherish this gift. thank you my brother, your magick will heal us all.

This past week and for the first time ever, we exposed our Month To Date Stats Page to the world (although we have pointed some of you that have asked to these pages over the years). We did this to put to rest the often-received question... "Are your Stats REAL?" Yes! They ARE real, we have nothing to gain by fabricating them. We have been reluctant to point you to our stats page in the past, mostly because we had two domains, two sets of stats and two servers, and it would have been a bit complicated to explain... In mid April we wrapped up the conversion of our .net domain and are now hosting 98% of our pages in one location. Since day one we have captured our page view stats PER page on a daily basis, this enables us to best understand what you are interested in, and what you are not. Without this information we would have never been able to shape and evolve TWV. What Wren and I are personally interested may or may not have any correlation to what you see at TWV.

Several of you did notice this link last week and emailed us to point out that our Month to Date Page views (on the front page of Witchvox) is substantially LESS than what this stats page shows. The reason for this is due to the fact that we don't included Error, Administrative, or Redirect Pages in our totals. We actually use another stats program to detail the MTD page views on a page by page basis! We export that page daily, rip up the numbers on our PC and spit them back to a table that feeds all the individual pages stat totals, and the grand totals on the front page.

For many years' sites have fabricated or 'pushed' their stats to best present their traffic. Many simply lied to both YOU and their potential advertisers. Lying is NEVER good practice and the truth will surface and expose the fraud. Many 'busy' sites don't REALLY want you to know/see their stats, this way they can claim anything they like. Early on, advertisers wanted proof, and since they were paying for 'impressions' (how many of you looked at their ad) they had every right to see the real numbers. One could argue that this was the beginning of the DOT.COM disasters that started in '98.

Hits vs. Page views: If you see a site claiming big 'page hits' or 'hits' stats, this may not mean they are lying but to help end this confusion we offer the follow example of just what happens when YOU request to view a web page from the 'net. It's not all that complicated really but most of you have never seen what it looks like... So here's the deal (We will use our front page -- -- as an example).
  1. YOU click on a link or type in '' (our domain name) into your web browser.
  2. YOUR computer sends this request out on the internet in an effort to find this 'address'
  3. To make a long story short, your request hits one of the regional routers that has a list of ALL domains ( and the location OF the server that is 'hosting' them.
  4. Your request is matched and transferred over TO the web server (a computer not unlike your own PC) that hosts the domain
  5. In the case of, that server/computer is located in a rack of computers in Hoboken, New Jersey. It is sitting there 'listening' for requests for pages and graphics located on it's hard drive.
  6. When this server gets a request for a page, it logs the request(s) and then transfers (from Hoboken, NJ over the internet) the text, HTML (code that puts a webpage together) and any images on that page back to your computer.
  7. Your web browser (be it AOL, Internet Explorer or Netscape) receives all these pieces and puts them together offering YOU the webpage in its completed form.
  8. Amazingly this all happens (at least in our case) in less than 1/4 of a second.
Those Mysterious Server Logs Revealed: Detailed below is what is captured when someone hits the front door of Witchvox (our splash page) and every site on the internet. Also captured (but not displayed here to keep it simple) are the page the surfer came from, the type of computer/web browser they are using and the length of time of their stay ON that page. When this request is made our server delivers our 'index.html' page and all it's images to this web surfer.

Here's what a typical page request looks like in the server logs.
    64.5.XXX.246 - - [25/May/2002:16:48:46] "GET /index.html HTTP/1.1" 200 35046 "-"
    64.5.XXX.246 - - [25/May/2002:16:48:46] "GET /pix/whtmarble.jpg HTTP/1.1" 200 6506 "index.html"
    64.5.XXX.246 - - [25/May/2002:16:48:46] "GET /pix/nl1.2.jpg HTTP/1.1" 200 12768 "index.html"
    64.5.XXX.246 - - [25/May/2002:16:48:46] "GET /px/voxlinkf90.jpg HTTP/1.1" 200 9012 "index.html"
    64.5.XXX.246 - - [25/May/2002:16:48:46] "GET /px/clear.gif HTTP/1.1" 200 42 "index.html"
    64.5.XXX.246 - - [25/May/2002:16:48:46] "GET /px/wpwh.jpg HTTP/1.1" 200 12602 "index.html"
    64.5.XXX.246 - - [25/May/2002:16:48:46] "GET /pix/voxcircle125.jpg HTTP/1.1" 200 11385 "index.html"
    64.5.XXX.246 - - [25/May/2002:16:48:46] "GET /pix/reddot.jpg HTTP/1.1" 200 2414 "index.html"
    64.5.XXX.246 - - [25/May/2002:16:48:46] "GET /px/wa77.jpg HTTP/1.1" 200 8149 "index.html"
    64.5.XXX.246 - - [25/May/2002:16:48:46] "GET /px/bev.jpg HTTP/1.1" 200 18608 "index.html"
    64.5.XXX.246 - - [25/May/2002:16:48:46] "GET /pix/beigedot.jpg HTTP/1.1" 200 2036 "index.html"
What you see above are 10 'hits' (or requests for page pieces) - From left to right - The first number is the surfer's IP address (an ID that person was assigned by their internet service provider the last time they 'connected' to the internet) then the date/time of the request -- the page text/html or an image on the page -- the type of request (200 equals a first time request) -- the size of the element requested and finally the name of the page that contains the elements.

The above request for page pieces or 'hits' happened 6, 913, 968 times here at TWV last month (see April Stats), yet we counted ONLY the full page requests (2, 336, 240) on the front page of TWV. Many folks DO count the above example as 10 hits or 'page hits' to render a more impressive total. Mercifully the days of rating 'hits' are giving way to the more realistic measure of actual PAGE VIEWS. Page Views have always been our preference.

'Zines and Newspapers Hit the Net and get an eye opener!

Is that popular columnist REALLY that popular? As I said last week I am an measurement freak and apparently one of the nice features OF the net is that you CAN measure just about everything. This was an eye opener for many print publishers! Prior to the net, it was almost impossible for a newspaper or a magazine to know just what articles were actually being read. Many columnists/reviewers strutted around for years claiming how popular they were. When these same authors work hit the net, the publisher could see (on demand) exactly what articles WERE being read. In some cases there were surprises and the unknown authors were getting MORE requests for their pieces than the famous columnists did. My THIS was interesting! And, in many cases, salaries and even positions were adjusted accordingly.

For example: This past week we featured 3 key stories and after 5 days know that Peg's piece on Buffy the Vampire Slayer WAS the most popular with 1, 498 reads, Bev's piece "An Irish Witch visits America" was read 789 times and the new Trad Profile "Hellenism (Hellenic Ethnic Tradition)" was read 457 times. We know from experience that the first two pieces will be read less in the future in that they are timely statements and that the profile on Hellenism will receive steady reads for years to come.

So HOW busy ARE Pagan Websites? For a variety of reasons this has been a secret, but that is changing. In fact many are VERY busy. With the advent of the post-nuke face on many a Pagan site, we can finally see how 'popular' a site really is because many ARE using the stats module that does choose to measure page views.

And what IS the quickest way to getting allot of traffic for YOUR site? Set up a message board and get the word out. Many Pagans are more than willing to offer their opinions of just about everything. Once a message board starts to build, it will build quickly and you will have lots of traffic. Since message boards ARE dynamic, the typical regular will hit that reload button all day long to see if there are any NEW messages. Every one of these reloads counts as a page view.

I thank you for consuming my humble overview of hits and page views. I will see that this piece evolves and is archived as a laypersons reference to help end this confusion.

In your service,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, May 27th., 2002

A Much Needed and Deserved Break: Look for a new set of Teen and Adult essays in the next couple of weeks. There will be no essays for the month of July, Diotima is taking a well deserved month off from collecting and editing the essays. Look for Essay topics for August thru December to be posted here at TWV in the near future.

June's ADULT Witch/Pagan Topics:
Publication Date: June 9th
Submission Deadline: June 2nd

Topic: Summer Solstice
How do you celebrate Summer Solstice? What is its meaning to you, and what myths do you associate with it? -- Go Here for details

Topic: Pagan Festivals
What part do Pagan festivals play in both your personal life as a Pagan and in the overall development of the Pagan community? What are some of the major issues you feel need to be addressed about our festivals: cost? safety? children? relationships with neighboring communities? standards of conduct? -- Go Here for details

June's TEEN Witch/Pagan Topics:
Publication Date: June 2nd
Submission Deadline:May 26th

Topic: Summer Solstice
How do you celebrate Summer Solstice? What is its meaning to you, and what myths do you associate with it?

Topic: What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans?
Being a Pagan teen can be difficult. It can be hard to find others who are Pagan, often parents don't understand, and finding training can be almost impossible if your parents aren't Pagan. How can adults in the Pagan community help Pagan teens? Should Pagan parents make themselves available to talk to the non-Pagan parents of Pagan teens, and how can they reach those parents? How can adults help to educate teachers and school administrators? What about setting up social functions such as coffeehouses where both adult and teen Pagans can come to socialize and listen to music? Let us know what adults should (and shouldn't!) do in this area.

See Ya all next week!...

In YOUR Service,

The WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, May 27th., 2002


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