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Weekly Update: 6/3/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: June 3rd. 2002
Times Viewed: 6,596

The Picture of Patience...

It's late Spring at the Little Pond. The broods of February baby squirrels have all grown up- and although they still hang out together quite a bit- the competitive urge typical of animalistic maturity is beginning to set in. Squabbles- complete with teeth clicking chatter and punctuated by some considerably impressive tail flicking- now break out almost every day. Soon they will be arguing over which tree belongs to whom and other such issues that are apparently so very important to the squirrelly social set. Such as peanuts. They figured out long ago just where peanuts come from and as a result, I have been forced to reject outright all fashion trends that feature a sleek or 'hip skimming' design. Peanut Ladies need lots of roomy pockets. So kiss those tight jeans goodbye. I have my responsibilities and so I do try to carry off the required fashion faux pas with grace. At least now, I also have some help.

The giggles heard echoing from the staircase that leads down to the Little Pond signal that this help is now on the way. At four-years-old, he is still a bit haphazard in the sprinkling of the birdseed, but he does show considerable promise. Whatever finesse he may lack in the motor skills department however, Chatter Boy more than makes up for by his sheer enthusiasm for the task. Faithfully every day, he and his father are out there feeding the critters. And so it is that on this particular morning, as I sip my coffee on the balcony, I watch Chatter Boy race across the still dewy grass to the bare bones of the willow tree. Drought and old age finally took Willow down during the past winter, but she is still the designated feeding area until the inevitable chain saw comes to lay her finally to rest. It's sad, but it's Nature's way.

I can't see the father from my current lazy-butt vantage point, but I hear his voice directing the boy about something. Curious, I get up from my deck chair and peer over the railing. And there below me, I spy Photo Dad setting up his video camera. I call him 'Photo Dad' because the guy must have a hundred cameras. Today, he has three of them out there: a video camera (which he is busy setting up on a tripod), a handheld digital camera and a very small square pocket style one. Chatter Boy skips over to where Photo Dad is still peering through the video camera's viewfinder and scoops up the little square one. Chatter Boy got his name for the obvious reason. He is at that age where he keeps up a constant stream of conversation. If there is no one else around, he simply talks to himself. (Probably at that dreaded "WHY?" stage, too, come to think of it.) The little square camera must be the Boy's parentally authorized own to use as Photo Dad doesn't instantly lunge for it. (If you are a parent- or had younger siblings- you know that instinctive 'snatch it outta their sticky thieving little fingers' panic move, I'm sure.) Apparently this is going to be a 'photo opportunity' morning. I decide to stay put and watch. Good thing that I did or I wouldn't have a storyline for this week. Here's how it went.

Taking Chatter Boy by the hand, Dad leads him to a spot near Faded Willow. "Now stand here," he says softly, "and be quiet. When the birds come, you can take a picture." "Okay, Daddy," says Chatter Boy. Dad walks back to his video camera and stoops down to look into the viewfinder.

Two seconds later, the Boy is walking back.

"The birds won't come, Daddy," he pouts. Photo Dad looks up from the camera. "You have to wait and not move and then the birds will come," he explains. Dad walks Boy back to tree. "Now stay right here, don't talk and don't move and the birds will come." Probably figuring that he had covered all of the bases this time, Dad walks backs to camera. Looks in viewfinder.

And sees Boy running back in his direction.

"The birds won't come. Daddy. I waited and the birds didn't come." Dad straightens up. (Again.) He takes the Boy's hand and walks him back over by the bushes. (Again.) "The birds will come. You have to stand here, be quiet, not move,"- and then obviously reaching for a more magical element this time- "you have to think good thoughts about the birds. They will come." Dad walks back to his camera. A few moments of silence. Then from the bushes, the Dad and I hear, "Come on, birdies. Come get your picture taken. Say cheese..." "Shhhhh..." advises Dad, "You have to be quiet." Looks back into lens.

Looks down at Boy who suddenly materializes at his side.

I look up at the eaves where dozens of pigeons and blue jays and grackles are waiting for things to calm down so that they can simply get a bite to eat. I swear that I saw one of the pigeons actually tapping his foot... but maybe he just had a sudden twitch or something. I hear Photo Dad quietly say, "Now look, Boy. The birds will come. They want to come. But you have to stand still and you have to wait. That is what you have to do if you want to get a good picture." Back over to the bushes, they go. Back to the camera, Photo Dad goes.

Two seconds pass. (A new record.) And then another two. And another. From the bushes, a sing-song little voice asks, "Are they coming, yet, Daddy?" at the very same instant when all of the birds who were just heading down toward the tree... take an abrupt U-turn and flutter back up to the safety of the eaves. They look at me. I just shrug apologetically. The kid's gotta lot to learn.

"Shhhh..." Dad shushes. "They will come..."

Now from my vantage point, the birds don't look all that sure that they even want breakfast anymore. But after another minute or so, they decide to give it another go. They get to the Faded Willow. They take a couple of pecks. They get their picture taken.

They streak back to the eaves as Chatter Boy runs past the tree shouting, "I got the picture, Daddy! I got the picture!"

Photo Dad smiles and ruffles the hair on the top of Chatter Boy's head. "You did? Good for you! Did they say cheese?" "Uh-huh" nods the Boy, "Can we go take a picture of the fishies now, Daddy..."

As Photo Dad and Chatter Boy walk hand in hand down to the edge of the Little Pond, the birds finally get their breakfast. The 'fishies', on the other hand.... well, by now you know how the storyline goes and can probably write the rest of the tale yourself. Leaning back in my chair, a sense of sweet well-being comes over me. Another lesson learned.

Patience, (the ability to steadfastly endure misfortune, pain, or hardship; the willingness or ability to wait calmly when faced with delay; steady perseverance; persistence) is a learned behavior. A four-year-old Chatter Boy doesn't have much of it as yet. Photo Dad, on the other hand seems to possess it in abundance. (May the Gods bless him!) That Chatter Boy will learn to have patience, I have no doubt. Dad is teaching him how important it is to have patience if one wants to get a good picture. But more than that, Dad is teaching Boy that to enjoy the things around you, one must have the patience to wait and be still and to let these things come to you, as they will. Some things in Life are rather skittish. One must remain quiet and still and patient for a bit before they will approach you. In our spiritual lives, it is the same. Sometimes we have to wait. Sometimes we have to just shut up and start to listen. And sometimes, we are lucky enough to find a teacher or a mentor who teaches us how to be patient by being patient with us as we learn.

Such teachers or mentors know that developing patience is important. So they won't bite your head off because you naively ask the same question that hundreds of people have already asked them before. They won't roll their eyes (Well, not so you can see them.) when you come running back to them time and again for advice (The same advice that you previously ignored, no doubt.). They don't 'teach' the virtue of patience by being impatient themselves. What they understand in the way of spiritual knowledge is important stuff. And because it is such important stuff, they will take the time and make the effort (again and again and again if necessary) to make sure that you get it right. By their acts of patience, they teach patience. And they teach patience because not only do they care about that important stuff; they care about you. That a Dad would love and care about the development of his Boy is quite understandable. A good teacher or mentor will care for and train and nurture a dedicate, an initiate or a seeker in the same manner. And it is a lesson that will last long after the training period is over. It is a gift that will endure for the rest of your life. It is a gift that you can then pass on to your own spiritual 'children'.

The squirrels have stopped their squabbling for the time being and the birds are gone from the eaves. Somewhere Photo Dad and Chatter Boy are probably telling the tale of the great photo opportunity to Mom and looking at the pictures together. There will be some pictures of birds and of fishies in the mix and, no doubt, lots of pictures of blurry grass and boy-sized sneakers as well. An actual Picture of Patience won't develop anywhere on the film, of course, but I know that it is there.

As seen through the lens of the spirit, it is most definitely there.

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, June 3rd., 2002

Photo Credit: Photo of Daniella Waterhawk (right WebSite) and Dana Davis (left WebSite) taken by Fritz Jung.

Webby Update...

Multi-Million Dollar Funded Spirit Sites Rally for Votes!

This past week saw both the Catholic Press and the Beliefnet staff wake up and pound on their visitors to vote for them in the Spirituality section of the 6th annual Webby Awards. It is clear that no one expected a Witch Site to be in first place with a week to go.

Two weeks ago, Witchvox had 38%, Beliefnet 19% and the Vatican 7% of the total votes. As of this writing (and with 5 days to go), things have changed substantially. Witchvox dropped to 34%, Beliefnet increased to 22%, and the Vatican jumped to 3 full points to 10%.

So what happened? The Vatican itself has made no plea on their site, BUT a huge Catholic emailing list/website ( put out the word and quickly inspired enough votes to grab three more percent of total. The folks at Beliefnet clearly want this award and in the past week have made pleas for VOTING in several key places on their site. Later in the week, Bnet added the plea to their front page and linking to a page of detailed instructions.

We believe that there are Pagans who haven't voted as yet and that we could rally in the final five days to seal this up.

For the past two years, the Webby panel of 'spiritual web site experts' apparently haven't seen ANY Pagan sites that were worthy of nomination (and there must be over 8,000). I, personally, find this daunting. NO, you don't (technically) have to pay to be nominated and their experts CAN nominate a site that didn't pay. Yet still, no Pagan sites were nominated this year or last year.

If you haven't voted, and would like to see a Pagan site win, your vote will matter big time. YOU made Witchvox what it is and has been for the past 6 years... and ONLY you will decide the winner of the Webby Awards. YOUR VOTE is Critical to the Outcome of This -- Vote Your Pagan Pride!

Vote for Any Pagan site that YOU feel is appropriate by CLICKING HERE.

Officers of Avalon Takes Flight

Today, just a we went to 'press', we received the following email update from Kerr on Officers of Avalon. To us, this man is one of the true heroes of the community. His integrity and work ethic are an inspiration for us all... Look for some powerful pieces, an entire series in fact, BY Kerr here at TWV in the next few weeks.

Dear Wren and Fritz,

Thanks again for listing us on your web site. We have had a tremendous response to our announcement of our evolution into an organization representing the Pagans working in these fields. We've heard from people in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK and the USA. At the moment, Officers of Avalon has two levels of membership:

Full Members:
  • Current or Retired Police Officers (Including Reserves, Specials and Auxiliaries).
  • Current or Retired Firefighters
  • Current or Retired Paramedics
  • Current or Retired EMTs
  • EMS Dispatchers (Police- Fire- EMS)
  • Current or Retired Corrections Officers
Associate Members:
  • Doctors, Registered Nurses, etc.
  • Persons who wish to belong to EMS or become a Law Enforcement Officer.
  • Security Guards
Our e-group is free and will remain so. We are discussing membership fees to cover other membership services at the moment.

Officers of Avalon want to show the world that we follow a valid and respectable spiritual path. We want to show the people of the free world that some of the people who are defending that freedom are Pagans like us. We want to establish a support network for those Pagans within the emergency services who do not yet feel that they can safely make their Pagan beliefs public.

One of the reasons that we are doing this is to challenge the so far unchallenged radical Christian element within the police and emergency services that are disseminating information calculated to scare people into the pews and, at the same time, prolong the discrimination that we have been on the receiving end of for decades. They're doing this by presenting themselves as "experts" trying to protect the public. We're not taking this nonsense any longer. We have a unique opportunity and position to take advantage of here. We've had enough. We take the first step next week when I will be a presenter at the National Youth Gang Symposium in Orlando: I will be educating 1, 400 police officers about youth involved in Wicca and Neo-Pagan religions.

Our web site,, is up and running. It includes a brief history, statement of aims, bios of the board of directors and information on membership. Part of the site is a "wall of patches" which depicts the shoulder flashes of the organizations that our Pagan officers work for.

Our e-mail addresses are: OR
Our mail address is: Officers of Avalon, PO Box 79005, Dartmouth, MA, 02747

Please help us get the word out to other Pagan emergency personnel. We won't be able to contact the Pagan emergency personnel out there by writing to police chiefs and the CEOs of organizations: Many of these are Christian and won't pass this information one. Any support that you can offer will be appreciated.

Bright Blessings

Kerr Cuhulain, author
(aka Detective Charles A Ennis,
Vancouver Police Department,
Youth Services Unit)

Hot Stats...

Crowding 100k! Another Record Day at TWV: This past Thursday (5/30) came in as our busiest day EVER delivering 98,739 Page Views to seekers of the Pagan Path (206,567 page element hits/4 Gigabyte of File Transfers - see stats from server logs). This was the third day to crack 90k in as many weeks.

May 2002, Our busiest Month Ever: This past month smashed all hit, pages, and bandwidth records here at TWV. During the month of May Witchvox served up 2,476,936 Pages of information, 7,235,270 'hits' and transferred 107 gigabyte of pictures and text to seekers all over the world. Thank YOU for creating the content and making this all happen!. - TWV staff

Got An Astrology Question?

What does your Moon Sign mean? So how will the Saturn-Pluto opposition affect world events?

Astrology plays a key part in our day to day lives. Here's the place to share information, explore interpretations and ask questions with TripleMoon Witchware Astrologer Michael Pendragon.

Fritz and I have known Michael for years and he is indeed 'the real deal'. So if you have ever wondered how the planets in your horoscope chart influence your personal or magickal life or if you just have a general query about astrological matters, Michael can answer your question and/or steer you in the right direction.

Check out:

Good Woman... Great Writer!

Author Barbara Ardinger tells us that the publisher of her fine book, Practicing the Presence of the Goddess, is not being adequately publicized because the publisher (New World Library) doesn't quite know what to do with a book about goddesses and Witches and Pagans.

In her review of the book for a recent Covernant of the Goddess newsletter, Leah Samul wrote that "Practicing the Presence of the Goddess is a small book filled with relentlessly practical ways to make the Divine Feminine part of your life during every waking minute. And if you follow the suggestions offered her, you'll probably be dreaming about Her, too. The book contains many small rituals that take only minutes to do, all written in straightforward, no nonsense prose with a touch of humor. ... This book has much practical useful information, but it is so concisely written and portable (140 pages and slightly over 5 by 7 inches) that it easily fits into your handbag or backpack. Happily, it is hardcover, so it won't get torn or tattered if you carry it around a lot. Whenever [someone] who has no knowledge of our religion asks me what to read as a starting point, there are two books that I recommend: The Spiral Dance and Practicing the Presence of the Goddess."

Help keep this book in print. You can buy it through by typing in Barbara Ardinger's name.

Check out Barbara's Website: for the latest on her activities and her newest works.

Alchemy VII Releases Song of Peace

Alchemy VII just put up a new song on Mp3. It is called Pray Peace. It is written to send Peace out to the world. Please take a listen and visualize Peace . Send Peace to the world leaders so they may find another way to resolve differences rather than with war. Send Peace to each person on earth so we may find peace within ourselves... Send this on to a friend that needs peace in their life!

Alchemy VII

The MP3 File can be found by clicking here
For the latest on Achemy VII Visit their Website at

Two Wonderful New Essays...

Kyriea and Sunfell Offer Up Some Food for Thought!

This week, we are honored to feature two thought provoking essays by two regular writers for Witchvox. We offer you some teaser copy and links to the full essays.

The Pixel-Hexen Tradition - by Sunfell
The Pixel-Hexen Tradition is a very old one: dating back 41353000 (hex) milliseconds, which are millennia if you're a computer (or only 10 years if you're a person). The Pixel-Hexen Trad began with the Internet, and its first attendants, the scientists and military people who created ARPANET, but did not really flower until Saint Andreesen created the Great and Powerful Mosaic Interface that made the endless command-line rituals obsolete, and gave life to the first True Browser.

Very few practitioners practice the Command Line Rites of Interface any more, but many agree that the mainstreaming of the Pixel-Hexen Tradition by the introduction of cheap, understandable computers, and continual bombardment of mailboxes and magazines by the Cult of AOL brought out the Fluffier Elements of practice in huge numbers... (Full Essay)

The Way of the Universe - by Kyriea
The way I look at the Universe is quite complicated but also quite simple. The Universe created everything, is everything and everything is the Universe and will go back to the Universe. By that I mean, the Universe (or whatever you may call your higher power) created everything and is therefore in and a part of everything. Everything the Universe made is made up of the Universe and therefore someday will be joined back with the Universe. So we are all one with the Universe, the sky, the trees, the air, the water, the planets, even the space between molecules are all made by the Universe and is of the Universe... (Full Essay)

Young Pagans Speak Out!

Three Inspiring New Young Pagan Essays

What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans?
Being a Pagan teen can be difficult. It can be hard to find others who are Pagan, often parents don't understand, and finding training can be almost impossible if your parents aren't Pagan. How can adults in the Pagan community help Pagan teens? Should Pagan parents make themselves available to talk to the non-Pagan parents of Pagan teens, and how can they reach those parents? How can adults help to educate teachers and school administrators? What about setting up social functions such as coffeehouses where both adult and teen Pagans can come to socialize and listen to music? Let us know what adults should (and shouldn't!) do in this area.
  • What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans? - #1 - by Emerald Sunshower
    My parents are perfect. They're kind, caring, considerate, they choke down their fears and misconceptions in order for me to be happy. They respect my rituals and keep out of my room, and even though they hear little whispers, chants and soft Enya (or Puddle of Mudd) music coming from my room at night, they politely keep quiet. My mother keeps me well in stock of incense, candles, charcoal blocks, and altar covers. Oh yeah, my mother is Episcopalian, an active part of altar guild, my father is agnostic (I think, he pretty much keeps quiet about religion unless to make fun of the crazed aggressive fundies that hand out pamphlets on the street), and doesn't care what I do as long as I don't sacrifice the cats... (Full Essay)

  • What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans? - #2 - by Alclain
    Hmmmm... what do I need as a young Pagan? I need a lot of instruction! (Joke, though not a very good one) -- No really, being a young Pagan is very hard for me. I only know of one other person in a 20-mile radius that is a Wiccan, and luckily she's only one year younger than me. -- I've been a Pagan for a little under a year now, but I still haven't learned almost anything. My parents are staunch Catholics that believe that Pagan is associated with being non-Catholic, not a religious belief of its own. I would very much like to know about any local Covens around, but that is almost impossible since my parents or any of my friends do not know about my Paganism. I talk the girl once and awhile, but I almost can never get anything out of her-whom she has learned from or when she first... (Full Essay)

  • What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans? - #3 - by Lylas Anewyddion StarChilde
    What do Pagan teens need from Pagan adults? We need support, guidance, and some one to just say 'You're doing all right.' We don't need to be discouraged, looked down on and called 'newbies' in a critical, holier-than-thou way. We need adult Pagans to reach out and grab our hands when we are waving them blindly in the dark. But we also need to be listened to and have our opinions and voices be respected.... (Full Essay)
NOTE: A Much Needed and Deserved Break: Look for a new set Adult essays nest week. There will be no essays for the month of July, Diotima is taking a well deserved month off from collecting and editing the essays. Look for Essay topics for August thru December to be posted here at TWV in the near future.

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
WOTW 7.1, Email Cloaking and some Feature Treats

Mood: Inspired
Listening to: DreamTrybe
Atmosphere: Thunder and Lightening
Crisis Goal: Conversion of Forms
Treats: Tacos & Key Lime Pie

Greetings Pagans, Witches, Heathens and Wiccans!

It was a glorious week of gaining much headway in our networking section Witches of the World (aka WOTW). Some powerful changes were made and our goal of further protecting your email addresses from the thieves may have been achieved. So without further ado, here are the details...

WOTW Email Addresses Now Protected from Spammers.

Finally! Yes, finally this past week, we made this happen! We actually found a way to hide ALL of the email addresses (in our WOTW networking section) from the spam bots that troll the net looking in both surface and underlying code for YOUR email address. No longer can greedy Pagan commercial ventures use TWV to steal email addresses.

I have spent many sleepless nights knowing that these damn spam bots ARE constantly trolling the Voice. They hit a domain, and follow page after page, link after link, looking for anything with that '@' symbol in the middle of it so that they can harvest it. They do this in mere seconds! Then they sell their 'booty' to countless greedy and unscrupulous 'marketing' firms that re-sell them, in bulk, to those who want targeted email lists. They even offer them on CDs ("150 million email addresses for 50 bucks"). I hate these people... I want them stopped; I want them arrested; I want them to quit ripping off your time and your life.

As of this writing, there are over 44,902 email addresses in the Witchvox 'Witches of the World' networking pages. Until recently, they were displayed right alongside your listing(s)... A few months ago, we made it more difficult for the bots to find by hiding your email address in the source code of the page that details your listing. But as soon as the user clicked the email link, your email was revealed in their email program. The spam bots didn't have to bother. They trolled the html source code and simply 'snarffed them up'.

What we did (finally!): This past week, we instituted a brand new custom-written system. Effective immediately, YOUR listing is completely hidden from the Spam bots and even from the person sending YOU an email. Here is how it works... Instead of hot links that open your email program, we created a form for you to use to send email to anyone listed in our WOTW section. The beauty of this form is that YOUR wotw EMAIL is never revealed- EVEN in the source code. When someone fills out the form to email YOU, he/she will never know your email address UNLESS and UNTIL YOU receive that email and make the decision to respond to him/her. We added a validation feature to this form so that no one can send you a blank email or use a bogus email address and we have plans to take this many steps further in the months to come.

Extra features with this new system.
  • For the first time ever, we can track how many of you ARE emailing groups, events and the personal listings. (NO, we don't actually SEE the email, but we do know how many times the forms are used).

  • WE get all the undeliverables back... Sweet! Witchvox is one of the ONLY Pagan websites that we know of that does a verification of ALL email addys ever three moons (84 days). Our good friend, Wade Berlin over at Phoenix Festivals, began doing this recently as well and is the ONLY other Pagan WebCrafter I know of who also thinks that this is a good idea. -- Most sites don't seem to care, don't know how to, or couldn't be bothered with cleaning up their links and email contacts. To us, it is a must do!

    With this new system, YOU make us aware of bad emails whenever you email a group, event, Pagan, etc. and if the email fails. If it goes though, we hear/see nothing, If the email generates a 'user unknown' or 'mailbox over quota'- it comes back to us. We plan to do a global verification shortly because it has been 90 days. After that, we will do weekly removals of all bounced mail from the email addies at TWV.

  • This new system doesn't allow for attachments, so NO one can send you viruses via that carrier from it.

  • No longer will there be any doubt as to where a Pagan Spammer got YOUR email address. Since many folks DO list at TWV, the assumption has been that the Pagan Spammer got your email address from Witchvox. This isn't always true. With this new system, we append the body of the 'sent message' with a note stating that the email WAS sent from Witchvox and that YOUR email address is UNKNOWN to the sender.

    Yes, a spammer could still fill out the form and hawk their agenda, product, group, etc. to you. BUT, this recent change will keep the commercial spammers away from learning, selling and/or using YOUR email address. And YES, anyone who wants to take the time can fill out this form to preach to you whatever it is that he/she/they preach. BUT, they will NEVER know your email address UNLESS you respond TO THEM.
We are very excited that the increased protection of email addresses over at WOTW is (finally) a reality. It's been a long time coming and we thank you for cutting us some serious slack in this area. We really do work hard at this.

Other Big Changes to Our/Your WOTW Pages...

WOTW Macintosh Bug Squashed!
Another victory this past week included nailing down WHY the WOTW listings came up blank for some of you. Since we did the conversion from the old system, nearly a dozen folks emailed us about this problem. Most of the emails were kinda crabby- and so, of little actual help- but a few did respond to our questions about what type of browser and operating system they were using (Thank YOU)... We needed this info to 'fix the problem'. It all pointed to Macintosh users that were using the AOL browser or Microsoft Internet Explorer v.4.5. The problem? Apparently a 'blockquote' tag used in the layout was just NOT compatible with the aforementioned set-up. We rewrote all of 2,400 pages in our networking section to fix this.
Witchvox Central... Windows Bigots?

Three of those who complained about having problems viewing the WOTW pages actually accused us of discriminating against and/or not caring about Mac Users.

To Set the Record Straight! Witchvox has always been composed, tested and evolved exclusively ON Macintosh computers. Personally, I make my living as a Windows IT Manager and deal with a network that consists of 22 Windows 2000 PCs, 2 Windows NT Fedex PCs, Citrix Metaframe, MS Sql 2000 and a small rack of Windows NT servers. For years, I have spent 11 plus hours a day as 'the Windows guy' for three different companies... BUT, when I get home, I don't have to! Yay!

For hundreds of reasons, Wren and I choose the Macintosh to create and evolve Witchvox. We always have and, until Mr. Gates removes this option and actually DOES take over the world, we will continue to do so.

Powerful NEW Pagans of the World Searches: As of this writing, Witchvox lists 34,392 Witches, Druids, Wiccans, Pagans etc. for you to network with from all over the world. Our search engine for these listings has just been expanded to enable searches for those with similar likes (or dislikes), those in your zip code (or township or county), by name, or via the details they typed in their profiles. We have added this expanded search feature to the side bar of all 2,000 pages in our Witches of the World pages. - Use it with our blessings!

Global control over the WOTW Pages: Just yesterday, we rewrote the side bar of the WOTW pages so that we can make global changes to the area pages without having to regenerate all 2,000 of them. In the weeks to come, we plan to do a major rewrite on the Main Pages for your area, and in doing so, to better deliver to YOU new content and local news.

Who Sells What
1,000 Merchants

Pagan Merchants -- Who Sells What: Another new feature added to our vast Pagan Merchants section (now with over 1, 000 listings) is the ability to search for specific products and to find out Who Sells What. You can find this on the side bar of every page in our Pagan Merchants Section. (see 'hot' search engine to right - give it a ride)

Thousands of other changes: Indeed, there were thousands of changes applied to the WOTW, VoxSearch Pagan links, Pagan Merchants and Pagan Musician pages in the past week. They are now smarter, more inclusive (browser wise) and all point to Cloaked Email forms for contacts.

I close this week thanking you for your patience with us related to the opportunities noted above. Kindly note that we are all volunteers at this end and take NO cash for any of our work. We do the best that we can in our 'spare time'. We are motivated because we believe in this community and are honored to serve YOU.

You have built the largest Pagan Website on the Planet and YOU deserve only the best.

Vote for YOUR fave Pagan site as a write-in at the Webbys (It's wicked easy to do).

Tell your email lists, groups and friends.

This award is yours- and IF enough of you CAN rally and actually vote- YOU can win this.

In your service,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, June 3rd., 2002

Last Week at Witchvox

Big News: Isaac Bonewits Releases Witchcraft: A Concise Guide AND annouces new a Pagan Publisher! (read the details on where to buy and how to get an autograph copy)   New Festival Review: The Blue Ridge Pagan Alliance's Mid-Atlantic Beltane Festival by Branwenn WhiteRaven (with some wonderful pictures)   Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Season Finale! Peg Aloi and Friends offer their thoughts on this two hour finale   DrakNet Announces Digital Publishing and is seeking nine titles/authors to test things out   Dancing the Fires - New Segment Added this Week! -- Trish Telesco adds to this critical resource with a piece entitled "Duties, Care & Feeding of Guest Speakers & Artists  Webby Update... the latest standings, the peoples voice is heard and some clarifications   Highs in the 90's: Another Record Breaking Day at TWV: This past Thursday Witchvox delivered 96,801 Page Views Full Page Requests to seekers from all over the world making it our busiest day ever   Pagan Night Outs are Everywhere... Blackangel offer's his thoughts on one held earlier this month in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

See Ya all next week!...

In YOUR Service,

The WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, June 3rd., 2002


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