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Weekly Update: 6/10/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: June 10th. 2002
Times Viewed: 5,057

You Probably Already Know This, But...

People don't always know what it is that they want. Or if they do, they don't always know how to ask for what they want. Inquire of any Pagan teacher or long-time practitioner and he/she will almost certainly have a few lurid tales to tell about the "I want to be a Witch' emails that he/she has received over the years. If a new seeker happens to catch such an elder on a good day, he or she may get a simple- albeit brief- bit of advice on books or web sites or other venues for beginning research. Catch 'em on a bad day though and he/she will get 'The Lecture'. You know the one. It usually begins with the phrase "When I started out (insert number of decades ago that was here) , no one..." and goes on from there. Perhaps the new seeker upon entering a Pagan message board or chat room would be well advised to make his/her first post something like "So, who in here is in a good mood today?" just to be safe. Now dancing around a subject is an irritating little jig that we all do from time to time. Why we do it is sometimes clear to us and sometimes it's not. What is so very difficult about asking for what we want? A lot of things.

For The Seeker: What you really want right now may be totally unrealistic.
What a new seeker may really want to happen when he/she ventures into a Pagan venue is for everyone there to instantly recognize and embrace such an obviously magical new talent in their midst. Some new seekers actually come in and announce themselves as one possessing such wondrous and 'special' powers that he or she will understand if you are temporarily awestruck by such a mage and so can't respond right away. The lucky ones are those who just happened to choose a place where everyone there does take a couple of deep breathes before responding. There are very few lucky ones. Reality wears a very heavy boot as many a new 'self-proclaimed mage' has discovered. So why do some people put on such airs anyway?

Well, no one likes to admit that they don't know diddle about something that they'd like to be known for. In other words, if being a full-fledged and powerful Witch or Druid or whatever is somebody's dream, it is hard to admit to those who already may be just that very thing that you don't know squat about the subject. So you try to bluff your way in. Word to the wannabee wise: Don't try to bluff a Witch. For the sake of your own self-esteem, just don't. Instead, ask for what you really need: advice and guidance on how to attain your dream. Admit that you know little about the subject but emphasize that you are willing to learn. Ask specific questions about specific topics. Come back in a week and report on your progress. Then you are in a position to ask for more information. Then you are truthfully asking for what you really want, but in a way that is more likely to actually help you to achieve it. Respect/recognition comes to you when you do something worthy of it. Want it bad? Then work towards it hard.

For The Teacher: What you really want right now may be totally unrealistic.
Wouldn't it be nice if every new seeker that you encounter actually had taken that advice noted above? Wouldn't that put some of the joy back into the teaching/guiding process for you? To have an eager, yet sensible initiate who is dedicated to hard work and study show up on your doorstep would indeed be a dream come true. But because you so often see the other kind, you've become a little jaded. And you are prone to tar every 'newbie' with the same brush thereafter. Well, these are beginners and few of them will come to you with a degree in history or theology in hand. One way to tell the difference between the two is to ask him/her the simple question: WHY? Not 'why are you asking me these questions' or 'why the h*** don't you read a book', but "Why are you interested in Witchcraft or Paganism or even magic (k) ?" If the seeker can tell you why he/she wants what he/she says he/she wants, this will tell you a lot about whether you want to offer further guidance or simply start putting on your other boot now.

Knowing what we really want and being honest about what we really want is the key. If what you as a teacher wants is an eager and dedicated initiate, then tell anyone applying for that position just that. Tell him/her that you will work your buns off if he/she will. Otherwise, have a nice day.

For The Seeker: Everyone wants to receive praise and avoid criticism.
You want to be liked and admired and seen as someone special? So does everyone else. It is the number one motivating factor after all of the basic human needs are satisfied. Well, you are special. You have a talent or a skill or a personality trait that is unique and special to you. And so does everyone else. Instead of trying to get other people to see just how special that you are, try expressing what you find special in other people. People like people who like them. If a certain teacher or author strikes you as being particularly astute or kind or patient or brutally honest (whatever it is that you admire in another person) , then tell him/her so. You will find then that this person will be more inclined to answer your questions. After all, you have already demonstrated that you have such remarkably good powers of perception!

For The Teacher: Everyone wants to receive praise and avoid criticism.
That heavy boot is not always the best way to change another person's point of view. In fact, it seldom works for the long term. No one likes to be told that they are wrong even if they are indeed wrong. Let's repeat that: No one likes to be told that they are wrong even if they are indeed wrong. People become defensive when they or their position is attacked outright. The self-defense mechanism of the ego automatically kicks in. From that point on, anything that you say will be rejected as a further attack.

People are emotional critters. It isn't logical that people would hold on to an opinion or a viewpoint that has been proven by facts and figures and documentation (and by you!) to be incorrect. But they will in order to save face and protect their own sense of self-worth. There is a way around this and it is so simple that it almost never occurs to folks to use it. By simply putting the phrase, "You probably already know this, but..." before you go on to make your 'correction', you allow the other person to agree with you without having to admit that they were in error to begin with.

Now in reality, they probably didn't know that (whatever it is) and furthermore you know that they didn't know that and quite honestly, they know that they didn't know that. Doesn't matter. Their ego has not taken a direct hit and so they are open to the correction which you and they have 'already' agreed to. They may even feel safe enough to admit that 'no, they didn't really know this but thanks for the info'. This only really works if the person can see that you do have the facts in your possession even though, oddly enough, that is not enough if you just try to force feed them with those same facts. People are quirky that way. Might as well work with that if you really want to see some changes. Of course, some people just like to fight and argue even more than they want to see changes actually happen and as such wouldn't be open to any other sort of approach anyway. And some people really are simply jerks.

School's out. Vacation is in. Summertime generally brings with it an influx of new seekers to the Pagan message boards, chat rooms and physical world events. Knowing what it is that you- as either the seeker or as the teacher- really wants/expects from such a relationship and being upfront about that from the very beginning can do much to make these next few months a challenging and yet rewarding experience for everyone.

But then again, you probably already knew that...

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, June 10th., 2002

Festival Review...

The Fifth Beltane Bash - London, England
Sat 25th & Sun 26th May 2002
Review by David Ash

What a week it's been! Every night there's been something going on over the past week. When I should have been resting in preparation for The Beltane Bash, there was I, out at moots and teaching night's etc! The weather has been terrible, high winds, rain and more rain!

Saturday soon came around, the skies were bright, blue and very clear, the early morning sun warming old London town. We arrived at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square a little after 10.00am, the parade was due to leave at 11.00am. The Pagan-folk of London were already assembling outside in the square; a wonderful assortment of Morris dancers, drummers and assorted colourful characters, the Giants were also there, Morrigan. Old Dame Holda and Old Man Thunder, Hearne and Seline, and of course, the Caduceus "Jack" the Spirit of Summer. The police escort arrived on cue, and the parade left almost on time. Most people were masked, as is tradition, including me! I was having a go at playing my new drum (badly!) but there were plenty of people to carry my bad playing! We had a new Jester/fool this year, it took a while to realize who it was, but eventually I knew; it was Les Fuller from the drumming workshop. He certainly got into the spirit of the occasion; the bladder on his stick hit almost everyone! Including a couple of rather large policemen who took it all in good part. When we stopped for a short break, Paul Manning the porter of The Morrigan Giant, and co organiser of the festival, decided to "dance" the Jack. Well, there was this fountain, and he danced through it! he then carried our very game fool through it too! By now time was marching on, and we were returning to the hall. Trish and Jacci (Raven & The Rose Coven) greeted us at the entrance; it makes parting with money much easier when beautiful women are taking it from you!... (Full Review)

I AM 2 Campaign Targets the Solstice...

Received in email earlier this week...

"On Summer Solstice, June 21st, 2002, the IAm2 campaign asks that you send your post cards in with ours, in interfaith support of religious freedom, diversity and tolerance.

Pagan Unity Campaign is broadening the scope of its I Am 2 project, and is encouraging parents, friends, and colleagues of pagans to participate by sending in postcards to state officials. While there is no official form, the suggested format is "I am the [religion] [relationship] of a pagan [relationship." (Example: "I am the Lutheran mother of a pagan daughter." "I am the Catholic co-worker of a pagan fireman.")

Complete details on the I AM 2 campaign can be found at the PaganUnity Website

Major Update to

Trish Telesco's home page has just been updated with a complete face lift. Thanks to the dilligent efforts of the Web Guru (Trish's husband Paul) , this site has wonderful new features including an ...
  • interactive community board,
  • a direct order bookstore (for signed, personalized copies) , and
  • many new services like gift certificates and readings
Of course all the standard features are still there -- notes for novices, help for new writers, Trish's up-to-date travel schedule and even a press kit. Please stop by and look around! We'd love for you to visit or sit for a spell!

For the full experience... Sur to www.LORESINGER.COM

Llewellyn Launches

This week, Donald Michael Kraig announced the launch of a unique and spirited new approach to free online spiritual content. This beautifully crafted site features the original works of many famous Llewellyn Authors, offers free content for YOUR website (see details at link below) , and is looking for more writers to boot.

Here are some excerpts from the 'about' page over at
    "With The Llewellyn Journal, we are opening a new page in the history of spirituality, occultism, metaphysics, and the New Age. We are going to be providing in-depth articles by recognized experts and new but promising writers. These articles will focus on individual topics, techniques for personal transformation, and reports on the results of trying the techniques by people like you".

    "When I say that The Llewellyn Journal is opening a new page, I really mean it. As a journal, it will have articles that can go deeper than anything you've seen in New Age magazines before. But unlike journals on paper, The Llewellyn Journal will have a special, on-line price: it's free".
For complete details, visit the website and see the 'Welcome to' link for a complete overview of this site.

Witchvox Note: The Witches' Voice has no affiliation with this publisher or any other. The Witches' Voice does NOT get involved in ANY commercial co-venturing with for profit entities inside or outside of the Pagan community. We never have. We present this and other commercial announcements (literally thousands in our links, Merchants, Musician's sections and others) here at Witchvox in the name of news of interest to the community. We accept no compensation for doing so. The decision to consume their goods or services is yours alone.

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
WOTW 7.1, Profound Thanks, DVDs/Teeth Marks, and More Tweaks

Mood: Thankful and Impressed
Listening to: BSO (again)
Atmosphere: Oppressively HOT
Treats: Tacos & Chocolate Swiss Rolls

Greetings Pagans, Witches, Heathens and Wiccans!

It was a wonderful and productive week here at TWV... We worked on some more enhancements to YOUR networking section Witches of the World (aka WOTW) ... We saw a record number of submissions of groups, events, and Pagans to the WOTW pages... We witnessed the Pagan community come out BIG time and vote 'Pagan' over at the Webbys... Felt the excitement of gathering up dozens of Pagan Police and law enforcement officials... My, My, Pagan Pride is riding a high and it's everywhere. Why? Because we have SO MUCH to be proud of.

WOTW Pages NOW Officially v7.1!

Over the weekend, we gave the Main State/Province/Country pages in our networking section a substantial face-lift. The short list of enhancements includes; adding some new dynamic portals, featuring the newest Covens and Groups listings, feeding Local announcements LIVE, noting scheduled circles and events for the current moon cycle, adding a Pagan unity graphic (thanks Ari) , fixing and enhancing the area stat totals and adding a dynamic window so that we can insert global messages quickly into all of the WOTW pages.

To Visit YOUR update Area Page... Click HERE or hit your area link of the left side bar of this page.

Also worth noting, we expanded the 'Pagans Search' capabilities to encourage you to look for those of a similar path, tradition or religion... This search feature is available on all 2, 000 of the Witches of the World pages and can be found on the left side bar.

If you missed last week's announcement about the powerful restructuring of the WOTW section. Click HERE... The most substantial change is the protection of ALL 44, 000 email addresses. No longer can a spam bot troll the WOTW pages for email addresses They can't see them EVEN in the source code. We have also made this MORE difficult for Pagan Spammers... Anyone can still email you, but they will never know YOUR email address unless YOU actually respond TO them.

Since we took on the task of rewriting WOTW from scratch and for the UNix OS, load time has improved by a factor of 20. These pages now load, with a peppy connection, in less than a quarter of a second thus giving you near-instant access to over 44, 000 Pagans, Groups, Events, Websites, Shops and Professional Pagan Skills and services from all over the world. Look for more powerful changes to Your Networking section in the weeks to come.

Pagan Websites Rule the Webbys.

Voting ended over at the Webbys' 'Peoples Voice Awards' this past Friday. For the last 48 hours of the voting, they chose to HIDE the live results in an effort to create surprise for the night of the awards ceremony. The winners will be announced on the Webbys Web Site on June 18th. No matter what the actual outcome or who is decided as the 'official winner', it is clear to us that the Pagan community won this in so many ways. Based on the comments and actual votes, as of last Wednesday, Pagan Web sites grabbed MORE than 50% of the total vote! I need to say this again... Pagan Web sites grabbed MORE than 50% of the total vote!

Countless Pagan sites were written in by many of their fans and a HUGE statement was made. I could only picture the average voter clicking to vote in the Spiritual category, seeing the 'choices', casting his/her vote and THEN seeing that a Witch site was in the lead by a substantial margin. If this same 'average voter' also then checked the write-in comments, he/she quickly saw that dozens of Witch, Wiccan and Pagan sites were noted and celebrated. Oh MY! I am sure that many folks weren't expecting to see that. - Sweet! It's also worth noting that journalists and all kinds of 'important people' probably did see this and that alone is a major victory for 'all things Pagan'. The message was clear: We are numerous and we have a voice worth listening to.

The Witchvox staff would like to thank those of you who voted for Pagan community Sites and congratulate the official nominees for being selected by the Webby panel of experts as the best spiritual sites on the net. We also offer our deepest thanks to those of you who posted hundreds of comments of support for TWV at the Webbys.

Reminder: WOTW Macintosh Bug Squashed!
Another recent victory included nailing down WHY the WOTW listings came up blank for some of you. Since we did the conversion from the old system, nearly a dozen folks emailed us about this problem. Most of the emails were bitchy and of little actual help - but a few did respond to our questions about what type of browser and operating system they were using (Thank YOU) ... We needed this info to 'fix the problem'. It all pointed to Macintosh users that were using the AOL browser or Microsoft Internet Explorer v.4.5. The problem? Apparently a 'blockquote' tag used in the layout was NOT compatible with the aforementioned set-up. We rewrote all of 2, 400 pages in our networking section to fix this.

The Love, The Drama of opening DVDs
Last week, we received our (measly) $243.00 refund check from the Feds and after we paid off a few bills we headed off to the DVD store for some treats. On Thursday night, Wren and I took a few hours off from our WV work and finally watched the Harry Potter Movie. We loved it! We also picked up another spiritual classic, the 'collectors edition' (Don't they say that on just about ALL DVDs?) of Field of Dreams.

From a technical point of view, DVDs are a real homecoming, especially after suffering with videotape all those years. Wide screen, 'making of' features, language choices, instant scene access, etc. etc.... WOW! What took so long? (An industry fight over the 'standard' actually) What I loathe about DVDs is the 'secure packaging'... Are we the only ones who have teeth marks all over the edges of our DVD boxes? Every one that we try to open is a fight with the extremely tight shrink-wrap and death grip security labels on all three sides made up of what appears to be some sort of invisible tape. It's a ritual JUST to open these damn things.

Quarterly Email Verification: This week marks 90 days since we last tested all email addresses in our WOTW section. Over the next two weeks, we will repeat this painful but necessary procedure. Any listing that has an email address that returns a 'user unknown' or 'mailbox full' will be removed. If you receive one of these emails from Us, DO NOT respond to it unless you want our computer to automatically remove your listing. This test will effect all 44, 000 of the listings in the WOTW section of Witchvox.

Have a Magickal Solstice Everyone!

In your service,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, June 10th., 2002

Adult Essays for June 2002 NOW Up!...
As of this morning, adult essays here at Witchvox have been read an astonishing 1, 228, 380 times. Both adult and teen essays here at TWV have been consumed a combined 2, 315, 576 times. This month's responses will only drive these totals to a new level... Great stuff!

Pagan Festivals
What part do Pagan festivals play in both your personal life as a Pagan and in the overall development of the Pagan community? What are some of the major issues you feel need to be addressed about our festivals: cost? safety? children? relationships with neighboring communities? standards of conduct? Here were the essays that we received on this topic:
  • Pagan Festivals #1 - by Li Nightsong Ferelwing
    This is a question I have asked a lot recently after returning from yet another festival. I have been told that there was a time long ago when Pagan Festivals were about spirituality. Where people shared their love of their religion and showed them their paths in peace and respect. There was a bit of the hippy movement within the Pagan faith but for the most part it was about religion and spirituality and freedom. I would have loved to have seen this and been a part of that kind of festival. Where complete strangers would meet and dance and sing. Where you would leave knowing everyone who had been at the festival and you could feel as if you were part of a greater whole a community. They were small festivals not bringing many into their gates but they were where powerful and beautiful magick was made. Where long lasting friendships were... (Full Article)

  • Pagan Festivals #2 - by Grey Cat
    I think the thing I like the most about Festivals is that they are a great legal high. This "high" is made up of a variety of things, the ambient energy levels, being around "folks like me", getting to really talk and discuss my religion with others - particularly others on approximately the same level as I. While this is far less important as an adjunct of festivals than it used to be, most of us spend a lot of time communicating with students and teaching ritual to them and it's very soothing to be with people to whom you don't have to explain much.... (Full Article)

  • Planet Numb: Why I've Pretty Much Had It With the Drum Circles - by Kell Brigan
    When I first started hanging out with the Pagans, twenty years ago, my personal connotations of "magic" and "Witchcraft" going in were of noble, contemplative individuals, who wore velvet robes, carried gnarled walking sticks, and spent long hours discussing the world's mysteries with the crows, or an apprentice, or perhaps only with the spiritual echoes of the books of wisdom in front of them. Their air was filled with the faint, faint dusty sweetness of old herbs, and surely a brook ran near their rough-hewn cottages, complete with silver trout, or perhaps the impossible leap from a salmon of knowledge. Their rituals were attended by small groups of the noble elect, who gathered together with... (Full Article)

Summer Solstice
How do you celebrate Summer Solstice? What is its meaning to you, and what myths do you associate with it? Here were the essays that we received on this topic:
  • Summer Solstice #1 - by Calliope Hellice
    Midsummer is coming up quickly, much more quickly than my friends and I would like it to. We're trying to get our ritual written with at least two weeks to memorize it. We also need to get a location set up where we can have a bonfire, and supplies gathered by the weekend before. There are four of us who join together on Sabbat nights. We are all different in personality, we are all in different learning phases, but we all have one thing in common: we are Witches. ... (Full Article)

  • Summer Solstice #2 - by Karl Lembke
    The year has been growing warmer, the days getting longer. Some flowers continue to bloom, but the mad rush of May has faded. Crops are planted, some of the flowers have been pollinated, and fruit is growing where petals once dwelled. All of nature has awakened, and all is alive and growing, nurturing young, fruit, and seed to maturity in the fall. As the mad rush of flowers in May has faded, so, too, has the mad rush to get crops planted. We have left the time of awakenings and beginnings, and entered a time of maintaining ... (Full Article)

Bonus Essays for June...

The Pixel-Hexen Tradition - by Sunfell
The Pixel-Hexen Tradition is a very old one: dating back 41353000 (hex) milliseconds, which are millennia if you're a computer (or only 10 years if you're a person) . The Pixel-Hexen Trad began with the Internet, and its first attendants, the scientists and military people who created ARPANET, but did not really flower until Saint Andreesen created the Great and Powerful Mosaic Interface that made the endless command-line rituals obsolete, and gave life to the first True Browser... (Full Essay)

The Way of the Universe - by Kyriea
The way I look at the Universe is quite complicated but also quite simple. The Universe created everything, is everything and everything is the Universe and will go back to the Universe. By that I mean, the Universe (or whatever you may call your higher power) created everything and is therefore in and a part of everything. Everything the Universe made is made up of the Universe and therefore someday will be joined back with the Universe. So we are all one with the Universe, the sky, the trees, the air, the water, the planets, even the space between molecules are all made by the Universe and is of the Universe... (Full Essay)
NOTE: A Much Needed and Deserved Break: Look for a new set Adult essays nest week. There will be no essays for the month of July, Diotima is taking a well deserved month off from collecting and editing the essays. Look for Essay topics for August thru December to be posted here at TWV in the near future.

Adult/Teen Essay Topics for the August...
    Topic: Lughnassad/Lammas
    Do you celebrate Lughnassad, Lammas or another early harvest festival? If you do, tell us how you celebrate it, when, and what myths, stories and rituals are important for you around this time. -- Go Here for details

    Topic: The Mineral Kingdom
    The use of stones and crystals in religious practice spans many cultures. Do you use stones or crystals as part of your magickal, meditative or ritual practices? What part do they play in your practice? Have you gotten information on the stones from a tradition, from personal experience, or both?

    Teen Publication Date: August 11th Submission Deadline: August 4th -- Go Here for details
    Adult Publication Date: August 18th Submission Deadline: August 11th -- Go Here for details
Topics for the rest of the year for Adults and Teens will be posted in early July

Young Pagans Speak Out!

Three Inspiring New Young Pagan Essays

What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans?
Being a Pagan teen can be difficult. It can be hard to find others who are Pagan, often parents don't understand, and finding training can be almost impossible if your parents aren't Pagan. How can adults in the Pagan community help Pagan teens? Should Pagan parents make themselves available to talk to the non-Pagan parents of Pagan teens, and how can they reach those parents? How can adults help to educate teachers and school administrators? What about setting up social functions such as coffeehouses where both adult and teen Pagans can come to socialize and listen to music? Let us know what adults should (and shouldn't!) do in this area.
  • What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans? - #1 - by Emerald Sunshower
    My parents are perfect. They're kind, caring, considerate, they choke down their fears and misconceptions in order for me to be happy. They respect my rituals and keep out of my room, and even though they hear little whispers, chants and soft Enya (or Puddle of Mudd) music coming from my room at night, they politely keep quiet. My mother keeps me well in stock of incense, candles, charcoal blocks, and altar covers. Oh yeah, my mother is Episcopalian, an active part of altar guild, my father is agnostic (I think, he pretty much keeps quiet about religion unless to make fun of the crazed aggressive fundies that hand out pamphlets on the street) , and doesn't care what I do as long as I don't sacrifice the cats... (Full Essay)

  • What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans? - #2 - by Alclain
    Hmmmm... what do I need as a young Pagan? I need a lot of instruction! (Joke, though not a very good one) -- No really, being a young Pagan is very hard for me. I only know of one other person in a 20-mile radius that is a Wiccan, and luckily she's only one year younger than me. -- I've been a Pagan for a little under a year now, but I still haven't learned almost anything. My parents are staunch Catholics that believe that Pagan is associated with being non-Catholic, not a religious belief of its own. I would very much like to know about any local Covens around, but that is almost impossible since my parents or any of my friends do not know about my Paganism. I talk the girl once and awhile, but I almost can never get anything out of her-whom she has learned from or when she first... (Full Essay)

  • What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans? - #3 - by Lylas Anewyddion StarChilde
    What do Pagan teens need from Pagan adults? We need support, guidance, and some one to just say 'You're doing all right.' We don't need to be discouraged, looked down on and called 'newbies' in a critical, holier-than-thou way. We need adult Pagans to reach out and grab our hands when we are waving them blindly in the dark. But we also need to be listened to and have our opinions and voices be respected.... (Full Essay)

Our Gift to You for the Solstice

For June 2002, we are honored to offer a timely holiday tune entitled Summer Solstice...

This tune was written "on demand" in 1995, a week before our mid-summer solstice celebration in Salem, Massachusetts and then performed live with Michael and Therese Pendragon in Circle. Those were good times and the audience was "merciful" of what was clearly a newly written tune.

I have always liked the way this tune came out. Perhaps it's the "on top of the beat" feel of the drum part, perhaps it's the driving rhythm guitar part... I am not sure, but I am quite happy with the way this tune feels. Summer Solstice is one of two Pagan holiday songs that I wrote during these sessions (look for a Samhain song this October) and I project that I will, someday, write tunes for the remaining 6 holidays.

Check out the FREE mp3 tune at the "Summer Solstice Page"

See Ya all next week!...

In YOUR Service,

The WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, June 10th., 2002

Last Week at Witchvox

"The Picture of Patience" a thought provoking piece by Wren Walker    Pagan Teens sound off on the question... "What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans?" In depth responses by Emerald Sunshower, Alclain and Lylas Anewyddion Star   Officers of Avalon Takes Flight: and is looking for Police Officers (Including Reserves, Specials and Auxiliaries) .and Current or Retired Firefighters, Paramedics, EMS Dispatchers (Police- Fire- EMS) , Corrections Officers, Doctors, Registered Nurses, etc. (see UPDATE for details)    Witchvox Central... Windows Bigots? - These past few months we've received email accusing us of discriminating againts Mac Users - This week we set the record strait   Webby Award update - Attack of the large commerical Spiritual ventures    The Pixel-Hexen Tradition - a fabulous new piece by online Pagan writer Sunfell   Highs in the 90's: Another Record Breaking Day at TWV: This past Wednesday Witchvox delivered 98, 739 Page Views to seekers from all over the world making it our busiest day ever   The Way of the Universe Kyrie offers some interesting thoughts on this subject    A Buried Treasure: Author Barbara Ardinger's Practicing the Presence of the Goddess is a small book filled with relentlessly practical ways to make the Divine Feminine part of your life during every waking minute.    Got An Astrology Question? Check out a place to share information, explore interpretations and ask questions with TripleMoon Witchware Astrologer Michael Pendragon. Fritz and I have known Michael for years and he is indeed 'the real deal'.    Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter: Yi... Many notes, much good news and hundreds of tweaks including; a revamp of the Witchvox networking section, 44, 902 email addys NOW cloaked from the Spammers, new Pagan Personals SEARCH Power and the Mac/AOL/IE 4.5 bug gets a squashin'! (Click HERE for weekly Feature!)

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