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Weekly Update: 6/17/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: June 17th. 2002
Times Viewed: 8,247

You Always Take the Weather with You...

If it is summertime in Florida, then it's also time to start watching the Weather Channel again. During our first few months living here in the Sunshine State, we had found it slightly amusing that Floridians seemed to be so obsessed with the weather. In fact, we were told that we couldn't even begin to consider ourselves as 'natives' until we had survived our first Florida summer. I don't know if any other state residency requirement code contains such an initiation rite, but we soon realized the wisdom of this one. Summer in Florida is hot -- very hot-- and one's reaction to months and months of 90-plus degree temperatures coupled with 98 percent humidity will undoubtedly determine just how long it is that one will plan to stay. If you can't take the heat, you'd better stay the heck outta Florida, my friend! But if you do decide to stay, you'd better find out which cable station carries the Weather Channel.

The weather here can change rapidly. As a peninsula, Florida is the middle ground between two warring sea breezes- one coming from the cool eastern Atlantic Ocean and the other from the warm western Gulf of Mexico. During a typical summer, as east meets west, we get some of the most spectacular lightning storms in the entire world. Because the land is so flat, you can see the band of such showers creeping toward you like the hemline of a dark gray wool blanket. Those are the predictable ones. Yep, time to bring the patio cushions indoors, all right! Then there is that other kind of thunderstorm-the pop-up. These literally seem to form out of nowhere and amazingly quickly, too. Oh well, the sun will be out again tomorrow and those cushions will dry out again in no time.... In any case, visitors and tourists to Florida can enjoy the weather watching down here much like any other sort of spectator sport or vacation thrill ride.

For residents however, it's a serious matter- this weather business- and for residents with computers, it is time to check on the status of the battery back-ups and surge protectors. And it was while doing so the other day that I realized that Neil and Tim Finn were right: "Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you." I had been imprinted.

The weather 'in the world where you live' forms us and shapes us in mysterious ways. In more ancient or pre-modern times- hereafter referred to as 'BWC' (Before Weather Channel)- keeping an eye on the sky was an instinct born of necessity. Whether one's ancestors were at work in the fields, sailing upon the open seas or tending the cattle in the hills, the weather was always there lurking on the fringes of awareness. A sudden change of wind direction, the subtle smell of damp upon the breeze or even the flight of the sea birds could signal that something was on the way. We in the here and now, with our fancy one button, pop-open umbrellas and Doppler radar reports might think such weather parables as 'red sky at morning, sailors take warning..." is pretty quaint stuff and that we have moved far beyond that sort of archaic thinking. But we haven't. Not really. It is just that we, unlike our ancestors, don't value weather knowledge anymore. Although many of we women do value the sight Jim Cantore with his shirt off. Now talk about some serious atmosphere, eh ladies?

Think about the weather patterns where you live. You may surprise yourself when you realize that you really do know from which direction the wind usually comes in during the afternoon or where most of the storms form. The joke about Grandpa's 'rheumatiz' or the stories about Uncle Dick's 'weather elbow' acting up before a storm may have a basis in fact. Barometric pressure really does affect the human body and some people may be more sensitive to these subtle pressure changes than others. We even use weather terms to describe certain personality traits or dispositions. What's yours?

The Sunny Disposition: You either love to be around these people or you utterly despise them. How can they be happy and optimistic all of the time? Don't they know what is really going on? Are they in denial or what? Do white-lighters, fluffy-bunnies and Sunnies ever acknowledge the dark side?

Of course, they do. Most 'Sunnies' have been to the dark side of the sun and back again. They are not blessed with fewer problems than anyone else and they aren't denying anything. They simply choose to be positive most of the time-or to at least not inflict others with any personal crap that they may be experiencing. Surprisingly, the Sunny Personality may actually be the trademark of those who most value their own privacy. Their 'light' is focused on you and away from themselves. If you think about your Sunny friends, you might realize that you know very little about their personal lives. You may assume that they have no problems, or that they deny that problems even exist, simply because they don't discuss their problems with others. Their problems are their problems, not yours. They have a few close friends and lots of acquaintances. They can 'burn you out' (or up) with all of that light and love stuff though. Sometimes, too much sun is just, well... too much sun.

The Stormy Disposition: When they are good, they are very, very good and when they are bad--just get the heck away from them!

Passionate? Yes, they are passionate about causes. Today anyway. Tomorrow? Who knows? Emotionally driven, it is hard for them to keep a definite focus and it is hard for those around them to know if this is a good time to bring something up or not. Hot and cold, back and forth, Stormies blow up suddenly and seemingly pull 'issues' from out of nowhere. They get bored with calm. They like excitement and thrive on controversy. They'll switch sides sometimes just to keep the argument going. Like standing outside during a good thunderstorm, they can be exhilarating to be around. And the clear air that results after they have blown through can be a welcome relief. If you're still standing after the gale, of course.

The Rainy Disposition: You got a parade? They'll rain on it for ya. You got all A's and one B on that report card? You know it. That one B is what they focus on. There is never silver lining in any cloud and, by the way, life is nothing but one cloud after another.

But if you want someone to commiserate with, call a Rainie. They will cry with you if you will cry with them. And they'll always have a hankie. Sometimes we really do need to wash some stuff away and rinse off some of those unrealistic ideas that we've been carrying around. Rainies are quite adept at that. A little shower now and again is good for the health of the spirit. It's that constant dripping dampness that can be irritating.

The Volcano Disposition: Do we really wanna to go here? Well, some people are thrill-seekers, so enter at your own risk. Don't forget to out on your asbestos suit. And I'm sure that you can think up many more 'weather' type of personalities. Someone should really make a list....

The weather where you live leaves its imprint upon you and the people whom you meet where you live do the same. Learning to watch the weather, learning the patterns of the changing weather conditions in your area, can be both an interesting pastime and an exercise in gaining awareness of the energy patterns that surround us all. Since people also envelope us with their energy patterns- and these energies can also affect how we feel- watching the weather with an educated eye can also help us to better relate to the various and changing dispositions of the people who come in and go out from our lives.

The weather is neutral. We generally judge it as being either 'good' or 'bad' depending simply on how it affects us and our personal plans. We often judge people by those same criteria. "Good' people help us or support our personal plans, goals or beliefs. 'Bad' people don't. Once we can get beyond thinking about the weather as either good or bad according to our personal ego demands perhaps we can then move on to do the same with more people and for more of the time.

The influence of patterns is always there in our subconscious. Bringing these patterns up into our conscious minds can help us to discern 'which way the wind is blowing' and make whatever preparations or adjustments we might need to do. The weather changes things. So can you.

Everywhere that you go, you always take your weather with you.

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, June 17th., 2002

Starhawk: Nobody works harder for the good of all!

"Webs of Power" (New Book coming) and a "The Boy Who Kissed the Soldier".

From the Starhawk Website:

'Webs of Power'

"An activist in many of the major peace and justice movements of our times, Starhawk is deeply involved as a direct action participant and trainer in the anti-globalization movement. Webs of Power is a call to reconceive our political and economic systems at the very deepest levels. Webs of Power is a call to reconceive our political and economic systems at the very deepest levels. Writing from the front lines, Starhawk chronicles the global justice movement sparked by Seattle's 1999 anti-World Trade Organization protest. An activist in many of the major peace and justice movements of our times, Starhawk is deeply involved as a direct action participant and trainer in the anti-globalization movement.

The book is divided into "Actions" and "Visions." In Part I, Starhawk begins with a direct-action perspective of what really happened in Seattle and provides an overview of the complex political and economic powers that the anti-globalization movement opposes. Recounting the blow-by-blow events of the critical confrontations faced by the anti-globalization protestors after Seattle, Prague, Brazil, Quebec, Genoa, Starhawk discusses police brutality, the Black Bloc versus the pacifists, and the magic of solidarity."

Webs of Power is slated for an August 2002 release (New Society Publishers). You can pre-order this book now -- for details, surf to the 'Webs of Power' Page.

Noted at Wren's Nest:

Title: Starhawk: "The Boy Who Kissed the Soldier"
Source: Counterpunch
Author: Starhawk

"What source can you believe in order to create peace there?" a friend writes when I come back from Palestine. I have no answer, only this story.

June 1, 2002: I am in Balata refugee camp in occupied Palestine, where the Israeli Defense Forces have rounded up four thousand men, leaving the camp to women and children. The men have offered no resistance, no battle. The camp is deathly quiet. All the shops are shuttered, all the windows closed. Women, children and a few old men hide in their homes. The quiet is shattered by sporadic bursts of gunfire, bangs and explosions. -- [Full Piece]

Catch her if you can... Starhawk will be spending most of the summer touring Europe... To keep up with the latest, visit the Starhawk Website. (a must bookmark site that is truly alive)

Witch Cinema #9: Peg's Jumping the Pond Again...

by Peg Aloi

Yes, I am happy to say I will be taking a short trip to England and, for the first time, Scotland! Thankfully, I have some friends staying in London for the summer, and an online friend in Edinburgh, who have invited me to stay with them, and this makes my trip more affordable and my itinerary easier to manage.

As usual, I will be meeting some old pagan friends and hope to make new ones. My trip with Berta in summer 2000 was incredible and helped me reconnect to a place I had not visited in over seven years. This time I will be travelling alone and staying in several favorite spots. Next summer I hope to return to Avebury and hike part of the Ridgeway (an ancient road, of which about 90 miles still exists) and explore some of the neolithic treasures in that area. But I do not have enough time to go there this year. Nice thing about ancient landmarks; they're not going anywhere.

From London I will be heading almost immediately to Glastonbury, where I will be attending a concert that a Druid friend, Damh the Bard, has invited me to: the Eisteddfodd of the OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids). Damh has a new CD out, by the way: we saw his band Spiral Castle perform at the Rollrights solstice celebration and they rocked! Damh is also a master of the solo acoustic brand of performance, as we found out around the small solstice fire later that night, when all but the most intrepid revellers had departed. For more information on how to order his CD, Herne's Apprentice, write to It will eventually be available for purchase in the USA, but for now you can order it from the UK.)... -- Full Article

I AM 2 Campaign Counts Down to the Solstice...

Received in email earlier this week...

"On Summer Solstice, June 21st, 2002, the IAm2 campaign asks that you send your post cards in with ours, in interfaith support of religious freedom, diversity and tolerance.

The count down to the 'I Am 2' post card mailing campaign is underway. With the Summer Solstice just days away, Pagan Unity Campaign would like to remind the Pagan community of the importance of working for the Pagan rights movement with this easy but powerful way. Simply address post cards to your state's elected officials in Washington, and sign them with the simple statement, "I am A Pagan ---fill in the blank with your title, job, or some other description---" and mail these on Summer Solstice.

Complete details on the I AM 2 campaign can be found at the PaganUnity Website

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
Quarterly Clean up of 44,000 listings Executed in Record time.

Mood: Focused
Listening to: One Neil
Atmosphere: Need Tropical Rain
Treats: Honey Roasted...

Greetings Pagans, Witches, Heathens and Wiccans!

Over the weekend, we crafted some exciting new routines to expedite our quarterly test/purge of the nearly 45,000 listings over in the Witches of the World Networking Pages. To say this is a daunting task would be an understatement. In a continuing effort to work smart (instead of just working hard) I invested some 'quality time' in evolving the critical routines that pull this off.

Essentially there is only ONE BIG RULE for your listings on the WOTW pages. The Email address that you post... MUST work! If we test it and it doesn't we remove your listing. Nothing personal, but it's the only way we can assure that the listings are alive and well.

We do this cleansing ritual every 90 days and this typically removes 8-11% of the listings. If YOUR listing has been removed it is only because we got a bounce on your email. Feel free to resubmit a new listing with a workable email address.

Shaking the Tree: It is also worth noting that nearly a thousand Groups, Events and websites HAVE updated their listings at Witchvox during this cleansing ritual. Kindly surf to YOUR AREA PAGE (from the links to your left - on the sidebar) to experience the latest in YOUR Town.

If you notice that your listing is gone, simply resubmit it with the correct information.

Attention Witchvox Sponsors: If YOU notice that any of YOUR listings have been removed, email us personally and allow us to manually put your listing back with a working email. We are honored to edit the sponsor listings by hand if need be.. It is the least we can do. NOTE: Please remind us that you ARE a Witchvox sponsor, this will catch our eye in the middle of thousands of emails coming back.

Have a Magickal Solstice Everyone!

In your service,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, June 17th., 2002

New Page Book... Three New Books!

The Witches' Voice is more than glad to note new releases from ANY Pagan Author, always have and always will. Since it's time that we fight for, we encourage Pagan Authors and Publishers to help us out and send us the who, what and where of new releases. This week are thrilled to turn you on to three more recent releases from Pagan Authors.

The Practical Pagan:Common Sense Guidelines for Modern Practitioners
By Dana D. Eilers
ISBN 1-56414-601-4
Published 5/02
New Page Books

I've Decided I'm Pagan Now What Do I Do? For people accustomed to organized religion the change to Paganism can be quite overwhelming. People somehow get the idea that there is a certain course of action that they must take or certain things that they must do in order to be Pagan. The goal of The Practical Pagan is to help you realize that Paganism is not about what you must do. Rather, you will find that Paganism is about your freedom to explore and experience. The Practical Pagan offers an overview of issues and situations that you may encounter in the Pagan community and offers suggestions, hints, and down-to-earth help for those who are feeling a little lost.

Included are discussions about:
  • What it means to be Pagan
  • Joining an organization
  • Getting involved in the Pagan community
  • Paganism and family
  • Myths about Paganism
  • Coming out of the broom closet
  • Choosing a specific path
  • Being a solitary practitioner
  • Love and relationships
  • Educating yourself about Paganism
  • If you have just started out on your journey of Paganism or if you are
  • well on your way, this book will serve as your ultimate resource.

Clan of the Goddess: Celtic Wisdom and Ritual for Women
By C.C. Brondwin
ISBN 1-56414-604-9
Published 3/02
New Page Books

Renew Your Faith in the Feminine Divine! Continuing the wisdom of the early Celtic Clan, the enchantment of ancient magick, and the playfulness of the Celtic spirit, this book illustrates the basic principles of Goddess teachings so seekers can develop steadfast faith in their feminine power. This groundbreaking primer weaves a rich tapestry of authentic Celtic wisdom with the brillant-colored threads of today's result-oriented visualization and motivational techniques.

Clan of the Goddess invites you to relive those moments of true joy or bliss - moments when you were closest to the feminine divine - and brings you to your personal power base: your magick. Once your magick is claimed, this book shows you how to unburden and improve the health of your soul; to cast a Spell of Protection; to find your sacred space of healing (Nemeton); and to become personally acquainted with your Spirit Guide, firmly establishing your foundation of spiritual enlightenment and faith in the feminine divine, and in yourself.

Secrets of the Ancient Incas: A Modern Approach to Ancient Ritual and Practice
By Michael Peter Langevin
ISBN 1-56414-602-2
Published 5/02
New Page Books

After hearing a college professor's exciting tale of his visit to Peru, Michael Peter Langevin set out on his own journey to this magical land.

During his visit, he hiked through the countryside, visited the sacred sites, fell in love with the people, and was drawn to the magic of the land. Secrets of the Ancient Incas is your chance to hear Michael recount this sacred journey!

Upon finishing his journey, Michael decided that he needed to incorporate the spirituality of Peru into his life so that he could take it with him no matter where he traveled. Michael's gift to you is the introduction of the secret teachings and ancient traditions of the Incas - revealed to the public for the first time. Incan belief focuses on relinking humanity with itself and with nature. Their living tradition believes that the divine resides in everything - the trees, land, and seas. With information about initiation, tool gathering, choosing a totem, shamanic work, astral viewing, power rituals, recapitulation, ayahuasca use, and the drawing of natural energies, you will have all the tools you need to incorporate this magic into your life. This is an invaluable resource for anyone with an interest in Shamanism, the work of Carlos Castaneda, Neo-Paganism, the magic and mystery of Peru, or any other Earth-spirited traditions.

All books are available direct through the publisher by contacting 800-227-3371, through Amazon or B&, or through many mail order catalogs!

Witchvox Note: The Witches' Voice has no affiliation with this publisher or any other. The Witches' Voice does NOT get involved in ANY commercial co-venturing with for profit entities inside or outside of the Pagan community. We never have. We present this and other commercial announcements (literally thousands in our links, Merchants, Musician's sections and others) here at Witchvox in the name of news of interest to the community. We accept no compensation for doing so. The decision to consume their goods or services is yours alone.

Adult Essays for June 2002 NOW Up!...
As of this morning, adult essays here at Witchvox have been read an astonishing 1,228,380 times. Both adult and teen essays here at TWV have been consumed a combined 2,315,576 times. This month's responses will only drive these totals to a new level... Great stuff!

Pagan Festivals
What part do Pagan festivals play in both your personal life as a Pagan and in the overall development of the Pagan community? What are some of the major issues you feel need to be addressed about our festivals: cost? safety? children? relationships with neighboring communities? standards of conduct? Here were the essays that we received on this topic:
  • Pagan Festivals #1 - by Li Nightsong Ferelwing
    This is a question I have asked a lot recently after returning from yet another festival. I have been told that there was a time long ago when Pagan Festivals were about spirituality. Where people shared their love of their religion and showed them their paths in peace and respect. There was a bit of the hippy movement within the Pagan faith but for the most part it was about religion and spirituality and freedom. I would have loved to have seen this and been a part of that kind of festival. Where complete strangers would meet and dance and sing. Where you would leave knowing everyone who had been at the festival and you could feel as if you were part of a greater whole a community. They were small festivals not bringing many into their gates but they were where powerful and beautiful magick was made. Where long lasting friendships were... (Full Article)

  • Pagan Festivals #2 - by Grey Cat
    I think the thing I like the most about Festivals is that they are a great legal high. This "high" is made up of a variety of things, the ambient energy levels, being around "folks like me", getting to really talk and discuss my religion with others - particularly others on approximately the same level as I. While this is far less important as an adjunct of festivals than it used to be, most of us spend a lot of time communicating with students and teaching ritual to them and it's very soothing to be with people to whom you don't have to explain much.... (Full Article)

  • Planet Numb: Why I've Pretty Much Had It With the Drum Circles - by Kell Brigan
    When I first started hanging out with the Pagans, twenty years ago, my personal connotations of "magic" and "Witchcraft" going in were of noble, contemplative individuals, who wore velvet robes, carried gnarled walking sticks, and spent long hours discussing the world's mysteries with the crows, or an apprentice, or perhaps only with the spiritual echoes of the books of wisdom in front of them. Their air was filled with the faint, faint dusty sweetness of old herbs, and surely a brook ran near their rough-hewn cottages, complete with silver trout, or perhaps the impossible leap from a salmon of knowledge. Their rituals were attended by small groups of the noble elect, who gathered together with... (Full Article)

Summer Solstice
How do you celebrate Summer Solstice? What is its meaning to you, and what myths do you associate with it? Here were the essays that we received on this topic:
  • Summer Solstice #1 - by Calliope Hellice
    Midsummer is coming up quickly, much more quickly than my friends and I would like it to. We're trying to get our ritual written with at least two weeks to memorize it. We also need to get a location set up where we can have a bonfire, and supplies gathered by the weekend before. There are four of us who join together on Sabbat nights. We are all different in personality, we are all in different learning phases, but we all have one thing in common: we are Witches. ... (Full Article)

  • Summer Solstice #2 - by Karl Lembke
    The year has been growing warmer, the days getting longer. Some flowers continue to bloom, but the mad rush of May has faded. Crops are planted, some of the flowers have been pollinated, and fruit is growing where petals once dwelled. All of nature has awakened, and all is alive and growing, nurturing young, fruit, and seed to maturity in the fall. As the mad rush of flowers in May has faded, so, too, has the mad rush to get crops planted. We have left the time of awakenings and beginnings, and entered a time of maintaining ... (Full Article)

Bonus Essays for June...

The Pixel-Hexen Tradition - by Sunfell
The Pixel-Hexen Tradition is a very old one: dating back 41353000 (hex) milliseconds, which are millennia if you're a computer (or only 10 years if you're a person). The Pixel-Hexen Trad began with the Internet, and its first attendants, the scientists and military people who created ARPANET, but did not really flower until Saint Andreesen created the Great and Powerful Mosaic Interface that made the endless command-line rituals obsolete, and gave life to the first True Browser... (Full Essay)

The Way of the Universe - by Kyriea
The way I look at the Universe is quite complicated but also quite simple. The Universe created everything, is everything and everything is the Universe and will go back to the Universe. By that I mean, the Universe (or whatever you may call your higher power) created everything and is therefore in and a part of everything. Everything the Universe made is made up of the Universe and therefore someday will be joined back with the Universe. So we are all one with the Universe, the sky, the trees, the air, the water, the planets, even the space between molecules are all made by the Universe and is of the Universe... (Full Essay)
NOTE: A Much Needed and Deserved Break: Look for a new set Adult essays nest week. There will be no essays for the month of July, Diotima is taking a well deserved month off from collecting and editing the essays. Look for Essay topics for August thru December to be posted here at TWV in the near future.

Adult & Teen Essay Topics for the August...
    Topic: Lughnassad/Lammas
    Do you celebrate Lughnassad, Lammas or another early harvest festival? If you do, tell us how you celebrate it, when, and what myths, stories and rituals are important for you around this time. -- Go Here for details

    Topic: The Mineral Kingdom
    The use of stones and crystals in religious practice spans many cultures. Do you use stones or crystals as part of your magickal, meditative or ritual practices? What part do they play in your practice? Have you gotten information on the stones from a tradition, from personal experience, or both? -- Go Here for details

    Publication Date: August 11th
    Submission Deadline: August 4th
    Topic: Lughnassad/Lammas
    Do you celebrate Lughnassad, Lammas or another early harvest festival? If you do, tell us how you celebrate it, when, and what myths, stories and rituals are important for you around this time. -- Go Here for details

    Topic: The Mineral Kingdom
    The use of stones and crystals in religious practice spans many cultures. Do you use stones or crystals as part of your magickal, meditative or ritual practices? What part do they play in your practice? Have you gotten information on the stones from a tradition, from personal experience, or both? -- Go Here for details

    Publication Date: August 11th
    Submission Deadline: August 4th

Topics for the rest of the year for Adult and Teen will be posted in early July

Young Pagans Speak Out!

Three Inspiring New Young Pagan Essays

What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans?
Being a Pagan teen can be difficult. It can be hard to find others who are Pagan, often parents don't understand, and finding training can be almost impossible if your parents aren't Pagan. How can adults in the Pagan community help Pagan teens? Should Pagan parents make themselves available to talk to the non-Pagan parents of Pagan teens, and how can they reach those parents? How can adults help to educate teachers and school administrators? What about setting up social functions such as coffeehouses where both adult and teen Pagans can come to socialize and listen to music? Let us know what adults should (and shouldn't!) do in this area.
  • What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans? - #1 - by Emerald Sunshower
    My parents are perfect. They're kind, caring, considerate, they choke down their fears and misconceptions in order for me to be happy. They respect my rituals and keep out of my room, and even though they hear little whispers, chants and soft Enya (or Puddle of Mudd) music coming from my room at night, they politely keep quiet. My mother keeps me well in stock of incense, candles, charcoal blocks, and altar covers. Oh yeah, my mother is Episcopalian, an active part of altar guild, my father is agnostic (I think, he pretty much keeps quiet about religion unless to make fun of the crazed aggressive fundies that hand out pamphlets on the street), and doesn't care what I do as long as I don't sacrifice the cats... (Full Essay)

  • What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans? - #2 - by Alclain
    Hmmmm... what do I need as a young Pagan? I need a lot of instruction! (Joke, though not a very good one) -- No really, being a young Pagan is very hard for me. I only know of one other person in a 20-mile radius that is a Wiccan, and luckily she's only one year younger than me. -- I've been a Pagan for a little under a year now, but I still haven't learned almost anything. My parents are staunch Catholics that believe that Pagan is associated with being non-Catholic, not a religious belief of its own. I would very much like to know about any local Covens around, but that is almost impossible since my parents or any of my friends do not know about my Paganism. I talk the girl once and awhile, but I almost can never get anything out of her-whom she has learned from or when she first... (Full Essay)

  • What Do Teens Need From Adult Pagans? - #3 - by Lylas Anewyddion StarChilde
    What do Pagan teens need from Pagan adults? We need support, guidance, and some one to just say 'You're doing all right.' We don't need to be discouraged, looked down on and called 'newbies' in a critical, holier-than-thou way. We need adult Pagans to reach out and grab our hands when we are waving them blindly in the dark. But we also need to be listened to and have our opinions and voices be respected.... (Full Essay)

Our Gift to You for the Solstice

For June 2002, we are honored to offer a timely holiday tune entitled Summer Solstice...

This tune was written "on demand" in 1995, a week before our mid-summer solstice celebration in Salem, Massachusetts and then performed live with Michael and Therese Pendragon in Circle. Those were good times and the audience was "merciful" of what was clearly a newly written tune.

I have always liked the way this tune came out. Perhaps it's the "on top of the beat" feel of the drum part, perhaps it's the driving rhythm guitar part... I am not sure, but I am quite happy with the way this tune feels. Summer Solstice is one of two Pagan holiday songs that I wrote during these sessions (look for a Samhain song this October) and I project that I will, someday, write tunes for the remaining 6 holidays.

Check out the FREE mp3 tune at the "Summer Solstice Page"

See Ya all next week!...

In YOUR Service,

The WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, June 17th., 2002


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