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Weekly Update: 7/8/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: July 8th. 2002
Times Viewed: 6,138

The Consistancy of Change...

It seems of late that just about everyone is talking about either how much things have changed (heave heavy sigh here) and/or about how much things really have to change (heave heavy object here). Some folks think that moral values have changed too much or society itself has changed too much or that the music on the radio has changed too much. Others feel that there are a lot of things that still haven't changed enough no matter how much money that we throw at the problem or what sort of people we put into power and that, well..something's gotta change or we are all doomed, doomed, doomed! Change is a good thing. Change is a bad thing. Change is something that happens to us. Change is an action initiated by us. Our perception of change is always changing, it seems.

For example, I shop at the same grocery store each week. So I am very familiar with the layout of the aisles. I write the items on my shopping list in the same order in which I know that I will find them sitting there upon the shelves. And if I only need to pick up one or two things for my latest gourmet creation (Stop laughing, Fritz), I can dash in and bee-line right to just those items and then dash back out again in a matter of a few minutes. That is, I can until the dawn of that one terrible and dreadful day. The day when I am in a hurry. The day that my feet hurt. The day when the storm clouds are gathering on the horizon and my Florida attuned radar tells me that I have exactly 23 minutes to get that cart filled, go through the check out, load up the trunk, drive the short distance to the apartment, haul the bags up three flights of stairs and close the door behind me before the deluge hits. I am so good at that type of estimation, I can even toss out a few peanuts to the squirrels as I buzz by and still have two seconds to spare. But not today.

Today is the day that the grocery gods rearranged all of the shelves. Well, maybe they did it a few days ago because it was a fait accompli by the time that I waltzed in. And now, I can't find a darn thing. The laundry soap is where the juice used to be. The juice is now three aisles down and they no longer stock the size that I like. I had to ask for peanuts because they were still out in the back room waiting to be assigned a spot. And, of course, the milk was still the farthest item from the front door, but now it was in the opposite direction as well. I was already in a bad mood so when I dragged the last drippy bag in the door and the bottom fell out and an entire quart of fruit salad hit the floor...Let's just say that you wouldn't have wanted to be there. I didn't want to be there with me. And I'm still finding mummified watermelon chunks under the furniture. (Nope, I think that this one used to be a cantaloupe actually.)

I spent many years in retail management, so I know why the shelves get rearranged from time to time and it's for the very same reason that I hate it. They do the milk carton shuffle specifically to nudge us out of our little routine and make us actually look at all of the merchandise that we would normally just ignore as we raced through the store with our beautifully structured and carefully drafted shopping list. From that point of view (as the retailer), it makes sense. From my point of view (with a beautifully structured, carefully drafted and now totally useless shopping list), it really bites the cheese (which was the one thing that hadn't moved). Oh sure, I eventually made the adjustment. And now my shopping list is just as beautifully structured and carefully drafted as it ever was before. But I always give the store manager a chilly look every time that I see him anyway. Humph! He obviously cannot be trusted to leave my orderly little routines alone.

We talk and write and think about change quite a bit here at The Witches Voice. Fritz is always looking for new software or codes or database tweaks to enhance the delivery of what you eventually will read or use on the site. A lot of these changes are invisible to you, the surfer, and in fact, we normally try very hard to make it so. We know (having been on both sides of the retail scenario) that when it comes to the things that we use a great deal, or that we view as handy dandy 'tools', we tend to dislike major changes that occur too suddenly or that disrupt our routine. So fair warning: Some things at Witchvox are changing.

Fritz has detailed some of the changes that we have already implemented further on down this page. You'll notice some new headers, some updated pages and some entirely rewritten sections. We plan to do more over the next few months. Why, you ask? Well, some of sections are the 'originals' that we wrote six or seven years ago. We checked the 'expiration date' and found it was definitely time to dust off those shelves and put up some new merchandise. The Pagan communities have changed. And you'll notice that we now are listing Pagan and Heathen and Wiccan and Reconstructionist and Witch communities to better help those unfamiliar with our growing diversity to better understand and celebrate the unique qualities and religious richness that each of these embodies.

While TWV can never be all things to all of these very different spiritual and cultural groups, we do hope that this particular change will encourage some of those who have not been represented on TWV before to share their knowledge both with us and with those who may be just now discovering these very same Pagan and Heathen and Reconstructionist religions. It won't be perfect at the start, and may never be perfect in the end either, but we feel that such a change is indeed more reflective of who we -- as a worldwide, diverse and growing set of religions -- are now. Your suggestions are always welcome and your comments are greatly appreciated.

Some things won't change however. These are the things that we believe help to make TWV what it is. Like our neutrality stance. We always have and always will do our very best to treat each individual, group, tradition or religion fairly and equally. Any one who follows the stated ethical guidelines (also amongst the recently rewritten) is free to list with us -- and/or to remove their listing -- at any time and with no questions asked. Your work remains your work and you retain all of your copyright rights to it. We do ask that all groups respect the rights and beliefs of others. That does not mean that you must agree with another's point of view/interpretation or that you are restricted from sending in or posting your own.

It does mean that we operate under the code of Hospitality and we will not tolerate one of our invited guests beating up on another one. Each individual, group, tradition or religion may state his/her/their beliefs and tenets as long as this is done in an affirmative way. State who you are and what it is that you believe and why. If you are not Wiccan or Pagan or Heathen, you may state (and even emphatically) that you are not Wiccan or Pagan or Heathen. We just ask that you not attack any other person, religion or group in a personal way while under our 'roof'. Your message is about who you are, rather than what the other person, religion or group is not. TWV is a neutral gathering place for Pagans and Witches and Wiccans and Heathens and Recons. We have much that we can learn from one another. So let's just start there and see where it goes.

Changes happen. They happen by chance and they happen by choice. Changes happen to us and changes happen because of us. Our communities are changing. One or two words can no longer adequately sum up the rich diversity that is 'us'. And, perhaps most ironically, we have been very consistent in that. As Pagans or as Wiccans or as Witches or as Heathens or as Reconstructionists, we have survived. Withstanding both outer resistance and/or inner conflicts, we remain. If change does come then, we are confident that it will not happen to us; it will happen through us and because of us. And who knows where that sort of change might lead?

Maybe we'll even move the cheese.

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, July 8th., 2002

Gary Cantrell passes over...
from Quill (at press time)

I just learned this morning that Gary Cantrell, author of the Llewellyn book "Wiccan Beliefs and Practices" and a contributor to Goat and Candle, passed from this life on June 28.

Here is the message I received:
    "I am sorry to inform you that Gary died on June 28 at 6:15pm after a long process with cancer. His entire family was at his side when he left this" world".
Witchvox will post information as we receive it.

The Witchvox staff would like to extend our deepest regrets to those that Gary has touched over the years. We dedicate our community service work this week to the spirit, the magic(k) and the memory of Gary Cantrell.

M. Macha Nightmare Spearheads Statement...

Pagans Support Ninth Circuit Ruling

We are an ad hoc group of Americans who practice diverse Earth-based faith traditions. We support the removal of the words "under God" and a return to the traditional Pledge of Allegiance. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently ruled that the words "under God" in the Pledge violate the constitutional separation of church and state. We share this view.

We are glad to see acknowledgement that this is indeed a country of diverse religious beliefs, and of no belief; of people who believe in one deity, many deities, or no deities. We see the diversity of the citizenry of this country as one of our great strengths.

According to the Constitution, the government must not endorse one of these views over the others. We believe that to force schoolchildren to recite the pledge containing the words "under God" is a direct violation to their civil rights. Furthermore, we believe that inserting the words "under God" within the phrase "one nation indivisible" creates a division which nullifies the intent of the original Pledge.

We appreciate the solace that many people find in religious belief, as we do in ours. The language of the original Pledge did not include any religious content or allusion, but rather respected individual conscience in spiritual matters. A return to this non-religious language honors the beliefs of all Americans, and encourages all of us to affirm our solidarity as a nation.

In these times of unprecedented challenge, no matter what faith an individual American might profess, all would surely hope that a force for good was guiding and protecting our great country. It is up to the conscience of every American citizen to name that force for good from their own religious or philosophical perspective. We believe that this is the true intent of the Founders of this great nation.

- Full Press Release & Signatures

Photo Credit: Animated Flag created by and are used with permission

Received in the past few days...

Additional thoughts on the 'Pledge Issue'

My father, me and the pledge. by Ahroun Wolf
Today my father and I were out for a drive. On the radio the DJ mentioned the issue of how the "Under God" part in the pledge of alleigence was Unconstitutional. Almost immediatly my father started in on how the person who was out in California who made the first complaint about had way too much time on their hands. I told him about the fact that the part in question was added into the pledge only fifty years ago (1954) and not when it was originally written. "I see nothing wrong with it, It is there to remind americans about morality" - he said. I told him the fact that it was added after the constitution makes church and state seperate, is why it was unconstitutional, the fact that it was added in AFTER the original. This was obvious, religeous propaganda and that when religeon and politics are mixed, people get killed. He gave me a "bahh" and that look that he had given me so many times since he found out I was a Wiccan... (Full Article)

Thoughts on the Pledge by SPC. Christopher Restemayer
I am Wiccan. I have been for almost 7 years now... and yet I just can't see the point of this ongoing debate. This never was a problem in the past. When I was in school, you said the pledge if you chose to... if you didn't want to because of religious convictions or what not, then you didn't have to. I personally never had a problem with it. I said it everyday from my first day of kindergarden until my last day senior high and never once felt I was being denied my right to show my patriotism because I prayed to a different diety than the guy (or girl) sitting next to me. I have had people I know ask me in the past why I say the pledge if I'm Pagan. "How can you plege allegience to a country 'under God', if your Pagan?" they ask..and my response is, "Well, why not? I have a God." It doesn't say under Judeo-Christian God... It says Under God... which to me is not religion specific... (Full Article)

Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies - A Smash!
HOT new series by Kerr Cuhulain

(NEW Article featured this week!)

Do Witches worship Satan? Are Pagans the members of a secret underground cult that sacrifices babies? Are some 'unsolved' murders really covered ups perpetuated by law enforcement personnel as part of an evil conspiracy to overthrow Christianity and to promote a devilish agenda?

The answer would be 'yes' if you believed the claims of people such as Michael Warnke (The Satan Seller), Bill Schnoebelen (Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie) or Lawrence and Michelle Pazder (Michelle Remembers).

And many people DO believe.

Weaving a web of outrageous claims, these authors and the others like them, wage their insidious campaigns against Witches, Wiccans and Pagans with unbridled venom. Their books - in which they describe their 'firsthand' accounts of the 'Pagan' crimes that they claim they either witnessed, participated in, or were the victim of- have sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide.

Who are these people? Are they really ex-Pagans and/or ex-Satanists who have now 'seen the light'? Are they truly the victims of satanic occult abuse? Or are they something else entirely?

For many years, Kerr Cuhulain, working with other investigators and members from various Pagan communities, has followed the murky trail of allegations in order to uncover the truth behind these twisted tales of sorcery, secrecy and subversion.

To Experience PART TWO of this series - Michelle Remembers: The Second "Survivor" - CLICK HERE

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
July 8th., 2002

One Nation Under Many Gods - So Vote It Be!
FROM: Pagan Unity Campaign (PUC)

The Pagan Unity Campaign is launching our 'So Vote It Be" voter education and registration drive campaign on July 4th, 2002. This campaign will be in place until Nov. 2nd, 2004.

PUC would like to state with a loud, clear voice that we are in fact one nation, under many Gods, one people of many different faiths, one nation untied in our love and respect for freedom of religion as guaranteed to us in our honored constitution.

The Pagan rights movement is here to stay, and it is our goal to make it not only loud and proud enough to be heard, but respected enough to be listened to. We must demand that respect from our government, as one of many currently disrespected minority faiths in the United States of America.

Pagans must be educated as to the positions their elected officials take on issues of religious diversity tolerance, and other issues that are important to the Pagan Community. Also the Pagan community needs to establish itself as a voting block to be addressed in our nations political system.

To accomplish these goals PUC, will be running the SO VOTE IT BE campaign for the next 2 years. We will provide free printable bumper stickers, iron on appliquŽs, and button files on our website with SO VOTE IT BE logos to get the word out about how important voting is to our community. We will compile voter education records on candidates, so the Pagan community knows how each candidate has spoke of, and acted for and/or against Pagan rights. Lastly and most importantly, PUC will encourage Pagans to register to vote, so that their voices can be heard in 2004.

We ask that the Pagan Community join us in this important political activism work. May Lady Liberty and all our Gods bless us, and this great county, to become one nation, under many diverse and equally respected and accepted religions.


Complete details can be found at the PaganUnity Website or by emailing them at

A Pagan Connection - The McCartney Wedding
Wendyl's Castle? WOW!

This past weekend Wren and I took an overnight trip to our friends the Waterhawks and got to chat it up with Wendyl and Bill (owners of the Manna Reading Center - Ft. Meyers, Florida). We knew that Wendyl's family owns and maintains Castle Leslie in Ireland and we have gushed over shots of this beautiful castle over at their house with visions of actually visiting someday. As a major 'Macca' fans we ALSO knew that Paul was getting hitched and get this! He got married AT Castle Leslie! VERY cool indeed.

Sir Paul on Magick: (May 2002)
    "I've had more opportunity to believe in magic than a lot of people. You know, with things like the tune for 'Yesterday' arriving in a dream - you start to have a hard time not believing in magic. You can push it out of your mind and say you don't believe in that stuff, but then you get to think 'Well, where did 'Yesterday' arrive from, then?'. I'm sure you can rationalise it, but I think there's more to it. I don't know what - good luck, magic, goodness - I think there is more to life than meets the eye. It's like how can a piece of music make you cry or really top up your emotions, when it hasn't got any words? I don't understand how that can happen, but I understand that it does happen and I think it's really cool. I enjoy magic and it's something in life that I'm very glad of".

Take a Ride on the Witchvox Wayback Machine!
13 Moons ago: A Blast from YOUR Past
We keep it all for YOUR reference

Declaring Your Personal Independence Day...

Wren recalls the first time that she ever went to the beach by herself. She was twenty-five years old. Of course, she had gone to the beach before. But in New England, all of the open beaches are commercial and public beaches. People always went to the beaches with other people or people went to the beaches to see other people and be seen. And it occurred to Wren sometime in that 25th year that she had never been to the beach by herself. And she wanted to do it. But for a long time, she didn't do it. Because...well because some of the people in her life back then didn't want her to go to the beach alone. And because some of the people in her life back then couldn't understand why they couldn't come to the beach, too. And some of the people in her life back then just thought it was too, too weird. But Wren kept thinking about it anyway.

'Rebellion' and 'independence' are two different things. As the United States prepares to celebrate Her Independence Day, it is probably a good time to look at what the concepts of rebellion and independence might mean. In America's case, independence began with a rebellion. Britain at that time had real legal authority to impose taxes and other sanctions upon the people in the colonies in exchange for the protection of the British army and the status of being accepted as British citizens. But there came a time when the disadvantages of this arrangement outweighed the benefits and the people in the Colonies wanted to become more self-governing and to exercise more control over their own activities. The full weight and power of the British government was against this concept. Britain had no intention of giving up Her 'power over' position. And that 'position' is what differentiates an act of rebellion from the exercise of independence: rebellion requires that someone or something exist who/which has a real legitimate and/or legal authority to impose certain conditions upon you. They do, in fact, have a real 'power'. And when that power becomes oppression, people will often rebel against it.

For these stories and more take the
Witchvox 'Wayback Machine'
back 13 Moons cycles to 7/5/2001

Community News clips from 1997-2002 ARE available by surfing our Weekly Update Archives. Nearly 4,500 articles about Pagans in the News can be found over at Wren's Nest News.

Birthday Blessings for go out to...
It is our projection that this day be full everything that makes up your most powerful reflections. Do something special for yourself and take advantage of this day to reflect on the exciting future you have just ahead.

May the Love of the Great ones be with your spirit throughout the year,

In YOUR Service,
The WitchVox Staff

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter

Changes and Clarifications Galore!

Mood: Focused!
Listening to: Nothing from this Millennium!
Atmosphere: Torrential Rains

Greetings Pagans, Witches, Heathens and Wiccans!

Wren and I took advantage of the holiday (Independence Day in America) to update, enhance, clarify and PC many sections here at TWV. Witchvox has always been an inclusive Pagan/Heathen community site and this past week we made this a bit more obvious in many key sections.

If we have learned anything over the past 7 years, it is that we must never assume, what we consider obvious, to play out to the community at large. We have learned that we must reiterate and constantly clarify the scope, intentions and actual 'goings on' here Witchvox. It's worth reiterating that the Witches' Voice has always been a community written/fed site and the dominant look and feel will always be a reflection of the more popular thoughts and ways. Many TWV regulars know this, but judging from email many don't.

NOTE: Email with genuine concerns that contains suggestions towards a solution is always welcome. In fact we have executed hundreds of major changes over the years based on this. Witchvox has never been about the spiritual agenda OF the Witchvox staff (or 'friends') and never will be. It is also important to note that Wren and I aren't Wiccan nor do we have a horse in this race.

Some changes to Witchvox this past week!
    Your Front Door: Over the weekend, I revamped our front page to better focus our most critical piece of real estate. Changes to this page are plentiful and include; An updated mission statement and neutrality clause, removal of 'Pagan Holidays' from the title bar (this info is easily available), tweezed down the masthead for quicker loading, and added pop-up menus for immediate access to both the info and networking areas. The other big change was better detailing of Wren's Nest News. I pulled it up higher, broke out news from today and yesterday and dated other articles for the prior 5 days. - This page, like so many AT Twv is in a constant state of change, so look for enhancements and tweaks on a near daily basis.

    Chapter: Pagan/Heathen Basics... Most of these pages have been based on popular Witch/Wiccan ways and this past week we better clarified this in both the sidebar index and the page headers. Wren took our FAQ page (one of our hardest hit pages) pulled out the intro, revamped it, and created a new page entitled "Neo-Pagan, Heathen and Reconstructionist Religions v3.0'. She has made many an effort in the past year to get help with this from various religions and paths. In the past couple of weeks she found some folks that were actually willing to help flesh this out. - Our personal thanks go out to the moderators and members of The Cauldron-A Pagan Forum for their thoughtful suggestions and encouragement and whose input proved to be an invaluable source of information for the formation of what will be one of our busiest pages - A new lead-in page for our basics section.

    Look for much revamping and updating of 'the basics' section here at TWV in the weeks to come. - As always we welcome any FAQ's related to non-Witch/Wiccan paths. FAQ's at TWV are hit hard and have educated many over the years. Help us educate the world about who YOU are what YOU do.

    Chapter: Popular Holidays... This past week we renamed 'Pagan Holidays' to 'Popular Holidays'. In fact some Pagans don't celebrate all of the 8 turns of the Wheel, only celebrate 2 or 4 of them, don't celebrate ANY holidays or celebrate different holidays.

    Chapter: Wren's Nest News... The 'Nest got a fresh new Masthead and a softer background graphic, dramatically changing its look and feel. All of Wren's editorials and rants were removed from this section and are now 'nested' in their own NEW chapter.

    Chapter: Wren's Words, Wrants & Wramblings... For the past couple of years, hundreds of you have asked that we better organize/feature Wren's weekly writings. Wren has touched on many subjects over the years via our weekly updates and specific rants and editorials. Regular email reveals that she has moved many a Pagan with these writings. This past weekend I finally pulled this all together in a single chapter entitled 'Wren's Words, Wrants & Wramblings'. Fans of Wren's writings will no doubt appreciate this new chapter. - I would like to extend my personal thanks to Sia ( for allowing us to us a generic background image from their site for this new chapter (as well as Wren's Nest).

    Chapter: Witchvox White Pages... This popular collection of resources got a face lift a few weeks back AND a dynamic side-bar index for tighter navigation.
Rolling in the heavy traffic
    First 100k Day: July started off with our busiest day in our 7 years online with 101,900 Pages Requested. This was the first time we have ever broken 100. Two days later we got 'mined' by - Although we do count search engine spiders in our page view counts, we have zero desire to allow marketing spiders to hit the site. Our Unix guru, Darragh has blocked from accessing Witchvox. The 84,000 page requests made by (on 7/2 and 7/3) have been purged from our daily logs and our MTD page counts have been recompiled to more accurately reflect our traffic.

    Hottest Page in Years: Last weeks launch of the Kerr Cuhulain series "Witch Hunts - Exposing the lies" here at TWV was a smashing success with nearly 3,000 reads in it's first week. Great work Kerr!

In closing I'd like to note that Wren and I are changelings by nature so do know that change is thrilling for us. We love it and we embrace it. As we have said since day one, this is your site, your words and your magick. As you change, we change and we will continue to take your suggestions and concerns to heart.

In YOUR service,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, July 8th., 2002

Essay Topics for 2002 Announced this week!

This week Diotima posted the essay topics for the remainder of 2002 for both the Young Pagan and Adult sections

For the complete list of Adult Topics Click HERE
For the complete list of Young Pagan Topics Click HERE

Adult Essay Topics for the August...
    Topic: Lughnassad/Lammas
    Do you celebrate Lughnassad, Lammas or another early harvest festival? If you do, tell us how you celebrate it, when, and what myths, stories and rituals are important for you around this time. -- Go Here for details

    Topic: The Mineral Kingdom
    The use of stones and crystals in religious practice spans many cultures. Do you use stones or crystals as part of your magickal, meditative or ritual practices? What part do they play in your practice? Have you gotten information on the stones from a tradition, from personal experience, or both? -- Go Here for details

    Publication Date: August 11th
    Submission Deadline: August 4th
Teen Essay Topics for the August...
    Topic: Lughnassad/Lammas
    Do you celebrate Lughnassad, Lammas or another early harvest festival? If you do, tell us how you celebrate it, when, and what myths, stories and rituals are important for you around this time. -- Go Here for details

    Topic: The Mineral Kingdom
    The use of stones and crystals in religious practice spans many cultures. Do you use stones or crystals as part of your magickal, meditative or ritual practices? What part do they play in your practice? Have you gotten information on the stones from a tradition, from personal experience, or both? -- Go Here for details

    Publication Date: August 11th
    Submission Deadline: August 4th

See Ya all next week!...

In YOUR Service,

The WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, July 8th., 2002

Last Week at Witchvox

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