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Weekly Update: 7/29/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: July 29th. 2002
Times Viewed: 5,114

Powering Up Your Magickal Will...

"That's one dang scary Witch face ya got there, Wren..." I muttered to the reflection staring blearily back at me from the mirror. It had been a long night and a much too early morning and such things don't wear all that well on a fifty-something complexion. But the small smile that began to form as I thought back on the remarkable rescue of the nine miners who had somehow survived being trapped 240 feet underground for three days helped a bit. At least I wouldn't be scaring any small children when I took out the trash.

This whole week has been tough. Two little girls were abducted and later found murdered. One other little girl also was kidnapped, but somehow managed to escape. More killings occurred in Israel and across the world, more corporate scandals were revealed and more accusations of abuse by clergymen rose to the surface of public scrutiny. And cancer survivor Lance Armstrong won his fourth Tour de France. Emotionally, it was an up and down roller coaster ride with many people screaming to be let off. Such highly charged events --whether they seem to be for good or for ill -- can be draining and exhausting. When they tumble over one another as they did during this past week, it can easily leave one emotionally reeling and feeling somewhat psychically disoriented. That is where the power of will comes in. But just what is 'will' anyway?

Religious Context: The word 'will' is sometimes used as a substitute for the words 'stubborn' or 'contrary' as in, "She is such a willful child." There is an essence of some sort of 'disobedience' inherent in the will of the child here in opposition to the authority of the parent. 'Will' is also used in affirmative statements, such as "I will too and you can't stop me." Here again, such a statement can become a 'negative' premise easily enough (as an act of verbal defiance via the child) or as a corrective statement should the parent wish to declare that "I will not tolerate that sort of behavior, young lady!" In cases such as these, 'will' seems to butt right up against obedience to the will of another person, idea or spiritual tenet.

A religion or spiritual discipline that declares the power and/or directions of a god or gods to be absolute will place great emphasis on the surrender of the individual human will to that of the supreme being or beings. Thusly, it would be more 'spiritual' in these contexts to defer one's individual wishes and desires to a higher authority. Such godly 'parents' tend to prefer obedient 'children'. The trouble is, the 'children' don't always feel like obeying. They may want to do something else. This ongoing and seemingly eternal conflict between the role of human free will and the divine authority fills pages and volumes of religious and philosophical works. It is a delicate balance and an uneasy truce.

Many Pagans (but not all) view their relationships with their own Gods as more of a collaborative effort than one of a strict spiritual hierarchy. The Gods and/or Ancestors are to be consulted and revered, but not necessarily unilaterally and subserviently 'obeyed' without question. But the role of the individual free will versus that of the powers that be exists here as well. Wiccans, for example, may find that one true definition of what 'harm none' means can be quite elusive and arbitrary. A fall back position to relativism is not always intellectually satisfying nor is the concept of infallible dogma one that many Wiccans would tend to be comfortable in embracing. Reconstructionist religions, such as Asatru, tend to have more clear-cut tenets of what is considered right and wrong behavior and the role of the individual will and the relationship to the Gods. Even here however, some ambiguous boundaries remain a topic for discussion and further religious introspection. The role of the human free will in religion and/or spiritual practice remains a complicated one. The role of the will in magickal practice then may always be influenced in some measure by one's religious upbringing or philosophy even when 'magick' is performed in other than a religious setting.

So the first step then in understanding the role of will in your magickal life is to look at your personal religious beliefs and attempt to understand and reconcile those influences in your magickal workings. This may well be the most arduous and time-consuming part of the process. The complete elimination of conflicting emotions is not the goal. Such may be not even be desirable as a person devoid of any doubts about the correctness of his or her own will in all matters may easily fall into despotism and/or lunacy. But without some measure of reconciliation --that uneasy truce -- further progress will always be hampered by an inability to act because one has no real idea of where one stands on the religious implications of such an undertaking.

Feelings and Emotions: This is one of the two main schools of thought regarding the engagement of will. On this side of the matter are those who profess that one must be charged up with some deep or strong emotion in order to work one's magickal will to best effect. That one's will is naturally attracted to both the feelings of pleasure and the avoidance of pain is undeniable. The main purpose of a love spell would be to obtain the affections of one whom you desire to be with. Healing spells are constructed to alleviate pain and suffering either for oneself or for others. In both cases, although the first might be considered to be more 'selfish' (or self directed) and the latter to be more altruistic (or other directed), at the foundation is this same driving pleasure/pain principle. If one has not reconciled the religious principle as outlined above, such workings will be further compromised by emotional and/or spiritual doubts over the 'rightness/righteousness' of one's actions. The opposite can also be true. Magickal workings enhanced by religious/spiritual conviction or context can add power to any spell.

The other concern regarding basing one's magickal will work upon emotional energies is that emotions and feelings are often fleeting or transient. The person who made your world spin this month may give way to a new contender for your heartstrings in the next. Anger or the desire to exact revenge upon a rival or adversary may also be misplaced (the person is innocent of the 'crime') or physically non-sustaining (you may get over it in time). Human emotions are in a constant state of flux. Basing your magickal workings upon feelings and emotions seems -- to me, at least -- to lack a necessary solid base of operations as it were. Asking yourself if this is really your 'will' or is this merely your 'whim' is helpful. Such a question would, of course, require curbing the emotional impetus driving such a desire in the first place and which is difficult to do when one is in the throes of love, lust or anger. That many folks cannot do this very thing is, I think, one of the strong appeals for some who embrace the magick-is-best-when-emotionally-driven mindset. Strong emotions are difficult to sustain over the long term and are quite physically, emotionally and psychically exhausting even as a more fleeting impetus for action. Such workings are best left to the adept (see below). However, for short-term results, emergency situations or in workings where feelings of compassion, empathy or even outrage (as against some act of injustice) may play a role, emotion can be a welcome ally and aid.

Knowledge: How we choose to act or engage our will is often based upon the information that we either gather or already have in our possession. The more knowledge that one has concerning a situation or concept, the better it is that we can weigh costs and benefits or how likely it is that our will might indeed prevail. Experience cannot but add to the power of magickal will working. Knowing what has worked or not worked in the past gives one a store of relevant criteria not available to one of more limited experience. Seeking the knowledge gleaned from the experiences of others (via books or personal training) is a part of experience- as-guidance but it is no substitute for one's storehouse of personal experience and seasoning. A new pot remains a new pot -- no matter how long one might have it in the cupboard -- until it is actually used.

There is no armchair equivalent for the actual doing in the beginning although I know of one or two adepts who 'do' quite powerfully without ever leaving the armchair! Engaging the knowledge base within oneself tends to bring in the rational side of the brain. Logic, deep reflection, patterns of history and the foreseeing -- and thus the weighing -- of benefits and risks may sound stodgy and rather counterproductive to the new or emotionally driven budding mage and thus they are usually not attracted to this school of magickal thought in the working of will. Experience is then what they will gain, but it may not be of the type that they bargained for! The only way to become an adept is to become adept in the doing of what it is that makes one become an adept.

Putting it All Together: Working one's magickal will can seem to be an either-or proposition. Either one does so as driven and impelled by some fleeting strong emotion or one logically sits down to assess the situation and to consider what --if any -- action to undertake. In actuality, the blending of the two schools of thought -the emotional/feeling and the knowledge/logic- are continuingly overlapping even in those who strongly endorse one way or the other. For it is always some sort of 'feeling' -- whether that feeling is a personal one or one geared to a wider company or issue-- which impels one to even consider taking some sort of magickal action in the first place. What one doesn't care about, one is not predisposed to engage in.

As action is contemplated (or urged by an emotional impetus), the need for knowledge on how to approach or institute an action that will attain the desired results comes to the foreground of consciousness. Past experiences may either encourage or hold in check the emotions driving the current urge to act. But one cannot call up these past experiences unless one has indeed actually had some considerable experiences from which to draw and can summon up the necessary dispassionate focus with which to analyze them logically. It is then the first work of the will to not only integrate the emotional impetus with the practical application of an action, but to also then put the entire process into one's own spiritual or religious context to see how it all measures up. When these three elements are successfully integrated, your will can become fully and freely engaged. Ultimately, it is this then that causes the 'movement' in the structures or situations upon which your will is focused. And from movement comes change (by definition) and from change comes more experience.

Doing 'as ye will' can be a very powerful force. While many have their own preferred quote or definition of 'will', I happen to like one by Norman Cousins: "Free will and determinism are like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you is determinism. The way you play your hand is free will."

Play your hand well!

Wren Walker
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, July 29th., 2002

Photo Credit: the beautiful 'vine inlay' image on our front cover and detailed just above is actually the cover to a box that Wren scored at the local thrift shop earlier this year.

Wren's Nest Goes 7.1

Wren's Nest posts Pagan community news, updates on discrimination cases, legislative alerts, calls for action and general comments about Pagan issues around the world on a daily basis.

My beautiful wife, ever the vampire, looks for news directly related to the Pagan community, anything related to freedom of religion, and various other news of interest to and for the Pagan community. I will admit that I do 'ride her' at times to keep the news comin, but it doesn't take much. She is a news hound and creating the Nest was what they call a 'no brainer'. All SHE needed was a place to share it. So thanks honey, thanks for keeping us all informed over these past 5 years.

Introducing: Version 7.0: Released last Monday, the new 'Nest is a major upgrade and features live 'hits' (up to the minute action revealing which articles are of the most interest) and the ability for you to add your comments or additional resources. Also new, is a list view to give you an overall picture of the hottest articles and those with the most comments from the past 28 days. Articles with 'Flames' (via a much overused by personal fave image from '96) have been viewed more than 2,000 times. Fans of the 'old nest' can select WN Classic from the side bar at the 'Nest

7/29 NOW Version 7.1: Over the week we have watched and listened... Since Monday's Launch we have added the following; a full 'larger font version' (both main 'Nest Page and Article/comments), constrained the comments to the last 10 (with a navigator for the rest), beefed up the 'rules', created a private page for Wren to instantly KILL any personal attacks on the opinions of others, fleshed out the Witchvox front page WN section, fixed bad date info and other bugs.

-- Fritz Jung (Husband, Soulmate, Lover and Friend!)


The Feline Mystique: On the Mysterious Connection Between Women and Cats
by Clea Simon

Warm congratulations to my friend and colleague Clea Simon, whose latest book is receiving great advance reviews! Clea and I both write for an arts paper in Boston and at some point she learned I was a witch. She emailed me and asked if I would consent to be interviewed for her new book on women and cats, to impart some thoughts on the "cats and their witches" thing. I think we mostly talked about my "witchiest" cat, Trivia (named for the Roman goddess, who in Greek is Hecate, and whose name means "three roads" or crossroads...the modern meaning of "trivia" derives from an old adage that "nothing of import happens at the crossroads" which was a code, legend says, that kept curious eyes from prying too deeply into the meetings of witches...).

The book is available online now from Amazon and Barnes and Noble (you can link to these sites from the author's website), and of course you should ask your local bookstore to carry it! By the way, Clea is not a pagan, but she's very pagan-sympathetic, in my book. As well as a talented writer, a kind person and a lover of cats...I can't think of a better author to explore this topic.

From the author's website:
    "With humor, warmth, and a contemporary feminist sensibility, The Feline Mystique dissects the myths and stereotypes about women and cats (from goddesses and witches to Catwoman), provides real information (did you know that cat 'hoarding' or collecting is now thought to be a form of obsessive compulsive disorder?), and incorporates stories of women and their kitties in their own voices, as when 84-year-old Helen relates how her adored tabby Moses helped her come to terms with aging. A catperson's answer to Pack of Two and The Secret Life of Dogs, The Feline Mystique is a book for cat lovers and those who love them".
More info about Clea Simon can be found at her Website

love and books and grey kitties,

Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies - A Smash! 20,000 reads
HOT series by Kerr Cuhulain

(NEW Article featured this week!)

Do Witches worship Satan? Are Pagans the members of a secret underground cult that sacrifices babies? Are some 'unsolved' murders really covered ups perpetuated by law enforcement personnel as part of an evil conspiracy to overthrow Christianity and to promote a devilish agenda?

The answer would be 'yes' if you believed the claims of people such as Michael Warnke (The Satan Seller), Bill Schnoebelen (Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie) or Lawrence and Michelle Pazder (Michelle Remembers).

And many people DO believe.


The Crusade of Lieutenant Larry Jones

Beginning in the eighties there was a concerted effort on the part of Satanic conspiracy theorists to recruit law enforcement officers to support their cause. Most police officers didn't involve themselves in this crusade. Many of those who did gave up on it after a while. They couldn't find any evidence to support the theories of the Satanic Conspiracy myth supporters.

There are always a few, however, who cling to a belief no matter what happens. They continue on in the face of mountains of contradictory evidence, struggling to keep fellow officers involved in supporting their cause. Some act as private consultants on "occult crime" in their own time. Others retire from police work to open consulting firms in this subject area.

If I was asked to name the number one police officer supporting the Satanic Conspiracy myth, my answer would have to be Lieutenant Larry Jones of the Boise Police Department. Following the development of the newsletter that Jones publishes is a typical case study in the thought processes of people like him who embrace the Satanic Conspiracy Myth and then try to defend it in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary and increasing questions as to their credibility. Jones attacks anything non-Christian from behind a facade of police respectability.

Jones founded an organization called Cult Crime Impact Network Inc (C.C.I.N. Inc) with the backing of his Trinity Fellowship Church. It was incorporated in the State of Idaho April 14, 1987. The purpose of this organization was to develop a network of police officers to combat the International Satanic Conspiracy that Jones perceives. Over the years Jones has backed nearly every supporter of the Satanic Conspiracy myth, using his newsletter as a forum for their views. He has backed nearly every notable fraudulent "survivor", including "Doctor" Rebecca Brown, Lauren Stratford, Michelle Pazder, Michael Warnke, and many others. Jones is an avid lobbyist for the introduction of State laws on ritualistic and Satanic crime.

To Experience PART FIVE of this series - POLICE WHO BELIEVE: The Crusade of Lieutenant Larry Jones - CLICK HERE

Editors Note: This hot new series continues to be a smashing success with over 20,000 reads in just one moon cycle. Great work Kerr!

Dogged Determination and some Energy Magick
Another Week of Shedding Code and moving TWV forward

Greetings Pagans, Witches, Heathens and Wiccans!

Wren's Nest v7.0 (released last Monday) was big hit rendering over 60,000 requests for article details, comments or the Weekly news overview. This past week also help this WebCrafter buy some new clues in the world of PHP programming.

If I have learned anything about working with the PHP language (the glue that presently holds this site together) it is there is no shortage of experts that aren't really experts at all. One of my biggest challenges as a fledgling newbie is surfing through the arrogance and BS, that permeates many a PHP forum or website. I quickly learned that there are several ways to approach the same need, some elegant and digestible and most convoluted and better left to the 'Brainacs from Smartron' (which I am not!). I am starting to see a glimmer of light and learning more by the day. To really control the code, you must understand it first. The BIG plus of writing all of your own code is that you can quickly trouble shoot it when it breaks and anyone that owns a computer knows that THIS is an ongoing reality.

Also new this week was the acquisition of a major upgrade to the text editing program that we use to write all of this code (PageSpinner v4.0 $29.00). Personally, I require that the code be colorized, in order to work with it efficiently. As a treat, this new version has many new and USABLE features.

Late in the week, I took the opportunity to redo/update many of the hot key macros that drive our email responses and site creation moves. Macro Programs: For the Mac it's Quickeys all the way and on the PC there are many nice share macro programs. I highly encourage them ... With a single F-Key or present 'control-key' combo YOU can fire off a paste of your signature, stock response, open apps, manage your repetitious routines and much, much more. - You've all got F-keys it's time to make them work for you.

Live Action Counters: This week we finally enabled live counters on all 5,000 pages here at TWV, all feeding the 'Site to Date' and 'TODAY' counters on our front page. This will finally put an end to email asking how well an article is doing on a particular day, and allow us ALL to see an up to the second snapshot of TWV action... NOTE: for most of this year we did update the page stats directly from our server logs every morning, but the stats stayed unchanged until the next morning. Since the first day we went online we have captured and databased the page requests directly from our unix server logs.

There are still some glitches with these new counters and I am constantly checking their accuracy against the server logs subtotals. A big focus is on the daily totals on the front page. Every morning when I awaken, I pull down the server logs for the previous day, regenerate the hit table that feeds the site and then look for drifting or missing hits. Expect fully automated and 99% accurate counters by weeks end.

Site Wide RED Alert: Before I recompiled the near 5,000 pages here at TWV and ftp'd them to the Witchvox Web server, I laced the pages with an option to Broadcase a 'Red ALERT Notice' at the top of ALL pages (kind of like what the Weather Channel does). Hopefully we will never have to use this, but with this new option, we can compose a single block to text and have it appear on ALL pages in seconds.

Wren's Nest v7.1: This week the 'Nest saw a major increase in traffic and it's new features seem to be appreciate, and used by many. This past week I did enough tweaking and changes to bump the vs. number up to 7.1 - as always your suggestions do matter. Thanks for helping us get a broader view of community needs in this area. (see detailing of new features just above)
    One of the most valuable new features of Nest 7.xx is that for the first time Wren can actually note which types of articles draw the most interest, and so can you. With the advent of 'article views' coupled with last weeks poll, Wren has a better idea as to which type of news holds the most interest. The good news is that she was close to the mark with more than half of you saying 'stay the course'.

    Wren's Nest Comments: We received many notes of thanks this past week for adding the live comment feature to articles on Wren's nest. For the most part 98% of the comments were intelligent and did stay on topic. Sadly, On the Pagan net, there are those that feel that they must correct others and actually believe that the *should* word will change minds... Trust me it won't. It won't work on YOU and it won't work on THEM. There are countless places on the Pagan net where you can call each other names, pound on the 'newbies' (fluff bunnies -- or whatever the latest derogatory put down phrase is these days) and generally make yourselves feel 'more Pagan than thou' - At TWV we won't celebrate that mindset. - We respect the right of all to have an opinion on these news clips. The comments on the articles speak for themselves. This week I wrote Wren a custom/password protected page that allows her to simply kill posts containing personal attacks with a single click.
Polling and Pagan Perspectives: We continue to get a steady flow of email asking about the return of our 'Question of the week'. Please have patience, many of the new 'techniques' that this PHP newbie has learned in the 'Nest rewrite are predecessors to a proper version of 'Pagan Perspectives'. We are planning on building off the years worth of responses to the original PP and hope to launch 'Pagan Perspectives 2.0' (featuring a Weekly Poll and Your comments) sometime in August. If YOU have any question suggestions feel free to email them to us.

In closing, I'd like to thank all for your support and your patience as we continue to rewrite Witchvox for the future. As always it has been YOUR suggestions that drive this site and decides the Who, What When and Where of the Witches' Voice. To contact any member of our staff visit our Contact Us Page

In YOUR service,

Fritz Jung
Co-Founder - The Witches' Voice
Monday, July 29th., 2002

Global Notices & Press Releases...

Welcome to the Witchvox Global Announcements Master Page. The Witches' Voice is honored to help increase both communication and celebration at the Global level. This section is for Global and National Announcements, Press Releases, Notices and Proclamations... Note: For State - Province - Country specific notices, visit YOUR Area Page - To List your Local or Global Notice Click Here for details.


Take a Ride on the Witchvox Wayback Machine!
13 Moons ago: A Blast from YOUR Past
We keep it all for YOUR reference

Excavating the Dinosaur Altar...

The chipmunk was obviously feeling particularly brave and feisty that day. It was the beginning of August in 1961 and the New England wood was at its peak of lush green beauty. Wren always thought it a bit odd that the forest seemed to wear many more layers of clothing in the hottest month than it did in the coldest one. But then again, maybe that is what a thick white December blanket of snow is for. In any case, there certainly was no snow in sight on that day. It was one of those three-H days- hazy, hot and humid. And the chipmunk was plotting a raid.

From the corner of her eye, Wren spied the little striped scamp pop his head over the stone column. Little dark eyes quickly scanned the objects lying upon the stones before he dunked back down. Wren could picture him in her mind leaning his back up against the entrance to his hidden domain and working on a diagram complete with directional arrows and a timetable: "Okay, first I'll sneak around the back of the old tree stump. Then from there, it is a short munk-jump to that pink colored granite slab, a few hops up the side of the rounded boulders -watch out for the loose ones!- and then a quick in-and-out of the secret tunnel and-- whoo-hoo, lunch is served!"

The 'lunch' that was the target of our plotting bandito consisted of a few ears of early sugar-and-gold corn, a handful of tiny red potatoes, a string of pole beans and a few summer squash. All of these first harvest goodies came from Dad's organic garden and most of them were there with his permission. (Dad was REAL possessive about his little potatoes, but hey-- this WAS a special occasion!) Daisy chains and some early purple asters surrounded the harvest spread. It was still a bit too early in the season for grapes, but the vines made for a nice picture frame effect around the center of the stone. Left over granite chunks from some old homestead project, the pile had been left in the wood and forgotten. It looked much like some ancient archaeological site might appear if one suddenly stumbled upon it and the long slab resting on the top of the pile could easily have been taken for an archaic altar. That is exactly how Wren always viewed it anyway and that is how she always used it. There was a feeling of silent patience in the little grove surrounding the stones. New England woods and New England stones are old. They have seen a lot. They know a lot. And they wait to be discovered in the forgotten places. Wren and her Dad knew that this was such a place of old wood and old stone and they visited often. So did the chipmunk.

For these stories and more take the
Witchvox 'Wayback Machine'
back 13 Moons cycles to 7/5/2001

Community News clips from 1997-2002 ARE available by surfing our Weekly Update Archives. Nearly 5,000 articles about Pagans in the News can be found over at Wren's Nest News.

Essay Topics for 2002 Q3/4 Announced!

This month Diotima posted the essay topics for the remainder of 2002 for both the Young Pagan and Adult sections

For the complete list of Adult Topics Click HERE
For the complete list of Young Pagan Topics Click HERE

Adult Essay Topics for the August...
    Topic: Lughnassad/Lammas
    Do you celebrate Lughnassad, Lammas or another early harvest festival? If you do, tell us how you celebrate it, when, and what myths, stories and rituals are important for you around this time. -- Go Here for details

    Topic: The Mineral Kingdom
    The use of stones and crystals in religious practice spans many cultures. Do you use stones or crystals as part of your magickal, meditative or ritual practices? What part do they play in your practice? Have you gotten information on the stones from a tradition, from personal experience, or both? -- Go Here for details

    Publication Date: August 18th
    Submission Deadline: August 11th
Teen Essay Topics for the August...
    Topic: Lughnassad/Lammas
    Do you celebrate Lughnassad, Lammas or another early harvest festival? If you do, tell us how you celebrate it, when, and what myths, stories and rituals are important for you around this time. -- Go Here for details

    Topic: The Mineral Kingdom
    The use of stones and crystals in religious practice spans many cultures. Do you use stones or crystals as part of your magickal, meditative or ritual practices? What part do they play in your practice? Have you gotten information on the stones from a tradition, from personal experience, or both? -- Go Here for details

    Publication Date: August 11th
    Submission Deadline: August 4th

See Ya all next week!...

In YOUR Service,

The WitchVox Staff
The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, July 29th., 2002

Last Week at Witchvox:

Wren's Nest News goes 7.O"    "Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies" A NEW series by Kerr Cuhulain - Part FOUR - Eric Pryor - The "Witch Who Switched"    A merging of Jungian insight with the path of the Witch... Karri Allrich: ... Witch's Book of Dreams   Pagans in Recovery by Lyon  WebCrafters notes... Details on the new 'Nest and much much more  (Click HERE for last weeks update!)


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