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Weekly Update: 8/26/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: August 26th. 2002
Times Viewed: 4,786

Pure Magick: This weeks image magick comes from Jessica Galbreth and is titled 'Artemis'. For a more complete Jessica experience visit her fabulous Website
Welcome to the Witches' Voice!

Jack Chick, you know him... You 'love him'... NOT!!! - This week Kerr Cuhulain goes on another 'fact finding' mission and exposes the lies. Here is an excerpt:

"Chick seems to specialize in gathering together con artists from all over and either publishing their works or using them as resources for his own. The list of fraudulent anti-Pagan "experts" that Chick supports includes John Todd (AKA Lance Collins), "Dr Rebecca Brown" (AKA Ruth Bailey) and her associate Edna Elaine Moses and Bill Schnoebelen. Chick is the publisher of Bill Schnoebelen's books Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie (which we discussed earlier in this series), Lucifer Dethroned, and Blood on the Doorposts: An Advanced Course in Spiritual Warfare. " ... [Full Article]

FONT SIZE="2">WebNote: The pages of the Kerr Cuhulain series 'Witch Hunts - Exposing the Lies' have been viewed times as of this moment.

Pagan Books - See New Light at TWV: This week, we are doing a 'soft launch' of a new chapter on Pagan Books. Our 'books' page, written by Peg in 1997, has been one of our busiest pages over the years. But it has been cumbersome to maintain. This new chapter will solicit direct input from the authors, the publishers and YOU. We expect it to build quickly and become a valuable and unbiased resource for both current titles and 'out of print' collectibles. My personal thanks go out to Isaac Bonewits for his feedback on this new section.

Pagan Book authors and publishers are encouraged to visit this page for details on how to post the latest on their releases (both new and old). All authors are welcome with the exception of any author with a documented history of image, copy or title theft.

For the Record: NO, we have not set up any co-venturing deals with Pagan authors, or the publishers (and have added this disclaimer to the sidebar of this new section to end any speculation); it is YOU that we serve.

NEW Books? Yes, there are many ... Do check out 'Animal Spirit: Spells, Sorcery, and Symbols from the Wild' by Patricia Telesco and Rowan Hall, 'Dreams of the Goddess: Discovering the Divine While Your Sleep' by Scarlett Ross, 'A Witch's Guide to Ghosts and the Supernatural' by Gerina Dunwich (just to name a few)

Enjoy this new offering and do bookmark it; it promises to grow quickly. - To see a list of what was submitted in the first few days, and a taste of things to come... [Click HERE] - Do click on the book titles to reveal some wonderful details.

New this week: We are honored to announce that we will be featuring magickal art images in addition to the community faces that we use to punch up this page (AKA our image of the week). Our profound thanks go out to Serge Clapa and the fine spirits over at Alternate Realities in Art and Thought... Their image magick heals us all.

Also new this week: An explosion of submissions to your networking pages (check your area), Wren offers up a wonderful piece 'The Great Hamster Myth', an inspiring review of 'The Fires of Lughnasadh' by N'osal Woodbender, some mini webnotes, a reality check on portaling copyrighted material, and a detailed new Tradition profile for 'The Avalonian Tradition' by Jhenah Telyndru

So, where ARE all these new treats? They are located just below - Enjoy.

Honored to be in YOUR Service,

Fritz Jung
WebCrafter - WitchVox

Next Week at Witchvox: Too early to tell... check back mid-week.

This Week's Featured Articles...

The Great Hamster Myth
by Wren Walker

The old folks said the stories themselves had the power to protect us and even to heal us because the stories are alive; the stories are our ancestors. In the very telling of the stories, the spirits of our beloved ancestors and family members become present with us...We are all part of the old stories; whether we know the stories or not, the old stories know about us."-- (Leslie Marmon Silko, Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit).

I grew up hearing stories. The family stories were always told in the old-fashioned way. The good ones anyway. It would be late in the evening -- perhaps after one of our weekend clams and croquet get-togethers -- and so most of the men folk were by then a little bit tipsy and most of the children were a whole lot dirty and the women folk went back and forth on which group was the most deserving of a well-placed swat on the rump for being so. We were packed into the country kitchen as if preparing for some sort of oddly overbooked sweat lodge ceremony. With barely enough room to tuck up our knees, we kids sat on the cool linoleum floor (and sometimes even under the table) as the grownups gathered chairs from all corners of the known farmhouse universe. When all of the chairs had been gathered and all of the knees had been tucked and every adult had been served up a steaming cup of coffee or tea, the stories began.... [continued]

The Fires of Lughnasadh...
by N'osal Woodbender

The first thing that struck me on arriving at the Longhouse was the organization, smiles, and loving attitudes I ran into as soon as I pulled in. Granted, I was early coming in as a vendor, but the enthusiasm of the staff of OLOTEAS who met me was a palatable thing. I was quickly checked in and directed to the vendor area. Pulling my pickup around to begin unloading I was struck by the attitude of the vendors themselves. Offers of help in unloading were being shouted before I could even get parked. Some of the vendors I knew from previous events, some I did not. But there was a sense of community even within the vendors that was so contagious I soon found myself part of it. Everyone was trading their skills to help others put their best face forward. It was clear that not only was the intent to have a good time, but to make this an experience that the public, as well as the vendors themselves would not forget for sometime... [continued]

Mini WebNotes...
by Fritz Jung

Things are often a blur at this end, but we do try to prioritize 'that list' and stay on focus. Here are some quick thoughts from the past few days... This past week Jen over made us aware of overseas agents snarffing up orphaned Pagan domains, to capitalize on their search engine placement, all in an effort to point them to Porn sites... (Full Details) We followed the downturn in Ellen Cannon Reeds heath and amped up our energy workings (see Wren's Nest for the latest in what we are hearing) Over the weekend, Apple Released System X10.2 'Jaguar', this upgrade may be the one that finally takes us personally into system 10 land We shut down our server this past Monday, one less fan, one less RR modem, and one less commercial hosting charge. We removed blocks for and we will see how THAT goes (thanks Darragh!). The most popular Pagan Pride Events will be happening in September (Check YOUR area events pages)

I have received dozens of requests to bring back 'Notes from a Webcrafter', I may do that soon, and quite frankly was surprised by the email. At present I am enjoying putting my 'talents' to work in other parts of the site.

The relaunch of Pagan Perspectives (our question of the week) IS on 'the list' and we have set a tentative date for the 911 anniversay for its return. It sure isn't the same ole' world anymore.

Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies
by Kerr Cuhulain

Jack Chick: Tracts for Every Occasion! - Jack Chick founded Chick Publications, in Chino, California, 37 years ago. Chick Publications now calls Ontario, California, it's home. Jack Chick is without a doubt one of the most ardent disseminators of Satanic myths. Chick is a talented comic artist, prolific writer and extremist fundamentalist Christian. Chick Publications is best known for its comic book style tracts. Chick publishes mini (tract) comics, full sized comics, books by individuals such as "Dr Brown" and Bill Schnoebelen and a newsletter called "The Battle Cry." Chick's publications are recommended as a resource by organizations such as the National Information Network, the Religion Analysis Service, Cultivate Ministries, Christian author Jerry Johnston and Frontline Ministries (all of these will be discussed later in this series).... [continued]

Also check out Kerr's NEW book 'Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior'.

New Trad Profile: The Avalonian Tradition
by Jhenah Telyndru

The Ways of Avalon have not been forgotten -- they have slumbered, perhaps, in the psyche of all women, awaiting a time when they can re-emerge -- a time when they can, once again, serve as a path of healing, of empowerment, of self-discovery -- a time when women dedicated to their personal growth can once again climb the Tor's Spiraled Path and find the Goddess within.

The Sisterhood of Avalon is an International Celtic Women's Mysteries Organization that seeks to balance Intuitive Wisdom with Scholastic Achievement. The SOA is composed of Hearths, Solitaries, and Nine Sister Circles that focus on research and teaching. The Sisterhood was founded by Jhenah Telyndru in 1995 as a reflection of her Avalonian study which began in earnest in 1988. With a focus on research and teaching, the SOA was established to serve as a receptacle of lore and wisdom for all aspects of the study of Avalon, as well as to act as a medium for community building for all who are beckoned to her shores. Over time, it has evolved to become a Sisterhood in truth, united in a training of utmost discipline, and a dedication to re-establishing Women's connections to a strong Celtic-based Western Tradition. Through study, research, and personal workings we are once again recalling our heritage and fulfilling our sacred trust... [continued]

News you CAN use!
by Fritz Jung

With the advent of PHP/mysql based sites, a week doesn't go by without TWV receiving some email(s) asking if we can offer/portal Wren's Nest news to other sites. The short answer? Sorry NO, we are not licensed to distribute copyrighted news articles or pieces thereof!

As a 'not for profit' and legal 501c3 org, we CAN use 10-20% -depending on the length of the article-under the fair use laws. Any site that you see grabbing entire articles (or quite often, most OF the article in order to keep you on their site) are essentially in violation of copyright infringement. This may be tempying and it does generate traffic, but it's technically called 'stealing'! Be careful with this. Portaling 'headlines' with links to the site that created the article is the safest bet. It's worth noting that the Free Republic is appealing a case (in which they lost to the LA times/Washington Post) related to their posting of copyrighted articles. Here at TWV, we DO have a good relationships with many large media outlets and have no desire to jeopardize those relationships. IF you like what Wren is doing, feel free to link to the Nest. - In my (obviously) biased opinion, NO ONE on the Pagan net is as faithful and consistant as she is when it comes down to finding and posting the news.

News IS what they call 'a traffic generating no-brainer' and we can see why so many want it on their sites. What we can do (and may do soon) is to offer you a full blown portal for PAGAN community news and offer it for free to any non-commercial Pagan websites. Look for more on this soon.


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