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Weekly Update: 11/4/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: November 4th. 2002
Times Viewed: 4,177

Welcoming the Dawn...
by Wren Walker

(Featured Articles Below)

The last days of the old year are always busy ones for Wiccans and some Witches and Pagans. Here at TWV, it was no exception. On October 31st, I spent most of the day and evening right here. Sitting in front of the computer and logging in the news articles as quickly as I could find them. Several nice folks were kind enough to send some that they had found my way and I think that we all had a grand time both reading and commenting on the contents in 'Wren's Nest'. I also kept one eye on the page counter all day. This being our first Samhain with our dedicated server, I was a bit nervous about how it would handle the flood of traffic that we usually receive on that day. To my relief, it simply kept chugging along without any sign of stress whatsoever. Good thing, too, considering the numbers that TWV racked up in October: 545,492 unique visitors consumed 2,872,877 pages. An average of 92,673 pages were viewed per day. That's a lot of trick-or-treaters!

One of the 'treats' that we received was meeting Raven Grimassi and his wife, Stephanie. On a current book/lecture tour, Raven was in the 'hood on Friday and so we were very happy to finally have a chance to talk in the flesh. After a hearty meal at the local steakhouse, we spent many pleasant hours reflecting on past events and future visions. We're all of about the same age and so we have many common frames of reference. We recalled people such as Leo Martello, now passed beyond the veil, and shared some thoughts on the future of the Pagan religions. Raven and Stephanie are very grounded and knowledgeable and possessing of good practical advice. If they come to an area near you, I think you'd find what they have to say to be both interesting and insightful. We did... [Full Article]

New This Week at Witchvox: What a Samhain it was (and still will be for those celebrating the astrological day)... Incredible local and national press coverage (rendering the best mainstream press ever), record Pagan website traffic, and the largest number of local Samhain Magickal events we've ever seen. This week we offer many wonderful features for your consumption, including; An inspiring review of the Real Witches' Ball (Columbus, Ohio) by Debra, more practical festival tips by Trish Telesco, an amazing article by Peg about Hunting Down Rare Pagan Books, a teen essay on Harry Potter, another new segment of the Kerr Cuhulain series (just passed 100,000 views this past week), October Wrap up stats, a Pagan Music press release by Loke E. Coyote, a celebration of 6 new pagan books as well as some addition treats... (Featured Articles Below).

Fave Pagan Books: At midnight on Samhain we closed down the voting for your top 5 Pagan books. We have started to compile the votes but won't be ready to announce the winners and the details until next week. Check back for some very interesting results, including top 5 choices by age group and other stats. To view the number one choices and to add them up yourself Click HERE!..

New Books Releases: For details related to NEW Pagan books released this month by; Laura Wildman, Christopher Penczak, Elen Hawke, Lady Sabrina, Rabinovitch and Lewis, and Jani Farrell-Roberts - Click HERE!..

New visitors are encouraged to take a close look around this page; it is crammed with links to some very powerful community resources. (Don't miss the powerful community notices; lower and to your left.).

Bardic Circle at Witchvox: (Week 3 - The Magick continues...)

Two weeks ago we re-launched a wonderfully successful section here at twv, entitled 'Bardic Circle. A Bardic Circle, to those unfamiliar with the concept, is a gathering of the clan to share stories, magic and music. This is best done in person, 'round a bonfire. With the advent of mp3 files bringing "quality" audio to the net, we can now do a "Bardic Circle", right here in cyberspace. To listen to the MP3 files your pc will need to have an mp3 player installed. MP3 players can be found for FREE at sites like This week we feature new performances by Jet Piston and Polly Moller.

IF YOU are a Pagan Musician and want to participate by sharing one of your tunes and its story, kindly fill the Bardic Circle Submission form and email us a .jpg (150 pixels high/72 dpi) of yourself, your group or your CD cover. NOTE: Previous participants (from 2000 and 2001) ARE more than encouraged to submit a new tune.

Witchvox Email: A quick note to make you aware that Witchvox has been slammed with email these past few weeks and we are behind in responding. Kindly understand that we are all volunteers (with full time jobs), work very hard on this site and will try 'catch up' on the backlog of email this week.

Enjoy the many features below and have a wonderful week everyone,

Witchvox Staff

This Week's Features...

Leaves of Gold: Finding Those Rare Occult Books
by Peg Aloi

It will certainly come as no surprise to anyone reading this to learn that (gasp!) PAGANS LIKE BOOKS. We like reading them, sure, but oddly enough a lot of us just like having them around too. Margot Adler, in Drawing Down the Moon, referred to modern pagans as (among other things!) "bibliophiles." Yes, we love books. How many of you have fairly vast libraries? Or know other witchy friends who need a whole separate room for just their books? Do your fr iends groan when you ask for help moving to a new apartment because they know there will be many small but heavy boxes of books to lug up and down the stairs? Do you frequent used bookstores? Have your own "wish list" on Know the local librarian by name? Do the folks at the used bookstores you frequent know your interests and recommend new acquisitions to you? Almost every time I go into the Brattle Book Shop in downtown Boston, one of several staff who know me and my buying habits will mention they've just acquired a whole estate's worth of occult books, or some other noteworthy items they think I might like. That's almost as cool as having the local bartender start mixing your martini the moment he sees you walk in the door!... [Full Article]

Event Review!

The Real Witches Ball (Columbus, OH)
Late October 2002
by Debra

Autumn has barely awakened across the hills of Kentucky, but the farther north we drove, the more noticeable the seasonal change showed in the leaf colors of abundant yellow, orange and red that danced across the landscape as we spirited into Ohio. It was the first time David and I had been to the Samhain festival. A mixture of excitement for the witches ball ritual and the 5-hour drive in the rain would have made me just a little jittery, but thankfully, the Gods and Goddesses of travel were smiling on us. The weather was a little on the chill side, with rain on and off during the trip. Luckily, I did not have to drive. David bravely manned the wheel after a short stop for new window wipers; the trip went off without a hitch.

The Witches Ball is one of Ohio's largest pagan gatherings. For the previous 9 years, the festival has taken up a block of road frontage in front of Salem West on 1209 High Street on the closest weekend to Halloween. This year was an exception; the festival took place at Holiday Inn City... [Full Article]

Music Press Release...

Yipe! Hype! from Loke E. Coyote!

Loke E. Coyote is proud to announce the unveiling of their latest CD, entitled "Yipe! Hype!", which has been in the works since last year's release of the Pagan rock opera Druid Four Winds. While the rock opera explored the more serious side of the band, this collection returns to their roots as a comic Pagan garage rock party band.

The disk contains at least seven songs (more on this later) which cast a humorous eye on everything from Jesus Christ and greedy televangelists to drunken rednecks and war with Iraq. The opening number Party On Jesus (featured on the Witchvox Bardic Circle) dares to tell the story of Jesus Christ the bearded robe and sandal wearing long haired Pagan freak. Cums The Inquisitor and Doggy Style look at love and lust when it's good (Doggy Style) and when it's bad (Inquisitor). Hold My Beer And Watch This was inspired by countless work weekends at the Council of Magickal Arts (CMA) and may well... [Full Article]

Pagan Books: Views and Counting!

6 New Releases for November

his new section [Link] continues to be hot and this past week saw hundreds of Votes for Your Fave Pagan Book, as well as over 100 new book submissions by Pagan Authors and Publishers. Featured this week are 9 new releases for October 2002.

br>Visit Pagan Books at Witchvox today to see what's new and what's HOT.

October 2002: Our Busiest Month EVER!

October 2002 was another record-breaking month here at TWV, with 2,872,877 pages being delivered to 545,492 unique visitors (based on daily unique IP addresses). Other key stats included; Hits: 10,791,751 and Traffic/bandwidth: 156.99 gigabytes. Once again, we spent substantial time blocking some domains from hitting this site, although there is nothing of value to those 'marketing bots' they were, once again, slamming on the site. For complete daily stats for October click here.

'Witch Hunts - Exposing the Lies'

The Crusade Against Rock & Roll - Part 1a
by Kerr Cuhulain

One of the favourite targets of evangelicals supporting Satanic conspiracy theories is rock and roll music. It started back when John Lennon of the Beatles made his ill-advised Jesus comparison. The fundamentalists immediately charged into action.

The person leading that initial assault was David Noebel. Noebel came out with the book Rhythm Riots and Revolution in 1966. Noebel quoted Aristotle and engaged in elaborate arguments to make his point. Noebel felt that Rock music was a Communist plot to subvert Western society. He accused the Soviets of using "an elaborate calculated scientific technique aimed at rendering a generation of American youth neurotic through nerve-jamming, mental deterioration, and retardation."(1) Noebel felt that broadcasting music with a primitive beat hypnotized the unsuspecting listener. "THE BEATLES , or THE MINDBENDERS, for example," Noebel wrote, "need only mass hypnotize thousands of American youth, condition their emotions through the beat of the 'music' and then have someone give the word for riot and revolt... If the following scientific program is not exposed, degenerated Americans will indeed raise the Communist flag over their own nation.[emphasis in original]"(2) Noebel went on to write... [Full Article]

- Check out Kerr's NEW book 'Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior'.

WebNote: The pages of the Kerr Cuhulain series 'Witch Hunts - Exposing the Lies' have been viewed times as of this moment.

Mundane Health & Safety at Gatherings & Festivals
by Trish Telesco

In the past decade I've seen people write and talk about psychic self-defense for a variety of settings including the festival circuit. And I agree that this subject is very important. However, it occurs to me that I hear very little about mundane health and safety protocol, which is also incredibly important especially in large groups of people. Consequently, I'd like to take off the witchy hat for just a moment, and put on the apron labeled "mom"

Going to gatherings is fun. It's enriching. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn, grow, and fellowship. but none of that can (or will) happen if you end up sick or injured, or worse accidentally put someone else at risk. While I'd like to think a lot in this article comes under the category of "common sense" the reality is that common sense isn't common, even among the most spiritually wise (and sometimes especially them). We get so caught up in... [Full Article]

'Teen Essay for November '02'

Has Hogwart's changed the Muggle World?
by Darkstorm

J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series is arguably the best and most entertaining series written for children and young adults within the past decade (from the 90's to now). She writes in a style that's appealing to all types if people, including those that are not avid readers. She is also responsible for resurgence in the literary arts among children and young adult's. People that didn't used to like to read now find joy in doing it, and continue to read books outside of the Harry Potter series. Whether these books as a side benefit give pagan peoples more acceptance is sub-par to the fact that they are helping young children to learn how to read, and therefore expose their minds to new concepts.

This is definitely a good thing. When someone reads a variety of topics on a regular basis, they are opened to new concepts and ideas from a variety of different people. They can then rise above what they were simply "taught to believe" and start thinking for themselves. Don't get me wrong. A person's cultural baggage (I... [Full Article]

December Teen Topics: [Click HERE]
December Adult Topics: [Click HERE]

Mikkyo - A Japanese Esoteric Tradition
by Aireon Silentwater

Mikkyo literally means secret teachings. It is a tradition from the Isles of Japan that is an amorphous mix of all spiritual-religious systems in Japan around the time of the 6th -9th century*. During this time, the state governments ran the religions of the country. This government took great pains to destroy or diminish any belief systems that were not state run or controlled or that were esoteric in practice. Therefore, the need for Mikkyo was born from the practitioners of these abolished belief systems during this period, integrated into a working system and blended with the established and accepted spiritual practices of the land.

The way I describe Mikkyo is it has the religious aspects of Shinto, the psychological aspects of Shingon Buddhism, and the mystical aspects that emulate the practices of Shugendo sects. During the time of its birth, there were several foreign schools of thought that were... [Full Article]


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