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Weekly Update: 12/16/2002

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: December 16th. 2002
Times Viewed: 5,137

Wassail! 'To Your Health'

(Featured Articles Below)

Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

On the Winter Solstice (Summer Solstice down under), we greet and gather once again with our friends and our families. As we ponder the selection of each precious gift, we recall fun times with the people that we love. Childhood memories of candy canes, mysterious packages and twinkling lights merge with the spicy smells of gingerbread cookies and baking fruit pies.

Hearty shouts of "Happy Yule!" greet us wherever Pagans enjoy and share the joys of the season. Parties and Circles find us enveloped in the scent of fir trees and pine boughs, entranced by flickering candlelit altars and embraced by warm hearts and cheery smiles.

We at The Witches' Voice would like to extend to you all-our sponsors, our supporters, our friends and our family-the Blessings of the Season. May your Hearths Burn Warm, May your Spirits Be Merry and May The Time of The Returning Light Fill Your Hearts With Love.

As we enjoy the Warmth of our Yule Log, dear friends, we shall indeed be thinking of you...

As you wrap that last present and tie that final bow, remember that YOU are a gift to your friends, your family and to your community. All of the information-from the essays and articles to the legal references and networking sections-exist because of YOU. Together we have served the Pagan community well-and we look forward to the Light of another wonderful year!

Honored to be in your service,

Witchvox Staff
Image credit: The beautiful shot that anchors this week's update was taken by Jeffrey Carl Jung (Fritz's brother) back in the 70's and seemed a wonderful choice. Fritz had been eye-balling this beautiful wine decanter since he was a child, but sadly mom auctioned it off for 4 grand a few years back.

Yule 2002
Yule Essays for 2002...

Celebrating Yule: Light In The Darkest Hour
by Flame RavenHawk

Twinkling lights and tinsel, candles and cookies, ribbons and wrapping paper, gifts and gorging, excitement and eggnog... these are all images that come to mind when we think of the Yuletide season. Yule, the Wiccan holiday that arrives each year at the Winter Solstice, is one of the most joyous and anticipated holidays of the year. At Yule, we celebrate the rebirth of the sun, marking it as a time of brightness and beauty. Light is what this holiday is all about, making it an occasion where our hopes and wishes shine like the sun.

We use the occasion of the Solstice to celebrate all of the things that brighten our lives, and we share this beauty with our family and friends. Yule has long been a holiday well suited to gathering together with those we love best... [Full Article]

Christmas and Yule, Are They the Same?
by Godhi Adam Wycoff

Why do we celebrate a seemingly Christian holiday, "Christmas" or "Yule", in the religion of Asátrú?

Let us begin by clarifying something... Except for the Nativity Scene and Christmas Mass, everything celebrated, practiced, and observed by Christians at the "Yule" season, or so- called "Christmas", was appropriated from Heathen/Pagan sources, i.e. the ancient Northern European religion, in its various forms. This is a fact that any historian, of even mediocre expertise, can discover by a brief study of the past. This knowledge, although quite common amongst scholars, is generally concealed from the Christian populace.

Yule or the Winter Solstice is possibly the most important celebration of the year for those who follow the ancient religion of Asátrú. It begins on the Mother Night (Dec. 20th) and ends on the... [Full Article]

Yule:The Silence of Winter
by Katie Hodges

It's cold outside. Here in Sacramento we don't get snow but the rain comes. It gets windy and the temperature drops at night. Winter here is not nearly as harsh as it is in many other areas of the world but it gets cold here. The days between Samhain and Yule have always left me puzzled. There is nothing left to do but live off our harvest and hope it lasts. It's such a quiet time. Sometimes I feel like no matter how hard I yell, no one will hear me in the wintertime.

I am preparing for this year's Yule celebration and the inspiration has left me. Our faithful traditions - the yule tree/log, homemade cider and Pagan carols - hold little excitement. Our circle has decided to (once again) attempt to stay up all night to greet... [Full Article]

It all turns toward Yule
by Karl Lembke

The Wheel turns, the year flows, and now, in the darkness of the year, we come to Yule. Yule is one of those names with many layers of meaning. Some sources claim the word means "feast" or "winter". I've even seen one claim that traces it back to Jolin, a nickname for Odin. Yule is, ultimately, a holiday for the Lord, who is reborn on this day. It makes sense that it would be named after a male god, and the head of the Norse pantheon. Bede is cited as an authority tracing the word back to the Norse word "iul", meaning "wheel". It turns out that he's probably right. Michael Medved, in his exposition on the "Secret History of Christmas" traces the word back to the Anglo-Saxon "Hweal"... [Full Article]

New Features...

Networking 101
by Ann Marie

You've read a few books, studied about this religion called Wicca and have heard the term Paganism. You like what you know so far but all the books tell you finding a teacher or a group is no easy task. How do you go about this? With caution!

Every community has some agreed upon standards and while they vary a bit from group to group there are some pretty basic guidelines for groups that are open for public attendance. Call groups to ask their policy on unaccompanied minors if you are under 18. Generally at open events and festivals children under the age of eighteen are not allowed on site without their parent or legal guardian... [Full Article]

Pagan and Magickal Etiquette
by Carol Bridwell

Merry Meet All!! My name is Carol Bridwell; I am a wife, mother of 2, and a full time student living in southern Indiana. I have been practicing Witchcraft for about 3 years now, but have had the beliefs of Wicca all my life. I have lived all over the world, starting out in Augsburg, Germany, where I was born a little over 25 years ago. I was born to a Methodist Father and a Catholic Mother, who taught me to follow the path in life that suits me best. After moving back to the states in 1982, we moved to Augusta, Georgia, where I grew up and lived until 1995. I moved Alabama in July of 1995. I lived in Alabama until September of 2001, when I moved to Kentucky, then in January I moved to Indiana. I am open about my path in life as far as Wicca and I am very proud to serve the Goddess Hecate in every way possible... [Full Article]

Black Cats and Tall Hats
by Ronni White

I chose to explore a magickal route to the Divine as a solitary pursuit initially, immersing myself in its varied texts and teachings until I found a path that called to me. When I had the honor of being invited to a Yule gathering of the Temple of the Triple Goddess in Arizona, I attended "in perfect love and perfect trust", not knowing quite what to expect, but open to the experience. It proved to be a turning point for me, as I gained a richer understanding of the Craft from those I encountered.

Since that time, I have participated in numerous magickal gatherings, both small (groups of 5 or less) and large (exceeding 100). These gatherings have always been memmorable experiences for me and for those I've had the pleasure of welcoming... [Full Article]

Bardic Circle at Witchvox: (Week 8 - The Magick continues...)

This week we feature another performance by Loke E. Coyote and Friends called Try Try Again! "Druid Four Winds is a Pagan rock opera, told thru 26 songs on a two disk set. It's a tale of men, women, gods, goddesses, life, death, rebirth, love, hate, trust, betrayal, freedom and responsibility."

A Bardic Circle, to those unfamiliar with the concept, is a gathering of the clan to share stories, magic and music. This is best done in person, 'round a bonfire. With the advent of mp3 files bringing "quality" audio to the net, we can now do a "Bardic Circle", right here in cyberspace. To listen to the MP3 files your pc will need to have an mp3 player installed. MP3 players can be found for FREE at sites like

IF YOU are a Pagan Musician and want to participate by sharing one of your tunes and its story, kindly fill the Bardic Circle Submission form and email us a .jpg (150 pixels high/72 dpi) of yourself, your group or your CD cover. NOTE: Previous participants (from 2000 and 2001) ARE more than encouraged to submit a new tune.

Visit Bardic Circle at Witchvox today!.

Pagan Books: Views and Counting!

5 New Book Releases for December

his new section [Link] continues to be hot and this past week saw hundreds of Votes for Your Fave Pagan Book, as well as over 100 new book submissions by Pagan Authors and Publishers. Featured this week are 9 new releases for October 2002.

br>Visit Pagan Books at Witchvox today to see what's new and what's HOT.

"Witch Hunts - Exposing the Lies" - viewed times!

This week: Police Who Believe Part II by Kerr Cuhulain

Another police officer who has travelled about lecturing on the topic of Satanic crime is Detective Frank Eisenbraun of the Rapid City (South Dakota) Police Department. Eisenbraun is the Rapid City Police Department liaison officer for the Rapid City junior high schools. Eisenbraun is on the board of elders at Peace Lutheran Church in Rapid City. Eisenbraun is also on the board of directors for Rapid City Cops for Christ. He is the director of Occult Awareness Outreach Ministry in Rapid City. Eisenbraun's work has been reported by two South Dakota TV stations.

Eisenbraun claims to be an expert in Satanic/Occult related crime. He claims to get his intelligence on Satanism from notes intercepted by teachers during classes and from interviews with juveniles claiming to be Satanists. In the past his informants included:

A 13 year old girl who calls herself "Blood Child." Blood Child claims that there are 813 practising Satanists in Rapid City. This girl claims that they've sacrificed family members, dogs and cats. She says that her group, led by a "warlock" named Troy, are going to run away to Los Angeles on bicycles (which shows you how naive this informant is: That's half way across the US). You'd expect that if any of this information... [Full Article]

Do Check out Kerr's Latest book 'Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior'.

Yule 2002

Yule Events are happening everywhere this year. (Check YOUR Area Events Pages) - Witchvox will once again celebrate the details of the events and welcome all reviews (and pictures) and coverage related to YOUR Yule Event experience.

Total Future PP Events: /B>

Upcoming Yule Events (click location for full details):



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