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Weekly Update: 1/13/2003

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: January 13th. 2003
Times Viewed: 6,169

The Ties That Chafe and Bind...
by Wren Walker

(Featured Articles Below)

I read a lot of news. And I get much of that news from both foreign and domestic sources. I also peruse (read: lurk in) a sundry assortment of Pagan and Heathen message boards and Usenet groups. I'd like to think that these activities would give me a pretty well rounded education and insight into the hearts, minds and cultural mores of a very diverse world. But lately, I am not so sure of that anymore. I have been thinking a lot about it and so --Oh, lucky you! -- I post this week's column more as a stream of consciousness than as any final word on the subject at hand.

And that subject is: Diversity.

Certainly, it has been a topic much in the news since that day now forever known as September 11th. Many of us here in the western part of the globe knew little to nil about the various factions of Islam before that date. I'd venture to say that we might not be all that well informed about them now. The U.S. and British press has done a good job of labeling the more politically expedient radical Islamic sects, but how many of us understand much more about the beliefs of the average Muslim on the street (or in the mosque) than that? Other countries in which the Muslim population makes up a greater percentage of believers have been dealing with these issues much longer than we have in the West. They have their own biases, of course, and depending upon which press or newspaper that you might read, you can plainly see what these are.

But that sort of discernment requires a good deal of 'shopping around' in order to gain a balanced view as it is expressed from all sides. It's a lot of work. You have to be interested and you have to care about ferreting out the truth from the compost heap that tries to pass as 'news' these days. I don't know if most of us have it in us. The world is vast and our time is limited. Is it worth the effort expended to learn more about religions and cultures not our own?... [Full Article]

Pagan Perspectives Question of the Week: 94 - 1/13/2003

Who Would Make Your Pagan/Heathen Who's Who List?

If you were compiling the Pagan/Heathen equivalent of the famous 'Who's Who' list of influential people, which Pagan or Heathen names would make it on your list? Why did you choose these people?

Which non-Pagans, but still people who are/were influential in some way to issues important to Pagans, should be on the list?

What qualities or accomplishments did you consider to be the most important in making your choices?

Finally, which people of your own acquaintance would make your private 'most influential people in my life' list? -- POST YOUR Response to This Question

Monster NEWS:

Emerald Rose to perform at Post-Oscar "Lord of the Rings" Party
by Logan Sullivan

Celtic-Pagan folk-rockers Emerald Rose will be featured performers at the upcoming post-Oscar event to be held in honor of "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" director, cast and crew. Tolkien fans from the internet web site will be hosting "Two Towers: One Party", in honor of the success of the latest movie in the popular series. The event will be held March 23rd at the prestigious Hollywood Athletic Club, and will feature live broadcasts of the Oscars during the awards ceremony, followed by live entertainment through the evening. The party is being held to raise funds for maintaining the fan the web site, and tickets are available to the public. Cost for admission is $75 per person, and includes entertainment, dinner buffet and the chance to meet stars from The Lord of the Rings. Details about the party can be found at ... [Full Press Release] - [ER Website]

Keeps Getting Better...

The Seeker Journal: New Look - New Website!

This has been a favorite and much anticipated read for us here at TWV for years. It is the one publication of its genre that we read from cover to cover. The well-written editorial by John M. Morris, PhD is always timely and the regular features and columnists offer a diverse and lively peek into modern Pagan practices and interests.

We were thrilled to pull out the new updated version from its envelope this week and look forward to many more months of good solid writing and reporting from this excellent 'zine.

Lookin' good, Seeker Journal. Lookin' good!

The Seeker Journal is a monthly, paper-based publication of education, information, and inspiration which has been published in support of the earth-centered religious community since 1988. Selected articles from each month's issue and selected past issues are linked here as samples only.

Details related this wonderful Pagan 'zine can be found at

"Witch Hunts - Exposing the Lies"
by Kerr Cuhulain [Reads!]

Strange Therapy - Part 2

Many of the therapists supporting the Satanic Ritual Abuse myth believe in practising psychiatry from a "Christian perspective." James Friesen, a Christian psychologist in California, made the following statement in the Journal of Psychology and Theology:

"A cosmic struggle is taking place: The Kingdom of God is being spread, and Satan's forces are constantly opposing it. The battles can be psychological and/or spiritual and can take place in the human and/or spiritual realms. Satanists and Christians receive instruction about participation in spiritual warfare (SW), including opening themselves up to spiritual forces..."(1)

Notice how Friesen has even assigned an acronym ("SW") to the buzz phrase "Spiritual Warfare." Later in the same article Friesen states:

"Contacts with other Christian therapists and my own experiences have repeatedly confirmed that it is better to handle psychological and spiritual concerns under the same roof."(2)... [Full Article]

Do Check out Kerr's Latest book 'Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior'.


Bardic Circle at Witchvox: (Week 9 - The Magick continues...)

This week we feature a new performance by Soren called 'Sacrifice "This song was inspired by the connection with magic that comes when you close your eyes. It speaks of the power we all have to create joy in our lives, to find our life path, to connect with spirit and the life force."

A Bardic Circle, to those unfamiliar with the concept, is a gathering of the clan to share stories, magic and music. This is best done in person, 'round a bonfire. With the advent of mp3 files bringing "quality" audio to the net, we can now do a "Bardic Circle", right here in cyberspace. To listen to the MP3 files your pc will need to have an mp3 player installed. MP3 players can be found for FREE at sites like

IF YOU are a Pagan Musician and want to participate by sharing one of your tunes and its story, kindly fill the Bardic Circle Submission form and email us a .jpg (150 pixels high/72 dpi) of yourself, your group or your CD cover. NOTE: Previous participants (from 2000 and 2001) ARE more than encouraged to submit a new tune.

Visit Bardic Circle at Witchvox today!.

New Book Releases for January/February 2003

The Book section [Link] at Witchvox continues to be hot and this past quarter saw visits from Pagans all over the planet checking out the latest from our authors. Also hot was YOUR vote for your top 5 favorite books. We are thrilled to offer those results as a guide for the thousands of new seekers that visit this site. Featured this week are 8 new releases to kick off the year (due out this month and next).

br>Visit Pagan Books at Witchvox today to see what's new and what's HOT.

You Wanna Write for Witchvox?...
Try This Topic on for size...

Is Nothing Profane?

Many Pagans say they believe that "everything is sacred", or, similarly, that the definition of sacredness is entirely personal and subjective, and therefore if someone says something is sacred, then it is for them, and others should accept that. While this attitude does reflect the importance that our community puts on inclusiveness, it also presents some real difficulties in application. For instance, the destruction of the World Trade Center was considered a sacred act by those who perpetrated it, and there are those who still sacrifice children to their gods. We'd like to hear your thoughts on what is, or is not, sacred. What does the word mean to you, and where, if at all, do you draw the line between sacred and profane?

Please be sure to read our editorial guidelines before submitting your essay to Diotima. Essays of less than 1000 words in length will not be considered for publication.

Gender and Nature in Contemporary NeoPaganism...
by Salamantis

In recent decades, several social and political movements have had profound impacts upon the popular Western psyche. Collectively, they pose a powerful challenge to religiously grounded relational paradigms which until recently have been accepted almost without question. These movements include the human rights trio (ethnic/racial civil rights, lesbian/gay rights and feminism) and environmentalism.

The last two of these, feminism and environmentalism, have been converging to the degree that a common discipline, ecofeminism, has been born. Although some affinities exist between these two and the others, the only solid connection seems to be the choice by some feminists of lesbianism on ideological grounds in spite of their personal sexual preferences. What could the women"s rights movement have in common with the attempt to preserve and protect our planetary ecology which the homosexual and nonwhite rights movements do not share? To answer this question, we must take a look at the paradigm they are all opposing, and in what ways each of them oppose it... [Full Article]

The Dreaming Spirit: Messages from the Inner Self
by Flame RavenHawk

Dreams are highly personal communications between the subconscious and the conscious minds. I firmly believe that no one else can accurately interpret a dream better than the dreamer. Dreams are communication using the highly subjective language of symbols. This symbolism is unique to each individual. Two people can have an identical dream of a dog, but if one person raises dogs for a living and the other person was mauled by a dog as a child, the symbolic meaning of "dog" will be vastly different. Who would dare tell those dreamers what "dog" means to them? Toss that "dream dictionary" right into the trash.

Many dreams are simply the result of the brain sorting through the days experiences and filing them for future reference. Images get sifted, compared, joined, disjointed, and played with before getting tucked away. Analyzing these dreams will offer you lots of insight into the nature of your individual subconscious, and help you keep track of your own inner workings. But most of these types of dreams are of the "routine housekeeping" variety, and don't necessarily have a lot of significance beyond that... [Full Article]

My "Coven"
by Patricia (Trish) Telesco

Events of the last year or so have left me thinking about many things in our community. At least one of them is why nearly 70% of us remain solitary. Oh, certainly some live in an area where finding a group is impossible. Some may not be able to find the right group no matter how numerous the neo-pagans around, and others still may be afraid to affiliate themselves with a group because of personal or professional obligations.

In looking back on 18 years, I remember well wanting to be part of something bigger than myself... to find a group and fellowship. When it turned out that my silly notion of asking questions and challenging the status quo was not welcome locally, I simply tucked that dream into my pocket and learned on my own. I don't think I'm alone in this reality.

As years wore on, I started to travel more and more. This lead to the thought that at last, I had found my home. This is my coven.. the entire community is my "coven" for it is they who I serve. But now I wonder if that was wrong too.... [Full Article]

Gifts That Keep On Giving...
by Wren Walker

I wrote up a holiday gift list again this year. I began the list in August when the onslaught of catalogs began to fill up my mailbox. Come early October, their pages were stuffed with little scraps of paper noting names and sizes and ordering deadlines. By late November, I had crossed most of the items out. Last week, I just threw them all into the trash bin. Ruby's medical bills and treatments came to over $1700.00 and that pretty much settled the issue of who would get what. I'll just stick a bow on Ruby's head and send you all a picture. Happy Yule! Other than that, it is going to be a lean, lean holiday this year.

Initially, I felt a little depressed about it. Okay, I felt a lot depressed about it. I almost cried whenever I had to go into a store. Seeing all of those shopping carts filled with toys and clothing and crinkly packages of candy filled me with a frustrated sadness. Don't get me wrong, I actually hate shopping... [Full Article]


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