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Weekly Update: 4/7/2003

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: April 7th. 2003
Times Viewed: 8,030

The Elephant In Our Circles: Pagans, Tolerance And The War In Iraq.
by Sia

"America isn't easy. America is advanced citizenship. You've got to want it bad, because it's going to put up a fight....You want free speech? Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil who is standing center stage advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours."

-- From An American President by Aaron Sorkin.

There is an elephant dancing in many of our Circles; it's huge, it's beginning to trash the house and many people are pretending that it's not there. That elephant is conflict; both the one overseas and the one here at home.

Lately, I've noticed a tendency on the part of some Pagans to assume that all Pagans are in agreement on the war and that they all think X. When certain people discover that opinions differ, they take the stance that we all should be in agreement about the war. By that, of course, they mean that we should all agree with them. I've even seen Pagans take the position that you can't be Pagan unless you agree with their particular views on this issue.

Oh, really?

It seems to me that the old joke still applies: If you put 6 Pagans in a room, you'll get 7 opinions. Since that is true about matters pertaining to ritual tools and casting deosil, how can it not be true about other things? [... continued]

The Passing of An Elder: Phoenix
April 5th, 2003
Obituary by Grey Cat

A Hole In My Universe

The first person for whom I served as initiatory priestess died last night, died as silently as she had lived. Phoenix (a/k/a Circe, Barb) studied Wicca for at least 10 years before she trained with me over 15 years ago. No priestess ever began her work with an initiate in whom she could feel more confidence and satisfaction.

In both her personal and her spiritual life, Phoenix always did her job. She made the best of an early and bad marriage and, when he walked out on her after almost 30 years, she valiantly tried to make the best of life alone. (Though I have always suspected she regretted having slept with only one man in her whole life, and him a SOB.) She coped with arthritis, money shortages, and ill health quietly and with courage. She learned to stand up for herself and not only say that she'd go this far and no farther but to enforce it, too. We must not forget she had a gamin sense of humor and was almost always ready to laugh. [... continued]

Anthony Agapito Martinez "Tony"
Loving Husband, Friend and Brother
[1972 - 2003]

Obituary by Soror BreAnna Ashtara (a.k.a Katari Martinez)

Anthony Agapito Martinez crossed over from this world on March 6, 2003 at 2:34 PM. Tony was born into this life on May 11, 1972 in Irving, Texas . He attended University of Austin and lived in Austin most of his adult live. For the past year, he and his wife have lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. His passing brings great sorrow to his friends and loved ones. He was an active member of CMA and will often be remembered around the campfires. In addition, he was an enthusiastic member of the OTO and many other Thelemic endeavors.

He will be remembered for his generous smile and a laugh that was contagious to all. He lived life to the fullest. Traveling to far away lands and experiencing all the joys life has to offer. Tony considered himself a jack-of-all trades but in his heart was an artist. He designed beautiful jewelry that brought smiles to many. [... continued]

Death of an Elder
Posted by: Deb Jarvis
Posted on: 4/8/03

On Friday morning, April 4th, Leon Edwards (born Edward Lindir), passed over. Aged 55, Leon had lived a rich life not only within the magickal community, but within the local artistic community as well.

Leon was a Master Tarot reader, an outstanding lecturer, and an endless resource on all matters arcane. At the time of his passing, he was the High Priest of both the First Coven of Thelemic Witchcraft, and The Sagefire Fellowship. His presence as High Priest at rituals held by both groups, including the past two Southern New Hampshire Pagan Pride Days, will be sorely missed.

A Memorial service and funerary rites are currently in the planning stages and times, dates, and places will be announced in the near future as more information becomes available. Members of the community are asked to attend these events to pay their final respects. An accomplished photographer who was known in the New England area, Leon had compiled a large body of works. Many of these will be on display at the Memorial Service. [... continued]

Looking for Pagan Soldiers
by John Machate (MPN)

The Military Pagan Network, Inc. is the host of the Adopt a Pagan Soldier Program. We are in need of deployed Pagan soldiers for adoption.

If you are a Pagan soldier or the immediate family member of a Pagan and you wish for 5 lucky groups or families of your faith to send you letters and packages in the field then please go to our website, read over the program information and send us the required info. Please note we will not accept soldier registrations from covenmates, kinsmen (Asatru) or friends.

We have eager people wanting to send you love.

John Machate, Executive Director
Military Pagan Network, Inc.


Ostara In Sioux City, Iowa
March 2003

This wonderful photo was sent in by Jeva Singh-Anand, is from their Ostara service last month at the UU church in Sioux City, Iowa (details posted here at TWV.) and features children of the church members.

"Siouxland First Wiccan Congregation's situation is somewhat unique in that this conservative and Christian area has been very welcoming of us. We have been very proactive in our community outreach work, and our work with the local interfaith agencies. For instance, we partcipate in the local interfaith fairs, and we target local charities, such as womens shelters, the blood bank, and the humane society, for donations during our sabbats. We're amassing quite a nice collection of thank you letters".

Pictured are: (left to right) Sister Marie Yeska, Toni, Adalia, Erin, Betsy, Patrick Persinger (of Windfyre), Ian, Anna Roark (also of Windfyre), Zachary, Jacki, Dawn, Lacey, Kelsey, Kellie.

For more info on the Siouxland First Wiccan Congregation visit their website.
Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies
by Kerr Cuhulain

(Viewed times as of

DemonBusters PART IV

"The Madraks then give us "bacchanalian" description of a Vodou ceremony which is more of the same nonsense about Vodou that we have already seen. This is followed by a section with the title of Hopkins's book: "Deliverance From Voodoo and African Curses". In it the Madraks have a list with the title "Stateside Creole Voodoo Spirits". Most of the names on this list aren't spirits at all, underlining their ignorance of Afro-Caribbean religion. The list includes:

"Banda" Elsewhere the Madraks define this as "Banda Spirit - Dance Spirit". (NOTE: Banda is the name of a dance, not a spirit. Banda originated in Africa or Martinique. The Lwas known as the Guede are supposed to be fond of the Banda.

"Assator" (NOTE: Assator (Variations: Assoto, Assato) is one of the Rada Lwas of Voodoo, and is a Lwa common to all Vodou rites. What you wouldn't know from the Madraks's list is that it is also the name for the largest of the drums used in Vodou, approximately six feet high and made of special woods. The Assator is believed to have limitless power. It is meant to be played only by those possessed by the Lwas. Assato drums are relatively rare.)"

To Experience PART FOUR (of 4) of this New Article - "DemonBusters" - CLICK HERE

Editors Note: Kerr's latest book 'Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior' is the most viewed book in our database.

New Book Releases for April 2003

The Book section [Link] at Witchvox continues to be hot and since this past September it has clocked in visits from Pagans all over the planet.

Featured this week...

Quicksilver Moon
Author: Barbara Ardinger

"Quicksilver Moon coven has an enemy in Brother Mudge -- and a formidable ally in vampire Isolde Bell. Can her ancient magic defeat his modern-day evil?

Brother Mudge cleared his throat, stepped forward, and took the microphone from Rev. Edwards. "My friends in the Lord," he began, his voice sincere and conversational, "our culture war is beginning here today." He humbly acknowledged the applause. "And because of my studies I have come to know the idolaters. I know who they are! They are Satan's foul spawn, his false daughters. The whores and faithless wives, the greedy and carnal daughters, the lustful women. They're the liars, the liberals, the lesbians, the leftist loonies. They're the witches. 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.' So it is written, so I believe, and so I act. Amen, amen, amen."... [More on this New Book]

About the Author: Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D., is the author of two new books, Finding New Goddesses and Quicksilver Moon, a novel, as well as Goddess Meditations and Practicing the Presence of the Goddess. She lives in Long Beach, California, with her cats, Schroedinger and Heisenberg, plus her collections of witches and goddesses.

Also New this month...BR>
Visit Pagan Books at Witchvox today to see what's new and what's HOT.

Mother Earth: New Essays... New Topic...

Once again, as Earth Day approaches, we ask you for your thoughts on the environment. Historically, we have gotten few responses to any essay questions relating to the environment, so the question will be slightly different this time. We'd like to know what part the natural world, the environment, Mother Earth, plays in your religion. Do you consider your religion to be "earth-based"? If so, what, if any, concerns do you have about environmental degradation and pollution, and what, if anything, do you do about it in the context of your life as a Pagan?

Any thoughtful essays of over 1,000 words will be published. Please read our editorial guidelines first, and send your essay to Diotima The deadline for this topic is 4/15, but we will post them as we receive them. Please keep in mind that we will not post responses to previously posted essays.

The varied perspectives, and the depth and breadth of thought that are so evident in the essays we receive here at the Vox highlight the fact that Pagan religions are growing and vibrant. Please consider adding YOUR voice to our collection of essays from the worldwide Pagan community.

New this week ...

Remembering and Reconnecting
by RuneWolf

I do consider my religion - Wicca - and my particular practice of it, to be Earth-based. Such a statement might seem absurdly obvious on the surface, but it is, I think, important to state it in this fashion. Wicca has within it elements of Ceremonial Magic, and it has been my personal experience that it is quite possible to become obsessed with and lost in the liturgical and ritual forms, to the extent that what one ends up practicing has, in fact, more in common with CM than with Wicca.

Now, don't misunderstand me: We need ritualists and liturgists who can preserve the outer forms of our religion, and re-invent them as time goes by, so that we neither lose our traditional roots nor become mired in them... [Full Article]

An Earth Day Resolution?
by Galdor Sparrowhawk

Earth Day is fast approaching and the environment will once more become the concern of the world. Like every year, hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands, gather across campuses, in schools, at conference centers, and various other places to show their support for Mother Earth. Earth Day T-shirts spring onto people's backs like the call of the wolf to the hunt. Workshops about energy conservation, cleaner living, recycling, and other conservation ideas become hot-ticket parties. Phrases like, "Think Green" and "Alternative Energy" are bandied about like the score of the Laker's game. For a brief day that world of excess - of SUV's and V6 engines, of cell phones as far as the eye can see, and the eternal hum of power lines... [Full Article]

Don't Mess With Mother Nature!
by Dove

If you have seen as many summers as I have, you will remember an old margarine commercial which featured the dialog line "Don't mess with Mother Nature!" Then this oldish lady with flowing robes and flowers in her hair would sweep her arm and thunder and lightening would flash across the TV screen. It was telling the public that this product was better than "natural butter" and Mother Nature was angry at being outdone by this big company making fake butter. I used the product, and smiled every time I saw the commercial, but the tag line "Don't mess with Mother Nature" has stuck with me. When you think about it, I think that you will see that this is really good advice... [Full Article]

Last Week at Witchvox...

The World Needs A Good Mission Statement!
by Wren Walker

(Featured Articles Below)

What is the purpose of humanity? Why are we here?

These are the big questions usually left for the theologians and philosophers to ponder. It's their job to work on the puzzle of human existence. Unfortunately for everyone who lives here on good old planet Earth, these 'experts' haven't proven that they are any better at answering those questions than anyone else. In fact, their track record pretty much stinks. I think that it's time that we fire their pompous little butts -- since they obviously aren't getting the job done -- and turn the problem over to someone else. But who?

I had a feeling that you would ask. So, using the 'Official Dick Cheney Method For The Selection and Election of Candidates', I made up a list of all of the people who might be good at this job. Ah, yes! And the results are in! The most qualified people to determine the fate and direction of humankind are....(drum roll)... (sound of envelope being torn open)...Well, what do ya know? Cue the orchestra. It's us! Yes, humanity wins! Try to keep those acceptance speeches short. There are a lot of us who would like to speak. (And where is that post-awards party being held again?)

Okay, now let's say that we've finally sobered up from the post-awards party and have given those incompetent 'experts' the boot. Pinks slips are in the mail. Now what?

Well, we might still need a bit of an organizational structure. Just to make it clear to any extraterrestrials monitoring our broadcasts that we are serious about this. We really want to avoid all of that The Day the Earth Stood Still robotic intervention stuff if possible. Nothin' to see here, Gort. Thanks for checking in though. And give our best wishes to Klaatu. Sorry about that whole bullet in the chest thing... [Full Article]

May the Gods protect the innocent and bring our loved ones safely home. (WV Staff)

Troop Support Forum...

A forum has been set up for you to post your prayers and words of support to our troops and military personnel. If you are the family member of a Pagan serviceman or woman and wish to list your loved one's name and very general location so that Pagans may include him/her in support rituals, you may do so. Prayers and affirmations for the safety and protection of our military personnel serving in combat positions is especially appreciated and encouraged.

The Witches' Voice has also received many requests for information on programs that send aid to the troops. Please read the general guidelines page before sending mail and packages. If you know of any other programs conforming to these DOD guidelines that are available, you may list them on this forum.

Important Note: Whether one supports the war in Iraq or not, we all want our troops to safely return home to their loved ones. There are many places on the net where one can debate the policies and actions of the US/UK in Iraq. This is not one of them.

POST YOUR Support or View the Posts of Others

Military Pagans of the World: Witchvox hosts the largest contact list of Pagans Serving in the Military and has since 1997 - Click here to contact MP in your area

Witch Cinema: Signs of Spring?

by Peg Aloi

Greetings Witch Cinema Mavens!

I don't know about the rest of you, but the arrival of spring seems especially welcome this year. Perhaps it's because we've had one of the harshest winters on record in Boston. Maybe it's the war. Or the difficulty my own life has been mired in on various levels. But I am glad to be going back to my garden, and looking forward to seeing the blossoming trees and return of birds and wildlife to the parks. As well as the reawakening of long-dormant human impulses of warmth and passion: we really do seem to come to life again in the spring. Witches see spring cleaning in a magical as well as pragmatic way; we try to clear away all our negative energies and fears and stumbling blocks as we beat the dust from rugs, wash the windows and launder the drapes! And those of us who do a bit of gardening welcome the feel of the softeng soil beneath our feet and hands, the smell of decayed leaves and rain and growing things, new colors to shock our eyes after the sere, dull palette of winter. Changing seasons means changing trends in movies and TV, too!... [Full Article]

Pagan Online Comics and Pagan Comic Books

Oh My Gods! is a "Pagan based comic strip for the polytheistic masses!" by creator Shivian Montar Balaris. Created in March of 2002, Oh My Gods! has been bringing Pagan humor to it's fans for over a year now and is still going strong!

Origionally the strip started out as 5 days a week, black and white only. But now it hosts a strip 7 days a week, with weekends in full color. With +300 strips in the Archives, half-a-million viewers per month, three printed syndications, and two website syndications after it's first year alone; Oh My Gods! is obviosually not somthing to pass up! The site also features a Store, Backgrounds, Icons, Behind the Scenes material, Games, and Forums, to fulfill any fan's desires and make the Oh My Gods! Website much more then just a comic strip! So if your feelin' a need for some Pagatonic humor, make sure to go check it out! You'll be glad you did!

ED note: Look for Oh My Gods to be featured in the soon to be released chapter of Witchvox 'Pagan Art and Artists'

Shuck Comics by Rick Smith & Tania Menesse -- Issue #1: 'Shuck in Hallowed Seasonings' .. 'Shuck has his hands full on Hallowed Eve: Thursday Friday is missing out on trick or treating, the deaduns are out to cause some 'may hemmed' and his long gone companion still hasn't shown up'

Review Samples from the Shuck Website: "The stories are gentle and touching, the art's pleasingly stylish. This isn't like anything else you're reading. I don't think charming's too strong or syrupy a word for Shuck Comics. Seek it out." - Steven Grant 'Permanent Damage,' (Comic Book Resources) ... "Shuck is, to put it simply, absolutely enchanting. I can't remember the last time I read a book I knew almost nothing about and fell in love so quickly." - Greg McElhatton ( ... "It's one part fairy tale, one part parable, with a dash of social conscience and a lot of humor. " - Matthew J. Phillion (The Small Press Magazine) -- [More Shuck Comics Listings ]

ED note2: This week we added 4 new pages to 'Pagan Books at Witchvox' - essentially breaking out Pagan Comic Books, Calendars, E-Books, and Tarot Decks.

Essays on Pagan Tribalism...

Pagan Tribes
by Jeremy Comeaux

Walking the streets, seeing "blessed be" on grocery market windows, a Wiccan shop on every corner. School activities involving children beating drums, and singing words of peace and harmony. A meeting place in a field of flowers, with birds singing the Goddess's songs, a place where the Wiccans can practice the celebrations of the seasons and monthly rituals. People wearing there pentacles without fear of discrimination. A place where Witches aren't green hags, flying broomsticks, and scaring children away. A place where the word Witch brings a wonderful sensation through your body... [Full Article]

Pagan Tribalism? Can We Say Pagan Feudalism?
by Lyon

In theory the idea of the perfect Pagan village is a great one. We'd live in a place where we can worship the Lord and Lady together in peace and harmony. We can send our children to school without fear that their differences will make them outcast from their peers. We'd all be one big happy family, with a shared vision and a shared goal. Utopian visions are nice. But the problem with Utopia is that reality is a far cry from the vision... [Full Article]


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