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Weekly Update: 5/12/2003

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: May 12th. 2003
Times Viewed: 4,034

Mid-Atlantic Pagan Alliance's Beltane 2003 -- "Marc was there, he brought Robin and Rose and Johnny. Music for the Goddess and Adam's Ghost, Elspeth and Charles Arnold, Iris and Barb. We saw Druids and Witches and Pagans, oh my! " Check out the Witchvox Review (with 16 fab pix).
Four of Fates...

by Wren Walker

"Men at some time are masters of their fates. The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves. " *

Before the earth was, before the Gods came into being, there was Fate. The earliest mythological accounts point to a belief that fate is a primordial force much like creation itself. Homer, in his Iliad, primarily depicts Fate as an impersonal force of destiny. (Although even this great thinker struggled with Fate's little quirks. You will die, Achilles, but you may choose the manner and/or time of your death.)

When our first human ancestors looked around their strange and often hostile world, they undoubtedly noticed that many things were beyond their control. Snowstorms, lightning and even the migration of the animals seemed as ethereal powers that humans could not perceive. These mysterious forces -- if they could not be understood or controlled by humankind -- came to be simply accepted as 'the way things are'. Fate just is.

As humankind evolved and our thought processes matured, we began to recognize certain patterns. While randomness still ruled the days and nights, humans learned how to harness certain elements of nature (such as fire) and began to fashion useful implements (such as tools and weapons) from objects found within their natural environments. As humans wrestled some control over nature, we began also to create some small semblance of order out of chaos. Some things are not entirely random; some things can be controlled. [... continued]

Mid-Atlantic Pagan Alliance's Beltane 2003
by Steven Repko

Marc was there, he brought Robin and Rose and Johnny. Music for the Goddess and Adam's Ghost, Elspeth and Charles Arnold, Iris and Barb. We saw Druids and Witches and Pagans, oh my! Owl (a.k.a. Jacci Sutton) and Trish Telesco (a. k. a Trash Telescope, what happens when you run her name through your spellchecker, it works, try it) were there too.

Maeve and Crow brought their new baby, sooooo cute! All the kids had been emailing each other for weeks and knew just where to meet up when they arrived. John, Adam and Paul were joined by Wendy and Rich. There were Roses and Daltons, Repkos and Flame Keepers. Galen, batt, Lisas, Georges, and even Kokopelli and Henry were there.

Why is it so important who was there? Because if you weren't, you missed the best damn Mid-Atlantic Pagan Alliance Beltane ever! ... [Full Review]

Bardic Circle at Witchvox:
(Week 20 - The Magick continues...)

This week we feature a new performance by Gaia Consort entitled Beltane Fires.

Chris sez: "I wanted to make a song for folks to dance to at Beltane, and celebrate the spring - the life, sex and joy of it all. So the songs starts with offereing a health, tipping a glass to all kinds of people and elements - mothers of the Merry Beggoten, the Crone beside us, the the rain and fire. Then the fiddler starts us off on a double reel and the band kicks in. Everyone gets to shout "Yo!" and the songs ends with a great wind up - spin until you all fall down kind of ending. It's great fun in concert and almost everyone dances..." [...continued] "

Editors Note: We have put a hold on all new submissions to Bardic circle until later this month (in preparation for WOTW v8) - DO expect to see a few more NEW performances in the weeks to come. Scheduled for next week is a wonderful piece by Gaia Consort... To experience the 70 performances already available... CLICK HERE.

The Justification for War...

The Justification for War
How -- if at all -- do you justify war and/or violence of any kind within the context of your personal Pagan philosophy? Is war/violence justified only in immediate self-defense? In response to a perceived threat? Never? Also, how strongly do you feel about this? If you were ordered to fight in a war that you felt was unjust and immoral, would you?

Any thoughtful essays of over 1,000 words will be published. Please read our editorial guidelines first, and send your essay to Diotima The deadline for this topic is 5/18, but we will post them as we receive them. Please keep in mind that we will not post responses to previously posted essays.

Your voice counts! Please consider adding your thoughts to this collection of essays and join in the exchange of ideas throughout the worldwide Pagan community.

New Essays this week ...

Love to an N.C.O.
by Mena Laughing Wolf

My father's name is Donald. The United States army sent my father to Korea when he was seventeen years old to fight in a war. He was a hardened kid from a hard life, the product of an alcoholic father and an abused mother both of whom abandoned him early on. My grandfather left for a woman, my grandmother left to find a better life for herself and her kids but she just never managed to make it back. I think my great-grandparents truly believed that the army would mold my father into a good, responsible man; very different from the hooky-playing, troublemaker he was. They thought that to die in Korea would be far more honorable than to die in the streets of Pittsburgh. I'm not sure what my father experienced in Korea because he never spoke of it to me. I know he had two "tours" in Vietnam as well, but the only thing I've ever heard him say about war is that it's hell.

War has always been an acceptable hell for my dad. What's his favorite movie? A war movie. What's his favorite book? A book about war. My... [Full Article]

War and My Wicca
by Kensho Godchaser

While most outside observers would characterize all Wiccans and Pagans as outrageously liberal, those on the inside know what a diversity of viewpoints exists under these umbrellas. While you won't find many Pagan members of the GOP, quite a few are libertarians - defenders of both individual liberty and capitalism. While both these ends of the political spectrum disagree on social and economic policy, many in both camps hold high the sanctity of the individual and the value of life.

That's why the past six months have been so tough for me. While both liberals and libertarians have attacked the the War on Iraq, I've been cheerleading it.

There were many, many reasons circulated for going to war with Iraq - chief among them, the allegations that Saddam Hussein's regime was manufacturing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). With the war over and these weapons elusive, debate has erupted over whether we'll uncover the smoking gun, or whether our government misled us just to snatch Iraq's oil. I find this debate intriguing - and irrelevant. I was just a teenager in high school when I watched, live on CNN, as the Communist Chinese regime... [Full Article]

by Eri M.

Justification for war...when I saw the topic on the front page of The Witches' Voice...good God my mind went racing. As a teen I often get my opinion downplayed as insignificant. But this topic...this I could write for. It has been my experience to be on both sides of the line at one point or another.

As an avid disliker (for lack of a better word) of President Bush (unaffectionately dubbed "Shrubya" by my best friend and I) I at first was anti-war. I vehemently spoke against Bush's aggressive foreign policy and how much I just wanted him out of office. After all, I remember being a little girl of five, maybe six watching the soldiers on TV in Operation Desert Storm, and feeling sorry that my president had sent them out there, and had sent some of them to their deaths. I wanted nothing of Bush's son, or his war. And even today I despise American politics. One must admit it will be a cold day in hell when Washington D.C. runs out of hot air.

As I went on, I watched the protesters all around the world... [Full Article]

Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies
by Kerr Cuhulain

(Viewed times as of

The Encyclopedia of Satanic Wicca

On Friday 2 May, 2003, a reliable source forwarded to me the following notice that he had received on his e-mail as he knew that it would interest me. I suppose that one of the people that he had lectured to had sent it to him expecting that he would approve of it. The notice reads:

"This email is being sent to you from the website notification service at Tripod.

You can see my new site here:

Let me know what you think!

Build your own web site at"

If you clicked on the tripod address bearing my name you found yourself viewing a web site with the name "The Encyclopedia of Satanic Wicca". Immediately following this caption was that quotation from Exodus 22:18 that is so familiar to Pagans on the receiving end of diatribes from evangelicals: "Thou shalt not suffer a Witch to live." The paragraph that follows this reads:

"The witch, tradition hath it, made a compact with the Evil One, signed in blood; sometimes it was blood that dripped from her nose. Satan seldom kept his part of the contract in so far as he inconsiderately permitted his devotees to be --burned quick to the death--, buried alive, or torn limb by limb."

To experience all of The Encyclopedia of Satanic Wicca - CLICK HERE

Editors Note: Kerr's latest book 'Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior' is the most viewed book in our database.

Some of Last Week's Features at Witchvox...

Three of Spirits..
by Wren Walker

I grew up in a world inhabited by spirits. They roamed the land. They lived in our house. They hid our car keys. All in all, they proved themselves to be quite interesting neighbors. Once you get used to the fact that you never really have any privacy, sharing the world with spirits is actually a comforting experience.

Sure, we heard the occasional moaning, thumping or door slamming, but the house ghosts -- and other indoors phantom critters -- were fairly responsive to constructive criticism. Those magical words, "Will you guys just shut the f*** up?" usually did the trick. Worked with rambunctious cousins, too. My mother could actually yell it in four different languages. (When she finally worked herself up into swearing in German, we all knew that we had best stop our moaning and settle down. Right now!) But like I said, this was family and you can get away with a little cursing at your loved ones whether they be amongst the dearly-departed or just some sticky-fingered little pest who was snapping your bra strap. Come to think of it, those last two weren't always mutually exclusive either [... continued]

Mark Twain on "The Witches' Rede"
by Mike Nichols

It hardly seems possible that it has been almost 100 years since Mark Twain sat down and dictated his thoughts about The Witches' Rede, leaving to posterity what is surely the most clear-headed explanation ever attempted of this critical and central tenet of modern Witchcraft.

Okay, that really didn't happen.

But it might as well have. Because it was sometime around 1904 or 1905 that Mark Twain composed a short story called "The War Prayer". It's not easy to be sure just when it was written because Twain's publisher rejected it, saying that it was too controversial. It was based, in part, on Twain's opposition to the Philippine-American War of 1899-1902. Twain agreed with his publisher's assessment, commenting that it would probably have to wait until after his death before it could be published. As with the comet, Twain proved to be prophetic. "The War Prayer" didn't see the light of day until its first printing in 1923... [Full Article]

A must bookmark: For a more complete Mike Nichols experience, visit his wonderful Website: The Witches' Sabbats

Is War Justified?
by Mike Sanders

The question of how violence or war is justified is a very personal one. This is why it is impossible to give a blanket answer applicable to everyone. You need to decide for yourself how far your boundaries are to be stretched to allow violence into Pagan beliefs. Is it okay in self-defense? Is it justified when it's to stop people who you believe are acting immorally or unjustly? If we say that because the majority of the world believes a country or practice is wrong then it must be so, we have learned nothing from the Salem Witch Trials. t.... [Full Article]

Violence and War
by RuneWolf

I believe that every child of the Goddess and the God has the right to protect him or herself, and it is a fact of nature that violence is sometimes the instrument of that self-protection. But we very rarely argue the morality of the water buffalo that defends herself from the lioness with horn and hoof - we only seem to argue the point when we humans are involved.... [Full Article]

Excuses for War
by Elena Feick

It has to happen to all of us, I suppose. Growing up to look around the world, to notice its random chaos and the many-scaled wars that plague us, is a most painful experience, simply because it can lead one to believe that we humans are nothing but a curse or a scar upon the face of this beautiful, beloved earth. It seems that from the beginning of human existence, we have been the cause of devastation after devastation, claiming to learn from experience and then moving on to create yet another inexcusable war... [Full Article]


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