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Weekly Update: 5/26/2003

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: May 26th. 2003
Times Viewed: 5,142

Community Magick -- "Beltane Altar from the first campout at Talisman Community Center in Bastrop Texas, May 2003" [photo by Aradia]
Six of Lies...

by Wren Walker

"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it." *

Well then, Max, you can just take that telescope of yours and shove it up your astro-tush. I am sick of your scientific lies. You have lost all credibility with me, bucko. I'll never buy another book or believe anything that you might ever say again. Even if you were still alive to write or say it.

It's not entirely Max Planck's fault. In fact, he had very little to do with my latest grand bout of disillusionment. But he was a scientist-mathematician after all and, taken as a group, they have all proven themselves to be quite unreliable. I feel foolish now. It all began in 1960...

I think I was in the third grade. We were studying the solar system. And this is what the scientists told us: Jupiter has 12 moons and Saturn has seven. And those cool three rings. Based upon this alleged scientific information, our class of thirty innocent children spent an entire week making a scale model of our planetary neighborhood using tennis balls, basketballs, jackstone balls and marbles. There may have been a few spitballs representing the lesser satellites in there, too. We put our little hearts and souls into that project.

And two weeks ago, I found out that it was all just one big lie. Yes, as shocking as this revelation might sound, it's true. Scientists have been abusing the trusting nature of children for years! Yes, you were lied to and your children are probably being lied to. So where is the congressional investigation on these scientific frauds taking place, that's what I want to know!

You want proof? Well, I got the proof! Check this out: [... continued]

Micah and Jenna
Handfasted May 10th, 2003
by Grey Cat -- in consultation with Donna Ariell

Jennefer (Oaksong) Frances Combs weds Micah Thomas McCool in gorgeous ceremony at Starbridge Sanctuary in the north Georgia mountains

On May 10th at Starbridge Sanctuary in Dahlonega, Georgia; Jenna Combs, lifelong Pagan, exchanged vows of loving partnership with Micah at an outdoor ritual attended by about 150 people including families of both bride and groom and many friends of the couple and their parents. The Handfasting High Priestess was Brigit d'Augra, Patricia Combs, mother of the bride, wearing a Victorian skirt and embroidered lace trimmed blouse with soft purple bustle-bow and elegant white lace-up boots. She was assisted in this role by Robert, a/k/a Robert G. Combs, father of the bride, wearing a black Victorian styled jacket and plum brocade waistcoat and Donna Ariell Passaro, mother of the bride, wearing a Victorian demi-bustled skirt of floral brocade with a vintage ivory high-necked silk blouse heavily tucked and lace trimmed with a bustiere of plum brocade matching Robert's waistcoat... [Link: Full Celebration w/ wonderful Pix]

Creating Magickal Community
by Christopher Penczak

When I was complaining about the lack of connection I feel in the gay community, a friend of mine started quoting Gandhi to me, and loosely paraphrasing, she said, "You must be the change in the world that you want to see."

I was upset that I had very few gay friends and although I would find a few interested in the things I was interested in while online, I didn't know anyone near me. I never found a sense of friendship or community at dance clubs. I never really clicked with anyone at a Gay Pride parade. So I felt on the outside and if those are the only things the gay community had to offer, then I was ok with it.

Well, I really wasn't. I still longed for a sense of gay community. So with my friend's advice, I decided to create the very thing I wanted to see - a gay spirituality group. So about a year ago, I posted some announcements in bookstores, clubs and online, and started a group.

Originally, as a Witch, I thought I wanted a gay coven. But I was already in a coven. I have experienced wonderful magickal communities, and I love the diversity of genders, orientations and background in my coven. We are very informal, spontaneous and eclectic, which differs from my personal work. But as I started to speak to people who expressed an interest in the group, I realized most didn't even know what Witchcraft was and I wasn't looking to train a group. I wanted a sense of community where I could receive as well as give. ... [Full Article]

Magick and Personal Responsibility.
NEW Essay Topic..

How has your practice of magick helped you take more personal responsibility for outcomes in your life? Do you feel that your practice gives you more control of your mind, emotions, and the events in your day-to-day life? If you have been practicing for a while, what would you suggest to a new practitioner that would help them learn to use magick to build a more positive, responsible life for themselves?

Any thoughtful essays of over 1,000 words will be published. Please read our editorial guidelines first, and send your essay to Diotima The deadline for this topic is 6/22, but we will post the essays as we receive them. Please keep in mind that we will not post responses to previously posted essays.

Your voice counts! Please consider adding your thoughts to this collection of essays and join in the exchange of ideas throughout the worldwide Pagan community.

New Essays this week: The Justification for War

A Pagan Past
by Mobius

I personally consider myself a Wiccan or Witch (to me they are interchangeable). As of late I've really been searching for what being a Witch really means. I truly consider the whole Witchcraft and Pagan movement as something new. In general we all accept the Rede "An it harm none..." in some shape or form. But what does that truly mean in relationship to what we are trying to revive? The closest things to ancient Witches are the Shamans and Medicine Men and Women of old. They cursed when necessary and helped when necessary or when paid. The only people they generally did their best to help were "family," not necessarily blood relation but people that they knew or people from their town... [Full Article]

Military Witches: The Morals and Ethics of a Witch in Conflict
by Keldon Raven

I have served quite some time in the British military and I have often pondered how I would react if I were placed in the situation where I had to 'do or die.' Thankfully that situation has never arisen. However, it is entirely possible given the current world stage and the far-reaching efforts of the British nation.

Many times throughout my life I have been in situations and places where I may have been called upon to cause the loss of life to others. This only leads to the obvious question: "How do I feel about this?" ... [Full Article]

War! Agree or Disagree?
by Child of the Mother Goddess

I am an eclectic solitary, 18-year-old Witch and high school senior, who has been on the Path for about seven years. Many of my views on Wicca and the world come from the teachings and writings of Scott Cunningham and Raymond Buckland. My advanced placement English class and I have been working on the Vietnam War and a way to teach future generations other ways to deal with conflict. This project included but was not limited to conducting interviews, reading novels, and doing massive research. After much work, each group had to provide the class with an editorial on how they viewed the Vietnam War... [Full Article]

Excuses, Excuses
by Lili Fugit

In order to discuss what would justify a war, one has to define what war is, and what it is not. Legally, war is defined as "hostile contentions by armed forces" between nations, states, or rulers. This is as good a description as any, stripped of specifics, judgments, rationale, dead bodies, maimed children, and rhetoric. And, free of these things, it reveals that at its basest, most honest level, war is nothing more than a political construct.

This runs directly contrary to the commonly held view that war is somehow an intrinsic part of human nature. "Human nature" is an abstract concept anyway -- biologically there is nothing to suggest war is a natural state of being; psychologically there is no evidence of this; genetically there is no "aggression gene."... [Full Article]

One Witch's Personal Views
by Erin (Isis) O.

As a practicing Wiccan, my belief in the principle of "harm none" has been extremely strong. Adopting this belief, for me, was one of the greatest things that I have ever done. I grew up in a volatile family, to say the least, and yelling and hitting were a constant. As a teenager, I became like my parents; only instead of abusing others I abused myself. I started to use drugs; I would cut my arms for the pleasure of the pain, thinking all along that it could kill the pain inside. I lashed out at people, screamed and shouted, had this huge reputation as this big, bad fighter girl (when, in reality, the only time I ever fought was in self-defense).... [Full Article]

Just War
by Spider-Monkey

"The ruler cannot mobilize the army out of personal anger. The general cannot engage in battle because of personal frustration. When it is advantageous, move; when not advantageous, stop. Anger can revert to happiness, annoyance can revert to joy, but a vanquished state can not be revived, the dead can not be brought back to life."
-Sun Tzu
"The Art of War"

When Christianity was still forming it believed heavily in non-violence, but as more public officials of the Roman Empire converted to Christianity, it was realized that the state still needed to be defended. As a result the idea of a Just War arose -- basically the state could, and had the right to, defend itself and to punish injustice. The state could not engage in a war of conquest. I doubt that third and fourth century Christians were the first to come up with this, merely the first to write it down and have it survive to our time... [Full Article]

Bardic Circle featuring Graham Hickey:
(Week 22 - The Magick continues...)

This week we feature a new performance by Graham Hickey entitled Celtic symphony movement 1 (gwion's awakening).

"The epic story of the birth of taliesin. The firs movement follows the story of gwion a small boy who is found washed up upon a shore and is taken in by an old blind man. There they are asked to care for a couldron of the goddess ceridwen and the story unfolds. A chse scene is encountered later between ceridwen and gwion." [...continued] "

Editors Note: We have put a hold on all new submissions to Bardic circle until later this month (in preparation for WOTW v8) - DO expect to see a few more NEW performances in the weeks to come. Scheduled for next week is a wonderful piece by Gaia Consort... To experience the 70 performances already available... CLICK HERE.

Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies
by Kerr Cuhulain

(Viewed times as of

Jesus Messiah Fellowship (Part 2 of 3)
(studies On The Cults Of Witchcraft)

"This Simon is one of the early gnostics who was perhaps the first to forge Christianity with witchcraft which was by this time the driving force in the gnostic movements within Cabala Judaism, as well as the religions and philosophies of the Mediterrainian [sic] sea coast nations. His magic here called sorcery was used to *bewitch* or deceive or trick those gulliable [sic] to be persuaded in his god(s) with the powers he allegedly had at his disposal. He was rejected by the Apostles because he thought like his other crafts, he could buy God and his power with a few gold coins. He learned that God is not subject to man's money and that God is not so desperate to have use of a man for his services as to use a reprobate. God would rather have no man upon the earth than to have a man who is an apostate (case in point the Ark and the flood). If it were not for Godly Christians in the world and the divine time not fulfilled, God would destroy the world this instant. He will allow manking [sic] to come to his climax in reprobation and when this turns full-scale upon Christians under the antichrist regime, world-wide judgement will come. The last blood-bath of the Satanist against Christians and the Godly will be over"

KERR: It would be nice if God insisted that his followers corrected their spelling and grammar. Gnosticism started up in the second century CE. It is the belief that knowledge (Greek gnosis) is the way to salvation. Those who are worthy receive this knowledge from a redeemer/revealer. Gnostics believe that the flesh which imprisons a divine spark. The material world was viewed as evil. This led to the belief that there was two creators: One being the Supreme God of Truth and the other being the creator of the material world. The later was known as the demiurge. This is probably what leads Reckart to associate Gnosticism with Devil worship: He is associating the demiurge with Satan and identifying with the Biblical story of an evil world created by man's fall from grace. .

To experience part TWO Jesus Messiah Fellowship - CLICK HERE

Editors Note: Kerr's latest book 'Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior' is the most viewed book in our database.

New Book Releases for This Month

The Book section [Link] at Witchvox continues to be hot and since this past September it has clocked in visits from Pagans all over the planet.

New this month...BR>
Visit Pagan Books at Witchvox today to see what's new and what's HOT.

Some of Last Week's Features at Witchvox...

Five of Secrets..
by Wren Walker

I've got a secret. Lots and LOTS of secrets, in fact! And for a mere $29.95 (hardcover edition), I will share them with you. Yes, YOU! ... As one reviewer** put it: "Sometimes it's better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness." So now you too can learn what thousands of others (so the publisher says) have already discovered about all of the things that you aren't supposed to know anything about. Buy Secrets Revealed! today.
(Shipping and handling charges not included. Credibility not included. Taxes and author's royalty check definitely included.)

Okay then. Now how can I put this so as not to upset the tender sensibilities of anyone who has actually bought a book with a title such as our fictitious (and the irony will become even more apparent later) little example, Secrets Revealed? Truth is, I can't. It's no secret. You were snookered. There, I typed it out loud. So hex me already. There's a particularly good one on page 201, I believe. Right there under the paragraph entitled: When Good Magick Goes Bad (And Why This Is Usually Much More Fun Anyway).. [... continued]

The Divine Feminine: Intersections and Collisions
by M. Macha NightMare

On April 3, 2003, there occurred an event unprecedented, to my knowledge, in American academe. During the afternoon, about 20 invited guests gathered for lunch and a text study sponsored by the Center for Multifaith Education of Auburn Theological Seminary in New York City. [] Drawing from pre-selected and pre-read Talmudic texts, this group, comprised of four rabbis, Protestant ministers, a Catholic nun, a Catholic sociologist, a Protestant documentary filmmaker, four Witches and other religious scholars, discussed the meanings of Biblical prohibitions against soothsaying, sorcery and magic-working, as well as various references to witches, sorcerers and miracle-workers.... [Full Article]

56,000 Email Addresses Tested... (over at WOTW)

On May 17th and 18th, we tested all of the Email Addresses in the Witchvox Networking Section. Since it has been 6 months since we last tested, a substantial number of listings were deemed 'broken' and were quickly removed. . If you find that YOUR listing is gone kindly resubmit it with a working email address

Let's do the Numbers...

Listings Tested : 56,210 listings (51,766 unique email addresses) - Removed: 7,360 Bad emails, 382 requests for removal (so far)... NET Wotw Listings 48,468

ATTN: Witchvox Sponsors: If you are an active sponsor of TWV, and notice that YOUR listing(s) have been removed, kindy email us your sponsor number, a workable email address, and note any changes that you require... - Witchvox Staff

The Justification for War...
Essays from the past two weeks

Aggression and Negativity
by Richard Sanker

As a person in constant reaffirmation of self-balance, I retain the knowledge and understanding that certain times and situations call for acts of aggression. The act of inflicting harm upon another or acting out various forms of negativity accesses the darker, more chaotic recesses of our psyche. Some might view the acknowledgement and use of these natural, inborn energies as wrong. In my humble opinion, to use them is not wrong, but to misuse them is.

Regarding positive and negative aspects, it is often complicated as to how an action should be categorized. For example: should a mother, lightly smacking the hands of her child when caught stealing, be considered doing a negative or positive action? It inflicted bodily harm, but the result was to educate the child to not steal. Was the mother's action negative or positive? In truth, the action was negative. It instilled mild pain, startled the child, and perhaps produced some tears. However, this negative act was done out of love and to better the well being of another individual, and thus this particular form of negativity is not a bad thing.... [Full Article]

Violence: An Exploratio
by Amy Wallen

On February 15 2003, 2 million people marched from Embankment to Hyde Park in London to protest against what they considered an unjust war. The demonstration was just one of hundreds all over the world taking place the same day. I was one of the throng and proud to be part of a movement that, whether or not it would succeed in stopping the war, had just made history.

Violence is certainly a concept from which most people seem to want to distance themselves, but the people on that march were by no means all pacifists. Many of us had reasons why we thought this particular act of violence was wrong; that US imperialism, personal revenge and the search for oil were blatantly part of the process, that 'shock and awe' tactics would harm innocent Iraqis rather than Hussein, that the so-called weapons of mass destruction alleged to be in Iraq did not exist. What served more to anger people than the fact that a war was taking place was the lack of apparent justification for it.... [Full Article]

Love to an N.C.O.
by Mena Laughing Wolf

My father's name is Donald. The United States army sent my father to Korea when he was seventeen years old to fight in a war. He was a hardened kid from a hard life, the product of an alcoholic father and an abused mother both of whom abandoned him early on. My grandfather left for a woman, my grandmother left to find a better life for herself and her kids but she just never managed to make it back. I think my great-grandparents truly believed that the army would mold my father into a good, responsible man; very different from the hooky-playing, troublemaker he was. They thought that to die in Korea would be far more honorable than to die in the streets of Pittsburgh. I'm not sure what my father experienced in Korea because he never spoke of it to me. I know he had two "tours" in Vietnam as well, but the only thing I've ever heard him say about war is that it's hell.

War has always been an acceptable hell for my dad. What's his favorite movie? A war movie. What's his favorite book? A book about war. My... [Full Article]

War and My Wicca
by Kensho Godchaser

While most outside observers would characterize all Wiccans and Pagans as outrageously liberal, those on the inside know what a diversity of viewpoints exists under these umbrellas. While you won't find many Pagan members of the GOP, quite a few are libertarians - defenders of both individual liberty and capitalism. While both these ends of the political spectrum disagree on social and economic policy, many in both camps hold high the sanctity of the individual and the value of life.

That's why the past six months have been so tough for me. While both liberals and libertarians have attacked the the War on Iraq, I've been cheerleading it.

There were many, many reasons circulated for going to war with Iraq - chief among them, the allegations that Saddam Hussein's regime was manufacturing Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). With the war over and these weapons elusive, debate has erupted over whether we'll uncover the smoking gun, or whether our government misled us just to snatch Iraq's oil. I find this debate intriguing - and irrelevant. I was just a teenager in high school when I watched, live on CNN, as the Communist Chinese regime... [Full Article]

by Eri M.

Justification for war...when I saw the topic on the front page of The Witches' Voice...good God my mind went racing. As a teen I often get my opinion downplayed as insignificant. But this topic...this I could write for. It has been my experience to be on both sides of the line at one point or another.

As an avid disliker (for lack of a better word) of President Bush (unaffectionately dubbed "Shrubya" by my best friend and I) I at first was anti-war. I vehemently spoke against Bush's aggressive foreign policy and how much I just wanted him out of office. After all, I remember being a little girl of five, maybe six watching the soldiers on TV in Operation Desert Storm, and feeling sorry that my president had sent them out there, and had sent some of them to their deaths. I wanted nothing of Bush's son, or his war. And even today I despise American politics. One must admit it will be a cold day in hell when Washington D.C. runs out of hot air.

As I went on, I watched the protesters all around the world... [Full Article]

Is War Justified?
by Mike Sanders

The question of how violence or war is justified is a very personal one. This is why it is impossible to give a blanket answer applicable to everyone. You need to decide for yourself how far your boundaries are to be stretched to allow violence into Pagan beliefs. Is it okay in self-defense? Is it justified when it's to stop people who you believe are acting immorally or unjustly? If we say that because the majority of the world believes a country or practice is wrong then it must be so, we have learned nothing from the Salem Witch Trials. t.... [Full Article]

Violence and War
by RuneWolf

I believe that every child of the Goddess and the God has the right to protect him or herself, and it is a fact of nature that violence is sometimes the instrument of that self-protection. But we very rarely argue the morality of the water buffalo that defends herself from the lioness with horn and hoof - we only seem to argue the point when we humans are involved.... [Full Article]

Excuses for War
by Elena Feick

It has to happen to all of us, I suppose. Growing up to look around the world, to notice its random chaos and the many-scaled wars that plague us, is a most painful experience, simply because it can lead one to believe that we humans are nothing but a curse or a scar upon the face of this beautiful, beloved earth. It seems that from the beginning of human existence, we have been the cause of devastation after devastation, claiming to learn from experience and then moving on to create yet another inexcusable war... [Full Article]


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