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Weekly Update: 6/16/2003

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: June 16th. 2003
Times Viewed: 3,861

Community Magick: The 2nd Pagan Potluck of 2003 in Columbus Ga. -- Front Row: Justin, MitziMae (in front of Mae) Mike and Ash... 2nd Row: Lois, Vicky, Brandy, (in front of Brandy) Camron, Viri, Jamie, Bea, James... 3rd Row: Forrest, Lynn, K., Gabriele and Ellen -- Weblink

Eight of Endings...

by Wren Walker

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.. " *

Even before I was fully awake, I felt that it was gone. Carefully -- so as not to disturb Ruby who was still fast asleep -- I reached under my pillow and gingerly searched for it. As my fingers closed around the little gemstone, I opened my eyes to a new phase of my life. I don't know what that is exactly. Not yet. But an omen is an omen. Something has changed.

I have worn the gold pentacle with the sapphire stone since Laurie gave it to me in 1996. On the few occasions when I did remove it in order to properly clean it, I always felt vaguely anxious until it was once again securely fastened about my neck. More than a talisman of protection or a symbol of belief, to me it was a reminder of the oaths I had taken. As the blue nugget flashed in the morning light, memories flickered through my brain. And I knew it was time to move on.

But to what? When I mentioned this obviously monumental moment to Fritz, he just said, "Well, THAT means something." He is so darn helpful sometimes. I put the stone and the pentacle in my jewelry box and waited for the sense of loss to kick in. It never did. Okay, that does mean something. Time to hit up the ghost of Unckie Carl for some advice... . [... continued]

It has always intrigued me that political activism in communities is referred to as "grassroots." This allows us to also think of terms like "common ground" as having layers of meaning. Think about it: by fighting social injustice, lobbying for a cleaner environment, working for affordable healthcare, or volunteering in a soup kitchen, we affect the world around us in a direct way. The places we live are made better because of our direct, often hands-on, efforts. Email petitions are all well and good, but really getting in their and getting your hands dirty (so to speak) is a very satisfying way to get involved in working for social change.

Look at the efforts to help free the West Memphis Three. Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, Jr. were teenagers when they were arrested and convicted for the murder of three children in their conservative, mostly-Christian community. These guys have been in prison for more then TEN YEARS now. If not for the effect of various media, and efforts by supporters to make sure the media continued to cover their case, their plight would not be known to the world at large. In 1996, a documentary film called Paradise Lost was released that had a significant impact on their plight, and people far beyond the small Arkansas town where this happened were now learning about what has come to be seen as a travesty of American justice. Interviews and articles in various news media followed, including The Witches' Voice . It's an important issue for us, since Damien was involved with Wicca at the time of his arrest, and it was his supposed "dabbling in the occult" which made the local police (who were obsessed with "satanic cults" at the time) finger him as a suspect in the first place.

People all over the world have been fighting since then to help get them a new trial and, hopefully, exonerated from the crimes they've been convicted of (and open the way for the actual perpetrators to be apprehended). Through web-based support groups, discussion boards and newsgroups, supporters have raised awareness about the case. A follow-up documentary appeared in 1999, and a benefit CD in 2000 from artists like Eddie Vedder, Steve Earle and Eddie Spaghetti. Henry Rollins' (yes, the former singer of proto-punk band Black Flag) album Rise Above: 24 Black Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three came out last year... Full Update.

WebNote: When Peg interviewed Mara Leveritt about her powerful book 'Devils Knot', earlier in the year, we gave the WM3 info pages here at WV an update... This weekend we did so again... -- For the latest info on Damien, Jason and Jessie (and for ways YOU can help) visit

Bardic Circle featuring James Gilchrist:
(Week 23 - The Magick continues...)

This week we feature a new performance by James Gilchrist entitled A Maid in Ninian's Day.

"I wrote the lyric to "A Maid in Ninian's Day" as a poem in 1998. While I sat in the World Wide Plaza on West 50th St, NYC, enjoying a warm spring evening, the words to the opening stanza began to coalesce in my mind. There were no rolling Irish hills in the foreground; there was no view of the seashore. There was only the mist on my face from a fountain on which I rested my boots, Shirley Toulson's book CELTIC JOURNEYS in my pocket, and the sight of a beautiful woman strolling through the plaza in a flowing summer dress. Or perhaps the woman was only in my mind's eye..." [...continued] "

Thank YOU Victoria for the lovely note and CD you sent Wren and Fritz via the US post. We will cherish it always....

Editors Notes: We have put a hold on all new submissions to Bardic circle until later this month (in preparation for WOTW v8) - DO expect to see a few more NEW performances in the weeks to come. Scheduled for next week is a wonderful piece by Gaia Consort... To experience the 70 plus performances already available... CLICK HERE.

The Hidden Truth Behind Joan of Arc
Part TWO of a 3 Part series
by Brenda Bates, M.A., CH.t

There are many books about Joan's life that go into detail about her. Time and space prevents this article from reporting about Joan in an all encompassing way. The purpose of this essay is to give evidence as to the most probable, true causes behind the personality and behavior of Joan of Arc. I begin my interpretation of Joan of Arc from Murray's standpoint : that Pagan rites were practiced, of which Joan was an initiate. I further Murray's research with my own, which takes this matter a step further. I assert that these rites and, plant inebriates used therein, could indeed produce visions/voices, prophesies that came true and other mystical occurrences experienced by Joan and witnessed by others. Further, my investigation yields that while Joan was a Pagan, her religion was not Dianic as Murray asserted, rather it was a Druid religion (perhaps mixed with a few Dianic traditions and perhaps even a splattering of Catholicism. In Joan's day it was dangerous to not at least pretend to be a Catholic. Sometimes, Catholic ways were even incorporated into Pagan rites). Therefore, it was the Druidic rites, which included psychoactive mixtures, that induced Joan's voices/visions, behaviors, prophecies and ability to quickly heal from the potentially deadly wounds she incurred in battle. .... [Full Article]

Witch Cinema: Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine!

by Peg Aloi

Well, okay, it's been pretty rainy and cloudy in Boston for quite some time now! But summer is clearly on its way. I returned from England on Tuesday and found my garden in the Back Bay Fens was overgrown with weeds half as tall as I am! Friday was sunny and warm so I went after the "volunteers" gently bit firmly. There's something very satisfying about pulling weeds (especially when the soil's damp which makes it easier!) I NEVER use any sort of herbicides or pesticides in my garden, and neither should you if you care about the well-being of the environment and other living things. Click here for some scary information about a very common herbicide made by a big corporation who don't seem to care that their products cause cancer.

What does my crusade again Round-upª have to do with being a witch media maven? Plenty. As witches, we promote ways to protect the Earth. It is our home, after all, and the condition we leave it in when we go is a legacy to future generations. Many witches want to do more to help the planet, but often aren't aware of the dangerous substances used in their immediate environments. Sadly, many traditional media sources like television and newspapers don't give very much time or space to environmental issues because they aren't "sexy" enough. Well, I don't find prostate cancer or non-Hodgkins' lymphoma terribly sexy either, and so I believe we have a right to be informed and a duty to stay informed. Take advantage of the different alternative media around you to not only learn more factual information, but to register your protest against products and practices that poison or compromise the environment. There are many online sources for consumer education in this area. Check out the Witchvox Earth Pages for great essays and resources. Remember: Being a Green Witch is Cool.... [Full Article]

Harry Potter and the Cuckoo's Egg
by Dana Corby
  • "Harry Potter promotes magic, witchcraft and satanism!"
  • "Harry Potter is pure fantasy and has nothing to do with real magic, or witchcraft or satanism!"
  • "Harry Potter teaches evil to our children!"
  • "Harry Potter teaches children strong ethical values!"
  • "Harry Potter should be banned!"
  • "Harry Potter is the best thing that's ever happened to promote children's literacy!"
I haven't heard such an uproar over what children should be allowed to read since I was in the sixth grade (in 1957, if you must know) and a parents group wanted the Tarzan books pulled from the school library because Tarzan & Jane were "living in sin." And weren't they embarrassed when the exact page on which the wedding occurs was shown to them.

The issues surrounding Harry Potter are far more complex and are not going to be resolved by merely showing the books to those concerned about them. The conservative Christians who object to the Harry Potter books are correct in that the words "witchcraft," "magic" and "wizardry" appear on nearly every page. That the words "satan... [Full Article]

Magick and Personal Responsibility.
NEW Essay Topic..

How has your practice of magick helped you take more personal responsibility for outcomes in your life? Do you feel that your practice gives you more control of your mind, emotions, and the events in your day-to-day life? If you have been practicing for a while, what would you suggest to a new practitioner that would help them learn to use magick to build a more positive, responsible life for themselves?

Any thoughtful essays of over 1,000 words will be published. Please read our editorial guidelines first, and send your essay to Diotima The deadline for this topic is 6/22, but we will post the essays as we receive them. Please keep in mind that we will not post responses to previously posted essays.

Your voice counts! Please consider adding your thoughts to this collection of essays and join in the exchange of ideas throughout the worldwide Pagan community.

New Essays this week: Magick and Personal Responsibility...

Accountability for Personal and Group Magick
by Elsbieta Grosinski

Personal responsibility is one of the key items I learned from my Witchcraft studies. To explain, I'll give you some history of my life. I was raised Lutheran while my fabulous mother, a Sunday School teacher and Church Secretary, always taught my brothers and me from where our Lutheran traditions came. She told us about the Pagan holidays at each Christian holiday. It was our quality time where we would make crafts like homemade candles, Advent wreaths, and of course the annual Easter eggs and Christmas tree decorations.

As an adult, I learned that there were modern Pagans. I was so amazed because I couldn't believe that there were people out there who had the same beliefs I had. I no longer agreed with Christian dogma and I had BIG problems with how the Bible is misinterpreted. Mom always told us that these Pagan traditions were simply not done anymore, never that they were wrong, bad, or evil. So finding modern Paganism and joining the movement has given me what I needed.

My magical studies began as most do, reading as much as possible. This was when there... [Full Article]

Magick and Personal Responsibility
by Ashera

Note: In this essay the terms used are in accordance with my personal belief system. I realize opinions may differ and respect these differences.

Magick is an applied science of personal responsibility. This of course is my own opinion, developed after years of living, and the practice of Witchcraft. The laws of cause and effect are apparent here, whether it is the use of a particular candle color in relation to a working or the study of emotional response to scent in aromatherapy. Like a child learning math we learn that if something works five times, then it will probably work every time. We create our own guidelines in this way, all the while taking a certain level of responsibility for the outcome. After all to whom does your life belong if not to you?

This seems to be a problem for the general population (of all people and all religions). Before responsibility must come ownership. Annoying concept that it is, I own my life. I am married, have two children, and I am a Witch. It is mine; therefore I am responsible for the maintenance of it. These are... [Full Article]

Ethical Magick, Ethical Life
by Madam K

I cast my first spell when I was thirteen years of age. That was a little over ten years ago and at that time in my life I was unaware of Paganism and thought Witches were something confined to tales such as those by C.S. Lewis or the Brothers Grimm. However, I was excited and a little frightened by the prospect of casting a love spell out of a book a friend of a friend of mine leant me. I was in love you see, that dizzy, heady, heart wrenching type of love that has a tendency to afflict youths and cause them to go to great lengths to quench their desire and possess that which they crave. And so I cast the spell and charged the charm. Only I wasn't aware that what I was doing was charging, I merely followed what the "recipe" dictated. There were no warnings or rules given by the author, so I assumed it was safe to execute and that within days I would have that boy swooning over me. I wore that charm above my heart like the book said, and hoped against hope that... [Full Article]

New Book Releases for June

The Book section [Link] at Witchvox continues to be hot and since this past September it has clocked in visits from Pagans all over the planet.

New this month...  Divination for Beginners by Scott Cunningham [Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.] --  Tarot for the Green Witch by Ann Moura [Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.] --  The Witch's Guide to Life by Kala Trobe [Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.] --  Simplified Qabala Magic by Ted Andrews [Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.] --  Llewellyn's 2004 Witchy Day Planner by Llewellyn [Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.] --  Gay Witchcraft: Empowering the Tribe by Christopher Penczak [Weiser Books] --  A Witch's Book of Answers by Holland and CERELIA [Weiser Books] --  Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune [Weiser Books] --  Moon Magic by Dion Fortune [Weiser Books] --  Pagans and the Law by Dana D. Eilers [New Page Books] --

Visit Pagan Books at Witchvox today to see what's new and what's HOT.

Book Specs.

ISBN: 0-7387-0200-5
Released: June - 2003
List Price: $19.95

Wvox Stats.

Times Viewed: 69,956

Posted: 1.30.2003

Featured This Week...

The Witch's Guide to Life

Author: Kala Trobe

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.

Category: Witchcraft & Wicca/Magick Studies   Level: All

Some days it's not easy being a witch. Life is full of relationship problems, global crises, personal karmic drama... not to mention the challenge of practicing your craft in a world of nine-to-five mortals.

This comprehensive guide to magickal living spans the intellectual, physical, magickal, and philosophical aspects of a witch's life. It focuses on the history and development of modern Wicca, its core beliefs and practices, and magickal techniques such as successful spellcasting, aura reading, and Tarot and rune reading.

Where To Buy: Llewellyn titles can be found worldwide in metaphysical, independent and chain bookstores. Call 800-THE-MOON to find a location near you.

Hot link to --> Pagan Shops in Your Town
Hot link to --> Pagan Shops on the Net

Options:   Surf to: [Author's Website]   Surf to: [Publisher's Website]  

Some of Last Week's Features...

The 2nd Annual OHF Spring Ball & Silent Auction
by Shea Thomas

Pagan residents in Washington, DC jokingly call it the Pagan Prom - and while there were no corsages or yearbooks in evidence, this year's Open Hearth Foundation Spring Ball & Silent Auction certainly lived up to its reputation as the DC area's premier formal Pagan event with a wealth of entertainment, an amazing collection of donated auction items, and over 80 Pagan and Pagan-friendly attendees dressed to impress.... [Full Article]

History of a Mystery: The Neither Mysteries
by Rainbird

Tonight as I am writing, the moon is on the brink of waning. I felt it is an appropriate time to write about mystery traditions. The Neither Mysteries are not about to head into decline; rather they, like the moon, are dancing on the edge of in-between. Twilight, threshold, shoreline and horizon are all powerful places and times for magick. At these spaces we almost catch sight of that which has not form.

The Neither Mysteries came about from my desire to give my and other queer people's voices a space... [Full Article]

A Look At Personal Responsibility
by Lynxx

I have a four year old roommate. She isn't my child, but I help her with her ABC's, paying attention, cleaning her room, table manners, and I watch cartoons with her. Another thing I am trying to instill in her is personal responsibility. I think personal responsibility begins very young by making a child accountable for their actions and instilling in them the knowledge of how what they do affects the world around them. From the look on her face, to the way she washes her hands, these things teach her to take care of herself so that she can reap the benefits of the world around her.... [Full Article]

by Heather Maas When I think about how Magick manifests itself though me in my daily life, a million little sayings pop up from the not so distant corners of my mind. There are things my mother said. There are things that Buddha and Shakespeare and the Hindu scriptures said. There are words from the Bible and lines from poems...and it is as old as it is new. This is the advice of the centuries from the combined faiths and common sense of humanity: One should only take that which one is willing to give in return. Seek the middle path, seek Balance. ... [Full Article]

Responsibility and Right Action
by RuneWolf

I've lately taken to thinking of and describing what I do as "Zen Wicca," or "Zen Witchcraft." And I do that with the full realization that what I practice actually bears very little resemblance to Zen as it is normally practiced, and I apologize to those Zen practitioners who may take exception to my libertine use of the term. But, like "shamanism," Zen has fallen into common (mis-) usage, and who am I to buck a current trend?

When I say "Zen Wicca," I mean a practice that is holistic and pervasive, to such an extent that it impacts and informs all aspects of my life. I am not a "Sabbats Only" Witch - I don't just come out of the woodwork on the High Holy Days, don my robes, gird my athame and fare forth to impress the impressible... [Full Article]

Did I Do That?
Personal Responsibility in Magickal Life.

by Rainbird

I was coming up on a red light, in heavy traffic, the first time I discovered magick was real. I extended my energies towards the light several cars ahead of me. I nudged the red with the visualization of green. To my delight, the light turned green and I reached my destination in record time. I thought that I could "spell away" the problems I was facing in my life once and for all. I was ready to retire to an island resort with my winning lottery ticket and a harem of attentive lovers. I was soon to learn that magick and Wicca were not as simple as I had thought... [Full Article]


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