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Weekly Update: 6/23/2003

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: June 23rd. 2003
Times Viewed: 6,434

Community Magick: This wonderful group shot was captured at the Michiana Pagan Alliance's MidSummer Celebration in Osceola, Indiana on 6/21/2003, (photo by Quill Mastercraft) -- Weblink

(to the The Witch Hunts series)

by Kerr Cuhulain

The Witch Hunts series was launched on July 1st., 2002. As we are coming up on the anniversary of this event I thought that it might be interesting to take a moment to examine some of the reactions to it.

I didn't expect the numerous e-mails from supporters and well wishers. That certainly has helped motivate me to continue. I did expect those who I write about to respond, as well as some of their supporters. For example I mentioned earlier in this series that I was contacted by Jack Roper and Greg Reid. Roper wanted me to print some minor clarifications (which I did) and admitted to being the publisher of Sanguinet's Open Letter to the Witchcraft Community. Reid gave me some minor information concerning Lauren Stratford and made it quite clear that despite the concerns expressed by people such as myself he still believes her story.

I didn't expect that one of the evangelicals would borrow my name to create an e-address for an anti-Pagan web site called the Encyclopedia of Satanic Wicca. I'm guessing that he was trying to divert some of the people seeking my Witch Hunts series to view his own propaganda. He also may have been trying to manufacture the impression that I was really a cult leader with a hidden agenda. The avalanche of complaints to Tripod/Lycos motivated them to pull the Encyclopedia of Satanic Wicca off the net.

I certainly got the attention of some fundamentalist Christians out there that really want to believe that this Satanic conspiracy stuff is true. Most of the e-mails from this crowd are unsigned and very short. Some of the e-mails that I receive from this crowd are simply statements that they will pray for me. Some send me lengthy letters urging me to accept Jesus into my life. [... continued]

Magick and Personal Responsibility
New Essays...

Personal Responsibility in Magick
by Skyfire Dawn

Magick opens horizons, gives choices, and demands responsibility. Magick guided by responsibility can bring us answers. Magick done carelessly will bring lessons. We've all heard the stories about careless magick gone wrong. There's always the friend who now laughs about the spell they didn't think all the way through and it brought disastrous results. I could tell you my story but it's very similar to every other one you've ever heard. Instead I'll tell you my beliefs about personal responsibility... [Full Article]

Magick: An Earned Discipline
by Marius Argentis

It is an easy thing to slough off responsibility, particularly in today's cultures where there are extenuating circumstances or considerations for everything it seems. So-and-so isn't really to blame because he beats his children because he learned the pattern from his father, and so forth. Accountability and personal responsibility are practically gone from the teachings of our culture as a whole, including, sadly, Pagan cultures, based solely on my observations of the requests some individuals make on various forums. My father was an abusive man, verbally and physically assaulting me. Intimidation is something I know a great deal about. [Full Article]

Game of Life?
by Starrdancer

Practicing magick helped me to stop passing the American buck when something went wrong. To sit down whether I wanted to or not and examine my boring hum-drum life that had been so exciting one minute and so chaotic the next. What had happened? What gypsy did I piss off, my friend always asks. That is so not the case... [Full Article]

The Devil Made Me Do It!
by Justinah

Born, baptized and raised Catholic, by devout Catholic parents, my spiritual search was a long one. Though I had been drawn to Witchcraft, and in fact to Wicca, as a young teenager, I had been quickly put off of that track by a friend's revelation that Wiccan was a word which meant "daughter of Satan." It took several years, and a journey of many churches and spiritual paths, for me to come back to my true calling, and begin to learn its truth's.... [Full Article]

Notes from a Pagan Webcrafter...
(Lightening Round - June 2003)

by Fritz Jung

Greetings, This week we have much to be thankful for and many items of note...

Our Thanks... To Kerr Cuhulain for his hard work detailing and exposing the 'Satanic Panic' folk... We are honored to feature his 'Reflections' as our lead piece this week and proud to, once again, point you to his latest book (just below) -- Tony from Australia? Wow.. your quick mock up of our logo was stunning, I hope we can share that magick with the rest of the community via a long overdue face lift here at TWV. -- DB, the mickster, icewytch and the fine folks over at Bless you for your support earlier this month as related to our mutual name/image theft. -- M. Macha NightMare for this weeks event review of the 'III Annual Witches Meeting in Brazil' -- to the countless community folk that send in magickal images, pen well-crafted essays and help to make the networking section here at TWV an invaluable 'community' resource -- to those of you that emailed and sent cards about the recent loss of our Dixie -- To the few of you that DO help pay for the server costs (via sponsorships) that keep TWV on line month after month -- Inanna Lightbringer and staff? Bless you for deeming TWV worthy of your 'Wondrous Website of the Year Award' and thanks for YOUR Pagan web site reviews over the years -- and thank you to the Witchvox staff for your years of dedication in bringing timely news and updates related to all that is good in our community.

Site Notes... The news category option for Wren's Nest has been a success with nearly 4,000 of you choosing to customize your news. -- Events review section now has a dynamic side bar -- the WOTW8 upgrade is on hold for a while -- New anti-spam filtering has been written into the Personals email form. -- The 'Question of the Week' will be back someday soon. -- many surprises in the cue - stay tuned!

The West Memphis Three... Our thanks go out to Peg Aloi for bringing us back up to date (once again) on the WM3 situation... We encourage you to 'know the story', and support a resolution to this travesty of justice. The 'true answer' lies in DNA testing, and THAT is where your financial support is needed. Our thanks go out to the countless individuals, websites, rock stars and film makers for bringing this case to the world over the past 10 years. At the front have always been the fine folks over Time IS running out... Your financial assistance IS needed now for DNA testing. (do so via

Cyborg Witch Cats? This past Friday Wren and I went out looking to adopt two steel gray short haired kittens (it's all we've had for 20 years) - We hit two local/huge human shelters and to our surprise 75% of the of the adoptable kittens (out of 100 or so) were solid black. From what they tell us, black cats are the least fave choice, We hadn't thought about 'Witch cats', but we are proud to say that we are now owned by two 8 week old all black cuties... Cyborg? As we were wrapping up the paperwork, they ran a scanner on our kittens, apparently they have microchip IDs injected into them (Damn! first I've heard of that!) - More on these 'uber cuties' when things stabilize at this end.

On with this weeks update and bright blessings to all...

Nine of Knowing...
by Wren Walker

"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." *

As Ruby and I sat on the porch one morning last week enjoying the sunshine and watching the antics of the critters down at the Little Pond, I saw my red-winged blackbird. I can say it was 'mine' because I had asked for it. You see, it had occurred to me in the previous day's Porch Chat With A Cat that while we had many regular old blackbirds visiting our feeding station, I had not seen a red-winged one in the five years that we had been here. So I asked for one. And here it was.

It didn't really surprise me that the bird was there. It did surprise me a bit that it arrived on the very next morning. Sometimes, it takes a little longer...

In many parts of the North Hemisphere, Spring arrives with the first appearance of that red-breasted beacon, the Robin. But in our household the official harbinger of the 'good weather' season was a bird of an entirely different color. [... continued]

III Annual Witches Meeting
by M. Macha NightMare

Abrawicca, the Brazilian Association of Witches (in Portuguese, AssociaŤ"o Brasileira da Arte e Filosofia da Relig'o Wicca), [LINK] spearheaded by Claudiney Prieto and Mavesper Sy Ceridwen, just put on a wonderful festival in the heart of the largest city on the South American continent, S"o Paulo. Held in the downtown business district known as Paulista, the avenue formerly home to the mansions built by wealthy Portuguese coffee barons, the conference drew 500 people to the Hilton Hotel over the weekend of June 6-8, 2003. Claudiney is Brazil's best-selling author on Witchen subjects. He and Mavesper are the founders of the Brazilian Dianic Wicca tradition, descended from McFarland Dianic.

The opening ritual on Friday night was held in big Ibirapuera Park, similar to Central Park in New York [LINK] Three hundred celebrants honored White Buffalo Woman. Although within a formal Craft structure, this ritual was as eclectic as many in America. Its juice came from chanting, drumming and dancing, which the ebullient Brazilian Witches did with abandon for about three hours. [Full Article]

The Hidden Truth Behind Joan of Arc
Final Part of this 3 Part series
by Brenda Bates, M.A., CH.t

The Church knew very well of the Pagan rites which were taking place in Joan's society. At Joan's trial she was questioned about the oak tree near her home in Domremy. At this oak, villagers would gather and hang mistletoe, a Druid custom and an indication of Joan's Druid association. Though Joan made it quite clear that she would not necessarily tell the truth to Church officials, she did say that she sometimes hung mistletoe on the oak branches with the other villagers. Fairies, or Elememtals/Daemons were said to be seen at the oak. The fact that Joan lived in a social environment of Paganism is paramount to understanding her personality. All of this evidence: the mistletoe, Fairies and dancing around the tree were all Druid ceremonies.... [Full Article]

West Memphis 3 Update June 2003
by Peg Aloi

Recent WM3 News
[from Wren's Nest]

View ALL News

[ ] = Views

It has always intrigued me that political activism in communities is referred to as "grassroots." This allows us to also think of terms like "common ground" as having layers of meaning. Think about it: by fighting social injustice, lobbying for a cleaner environment, working for affordable healthcare, or volunteering in a soup kitchen, we affect the world around us in a direct way. The places we live are made better because of our direct, often hands-on, efforts. Email petitions are all well and good, but really getting in their and getting your hands dirty (so to speak) is a very satisfying way to get involved in working for social change.

Look at the efforts to help free the West Memphis Three. Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, Jr. were teenagers when they were arrested and convicted for the murder of three children in their conservative, mostly-Christian community. These guys have been in prison for more then TEN YEARS now. If not for the effect of various media, and efforts by supporters to make sure the media continued to cover their case, their plight would not be known to the world at large. In 1996, a documentary film called Paradise Lost was released that had a significant impact on their plight, and people far beyond the small Arkansas town where this happened were now learning about what has come to be seen as a travesty of American justice. Interviews and articles in various news media followed, including The Witches' Voice . It's an important issue for us, since Damien was involved with Wicca at the time of his arrest, and it was his supposed "dabbling in the occult" which made the local police (who were obsessed with "satanic cults" at the time) finger him as a suspect in the first place.

People all over the world have been fighting since then to help get them a new trial and, hopefully, exonerated from the crimes they've been convicted of (and open the way for the actual perpetrators to be apprehended). Through web-based support groups, discussion boards and newsgroups, supporters have raised awareness about the case. A follow-up documentary appeared in 1999, and a benefit CD in 2000 from artists like Eddie Vedder, Steve Earle and Eddie Spaghetti. Henry Rollins' (yes, the former singer of proto-punk band Black Flag) album Rise Above: 24 Black Songs to Benefit the West Memphis Three came out last year... Full Update.

WebNote: When Peg interviewed Mara Leveritt about her powerful book 'Devils Knot', earlier in the year, we gave the WM3 info pages here at WV an update... This weekend we did so again... -- For the latest info on Damien, Jason and Jessie (and for ways YOU can help) visit

New Book Releases for June

The Book section [Link] at Witchvox continues to be hot and since this past September it has clocked in visits from Pagans all over the planet.

New this month...  Divination for Beginners by Scott Cunningham [Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.] --  Tarot for the Green Witch by Ann Moura [Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.] --  The Witch's Guide to Life by Kala Trobe [Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.] --  Simplified Qabala Magic by Ted Andrews [Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.] --  Llewellyn's 2004 Witchy Day Planner by Llewellyn [Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.] --  Gay Witchcraft: Empowering the Tribe by Christopher Penczak [Weiser Books] --  A Witch's Book of Answers by Holland and CERELIA [Weiser Books] --  Sea Priestess by Dion Fortune [Weiser Books] --  Moon Magic by Dion Fortune [Weiser Books] --  Pagans and the Law by Dana D. Eilers [New Page Books] --

Visit Pagan Books at Witchvox today to see what's new and what's HOT.

Book Specs.

ISBN: 0-7387-0254-4
Released: August - 2002
List Price: $14.95

Wvox Stats.

Times Viewed: 69,347

Posted: 8.25.2002

Featured This Week...

Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior

Author: Kerr Cuhulain

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications

Category: Wiccan   Level: Intermediate

"The aim of the Warrior path is 'invincibility, victory without battle, unassailable strength' through better understanding yourself and your situation."

Incorporate the Warrior archetype into your magickal practice and experience the power of full contact magick. Written by a Wiccan police officer, this no-nonsense guide gives you the foundation for taking control of your destiny.

Author's Notes: A former Air Force officer, Kerr Cuhulain (Vancouver) has been a police officer for the past twenty years, and a Wiccan for thirty. He's served on the SWAT team, Gang Crime Unit, and hostage negotiation team. He travels throughout North America as a popular speaker at writers' conferences and Pagan festivals, and he has been the subject of many books, articles, and media interviews. He is the author of The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca.

Where To Buy: Llewellyn titles can be found worldwide in metaphysical, independent and chain bookstores. Call 800-THE-MOON to find a location near you.

Hot link to --> Pagan Shops in Your Town
Hot link to --> Pagan Shops on the Net

Options:   Surf to: [Author's Website]   Surf to: [Publisher's Website]  

Some of Last Week's Features at Witchvox...

Witch Cinema: Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine!
by Peg Aloi

Well, okay, it's been pretty rainy and cloudy in Boston for quite some time now! But summer is clearly on its way. I returned from England on Tuesday and found my garden in the Back Bay Fens was overgrown with weeds half as tall as I am! Friday was sunny and warm so I went after the "volunteers" gently bit firmly. There's something very satisfying about pulling weeds (especially when the soil's damp which makes it easier!) I NEVER use any sort of herbicides or pesticides in my garden, and neither should you if you care about the well-being of the environment and other living things. r... [Full Article]

Bardic Circle featuring James Gilchrist:.

"I wrote the lyric to 'A Maid in Ninian's Day' as a poem in 1998. While I sat in the World Wide Plaza on West 50th St, NYC, enjoying a warm spring evening, the words to the opening stanza began to coalesce in my mind. There were no rolling Irish hills in the foreground; there was no view of the seashore. There was only the mist on my face from a fountain on which I rested my boots, Shirley Toulson's book CELTIC JOURNEYS in my pocket, and the sight of a beautiful woman strolling through the plaza in a flowing summer dress. Or perhaps the woman was only in my mind's eye..." [...continued] "

Harry Potter and the Cuckoo's Egg
by Dana Corby
  • "Harry Potter promotes magic, witchcraft and satanism!"
  • "Harry Potter is pure fantasy and has nothing to do with real magic, or witchcraft or satanism!"
  • "Harry Potter teaches evil to our children!"
  • "Harry Potter teaches children strong ethical values!"
  • "Harry Potter should be banned!"
  • "Harry Potter is the best thing that's ever happened to promote children's literacy!"
I haven't heard such an uproar over what children should be allowed to read since I was in the sixth grade (in 1957, if you must know) and a parents group wanted the Tarzan books pulled from the school library because Tarzan & Jane were "living in sin." And weren't they embarrassed when the exact page on which the wedding occurs was shown to them.... [Full Article]

The 2nd Annual OHF Spring Ball & Silent Auction
by Shea Thomas

Pagan residents in Washington, DC jokingly call it the Pagan Prom - and while there were no corsages or yearbooks in evidence, this year's Open Hearth Foundation Spring Ball & Silent Auction certainly lived up to its reputation as the DC area's premier formal Pagan event with a wealth of entertainment, an amazing collection of donated auction items, and over 80 Pagan and Pagan-friendly attendees dressed to impress.... [Full Article]

History of a Mystery: The Neither Mysteries
by Rainbird

Tonight as I am writing, the moon is on the brink of waning. I felt it is an appropriate time to write about mystery traditions. The Neither Mysteries are not about to head into decline; rather they, like the moon, are dancing on the edge of in-between. Twilight, threshold, shoreline and horizon are all powerful places and times for magick. At these spaces we almost catch sight of that which has not form. .. [Full Article]

A Look At Personal Responsibility
by Lynxx

I have a four year old roommate. She isn't my child, but I help her with her ABC's, paying attention, cleaning her room, table manners, and I watch cartoons with her. Another thing I am trying to instill in her is personal responsibility. I think personal responsibility begins very young by making a child accountable for their actions and instilling in them the knowledge of .... [Full Article]

Accountability for Personal and Group Magick
by Elsbieta Grosinski

Personal responsibility is one of the key items I learned from my Witchcraft studies. To explain, I'll give you some history of my life. I was raised Lutheran while my fabulous mother, a Sunday School teacher and Church Secretary, always taught my brothers and me from where our Lutheran traditions came. She told us about the Pagan holidays at each Christian holiday. It was our quality time where we would make crafts like homemade candles, Advent wreaths, and of course the annual Easter eggs and Christmas tree decorations... [Full Article]

Magick and Personal Responsibility
by Ashera

Note: In this essay the terms used are in accordance with my personal belief system. I realize opinions may differ and respect these differences.

Magick is an applied science of personal responsibility. This of course is my own opinion, developed after years of living, and the practice of Witchcraft. The laws of cause and effect are apparent here, whether it is the use of a particular candle color in relation to a working or the study of emotional response to scent in aromatherapy. Like a child learning math we learn that if something works five times, then it will probably work every time. ... [Full Article]

Ethical Magick, Ethical Life
by Madam K

I cast my first spell when I was thirteen years of age. That was a little over ten years ago and at that time in my life I was unaware of Paganism and thought Witches were something confined to tales such as those by C.S. Lewis or the Brothers Grimm. However, I was excited and a little frightened by the prospect of casting a love spell out of a book a friend of a friend of mine leant me.... [Full Article]

by Heather Maas When I think about how Magick manifests itself though me in my daily life, a million little sayings pop up from the not so distant corners of my mind. There are things my mother said. There are things that Buddha and Shakespeare and the Hindu scriptures said. There are words from the Bible and lines from poems...and it is as old as it is new. This is the advice of the centuries from the combined faiths and common sense of humanity: One should only take that which one is willing to give in return. Seek the middle path, seek Balance. ... [Full Article]


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