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Weekly Update: 8/25/2003

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: August 25th. 2003
Times Viewed: 4,593

Lammas Fire... This week we anchor the Witchvox update with a stunning photo from josef... [Email] Thanks josef ... Photo is copyright 2003 Pen & Sword - All rights reserved .
Who Ya Gonna Call...

"Let us be silent that we may hear the whispers of the gods." *

Every good writer knows the drill. So does every bad writer. But the bad writers don't keep to it and that is generally why they are bad writers. Whether one is a novelist, journalist, reporter, blogger, poet or the all-powerful scribe of the weekly grocery list, there are certain questions that need to be asked. Most of these also need to be answered in some sort of satisfactory way. And it is in that space between the asking of the questions and the formation of the answers where the truly talented or insightful prove their mettle.

You probably learned the drill, as I did, in grade school. Somewhere between Dick and Jane (Yes, I am that old.) and Crime and Punishment, we all received that divine piece of scripture called 'The Five Dub-a-Yoos' or wwwww.thatmakessense.brain. They are: Who, What, When, Where and Why.

Sometimes just to keep our faces from freezing in that puckered-up lip position (like your mother always warned you that it would), we also throw in an H there at the end. Which really comes in handy since one of the most popular questions of all time seems to be "How the Hel Did This Happen To Me?"

Good writers keep those five W's (and probably the H, too) in mind as they write. They know that if those questions are not answered (or at least addressed), their readers will be left feeling unsatisfied. Unsatisfied readers do not buy the sequel. Unsatisfied readers often take revenge by becoming writers themselves. Good writers welcome the competition. Bad writers become literary critics. It's a verb eat noun kind of world out there in ISBN land.

If you have made it this far down the page, you probably can -- and do -- read. And in your quest for information or entertainment, you have probably come across at least one article about which the only thing you can rightfully say at its conclusion is, "Well, that was a complete waste of my time!" But did you understand why?

Well, chances are good that the author or writer skipped over a step in the drill. I see that response in the comments sections of Wren's Nest all of the time. Without perhaps consciously knowing the reason, astute readers and/or critical thinkers are intuitively aware of the gaping hole where one of those hard working Ws should be busy shoveling in the dirt... [Full Article]

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
90 Million and Lord II

Greetings Witches, Wiccans, Pagans and Heathens!

TTT - DVD!...
We are down to 48 hours... The lovely Wren has waited patiently (well, not really), and has used that desktop wallpaper to keep the fires of hope burning. In 48 hours, she gets her wish. Viggo Mortensen, looking fine on the DVD release of the 'The Two Towers". Point being, IF you need to contact Wren on Tuesday, don't bother, she has a date with Aragorn. Moi? There is always Liv Tyler. I am sure many a Pagan will be doing the same ritual that very day. On Wednesday many of us will start counting down to the release of 'Return of the King'.

August 2003 will be remembered (by us) as the month that 1% of those that surf the site made the decision that TWV must continue. Support came in from both new sponsors and those that have faithfully sponsored TWV for years. Frankly speaking, in early August when we asked the question, we *were* preparing to let it go and move on (and actually excited about the possibilities). Can we thank that 1% enough? Nope, but we can try. We would also like to thank those of you that made offers to *host* this site... For many reasons that I will detail at a later date, we are actually quite happy with the extremely competitive server deal that we scored in early 2002.

If you use the resources here on a regular basis, and can not afford to send in any money of support, we do ask that YOU send an email of thanks for those that are paying for all of this. Sponsors for your area can be found on your area page in our Witches of the World section.

This past week was a productive one; we polished up the sponsor system; balanced the Paypal journals, wrote a proper thank you script, communicated to all new sponsors and got all cards/letters sent. Yes, there is still much to do and we will be detailing this in the weeks to come.

90 Million: This week Witchvox cracked the 90 Million pages viewed threshold, and with an average pages viewed per day number just shy of 90,000 it looks like this may end up our busiest month ever. The next big milestone is, of course, 100 million and at the current traffic rate that should happen on or near the Winter Solstice.

In closing allow us to thank the 1% of you that made the decision to support the Witches' Voice. To those of you new to the site, it's also important to note that no staff or board member of TWV has taken a penny for services rendered during our 6 years online. Simply stated Witchvox exists because enough desire it to. We believe in the Pagan Communities and it is inspiring to be reminded that many of you do as well.

Have a magickal week everyone,.

Fritz Jung
Webcrafter - The Witches' Voice

Deja Vu All Over Again?
by Lunar Tempest

I confess now, this is a bit of a rant - okay a big rant with a little discussion thrown in for interest. I do not want to burst anyone's bubble here but I would like to make everyone think. Unfortunately, I think bursting a few bubbles is inevitable.

I have heard of Wiccaning rituals for babies, which feature the line:

"Welcome back, little one."

Question: How do you know they are not a new soul?

So many people seem to have it in their heads that everybody has been reincarnated, but if there is a constantly increasing population how could that be possible? Surely quite a number of the babies that are born every minute are new souls.... [Full Article]

New Essay Topic... "Practical Magick"

Do you think that magick is a practical tool that can and should be used to help you and others get through the ups and downs of daily life, or do you use it solely as a tool for personal transformation? Or perhaps you feel that personal transformation *is* practical! Let us know what you think about the practical applications of magick.

The deadline for this topic is September 21st., but we will post the essays as we receive them. Please keep in mind that we will not post responses to previously posted essays.

Your voice counts! Please consider adding your thoughts to this collection of essays and join in the exchange of ideas throughout the worldwide Pagan community.

Any thoughtful essays of over 1,000 words will be published. Please read our editorial guidelines first, and send your essay to Diotima

NEW 'Practical Magick' Essays
(Round THREE)

Practical Magick
by Astron Polaris

The night before last, I was watching "Charmed" reruns on the WB Sunday night when I saw something relevant to the topic of Practical Magick. I have followed that show since its inception, although I cannot say that I never miss episodes. For those of us who are not up to speed on witchy television, the show is about the adventures of three sisters who are Witches. Originally the show was about Prue, Piper, and Phoebe. Then Prue was killed and the remaining two sisters found their long-lost sister Paige to complete the Power of Three. Piper is married to her guardian angel, Leo, and has a newborn baby boy who might be the prophesied end of demons everywhere. Every week the sisters vanquish demons and overcome problems in their personal lives. I cannot say that this show is an accurate depiction of us as Witches, but it is entertaining. So I watched this show for the first time in awhile, and was analyzing the morals put forth... [Full Article]

Practical Magick
by Talyn

As it often happens in Virginia in the summer, there is a storm raging outside, and I am lying in the dark with my eight-year-old daughter in my arms. She's terrified of the loud, boisterous thunder. She is covering her ears. I lean in close and whisper, "Remember what I told you about thunder?" She says, "Yes," and I can feel her thinking as we sit in the dark. Finally she says, "I can tell whether lightening and thunder is getting further away or closer by counting from the end of one to the beginning of another. At least three of them have to be counted." I hold her tighter as I confirm what we had discussed only days earlier. You see, in my world practical magick is an everyday occurrence. Teaching my child not to fear nature, but to respect and embrace it is practical magick. Teaching my child the tenets that I hold dear without proselytizing is also practical magick... [Full Article]

Practical Magick
by Lady Ena Skylark

"Could you make my (insert a myriad of names here) love me?"

My, if I had a dollar for every time I was asked that, I wouldn't be trying that good luck spell right now. When I laugh and tell them "No, sorry," they look at me and wonder why I am a Witch at all.

We all know that love spells are unethical, as well as impractical, and that sort of magick will just bring you trouble in the long run. But what about the rest of them? Those little spells for job success, luck, prosperity and overcoming anger or depression? Are they practical in the year 2003?. [Full Article]

Well of Course It's Practical, or Why Do It?
by David Crawford

Can Magick be a practical tool in life? Can it be a tool for personal transformation or in helping others? I think the first place to start would be with a definition of Magick. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition says that Magick can be seen as an action or effort undertaken because of a personal need to effect change, especially as associated with Wicca or Wiccan beliefs. From this definition we have to look deeper into the use of Magick. In Wicca we use Magick for a multitude of reasons. The uses of Magick I find most important pertain to healing, transforming others, transforming myself and as a means to affect change in the world around me... [Full Article]

The Heart of Practical Magick
by Brynhilde

At its heart, magick is a gift from the gods. The ability to change the course of events by creating a shift in the flow of cosmic energy is a wondrous gift the God/dess bestows on all Her children. We as humans, and all of natural creation, are different manifestations of the same energy. All humans have the ability to influence the flow of energy that is life itself. We can create or destroy, heal or harm. We can manifest our own will by shaping, focusing and releasing energy into the Universe. We are all capable of forming intent and releasing it to see it manifest as thought, emotion, event or form. We named this amazing, beautiful, complex gift Magick... [Full Article]

Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies
by Kerr Cuhulain

(Over 333,000 Page Views...)

UPDATE 8/17/03: After faithfully crafting literally 100's of thousands of words related to exposing the lies about Pagan Path by Christian fundamentalists, Kerr needs a break. This week we received an email from him noting his dedication to getting the Officers of Avalon group up, incorporated and with a solid web presence. Kerr is ever the worker bee and one that does get things done, so we certainly understand his need to back off a bit.

Good news for fans of the Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies series!

Kerr has pledged monthly updates to this critical series, so look for something new every moon cycle .... For those of you that are curious as to what has been written so far... Visit Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies today.

br>Some of Last Week's Features at Witchvox...

Busy as Beez
by Fritz Jung


It's been an extremely busy week here at TWV. Our biggest scramble was getting the new sponsor kits out... During the past two weeks, over 400 of you voiced your support for the Witches' Voice by putting your money where your mouth is. We must say that the words of support and encouragement that came along with the donations meant the world to us.

More coding, enhancements and new features are bubbling in the cauldron here at TWV central. The influx of sponsors took us by surprise and forced us to put many other things on hold, but we are happy to say that we are gaining back control and again moving forward. Here is a quick update of just some of the many changes:.... [Full Article]

Helping the Medicine go Down?
by Patricia (Trish) Telesco

After reading the many updates at witchvox last week, I found myself sad, confused, and down-right angry. We have a community that will argue over where to put an altar, split up entire covens over a private matter, and support a pay site while complaining about a FREE service that gives 200% every day of every week. When exactly are we going to stop acting like spoiled children and become a REAL, supportive, and honorable community?..... [Full Article]

Holy Rave: Sacred Ecstatic Dance Music
by Eric 'Fritter' Riley

As a gay man, I have been to a ton of gay clubs, and, with few exceptions, there is always dance music. You know, that electronic thump-thump-thumping, pointed with repetitive sounds, a bass so heavy it vibrates your chest and lyrics that often amount to little more than slogans. But is that all that lies behind dance music? Is it just noise, or is dance music calling us to recognize something more primal, more holy in ourselves? Dare I say that there is even something mystical and ecstatic in dance music? Yes, I believe there is... [Full Article]

Thinking about the Watchtowers...
by Wormwood Crow

I discovered a catching editorial by Mike Nichols on his site The Witches' Sabbats, titled "Re-thinking the Watchtowers or 13 Reasons Air Should Be in the North." Nichols expressed his beliefs that the element of air is in the north in contrast to the popular interpretation that earth is in the north. Concluding that past information was deliberately tampered with in accord to ancient practices of keeping the truth safe with select members of a group, Nichols provides 13 reasons to endorse his position that air really should be in the north, and earth in the east, ending with a request that others defend the alternate popular path with air in the east with something more substantial than "But we've always done it this way."... [Full Article]

Starwood 2003
by Don Two Eagles WaterHawk

Being that we just finished with the Sirius Rising Festival, we didn't have to pack and go, as Starwood... is Brushwood Bound! Monday (the day between the worlds, so to speak) rained cats and dogs and other pets. I give a lot of credit to the ACE people and Starwood volunteers, and Brushwood staff, as they had to set up Starwood in the rain. Don't know how many pavilions they put up that day, but there were many popping up all over the field.. So let's start by giving some kudos' and gratitude to all the people who made Starwood happen... thank you all. Its a pleasure to see people working for the people... damn refreshing! Don't know how long it rained, but as I fell asleep, I started to hear a faint sound... squish... .squish... .suish! Little did I know that that sound was going to become more and more familiar to me as the... [Full Two Page Review]

West Memphis 3!
by Peg Aloi

Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley, Jr. were teenagers when they were arrested and convicted for the murder of three children in their conservative, mostly-Christian community. These guys have been in prison for more then TEN YEARS now. If not for the effect of various media, and efforts by supporters to make sure the media continued to cover their case, their plight would not be known to the world at large. In 1996, a documentary film called Paradise Lost was released that had a significant impact on their plight, and people far beyond the small Arkansas town where this happened were now learning about what has come to be seen as a travesty of American justice. Interviews and articles in various news media followed, including The Witches' Voice . It's an important issue for us, since Damien was involved with Wicca at the time of his arrest, and it was his supposed "dabbling in the occult" which made the local police (who were obsessed with "satanic cults" at the time) finger him as a suspect in the first place... [Full Article]

The Fun and Serious Sides of Practical Magick
by Elsbieta Grosinski

Practical Magick is more than the name of a good movie starring Sandra Bullock and more than the name of a Witch shop in Salem owned by Jody Cabot. Practical Magick is real life magick. It encompasses things that you can do any day of the year to get implicit results... [Full Article]

Practical Magick
by RuneWolf

Speaking only for myself, I believe that magick is quite practical. But this may simply be because of my personal definitions of magick and practicality. To me, practicality equals results, and magick is the art of changing consciousness at Will (among other things). The ability to change consciousness at Will is a powerful tool, with direct and immediate effects in the manifest world, and thus must be considered practical, because it gets results. ... [Full Article]

Practical Magick
by Veritus

"Twinkle-twinkle-twink," says the television speaker. The screen shows Samantha's face morphing back into a more normal expression after having repeatedly wrinkled her nose. Oh what kind of hi-jinks was Tabitha up to this time? What kind of magical mother-in-law-born disaster did Samantha have to correct? I tell you one thing, she certainly knew about the practical uses of magick, even as she struggled to live a normal "mortal" life. Darrin was a lucky man.... [Full Article]

Practical Magick
by StarrDancer

First I suppose we should establish a line as to what is considered practical and what is not. Shoes are considered practical, if they are comfortable. Computer software programs are considered practical if they are user-friendly. Cookbooks are considered practical if they are easy to understand and foolproof. So one would consider something easy to use and understand to be practical? There just seems to be so much more to this than what any one person thinks is practical and what one doesn't. To me practical is something that benefits my family and me. Makes my home easier and better to live in than someone else's and makes me look at the world as a nice place in which not to be afraid of my own shadow. To be able to relate to my intimate world and not be so consumed with that which I cannot control.... [Full Article]


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