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Weekly Update: 9/8/2003

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: September 8th. 2003
Times Viewed: 7,764

Witch Mom and Witch Daughter... This week we received some devastating news about Wren's daughter... Wren briefly details this in her Weekly Editorial - Your magick, healing work and prayers are most appreciated.
Winging It... by Wren Walker

(Featured Articles Below)

"My life has crept so long on a broken wing thro' cells Of madness, haunts of horror and fear that I come To be grateful at last for a little thing." *

The waiting is the hardest part.

Every year, I promise myself that I will not count them. And every year, of course, I do it anyway. Some say that Nature is cruel and if I counted my blessings in ducks, I guess that I would have to agree with them since I'd be down quite a few at this point.

Four ducklings and three adults were lost to predators this year. Since there are soft-shelled turtles the size of hubcaps and two otters (who must tip the scales at twenty pounds each or more) living in and around the Little Pond, this duck depreciation rate is to be expected. Still, since I spend so much time watching my webbed-footed little neighbors, I can't help but feel some small pang of sadness each time that the count tallies in at a few feathers short.

And autumn comes even to Florida. Family Group A -- consisting of four mallard females -- left for parts further south a few days ago. The sole survivor of the late season Group A brood is busy grooming his new flight feathers although he still stays close to his mother. The bonds between the members of the same group seem to be very strong and I know that this mother duck would have left with the rest of her family if the young male had been ready to make the flight. My guess is that these two will be leaving within the week.

Family Group B is made up of two sisters from last year's brood -- these are the same ones who raised their ducklings together -- and one of their offspring although I never could tell which female was the actual mother. Soon, they will feel the strong pull of that same migrational urge. That is the day that I dread.... [Full Article]

Photo Credit: Wren and Skye shot captured by Fritz 2 years ago when they were last together.

Notes from a Pagan WebCrafter
Quick Site News & Notes...

Greetings! I am briefly chiming in with some quick notes and thank yous... First off, we thank YOU in advance for any healing energy, prayers and magick that you can send Skye... You saved her life three years ago, so we are humbly asking for your help again...

New Email for Diotima: In an effort to free her from the grips of the spammers, this week we changed Diotima's email address(s) - To contact Dio and/or send her your essay, visit our staff contact/info page... Her email addy of the past three years,, has been retired.

Welcome RuneWolf: This week are honored to officially welcome RuneWolf to the Witchvox staff. His tireless work with as Assistant Editor over the past year is truly appreciated by the rest of us... For more on this 'giver' visit our updated 'meet the staff page' - Hail and welcome RuneWolf!

Hardware/Software changes: This past week yours truly spent the better part of three days (vaca time), updating much of the hardware and software that runs the Witches' Voice inc. I may be an Windows IT/LAN tech for a living (citrix/sql2000/win2000/XP servers) but at home/Witchvox it's Macintosh all the way... We finally brought our Macs up to 'Jaguar' (OSX 10.2.1) - An amazing Operating system, and we are proud to note that we are running all apps in native mode... Don't look Back!

August 2003 Rocked: Traffic at TWV last month broke many records and came in as our second busiest month ever (Reference Link). The numbers? 529,368 Visitors.... viewed 2,767,764 Pages of information... whilst generating 9,017,295 Hits. August also saw an incredible outpouring of community support to keep this site alive and online. - We profoundly thank those of you that chose to support TWV by becoming sponsors. We also thank the thousands of you that feed this cauldron with your essays, events, websites, groups, notices and so much more... We ARE in this together.

In closing, allow us to thank Auld Wul for his magick, light and charming company this past week. Our 'in person social skills' are a bit atrophied but we truly enjoyed the evening!

Gotta run... Mr. Bush will be speaking to the World in a few minutes and we never miss that. Have a magickal and prosperous week everyone and do plan to hit those Pagan Pride events in your area.

Fritz Jung
Webcrafter Witchvox

Current Essay Topic... "Practical Magick"

Do you think that magick is a practical tool that can and should be used to help you and others get through the ups and downs of daily life, or do you use it solely as a tool for personal transformation? Or perhaps you feel that personal transformation *is* practical! Let us know what you think about the practical applications of magick.

The deadline for this topic is September 21st., but we will post the essays as we receive them. Please keep in mind that we will not post responses to previously posted essays.

Your voice counts! Please consider adding your thoughts to this collection of essays and join in the exchange of ideas throughout the worldwide Pagan community.

Any thoughtful essays of over 1,000 words will be published. Please read our editorial guidelines first, and send your essay to Diotima

NEW 'Practical Magick' Essays
(Round FIVE)

Practical Magick
by Penny J. Novack

"Birds do it, bees do it, even the flowers up in the trees do it..." Magic hums around us all the time. Spontaneous magic springs from need, will and focus on the part of all living things - and probably some things we don't consider living!

So is practical magic possible? Happens all the time. Is it ok? In other words, is there something literally wrong with using magic for practical purposes?... That reminds me of a story of an experience I had. On a sojourn to the Philadelphia area at a non-Pagan event I met somebody who had been a member, long ago, of the Philadelphia Pagan Way Grove. In the interim he had gone on to a career and a family and had his fourteen-year-old son with him... [Full Article]

Magick in My Life
by Nicole Wrigley

I am not sure if this is just me, or maybe there are a myriad of other young Pagans who feel this way, but I guess I'll find out.

I've been born, raised, reared...whatever you may think up: I was steeped in the Catholic religion. I hated every minute of it. Like many other teen Pagans I constantly questioned why there was a singular male God, constantly rebelling silently against any ideas I didn't comprehend. I was about ten years old, a computer whiz, and I stumbled upon .. [Full Article]

Practical Enlightenment
by Kensho Godchaser

I finish about thirty minutes of trance work, pour praise to the Goddess, and wipe the pentagram I've etched into the floor with my mind. A haze of incense still lingers as I pack up my tools. Perhaps it'll hit me as I clean: I'll be washing my chalice and look up into the window, and will gaze into and beyond the reflection staring back at me. Perhaps it has already struck - some torrential insight that reduced me to a heap of tears in the middle of my ritual space - and I'm still trembling from the aftershocks.... [Full Article]

Pagan Pride 2003

Pagan Pride Events are happening everywhere THIS month. - Witchvox will once again celebrate the details of the events and welcome all reviews and coverage related to YOUR Pagan Pride Event experience.

Total Future PP Events: 104

Upcoming Pagan Pride Events (click location for full details):

   Alaska: Anchorage   Anchorage Pagan Pride Day 2003 [9/13]
   Alberta: Calgary   Calgary Pagan Pride Day 2003 [9/20]
   Arizona: Phoenix   Phoenix Pagan Pride Day 2003 [10/4]
   Arkansas: North LIttle Rock   Pagan Pride Day Event [9/20]
   British Columbia: Vernon   Mabon Harvest Ritual [9/23]
   California: Orangevale   5th Annual Sacramento Pagan Pride Day and Harvest Festival [9/20]
   California: Redlands   Inland Empire Pagan Pride Day [9/27]
   California: Carlsbad   Northern San Diego Area Pagan Pride Day [9/20]
   California: South El Monte   Pagan Pride Day Los Angeles [9/13]
   California: South El Monte   Public Autumn Equinox Ritual at Pagan Pride Day L.A. [9/13]
   California: San Francisco   San Francisco Bay Area Pagan Pride Day [9/13]
   California: Ventura   Ventura County Pagan Pride Day [9/21]
   Colorado: Foxton   pagan Pride Day potluck picnic [9/13]
   Connecticut: Wallingford   Connecticut Pagan Pride Day [9/27]
   Delaware: Dover   Pagan Pride Day [9/14]
   England: Avebury Wilts   Pagan Pride Day Uk [9/21]
   England: Liverpool   Pagan Pride Meetup [9/13]
   Florida: Ft. Lauderdale   Pagan Pride Day Mabon Celebration [9/20]
   Florida: Plant City   Osirus Rising [10/24]
   Florida: Pinellas Park   Harvesting Unity and Understanding [9/27]
   Florida: Pinellas Park   Pinellas County Pagan Pride Day [9/27]
   Florida: Pensacola, Florida   Pagan Pride Days 2003 [9/20]
   Florida: Bradenton   Manasota Pagan Pride Picnic [9/20]
   Georgia: Savannah   1st Annual Savannah Pagan Pride Day [9/27]
   Georgia: 885 Reynolds Bridge Road   Jax PRIDE Festival [10/3]
   Georgia: Decatur   Atlanta Pagan Pride Day [10/5]
   Hawaii: Pearl City   Pagan Pride Day [9/21]
   Illinois: Chicago   Pagan Pride Chicagoland [9/13]
   Illinois: Palos Heights   2nd Annual SouthSide Pagan Pride Harvest Carnival [9/13]
   Illinois: Palos Heights   South Side Pagan Pride 2003 [9/13]
   Illinois: Highland, IL   Illinois Pagan Project [11/30]
   Indiana: Indianapolis   Indy Pagan Pride Day 2003 [9/27]
   Iowa: Sioux City   Iowa Pagan Pride Day Celebration 2003 [9/14]
   Italy: Roma   Italian Pagan Pride Day 2003 [9/20]
   Kansas: Salina   2nd Annual Central Kansas Pagan Pride Day [9/20]
   Massachusetts: North Andover   Eastern MA Pagan Pride Day [9/21]
   Massachusetts: Andover   Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride Day [9/21]
   Massachusetts: Russell   4th Annual Western MA Pagan Pride Day [10/5]
   Massachusetts: Kingston   SouthEastern Ma Pagan Pride Day [9/27]
   Massachusetts: Salem   Wendy Rule Fundraisere for Eastern MA PPD [10/24]
   Michigan: Grand Rapids   Grand Rapids Pagan Pride Day 2003 [9/20]
   Michigan: Kalamazoo   Kalamazoo Pagan Pride Day 2003 [9/13]
   Michigan: Wyandotte   Metro Detroit Pagan Pride Day [9/20]
   Michigan: Okemos   2nd Annual Lansing Area Pagan Picnic [9/13]
   Missouri: St. Louis   St Louis Metro Area Pagan Pride Day [9/27]
   Missouri: St. Louis   Images of the Divine [9/27]
   Missouri: springfield   Pagan Pride Day, Springfield, Mo [9/20]
   Missouri: Cape Girardeau   Pagan Pride Day Mabon [9/20]
   Missouri: Columbia   Mid MO Pagan Pride [9/14]
   Montana: Kalispell   3rd Annual Pagan Pride Day in Montana [9/20]
   Nevada: Near Gerlach   Nonfluffy Pagans on the Playa at Burning Man (Near Gerlach) [11/30]
   New Hampshire: Greenfield   Southern New Hampshire Pagan Pride Day [9/27]
   New Jersey: Estelle Manor   South Jersey Pagan Pride Day 2003 [9/20]
   New Jersey: Highland Park   Central NJ Pagan Pride Day [9/13]
   New Mexico: Albuquerque   Pagan Pride Day [9/14]
   New York: Big Flats   Chemung County Pagan Pride Day 2003 [9/20]
   New York: Liverpool   Autumn Equinox Festival [9/13]
   New York: NYC   NYC Pagan Pride Day 2003 [9/27]
   New York: Penfield   Rochester Pagan Pride Festival [9/28]
   New York: North Tonawanda   Buffalo Niagara Falls Metro Pagan Pride Day! [9/21]
   New York: Buffalo   Adopt A Highway Clean up and Beautification [9/20]
   Newfoundland: St. John's   Pagan Pride Day [10/4]
   North Carolina: Raleigh   Central NC Pagan Pride Day (formerly Triangle Pagan Pride) [9/13]
   North Carolina: Asheville   Harvest Home, a Pagan Pride Celebration [9/28]
   North Carolina: Charlotte   Charlotte Metro Pagan Pride Day [9/28]
   North Carolina: Jacksonville   Crystal Coast Pagan Pride Day [9/20]
   North Dakota: world wide   Witchy Awareness Days [9/21]
   Ohio: Cleveland   Pagan Pride Day Cleveland [9/13]
   Ohio: Oberlin   Pagan Pride Day in NE Ohio (Lorain County & points West & South) [9/20]
   Ohio: Covington   Cincinnati Metro 2003 PaganPride Day [9/13]
   Ohio: Findlay   Pagan Pride Findlay [9/21]
   Ohio: Columbus   Pagan Pride Day Columbus [10/18]
   Ohio: Dayton   Pagan Pride Day Dayton Ohio 2003 [9/14]
   Ohio: Oxford   Miami University Earth Religions Awareness Festival [10/4]
   Ontario: Toronto   Toronto Pagan Pride Day 2003 [9/20]
   Ontario: Sudbury   Pagan Pride Sudbury [9/20]
   Ontario: Richmond   Ottawa Pagan Picnic [9/13]
   Ontario: Waterloo   K W Pagan Pride Day [9/13]
   Ontario: Hamilton   Hamilton Pagan Pride Day [9/13]
   Oregon: Coos Bay   South Coast Oregon Pagan Pride [9/13]
   Oregon: Portland   5th Annual Pagan Pride Day [9/13]
   Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh   Greater Pittsburgh Pagan Pride Day [10/5]
   Prince Edward Island: meaning all over the world   Witchy Awareness Days [9/20]
   Queensland: Brisbane   Pagan Pride Day [9/27]
   Queensland: Fortitude Valley/ Brisbane   I survived Pagan Pride Day Party [9/27]
   Rhode Island: Lincoln   Rhode Island Pagan Pride Day [9/27]
   South Carolina: Greer   Greenville Spartanburg Pagan Pride Day [9/20]
   Tennessee: Chattanooga   Chattanooga Pagan Pride Day [9/13]
   Tennessee: Murfreesboro   Pagan Pride Day Smyrna Murfreesboro [9/21]
   Tennessee: Murfreesboro   Smyrna Murfreesboro Pagan Pride Day [9/21]
   Tennessee: Memphis   Memphis Pagan Pride Day [9/14]
   Tennessee: Nashville TN   Nashville Pagan Pride Day [9/20]
   Texas: Washington DC   Pagan Sprit National Samhain Celebration [10/31]
   Texas: San Antonio   San Antonio Pagan Pride Day [9/20]
   Texas: Houston   Houston Pagan Pride Day 2003 [10/4]
   Texas: Dallas   North Texas Pagan Pride Day [9/27]
   Texas: Beaumont   Beaumont Golden Triangle Pagan Pride Festival [9/20]
   Utah: Salt Lake City   Salt Lake City Pagan Pride Day [9/14]
   Virginia: Virginia Beach   2nd Annual Autumn Moon Festival Pagan Pride Day [9/20]
   Washington: Ferndale   Whatcom County Pagan Pride Day [9/13]
   Washington DC: Washington   Washington DC Pagan Pride Day [9/13]
   West Virginia: White Sulphur Springs   Pagan Pride Day [9/27]
   Wisconsin: Wauwatosa   Milwaukee Area Pagan Pride Day (Wauwatosa) [9/21]
   Wyoming: Laramie   Wyoming Pagan Pride Day [9/27]

For a more complete listing of events in YOUR area ... Check YOUR Area Events Pages and/or the Pagan Pride Website.


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