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Weekly Update: 3/22/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: March 22nd. 2004
Times Viewed: 7,468

Imhotep/Sasquatch 1961-2004

On the thirteenth day of the month of Mars, a King departed the Earth on hawk's wings; Richard (as in "the Lion-Hearted") Roberts, better known as "Sasquatch" to us here in Toronto, and as "Imhotep"to those where he lived, in Nelson, BC, has died.

Many of the elders in Toronto will remember him from the very early-to-mid-80s; he was a veritable fixture on the pagan scene in Toronto, which centred mostly about the Wiccan Church of Canada. He was a great amiable bear of a man, with long blonde hair and beard, wearing a patchwork leather robe, and who dispensed hugs liberally. Sasquatch/Imhotep was showing signs of being an original character even then, but unlike most people he never stopped being who he was. He never sold out to the system. He was, unlike most of us, content with little, therefore he always gave the appearance of being poor. He had, however, one of the richest, fullest existences of anyone I ever knew... [Full Memorial]

This Week at Witchvox
  • Record Submissions - Witches of the World
  • Updates: Military Group & Personal listings
  • 4 New 'Purification' New Essays
  • New Bardic Circle by Michelle Mays
  • Tributes: Joe Dzielak and 'Sasquatch'
  • The Dianic Tradition
  • Confessions of a Dirt Worshipper
  • New book by Yasmine Galenorn
  • Event reviews and much much more.
The War in Iraq - Year One.

This week marks the one year anniversary of the Coalition invasion of Iraq... Sadam Hussain has been removed from power, and tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens and US lead forces are dead or seriously injured.

These past two weeks have seen: Record deaths and casualties... Rumors of an imminent bin Laden capture... the Netherlands, Spain, Poland and Italy concerned about 'being mislead' and talking of pulling out... An Iraq constitution signed... Four Christian missionaries killed... Another major offensive launched in Afghanistan... Protests World-Wide -- And it doesn't appear that our troops will be coming home soon.

Witches, Wiccans, Pagans and Heathens are a solid a part of the 130,000 Coalition troops in Iraq. Over 1,000 of them have set up networking accounts here at Witchvox in the past several months. We receive email from them on a regular basis.

On this one year anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, we received the following email...

"This is a word of thanks. Thanks to all the "Wicca" US Solders who put a bunch of Christian "kids" back into once piece in Iraq.

No, you guys will not receive one piece of praise that you have earned in this area from higher up. It's pre-programmed.

So, count this as a word of thanks from an old Christian Cavalry trooper who saw the early stages of the work in the 1/1 Cav, way back in '82. Observed the focus of many "Wiccan Warriors" in the '90s. And am grateful that your skills, courage, and experience came into practice to save a whole bunch of shot up American Kids who would have otherwise had suffered much much worse during the last two years." - Thom

Whether one supports the war in Iraq or not, we all want our troops to safely return home to their loved ones. The Witches' Voice thanks our troups in Iraq and Military Pagans from around the world. - For contacts, articles and to post your support for the troops, visit the Witchvox Military Pagan resources. - TWV Staff

New Tradition Profile

The Dianic Tradition
Composed by: Jade River

The Dianic tradition grew out of the feminist movement. Many early feminists were unable to validate their activism within the structures of traditional religion. This led them to seek other avenues of spiritual expression. In the early 1970s, women active in the women's movement began sharing their spiritual experiences in consciousness-raising groups. Women learned that they shared many similar spiritual feelings and had had contradictory experiences within traditional religion. This prompted a search for a spirituality that supported social change for women and sustained a woman-centered perspective.

Into this void came Zsuzanna Budapest. Zsuzanna, called Z, recognized connections between Wicca and feminism. In 1976 her book The Feminist Book of Lights and Shadows formed the basis of the Dianic tradition. Now revised, expanded and published under the title The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries, Z's book became, and continues to represent, the foundational principles of Dianic Wicca. This book and Z's charismatic presentation of its ideas ignited a movement... [Full Profile]

Ostara 2004 The Live Oak Chaper of the Covenant of the Goddess honored the Earth Mother and Her Children by their Ritual of Spring, performed at Natural Magick on Saturday, March 20th, 2004. Happy Fifth Anniversary Natural Magick! Happy Oestara, y'all! (with special hugs to SilverStar, Lodestone, Susan and Baldr!) - [Link]
In Memory of Joe Dzielak

On March 18th at about 11:30AM Joe Dzielak surrounded by his loved ones passed beyond the veil and the Pagan Community of New Jersey is short a pair of really large hands. -- Joe was a devoted husband to his beloved wife, Charlene. He was a dedicated father, to his children Sandy, Joey, Allison & son-in-law Joe. And he was a doting grandfather to his sweet little granddaughter Emily.

"Joe was a volunteer at most of the events in New Jersey and if you were ever in need of help, a shadow would pass over you and stuff moved around, got set up, got taken down, often without words. When I think back it's kind of funny, if it was anyone else you may have felt threatened but Joe was a good and selfless man and you just knew you were in safe hands. " - Steven E. Repko

"Even as he struggled with health challenges, Joe was giving to the community. With the common goal of helping Joe, family and friends rallied together sending prayers, conducting reiki sessions and generating healing through creative projects. We came together with the united purpose of helping Joe, but it was we who received the benefits, the innumerable benefits of a stronger, more soulful community. What was intended as our gift to Joe, became Joe's gift to us." - Donna Juzva

Visit the [Joe Dzielak Memorial] here at Witchvox for the complete remembrances.

Web Notes... Last weeks launch of the option for you to 'stay logged in' via the setting of a local cookie was very popular and dozens of you emailed in your appreciation. - This week we put some more coding time into the 'Military Pagan' pages here at TWV as well as executing dozens of fixes and tweaks throughout the site. - TWV Staff

Confessions of a Dirt Worshipper
by Diotima Mantineia

In the early 1980s, I was initiated into an arcane order of alchemists who refer to themselves as "soil scientists." This initiation was marked by the presentation of a Bachelor of Science degree (I requested Spinster of Science, but was turned down), and my entrance into graduate school at the University of Maryland's Agronomy Department.

I suspect the designation of Alchemist would distress many of the good men and women who taught me the mysteries of this discipline, for they were all careful, dedicated scientists, who would shy away from anything quite so...well, magical. But anyone who works with the soil for long knows that at some point, science breaks down under the weight of too many variables and unknowns, and gives way to art. The truly successful farmer or grower has, along with scientific knowledge, an instinctive, artistic, often magical relationship with the soil they nurture... [Full Article]

New Essay Topic... "Magical Gardens"

Most of the Pagans we know have extraordinary gardens -- even if that garden is just a few flower pots on a city balcony. Let us know what you do to make your garden special, magical, sacred. Do you garden organically or biodynamically? Do you use sacred geometry in the planning? Do you work with Nature Spirits and Devas? What rituals and magic do you do in or for your garden?

The deadline for this topic is May 1st. 2004., but we will post the essays as we receive them. Please keep in mind that we will not post responses to previously posted essays.

Your voice counts! Please consider adding your thoughts to this collection of essays and join in the exchange of ideas throughout the worldwide Pagan community.

Any thoughtful essays of over 1,000 words will be published. Please read our editorial guidelines first, and send your essay to Diotima
4 NEW 'Pure and Not So Simple' Essays...

Purification Notes from a Vulture Shaman
by Lorena Babcock Moore

Purification is one of the shaman's tasks, along with healing, psychopomp work, and communicating with nature spirits. It is part of every aspect of shamanic work, including personal spiritual practice, but is often misunderstood because it is associated with spectacular and potentially dangerous techniques such as extraction and exorcism. The idea of cleansing a place or a person implies the existence of something impure or inimical that manifests as illness, a feeling of creepiness or danger, or even possession. Anyone who can remove such a mysterious presence is likely to be regarded with a mixture of awe and fear, since people assume that one who can fix such a problem can also cause it. When I began receiving requests for shamanic help about ten years ago, most involved some type of purification, and it is still an important aspect of my work. This article contains notes from my experience and suggests simple cleansing techniques that anyone can... [Full Article]

Pure and Not So Simple
by Stephanie Marchiano

To be able to write on the topic of "Pure and Not So Simple," a person needs to be able to define what this means to them. People like to debate the black and white, ignoring the other colors or beliefs that can shape attitude and perspective. I can only speak on behalf of my basic beliefs, offering suggestions that may inspire a creative approach. I have been a practicing Pagan for over ten years, and my strength in my faith comes from being open to new ideas and ways of doing things. Not being afraid to study other theories and philosophies, and applying that which rings true to me to my practice, not to mention my daily life. Pureness comes from an inner knowing. Simplicity is to be valued. Understanding that when we start with ourselves, we share with everyone else. With simple practice we can achieve purity and balance in our everyday living as well... [Full Article]

Wash Your Spirit Clean
by Ginger Strivelli

Purification, like everything in the dogma of Paganism, varies from Witch to Witch. Some magicians will not touch a ritual tool or prop until it has been ritually cleansed, and then will not let anyone else touch the item. Tarot Cards come to mind: Many people will only use a brand new "untouched" deck; this always perplexes me as it is no doubt that someone touched them in manufacturing them. Others do little to no cleansing of anything, using things as found, and trusting in the Gods, or karma or whatever "good" forces to protect them from any negativity that the item might have picked up somewhere along its way into their hands. As always there is no "right" answer on the question of whether purification is necessary or just a bunch of pomp and circumstance that is ultimately not needed... [Full Article]

Purification: Wash That Cauldron!
by Raven Oaktree

Ritual and purification go hand in hand in my own mind, and what could be better than a relaxing, mind-changing purification mini-ritual to get your ritual self going?

I'm not saying that a formal purification is a necessary component of every single ritual, dedication, or simple daily offering. Just the same, it's certainly a good idea to at least be pure of mind when presenting yourself to the Lady and Lord.

Ritual is, plain and simple, our one true way of communing with the divine - those we recognize as our ultimate Mother and Father. Now put it into perspective. I'm sure your mother always had a problem with you pouting around the house. "Ditch the attitude." It's only courteous to be clean when you start treading on the ground we commonly share with the Goddess and God... [Full Article]

br> New Atlantis at 'The Gate' (3/10/2004)
by Donna Juzva

New Atlantis, a band based in Central New Jersey, is comprised of four creative people. Playing guitar, Chuck Easter leads this diverse group of musicians. With Greg Waltzer on percussion, and Al Kulick playing funky keyboards, the band has a new age folk sound. Laura Troy's beautiful voice and lovely flute playing, makes the listening experience a real treat.

With it's eclectic folk rock sound, the band kept the audience engaged with original tunes from their CD, Amulet. The neo-folk band treated the audience to 'Mystical Faces', 'Butterfly Girl' and the title song 'Amulet'. The beautiful flute sounds in another original piece 'Rumi Song' delighted the audience... [Full Review]

Witchvox 'New Book Release' of the Week...

Totem Magic: Dance of the Shapeshifter

Author: Yasmine Galenorn

Throughout history, all cultures have worked with animal spirits, in one form or another. Let Yasmine Galenorn guide you on the intimate and intricate journey to finding and working with your totem animal spirits, guardians, and guides.

You will learn techniques for invoking your animal guides, and for interacting with them. Far more than a book of references, Totem Magic is designed for the intermediate or advanced magical practitioner, offering practical and commonsense advice for advanced magical workings with the spirits inhabiting the animal kingdom, and guidelines to discovering their natures within our realm. - [More info]

To experience other new releases, community fave lists, featurettes, and one of the most extensive and detailed Pagan book listings on the planet visit the Witchvox Pagan Book Pages!


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