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Weekly Update: 4/26/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: April 26th. 2004
Times Viewed: 28,199

Wild Women Gather!
Photo captured last month at the 'Wild Women's Gathering' held in Gila Wildlands, New Mexico USA- [See Full Review by Severine Rose]
The Sanctity of Laughter
by Emilie J. Conroy

A funny thing happened at my high school reunion.

With great Pagan panache, I appeared in a purple gown cut along the lines of a classical Greek robe. I wore what I call my Pagan bling bling, a pentagram about the diameter of a Big Gulp cup sprinkled with amethyst chips. After all, I had no reason to disguise what I was under a cloak of the mundane. These were people who had known me back when I was a caterpillar. Now I was a caterpillar with wings.

Anyway, I got a drink of Generic Punch X and went to join a cluster of people. It took twenty seconds for the question to hit. "When did you convert?"

Once I figured out he was talking to me, I tried making the most vacuous face I possibly could. "Convert?"

"Yeah. To Judaism." Politely he motioned to my above-mentioned bling bling. "That's a pretty Star of David you've got."

This wasn't the first time. I mean I understand how a star is a star unless you know that there's a vital difference. Maybe other Pagans would take this opportunity to expound upon the ancient history of the pentagram, continuing long after any interest has waned. I didn't. "It's a symbol of natural religion," I said by way of clarification. That seemed to be enough. The evening went on and I discovered that all of the ritual work in the world would never make me a dancer.... [Full Article]


Nehallenic Wicca - The Path of the Ways
by Eridanah Crow

Walking the path of the Great Mother can take a seeker on many a colorful and exciting adventure. Just who the Great Mother is remains a matter of personal direction, as She has as many names as there are stars in the galaxy. Those of us who find the Great Mother in the goddess Nehallenia discover that the destination of our travels is not as important as the journey itself. This is the essential idea of Wicca of the Ways, a tradition more commonly known as Nehallenic Wicca. While named for and centered around a goddess, Nehallenic Wicca is a tradition open to everyone that reveres all forms of life in any gender. I am the "coordinator," if you will, of Nehallenic Wicca in North America, and as such I welcome you to explore this tradition.. [Full Profile]

The Myth of Equality in the Pagan World
by Morgan Willowmoon

Paganism focuses heavily on polarities, and these are said to be "separate but equal." However, it is my belief that you can't have it both ways. If duality implies the notion of opposites and equality means everything is the same, these two concepts cannot exist simultaneously. In order to figure out what I truly believed, I decided to question certain Pagan tenets with a healthy dose of curiosity and skepticism. This is only meant as another viewpoint for consideration and contemplation, not to change anyone's mind.

Take a look at the benefits of diversity in an educational context. Positive discrimination is separating someone from the mainstream population, in an effort to help them be successful in the long term. Negative discrimination is exclusion on the basis of something that has nothing to do with job or school performance (race, religion, physical disability, appearance, sexual orientation, etc.) Here are examples of positive discrimination: If a student... [Full Article]

Bardic Circle
(version 8.0)

'Bardic Circle 2004' at Witchvox:

This week we feature...

Party On Jesus - The Cartoon - by Loke E. Coyote

Party On Jesus first appeared on Bardic Circle a few years back and much of the song's story and the mp3 file can be found there. This performance is a Bardic Circle first - a full length music video animation! The link below may say "LINK to the mp3 File: Click HERE", but it will really t... (Go To Performance)

Brighid - by Keltic Sol

This tune came about when our coven was asked to do something creative for Candlemas/Brighid. Thus the song was titled Brighid. My daughter, who is 7, was sitting nearby when I strung a few chords on my guitar. She asked what I was doing and I told her I was going to write a song for the upcoming Sa... (Go To Performance)

Editors Note: If you want to share your mp3 file and your story, log in a add your performance... To experience the performances already posted... CLICK HERE.

Wild Women's Gathering
by Severine Rose

Once or twice each year a bunch of rewilding women temporarilly set aside their work and family commitments, and even their usual plans, in order to explore deeper their connection to nature in a truly magical place of power. It's only a three hour drive from the Albuquerque airport, but it can feel like centuries separating the city from those towering volcanic mountains.

Crossing the same shallow river seven times from where we parked our rented car, I thought about the number seven being sacred to the Native Americans, about Steve Young's song "Seven Bridges Road" and the "seven sacred gates" leading to an enchanted paradise. Slipping our shoes off at the first crossing, we laugh as the chilly water... [Full Review]

Moonbeams & Shooting Stars

Author: Gwinevere Rain

At a time in life when young women may feel isolated, misunderstood and powerless, teenager Gwinevere Rain offers sisterly advice, guiding them towards personal empowerment and transformation.

Author Gwinevere Rain shares personal stories while inviting readers to honor their feminine power through goddess archetypes, find courage to change with the lunar phases, call upon angelic assistance and realize their inner most hopes and dreams.

Finally, there is an inspirational guide just for teen women that helps build self-esteem and uses the power of inner faith to cope with life's struggles.

Moonbeams and Shooting Stars a hip teen-focused approach to sparking one's spirituality without an emphasis on a particular religion. - [More info]

To experience other new releases, community fave lists, featurettes, and one of the most extensive and detailed Pagan book listings on the planet visit the Witchvox Pagan Book Pages!

Current Essay Topic... "Magical Gardens"

Most of the Pagans we know have extraordinary gardens -- even if that garden is just a few flower pots on a city balcony. Let us know what you do to make your garden special, magical, sacred. Do you garden organically or biodynamically? Do you use sacred geometry in the planning? Do you work with Nature Spirits and Devas? What rituals and magic do you do in or for your garden?

The deadline for this topic is May 1st. 2004., but we will post the essays as we receive them. Please keep in mind that we will not post responses to previously posted essays.

Your voice counts! Please consider adding your thoughts to this collection of essays and join in the exchange of ideas throughout the worldwide Pagan community.

Any thoughtful essays of over 1,000 words will be published. Please read our editorial guidelines first, and send your essay to Diotima
Creating Sanctuary
by Trish Breedlove

For my family and me, Magickal Gardening is about creating Sanctuary. When I was a teenager living in the suburbs my father and I would frequently daydream about living on a farm. We visualized a barn, a rambling farmhouse, a vegetable garden and definitely, woods. We would protect the trees and create a haven far from the madding crowd. After I graduated high school, Mom and Dad bought an old house on a large lot. It had a small barn, enough room for a vegetable garden and a small section of woods at the back of the property. Not quite a farm, it was close enough to one for Dad and close enough to civilization for Mom. I got married soon after and moved into an apartment, but managed to help out with Dad's vegetable gardens and realize my love for gardening.

Fast forward twenty-four years. My family and I lived in a small town on a corner lot in a... [Full Article]

The Great Garden
by Askr Gjallar

What is a magickal garden? As a full-time peasant-type person, with garden, orchard, animals, woodland, I spend a lot of time outside and thus in nature. And I have never found anything as beautiful as a natural landscape, or a group of trees or just a simple stone. No matter how beautiful the creations of humanity are. As a matter of fact, I see only one real garden. And that's our dear old planet, the Earth. And in a way I believe we are all gardeners, responsible for what happens in this Great Garden of ours.

When I see the state that the planet is in, the effects of global warming that become more and more visible, the destruction that erosion brings, pollution of air, land and waters, I consider that a sacrilege. Another forest cut for an airport, road, or office building; more and more garbage spit out by our welfare society; more and more poverty and war... [Full Article]

Garden of an Eclectic Druid
by Diancecht Oakenfire

When I grew up in Israel, my father always planned these great hiking trips into nature. Due to Israel's diverse ecosystem and terrain, each outing was more exciting than the last. That was the first time I became affiliated with Mother Nature. I felt her love for the first time, and every leaf I touched, every stream I swam in, brought me closer to her.

This is one of the reasons I started my herbal garden here in the United States. My mother bought a town house. There was a small section beside the fence, near the hot tub, where I began planting my herbs. As a follower of druidic teachings and the like, I decided to begin by planting some basic herbs, so I planted two of my favorites: Juniper and Rosemary. I believe those herbs to be a must for any Pagan who wishes to make their own incense and teas... [Full Article]

My Magickal Maritime Garden
by Saffron of Newpeaslands

It's April 20th, and my deck is finally warm enough so I can sit outside with two blankets, a shawl, and a cup of morning tea.

I look over to where the snow bank remained last week, the last vestiges of a record five-foot February snowfall. It's finally gone and I notice the mock orange bushes looking a little worse for wear. My pond fish didn't make it through the winter this time, and my fence is a wreck from last fall's hurricane, but as I survey my saturated backyard, I see the most amazing thing:

New growth.

The grape hyacinths are emerging, the tulips I thought I killed last year are shooting through the soil, and an iris I was sure was a goner has some fresh sprouts. I've been bragging about my crocuses for a week now, and there are also signs that the chamomile is emerging. Chamomile already! With a little luck I'll... [Full Article]

Beltane Events 'Round the World...

There are presently  43  events listed. [for a complete list of Pagan Events in your town... Go Here]

4/29/04 - 5/2/04:  Beltane Bacchanalia Wolvenwold (Elk Creek - Missouri)

4/30/04 - 5/2/04:  Beltaine at the Castle local area pagans (not a group) (Bailey - Colorado)

4/30/04 - 5/2/04:  Beltaine Festival Wiccans of Central Wisconsin (Black River Falls - Wisconsin)

4/30/04 - 5/2/04:  Beltane Festival Wiccans of Central Wisconsin (Black River Falls, WI - Illinois)

4/30/04 - 5/2/04:  Beltane Celebration & Witchcamp Coven of the Misfit Toys (Blodgett - Oregon) - [Updated: Apr 16th.]

4/30/04 - 5/2/04:  Blessings of Beltaine Ozark Avalon (Columbia - Missouri) - [Updated: Apr 21st.]

4/30/04 - 5/2/04:  Beltane Community Festival TGR, Werfriends, Amethyst moon and invoking wisdom - WVox Sponsor (Hot Spring - Arkansas)

4/30/04 - 5/2/04:  Beltaine Pagans United (Marshfield - Wisconsin) - [Updated: Apr 4th.]

4/30/04 - 5/2/04:  Beltaine Campout 2004 The Truckee Meadows Pagan Community - WVox Sponsor (Reno - Nevada)

5/1/04 - 5/2/04:  Beltaine Gathering 2004 in the Highlands Crann Bethadh Grove, ADF/ Highland Farm (Glenville - Pennsylvania)

5/1/04 - 5/2/04:  Dragon Star Beltane Dragon Star Greater Circle (Nelson/Garrettsville - Ohio) - [Updated: Apr 21st.]

5/2/04:  Beltane Open Ritual The Pagan Association - WVox Sponsor (Birmingham - England) - New Listing

5/2/04:  Beltaine Open Circle The Blessed Be Shop (East Bethany - New York) - New Listing

5/2/04:  Beltane Celebration Lorain Cty Pagans/Circle of Standing Stones Shrine (Elyria - Ohio) - [Updated: May 1st.]

5/2/04:  A Robin Hood Style Beltane Mystic's Cove Church of Living Wicca (Franklin - Pennsylvania) - [Updated: Apr 20th.]

5/2/04:  Open Beltain Celebration Society of Elder Faiths (Grafton - Massachusetts) - [Updated: Apr 19th.]

5/2/04:  May Day Celebration in the Park Light of Aradia (Huntington Beach - California)

5/2/04:  Bealtaine Gathering Caer na Donia y Llew (Kalamazoo - Michigan)

5/2/04:  Women's Rites of Spring Daughters of the Goddess and the Lilith Institute (Napa - California) - New Listing

5/2/04:  Beltaine Sabbat Onion-CUUPS and the Celtic Witan Church (North Hills - California) - New Listing - [Updated: Apr 26th.]

5/2/04:  Beltane Sabbat The Religious Order of The Circle of Isis Rising (North Miami Beach - Florida)

5/2/04:  Neighborhood CUUPS May Pole Dance and Ritual Neighborhood CUUPS - WVox Sponsor (Pasadena - California) - New Listing

5/2/04:  Beltaine Celebration SisterSpirit (Portland - Oregon)

5/2/04:  Beltane in the Park CWPN, Inc., and The Temple of the Serpent Flame - WVox Sponsor (Redding - Connecticut)

5/2/04:  Rowan Grove Beltaine The Rowan Grove, Inc. (Sanford - Florida) - New Listing

5/2/04:  Beltaine in Burlington InReach Pagan Community (South Burlington - Vermont) - New Listing

5/2/04:  Beltaine Public Circle and Potluck Feast The Grove of Oak Community (Staten Island - New York)

5/2/04:  Women's Beltane Event Goddess Grove - WVox Sponsor (Windham - Connecticut)

5/2/04:  Beltaine in the Park 2004 Heather, Laurie, and their Ritual Team (Winnipeg - Manitoba) - New Listing

5/4/04:  Beltaine Ritual Grove of the Seven Hills, ADF (Lynchburg - Virginia)

5/5/04:  Beltane Ritual Seven Generations Community Center (Ann Arbor - Michigan)

5/7/04 - 5/9/04:  Beltane Festival 2004 Blue Ridge Pagan Alliance (Stanardsville - Virginia)

5/7/04:  Beltaine Open Circle/Ritual/Potluck Feast Gaia's Grove (Tacoma - Washington)

5/8/04 - 5/9/04:  Beltane Otter Bay Protogrove ADF (Boulder Creek - California) - New Listing

5/8/04:  Beltane Ball & Fantasy Masquerade Full Circle Events - WVox Sponsor (Palo Alto - California) - [Updated: Apr 29th.]

5/8/04:  Open Druidic Beltane Ritual Nemos Ognios/Grove of the Living Flame (ADF) (Plymouth - Massachusetts) - New Listing

5/8/04:  Beltane Festival / Gathering Amethyst ~ Fyre Clan - WVox Sponsor (Sautee Nachoochee - Georgia) - [Updated: Apr 11th.]

5/8/04:  Beltaine - Celebration - potluck Feast - Ceremony Spokane Pagans Alliance (Spokane - Washington) - New Listing - [Updated: Apr 18th.]

5/14/04:  Spring Gala Dinner and Ball Open Hearth Foundation (Washington - Washington DC)

5/15/04:  Mud Fest and May Day Festival Cedar Woman (Saulsbury - Tennessee) - [Updated: Apr 19th.]

5/20/04 - 5/23/04:  Beltane 2004 Children of the Gothic Moon (Owenton - Kentucky)

5/22/04 - 5/23/04:  May Magick at Beltane City and Willow's Crystal Cauldron - WVox Sponsor (San Fernando Valley - California) - New Listing - [Updated: Apr 19th.]

5/28/04 - 5/30/04:  Beltane Spirit Festival Spirit Weavers Church (Toledo - Ohio) - [Updated: Apr 24th.]

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