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Weekly Update: 6/21/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: June 21st. 2004
Times Viewed: 8,622

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This Week: Part II of Caroline's interview with Janet Farrar & Gavin Bone!
Photo by Bluebell (L-R) Feargal, Janet and Sylvia and Gavin -
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click here to enter the Witches Voice web site Also New this Week: Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies: Pricer's Crusade (Part I) by Kerr Cuhulain -- Updated Alison Harlow Memorial page with testimonials by M Macha Nightmare, J'te Argent, Margot Adler, Starhawk and others -- Edain McCoy releases If You Want to Be a Witch -- Powerful Essays... Women of the Goddess Circle by Janice Van Cleve -- Witch for Sale! by Hecatian Nights -- Shamanic Wicca: Feeling It in Your Bones by Dan Liss -- Water, Mermaids and Magick by Lady Abigail -- A Witch's Guide To The Magickal Arts by Morgan Willowmoon -- Over 1,137 NEW Events, Groups and various Pagan listings from all over the planet earth posted in the past 7 days. -- The Pagan Clergy Database now up to 700 -- Pagan Merchants now over 4,000 listings to serve your goods and services needs -- Enter Site

We dedicate our community work this week to the memory of Alison Harlow

Wren, Fritz, Peg, Diotima,
Steve, Waterhawk, & Runewolf

The Witches' Voice Inc.
June 27, 2004 ce.

Just in...

Update: Good News From The Bionic Priestess Project!

[19,936 reads]

From: "The Blessed Bee"
Subject: An update on Lady Galadriel's post-op med fund

Lady Galadriel was given seven days by the transplant evaluation committee to get pledges for over $60,000 to cover her post-operative medications for the first several years after the transplant. If she could not do this, she would have to wait even longer to get on the transplant list. The clock is ticking and time is quite a valuable commod...
[Read More]   - (14) [Add Comment]  
Witchvox presents...

An Interview with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone (Part II)
by Caroline Kenner

You have retained a three-degree system of initiation in your coven. Please tell us more. How much emphasis do you put on life experience in training a Witch?

The retention of the Third Degree system was not done in a dogmatic fashion. We had challenged its use. We amended our system to a one level initiation at one point with a dedication rite preceding and an eldership at a later date. Well, they just got referred to "First", "Second", and "Third" anyway and we ended up with a dedication ceremony preceding all of these resulting a four level system. This also meant we could incorporate a system of training related to the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air. We have also toyed with the idea of a seven level system because of our emphasis on Chakras and a seven-world cosmology, but we aren't ready, as yet, to give up what we are already comfortable with.

For us the Degree System is really just a tool for training, everyone needs things to strive towards, what the psychologist Maslow referred to as his "Triangle of Needs". Why shouldn't we experiment with the Degree System? Its origins aren't in Witchcraft but from the alliance between Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner. If the forefathers of modern Witchcraft experimented why can't we? For us it is the training, which is more important than any initiation into a tradition, and that can be training in a group or as a solitary, but we put the emphasis on knowledge gained by experience rather than by intellectual knowledge. For this reason we put two experiential training tools, The Wiccan Cosmology and the use of chakras as a basis for magickal training in the book. Anyone can gain intellectual knowledge from a book, but it is experiential knowledge, which brings you face to face with the Mysteries and gives you wisdom, which is the more important... [Go To the Interview Now!]

Web Note: Janet and Gavin will be touring America starting in a few weeks appearing at trade shows and local Witch Shops... Their only Festival appearance will be at the Chesapeake Pagan Community's Summer 2004 Convention and Gathering [Info Link]... For an up to the minute listing visit YOUR Local Events Listing Page. or check out the snapshot on the interview page .

Featured This Week...

Pricer's Crusade (Part I)
by Kerr Cuhulain

Many of you readers will recall an incident which occurred in Lancaster, California, in 2002 involving Bill Pricer. On 16 March, 2002, there was a Spring Equinox gathering outside of the Witches Grove book store. This Eostre ritual was interrupted by the arrival of several men who walked around the Wiccan circle loudly reciting Biblical verses while Christian rock music blared from one of their trucks. The mother of one 14 year old reports that one of these Christian protestors leaned up against her son and told him his mother was leading him to the devil.

Two of the persons participating in this disturbance were Billy Pricer, a former high school trustee and founder of a youth counselling center called U-CAN (United Community Action Center) and his son-in-law John Canavello. Pricer and Canavello are volunteer chaplains for the local Sheriff's Department. It was Canavello's vehicle that the blaring music was originating from. One of the Wiccans, Thomas Breul, approached Canavello's vehicle and told them that if they didn't turn down the music, they'd call the police. Breul reports that Pricer then flashed his Sheriff's Department name tag. Police were called but didn't show up to investigate this disturbance for 4 1/2 hours... [Full Article]

Women of the Goddess Circle
by Janice Van Cleve

Women of the Goddess Circle is a Pagan community of women in the Dianic tradition of Wicca based in Seattle. The Dianic tradition worships the Goddess alone without reference to the God as in mainstream Wicca. We have chosen the exclusive company of women and women's symbols to focus the harmony of our magic making. We are a circle, not a coven, and we are open to all women of good intent who sincerely subscribe to our purpose. Our purpose is to mark the eight Sabbats of the year in ritual, to strengthen the Goddess connection within us, to share this connection with others, and to bring wholeness to the world and to our journey as the Wheel of the Year turns.

We began in Seattle under a different name and structure about 1990. At that time we followed a teacher/seeker model in which one priestess pretty much ran things, did all the planning, and brought... [Full Article]

Witch for Sale!
by Hecatian Nights

Sure go ahead and laugh, but just you wait - you may have never been in MY shoes. So what puts me here trying to market myself off to the first bidder that would have me? I, Hecatian Nights, am looking for a coven to call home. That's right - I'm searching for my very first coven.

I live in Alaska, in my opinion the most beautiful state in our marvelous country, complete with unimaginable mountain terrain, more lakes than Minnesota, just about any kind of animal you could ask for, forests galore and last but not least Santa and the North Pole. Tell me, can any other state compete with Santa? I think not!

According to Witchvox there are about eight covens here. None of which are located in my city, which just so happens to be the largest city in all of Alaska. What sense does that make? Well maybe more than I am willing to admit. After all... [Full Article]

Shamanic Wicca: Feeling It in Your Bones
by Dan Liss

Witches were among the shamans of Europe. Although the word shaman originated in Siberia, today it refers to a universal set of spiritual practices that people have in common all over the world. The oldest roots of Witchcraft were shamanic; more recent developments have incorporated many aspects of ceremonial high magic. What are aspects of Shamanic Wiccan practice?

Wouldn't Odin's hanging from the World Tree for nine days and nine nights until he found the runes be a description of a shamanic initiation or a vision quest? How about the Norse practice of dancing until going into a trance to be able to gain prophetic insights? The sauna is the same process as the sweat lodge, differing only in a few cultural details, being both a spiritual and physical cleansing. Consider the method of prophecy practiced by the Oracles at Delphi, where the Greek priestesses inhaled the vapors seeping up from the earth while they meditated... [Full Article]

Water, Mermaids and Magick
by Lady Abigail

"Since once I sat upon a promontory,
And heard a Mermaid on a dolphin's back
Uttering such dulcet and harmonious breath
That the rude sea grew civil at her song,
And certain stars shot madly from their spheres,
To hear the sea-maid's music."

William Shakespeare

Water and Magick have been a part of each other since time has been time. Within magick water is observed as a Feminine energy; her elemental powers come with the West winds of heaven. She is blue, her eyes being seen deep beneath the waves of time. Yet she can be held in comfort within her Chalice, her symbol of being a part of all life.

This may be the reason: many of us find that with the approaching warm days of Summer, we have a deep yearning within our spirit to be near water. This desire, which comes from unfathomable... [Full Article]

A Witch's Guide To The Magickal Arts
by Morgan Willowmoon

There are countless books on the market by authors such as Laurie Cabot, Silver RavenWolf, Raymond Buckland, Scott Cunningham, and Starhawk, among others. They are filled with elaborate rituals designed to facilitate any magickal purpose you could think of. This plethora of information is meant to be helpful but makes life complicated for the solitary practitioner. Structure and guidance are essential to navigating the rocky road of Paganism. This article will help you stay on track as you begin your study of the magickal arts. For simplification, I have divided magick into three main subjects. After these have been discussed, I will talk about setting up your altar and attempt to clarify the confusion resulting from the myriad Pagan Traditions out there.

Meditation - With telepathy, you could have a conversation and not utter a single word. With astral projection, you could pop out of your body and go whizzing off to an exotic location whenever you... [Full Article]

Decide if Wicca is right for you

If You Want to Be a Witch

Author: Edain McCoy

Category: Wicca / Witchcraft   Level: All

Choosing the right book to learn about the Old Religion can be quite challenging. If You Want to Be a Witch is dedicated to those who want an easy-to-read, yet thorough, introduction to the Craft and its practices.

Filling in the gaps often found in other Wiccan guides, this primer explains the basic tenets of Witchcraft, detailing Wiccan history, philosophy, common traditions, and modern-day ethics. Learn about cyclical time, Wiccan magick and festivals, and how to keep a Book of Shadows. Soon, you'll discover if Witchcraft is the right spiritual path for you and the next steps you can

Options:   View: [Full Book Profile]   Surf to: [Author's Website]  

New Pagan Book Releases for June 2004

There are  10  releases scheduled for this month

Released Book Title [Click for Detail] Author Views
Jun 1st. Essence of the Tarot Megan Skinner
Jun 1st. If You Want to Be a Witch Edain McCoy
Jun 1st. Kitchen Witch's Guide to Divination Patricia Telesco
Jun 1st. Magical Pathworking Nick Farrell
Jun 1st. Mapping Your Romantic Relationships David Pond
Jun 30th. Out of His Time Quill Mastercraft
Jun 1st. Silver's Spells for Protection Silver RavenWolf
Jun 1st. Sticks, Stones, Roots and Bones Stephanie Rose Bird
Jun 1st. The Kabbalah Tree Rachel Pollack
Jun 1st. When I See the Wild God Ly de Angeles

Visit Pagan Books at Witchvox today to see what's new and what's HOT.

Bardic Circle
(version 8.0)

'Bardic Circle 2004' at Witchvox:

This week we feature...

Title Cut - Black Birthday - by WychKraft

WychKraft was formed in 1996 as most of you know. The first CD "Tied To The Wall" had limited success (there are still a few left) but when the singer at the time took off for NY with the CD under her arm as a demo the first incarnation was put on hold.

Now... ( a few years later) W... (Go To Performance)

Editors Note: If you want to share your mp3 file and your story, log in a add your performance... To experience the performances already posted... CLICK HERE.

NEW Essay Topic...


How important are Pagan festivals to you and to your sense of/connection with community? How many do you generally attend each year? For those of you who have been around for a decade or so, how have festivals changed over the years? Most importantly, how do you think festivals can be improved, and what advice would you give to someone who has never attended a festival, but is considering it?

The deadline for this topic is August 1st. 2004., but we will post the essays as we receive them. Please keep in mind that we will not post responses to previously posted essays.

Your voice counts! Please consider adding your thoughts to this collection of essays and join in the exchange of ideas throughout the worldwide Pagan community.

Any thoughtful essays of over 1,000 words will be published. Please read our editorial guidelines first, and send your essay to Diotima


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