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Weekly Update: 7/26/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: July 26th. 2004
Times Viewed: 5,868

<table border=0 cellspacing=2 cellpadding=2 width=50% align=right><tr><td><table border=0 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=6><tr><td background=> <a href=><img align=right width=37 border=0 src=""></a><font size=1><b>3 minutes ago</b></font><br><a href=''><img border=0 height=4 src=><br> <font color=#880000 size=2><b>Kill The Scapegoat</b></font> <br><img border=0 height=3 src=><br><font size=1 color=#000088> [62 reads] </font></a><br><img border=0 height=6 src=><br> <span style="font-size: 90%;">On Yom Kippur in ancient Jerusalem, two goats were selected and brought to the front of the Temple. One, chosen by lot, was consecrated to God and sacrificed. The other was dedicated to a mysterious figure, Azazel. The high priest laid his hands on the head of this second goat, confessed the sins of Israel, and drove it out into the desert, the haunt of demons. The community was purified by symbolically projecting its mis...</span> <font size=2><a href=''><font size=1>[<b>Read More</b>]</font></a></font> &nbsp; <font size=1 color=#000088></font> - <a href=''><font size=1>[Add Your Thoughts]</font></a> &nbsp; <br></font></td></tr></table></td></tr></table> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=3>A Witch Alone</font></b></a> <br>by Cerridwen<br><br> A lot has been written about Witchcraft: its origins, the many Traditions, what is Traditional and what is not, Solitary versus Coven. This last will be the topic of this paper, in an attempt to explain the difference and importance of both - not only to others but, more importantly, to myself. <p> First of all, Witchcraft has been around for many, many years - far more than I care to count or even justify. Suffice it to say that we can go back as far as 9000-7000 years B.C.E., to the very cradle of civilization, Sumer, and the Mesopotamian area - or as it is better known, the Fertile Crescent. As this is not an essay on the origins of Witchcraft, I will not dwell on this. I simply bring it up so that there is no confusion or question as to the Craft having been "created" by any <b>one</b> person and thus making one Coven or Tradition more legitimate than another... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a> <br><br></font> <center><table border=0 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=6 align=center width=100% background=><tr> <td valign=top><font color=#FFFFFF size=1><b><font color="#FFFFCC" size=2>Witchvox Notice</font></b></font></td> <td valign=top halign=left><font color="#FFFFFF" size=2><b>Political Events: </b> The Witches¹ Voice, Inc. will accept only non-partisan political announcements for inclusion in the global/local NOTICE sections. Voter registration drives or non-partisan informational meetings are acceptable. Notices containing an advocacy position either for or against any current political candidate or party -- including protests, marches and partisan statements for, against or authored by any candidate(s) currently running for elected office, or authored by any political party, platform committee or PAC -- will be rejected. Please use the <b><a href=""><font color="#FFFFCC" size=2>Events Form</font></b></a></b> to announce special partisan political events in your area.</font></td></tr></table><br></center><br> <font color=#000088 size=2><b>TWPT Interviews Jesse Wolf Hardin! </b></font><br><br> Jesse Wolf Hardin  is a renowned writer, artist, musician, Gaian mystic, green wizard and most of all 9 teacher.  The author of seven books including The Canyon Testament, Kindred Spirit: Sacred Earth Wisdom (Swan ¬Raven 2001) and Gaia Eros, he also writes over fifty articles per year for various periodicals including Magical Blend and Circle. Wolf is a contributor to Oberon Zell¹s Grimoire For The Apprentice Wizard.  He¹s been one of the primary voices of paganism and nature spirituality in the radical environmental movement since 1981, while simultaneously inspiring ecoactivism and land preservation among the alternative and Pagan communities. Surf to the <a href=><font size=2> <b>The Wiccan Pagan Times</b> </font></a> for another fine interview in their <b><a href="">Author's Corner</a></b> section.<br><br><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <b><font color="#000088" size=2>Traveling With the Muse: My Journey to Gaia's Womb</font></b><br> Event Review by <b>Shekhinah Mountainwater</b></font><br><br> <b><font color="#000088" size=4>M</font></b>y life has been a journey with the Muse. I have experienced Her as my inspiration, a Goddess-Source of ecstatic vision, discovery of beauty, awakening to truth, the rush to the guitar or the typewriter to capture Her when She appears...the soar of song making me feel joyfully sung...the exquisite dance of words that become poems... the astonishing birth of an image on a page that becomes a tarot card or altar icon...the mythic revelation that becomes transforming ceremony...the connections She makes through this astonishment and soaring to my sisters' Muses. So that ultimately our Musings become circles of shared inspiration, shared power, shared ecstasy... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br><br> <table width="98%" border="0" cellspacing="4" cellpadding="8" ><tr valign="top"><td background=><basefont size=2 color =#000000> <table border=0 width=118 cellpadding=12 cellspacing=4 align=right><tr><td bgcolor="#000000"><font color=#ffffff size=2> <center> <a href=''><a href=''><img border=0 width=150 src=></a></a> <font size=1><img border=0 height=4 src=""><br>Bardic Circle<br> (version 8.0)</font><br><img border=0 height=8 src=""><br></center> </font></td></tr></table> </a><font size=2><b><font color="#770000" size=3>'Bardic Circle 2004' at Witchvox:</font></b><br><img border=0 height=8 src=""><br> This week we feature...<br><br> <a href=''><font color=#000077 size =3><b>Circles</b></font></a> - by Isaac Bonewits<br><img border=0 height=4 src=><br> This is a well known song from science fiction fandom filk concerts. I altered some of the lyrics to make them more historically accurate (there I go again!) and not quite so Euro-centric. I really think this is one of the prettiest songs on Real Magic s first album, Avalon Is Rising!  Until recent... <font size=1>(<a href=''><font color=#770000><b>Go To Performance</b></font></a>)</font><br><img border=0 height=12 src=><br> <a href=''><font color=#000077 size =3><b>SpiritSong</b></font></a> - by Melodie Murphy<br><img border=0 height=4 src=><br> This song came from the wind.. I share it here as a gift from the wind to us. I am honoured you choose to listen.<br>MelodieM... <font size=1>(<a href=''><font color=#770000><b>Go To Performance</b></font></a>)</font><br><img border=0 height=12 src=><br> <a href=''><font color=#000077 size =3><b>The Wizard</b></font></a> - by Isaac Bonewits<br><img border=0 height=4 src=><br> One of my most popular songs, I wrote it because I was sick of &quot;fluffy bunny&quot; Pagans who refuse to actually use their magic to stop evil.... <font size=1>(<a href=''><font color=#770000><b>Go To Performance</b></font></a>)</font><br><img border=0 height=12 src=><br> <b><font color="#000077" size=2>Editors Note: </font></b> If you want to share your mp3 file and your story, <b><a href="">log in</a></b> a add your performance... To experience the performances already posted... <a href=""><b>CLICK HERE</b>.</a> <br><br></font></td></tr></table> <br> <center><table border=0 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=6 align=center width=100% background=><tr> <td valign=top><font color=#FFFFFF size=1><b><font color="#FFFFCC" size=2>Speed Increase</font></b></font></td> <td valign=top halign=left><font color="#FFFFFF" size=2> is the sole domain on a screaming unix box based in 'Jersey... Page loads are extremely fast. All pages but this one - our 'front door'. Its been very slow to load of late and has caused serious backups in Apache (our web server app) - Yesterday we FINALLY nailed down the problem. Apparently the 'random-grab' code used to pull in Witchvox Sponsors with their photo was a pig to process. For now we have taken that off - Our recent tests reveal a near 70% decrease in the load time of this page. - Thank YOU for your patience these past few weeks.<!-- <br><br> <center> This Page Loads How Fast Now? ... Exactally <b> seconds</b>.</center> --> </font></td></tr></table><br></center><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Faces and Phases</font></b></a> <br>by Tressa Lee Breen<br><br> In an article in the Winter 2003 issue of <a href="">Circle Magazine</a>, author <a href="">Donna Henes</a> suggests that, since the Moon has four phases (New, Waxing, Full, Waning) not three, and the age gap between Mother and Crone is often so large that neither Mother nor Crone suits<sup>1</sup>, a fourth stage of development, between Mother and Crone, has occurred, and she calls that stage "Queen."... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a> <br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=85%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Jump Shake Your Besom!</font></b></a> <br>by Cheryl Brogston<br><br> So my mentors said, "Gathering," and I found myself thinking of more people skyclad! This was some five years ago and I have only missed one. After a lot of reading and learning about other Witches in the world and in my area, I was dying to go and "Merry Meet" every single one of them. <p> We left our small town on a journey to connect. Not only with the divine and ourselves, but also with other people, other Pagans, and what a connection it would grow to be. This was exciting for me, being new to the craft and my own sense of self. I was expecting something amazing! I found myself checking and rechecking the film in my camera, eager to meet new people and share an experience with them... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a> <br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=85%></div><br> <a href=''><img border=0 width=135 align=right src=></a> <!-- <font color=#000088>Views: <b><font color=880000 size=3>93,755</font></b></font><br><img border=0 height=12 src=><br> --> <font color=#000088 size=1><b>Spellbound's Book of Spells, Volume I</b></font><br><br> <font color=#880000 size=3><b>Spellbound's Book of Spells, Volume I </b></font><br><img border=0 height=4 src=><br> <font color=#000000><b>Author: </b></font> Kelli Klymenko<br><img border=0 height=3 src=><br> <font size=2><font color=#000088><b>Category: </b></font> Spell Book &nbsp; <font color=#000088><b>Level: </b></font> All</font><br><br> <img border=0 align=left height=110 src=><img border=0 align=left width=4 height=110 src=><img border=0 align=left height=60 src=><img border=0 align=left height=60 width=3 src=>In this book you will find Effective Spells that have been developed over the years by the practicing witches of Spellbound. <br><br>Introducing the Spellbook you have been waiting for! For over 15 years, Spellbound Metaphysical Shop offered the finest information, supplies and tools you need for every magickal purpose. Now, from the owner of Spellbound, comes a New Spellbook filled with information on casting, useful meditations and Spells for everyone. <br><br>Nee<br><br> <center><table><tr><td background=><center><font size=2><b>Options:</b> &nbsp; <font size=2> View: <a href=''> <font color=#000088 size=2>[<b>Full Book Profile</b>]</font></a></font> &nbsp; <font size=2> Surf to: <a href=> <font color=#000088 size=2>[<b>Author's Website</b>]</font></a></font> &nbsp; <br></font></center> </td></tr></table></center><br> <div align="center"><hr width=85%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=><img border=0 width=100 align=right src=""></a> <font size=2><a href=><b><font color=#880000 size=3>Demons </font></b></a><br> by Kerr Cuhulain<br><br> <b><font color="#880000" size=4>A</font></b>s you could probably tell from the people that I've written about throughout this Witch Hunts series, demons are a popular subject amongst Satanic Conspiracy Myth supporters. Yet you'd be hard pressed to get the various fundamentalist Christian "occult experts" to agree on what demons are. Lyle Rapacki attempts to define them as: "Spirits: One-third of the angelic host cast out of Heaven with Lucifer after he led a revolt, with them, against God's throne<i>.</i><a href="" name="_ftnref1"><sup>[1]</sup></a> Obviously Rapacki hasn't read any of the grimoires he lists in his manual, because if he had, he would have realized that these usually label angels as spirits too.<br><br> The term "demon" first appeared in the English language circa 1200 CE in Layamon's <i>Chronicle of Britain</i>.<a href="" name="_ftnref2"><sup>[2]</sup></a> It comes from the Greek word "daimon", meaning "a lesser deity", "a spirit", or "one's genius", and originally could refer to a spirit who was good or bad. It was used by authors such as Homer in almost the same fashion as the word "theos" ("god"). The difference was that "theos" referred to the personality of the deity and "daimon" the deity's activity. Any unexpected occurrences which could not be attributed to a particular deity were attributed to a daimon...<a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br> <div align="center"><b>Quik Jump to Definitions... </b><a href=''><font color=#000088 size=2>Demons (<b>A-B</b>)</font></a> - <a href=''><font color=#000088 size=2>Demons (<b>C-G</b>)</font></a> - <a href=''><font color=#000088 size=2>Demons (<b>H-L</b>)</font></a><br> <a href=''><font color=#000088 size=2>Demons (<b>M-R</b>)</font></a> - <a href=''><font color=#000088 size=2>Demons (<b>S-Z</b>)</font></a><br><br></div></font>


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