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Weekly Update: 8/9/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: August 9th. 2004
Times Viewed: 5,697

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Witchvox Central Is Safe And Sound, Thank You!

[24,170 reads]

Bright Blessings,

As of this morning, the projected path of Hurricane 'Charley' points directly at/through Tampa Bay - We are located on the costal side of the bay... most of our county has already been evacuated. Since we are at a higher elevation (27 ft.) we will be staying in our third floor aparment and 'riding it out' with Ruby, Djinn-Jinn & LeeLu. In a few hours we will be shutting everything down, and securing what we can, as we brace for what is presently a category 3 hurricane. It's worth noting that the Witchvox website is hosted in New Jersey and it will stay up....
[Read More]   - (71) [Add YOUR Comment]  
<b><font color="#000088" size=3>Hail and Welcome!</b></font><br><br> <b><font color="#000088" size=4>W</b></font>e dedicate our community work this week to the memory of Joseph "Bearwalker" Wilson (see feature below). It is clear that Bearwaker moved and inspired many a Pagan... We thank him for the wisdom he shared with so many. <br><br> <b>This week's update is packed with many powerful features, cool pics and treats</b> (see below). We also take this opportunity to pass along the following site related information.<br><br> <b><font color=#770000>Full Email Test - Witches' of the World Section! </font></b> This week (8/6-8/9) we tested all 73.313 accounts and removed the 7,517 accounts/listings that contained bad email addresses... <b>If you are a Witchvox Sponsor </b> and your listings have been removed, kindly contact us with your sponsor ID and a working email so we may reinstate your listings. <br><br> NOTE: If the email address used in YOUR account is 'dead' DO KNOW that you can log in anytime and change your email address... <b>If you no longer have access to THAT email address</b> and have forgotten your login info expect your account to be purged in the next 5 days... You are more than welcome to create a new account with a 'working' email address. <br><br> <b><font color="#000088">Witchvox Sponsors:</font></b> If your listings disappear this week we encourage YOU to contact us for some help. As a way to say thank you we will manually fix your listings if you are having trouble. <br><br> <b><font color="#000088">Help System Upgrade:</font></b> This past week we put beaucoup hours into tweaking and better featuring the 'Witchvox Networking Help Modules' - Hopefully this will give you more intuitive access to your frequently asked questions about your account and your listings. - The 'help system' is available from any page in the vast WV networking section and on this page in the upper left corner.<br><br> In Your Service, <br><br> <b><font color="#005500" size=3>Witchvox Staff</b></font><br> Wren, Fritz, Peg, Christina, Diotima,<br> Steve, Waterhawk & Runewolf<br> Saturday - August 14, 2004<br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <!-- <center><font size="1" color="#000088" >Witchvox is composed on a <b>Mac G5</b> (OSX Panther) and optimized for the <b>Safari</b> Web Browser. - Pages are spot checked against IE, Mozilla and Opera on a weekly basis.</font></center></font><br> --> <font size=2><a href=> <img align=right height=200 border=0 src=""><br><b><font color=#880000 size=2>Starwood XXIV</font></b></a><br> <a href=""><b>Brushwood Folklore Center</b></a><br> Sherman, New York<br>by Don and Daniella WaterHawk<br><br> <font color=000088 size=4><b>W</b></font>ell...we didn't have to drive very far to get to Starwood, being that we were already at Brushwood after enjoying a wet but fulfilled Sirius Rising (Siriusly Wet) Festival. Sirius ended that Sunday, so the next day, Monday, was a quiet and readying time to get grounded for the high energy times of the coming Starwood XXIV. It was to be my 15th Starwood, and the 10th anniversary of Daniella and I, for we met at Starwood 10 years before. So, like many others can attest, Starwood can be a life changing festival and is a wonderful one for us. So the in-between day, (Monday), was a time of rest, drumming and being close to friends and family...not to mention a day to try and dry out and chip away at the mud that had accumulated throughout our encampment during the preceding week... Monday was also the day one could see the members of ACE going through their hair pulling, stress testing, day of setting up... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Go to Review</b>] </font></a> <br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#880000 size=2>Chesapeake Pagan Community's 1st Annual International Gathering</font></b></a><br> by Donna Darkwolf Vos<br><br> <a href=> <img align=left height=200 border=0 src=""></a><font color=000088 size=4><b>W</b></font>icca, forged in a time of darkness lifting (as elsewhere in the world), was virtually an unknown entity in South Africa only a short 10 years ago. The pioneers of the early movement, with no access to books, little Internet access, and certainly no teachers, forged a living Wicca, inspired by its mutable nature and spiritual individualism, thus preparing the way for travellers into other Pagan paths. It was this mutable Wiccan spirituality that originally inspired me and through which I was determined, years later, to be re-inspired.<p> Having recently celebrated 10 years of democracy (and thereby religious freedom), Wicca in South Africa is already fast on its way to becoming a tired theology with fixed unchangeable dogma and leaders vying for the position of Wiccan 'pope'. So I left South Africa in search of fresh inspiration... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Go to Review</b>] </font></a> <br><br><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size="1">Thank You Dana!</font> <br><img border=0 height=3 src=><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#880000 size=2>Darla Kay Wynne v. Town of Great Falls, et al</font></b></a><br> The United States District Court Decision<br> by Dana D. Eilers, Attorney<br><br> Darla Kaye Wynne practices the Wiccan faith and lives in Great Falls, South Carolina where the members of the Town Council and the Mayor are all Christians. Praying in Christ¹s name at the beginning of the Town Council meetings is usual stuff, and the citizens who attend usually stand and bow their heads. Darla went along with this . . . for a while, and then she stopped bowing her head, which brought on questions from Town Council members about her beliefs. When she came late to a meeting to avoid the prayer, she was not allowed to participate in the Town Council meeting even though she had signed up to speak at the meeting and was listed on the agenda. Objecting to the repeated references to Jesus, Christ, and Jesus Christ in the Town Council prayers, Darla proposed that the prayer references be limited to ³God,² or that members of different religions be afforded the opportunity to give prayers... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font> <table border=0 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=6><tr><td background=><a href=''><img border=0 height=4 src=><br><font color=#880000 size=2><b>Obit: Joseph "Bearwalker" Wilson </b></font> <br><img border=0 height=3 src=><br><font size=1 color=#000088> [39,767 reads] </font></a><br><img border=0 height=6 src=><br> <a href=><img align=left height=135 src="" border="0"><img border=0 align=left width=4 height=135 src=""></a><span style="font-size: 90%;">Joseph "Bearwalker" Wilson, Founder of the 1734 Tradition of Witchcraft, Metista American Shamanism, TOTEG (Temple Of The Elder Gods) in California, Toteg Tribe, and publisher of the first Pagan newsletter in the United States, passed into the Otherworld on August fourth, 2004, from complicaitons of COPD.<br><br> Joseph Wilson was born in 1942. His earliest spiritual influence was his grandmother's church meetings. After High School Joseph enlisted in the Air Force, where he met Sean, who began to teach Joseph to listen to nature. Under Sean's influence, Joseph participated in several nature-based activities that gave him direct experience with spirit. In 1963, Joseph was inspired to start a witchcraft publication, which he titled "The Waxing Moon."...</span> <font size=2><a href=''><font size=1>[<b>Read More</b>]</font></a></font> &nbsp; <a href=''><font size=1>[Add YOUR Rememberences]</font></a></font></td></tr></table><br><table border=0 cellpadding=6 cellspacing=6 ><tr><td valign=top width=50%> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#880000 size=2>A Wayward Witch: A Beginning</font></b></a><br>by Geo<br><br> In the early 1980s, my life would take a turn that forever altered my journey on the Wheel of Life. Until that time I had been both taught and raised in a Roman Catholic setting. I never knew that there was anything else outside of that setting in the spiritual sense. There were the priests, the Church and nothing more. I understood what prayer was, the importance of ritual, the significance of the Divine in our lives, but I did not feel any personal connection to these issues as I was taught by the Church. It left me feeling hungry, wanting more of something that I couldn't define. That doesn't mean that I didn't understand or agree with the message as given by the man we call Jesus. I just didn't feel that Christianity was meant for me. I felt quite the contrary: isolated and alone... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#880000 size=2>The Blending of Magick</font></b></a><br>by Lady Abigail<br><br> <i>Somewhere deep within the Ozark Mountains, on a mid summer night, stood a small gentle woman wearing a long dark skirt covered with a crisp, clean white apron. <br><br> Her face, careworn from years of life, could only give a glimpse of the knowledge she held from worlds long since past. <br><br> As she walked across the dry grassy meadow her long skirt brushed against the ground as she looked for where she could best see the night sky. In the middle of the clearing she stood beneath an endless blanket of stars. The warm fragrant breeze was softly blowing her long silvering hair across her face. She began to smile with the understanding she received from this moment in time, a foretelling of a life to come</i>... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font> </td><td valign=top width=50%> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#880000 size=2>Festivals</font></b></a><br>by Nia Williams<br><br> The piece of advice I would share with someone who was going to their first festival would be the advice (or was that a warning?) a friend gave me before I attended my first Pagan festival in May. "You'll find whatever you're looking for there," he said. "If you looking for sex you'll find sex, if you're looking for drugs you'll find drugs, if you're looking for spirituality you'll find spirituality."...<a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#880000 size=2>Festivals</font></b></a><br>by Ryver<br><br> Many people have a place where they can return to renew themselves. If they haven't found it, more than likely they are searching for it. The wellsprings from which I renew my soul are festivals. <br><br> To be in an area with like-minded individuals, with conversations stemming from all directions, is a boon that I look forward to yearly. You have a chance to experience a community and learn... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#880000 size=2>What Kind of Pagan Are You?</font></b></a><br>by Morgan Willowmoon<br><br> I often equate Pagans with college students. This is helpful, especially when examining the motives behind choosing a faith. If you look at the essays of high school graduates, you will find innumerable reasons for choosing an institution or field of study. Likewise, a distinction can be made between different types of Pagans. I have split them into five categories and given a brief summary of each... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font></td> </tr></table> <br> <a href=''><img border=0 width=135 align=right src=></a> <font color=#000088 size=1><b>Grow spiritually in the Celtic Way</b></font><br><br> <font color=#880000 size=3><b>Druid Power </b></font><br><img border=0 height=4 src=><br> <font color=#000000><b>Author: </b></font> Amber Wolfe<br><img border=0 height=3 src=><br> <font size=2><font color=#000088><b>Category: </b></font> New Age / Wicca &amp; Paganism / Druidis &nbsp; <font color=#000088><b>Level: </b></font> All</font><br><br> Gain greater personal awareness and increased magical power through the magick of Druidic Tradition. Druid Power provides groundbreaking methods for self-transformation based on principles and practices of the Celtic Faerie Craft. <br> Blending ancient Celtic ideas with modern psychology, Amber Wolfe teaches spiritual development in the Celtic and Faerie Way. Readers learn how to reconnect with the natural world through traditional ceremonies, guided imagery, breath<br><br> <center><table><tr><td background=><center><font size=2><b>Options:</b> &nbsp; <font size=2> View: <a href=''> <font color=#000088 size=2>[<b>Full Book Profile</b>]</font></a></font> &nbsp; <br></font></center> </td></tr></table></center><br>


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