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Weekly Update: 8/16/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: August 16th. 2004
Times Viewed: 5,481

<table border=0 cellspacing=2 cellpadding=2 width=200 align=right><tr><td> <table border=0 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=6><tr><td background=> <a href=><img align=right width=37 border=0 src=""></a><font size=1><b>12 minutes ago</b></font><br><a href=''><img border=0 height=4 src=><br><font color=#880000 size=2><b>Hangman Starts Trade In 'Magic' Nooses</b></font> <br><img border=0 height=3 src=><br><font size=1 color=#000088> [116 reads] </font></a><br><img border=0 height=6 src=><br> <span style="font-size: 90%;">He retired after carrying out India's first execution in nearly a decade, but Kolkata's veteran hangman is still in the business. He is selling strands of his final noose -- rumored to have magical powers -- and finding both a ready market and revulsion.<br> <br> Nata Mallick (83) ended his career on August 14, when he hanged Dhananjoy Chatterjee, an apartment guard convicted in the rape and murder of a teenaged girl. He has since cashed in on a superstition that a hangman's noose possesses occult powers that can uplift the sick and poor.<br> <br> "It is a proven fact that a used...</span> <font size=2><a href=''><font size=1>[<b>Read More</b>]</font></a></font> &nbsp; <font size=1 color=#000088></font> - <a href=''><font size=1>[Add Your Thoughts]</font></a> &nbsp; <br></font></td></tr></table></td></tr></table> <br><b><font color="#000088" size=3>The Wrath of the Mother!</b></font><br><br> <b><font color="#000088" size=4>O</b></font>n Friday the 13th., hurricane Charley terrorized residents of the Florida Keys and the Florida Gulf Coast before striking with Cat. 4 power at Punta Gorda and beyond. On Saturday morning, we began to see the real damage as choppers started buzzing the area.<br><br> Until 1pm Friday, the projected path put it right through where we live (Tampa Bay) - Wren and I were 'ready', but if we've learned anything about hurricanes it is that you simply do NOT know which way to run. Charley's projected path changed dramatically mid-day on Friday and started churning towards the northeast ... My Gods, we have many friends in Ft. Meyers, Naples and my folks live in Sarasota! Charley skimmed Naples, 'hooked in' just past Ft. Meyers and finally clobbered the small retirement town of Punta Gorda - THEN continued right through the state.<br><br> We stayed in contact with friends and family via cell and land lines. The Waterhawks got hit by Charley's right side and experienced incredible winds, a loss of power and an untold number of busted up trees. Through the Waterhawks we learned that Mino, Toni, Wendyl, Bill, Tara, Tony and others were beat up, but safe and sound. The Gods be praised!<br><br> We put a <a href="">quick note</a> on Wren's Nest, many chimed in with the wishes for safety and some noted that we should enjoy the ³power of the Mother². Now, Wren and I are huge fans for the power of nature (We live in the lightening capital of North America and thus have a constant supply of 'lightning water') and enjoy a third floor westerly view of the best lightning/storms around... However, we have zero desire to celebrate the 'Mother' via a Category 4 Hurricane! We credit the magickal workings of the many for softening the blow as much as possible and for keeping most of the people down here safe. And we are ever so thankful.<br><br> <b>Out of Darkness comes Light!</b><br><br> Yesterday, Wren and I went down to help my folks in Sarasota get their world back together. Route 75 south saw an endless line of trucks and Nat'l Guard vehicles heading south to the hardest hit areas. Trucks from Indiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, North Carolina and other southern states stretched as far as the eye could see. And well, you just <i>have</i> to start singing that 'Convoy' song when you see something like that!<br><br> Volunteers were coming by the thousands to help put the lives of countless victims back together. Every volunteer, utility truck or Guard unit that we passed on the road got a 'thumbs up' from us and to the last, they responded in kind with a smile or a wave. <br><br> It's so easy to forget about what a Cat 4 hurricane is truly capable of... Yesterday's 'first look' was a sobering reminder that there is little you CAN do when faced with a Cat 4 Hurricane save to hold on tight to your loved ones, your cats and your Gods. Where it will hit seems a roll of the dice ­and while many in the heavily populated areas on the Gulf Coast were spared a direct hit -- our hearts and prayers go out to all of the people who were not as lucky as we. May their spirits hold fast. Help is on the way!<br><br> In Your Service,<br><br> <b><font color="#005500" size=3>Fritz Jung</b></font><br> The Witches' Voice<br> Saturday - August 21, 2004<br><br> <table border=0 cellpadding=5 cellspacing=0 align=center width=95% background=><tr> <td><center><b><font color="#FFFFCC" size=2>Massive Update: </font></b> <font color="#FFFFFF" size=2>Scroll down for many features and Treats! </font></center></td></tr></table><br><br> <a href=""><img border=0 height=175 align=right src=""></a> <font size="2"><font color="#770000" size=3><b>Witch Hunts - Exposing The Lies</b></font><br> <font size="2"><b>by Kerr Cuhulain</b><br><img border=0 width=0 height=6 src=""><br> <font size="1">(Over 500,000 Page Views...) </font><br><br> <font size="3"><a href=""><b>Exposing Satanism and Democrats</b></a></font> <br><br> The web site that I'm about to tell you about normally bears the title <i>Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft</i>. However with the upcoming 2004 Federal election in the US the creators of this web site have added their commentary on Democratic candidate John Kerry and renamed the site "Exposing Satanism and Democrats". I won't bore you with their political comments in this article. You can check them out for yourself at: <a href=""></a><br><br> The <i>Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft</i> web site was created 1 February 1999 by Jon Watkins in Texas City. The web design and hosting of <i>Exposing Satanism and Witchcraft</i> is the work of Watkin's <i>Online Ministries</i> (<a href=""></a>). As you will soon see, one of the principle characteristics of this web site is its poor grammar and worse spelling... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a> <br><br><br> <center><table border=0 cellpadding=8 cellspacing=0 align=center background=><tr> <td><font color=#FFFFFF><b><font color="#FFFFCC" size=2>Witches of the World E-Test and Heavy Traffic! </font></b></font><br><br> <font color="#FFFFFF" size=2>This past week we did a global email test against all VoxAccounts. This was our first test with the new 'account based' system - Many new routines were created and much was automated. Here are the results.<br> <br>73,313 accounts were tested - 7,408 accounts (and attached listings) were removed for bad email addresses (user unknown - mailbox full) and there were 679 Removal Requests. <br><br> <b><font color="#FFFFCC">Record Traffic:</font></b> Over the past two weeks TWV has seen its busiest action to date - Full page requests have been averaging 'round 108,000 a day ('Hits' or 'page pieces' -- 404,994). Mercifully, our recent restructuring of THIS page as well as the optimization of much of our code, has enabled our server to keep up... Fact is it's barely keeping up... Our goal is to knock traffic back to 'round 70k pgs. a day - via smarter filtering of the 'bad botts'. <b>For you Performance Freaks:</b> Over the past 27 days, <b>MySql </b> - the engine that feeds the pages and captures the new additions & changes - has processed 93,161,918 requests (an amazing 143,621 per hour). </font></td></tr></table><br><br></center> <a href=> <img align=right height=200 border=0 src=""><font size=2><b><font color=#000088 size=2>Fires of Lughnasadh Celebration</font></b></a><br>by Lady Raven Ariana<br><br> Swiftly changing weather met the participants gathered for the Fires of Lughnasadh celebration on Sunday. Clouds swept through followed by sun. A question of rain kept happy celebrants cooled down while they energetically engaged in the harvest games.<br><br> Happy children with painted faces battled with foam fun-noodles. Welly wanging (who could throw the boot the farthest), jousting with noodles, and wrestling contests engaged adults, adolescents and children alike. Four fun baskets were enthusiastically hoped for by purchasers of raffle tickets. These baskets, a harvest bread basket, a cakes and ales basket, a sacred bath... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <table border=0 cellpadding=6 cellspacing=6 ><tr><td valign=top width=50%> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Nurses Make Magick at Salem Conference 2004!</font></b></a><br>by Nancy Trogdon<br><br> The Pagan Alliance of Nurses (PAN) met in Salem for our 2004 Conference and had a wicked good time. There were lots of nuts and bolts to discuss, but there was plenty of fun and excitement as well.<br><br>The event was hosted at the historic Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA. The staff were attentive and very pleasant providing a wonderful place in which to work. They also kept us well fed with incredible food from morning to afternoon. The chef was thrilled to hear that his food "rocked."... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>The Moon and Metaphysics</font></b></a><br>by Anamu<br><br>Of all the heavenly bodies that are measured and interpreted astrologically, the two that have the greatest influence are the Sun and the Moon: the Sun, for its size and its dominion over the day; and the Moon, for its proximity and its dominion over the night, and both for the rapidity with which they traverse the skies... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Justice?</font></b></a><br>by Draconis Nightspirit<br><br>A girl commits suicide because she is teased for being a Wiccan. A girl is choked and told to turn away from Wicca. A Neo-Pagan woman is beaten with a baseball bat because of her spirituality. A young girl is attacked on her way home because she was reading a book about Wicca. An evangelist threatens a young Satanist's family with financial problems. One teenager threatens physical abuse on a Satanist because of his beliefs... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Wiccan Magic For Lovers</font></b></a><br>by Mabel Iam<br><br><i>Magic is the art of using the whole of the natural and universal energies</i>.<br><br>To handle Wiccan magic, it's necessary to know the spiritual laws governing the material world. This is something many people ignore.<br><br>The expression "sexual magic" refers to knowledge about the conscious use of sexual energy... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font> </td><td valign=top width=50%> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>My Coven, My Priestess, Myself</font></b></a><br>by Ankhaa<br><br>I have been a practicing Solitary for almost five years. I have been what I called a Witch since I was about 18, but I never knew that it was okay to go it alone. I thought that I couldn't do anything formally without a coven.<br><br>That is when I discovered Scott Cunningham. By reading <i>Wicca, A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner</i>, I realized that it was perfectly acceptable, even normal, for me to practice alone and still be Wiccan. What a joyful day!... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Solitaire, Anyone?</font></b></a><br>by KnyhtSkye<br><br>Ten years ago, in the midst of a loss of faith and wondering where to turn next for my spiritual answers, a newfound friend asked me if I'd ever heard of Wicca. When I told her no, that I had not, she handed me her own, well-used copy of Scott Cunningham's <i>Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner</i>, and I began my journey into Witchcraft... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Just Me and My God/Goddess</font></b></a><br>by Kevin-Marcus Bohanon<br><br>This essay is in response to the monthly topic on <i>The Witches' Voice</i>. My name is Stormhammer. I am African American Pagan currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona. I discovered the love of the God/Goddess just after high school. Now that I am well into my thirties and married to a beautiful wife and I still bask in unconditional love of the God/Goddess every day... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Solitary Practioner</font></b></a><br>by Lady Shalimar<br><br>Hello One and All!<br><br>I have been reading <i>The Witches' Voice</i> for over a year now. I love everything about it. I've always wanted to express my views, so when I saw the essay request, I was ecstatic.<br><br>I've been, knowingly, living on this path now for around 10 years. My Granny raised me in a very religious home. All my life I have tried to fit into an organized religion, even as a child, but I always felt out of place... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font> </td> </tr></table><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <table width="98%" border="0" cellspacing="4" cellpadding="8" ><tr valign="top"><td background=><basefont size=2 color =#000000> <table border=0 width=118 cellpadding=12 cellspacing=4 align=right><tr><td bgcolor="#000000"><font color=#ffffff size=2> <center> <a href=''><a href=''><img border=0 width=150 src=></a></a> <font size=1><img border=0 height=4 src=""><br>Bardic Circle<br> (version 8.0)</font><br><img border=0 height=8 src=""><br></center> </font></td></tr></table> </a><font size=2><b><font color="#770000" size=3>'Bardic Circle 2004' at Witchvox:</font></b><br><img border=0 height=8 src=""><br> This week we feature...<br><br> <a href=''><font color=#000077 size =3><b>Selu</b></font></a> - by Michelle Mays <font size=1>[Impressions: 453]</font><br><img border=0 height=4 src=><br> Every late Summer early Fall, the Cherokee people celebrate the Green Corn festival. This is the Season for Selu! <br><br>Selu is the Cherokee Earth/Corn Goddess. The story of Selu I was raised with, has been passed down for countless generations in my family. Selu's story has been a guide to my life, about living in a sacred manner, caring for other people, living in balance with life, Patience, and especially in raising my own children. <br><br> I saw a similarity with other mythologies. It's ... <font size=1>(<a href=''><font color=#770000><b>Go To Performance</b></font></a>)</font><br><img border=0 height=12 src=><br> <b><font color="#000077" size=2>Editors Note: </font></b> If you want to share your mp3 file and your story, <b><a href="">log in</a></b> a add your performance... To experience the performances already posted... <a href=""><b>CLICK HERE</b>.</a> <br><br></font></td></tr></table> <br> <a href=''><img border=0 width=135 align=right src=></a> <font color=#000088 size=1><b>Don't be afraid of the Dark</b></font><br><br> <font color=#880000 size=3><b>Rituals of the Dark Moon </b></font><br><img border=0 height=4 src=><br> <font color=#000000><b>Author: </b></font> Gail Wood<br><img border=0 height=3 src=><br> <font size=2><font color=#000088><b>Category: </b></font> New Age / Paganism / Wicca &nbsp; <font color=#000088><b>Level: </b></font> All</font><br><br> Everyone is familiar with the image of pagans performing rituals during the Full Moon. The Dark Moon (the night before the new moon) is lesser known but equally powerful. Mysterious but not frightening, the journey of the Dark Moon is like the shamanic journey to the underworld, where we are stripped of our adornments, meet the unknown parts of ourselves, and emerge as a brilliant jewel. <br> This book presents the thirteen Dark Moons of the year by the zodiac sign <br><br> <center><table><tr><td background=><center><font size=2><b>Options:</b> &nbsp; <font size=2> View: <a href=''> <font color=#000088 size=2>[<b>Full Book Profile</b>]</font></a></font> &nbsp; <br></font></center> </td></tr></table></center><br>


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