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Weekly Update: 9/13/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: September 13th. 2004
Times Viewed: 8,262

Four Winds Kara! -- Be Safe, Be Sound!
This fabulous Witchfam shot, just in from Sabrina 'the Ink Witch' Link, was captured this past week at a goodbye dinner for daughter Kara who is leaving to serve in Bagdad, Iraq. Mother Witch wants to see that BIG SMILE return and sound. Mom's plea? Please Register & Please Vote - (L-R: Kendra, Kara, Sabrina and Kate)

Ripples Out From The Center: A Pagan Pilgrim in the Celtic Homelands.
by Byron Ballard

Whan that Aprill, with his shoures soote... The droghte of March hath perced to the roote... And bathed every veyne in swich licuor,Of which vertu engendred is the flour... Thanne longen folk to goon on pilgrimages... -- Chaucer (Prologue to The Canterbury Tales)

The old pilgrim paths sometimes beckon to us, teasing us from the routine of workaday lives with promises of spiritual glory and glimmers of the Divine, however we interpret that deeply human need. Santiago de Compostela, Ephesus, Mecca, Rome, Canterbury - the names are otherworldly and compelling, the stony paths call for our bare and reverential feet.

One never knows when the call will come, when the small voice inside grows clamorous and insistent. It is almost never convenient, barely rational. But the urge is there to be on the road, to call oneself "wayfarer," to find a cockleshell for the hat.

When the call comes, it is best to pack lightly, to take a sturdy stick and get on the road before it is too late, before the opportunity is forever lost. Make no mistake, each call is a limited time offer: once refused, it is gone. There will be other calls, if one listens, but each one beckons to a specific experience that, once denied, is irretrievably lost... [Full Article]

A Three Part Feature

Coming Home: Reinhabiting Place
by Jesse Wolf Hardin

Our quest to rediscover home/wholeness involves a journey into the present, into the sentient body, and finally into the magical land itself.

This "land" is fully everything not made alien by our kind, by our design. First and foremost it is the very ground, undulating beneath the pavement, breathing deeply through the cracks in the sidewalks and the stretches of suburban yards. It's the flesh of plant and animal and rock, of all that's come before us reconstituted into the heated soil of the garden and the dirt that always finds its way beneath our fingernails. It is the ground that grows the food we eat, but even more close to home, it is what holds up our houses, the terra firma that supports our being and without which we would be left floating in the air, nothing more than an etheric possibility lost without the ground to manifest through and on.... [Read Part One]

Notes from a Pagan Webcrafter....

Safari/Witchvox Menus Issue Fixed: Last week Apple computer issued a security update that 'broke' the main DHTML menus that you see at the top of all of our pages (as well as Fedex, Kellogs, and others) IN Sarfari. - Our thanks go out to Jason and the folks at for working up a quick patch. Thanks also to Solitaire for a quick fix that helped to get Wren back on track.

Son of Power Menus: The folks also helped us kill the 'license needed nag box' some of you were getting when you hit any of the aliases that go to this site ( - etc. etc.).

Witchvox is composed on a Mac G5 (OSX Panther) and optimized for the Safari Web Browser. - Pages are spot checked against IE, Mozilla and Opera on PC computers on a weekly basis.

Pagan Pride Day in the Finger Lakes
by Rev. Mirlin Poplar (photos by Ed Measheaw)
(August 28th., 2004 - Canandaigua New York)

There was much controversy surrounding the first Finger Lakes Pagan Pride Day ( in the small town of Canandaigua New York.

The initial resistance of the town's city council and the publicity surrounding the matter made the event a hot topic nationwide. After passing the city's environmental commission, the city council, and insurance issues rose and fell and rose again, the staff of Finger Lakes Pagan Pride thought that there would be smooth sailing. The controversy continued however when local evangelical Christians discovered the event and then launched a campaign to disrupt it as much as possible. It all seems to have started with a blog at Adam Weigert, a programmer for the huge Wegman's food chain, began a personal campaign... [Full Article]

Crafting and Casting Magickal Light

The Enchanted Candle

Author: Lady Rhea with Eve LeFey

Category: Wiccan Candle Magick   Level: All

"The Enchanted Candle includes rituals for every occasion together with details on the basics of 'how to do it' and most importantly why this all works. All aspects are here: candles, oils, herbs, seals, all the ancillary items - plus where to find them. This is a complete book that you'll use time and again. I'll keep a copy on my shelves and strongly suggest you do the same. -- Raymond Buckland, author of Practical Candleburning Rituals and Advanced Candle Magick

"Seminal...a rich resource and useful guide to the varied, multicultural ... [Full Book Profile]   [Author's Website]  

The Solitary Kemetic
by Jack 'Si-Set' Andrew

Throughout all my experience with Paganism, excepting the Internet and a few chance encounters, my practice has been completely solitary. Now, when many people think of a "Solitary Pagan," they automatically think that said Pagan must also be Eclectic. I, however, am a Kemetic Reconstructionist. Rather than doing what I like to do, or what I feel is right, I attempt to recreate the religion and other aspects of the culture of Ancient Egypt... [Full Article]

Circles of Influence - A Solitary Journey
by Ani

I have identified myself as a Solitary for much, much longer than I have identified myself as a Pagan.

It always just seemed like the truthful thing to call myself.

I've always suspected or known outright that I was meant to keep my Sabbat/h alone. That doesn't mean that, in all my sacred solitude, I've never been lonely... [Full Article]

Bardic Circle
(version 8.0)

'Bardic Circle 2004' at Witchvox:

This week we feature...

Ritual Music: Isis Invoked - by Jessica Gill [Impressions: 380]

All is vibration. May this music be as a stone thrown into water, with concentric circles echoing out into space. May primordial and archetypal forms be reawakened in the subconscious, bringing knowledge and reverence of the Old Ones to earth again. After 20 years of classical training, I found it exciting to invoke the Goddess, the Gods, and the Elemental Spirits, letting the spirit move through me to the strings, allowing the invocation an outward manifestation into the world of sound, so othe... (Go To Performance)

Editors Note: If you want to share your mp3 file and your story, log in a add your performance... To experience the performances already posted... CLICK HERE.

My Solitary Path Within Groups
by Loki

My spiritual path started around 22 years ago after finding a recovery program from drug addiction. This program encouraged me to practice a Spiritual path of my choice. I focused on nature paths strongly influenced by Native American beliefs along with Eastern Philosophies. I did much research on different religions and belief systems.

After a few years I began to hear about Pagans and Wiccans. I did not know much about these paths at first. I met several so-called Wiccans and I was turned off. The first few Wiccans I met seemed nothing more than bitter Christian-bashers... [Full Article]

A Path of My Own Leads to an Acceptance of Self
by Patricia Joy Thompson

When I first saw the call for submissions on this month's topic of solitary practice I became determined to sit down and write my thoughts on the matter. It has been more than a decade since I declared myself to be Pagan, however, it is only recently that I have come to realize not only that I truly am on a solitary path, but also that it is healthy and acceptable to be a solitaire. This article is intended for those who are solitaire by choice not necessarily by circumstance... [Full Article]

The Power of the Simple
by Paul Netusil

When I was 18 I had already finished my Year and a Day with my first teacher. I wanted to expand my horizons a bit and asked the man who eventually became my teacher to show me his Craft. I went into a very long explanation of how it was mutually beneficial to us for him to teach me. I would teach people so it would go farther than him or me. I wanted to learn and was fairly smart so it shouldn't be that difficult for him to teach me that Path. I was half-right on that! Right in front of some mutual friends he laughed and told me to "Go back and make bread." I had a major ego problem at the time, so I got mad as hell and left.... [Full Article]

Ecumenicon 2004
by William Hegeman
(April 16-19, 2004 - Beltsville, MD)

This was the first event I have been to in 9 years, and I have wanted to go to Ecumenicon for over 15 years. When I was told about it by Marcia Pickands and a few other people, telling me how wonderful it was with so many diverse magickal traditions coming to share at an ecumenical and interfaith conference, for my scholarly and mystical self, it seemed like it would be too good to be true. I wasn't disappointed.

This is an ecumenical interfaith conference that is hosted by members of Ecumenicon and associated organizations.

This past decade, I have buried myself in the mundane world, career, family, and normalcy. The adults in my home have all been solitaire. I have just gotten back into our Pagan culture here in Atlanta, going to coffee houses and BorderPagans, and I met Georgia. Georgia has been a... [Full Article]

Pagan Pride Events 'Round the World...

There are presently  30  events listed for the next 7 days. [for a complete list of Pagan Events in your town... Go Here]

9/18/04:  Harvest Festival - Pagan Pride Day Pioneer Books - WVox Sponsor (Bellingham - Washington) - [Updated: Sep 12th.]

9/18/04:  Cancellation of Charlotte Pagan Pride Drumming Circle and Ha Sacred Oak Grove Coven (Charlotte - North Carolina) - [Updated: Sep 17th.]

9/18/04:  Cincinnati Metro Pagan Pride Day Cincinnati Metro PPD (Cincinnati - Ohio)

9/18/04:  Cleveland's Pagan Pride Day Pagans Next Door, StoneCreed Grove ADF, CSUPagans (Cleveland, - Ohio)

9/18/04:  Pagan Pride Day-Eau Claire PAN-PUC of the Chippewa Valley (Eau Claire - Wisconsin)

9/18/04:  Fort Wayne Pagan Pride Day Fort Wayne Pagan Alliance (Fort Wayne - Indiana)

9/18/04:  Pagan Pride Day Mabon Celebration The Moon Path Chapter of CUUPS (Ft. Lauderdale - Florida)

9/18/04:  Pagan Pride Day Celebration 2004 The Moon Path Chapter of CUUPS (Ft. Lauderdale - Florida)

9/18/04:  Greenville/Spartanburg Pagan Pride Day 2004 The Pagan Community of Upstate South Carolina (Greer - South Carolina)

9/18/04:  2nd Annual Hamilton Pagan Harvest Festival n/a (Hamilton - Ontario)

9/18/04:  Kalamazoo Pagan Pride Day Kalamazoo Pagan Pride (Kalamazoo - Michigan)

9/18/04:  Autumn Equinox Festival Central New York Pagan Pride Project (Liverpool No. of Syracuse - New York)

9/18/04:  Pagan Pride - Miami Glas Celli (Miami - Manitoba) - [Updated: Sep 12th.]

9/18/04:  Antelope Valley 3rd Annual Pagan Pride Day First Pantheistic Center of the Antelope Valley - WVox Sponsor (Palmdale - California) - New Listing

9/18/04:  SunCoast Pagan Pride Day 2004 The SunCoast Pagan Pride Day Commitee (Pinellas Park - Florida) - [Updated: Sep 4th.]

9/18/04:  Central North Carolina Pagan Pride Day (CNCPPD) The Pagan Pride Project (Raleigh - North Carolina)

9/18/04:  Italian Pagan Pride Day Il Cerchio Sacro (Roma - Italy)

9/18/04 - 9/19/04:  3rd Annual Central Kansas Pagan Pride Days First Universal Life Church of Salina (Salina - Kansas)

9/18/04:  San Antonio Pagan Pride Day Joe Rose - WVox Sponsor (San Antonio - Texas)

9/18/04:  Pagan Pride Day, Springfield, Mo Pagans of Springfield (Springfield - Missouri)

9/18/04:  Pagan Pride Sudbury Harvest Celebration Pagan Pride Sudbury (Sudbury - Ontario)

9/18/04 - 9/18/04:  Okanagan Pagan Pride Celebration Okanagan Pagan Pride Committee (Vernon - British Columbia) - New Listing - [Updated: Sep 7th.]

9/19/04:  Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride Day Festival Mid-Missouri Pagan Pride (Columbia) (Columbia - Missouri)

9/19/04:  Pagan Pride Day Bell, Book, and Candle - WVox Sponsor (Dover - Delaware)

9/19/04:  Grand Rapids Pagan Pride Day Sanctuary of the Winds & A Starry Grove Galler (Grand Rapids - Michigan) - [Updated: Sep 7th.]

9/19/04:  Pagan Picnic In The Park All of Us (London - Ontario) - [Updated: Aug 26th.]

9/19/04:  Pagan Pride Day Vermont PPD Vermont Coordinator & Volunteers (Montpelier - Vermont) - [Updated: Sep 7th.]

9/19/04:  Salt Lake Pagan Pride Day 2004 Salt Lake Pagan Pride - WVox Sponsor (Murray - Utah)

9/19/04:  Eastern Mass Pagan Pride Day Event 2004 Eastern Massachusetts Pagan Pride Project - WVox Sponsor (North Andover - Massachusetts)

9/19/04:  Durham Pagan Pride Day Dana Rondeau (Whitby - Ontario) - [Updated: Sep 5th.]

for a complete list of Pagan Events in your town... Go Here


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