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Weekly Update: 9/27/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: September 27th. 2004
Times Viewed: 9,504

47 minutes ago

Diebold Loses Key Copyright Case

[1, 116 reads]

Students who sued Diebold Election Systems won their case against the voting machine maker on Thursday after a judge ruled that the company had misused the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and ordered the company to pay damages and fees. Lawyers for the students call the move a victory for free speech.

A judge for the California district court ruled that the company knowingly misrepresented that the students had infringed the company's copyright and ordered the company to pay da...
[Read More]   - [Add Your Thoughts]  

Mystic Goddess Destroyed by Hurricane Jeanne...

Our local Tampa Bay ABC affiliate aired a story yesterday (9/28) on the destruction of a local Pagan business. The strip mall housing Mystic Goddess in Largo had its roof torn off by Hurricane Jeanne and most of the contents of the shop is ruined. You can view the video at by clicking on the 'Strip Mall Destroyed©ö link under 'Local News©ö.

The owner, Judith (Judie) DiMilta, is trying to salvage enough to have a final sale at another location. She has no insurance. In her sixties, this was her nest egg and her dream. Now all she has are soaked boxes of ruined merchandise littering the parking lot and an uncertain future.

If you are in or close to the Largo area and can help with cleanup, restoration of goods, relocation transportation/storage or just a sympathetic shoulder, I know it would be very much appreciated. Judi has no phone service at the shop location (at the time of the TV spot) , but the address is 12041 66th St. N. #E., Largo, Florida 33773 -- PHONE: (727) 530-9994

The Mystic Goddess website can be found at We will post additional information as we receive it.

Sunday 9/26: Good morning! We post this weeks update early due to hurricane Jeanne. 'She' is presently 60 miles away from us (Tampa Bay) and should hit us in a few hours. - With current wind gusts at 60mph we expect to loose power shortly. Jeanne is still packing winds of 100mph and we do hope our tiny apartment will stay strong. - Wren has once again posted a hurricane Jeanne 'check in' area on Wren's Nest. We will check back in when we can.... Gods help all those hit by Jeanne. (Fritz Jung September 26th @ 9am)

A Huge Update: Earlier this past week Dio got her power back and we are quickly catching up on dozens of submissions... This week we feature new installments to the Kerr Cuhulain and Jesse Wolf Hardin articles, 5 Pagan Pride Day Event reviews, a new piece in the Gay Pagan section and six wonderful essays on the Solitary Path. - It's all featured just below. - Enjoy

In other site news...

Pagans and Politics: This week we launch a new general essay topic that solicits your thoughts on this subject... For details see the right side bar on this page.

Tighter Protection: Smarter routines have been put in place to better protect the personal, clergy and poetry listings from scammers and spammers. Effective immediately, you must be logged in to send mail to these listings. This change effects some 60, 000 plus listings.

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New Book for Advanced Practitioners

Evolutionary Witchcraft

Author: T. Thorn Coyle

Category: Witchcraft   Level: Advanced

"A clear and thorough guide - one far more rigorous than anything before published for those who wish to deepen their magical practice."
-M. Macha NightMare, author of Pagan Pride and Witchcraft and the Web

"This engagingly written work is a thoughtful and creative interpretation of Feri Witchcraft. It is also an important, practical and empowering guide to the dangerous and fruitful real magic of self-work as an evolutionary path to the Divine."
-Phyllis Curott, author of The Love Spell. Book of Shadows, and WitchCrafting ... [Full Book Profile]   [Author's Website]  

The Return Home: A Journey Through the Harvest Home Gathering
(September 17-19, 2004 - Madison, CT)
by IxChel Hathoor

Milling about in anticipation of the start of the weekend, I stood listening to bits of reunion conversations as Pagans met their brethren from other gatherings. With Hurricane Ivan's presence looming in the distance we each wished for another dry hour. After a short time, Sean the Bard stepped forth and his baritone voice called us to the procession. Large torchbearers lit the way, and drummers laid a path of Magick as we snaked through the wood and field on our way to leaving the mundane world behind. As we walked, the tight skin of our daily lives cracked and loosened, letting the energies around us seep in. With the torchlight radiating against a jet-black sky, I felt like we were being lead to an invisible veil, through which only our purest selves could pass. Across the field we bowed low into an opening in the wall of trees and re-entered a Magickal wood. Ahead I could see the bonfire, and as I approached the archway to be smudged my eyes welled up with tears. I was coming home.... [Full Article]

Okanagan Valley Pagan Pride Review
(Okanagan Valley, British Columbia)
by: Sable

Well, I would definitely qualify the 1st Official Annual Okanagan Pagan Pride event as a great success!

The weather was not the greatest (slightly rainy and much too damp, ) but it could have been worse. For the most part, our weather magick was successful and the rain stayed away long enough to enable us to perform our rituals and celebrate our spirituality. Our site was Polson Park in Vernon, BC, by the Wishing Well, which was just large enough to accomodate our numbers. We were sharing the park with Applefest, what is promising to be an annual event that the City of Vernon is putting on, celebrating the harvest... [Full Article]

Desiring Blessed Quietness (Part 2)
by Kerr Cuhulain

Stephen Van Nattan, based in Kingston, Tennessee, created the Blessed Quietness Ministries web site in December of 2002: Balaam (a Hebrew name which translates as "destruction") was a Mesopotamian soothsayer and prophet in the Bible (Deuteronomy 23, Joshua 13, Numbers 22:5, etc.) . Coincidentally, Balaam is one of the Infernal names listed in Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible as well as a deity mentioned in "Homage to Tchort" in LaVey's The Satanic Rituals. Long time readers will recall from an earlier article in the Witch Hunts series that Balaam is listed as a demon on the Demonbusters web site in the section "Learn About The Real Enemy- Satan and his Followers- Names of Satan and His Demons".[1] You'll see later that Van Nattan recommends the Demonbusters site. In light of this I find it curious that he'd chose this particular name for this web site.... [Part 2]

Reflections of Nashville Pagan Pride Day 2004
(September 11, 2004 - Nashville, TN)
by Monica R. Ashbaugh

Imagine a light and mirthful atmosphere where magickal energy was palpable in the air. A place where everyone greeted strangers and friends alike with hugs and kisses. A warmth that was from the hearts of people, not the near-90-degree outside temperature. The setting was a rough-hewn stone church nestled under old growth trees, an oasis of peace and enchantment. This was Nashville Pagan Pride Day 2004.

Nashville Pagan Pride Day was so much more than just a fair - it was an ennobling experience steeped in the very deepest spirituality. Hundreds of people attended with over two hundred pounds of food being collected for the Martha O'Bryan Center... [Full Article]

Salt Lake Pagan Pride 2004 - A Harvest of Harmony
(September 19, 2004 - Salt Lake City, UT)
by Aisling

The many people over many years who have incredulously asked, "You have PAGANS in UTAH?" would have had their questions answered unmistakably yesterday in Murray Park, where 378 Pagans and guests gathered to invoke the Harvest and Celebrate the Fruits of Community. Witches, Druids, Asatruar, Totegers, Pagans of every variety and practice set aside a day to honor their diversity and interact with one another in worship, learning, rejoicing, music-making, and community service.

The day was made even more amazing by the weather, which brought Utah's first real cold front and a winter storm warning to the valley literally on the eve of the festival. On the first look outside my window at 6 AM, I was greeted with an astounding lightning bolt that streaked across the entire bowl of the sky from horizon to horizon. Needless... [Full Article]

New in the Gay Pagan Section...

Narcissus: Reflections on Self Love and Self-Delusion
by Rain Bird

In the fall of 1996, at the age of twenty, I had a spiritual epiphany. I was in a deep depression due to a failed four years in reparative therapy. I had made no progress in going straight and was disgusted with my inability to change my sexual orientation. Full of self-loathing and despair, I took a long walk through the neighborhoods of Bozeman, MT, where I was attending college.

The sun was shining and the temperature was in the upper forties. The leaves had begun to change on the trees. Emerging from my train of thought, I noticed a single crimson and gold leaf in my path... [Full Article]

Coming Home: Reinhabiting Place PART III
by Jesse Wolf Hardin

(from part I) This "land" is fully everything not made alien by our kind, by our design. First and foremost it is the very ground, undulating beneath the pavement, breathing deeply through the cracks in the sidewalks and the stretches of suburban yards. It's the flesh of plant and animal and rock, of all that's come before us reconstituted into the heated soil of the garden and the dirt that always finds its way beneath our fingernails. It is the ground that grows the food we eat, but even more close to home, it is what holds up our houses, the terra firma that supports our being and without which we would be left floating in the air, nothing more than an etheric possibility lost without the ground to manifest through and on.... Start with [Part One] or go to [TWO] or [Three]

Suncoast Pagan Pride review 2004
(September 18, 2004 - Pinellas Park, FL)
by Balinnor

The Suncoast Pagan Pride event for 2004 took on the daunting task of representing both Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties. However, due to all the inclement weather that the Suncoast area has experienced recently, some of the staff members were beginning to have their doubts that they would be able to hold their event this year at all. As one large storm after another marched through the state the members began to despair that grounds would ever become dry again. Fortunately, this year's Suncoast Pagan Pride Day was able to take place under bright sunny Florida skies on Saturday, September 18, 2004 at the England Brother's Bandshell in Pinellas Park, Florida. This marked the second year the event has been held at this location and the fourth yearly Pagan Pride celebration for those in the surrounding Suncoast Area.

For the event staff, the day started extremely early in the morning as tents went up and preparations... [Full Article]

New Solitary Practice Essays...

The Temple Is Within You...
by Ariel Moonshadow

To begin at the beginning, I was raised in the Episcopal faith, a watered-down version of Catholicism. If you know anything about English history, you know that the Anglican Episcopal church started when Henry VIII refused to accept orders from the Pope in Rome and broke with the Roman Church. I think that changing paths is an inherited trait in my family. My mother converted to the Episcopal Church from Unitarianism when she married my father, and stuck by it, even though my father got mad at the ushers one day and left the Church for good... [Full Article]

Solitary Practitioner: Spirituality and Individuality
by Willowsong

My path to the Goddess started when I was 15 years old. Unlike some Pagans out there, I didn't stumble across a group of like-minded individuals. I didn't really even know what I was looking for, to be honest. All I knew was that the things that I had been taught to believe had never really rung true in my heart. Not completely, anyway. There was something missing. I wandered. I looked at different religions and philosophies to see if anything would strike a chord. I wondered if there was anything out there that would speak to my inner being. For a long time, nothing did... [Full Article]

Solitary Practice
by Coventina

In the past eight years that I have been Wiccan, I have read numerous articles on being in a Coven, and why that is best, and being Solitaire and why that is best.

So...which is better? Or does it really matter as long as in your heart you honor the Wiccan Rede your very best, observe Karma, and give back to the Earth - our Goddess Gaia - as she provides for us?

Who is to say a Coven is the best and only way to go? Solitary or Coven, it is up to you... [Full Article]

Practically Alone
by Mooncrone

It took me 55 years to find the exit from the black hole I felt I was in. The exit was the entrance to my spirituality. All the signs now made sense and I started to put everything together. Still I dithered, rationalizing delay and ignorance. I didn't know where to start, so I looked for a teacher. Witchvox popped up and I found a link to a coven in my region. Sadly, it wasn't the right group for me and I continued my search. Nothing suitable: disharmony or wrong path... [Full Article]

Working Solitary - Sometimes a Great Notion
by Aphrodite Fortuna

If you are a practicing Pagan, irrespective of what you call yourself - Witch or Magician, Shaman or Priest/ess - reflect for a moment on your spiritual history. I mean before you consciously assumed your current path. I am willing to bet that, in considering your pre-magical life, you will remember many times you were "working solitary" - praying, imagining, lighting candles, and generally concentrating on the "impossible" that you wished to manifest... [Full Article]

Solitary Practice
by Calliope

I have been practicing Wicca now for two and a half years. The whole time that I have been studying and practicing it has been solitary. This might sound like I am about to contradict myself, but being solitary was and wasn't a choice for me. What I mean is this: I live in a very small town, probably only 100 people at the most. Even though I don't know what most of them believe, I am guessing that most of them do not believe in Paganism or Wicca. So being in a Coven is out for me. I did a little research though and the closest Coven is about an hour from me, so that's not too bad for meetings at all... [Full Article]

Pagan Pride Events 'Round the World...

There are presently  13  events listed for the next 3 days. [for a complete list of Pagan Events in your town... Go Here]

10/2/04:  Pagan Pride Anchorage Pagan Pride - WVox Sponsor (Anchorage - Alaska) - New Listing

10/2/04 - 10/2/04:  Dayton, OH Pagan Pride Day Coffee House Pagans (Dayton - Ohio) - [Updated: Sep 8th.]

10/2/04 - 10/2/04:  Dayton, OH Pagan Pride Day - UPDATED INFORMATION Coffee House Pagans (Dayton - Ohio) - [Updated: Sep 14th.]

10/2/04:  Lafayette Area Pagan Pride Day Lafayette Area Pagan Alliance (Lafayette - Indiana)

10/2/04:  Manhattan Pagan Pride Day Sky Hold & Moon Keep Circle (Manhattan - Kansas) - [Updated: Sep 6th.]

10/2/04:  Central Arkansas Pagan Pride Werfriends and Green Ring (North Little Rock - Arkansas)

10/2/04:  Phoenix Pagan Pride Day Valley of the Sun Pagan Projects, Inc. - WVox Sponsor (Steele Indian School Park - Arizona)

10/3/04:  Western MA Pagan Pride Day Pioneer Valley Network of Pagans (Amherst - Massachusetts) - [Updated: Sep 9th.]

10/3/04:  Atlanta Pagan Pride 2004 Musiphysical Productions - WVox Sponsor (Decatur - Georgia) - [Updated: Sep 10th.]

10/3/04:  Pagan Pride/Harvest Picnic&Ritual Jeluna (Knob Noster - Missouri) - New Listing

10/3/04:  Vancouver Pagan Pride Cheryl of Weavers Grove (New Westminster - British Columbia) - [Updated: Sep 10th.]

10/3/04:  Sault Pagan Pride Day Wolfdaughter and Tiny Bubbles (Sault Ste. Marie - Ontario) - [Updated: Sep 26th.]

10/3/04:  Maine Pagan Pride Day 2004 Maine Pagan Pride Committee (Wells - Maine) - [Updated: Sep 27th.]

for a complete list of Pagan Events in your town... Go Here


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