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Weekly Update: 10/4/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: October 4th. 2004
Times Viewed: 6,204

<table border=0 cellspacing=2 cellpadding=2 width=233 align=right><tr><td> <table border=0 cellpadding=4 cellspacing=6><tr><td background=> <a href=><img align=right width=37 border=0 src=""></a><font size=1><b>10 hours, 45 minutes ago</b></font><br><a href=''><img border=0 height=4 src=><br><font color=#880000 size=2><b>Obit: Comic Rodney Dangerfield</b></font> <br><img border=0 height=3 src=><br><font size=1 color=#000088> [7,526 reads] </font></a><br><img border=0 height=6 src=><br> <!-- <font size=2><span style="font-size: 70%;"><b>Source: </b>ABC News</span> <br><img border=0 height=6 src=><br> --> <span style="font-size: 90%;">Rodney Dangerfield, the goggle-eyed comic famed for his self-deprecating one-liners and signature phrase "I can't get no respect," died on Tuesday at age 82, his publicist said.<br /> <br /> Dangerfield, who became a pop culture sensation with a string of broad film comedies starting with "Caddyshack" in 1980, died at 1:20 p.m. PDT at the UCLA Medical Center....</span> <font size=2><a href=''><font size=1>[<b>Read More</b>]</font></a></font> &nbsp; <font size=1 color=#000088> - (5)</font> - <a href=''><font size=1>[Add Your Thoughts]</font></a> &nbsp; <br></font></td></tr></table></td></tr></table> <br><font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=3>Impoverishing Our Teachers</font></b></a> <br>by Ann Dailey<br><br> There is an interesting phenomenon in the Pagan/Craft community today. It centers on a disapproving view some people have, related to paying teachers for classes, training, and information. Several decades ago the so-called "old laws" of Witchcraft were published, and appear to have originated from Gardnerian Witchcraft/Wicca roots. It seems that misgivings about paying teachers may originate in past views pertaining to these "old laws" of Witchcraft.<br><br>When first published the laws numbered 162, but of these only two seem to ever surface anymore. The first of these laws relates to "harm none" and the second comments on the exchange of money. Law section 90-92 states: "And let all justly guard all monies of the Craft. But if any brother truly wrought it, 'tis right they have their pay, and it be just. And this be not taking money for the Art, but for good and honest work. And ever the Christians say, 'The laborer is worthy of his hire,' but if any brother work willingly for the good of the Craft without pay, 'tis to their greater honor."... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><br><div align="center"><hr width=85%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=><img border=0 align=right height=150 src=""><b><font color=#000088 size=3>A Mission from God</font></b></a> <br>by Red Selchie<br><br> <b>Ed Note: </b> Last week Red Selchie caught up with Faith-based czar Jim Towny and asked a few very pointed questions... We thank Red for this timely and informative piece. <br><br> Every now and then, a political figure will say something so incredibly stupid and ignorant that all you can do is grab a tall glass of lemonade and pull up a chair, to watch the inevitable fireworks.<br><br> Especially when said political figure said something incredibly stupid and ignorant, about Pagans. Such was the case last year, when Jim Towey answered a question about Pagan faith based groups. It was almost humorously painful, like watching your ignorant cousin from the city picking up a big stick and whopping a wasp's nest like a pi-ata, just to see what would happen. "Whooo, boy, are you gonna get it now...<a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a> <br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=85%></div><br> <img border=0 align=right height=166 src=><b><font color=#880000" size=3>Pagan Passages This Week... </font></b><br><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=3>Jim Runnels</font></b></a> (pictured)<br> by Nels **<br><br> <font size=2>James Alan Runnels , of Bloomington, went peacefully Sept. 27, 2004. Survived by wife, Dianne; son, Joel and daughter, Victoria. Memorials preferred to the American Red Cross or Radio Station KBEM-FM. A Memorial service occurred Saturday, Oct. 2 at the Cremation Society of MN, where many of those touched by him offered stories of his love, grace, and wit. <br><br> Jim was active in Northern Dawn Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess, the Twin Cities CUUPs chapter, and was a central participant in the Minnesota Omphalos Pagan Community Center project... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Memorial</b>] </font></a> - also see: <a href=""><b>Special Tribute</b></a><br><br><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=3>Judy Carusone</font></b></a> <br>by Charlayne Elizabeth Denney <br><br> Judith E. Carusone, Lady Bridget to the Pagan community, and known as Judy to just about everyone, passed beyond the veils on the wings of Isis on September 21, 2004. <br><br>During the years between the middle 1970's and around the fall of 1995, she was unsparing of the time, energy and talent she offered to create places where pagans could gather and learn from each other. When she wasn¹t teaching or facilitating, she was preparing food and seeing that people were fed because, to her, food was an important way of showing love and caring.<br><br>Judy¹s magickal linage was in the Isian tradition and she was a priestess daughter out of Pattalee Glass (Lady Phoenix) . She also worked with other traditions, including the Dianics... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Testimonial</b>] </font></a> -- also see: <a href=""><b>Witchvox Public Notice</b></a><br><br><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=3>James Dayton Looman</font></b></a> <br>by Ackadia Seawind <br><br> James Dayton Looman, born May 27th, 1955 and died October 3rd, 2004. President and Priest of the Church of All Worlds. Jim leaves behind a daughter, a great many Waterbrothers, and a Tribe who loves him dearly. Jim has served his Gods, his People and his Country well. Though his great heart, devotion and service will be missed he will live on in our memory and in the works that he has started. <br><br> A memorial service will be held at Autumn Meet 2004. Website: <a href=""><b></b></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <b><font color="#880000" size=3>Mystic Goddess Destroyed by Hurricane Jeanne...</b></font><br><br> <a href=><img border=0 align=left height=110 src=""></a> <b><font color="#880000" size=3>O</b></font>ur local Tampa Bay ABC affiliate aired a story last week on the destruction of a local Pagan business. The strip mall housing <b><a href="">Mystic Goddess</a></b> in Largo had its roof torn off by Hurricane Jeanne and most of the contents of the shop is ruined. <br><br> The owner, Judith (Judie) DiMilta, is trying to salvage enough to have a final sale at another location. She has no insurance. In her sixties, this was her nest egg and her dream. Now all she has are soaked boxes of ruined merchandise littering the parking lot and an uncertain future."... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>More info and comment option</b>] </font></a><br><br> <b>Ed Note 10/3:</b> On Friday we received two phone messages about the shop, but both were inaudable due to our near useless phone line... If you were trying to pass along info about The Mystic Goddess or have new news to share please <a href=><b>post it here</b></a>. - thanks <br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=85%></div><br> <b>NEW TRADITION PROFILE... </b><br><img border=0 height=4 src=""><br> <font size=2><font color="#880000" size=3><b>What Is A Druid, Anyway?</font><br><img border=0 height=4 src=""><br> A Modern Druid's Perspective</b></font><br>by Ellen Evert Hopman</font><br><br> There are many different Druid Orders and as is the case with most Pagan groupings, no two Druids will see things in exactly the same way. <br><br> To further confuse matters there is a different focus and feel to American Druid Orders and English ones. I can only speak for myself, as an American Druid of the <a href="">Order of the Whiteoak</a> (Ord Na Darach Gile).<br><br> <b>History:</b> There is plenty of evidence that women as well as men were Druids in ancient times. Druids presided at divinations and sacrifices and praised the Gods, but the primary task of all grades of Druids was to follow an intellectual path.... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a> <br><br><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <a href=''><img border=0 width=150 align=right src=></a> <font color=#000088 size=2><b>Fill The Pages and Bring it To Life...</b></font><br><img border=0 width=0 height=3 src=""><br> <font color=#880000 size=3><b>Book of Shadows: Hard Cover </b></font><br> <b>Author: </b> Sabrina, "The Ink Witch"<br><br> <img border=0 align=left height=140 src=><img border=0 align=left width=4 height=140 src=>"<i>Here is a most delightful offering for the busy Witch. It is unique in its format and contains the illustrations of my favorite "Ink Witch" Sabrina. Her pen and ink work is, to me, the best! This is a book you can enjoy and can truly make your own</i>". - <b>Raymond Buckland</b>, Author of The Witch Book<br><br>Created By Witches for Witches. - This book is embellished with many inspiring images of the well known pen and ink artist, Sabrina, The Ink Witch. She has inspired the Pagan Community for many years with her visionary art offerings and now she is sharing her art with all through this book. With the turn of each page and with each writing you place within you will bring life to it with your words of wisdom, personal practices and magical information... <font size=2> <a href=''> <font color=#000088 size=2>[<b>Full Book Profile</b>]</font></a></font> &nbsp; <font size=2> <a href=> <font color=#000088 size=2>[<b>Author's Website</b>]</font></a></font><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <!-- <br><div align="center"><hr width=85%></div><br> --> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#880000 size=3>The Spirituality of Winston</font></b></a> <br>by RuneWolf<br><br> I just offered him the job today, and he appears to have accepted the position. If nothing else, he has responded to the offer as he seems to respond to all the opportunities that life presents him: "Sure!!!"<br><br>Winston is one of three dogs that share this domicile with my wife and I. Winston and I have been housemates for a while, actually, but it was only today that I made the decision to ask him to be my familiar. I have been unemployed recently, but the circumstances have been such that I have been able to enjoy this time, rather than sweating and worrying about paying bills, and where the next job was coming from. As a result, I have been able to get to know Winston quite a bit better, and to realize how much I can learn from this little bundle of energy, joy and love. Winston is one of the most... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=><img border=0 width=120 align=right src=""></a> <font size=2><a href=><b><font color=#880000 size=3>Desiring Blessed Quietness (Part 3)</font></b></a><br>by Kerr Cuhulain<br><br> We've already seen that much of Van Nattan's site is given over to links to other sites. The latter part of his web page is simply a lengthy listing of links, under the title "Satanic and New Age Sites on the Web."<a href="" name="_ftnref169"><span class=MsoFootnoteReference>[169]</span></a> Van Nattan warns the reader: "We suggest only researchers use these links. &nbsp;This is a very select list, but you will easily find some explicit filth here. Also, from time to time, filthy witches change their Home Page to a porn forwarding page just to spite me. They prove who the real warrior is, and that Jesus Christ is the one who is winning. But, do not assume I have put up these links to porn pages."....<a href=><font size=2> [<b>Part 3</b>] </font></a><br><br><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>The 2004 Between the Worlds Men's Gathering</font></b></a> <br>(September 15-19, 2004 - Southeastern Ohio)<br> by Garan du<br><br> <img border=0 align=left height=150 src=""><img border=0 height=150 width=8 align=left src="">Growth and evolution are the hallmarks of all living things. Communities, like living creatures, have lifecycles, too. Thus, as with children, it can be both fascinating and awe-inspiring to watch them develop and mature. Such has been the case with the Between the Worlds (BTW) Men's Gathering. This year marked the third in our series of annual gatherings. From its inception, BTW has been designed to provide a safe place for gay, bi, queer, and questioning men to explore alternative spiritual practices such as Neo- Pagan and Earth-centered paths. Each year our men travel from across the continent, coming together to form a loving spiritual community deep within the oak- and hickory- forested hills of southeastern Ohio... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=91%></div><br> <img border=0 align=right height=166 src=""><b><font color=#880000" size=3>New Pagan Pride Day Event Reviews... </font></b><br><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Mississippi Pagan Pride Day - A Success!</font></b></a> <br>(September 12, 2004 - Jackson, MS)<br> by Winterfire and Tramanor<br><br> Mississippi Pagan Pride Day was held September 12th from 11 AM until 6 PM at the Jamie Flower Boyll City Park in Jackson. The Mississippi event was sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Churches of Jackson and Hattiesburg, <a href=""></a> and the Pagan Pride Project, a global organization. The weather was great and the energy was fantastic. It was a great day without any trouble from protesters. The event featured an Open Harvest Blessing Rite, led by Eugene and Janice, to bless the donations and to give thanks for the bounty that we shared with our community... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br><br></font> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>The 2004 DC Pagan Pride Week</font></b></a> <br>(September 12-18 - Washington, DC)<br> by Shea Thomas<br><br> It was a week of firsts. Dramatically expanding the Pagan Pride Day concept, local Pagans in the Washington, DC region banded together this past September to create the very first weeklong Pagan Pride exposition. With a combined attendance of over 400, and events spanning seven days, the week featured a community Interpath worship service, potluck dinners, restaurant outings, a "Jewitch" celebration of Rosh Hashanna, workshops, and classes, and concluded with the Fourth Annual Washington DC Pagan Pride Day on Saturday, September 18, 2004... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Grand Rapids Pagan Pride 2004</font></b></a> <br>(September 19, 2004 - Grand Rapids, MI)<br> by Jeff Redmond<br><br> For those of us fortunate enough to have been able to attend the Pagan Pride Day on September 19th in Grand Rapids MI, it was indeed a truly delightful time for all. The deities of the weather blessed us with a perfect day, atmosphere-wise. An estimated one thousand people came from all around the vicinity, and everyone had the very best of a most delightful afternoon.<br><br>Persons of all ages, backgrounds, orientations, and lifestyles came together to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the Sun's Day. Dozens of booths offered almost enough of every item to look at, purchase, take home, and enjoy... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><br><div align="center"><hr width=85%></div><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Fundies of a Pagan Persuasion</font></b></a> <br>by Eri M.<br><br>In the Pagan world, we have our adversaries. One of the most profound "enemies" of ours goes under the unaffectionate title of "Fundie," which is short for Fundamentalist. When a Pagan hears the term "Fundie," a Bible-thumping, preaching, over-zealous, slightly balding Republican comes to mind, which is usually followed by uncontrollable shivers throughout said Pagan's body. Fundies of such sort are of the Christian persuasion, and needless to say, a strong contempt is felt among the Pagan community for such fellows...<a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><div align="center"><hr width=85%></div><br> <b><font color=#880000" size=3>New Solitary Practice Essays... </font></b><br><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Solitary Practice</font></b></a> <br>by Ross Burns<br><br> Coming from a family which was not particularly open-minded about politics or spirituality, but suffered just enough of the apathy of the British working class to not mind what I spent my disposable income on, I was caught in the perfect opportunity for teenage rebellion-lite and spiritual exploration: the perfect breeding ground for a chaos magician/Marxist/nihilist/hippie or whatever left-wing politico-spiritual fad I was reading about that week. For that was my escapism - reading. Books became my everything for a large part of my adolescence. My wages were spent on primarily just two things: books and music, and I delved into both without restraint... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>The Solitary Road and Personal Power</font></b></a> <br>by Crystal Blanton<br><br> When I came to this path I had been looking for my spiritual self for some time. A new friend introduced me to Wicca, sparking something in me. I read so much information in such a short period of time my brain was overloaded with various traditions, beliefs, gods, goddesses and a host of other things.<br><br>I had a fear of joining a coven yet wanted more. I thought that, without a coven, I would not be able to advance and learn. So many books made references to studying in a coven and listed solitary as if it was a last resort.. <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font><br> <font size=2><a href=> <b><font color=#000088 size=2>Healing in Seclusion: On Transition Between Faiths</font></b></a> <br>by Fioruisge<br><br> I grew up in a very communal religion: Gaudiya Vaishnavism, a "Hindu" tradition, known colloquially as the "Hare Krishnas." While Vaishnava teachings contain numerous references to great sages and yogis who sit alone in the forest or on a mountain and meditate, the vast majority of Vaishnava practice is done in groups, because the belief is that only the most dedicated of believers can take the vows of asceticism necessary to worship Vishnu (God) alone in their hearts. Individuals with this kind of dedication are greatly revered, but most people rely on the community to sustain their faith... <a href=><font size=2> [<b>Full Article</b>] </font></a><br><br></font>


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