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Weekly Update: 10/11/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: October 11th. 2004
Times Viewed: 13,340

11 hours, 15 minutes ago

A Reconstituted 'Farscape' Returns

[7,780 reads]

There are three things you need to know about Farscape fans.

They're exceedingly loyal.

They're almost supernaturally passionate.

And there should be more of them.

Still, never underestimate the power of a committed cult. This small-but-mighty band of "Scapers" has forced Sci Fi to bring the unreasonably canceled space adventure Farscape back from the dead Ñ never mind that it meant bringing the main characters back from the dead as w...
[Read More]   - (7) - [Add Your Thoughts]  
Passage: MaDonna MoonHawk Estafan

Well-known Pagan Elder MaDonna MoonHawk Estafan went into an Ohio hospital earlier this week for a routine gall bladder operation. Unfortunately, there were various complications involving her liver and kidneys and these functions eventually failed.

MaDonna went shining at 7:20 PM Thursday evening.

Please send healing energies and strengthening thoughts to her two sons, Dave and Josh and to all of her many friends and Pagan 'family' members.

We will post more information and links as they become available.

Walk In Love and Light and Eternal Freedom, MaDonna!

Wren, Fritz and the Staff of TWV
Oct. 15th., 2004

Realizing the Pagan Evolution
by Athena

"...[M]any of us "oldies" becom[e] quite dismissive of the younger, which is a shame as this new generation has much to contribute and should not be dismissed as "fluffy bunnies" - a term we detest by the way! This generation is one of the first which is truly Pagan; many have been brought up within Pagan families or in multi-denominational communities and do not carry the same monotheistic baggage that many of us have had to learn to cast off. We think this will result in one of the biggest challenges for neo- Paganism and particularly Wicca, as the older generation strive to maintain the integrity of the philosophy and beliefs that have developed over the years, while the new generation attempt to incorporate new ideas which may be at odds with the old established doctrines."
-- From The Witches' Voice interview with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone by Caroline Kenner

When I read this paragraph from the TWV interview with Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, I was truly heartened. As a 28-year-old Pagan, I still come across, from Elders, the attitude of: "Well, you weren't there when being a Witch was so secretive and there were no books out! You have it so much easier than we did, so you don't know what it means to really be a Witch!" Or, "You aren't a real Witch because you haven't been initiated in X Tradition (or Path, or Family, etc.)!" It disturbs me to still find this attitude in paths that profess to be progressive and moving with the Earth... [Full Article]

The Rich Witch Part II: Using Magic For Riches
by Rodney Robbins

Witches, Pagans and Celtic Christians have every reason to be rich. Our status as the techno-mages of our time gives us a huge advantage in learning to handle money. The Wiccan Rede and the Rule of Three give us a strong moral base to help us steer a steady financial course. Our great imaginations, spiritual connections and willingness to be different provide powerful resources in changing our lives to become better financial stewards. So, since so few of us are really good with money, where do we start? What kind of a money management system do we need to be rich, enlightened millionaires? And how do we use magic to help us in our financial journey? The answers are simple, and the simpler the better, for me anyway.... [Full Article] -- also see The Rich Witch Part I

The Craft: Reflections of an Obscured Path
by Gede Parma

The gossamer trail of mist-like light illuminates the cove as the elegant crescent rises to its throne in the heavens. Waves of cool, foamy water sweep over the shore, complacently destroying innocent patterns ingrained in the fine sand. Silence reigns in the depth of the night as if a loose drape has smothered all movement and sound. Then, a soft and gradual note begins, accompanied by the steadied pound of taut leather. Crimson flames dance and court the frantic veil of shadow, chased to distant horizons - cast out by the sudden burst of light and color... [Full Article]

Getting Back to the Roots of The Craft
by Paul Netusil

As Pagans today, we are finally able to practice freely again. Recognized as a religion since 1985, we have done very little since then to not only move forward in a unified way to decide the future for our children, how they will be accepted as the next generation of The Craft, but to reclaim what we lost during our slaughter.

Our spiritual practice is fairly universally referred to as "The Craft." It was the first form of specialization when it came to the specific Magical strengths attained through spiritual discipline. If we take a look specifically at European Paganism before, during, and after the introduction of Christianity we will find the loss of that specialization. The "CRAFT"...It was a skill, an art. Think cast a spell. Cast as in mold, shape, or smith. To work and make with skilled hands... [Full Article]

Desiring Blessed Quietness - Part 4 NOW UP
by Kerr Cuhulain

(from part I) Van Nattan, based in Kingston, Tennessee, created the Blessed Quietness Ministries web site in December of 2002: Balaam (a Hebrew name which translates as "destruction") was a Mesopotamian soothsayer and prophet in the Bible (Deuteronomy 23, Joshua 13, Numbers 22:5, etc.). Coincidentally, Balaam is one of the Infernal names listed in Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible as well as a deity mentioned in "Homage to Tchort" in LaVey's The Satanic Rituals. Long time readers will recall from an earlier article in the Witch Hunts series that Balaam is listed as a demon on the Demonbusters web site in the section "Learn About The Real Enemy- Satan and his Followers- Names of Satan and His Demons".[1] You'll see later that Van Nattan recommends the Demonbusters site. In light of this I find it curious that he'd chose this particular name for this web site.... [Part 4]

Pagan Pride, Cruises & Gathering Reviews...

Elysium Gathering 2004 (pictured)
Reviewed by: John Michael Greer
Submitted by Eiren Spirit Bird

Back from the wilds of southeastern Ohio with a first report. The natives are friendly and a rollicking good time was had by all. Now, if I can only figure out how to stay busy 20 hours a day at such an event and still get enough sleep!

The Elysium Gathering was held in a 4-H youth camp, Camp Clifton, in a corner of rural Ohio close to Springfield and an easy drive from Dayton International Airport. There are cabins with bunk beds, hot showers, lots of trees and green stuff, a dining hall with a good kitchen, and a fire circle that makes an excellent ritual space. Sara and I got there Thursday night when things were still in the last minute scramble stage, and didn't leave till the last people dragged themselves away on Sunday afternoon... [Full Review]

Pagan Pride: Western Massachusetts
(October 3rd, 2004)
Review by: Elizabeth Koelle ©

On Sunday, October 3, 2004, the fifth annual Western MA Pagan Pride Day, sponsored by the Pioneer Valley Network of Pagans, was held on the Town Common in Amherst. With over 550 attendees, the event was a huge success! 457 lbs. of food was collected for the Western MA Food Bank, along with 112 lbs. of pet food. With the biggest turnout so far in the region, the new venue was a big hit! Even the weather cooperated, bringing us a gorgeous early fall day with lots of sunshine.

Media coverage included the Springfield Republican, Reminder Publications, and WWLP, the local NBC affiliate. Coverage was positive and included viewpoints from several different traditions.

The main ritual, which was led by members of the Society of Elder Faiths (, celebrated the Harvest with offerings of incense... [Full Article]

Witch & Famous Cruises: - Inaugural Festival at Sea
(October 2004)
by Trish Telesco

A Neo-Pagan festival at sea - sound amazing? surreal? wonderful? mysterious and magickal? Well, that's what the "Witch and Famous Cruises" promise and there's no question they truly deliver all those things and much, much more.

The voyage began in Miami with a group of people who, for the most part, were strangers. Our first day was at sea - but it gave us a valuable chance to harmonize on a personal and spiritual level -- from druid to kitchen witch, the diversity was amazing and wonderful. I must confess having a really bad case of nerves. This was a totally different venue and I didn't quite know how to act or respond, but thankfully both the hosts and guests of "Witch and Famous Cruises" understood that awkwardness. If anything, they became the teachers, guides, and gurus with me as a student. There was something wonderful to learn from each -- from how to handle physical challenges with grace and openness to how to love and laugh the world into wholeness... [Full Review]

Pagan Pride: Tulsa Oklahoma 2004
(September 25, 2004 - Tulsa, OK)
by Elise Coleman

Tulsa's first Pagan Pride Day: Wow - what can be said? WE ROCKED! In spite of the injunction to shut us down (see next week's follow-on essay...) and the location being moved less than 24 hours before the event, we had right at 150 people come through the door. We donated over $350 dollars worth of food to TulsaCARES, a local charity that works with AIDS/HIV patients here in Green Country.

The opening ritual was just a bit late - the drummer didn't show, but we improvised by drafting someone that had a rattle. People were saged and walked into circle to a heartbeat rhythm. The Quarters were called in five different Traditions represented here in the Tulsa area: Wicca, Heathen, Artemisian Fairy Faith, Circle of the Spiritual Fire and Anderson Feri Trad. This particular ritual is a Community Building ritual that culminates with a Spiral Dance that is just a bit different: The music stops intermittently and the dancers stop and introduced themselves to the people in front of and behind them. The laughter and gaiety does raise a bit of energy... [Full Review]

Coming to the Pagan Path
by Chad

As a child, I grew up between two opposing, yet loving forces. They were and are my parents. Both are Christian with my mother being quite fundamental and my father, who is also a Mason, being the more open-minded of the two. My mother grew up in a loving yet strict household with my grandfather being a deacon of the church. My father grew up as a black sheep in his family and was forced to find his own way at a very young age.

I can remember being made to go to church every Sunday no matter what. Sometimes my father went and sometimes he didn't. His life has always been surrounded with turmoil. Some of which I didn't know about or understand until I was married and had children of my own. These times of turmoil in his life were reflected in the amount of involvement he either did or did not have in the church... [Full Article]

Pop Culture Magick

Pop Culture Magick

Author: Taylor Ellwood

Category: Magick   Level: All

We cannot escape from Popular culture; it is all around us, constantly bombarding us with images, icons, and celebrities. Taylor Ellwood shows how you can use this plethora of material in an innovative new magickal system: Pop Culture Magick.

Magick is not just in the ancient, tried and tested; it is all around you in popular culture, abd you can tap into its icons to create fresh and vital magickal workings to change your life. The truely flexible magician is the one who adapts with the times. Pop culture Magick is a reflection of the need for magick ... [Full Book Profile]   [Author's Website]  

Last weeks Hotest Article...

A Mission from God
by Red Selchie

Every now and then, a political figure will say something so incredibly stupid and ignorant that all you can do is grab a tall glass of lemonade and pull up a chair, to watch the inevitable fireworks.

Especially when said political figure said something incredibly stupid and ignorant, about Pagans. Such was the case last year, when Jim Towey answered a question about Pagan faith based groups. It was almost humorously painful, like watching your ignorant cousin from the city picking up a big stick and whopping a wasp's nest like a pi-ata, just to see what would happen. "Whooo, boy, are you gonna get it now... [Full Article]

Samhain Events 'Round the World...

There are presently  107  events scheduled for the next 14 days. [for a complete list of Pagan Events in your town... Go Here]

10/16/04:  Witches' Ball 2004 Texas Local Council of Covenant of the Goddess (Dallas - Texas)

10/16/04:  Children Safe Trick or Treat Event Lady Leaf Fea & Cats Lair Temple (Greenville - South Carolina) - [Updated: Sep 25th.]

10/16/04:  Samhian Shindig NC Piedmont Church of Wicca (Kings Mountain - North Carolina) - [Updated: Sep 19th.]

10/17/04:  Children's Field Trip Caer na Donia y Llew - WVox Sponsor (Coloma - Michigan)

10/20/04 - 11/2/04:  Sounds & Furies' Women's Magical Tour in Scotland Pat Hogan/Sounds & Furies Productions - WVox Sponsor (Vancouver - British Columbia)

10/21/04:  Witches' Brew 5 Seasons Restaraunt and Microbrewery (Sandy Springs - Georgia) - New Listing

10/22/04:  Halloween Party at the Park Slope Ale House NYC Witches and Pagan Meet Up - WVox Sponsor (Brooklyn - New York) - New Listing

10/22/04:  Grave Spirits: A Night of Necromancy Festival of the Dead - WVox Sponsor (Salem - Massachusetts)

10/22/04 - 10/24/04:  Samhain GreenSong Grove (St.Petersburg - Florida) - [Updated: Sep 23rd.]

10/23/04:  The Atlanta Witches Ball 2004 Mobius Fae (Atlanta - Georgia) - [Updated: Sep 29th.]

10/23/04 - 10/23/04:  Witch's Ball 2004!! Magick City Pagans (Birmingham - Alabama) - [Updated: Sep 20th.]

10/23/04:  Open Samhain Ritual (Left-Hand Path Oriented) The Universal Terran Church - WVox Sponsor (Canandaigua - New York) - New Listing

10/23/04:  The Three Fates: A Samhain Ritual Rani & Altar Egos (Chicago - Illinois) - [Updated: Sep 24th.]

10/23/04:  Third Annual Twin Ports Area Witches' Ball Witches' Ball Council (Duluth - Minnesota) - [Updated: Sep 28th.]

10/23/04:  Open Samhain Celebration Society of Elder Faiths (Grafton - Massachusetts) - [Updated: Oct 13th.]

10/23/04 - 10/31/04:  Haunted Maze at Deal's Orchards Denise and James (Jefferson - Iowa) - New Listing

10/23/04:  A Night Between the Veils The Religious Order of The Circle of Isis Rising (Miami - Florida)

10/23/04:  AUP Samhain Gathering Modesto AUP - WVox Sponsor (Modesto - California) - New Listing

10/23/04:  Open Samhain & 9th Anniversary of the PTC/PCC The Panthean Temple, formerly the PCC - WVox Sponsor (New Haven - Connecticut) - [Updated: Oct 11th.]

10/23/04:  Witches' Ball UUCO Pagans - WVox Sponsor (Ogden - Utah) - [Updated: Oct 14th.]

10/23/04:  Witches' Ball & Fantasy Masquerade 2004 Full Circle Events - WVox Sponsor (Palo Alto - California) - [Updated: Oct 10th.]

10/23/04:  The Haunted Crypt of Spirit Boards Festival of the Dead - WVox Sponsor (Salem - Massachusetts)

10/23/04:  18th Anniversary / Halloween Open House Gypsy Moon Emporium - WVox Sponsor (Salt Lake City - Utah) - New Listing

10/23/04 - 10/24/04:  Samhain Seminar Greenleaf Coven (Springfield - Missouri)

10/23/04:  4th Annual Witches' Masquerade Ball The Red Hills Pagan Council - WVox Sponsor (Tallahassee - Florida)

10/24/04:  Public Samhain Ritual Harvest Mountain Sanctuary (Asheville/Candler - North Carolina)

10/24/04:  Voodoo Cemetery Gods: Deities of the Dead Festival of the Dead - WVox Sponsor (Salem - Massachusetts)

10/24/04:  CWPN Samhain Celebration and Witches Ball CWPN, Inc. - WVox Sponsor (Westport - Connecticut) - [Updated: Oct 4th.]

10/25/04 - 10/31/04:  Wicca Week in Glastonbury - Samhain 2004 Kevin Saunders (Glastonbury - England)

10/25/04:  Dark Faerie Magick Festival of the Dead - WVox Sponsor (Salem - Massachusetts)

10/25/04:  Family Samhain SisterSpirit (Vancouver - Washington) - New Listing

10/26/04:  Journeys to the Underworld Festival of the Dead - WVox Sponsor (Salem - Massachusetts)

10/27/04:  Feast of the Ancestors Pelagia Mystical Gifts - WVox Sponsor (Fort Bragg - California) - New Listing

10/27/04 - 11/11/04:  Walk of the Fallen Labyrinth Open (Graham - Washington) - New Listing

10/27/04:  Open Samhain/Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse The Coven of the Twilight Grove - WVox Sponsor (New Orleans - Louisiana) - [Updated: Oct 2nd.]

10/28/04 - 10/31/04:  Firedance04 Hawk (carrollton - Georgia)

10/28/04:  Samhain Ritual at Marshall University Marshall University Pagan Collective (Huntington - West Virginia) - New Listing

10/28/04:  OC Teen Pagan Samhain Bonfire Meg (Newport Beach - California) - New Listing

10/28/04:  Samhain: There and Back Again Circle of the Wolf & Stag (Orange - California)

10/28/04:  The Dumb Supper: Dinner With the Dead Festival of the Dead - WVox Sponsor (Salem - Massachusetts)

10/28/04:  Halloween Talk and Discussion Group Heathwitch and Bear of Circle of the Moon - WVox Sponsor (Stockport - England) - New Listing

10/29/04 - 10/31/04:  ) O ( Charlotte's 2004 Samhain Camping Weekend ) O ( TJ MacLoki & Sinovess (Charlotte - North Carolina)

10/29/04:  Witches and Goblin's Ball Mountian and Town Gothic Tea Society (Colorado Springs - Colorado)

10/29/04 - 10/31/04:  Samhain in the Woods Grove of the Whispering Well (Cusick - Washington) - [Updated: Sep 21st.]

10/29/04 - 10/31/04:  Soule Feste Wolvenwold (Elk Creek - Missouri) - [Updated: Sep 26th.]

10/29/04 - 10/31/04:  Witches in the Woods! The FarWitches aka FRRA! - WVox Sponsor (Gainesville - Florida)

10/29/04 - 10/31/04:  Samhain Campout Florida Pagan Alliance & Church of Ancient Way (Holt - Florida)

10/29/04:  South Wales Teen Moot Aries and Lavender (Llanelli - Wales) - [Updated: Sep 21st.]

10/29/04:  Dumb Supper and First Annual Witches Masked Ball The Sagefire Fellowship (Manchester - New Hampshire) - [Updated: Oct 3rd.]

10/29/04 - 10/31/04:  Samhain Festival Circle Sanctuary (Mt. Horeb - Wisconsin) - [Updated: Sep 21st.]

10/29/04:  Witches Ball Circle Sanctuary (Mt. Horeb - Wisconsin)

10/29/04:  Under Diana's Moon Sanctuary of the Crescent Moon & Gaea's Garden (Oak Forest - Illinois) - [Updated: Oct 10th.]

10/29/04:  RI Witches' All Hallows Charity Ball S.O.T.E.S. (Providence - Rhode Island)

10/29/04:  The Vampires' Masquerade Ball Festival of the Dead - WVox Sponsor (Salem - Massachusetts)

10/29/04:  Vampire and Victims Ball Misstress Tracy -new englands vampire queen - WVox Sponsor (Salem - Massachusetts)

10/29/04 - 10/31/04:  Samhain at the Sanctuary 2004 Coven of the Sacred Stone People - WVox Sponsor (Sunizona / Pearce - Arizona)

10/29/04 - 10/31/04:  Samhain Spirit Festival at FireHeart Spirit Weavers Church (Toledo - Ohio) - [Updated: Oct 3rd.]

10/30/04:  Albany Witches Ball Trinity Temple and the Temple of Astral Light - WVox Sponsor (Albany - New York)

10/30/04:  Albany New Witches' Ball Astral Light Temple - WVox Sponsor (Albany - New York) - New Listing

10/30/04:  Open Circle Celebrations at Crazy Wisdom Crazy Wisdom (Ann Arbor - Michigan)

10/30/04:  Samhain Ancestors Ritual MoonFire (Arlington - Virginia) - [Updated: Oct 8th.]

10/30/04:  Samhain Circle AutumnFire (Austin - Texas) - New Listing

10/30/04:  Samhain Ritual Rowan's Family Cauldron - WVox Sponsor (Baltimore - Maryland)

10/30/04:  Samhain Rite and Feast CedarLight Grove, ADF INC - WVox Sponsor (Baltimore - Maryland) - New Listing

10/30/04:  4th Annual Whatcom County Witches Ball Whatcom County Pagan (Bellingham - Washington) - New Listing

10/30/04:  Samhain Open Circle Pagan Church of the Sacred Pentacle (Bloomfield - New York)

10/30/04 - 10/31/04:  Samhain at Summerland The Order of Sonnwend and Summerland (Bonita Springs - Florida) - [Updated: Oct 12th.]

10/30/04 - 10/31/04:  The Witches Ball Wildspices (Brunswick - Georgia)

10/30/04:  Samhain Celebration Unicorn Books - WVox Sponsor (Cambridge - Massachusetts)

10/30/04:  EarthSpirit Open Samhain Circle ~ East EarthSpirit Inc. (Cambridge - Massachusetts)

10/30/04:  2nd Annual Witches' Ball Chesterfield Pagan Alliance (Chesterfield - Virginia) - [Updated: Oct 8th.]

10/30/04:  Blood and Spirit: Honoring Our Ancestors Chicago Reclaiming (Chicago - Illinois) - [Updated: Sep 30th.]

10/30/04:  14th Annual Samhain in the Square Pagans Next Door, CSUPagans (Cleveland - Ohio)

10/30/04:  Samhain Celebration Open Circle Sacred Pathways, Grove of the Mystic Unicorn (Columbus - Mississippi) - New Listing - [Updated: Oct 12th.]

10/30/04:  Listening to the Dead Cauldron of the Valley (Davis - California) - New Listing - [Updated: Oct 10th.]

10/30/04:  Hearthside Haven's Samhain Celebration Hearthside Haven (East Hartford - Connecticut) - New Listing

10/30/04:  CIPAÕs 6th annual Samhain Ritual Central Illinois Pagan Alliance - WVox Sponsor (Edwards - Illinois)

10/30/04:  Witches Night Out CoG - Calafia Local Council (El Cajon - California)

10/30/04:  Hallow'een / Samhain Ritual Temple of the Four Winds - WVox Sponsor (Evanston - Illinois) - New Listing

10/30/04:  Samhain Observed Fort Polk Open Circle (Fort Polk - Louisiana) - [Updated: Oct 15th.]

10/30/04:  Seventh Annual Witches Ball Samhain Ritual The Moon Path Chapter of CUUPS (Ft. Lauderdale - Florida)

10/30/04:  Open Circle- Samain Shining Spider (Gaithersburg - Maryland) - New Listing

10/30/04:  3rd Annual Mystical Night Witches Ball Fire Dance Church of Wicca-ATC - WVox Sponsor (Gulf Breeze - Florida)

10/30/04 - 10/31/04:  possible: Witches Ball area Pagans (Helena - Montana)

10/30/04:  Samhain Ritual, Feast and Sale Panpipes Magickal Marketplace - WVox Sponsor (Hollywood - California) - New Listing

10/30/04:  2004 Houston Witches Ball Center of Spirit (Houston - Texas) - New Listing

10/30/04:  Feast of the Dead Dark Moon Coven (Hutchinson - Minnesota)

10/30/04 - 10/31/04:  4th Annual Witches Ball of Middle Tennessee Pagan Unity Festival (LaVergne - Tennessee)

10/30/04:  Pirate Fools' Rite Grove of the Seven Hills, ADF (Lynchburg - Virginia) - New Listing

10/30/04:  Sixth Annual Samhain Ancestral Silent Supper The Temple of the Evening Star - WVox Sponsor (Manhattan - New York) - [Updated: Sep 22nd.]

10/30/04:  Samhain Circle and Anniversary Open House Sacred Ways (Middleboro - Massachusetts) - New Listing

10/30/04:  Witch's Ball Lilyrose Curios (Monaca - Pennsylvania) - [Updated: Oct 5th.]

10/30/04:  2004 NOWC SAMHAIN RITUAL The New Orleans Witches Circle (NOWC) - WVox Sponsor (New Orleans - Louisiana) - [Updated: Oct 1st.]

10/30/04:  Open Samhain Ritual Kyklos ton Asterion Coven and Enchantments (New York - New York)

10/30/04:  EarthSpirit Open Samhain Circle ~ West EarthSpirit Inc. (Northampton - Massachusetts)

10/30/04:  Samhain Ceremony & Witches' Ball Church of the Old Path and Ladie's Tea Circle (Orlando - Florida) - New Listing

10/30/04:  Samhain Gathering Wisconsin's Pagans and More! - WVox Sponsor (Oxford - Wisconsin) - New Listing - [Updated: Oct 4th.]

10/30/04:  Happy Birthday Blue Moon! Blue Moon Enchanting Boutique - WVox Sponsor (Patchogue - New York)

10/30/04:  Open Samhain Circle Akasha's Way - WVox Sponsor (Radcliff - Kentucky)

10/30/04:  The Official Salem Witches' Halloween Ball Festival of the Dead - WVox Sponsor (Salem - Massachusetts)

10/30/04:  Ms. Firefly's School of Spirit Conjuration Ms. Firefly - WVox Sponsor (Salem - Massachusetts)

10/30/04:  SunStave Samhain ~ DInner With The Dead/Dancing the BoneFire Chalice of the Rainbow Flame CUUPS - WVox Sponsor (Salt Lake City - Utah) - [Updated: Oct 14th.]

10/30/04:  Open Ritual for Samhain Southampton Pagan Network (Southampton - England)

10/30/04:  Samhain with the SPA Spokane Pagan Alliance (Spokane - Washington) - New Listing

10/30/04 - 10/31/04:  Maggie Shayne & Seven Rays Halloween Weekend! Seven Rays Bookstore (Syracuse - New York) - New Listing

10/30/04:  Gathering of the Witches The Labyrinth (Trenton - Ohio)

10/30/04:  The 2004 Samhain Witch's Ball Mystic Moon - WVox Sponsor (Virginia Beach - Virginia)

for a complete list of Pagan Events in your town... Go Here

Bardic Circle
(version 8.0)

'Bardic Circle 2004' at Witchvox:

This week we feature...

How it Ends - by Obskurity [Impressions: 61]

This song is about someone taking their life and the effects emotionally it would have on their family members, friends, and themselves.... (Go To Performance)

Petals - by Revel Moon [Impressions: 188]

She may not look it, but Irene, the lead vocalist and the lyricist of this song, is a former Marine. She has a lot of friends and former co-workers still active in the military. Several of them are serving in the middle east to assist with the Iraq conflict. It was probably only a matter of time until Irene wrote a song like this. She hopes that you like it and that it makes you think. Most of all, she hopes that you will use your most valuable right--the right to vote--this November.... (Go To Performance)

Night Hunt - by Jay Atwood [Impressions: 327]

This is inspired by, and dedicated to my partner of 15 years, Christopher. He has a profound spiritual connection to the wolf, and I wanted to create a piece that would honor that spirit within him.

Okay everyone - ready to howl??
1, 2, 3...... (Go To Performance)

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