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Weekly Update: 10/25/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: October 25th. 2004
Times Viewed: 7,846

Witchvox Poll
Who will you be voting for in the US Presidential Election?
John F. Kerry (D) 72.0%
George W. Bush (R) 17.7%
Michael Badnarik (L) 5.6%
Ralph Nader (I) 2.2%
Other 1.5%
David Cobb (G) 0.8%
Michael Peroutka (C) 0.2%

Total Votes Cast: 6062

Poll Taken 10/24-11/2/2004

Samhain, Sox, Treats, New Witchvox Poll, and a Critical Election.

Blessed Samhain (AKA Halloween) and welcome to The Witches' Voice. This week Witchvox is rich with wonderful writings, broken curses, Samhain events, new books, and a mountain of news and information. - We have set up this update (our 404th without fail) to cover the next 13 days. During that Period, Pagans will be participating in hundreds of Samhain Events all over the Northern Hemisphere (Beltane down under), The Boston Red Sox will continue to crow, 'What Curse?' and the world will watch America elect a President.

Look for some surprises and treats over the next 13 days here at Witchvox and throughout the Pagan Web.

Next week's Presidential election is one of the most important of our lifetime, and the Witchvox staff encourages all US Pagans to VOTE on Nov. 2nd. Never before have we seen a country this divided and the big issue (judging from the debates) continues to be the war in Iraq. Many Pagans have emailed us stating their intentions to work magick on Samhain for this election and for the safety of our troops. We welcome all to post their support for the safe return of our troops in the Witchvox Military Pagan Section.

Our polling last month (9/1-9/14) revealed that Pagans were predominantly voting for Senator John F. Kerry. With 6,913 votes cast... the final results were: John F. Kerry 65.4%, George W. Bush 15.3% followed by: Ralph Nader 5.7%, Eligible - Not Voting 4.8%, Michael Badnarik 3.9%, Other 3.1%, David Cobb 1.5%, Michael Peroutka 0.4%

Much has changed since our poll in September... We've witnessed three debates and a mountain of spin from both parties and 'their networks'... "Things are going great in Iraq" (Bush) vs. "Iraq continues to be a disaster of mismanagement" (Kerry) - So, has anything changed in the way the Pagan communities will be voting? Let's find out.

Pagans Vote: Our profound thanks go out to the Pagan Voting Project for their efforts this year in educating AND stoking up the Pagan Vote. - Whilst there, do check out or revisit "Bats Inna Belfry" - A Voting Cardtoon - It's fabulous.

Faces From the War.

Rarely covered (in the US media) in the War in Iraq are the faces of those Most impacted in the struggle (on either side). The press clearly state that it's just too dangerous to get out there. There are indeed Witches, Wiccans, Pagans and Heathens fighting in Iraq and there are many WWP&H Parents of soldiers here at home worrying for their children. Pictured to your left is the beautiful Kara (now stationed in Mosul, Iraq) daughter of famous Witch Mom Sabrina 'The Ink Witch'. Sabrina is encouraging all U.S. Pagans to get out and vote.

In closing, allow us to note that when you are in the voting booth on Nov. 2nd. YOU are in Sacred Space. NO ONE will ever know who you voted for. Brand/Party loyalty, family, peer, co-worker pressure and other influences are moot. It's Your moment, Your truth and Your choice. Vote for whom you believe will be the most honorable and effective leader and who will best represent YOUR needs and interests.

Have a blessed Samhain everyone and enjoy the wonderful features and treats below,

The Witches' Voice Staff
Wren, Fritz, Peg, Dio, Christina,
Steve, Waterhawk, Darragh & Runewolf
Saturday - October 30, 2004

The Church of Hate and Fear
by Morningstar

Late last night, I received an e-mail from someone I haven't seen or heard from in quite some time, someone of whom I am fond. I was excited to hear from this person, and eagerly opened the e-mail, which contained a forwarded message. Throughout the forwarded messages, I noted the e-mail addresses of several other persons of my acquaintance. Finally, I get to the "core" e-mail, a "message from the ghost of General Patton." A joke, I figure. Okay. I'll read it.

The message that met my disbelieving eyes was one of absolute horror. First, a few stereotypical paragraphs of verbal abuse similar in style to the script written for George C. Scott for the movie, Patton.

Following that were the pictures of the naked Iraqi prisoners piled on top of each other with their buttocks and genitals exposed to the camera, and two American soldiers, one male and one female, giving the thumbs up to the camera and smiling. Another picture was of the female soldier gesturing toward a naked male, with her thumb up and smiling. In the e-mail, these photos were dismissed as something akin to college-boy pranks, and of no consequence... [Full Article]

Wisdom for the Undecided - A Silent Activist at Samhain
by Nightflower Fish

I began my path as a solitary a little over two years ago. My best friend has been an eclectic kitchen Witch for years, and through her I learned of the misunderstanding and discrimination Pagans are subjected to before I even heard the call of the Old Ones. Before that, I'd already had political tendencies that were a bit left of center. However, I did whatever I could not to make my political or religious views known to others - especially when I was employed by two extremely right-wing administrators whose ethics were deplorable and personalities even worse. Seeing that I could not win a battle with two bloodthirsty sharks with years of practice in intimidation, deception and self-delusion, I left that organization and was guided into my current position, the best job of my life... [Full Article]

Notes from a Pagan Webcrafter....

The Curse of the Bambino

In 1962, when I was 10 years old my grandmother flew me out (from Washington State) to New York to spend a few weeks with her and to 'go to Yankee stadium' - Briefly stated, it was a thrill of a lifetime. Mantle, Maris, Richardson, Pepetone, Berra.... WOW it was a day full of magick and one that I will never forget. - As a 'Yankee fan' I was raised to loathe the Red Sox. Two years later, in 1964 I moved to Massachusetts and in the late 80's to Boston. Red Sox fans were everywhere.

It is my nature to root for the underdog, but as a Yankee fan this was simply NOT done. - In the 80's I lost my religion. If I was a 'winning is everything' kinda guy, I wouldn't have had a problem with George Steinbrenner buying up the best players on the planet. Fact is, that took the thrill out of it for me. - This year the Red Sox pulled off what many are calling the biggest comeback in sports history - winning the pennant after being down 3. - Clearly the Curse of the Bambino has been lifted.

Who actually lifted the curse? This we may never know. We do know that HPs. Laurie Cabot visited Fenway Park several times attempting to do so, but clearly failed. We do know that countless Boston area Witches (including Wren and myself) have been 'working on the problem' for years. We also know that some dude, a few weeks back, that lives in the Babe's old house in the Boston area, was hit by a fowl ball and is claiming that HE broke the curse because of his magickal connection to all of this. Perhaps the current line up simply stopped believing that there was a curse at all and played appropriately.

To the horror of my family, I will be rooting for the Sox in the world series. Whether they win this series or not, their magick over the past week in defeating the Yanks was a sight to behold and an absolute thrill for FOUR generations of Red sox Fans. So Mote it Be!

UPDATE 10/28: Oh MY GODS! - It took a full lunar eclipse of a Blood-Red Moon... but The Sox have broken the 86 year old curse and taken the 2004 World Series. -- Freekin' Sweet!!!

Witchvox is composed on a Mac G5 (OSX Panther) and optimized for the Safari Web Browser. - Pages are spot checked against IE, Firefox/Mozilla and Opera on PC computers on a weekly basis.

Gaia Eros: Evolution of the Gaian Mythos PT II
by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

Gaia and Eros:

In his Theogony, Hesiod presents Eros as a primal force of love, born of Chaos along with Gaia. Hovering above her, he rains his arrows down upon her barren form, and fertilizes her to bring forth all life.

Consider the formation of the solar system, as we presently understand it. Visualize the swirling cloud of dust and cosmic debris, with eddies coalescing into planets, moons, etc, each in their mathematically-determined orbits. Now visualize the development of an ovary, with ova forming in their respective chambers. And overlay these concepts, and imagine stellar systems as cosmic ovaries, with planets and moons as eggs waiting to be fertilized... [continued...] or start with [ Part I]

Reaching Out: Community Building for Pagans
by Heidi Gleber

In the Spring of 2004, my Clergy partner, Shelly O'Brien, and I first discussed the need for a monthly outlet for Pagans to get together and network in our area. Although there are several get-togethers of this type available in other surrounding cities, there was nothing of this type being offered locally. We had spoken with a number of Pagans from our area that expressed a desire to attend get-togethers like those offered in other areas and we began exploring a way of meeting that need. After deciding to use the Pagan's Night Out model, we discussed possible venues and the pros and cons of each venue. The café area of a large local grocery store was one possibility, as was the café area of a chain book and music store.

There were several key points we looked at when choosing a venue... [Full Article]

Have you longed to know more about the myth and magic of Irish culture?

Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch

Author: Lora O'Brien

Category: Witchcraft, Irish/Celtic studies   Level: All

From the Foreword - by Merlyn of 'Children of Artemis'
"...important for Ireland and Witchcraft...destined to be counted alongside groundbreaking books by Gerald Gardner...history in the making."

Irish Witchcraft from an Irish Witch is a delightful mixture of academia and accessibility; a book that explores Witchcraft in Ireland: how it was, is, and will be. It succeeds where many books have failedÑfulfilling the longing for real Irish Witchcraft, while crafting the delicate balance between learning from the past and weaving a modern sys ... [Full Book Profile]   [Author's Website]  


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