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Weekly Update: 11/22/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: November 22nd. 2004
Times Viewed: 8,039

1 hour, 59 minutes ago

Viking Map May Rewrite US History

[1,931 reads]

Danish experts will travel to the U.S. to study evidence that the Vikings landed in the New World five centuries before Columbus.

A controversial parchment said to be the oldest map of America could, if authentic, support the theory that the Vikings arrived first.

The map is said to date from 1434 and was found in 1957. Some people believe it is evidence that Vikings, who departed from Greenland around the year 1000, were the first to land in the Americas.
[Read More]   - (1) - [Add Your Thoughts]  

What's Past, Is Prologue:
Post Election Thoughts From a Maven

by Sia

Whatever your feelings about this last U.S. election, the fact remains that there is still a great deal of work to be done by anyone who cares about justice, liberty, and Mamma Gaia. So take a bit of rest, take stock, and then decide what it is you care about, because there are causes close to home and many people still suffering abroad who need our hearts, hands, and voices in 2005. As Terry Pratchett notes in his book, A Hat Full of Sky, "A Witch speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves," and our work on that front is far from done.

So forget the "pundits" and the scorecards and the gloom and doom contingent. As I look ahead, two facts stand out:
  1. Never before have so many people become active, organized and involved.
  2. The world needs Earthwise ethics and philosophy now, more than ever before.
This is our time, folks, so let's get busy.

We Pagans are here to help connect and heal the world. We are here to teach (and learn) about tolerance, responsibility, and honor. Did we think it was going to be easy? If so, perhaps Earthwise people were not paying quite as much attention to The Lord of the Rings saga as we had thought... [Full Article]

Re-Discovering Pilgrim America...

The Nina, The Pinta and The Religious Right:
A Misguided Voyage To Rediscover The Christian Nation.

by Wren Walker (Repost - from '98)

It has all the trappings of an epic voyage of discovery. Just as the European monarchs once commissioned potential adventurers to seek out the New World in order to expand their patron's influence and power, so a new breed of explorer is now setting its compass-heading on America.

Carrying their charts and the latest poll results, these modern explorers are looking for a fabled and lost land. Spoken of in folklore and legend, it is said to be a country where everyone was always happy, the traditional family was the cornerstone of its society and all the inhabitants worshipped the same god.

Unfortunately for our earnest modern explorers, they-like Columbus-are completely off course.

Seeking The "Christian Nation": Although the Spanish and the French early on explored the fringes of the New World, established trade with the local inhabitants-who were not always happy to be so "discovered"- and set up posts along major rivers and into Canada, the search for the Christian Nation for our new explorers usually begins with their interpretations of the mythic legends of the Puritans, the Pilgrims and that magickal number-1620... [Full Article]

Monster News!
Isaac Hits 1 Million

Before the day is out (The Isaac Bonewits' Website) will host it's ONE MILLIONth visitor... If you are the lucky Pagan that hits the page with 1,000,000 showing, take a screen shot and email it Isaac for a special treat.

Surf to now for a chance to win.

& Paths
Pagan Religions, Traditions & Paths... (as of November 26th, 2004)
The diversity of thought within the Pagan community can make it difficult to even define Paganism. In an effort to celebrate the variety of Pagan traditions, and hopefully bring a greater understanding of what "Pagan" means both to our community and to the larger world, The Witches' Voice offers this section on Traditions. In it, we hope to eventually have explanations of all Pagan traditions written by those who practice them.

Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (Isaac Bonewits) - Appalachian Granny Magic (Ginger Strivelli) - Ar Afalon Tradition (Rhiannon Solana and Lady Calliˇan) - Artemisian Faerie Faith (Europa) - Asatru (Manny Olds) - Blue Star Wicca (Cat Castells and Amy Douglass) - British Druid Order (Greywolf) - Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism () - Central Valley Wicca: The Kingstone Tradition (Kalisha Zahr) - Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca (Rev. Wendy Eversen) - Discordianism/Erisianism (St. Hugh, KSC, KNS) - Elijan Wicca (Lord Galt) - Haitian Vodou: Serving the Spirits (Michael Rock) - Hellenism (Hellenic Ethnic Tradition) (Urania) - Keltrian Druidism (Tony Taylor) - Living Tapestry Tradition (Silver Mercaeant-Koohns) - Mahlorian Green Craft (Mahlora Christensen and Chuck Thelen) - Mikkyo - A Japanese Esoteric Tradition (Aireon Silentwater) - Mixed-Gender Dianic Wicca (H. Byron Ballard) - Nehallenic Wicca - The Path of the Ways (Eridanah Crow) - Ophidian Traditional Witchcraft (Tony Steele) - RavenMyst Circle (LadyHawke, the Mythmaker) - Reclaiming Tradition Witchcraft (M. Macha NightMare) - Sean Ciall (Robert Reeder) - Seax Wica (Daven) - Storyteller Wicca Tradition (Dagonet Dewr) - The '1734' Tradition in North America (Chas. S. Clifton) - The Alexandrian Tradition (Elders of the Alexandrian Tradition) - The Arician Tradition (Raven Grimassi) - The Avalonian Tradition (Jhenah Telyndru) - The Church of All Worlds (Iacchus) - The Church of Wicca, USA (Baedun Hill) - The Dianic Tradition (Jade River) - The Dianic Wiccan Tradition (Ruth Rhiannon Barrett) - The Draconian Path (Lady Lionrhod, Hpss.) - The Druidic Craft of the Wise (Ariel) - The Dynion Mwyn Tradition (Rebecca) - The Faerie Faith (Cliff Landis) - The Feri Tradition (Steve Hewell) - The Feri Tradition: Vicia Line (Phoenix Willow) - The Gardnerian Tradition (Sine of Silver Star) - The Golden Dawn (John Michael Greer) - The Gwyddonic Order (Mairwen y Gwydd) - The Mi'nerwen Tradition (Tra'nerDrakon) - The Minoan Tradition (Sabazius 3*) - The Mohsian Tradition (Dana Corby, Senior HPS) - The New England Covens of Traditionalist Witches (NECTW) (Tuan Cu Mhara and Rhiannon) - The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids (Damh the Bard) - The Prytani Tradition (Ceridwyn Pheryllt) - The Prytani Tradition (2) (Brighid Ragan) - The Roebuck Tradition (Ann and Dave Finnin) - The Taibhsear Tradition (L. Lisa Harris) - The Thelema Tradition (Magdalene Meretrix) - The Unicorn Tradition (Urania) - Tradi¨‹o Ibˇrica (Bellenos do Corvo Sagrado) - Traditional British Druidry (John Michael Greer) - Uniterran Paganism or Uniterranism (Mirlin Poplar, Ellyn Keyel, and Suzan McDermott-Measheaw) - Universal Eclectic Wicca Tradition (Melissa Molnar) - What Is A Druid, Anyway? (Ellen Evert Hopman) -

Second Degree Initiates Announced
November 20th., 2004
by Rev. Jeva Singh-Anand

SIOUX CITY, IA --- A year and a day's worth of intense magickal study and a two-day initiatory ordeal earned five Siouxland Wiccans promotions to the Second Degree of Priesthood in Siouxland First Wiccan Congregation. The women, who have held their first degrees for periods of time ranging from one to two years, now have the right to the title of "Reverend" in the Iowa nonprofit corporation.

According to SWFC bylaws, Reverends Daphnea, JoEllen McCord, Jacki Saeemodarae, Marie Yeska, and Betsy Singh-Anand, are now authorized to teach Second Degree classes, develop the curriculum, and preside over most religious ceremonies. Perhaps most importantly, they are now authorized by the church to perform handfastings.... [Full Notice]

The history of witchcraft and Wicca has just been re-written.

Witchcraft Out of the Shadows Views: 107,211

Author: Leo Ruickbie

Category: The history and sociology of witchcraft   Level: All

This complete history of witchcraft from Ancient Greece to the present day charts the rise and development of witchcraft and the modern witchcraft religion of Wicca.

Today witchcraft is on everyone's lips, on television, film and in literature, but few know, or are even able to guess at, its shadowy history. This in-depth investigation discovers how the ideas we have about witchcraft took shape thousands of years ago in the myths and religions of the ancient world. It looks at why these ideas were expressed so violently during the era of the witch trials. Finally, it reveals how witchcraft has been transformed into one of the most radical and fastest growing religions of ... [Full Book Profile]   [Author's Website]  

Dancing With the Broken Heart of Gaia: Embodied Bliss
by Kiva Rose

"Bliss is not 'found' but revealed. Acknowledged. Allowed. Engaged. Embodied."
- Jesse Wolf Hardin

I watch my four-year-old daughter as she crouches naked up to her shoulders in the San Francisco River. Her head is dipped down as she drinks the cold water in quiet gulps while her hair falls in wet ropes around her face. She is effortlessly comfortable and completely aware, surrounded on all sides by the rich riparian green and raw red cliffs of the Gila Wildlands. A single vivid blue damselfly rests tentatively on one small brown shoulder. Rhiannon stops drinking to motionlessly watch her visitor with intent eyes and a huge grin. She waits until the damselfly takes flight on its own before she whirls in wild circles, growling and howling in wordless delight... [Full Article]

The Needfire: One Group's Journey For Change
by Shelly O'Brien

When my Clergy partner and I heard about the Needfire we knew that we were in, that we needed to do this ritual. We worked the Needfire Ritual into our Full Moon schedule. We had already scheduled the Full Moon Ritual for 10:30 PM so that we would be beginning our Rite during the totality of the lunar eclipse. We had decided that there was no better time to hold our Ritual than during all three faces of The Mother.

At the beginning of the week preceding the Needfire, I began to collect the wood needed to complete the Needfire Ritual. I know where almost every kind of tree and plant grows around the area in which we live and this was a serious spiritual search for me. The second day of gathering I called Heidi, my Clergy partner, and told her that we were missing love, understanding and healing for the Needfire. I suggested that we add apple wood to the Needfire for this purpose. She thought that this was an excellent idea and so we added Apple to the end of the list of sacred woods for our Needfire Ritual... [Full Article]


The Alexandrian Tradition
by Elders of the Alexandrian Tradition

History of the Alexandrian Tradition of the Wicca:

It's important to remember that "traditions" as we now know them did not exist at the beginnings of the "The Alexandrian Tradition." Our Tradition has its roots in what is now called Gardnerian Wicca, which at that time was simply called "The Wica," or "The Old Religion."

The name "Alexandrian" is generally viewed by the Initiates of the Tradition as a reference to the "founder," Alex Sanders himself, as well as a reference to the Great Library of Alexandria, which was the center of Occult knowledge in the ancient world.

Alex Sanders was Initiated into Wicca in the early 60's. He was later well known as a Ceremonial Magician, as well as for his media antics and the title "King of the Witches" which was given to him by the leaders of some of his Covens in the late 60's. According to the accounts by his ex-wife Maxine Sanders, he was a member of at least two Covens before marrying Maxine and founding the Alexandrian "London Coven" from which many modern Alexandrians descend.... [Full Tradition Profile]

Last Week at Witchvox...

Between the Worlds: A Grand Magickal Congress
by Caroline Kenner

I love pentacles. I pay attention to pentacles. So when Ivo Dominguez, Jr. scheduled the Assembly's much anticipated Between the Worlds conferences based on three Grand Quintiles making three cosmic pentacles across the heavens right around Samhain, I eagerly signed up to attend... [Full Article]

Obituary: Jack Armstrong

John ("Jack") Armstrong: student, teacher, mentor, priest and active member of the Chicago Pagan and magickal communities for over 30 years and the Founding High Priest of Heartland Coven has passed. Our Priestess, who had Jack's Power of Attorney for Health Care, received a phone call at 5:55 a.m. on Saturday, November 13th that he had passed at approximately 5:45 that morning... [Additional Info and Thoughts]

New at TWPT: The Wiccan Pagan Times has just posted an interview with Ivo Dominguez, Jr. as well as the first chapter in a serialized novel by Jesse Wolf Hardin.

Fighting the Good Fight: Living As a Pagan Activist...Every Day
by Heidi Gleber

Another day, another "to do" list as long as my arm. In amongst our day-to-day duties - Shelly cares for her two-year-old twins, attends her first grade daughter's school play; I take my nineteen-year-old daughter to her volunteer job at the Public Library and my four-year-old to her library story hour and homeschool my other three children - my co- clergy, Shelly O'Brien, and I scramble to complete the final tasks in preparation for a Halloween Ball we are putting on as a fundraiser for Fingerlakes Pagan Pride... [Full Article]
A Time to Come Together
by Charles Hendricks

Since everyone has noticed that George W. Bush has won a second term as President, and since I have noticed multitudes of posts complaining, I would like to say a thing or two. I hope that everyone who is complaining and is eligible was registered to, and did vote. If you did not vote, and there really isn't an excuse, you have no right to complain... [Full Article]

Samhain at Summerland
by Artemisty

Samhain Magick unfolded deep within the wooded glades of Summerland in beautiful Bonita Springs, Florida as approximately eighty Pagans and Pagan-friendly folks gathered to celebrate the thinning of the veil and the turning of the Wheel once again [Full Article]

Separation of Church and State: The Need for Pagan Voices
by Rainwriter Raveneye

Why is it important for Pagans to speak out and let their religious voice be heard in politics? It isn't. The separation of church and state goes for the Pagan religions also. It is important for Pagans to speak out not as Pagans but as citizens of America in politics whether that means voting, rallying, signing petitions, or any of the other ways a person can take part in the political processes of this country... [Full Article]

The Lone Witch
by Brighid

I am a 17-year-old Wiccan. It's a basic statement. Yes, there are many Wiccans my age, so what? I love Wicca so much, I love the God and Goddess, but I have nobody to share that pleasure with. I'm in a medium-sized town; I go to a public school...yet there are few serious Pagans. I hear rumors of people trying magic: "Oh yeah, Megan tried to put a spell on Bob...cheated on her..." Please, you'll shoot your eye out... [Full Article]


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