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Weekly Update: 12/6/2004

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: December 6th. 2004
Times Viewed: 5,947

19 hours, 40 minutes ago

Record Priest-Abuse Settlement In California

[17,501 reads]

An agreement by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange to pay $100 million to settle 87 sex-abuse claims against priests probably will set a standard that profoundly will affect hundreds of cases nationwide, lawyers familiar with the litigation said yesterday.

Although final terms of the settlement remain undisclosed under terms of a gag order, sources on all sides of the complex case confirmed the overall settlement figure, which would be a record payment by a Catholic diocese in...
[Read More]   - (8) - [Add Your Thoughts]  

Behaviour and Ethics for Pagan Healers
by Rev. Gavin Bone

When I wrote The Healing Craft (see Book profile below) in co-operation with Janet and Stewart Farrar in 1999, it was because all three of us felt that there was a large gap within the Neo-Pagan movement regarding the practise of healing. One of the main reasons was that alternative, complementary and holistic healing practises had become so associated with New Age "fluffyness" that many Neo-Pagans had decided to stay clear of the whole subject. It was for this reason we included a chapter on ethics in the book, because that seemed to be the major difference in thinking between New Age and Neo-Pagan healers. I was lucky, in many respects, in that I was trained as a registered nurse at a school of nursing where holistic theory was part of the curriculum; in fact, the badge of my school of nursing was a pentagram inside an equal armed cross! It was from my training and experience on the frontlines as a nurse that I drew much of my inspiration for the material that I put into The Healing Craft.

Nearly all Neo-Pagans are familiar with the Wiccan Rede - "Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: An it harm none, do what thou will." Although Gardnerian Wiccan in origin, it has become engraved on the heart of almost all Neo-Pagans as The Golden Rule; that is, that it is fine to do anything you like as long as it does not cause harm. Unfortunately this rule is, when it comes to art of healing, simplistic. It does not in anyway explain the harm that can be caused by those with the most altruistic of motivations, and in healing "the road to Hell" really is paved with good intentions... [Full Article]

Planning to be Pagan in Public
by Kerr Cuhulain

You've discovered a Pagan spiritual path that brings you joy and fulfils your needs. Yet you're anxious: During your spiritual search you became aware of some of the misinformation, misinterpretations and hate literature concerning things Pagan in circulation. You'd like to publicly practice your Pagan beliefs, but you're concerned about the reaction of your family/friends/co-workers to your spiritual interests. What to do?

The primary obstacle that you have to overcome is fear. I'm not referring to your fear, though trying to educate those around you concerning your Neo-Pagan beliefs may be a daunting task sometimes. Witch hunts are primarily about fear. There are people out there who, for a number of reasons that will become apparent later, are working very hard to make anyone who they can get to listen to them to fear anything different and to fear you in particular... [Full Article]

Kerr Inks Book Deal with Spirial Publishing

On Saturday, November 27th, Kerr Cuhulain met with Spiral Publishing's CEO, Starr Price and VP, Michele Martinez at Chicago's Ancient Ways Gathering to sign contracts for Kerr's upcoming title: Witch Hunts: Out of The Broom Closet.

The decision to publicly sign the contracts at the gathering came about after realizing that both Kerr Cuhulain and Starr Price were scheduled to be in attendance at the weekend long event.

Spiral's CEO, Starr Price stated prior to the event that "the signatures are only a formality at this stage but we felt that this would be a wonderful opportunity to publicly celebrate such a talented addition to Spiral".

Witch Hunts: Out of The Broom Closet is based on decades of research and will assert it readers with knowledge of what is true and what is myth. This book will definitely bring you awareness and knowledge of many subjects that Pagans encounter along our path shrouded by many misconceptions and myths!

Kerr Cuhulain's upcoming title: Witch Hunts: Out of The Broom Closet is tentatively scheduled to be released in January 2005; it will be available in both Soft cover and Hard Back Version with Dust Jacket.

Spiral Publishing ( is excited about the release of such a powerful title. Kerr's continuing contribution to The Pagan Community is one that should be applauded, as he is truly a blessing to all who read his works and come in contact with him.

Top Photo (L-R): Michele Martinez, Vp - Starr Price, CEO, Kerr Cuhulain and Anuth Oakes, Senior Editor.

Southern Hemisphere Magick
by Frances Billinghurst

Despite what appears to be a wealth of information available on neo-Pagan traditions, one section of the community seems to be grossly under-represented and that is those of us who reside in the Southern Hemisphere - Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa, to name but three countries. The majority of authors residing in the Northern Hemisphere seem to have little or no knowledge at all of the differences between the hemispheres. And if such a difference is acknowledged, it is usually limited to only the Sabbats. It is no wonder that endless debates occur on how to "do things" down under.

The following is a suggestion based on my own personal observances as both a Wytch and magickian who resides in the Southern Hemisphere, which may be of assistance to others

There are at least four major differences between the Hemispheres. The first is the obvious six-month difference in the seasons... [Full Article]

The Healing Craft Views: 136,127

Author: Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

Category: Healing   Level: All

An academic and practical volume intended for Pagans, but useful to anyone interested in complementary therapies. It combines chapters on the physical and spiritual body with those designed to increase skills in several diffent healing techniques (massage and aromatherapy, shamanistic and magical practices, counseling) . There is also a chapter on last rites. All reflect both the orthodox medical viewpoint and that of the complementary therapist.

From Boudicca Reviews:

This book took me a while to read, as the content was more than usually offered in this type of book. This is a massive undertaking by The Farrar's and Gavin Bone on the subject and is a very professional and well written covering of the subject.

This book tackles the huge expanse of the Healing Arts as practiced by Witches and Pagans. It covers the origins of Healing in ... [Full Book Profile]   [Author's Website]  

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Last Week at Witchvox...
The Medicine Wheel: Secrets of the Stones
by Jesse Wolf Hardin

"The proper and primary function of such observatories was based on an intuition which underlies all of the so-called "nature religions," namely, of accord - in depth - with the mystery of the order of nature as the first means and last end of well being."
- Joseph Campbell

"We pray that we may be aligned with you,
So that your powers may flow through us,
And be expressed by us,
For the good of this planet Earth,
And all living beings on it."
- Ralph Metzner The Four Elements Medicine Wheel Prayer

All human experience is cyclic; from birth until death, and every transition along the way can be mapped on a circular model we call the Life Wheel - or Medicine Wheel... [Full Article]
Priesthood Is A State Of Being
by Aidan Odinson

Priesthood is a state of being. That point must be understood before there can be any discussion concerning priesthood, clergy status, or who qualifies. Priesthood is not a job, a title, or something one earns as the result of a course of instruction. Priesthood is not what a person has, but what a person is.

A true call to priesthood refuses to be denied. It will even cross boundaries of denomination and belief system to ensure that the truly called know that they are called. There are those who say that if someone takes down their altar, they never were a Priest or Priestess. I can attest to the fact that someone who takes down their altar and later knows no peace until their altar is back up again is experiencing the power of the call. It is nearly as impossible to keep a real priest or priestess from being one as it would be to keep a fish healthy and happy out of water!... [Full Article]


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