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Judging Amy -- Comments Pg 1

Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: October 24th. 1999
Times Viewed: 13,744

Judging Amy: Custody Battle or Witch Hunt?

Click HERE for The WitchVox Review
Air Date: October 19th, 1999

Dear Sirs:

Judging "Judging Amy." Ah, yes. A typical TV court room procedure, where the witness for the Defense suddenly jumps up, (a little dramatic license allowed here on my part) points her finger at the Defendant and says "She's a bad witch." Sure. What Defense lawyer in their right mind would ever call upon the Wiccan Anti-Defamation League for expert testimony again? The Defense lawyer who, apparently, had never bothered to talk to his star witness prior to the hearing, jumps to his feet and cries out "Hostile witness." OK, so she's a hostile witness. So where are some questions, like "why is this women a 'bad' witch?" Intelligent people want to know, I want to know, why was this women a "bad" witch? (Never answered) As to the star witness herself, this so called lawyer for the Wiccan Anti-Defamation league. Her statement that "she agreed to testify, not be on anyone's side, " may technically be true. However, as a lawyer she had to know darn well that when she is engaged by any Defense lawyer, he expects her to testify positively on behalf of his client, the Defendant, or why would he want to put her on the stand? Her statement that "Wicca cannot afford to put forth a negative impression, " is laughable. Her testimony all but sealed the mother's fate. All the public is going to remember about this hearing/trial is that a child was taken away from her "evil" witch mother and given to her "good" Christian father. The witness should have at least, revealed her pronounced bias against the mother to the Defense lawyer prior to the hearing. Do I foresee a lawsuit against the TV Network for slandering the WADL? Let me check my Ouija board. On the whole though, I found the show did a credible portrayal of legitimate problems that real Witches have in our current society. They did treat the matter fairly and with some sympathy on the side of the accused mother.

Sincerely, Drone Bee of AAW

Merry meet, everyone! Just watched the episode (taped it last night and watched it tonight) and read Peg Aloi's comments, and I must say I'm in agreement with her thoughts. I do wish they had gone into more detail regarding why the "Wiccan Anti-Defamation League" (!-- I'll be checking the Witches' ADL website when I get done here to see what they have to say!) considered the mother a "bad witch"; but all in all, the subject was very well presented. The parallel story, with Amy's mom discovering the abused child, made a very good point about what is *truly* evil in today's world. And, the mother's point about having "always been different" from mainstream society struck a very resonant cord with me, as I'm sure with many other Witches. Let's hope that future mainstream television programs will go even further and examine a Witch's life in depth, perhaps showing a ritual or two, and accentuate the religious aspects of being a Witch, actually talk about the Goddess, etc. But I believe this is an excellent start, especially from the "Touched By an Angel" network!!

Thanks for all you do to make The Witches' Voice *the* most awesome Witch site on the net!!

Brightest blessings, Marisa Young, Mt. Vernon, WA

Merry meet-- I thought it was a wonderful episode and quite realistic. The one thing taht got me though was that they never explained why WADL would not take the case. They only said that the mother "was not their type of person". Why? What exactly did she do to earn this title? I wanted a bit more detail here. It also makes me wonder--Does WADL really do that? Blessed Be--Dragonmoon

I regretably only got to watch the first half hour and the last 5 minutes of the episode, but what I saw gave me a great sense of pride and fear. No need to explain what was said in the episode, but I was proud of the fact that this woman fought *initially* for her rights, despite the prejustice of her ex-husband, and the society around her. I know how hard it is to be a practitioner in a close minded society. But it also frightened me. I am a young woman of 20, practicing for several years now and I worry about my fate, and that of women, and men everywhere. If I should marry, and years down the road divorse, could I find myself in the mother's shoes. In a court room, trying to convince a narrow minded judge that I am not an evil woman, that my children are not being subjected to horendous things, and that because I am a witch, does not make me a bad mother.

It is a long road up hill, and everytime I am questioned about witchcraft, and what it means, I try to break the bonds of prejustice in the people I talk to. My own parents now understand, thought don't fully accept, who and what I am, as do some of the people around me.

America was created, in its original aspects, as a land of refuge from religious intolerance. I pray someday, it will be able to live up to those standards. I know there will always be those, who refuse to open their minds, but if we can teach one more person, then that's that's one less person living in ignorance.

Lady Bless you all, especially those wonderful people who have brought us such an informative webpage -- Arlene O'Connor

The WADL list has been quite active, with dialogue moving back and forth, some positive, some negative, some flammatory. Here is a response I sent to the list. You can use it if you want.


Things are losing a little focus here, people. For the most part, everyone was happy with the way Wicca was portrayed. I am dismayed at those who were saying the witch in the show probably deserved the judgement by the WADL rep. The dialogue presented in the show gave NO reason to believe the woman was a bad mother or bad influence on her child. The dialogue DID present a lot of hysteria and "witch hunt" attitudes, using stereotypes instead of facts to persecute the woman ahead of time. Amy did a wonderful job as a judge and the show showed how misunderstanding and fear can escalate into extreme harassment and hurtfulness by the ignorant. I feel we have every right to be slightly (notice I said "slightly") upset over their use of a WADL organization. All the evidence provided gave no indication as to why the rep would not have given the groups support. In fact, there was NO evidence given that would prove the woman was an unfit mother. Hysteria and false propaganda was the only prosecution given. Small town, I know, but the trial was at least conducted as well as the judge could do. As for the information given by Gordon regarding federal recognition, I think it is a case of misunderstanding. Wicca is a "legally" recognized religion. This means that cases were fought and won regarding Wicca, and it being recognized as a religion, just like any other religion. Those cases are listed on the WADL site. And since Wicca is a legally recognized religion, it has to be recognized by the federal government in any legal setting. That is what we mean by "federally recognized". Robin's comments: At any rate, this is yet another fictional (key word: fictional) television show which has some in the Pagan community yet again up in arms. How does that make us different from the folks who were laughed at and condemned for wanting to take the Harry Potter books off the shelves?? I guess I'm just trying to figure out how you can have it both ways.... Some members of the community are up in arms. But if you look at all of the posts, the overall view about the show has been positive. I think most people who write to the show are probably going to give praise, and a small amount of complaining. For the most part, as I have said, it was a positive show. I guess what I am saying is let's not get frantic and too off course. Everyone needs to make their own choice how they want to respond to the situation. Just as individuals watched the show and formed their opinions, so should individuals decide what each wants to do, whether it is to write to the show and complain, give praise, or not write at all. OK? Luise Portland, OR

My daughter and I thought this was a pretty good show. The "witch" was a struggling single mom, who except for her religion, wasn't particularly out of the ordinary. The situation is believable and for the mother, very poignant. It did bring up the whole issue of pagans passing judgement on each other's practices. This is why I do not agree with those who want a "recognised clergy" or whatever. The whole wiccan thing is starting to smack a wee bit of organised Christianily. I believe there's a saying to the effect that if you are not careful, you become what you profess to despise.

Merry Meet! I am an Eclectic witch and my husband and I are going through the same thing with court battles because of it. It is hard to know where to look for support and, I feel alone and frustrated because of everything involved. BB! -Dustycrystal.

I know it's only TV, it's only a show. But for the first time a Wiccan organization was "represented" and the results were a far cry from what you would expect.

A woman "lost" her child because she was Wiccan and after a rep from the Witches Anti-Defamation League refused to back her up as a "good" witch, her boss fired her because she was a witch, people vandalized her property, so she surrendered her rights, gave custody to the newly married father, who never married her and never took part in her child's life, and left town.

According to this show, apparently witches who are waitresses aren't good enough for their rights to be defended like say a lawyer who is a witch.

They portrayed WADL as an organization that would turn its back on Witches who aren't what they call "traditional". I hated the way this turned out, but it made me wonder....could that happen? The script didn't detail what they thought WAS normal, the rep just said WADL was very "careful" about the cases it choose to side with and that the woman in question did NOT meet those standards. The standards she spoke of weren't outlined either. The best part of the whole show was when Judge Amy reluctantly awarded custody to the father and told him she wasn't happy about it. She refused to terminate the woman's parental rights because she felt the mother was run out of town because of hate. She said, "If we can't do better than this, why even have a judicial system? What's the point?"

No this wasn't what I hoped for, but it did make me think.

Gaia IvoryWitch (Rev. Lynda Logan) Memphis, TN

I appreciated the episode. Though, I do wish it had been made clear why the WADL considered her to be 'bad'. What I appreciated most about it was Amy's reaction to the closure of the trial. When she stated that the negativity and hate had made it a true Witch hunt, for she had been run out of town. I truly loved the fact that she made the condition that the young lady could invoke another custody trial at any time she saw fit and that Amy felt that there had been nothing more than a travesty of justice accomplished in her court that day. Kilsharion ap Lupo di Morti {Portiere Barathrum}

I saw the post for comments, after I had already written to the show ... so here's a copy of the Email I sent to "Judging Amy". BB .. Owl

First, let me say I really like the show! Your cast is wonderful, and I'd like to see more of Tyne Daily .. her character is so strong and approachable .. maybe "familiar" is the word I want to use. The episode which aired Oct. 19th, was well done for the most part. The child who was locked away for not being "Normal" ... the overreaction by the PTA regarding Halloween, ... and even the manipulation by the woman publisher (read - sexual harrassment) ... were subtle, finger pointing, jabs at very real societal problems. The handling of the woman involved in the child custody action, was handled very sympathetically for the most part. Nope, I didn't like the ending ... I wanted her to be a heroine .. not a wimp out! But that's your story and you're sticking to it! OK .. what has hit the Email lists, like the proverbial feces at the fan, was the portrayal of the representative of the "Wicca Anti-Defamation League". I don't know who did your research, but somebody goofed! OK .. first of all, I know there is no such organization .. HOWEVER, there is a WITCHES Anti-defamation League .. (W.A.D.L. for short). The League has been in existance for a number of years, and has been instrumental in a number of cases where the civil rights of many Pagans has been challenged. From Child Custody cases, to business law infractions. The statement made that Wicca was just coming "out of the closet" and is worried about it's image, made a lot of us laugh, and a lot more of us angry! We've been around as an organized Religion since the 1950's. And yes, we have legal status as such, and I'd refer you to the Chaplain's handbook of the US Military for verification. The WADL reps have indeed been in court on numerous occasions, explaining, and supporting our status. The comments of the Representative in your show were so out of line, and shocking to us, that the phone lines were jammed, and the emails flying fast and furious. For future reference, I'd like any, or ALL of your writers, producers, actors, etc.. etc.. to attend an upcoming event in Washington DC. on October 28, 29, & 30th. I'll personally introduce you to Wiccans, Witches, and Pagans of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnic backgrounds, including members of WADL. Perhaps you will have a better understanding of who, and what we are. And perhaps, you'll even be persuaded to do a disclaimer on your show that this was NOT a true portrayal of the WADL, nor of Wiccans. Blessed Be .. Jacci Sutton

I thought that the "Judging Amy" episosde presented a Wiccan character in a realistic manner. Unfortunately, the "witch hunt" persecution she suffered, tragically leading her to run away from her son is all too real. Freedom of religion must mean all religions and bigotry must end. Show like this help us toward this goal by raising public awareness and letting the truth speak for itself. David J. Mehling


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