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Pagan Music - Press Releases for 2002

Bardic Circle - Volume 2 (2002)

Year: 2001 ...

Pagan Music - Press Releases for 2001

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Bardic Circle - Volume 2 (2001)

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Pagan Music - Press Releases for 2000

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Pagan Music - Press Releases for 2002

Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: January 1st. 2002
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PRESS RELEASE 8/12/2002:
Polly Moller Releases Teaser Tune: Announces new CD for 2003.

As promised, Polly Moller returned from her sessions at Eugene, OR's Lucky Dog Studio with an audio master for _Diogenes_ in hand. We're now able to announce a February 4, 2003 release date and start preparing to unleash Polly's third album on the world.

The CD will contain 12 tracks, ranging in color from the transcendent happiness of "Romp Yello" to the teeth-gritting darkness of "Stark Weather". The album's intensity grows with each song, and is sure to leave all but the most twisted listeners exhausted. One tune from _Diogenes_, entitled "Relativity" is already up on for you to

Stop by Silver Wheel Music's web site, to read lyrics for all the tunes on _Diogenes_ and to read Polly's own account of things in her online journal. We're excited that her third CD is nearly here, and we'll keep you posted on everything as it happens. In the meantime, both Polly's previous albums, _Taste the Wall_ and _Summerland_, are available from us directly and from

PRESS RELEASE 8/12/2002:
Emerald Rose featured on Dr. Demento Radio Show.

Celtic Pagan band Emerald Rose was heard on national radio during June and July, when the infamous Dr. Demento Radio Show played their wacky hit, "Vampire Girl from Orn". The song comes from the band's new live cd "Fire in the Head: Emerald Rose Live". "Vampire Girl" is one of the band's adventures in comedy and premiered at last year's Dragon*Con SciFi convention in Atlanta. The band has framed their handsigned congratulatory letter from the good Doctor D, and counts it among their greatest trophies. They credit Dr. Demento for having shaped their sense of humor, and they have all been fans of the show for many years.

"Vampire Girl" is a bit of a departure from the band's Celtic/Pagan repertoire, venturing into gothic comedy pop/rock. The song was written by Larry Morris, the band's pennywhistle player, also infamous for his goofy but unforgettable "Chicken Raid of Cymru". Both songs are crowd favorites at the band's live shows. Carl McColman, reviewer for says: "If you think that Celtic folk musicians take themselves too seriously, two show-stopping tracks on this CD will lay your anxieties to rest forever. "The Chicken Raid of Cymru" takes themes from Welsh mythology and, er, barbecues them. And then there's the "Vampire Girl from Orn." This bizarre excursion into the twilight zone of the science-fiction erotic underground sounds like something the B-52s should have recorded. As playful as these comedy songs are, they point to a basic quality of this band: Emerald Rose knows how to have fun, and their audience loves them for it."

Emerald Rose will be performing multiple shows at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this year, from August 29 - Sept 2nd. They will be featured in mainstage concerts, concourse performances, featured performers at the Artists Gallery, and will be house band for the Tolkein tract's "Evening at Bree" costume party set in the "Inn of the Prancing Pony" from The Lord of the Rings. More information on Dragon*Con can be found at .

The band is preparing for their September Pagan Pride Tour to Florida, Boston and NYC Pagan Pride celebrations. The tour will culminate in a double billing with fellow Pagan band Alchemy VII at the NYC Pagan Pride Day, followed by a showcase performance by both bands at the Baggot Inn, a premier music club located Greenwich Village, in New York City.

Free Download of "Vampire Girl from Planet Orn"
Emerald Rose:

PRESS RELEASE 5/11/2002:
DreamTrybe... Lots of News!

Lynda's daughter, Taylor, gives birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kiley Anne
April 23, 2002 @ 1:29pm in Houston, Texas

Join us for an 'online baby shower' !! Taylor is registered at BabiesRUs - we plan to host a shower for her in Austin to open her 'online gifts' - and we'll videotape Taylor and baby Kiley and put some of it up on the Dreamtrybe website! Best way we could think to include our extended, long-distance family in this little miracle we've just been gifted : ) To go to Taylor's baby registry, just click on Go to Baby Registries, enter Taylor Smith-Millard, and voila : ) Please don't think you have to purchase anything, though - Taylor would love to hear from you all, regardless ! She does not currently have a computer, so any messages can be forwarded thru or Taylor Smith-Millard c/o Dreamtrybe P.O. Box 150996, Austin, Texas 78715-0996. We couldn't resist sending out the attached photo, taken when Kiley was just one hour old... Proud Uncle Tabber sends his love as well !! : )

Ebay Auction Starts Today !
Velvet Hammer 'LIVE' cd ~(five) Original shrinkwrapped copies of the first cd produced by Velvet Hammer.

Founding members Ginger Doss and Lynda Millard are currently in 'Dreamtrybe'. The 'LIVE' cd has been out of print for many years and is not expected to be reproduced. Recorded at the legendary Steamboat Club in Austin, Texas on August 7, 1995, when VH consisted of Ginger, Lynda, Dana Davis and drummer Katrina Lassberg. Songs include: Mea Culpa, What You Think, Kansas, First Stone, Without a Spirit, Sorcerer's Song, Visions, Hanged Man. These copies were donated by Katrina, with proceeds going to the production of the new Dreamtrybe album due out in Fall of 2002.

The following URL will take you to the first of five copies. Click on 'view seller's other items' to find the other four copies, as well as Madame Magpie's other goodies up for sale : ) -- Auction Link (Auction ends in less than a week !)

PayPal now accepted at - Acoustic Autumn cd available now !
Not only is the Dreamtrybe website about to get a facelift (with the help of our friend and websurgeon, Marcus O'Malley).....but we can now accept PayPal. By the time the new album comes out, we should be set up to accept credit cards, too. The 'Acoustic Autumn' cd has been remixed and is available on the site - Ginger went back in and put some really cool touches to the already existing tracks. Also available are the official Dreamtrybe pouches, hand-crocheted by Lynda's mother with the DT logo sewn inside. (photos on the merchandise page at

We're currently sold out of t-shirts ! In preparing to order the next batch, we've decided to ask *you* - what colors and sizes would you like for us to make available.....we'll take your responses into consideration when we put in the next order !

The Dreamtrybe Yahoo Group
There's a crazy, beloved bunch of people hanging out in the Dreamtrybe Yahoo group, formed and headed by Brenda P.........this group is a good way to hook up with 'special' DT stuff, (for instance, the members were recently helping each other manifest copies of the 'Storybook' cd, with our blessing : ) They also had the first 'heads-up' on the EBay auction starting today ! Check it out at:

The Greenwood School May Fair Celebration and Fund Raiser
May 18th (rain date 19th) -- Austin, Texas 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Tickets: $5.00 per child (buys you several activities) additional activity tickets available for purchase at the fair. Adults not accompanied by a child are encouraged to make a donation
VENDOR SPACE: $10.00 call Holli at 394-9171
Musical entertainment volunteers call Holli at 394-9171

Info on enrolling at The Greenwood School, a nature based, non-biased, artistic and festival rich kindergarten that celebrates the joy of childhood. Website: (if website isn't up, please try again later!) Ages: 3 yrs. - 6 yrs. with summer camps to 8 yrs. Address: 8646 Thunderbird Rd ... From Austin take 290 west toward Dripping Springs and about 1.5 miles past the "Y" in Oak Hill turn right on Scenic Brook and then left on Thunderbird. From Dripping Springs take 290 east and turn left on Scenic Brook just past Circle Drive and Buddy's corner store. Turn left on Thunderbird.


Emerald Rose Rocks Long Island! New Live CD release!

Emerald Rose returned to the New York area last month for a two week tour of Long Island, including an appearance at the Long Island Beltaine Celebration. The band played a victorious set of concerts the ICON Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, including a roof-shaking show at the convention's ICON Cabaret. The band released their latest musical effort at the convention to rave reviews and immediate radio airplay. DJ's from WUSB - Stony Brook College Radio heard the band's new cd, caught the group's live performance and added the cd to the station's general rotation. "Fire in the Head - Emerald Rose Live!" is now available from the band's website, , and will soon be available at major internet and Pagan music sites. The cd will be distributed nationally by, New Leaf Distributors and Azure Green, among others.

Long Island Pagans were treated to a special concert at LI's Whoville Tavern, a Dr. Seuss-themed pub that hosts a regular monthly Pagan moot known as "Pagans in the Pub". Dozens of happy Pagans and fans from ICON showed up to party until late in the evening. The band wrapped up the tour with a concert to culminate the festivities of the Long Island Beltaine Celebration and to promote the upcoming Pagan Pride Day celebration in New York City. Emerald Rose, Alchemy VII, Michelle Mays and others are slated to play this popular event, which will take place on September 28 in downtown Manhattan. Site location is still being decided, but organizers will choose between Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, and Battery Park, which lies just blocks from Ground Zero.

Emerald Rose will be performing at Pagan Pride Events in several cities this year. The band will perform at the Florida Pagan Pride Day in Jacksonville on September 7.They will be playing for the Autumnfest celebration, hosted by the Dogwood Council of COG on Sept. 12 - 15. They will travel north to perform at the Eastern Mass. Pagan Pride Day in Boston on Sept 22, and will perform a series of shows in the New York area before their appearance at NYCPPD on Sept. 28.

Emerald Rose will be celebrating their new cd release at a series of performances/parties in the Atlanta area. The "official" cd release party will take place on May 10 at 8 pm at the Harvest Cafe in Acworth, Georgia, where the majority of the cd was recorded before an audience of wildly enthusiastic fans (most of whom can be heard singing along with the band throughout the cd). Emerald Rose will be performing at the much-anticipated DragonCon sci-fi/fantasy convention in Atlanta, which runs from Aug. 29 - Sept. 1, and will include a stint as the house band for the "Evening at Bree" Tolkein party. The band will be hosting its own Celtic celebration at the North Georgia Celtic Festival on July 20 in Gainesville, Georgia. The festival will feature a series of concerts by local and regional Celtic bands, and will be an outlet for local Celtic vendors. The group are planning to return to Atlanta's Variety Playhouse in October for their critically acclaimed Samhain celebration concert. For a complete list of shows and directions, take a look at the "Gigs" page at

Emerald Rose has released several cuts from their new live cd to , including a live version of their Goddess-chant "Freya, Shakti", along with their zany take on Celtic livestock raids, "The Chicken Raid of Cymru" and their comedy hit, "Vampire Girl from Orn". Emerald Rose is this month's featured artist on WPBN, Wiccan Pagan Broadcast Network internet radio, and listeners can hear an interview with the band, done by Winterhawk, at . The band will also be featured in a series of interviews and articles in the pagan media, including a new magazine, "New Witch", from the publishers of Pangaia and Sage Woman magazines. Emerald Rose:

Emerald Rose, Returns to Florida

Live Radio Concert on WMNF, Noon 3/21/2002

Emerald Rose will return to Florida for the third leg of their tour of the Sunshine State. The Celtic/Pagan folk rockers will be performing for a concert to be featured on the Bill Dudley Show's Live Music Showcase on Tampa's WMNF 88.5 Community Radio at 10 am on March 21. They will be playing a public show at Tampa's New World Brewery on March 22 at 9pm. The band is currently negotiating a third show for the evening of March 21. Details and concert information can be found on the "Gigs" page of their website at

Emerald Rose has been touring steadily in the Southeast all winter. Their hard work is paying off, and both Pagan and mainstream media are starting to pay attention to the band's work. "Freya, Shakti", a driving Goddess invocation and "Fire in the Head", a vocal reel based on the bardic works of Amergin and Taliesin, have both reached the Number One position on the top forty charts at music portal During February and March the group has dominated the charts, with seven # 1 songs in different genres, and two songs that have held the top spot on the entire site. will spotlight Emerald Rose as a featured artist during the month of March. The band is celebrating by releasing the first cut from their upcoming live cd for free downloads at The "Drowsy Maggie Set" is a set of three reels flavored with the band's signature high energy approach to tradition.

Emerald Rose is looking ahead to a very active year. They will release at least two cds this year, (including their highly anticipated live cd) and will be touring at selected venues around the US during the summer. The band has been highly sought for Pagan Pride Day events following their performance at the first annual NYC Pagan Pride Day. This year Emerald Rose has been booked for PPD events in Florida (Jacksonville), Boston and New York City. They are currently planning to team up on a series of NYC concerts with Pagan singer/songwriter Michelle Mays and Pagan rock band Alchemy VII.

Emerald Rose:

Pagan Pride Days:
Alchemy VII:
Michelle Mays:

Emerald Rose Touring In Florida

Pagan Santa Song hits # 1 in "Other" genre at

Celtic/Pagan Folk-Rock band Emerald Rose will be touring Florida during the month of February. The band is planning an Imbolc concert in Tallahassee on Feb 1. and arrangements are also being made for performances in Jacksonville, Sarasota and Bradenton. Concerts in Tampa and the Miami area are being considered for later in the spring, and tours are being planned for April and May in the New York and the Boston areas. For complete details on the Emerald Rose touring schedule, check out the "Gigs" page at

The band plans to release their much anticipated "Live" album in the early Spring, with a follow up studio cd to be recorded later this year. Emerald Rose toured the East Coast during 2001, and made a journey to NYC and Ground Zero in late September. The group was enthusiastically received at the first Annual NYC Pagan Pride Day, held in Washington Square Park. Their trip to Ground Zero was the subject of a special report by Atlanta's 11 Alive News. They will return to New York in April to participate in ICON, the Northeast's largest Sci-Fi convention and will perform at the Long Island Beltane Celebration and at several Celtic pubs in the area. They will be returning to Manhattan in September to perform at the next NYC Pagan Pride Day. The event is currently scheduled for September 28, 2002. Musicians interested in performing for this benefit should contact

Emerald Rose returned from touring to produce another successful "A Celtic Autumn Evening" concert series with the Atlanta Celtic Festival Inc. This year's annual Samhain celebration at Atlanta's Variety Playhouse featured two sets from Emerald Rose and a performance by Celtic legends Andy M. Stewart and Gerry O'Beirne. The group was also featured at DragonCon, the South's largest sci-fi/fantasy convention, and the prestigious Atlanta Montreux Music Festival. During the fall, the band recorded several concerts to collect music for their upcoming live release. The shows were taped at the mystic-friendly Harvest Cafe in Acworth, Georgia. The Harvest Cafe features regular monthly performances by Emerald Rose and the intimate venue has become networking hub and resource provider for the local magickal community.

The band started the new year on a high note. Their zany "Santa Claus is Pagan Too" reached the # 1 chart position in the "Other" genre at . This wacky song takes a light hearted look at some the Pagan traditions that concern our favorite Yule archetype. Like many Pagan musicians, Emerald Rose has opened a music web page at, due to the changes in the structure of . Last fall drastically cut payments to featured artists for the use of their music and began charging fees to artists for providing services. Many artists began searching for alternatives, and they found a viable option at Ampcast pays an artist about five cents for each song that is downloaded, and offers most of the same features as Artists pay a nominal yearly administrative fee, and visitors to the site can download the music for free. Emerald Rose will be releasing new cuts from the live cd at this location sometime in the next few weeks.

The group found themselves to be accidental Goth celebrities when their ethereal "Dagger of the Moon" vaulted to the Top Ten Goth chart on is still a viable option for bands willing to pay the $20 per month fee for the site's services, and Emerald Rose maintains a site there for fans to listen to their music and order cds. The site still provides plenty of free music to listeners of every genre and generates significant traffic and promotional opportunities, including licensing to films and TV. One of the most enjoyable features of this site are its "radio stations", playlists of music created by fans of different bands and genres. Many innovative Pagan "DJ's" have created collections of their favorite music, ranging from Celtic to Goth, with a little of everything in between. Listeners can find a large collection of Pagan radio stations at . Of particular note are the "Spiritual Pagan" sites, "Above A Star" and the incredible (and comprehensive)Pagan music collection at "WPR: Westwicke Pagan Radio". You can hear great Pagan bands like Music for the Goddess, Alchemy VII, Gaia Consort, Craig Olson, Michelle Mays, Zorah Starr, Green Crown and Coyote Run. In it's totality, the body of Pagan music currently found on may constitute one of the largest collections of music of this type. Ranging in nature from basement recordings to top of the line studio production, the collection of Pagan music contains some true gems for the serious listener. If you like what you hear, you can even create your own station for others to listen to. The station will be displayed on the pages of all the bands whose music has been chosen for your playlist. It is a great way to collect songs for a particular ritual or to devise a personal soundtrack to accompany your computer work. There is no cost for the service of creating a radio station, and each time your station is played, the artists on your station get paid a little and rise in the charts. It's a great way to support your favorite Pagan musicians! .

ER WebSite:
MP3.COM site:


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