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Pagan Music - Press Releases for 2002

Bardic Circle - Volume 2 (2002)

Year: 2001 ...

Pagan Music - Press Releases for 2001

Burns Night, in Honor of 'Rabbie' Burns, 1759-1796

Bardic Circle - Volume 1 (2000)

Bardic Circle - Volume 2 (2001)

Year: 2000 ...

Pagan Music - Press Releases for 2000

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Pagan Music - Press Releases for 1997

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Bardic Circle - Volume 2 (2002)

Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: October 20th. 2002
Times Viewed: 7,511

Bardic Circle - Volume 2 (weeks 8-13)
Volume 1 (weeks 1-7)

Bardic Circle Week #8   (2/12/2001)
Musicians Tell Their Stories.

We Kick off this weeks Bardic Circle at Witchvox with a tune by Izolda tune called "Homesick For A Memory "

"This song was inspired by a couple of different sources. First, my dear friend Amy said that she'd like to hear me sing something slow and Irish. And so I decided to write a slow song about Ireland. Ireland has always felt like my home; the only thing is that I've never actually been there. "

-- For the complete experience download... Homesick For A Memory

Terry Allan Hall
The second offering is a piece by Terry Allan Hall entitled "Of Reincarnation and Love"

"This song was written to be performed at a friend's wedding, and was inspired by a story I read about a couple who keep meeting (over the course of several incarnations), until they finally mutually realize that they truly are "soul-mates" and are supposed to be with one another. I wish I could recall the authoress' name, as she spun a wonderful tale!"

-- For the complete experience surf to Of Reincarnation and Love bardic circle page.

Lucien Desar:
As a bonus treat we also offer an instrumental by Lucien Desar called "What We Felt at Clonmacnoise ".

"On the day after our handfasting my wife and I decided to visit an old monastic site that was in the center of Ireland called "Clonmacnoise" It was extremely windy that day which extended our senses that this area where we were at was well traveled. Clonmacnoise was settled by Christian missionaries in @100CE and had been in existence for several hundred years. It was filled with tombstones of the hundreds of missionaries that lived on the grounds as well as ruins of old abbeys. Because the missionaries were such hard workers and very conservative in their spendings they had amassed a large fortune of gold that were developed into holy relics. Due to almost zero defense of their grounds they were raided frequently by visiting vikings. In one century alone they were raided over 30 times I believed with a complete destruction of everything on their grounds..."

-- For the complete experience download... What We Felt at Clonmacnoise

Bardic Circle Week #9   (2/19/2001)
Musicians Tell Their Stories.

We Kick off this weeks Bardic Circle at Witchvox with a instrumental by Moonstruck called "The Burning "

"In 1998 I "Steve Collins/Lord Senthor" suffered a heart attack and had bypass surgery. During the five months of recovery time, I healed myself by singing and focusing my energies on creating our CD called "Witch of the Wildwoods". Lady Gwendolyn gave me a poem that was very powerful and asked me to make a song of it, so she and I and the band members started out."

"The song came together like magick as did most of the songs on this CD. This is one of the most powerful songs ever concerning the burning times. "

-- For the complete experience download... The Burning

Gregory Lygon of Dandelion Wine
The second offering is a piece by Gregory Lygon of Dandelion Wine entitled "Mabon"

"Mabon," the song featured on my site, appeared on Dandelion Wine's debut CD "The Book of Mirrors." My wife Staci and (my fiancee at the time of this recording) were working with a studio who's owner was formerly the HPS of the DAWN Coven, which she disbanded. Her husband was the engineer."

"They made us feel very much at home, as did their owner, a huge grey cat named (what else?) Bastian."

-- For the complete experience surf to the Gregory Lygon bardic circle page.

Karl Franzen with Sharon Knight
As a bonus treat we also offer a powerful tune by Karl Franzen with Sharon Knight called "The Wheelright".

"The song is an archtypical story, set in fantasy land, where money has no meaning. It tells of a young woman who needs a flat tire changed on her car late one night. Will the hulk of a man she comes across be friend or foe? "The Wheelright" is one of the many fine selections on our newly released CD, "For Earth and Her People", which is being revived by Flowinglass Music Publishing."

"This CD was originally recorded in 1986, and was created largely as a gift item to fellow friends and pagans."

-- For the complete experience surf to the Karl Franzen with Sharon Knight bardic circle page.

Bardic Circle Week #10   (2/26/2001)
Musicians Tell Their Stories.

We kick off this weeks Bardic Circle with a powerful tune by COVEN 13 called "In Heaven ".

"On December 7, 1997, I was sitting at the piano with a tune coming through. I (Amanda) grabbed a pencil and some staff paper and began to write it down as it came. The words "In Heaven," along with other phrases, came with this melody."

Having no idea why "In Heaven" was so prominent in my mind, I just shrugged my shoulders and continued to write. It was not until 6-7 weeks later that I learned my dear friend, Michael, had passed away on DECEMBER 7, 1997."

-- For the complete experience download... In Heaven

Darragh Nagle
The second offering is a wonderful vocal piece (recorded LIVE at Heartland) by Darragh Nagle entitled "Gently Johnny"

"This very warm and sensual love song is a favorite around the campfires. It is an old English folk tune, with words that describe a man gently touching a woman, and as she tells him how much she likes it, she also starts giving him hints as to where she would like to be touched next. Things get more and more amorous as the song progresses, and I've seen many couples become passionate while listening to me play the song! Highly recommemded..."

-- For the complete experience surf to the Gently Johnny bardic circle page.

As a bonus treat we also offer a powerful and rockin' tune by Slamfist called "Wilderness Avenger ".

"This song is actually one of the first songs we created. It's about our pain and anger towards the polution that our earth is suffering... As a metalband we focus on the more 'darker' side of paganism. Using frustrations and anger as a fuel for our songs. This leads to highly agressive, extremely fast music.... The lyrics describe how nature turns into a sort of monster of destruction. A gigantic treeman with tendrils as arms, taking revenge on humanity for their wrongs. To picture nature as a gigantic monster slaughtering humanity is a way to make people see nature as a living thing. "

-- For the complete experience download... Wilderness Avenger

Bardic Circle Week #11   (3/5/2001)
Musicians Tell Their Stories.

We kick off this weeks Bardic Circle with a powerful tune by Wildcraft called "Deities of Ancient Rites ".

"The words in this mix are from some radio preacher going on about the sins of pagans. Satyr Oz edited and remixed his sermon, making his message a little ambiguous and is supposed to be a critique of the christian anti-pleasure mentality."

"The message I guess is that to understand the craft of the wild, one must acknowledge that we are beasts and surrender to the internal animal desires. Unlike the christian mythology that doing so leads to destruction and damnation, we put forth that it is the only way to save our planet and our species. Only by recognizing that we are animals and part of nature can we realize our true role on this planet and ascend to our true potential as a species."

-- For the complete experience download... Deities of Ancient Rites

The second tune this week is by RavensWing called "Mists and the Stone ".

"This song epitomises the world of Nature, from a Druid perspective. The connection of Man and the Earth, which is all but forgotten in this era of clear-fell logging and mass destruction of resources on an indescribable scale. This song aims to make a reconnection to the past whilst stirring an awareness in the hearts of those that choose to listen."

-- For the complete experience download... Mists and the Stone

Vampire Nation
The third offering is by Vampire Nation entitled "Craft of the Union"

"This is the first song I've ever structured myself. When deciding to work with Fred for this cd, we realized how in tune we were to our understanding of magick and spiritual studies. The lyrics to this song hold a deep meaning to me. Actually, I think anyone can identify with the words. It's about letting go of someone, or even another side of yourself, in effort to follow the path of you new spiritual realizations. I was thinking about this while outside one esbat night, and the magick flowing in the darkness around me was like a blanket to comfort the pain of loss I felt. Not everyone understands or can relate to our choices to be witches and seek out more of the self inside. I've had people close to me unable to think of me as anything but crazy. I've sacrificed different sides of myself for a greater purpose. This song is for anyone who has faced loss in sight of their different perspectives. And to those who can't understand, I suppose this song is for them."

-- For the complete experience surf to the Craft of the Union bardic circle page.

Bardic Circle Week #12   (3/12/2001)
Musicians Tell Their Stories.

Faerie Elaine of the Silver Stream
We kick off this weeks Bardic Circle with a powerful tune by Faerie Elaine of the Silver Stream called "The Lady of the Lake".

"I perform in concert and participate at "WomensCircles," an annual week-long women's gathering held each August at Rowe Conference Center in Rowe, Massachusettes. In 1999, the theme of the gatheing was the "Lady of the Lake." I thought it would be fun to write a song for the event. I did a bit of research on Vivian, and although I had read many of the Arthurian legends, including The Mists of Avalon, I had forgotten that the Excaliber sword that Arthur used actually belonged to the Lady of the Lake. Eclipse had emailed me some reminders of the legend, including the image of Vivian's sister, Morgaine LeFey, a Faerie, who used her dreams, thoughts, intentions and visions to sew the Magic of the sword into its sheeth. The reason the sword worked so well for King Arthur was because he believed it was magic and made him invincible. This song is an example of the power of our minds that anyone can access through their thoughts, prayers and focused intentions."

-- For the complete experience download... The Lady of the Lake

Patrick Ginnaty
The second tune this week is by Patrick Ginnaty called "Sirens ".

"I started this song in my 20's (early 70s LOL) but had no melody. I wrote the melody...the Sirens voices singing, in 1994. They say that the lure of the Siren's voices is irresistable."

-- For the complete experience download... Sirens

The third offering is by blackQueen entitled "Silentium"

"The main inspiration from Silentium came the Dario Argento films "INFERNO" & "SUSPIRIA". In the story, there are three witches who hire an alchemist/architect to build for them special dwelling places to practice thier magick, run thier covens, and also retain secrecy from public knowledge to avoid further persecution. The alchemist has to make a vow of silentium to the witches, swearing he will never devulge thier secret reasons for having these buildings constructed. His vow is thier insurance that they will not be hunted down and destroyed by the fearful, judgemental herd that fears & doesn't understand thier ways & practices, and wants them wiped out. When the alchemist spills the beans, the witches catch wind, and all hell breaks loose."

-- For the complete experience surf to the Silentium bardic circle page.

Bardic Circle Week #13   (3/19/2001)
Musicians Tell Their Stories.

Emerald Rose
We kick off this weeks Bardic Circle with a powerful tune by Emerald Rose called "The Freya Shakti".

"I heard Arthur's chant at a campfire, and really was taken by the melody. Soon, I noticed that the tune and words would NOT go away - which was an indication to me that it was a really good song! I felt that the song needed another part to manifest the images that it brought to my mind when I heard the chant. When Arthur brought the song to the band, I began working on a set of lyrics to indicate the nature of the Goddess mysteries. I also wanted to write images that would show the universality of the archetype across time and culture. The original lyrics for the verse came quickly, but my wife and priestess Danae had problems with them. Originally, each line of the verse started with "I know a woman...", to indicate the mystery involved. Danae kept insisting that those lyrics were not "right". After several rewrites and some serious meditation, it was changed to "She is a woman...", to be a song more directly about the Goddess herself, and her associated images. "

-- For the complete experience download... Freya Shakti

Mythic Magic
The second tune this week is by Mythic Magic called "Legends".

"The concept behind the song is a combination of many thoughts, X-files and a few other bits of inpiration. Basically pagans are more prone to accept that "Mythicical" creatures do exist. Some folk even feel like they have encountered some of these beings. We know they are real. Aside from the made for TV version of X-files, there is actually a real division that studies and keeps track of paranormal critters etc. There are at least a dozen known cases of documented paranormals recorded on file. So we wrote this song about that".

"We recorded it in our home studio and did all the mixing ourselves. It got played on the local radio station KLBJ for their Halloween show. We are slowly building our fan base in Austin TX and are currently working on a new CD and hopefully will soon have a real recording contract. Which has us exited. "

-- For the complete experience download... Legends

Alchemy VII
The third offering is by Alchemy VII entitled "Aradia"

"I work as a Tarot reader at a shoppe in Minneapols called Enlightenment Inc. (Formerly The Shoppe of Enlightenment.) The owner, Becky, was doing some ordering. I saw a book on hereditary Witchcraft and it kind of jumped out at me. So I had Becky order it. It was about Italian Witchcraft and I have always been curious about my heritage being half Italian. I brought the book home and skimmed through it and put it downstairs where the band practices. I was trying to write a new song and went down to work on something. My hand brushed the keyboard and I hit an interesting couple of chords so there was a tune forming but I could not come up with a subject".

"Well the book fell off the shelf and opened to a page about Aradia an Italian Witch who was a heroine to the people of Italy during the burning times. So I sat down and put her story into lyrics as I felt she deserved a song and also felt very guided by her. The song fell together that night at rehersal, the band just took the idea and ran with it. I believe we took it into the studio a few weeks later. It is one of my favorites. I can not help but wonder if Aradia was a great, great, great, great, great... Grandmother."

-- For the complete experience surf to the Aradia bardic circle page.


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