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Meet The Witches' Voice Staff

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: February 2nd. 1997
Times Viewed: 166,636

Current Staff...

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
(Founders - The Witches' Voice Inc.)

Wren's Profile:
Born 1/5/51 Wren is a free lance writer, poet, cartoonist and lyricist. Her love for the written word and her intense research skills has enabled her to provide many of the basic documents now posted on the Witches' Voice site. A life long Witch and civil rights activist, she has spoken on numerous radio programs and appeared on several television shows. Wren also maintains membership in the ACLU and the Americans United organizations. Wren currently lives in Clearwater, Florida. with Fritz Jung and their three cats, Ruby, D'Jinn Jinn and Leelu. When not writing, her hobbies include reading, herbalism, weaving and drawing cartoons.

Witches' Voice Duties: Wren is the brilliant light that always shines here at the Witches' Voice... As the Chairperson of the Witches' Voice, Wren brings direction and focus to the organization. She views the Witches' Voice as a major force providing educational resources to the general public and media concerning the belief system of Witchcraft, Wicca and Paganism.

Fritz's Profile: Born 10/31/52, Fritz is a major advocate of religious freedom, a musician and is currently working as an MIS/IT Director in Clearwater, Florida. Fritz maintains membership in the ACLU and the Americans United organizations. In '96 Fritz released his first collection of Witch Folk/Rock/Country Tunes entitled "Celtic Feast of the Dead" on compact disc (NOW offered for Free here at Witchvox) ... He is owned by three beautiful kitties (Ruby, D'Jinn Jinn and Leelu) and the brilliant and beautiful Wren Walker.

Witches' Voice Duties: Web design, Database Design, Writer as well as Systems Management and Web Site R & D.

Peg Aloi

Profile: Born 10/23/63, Peg is a freelance writer and artists' model, and a Witch of Celtic/Sicilian heritage. She has taught classes in film, literature, writing, herbalism, and calligraphy, and is also a singer, actress, astrologer and perfumer (gotta love that Libra/Scorpio cusp) . As a performer, she has made music with a number of Pagan artists, including MotherTongue (tm) , Urban Myth, and bard Olvardil Prydwyn. She reviews films for the Boston Phoenix, and is Associate Editor of Obsidian Magazine. She loves single malt scotch, apple orchards, Xena, Jethro Tull, and her three grey kitties, Ziggy, Zeus and Trivia.

Witches' Voice Duties: As Media Coordinator, Peg helps with public relations and outreach involving various media, both Pagan and mainstream.

Email: Peg
Smail: P.O. Box 560157, West Medford, Ma 02156

Christina Aubin

Profile: I am a blissfully happy wife and mother. I have the best husband I could ever imagine and two beautiful children, ages 10 and 2, I enjoy both my life and my family. It really is a beautiful ride.

My interest in the Goddess began as my pregnancy with my first child commenced. I purchased my first Goddess statue during my first trimester of her pregnancy. Together she and I found our way on this path, which led us to my husband, and then further to the birth of my son. I have found this path as wife, mother and Witch to be remarkably educational and abundant in both love and delight beyond my ability to express.

My Craft "resume" includes years as a solitary, training and Initiation as a Cabot Tradition of Witchcraft High Priestess, by my beautiful Elder Rev. Laurie Cabot H.Ps., from whom I have learned immeasurably. I have found unmatched education, guidance, and friendship in Lord Orion Foxwood H.P. of Foxwood Temple, Laurel MD, he has been a deep well of both wisdom and clarity. Both Reverend Cabot and Lord Orion blessed us in performing our handfasting and encouraged, I believe, the magical foundation upon which we build this family.

I have met insightful council and guidance in Gypsy and Richard Ravish of Temple of Nine Wells, Candy and Dana Burke of the Cabot Temple, Cheryl Sulyma-Masson & Dylan Masson of The Circle of Salgion. A special thanks to Moe Borg and Darrell Moore befriend us when we were just starting as a newly formed family, with unconditional love, unparalleled support, and sage counsel.

Of course none of this would be possible if Fritz Jung did not "bring" me to Salem one Summer Solstice Eve for fun, celebration and the many friends I was to discover there. My indebtedness to him includes his introducing me to Wren Walker, both of whom have been wonderful friends.

I end this with a special dedication of my work to my husband and both my special, special babies. Such love I have never known!

Witches' Voice Duties: Christina is the Pagan Parenting coordinator here at Witchvox and if it's related to Pagan Parenting she is a powerful resource.

Email: Christina

Past Staff...

Diotima Mantineia

Profile: Born on 3/22/52, Diotima is an eclectic Witch, astrologer, tarot reader, and avid gardener.She has been blessed by Bast with four wonderful cats, and lives with them in the Asheville, NC area.

Born and raised in New York City, she planned from an early age to flee the city for the farm, and so majored in Agronomy (the study of crops and soils) in college and grad school. But her life was guided in unexpected directions, and after leaving school she went on to work in fields far from any farm, including a 7-year stint as the owner of a Pagan bookstore.

She now has a business that has allowed her to fulfill her childhood dreams, working out of her home as a virtual assistant, marketing consultant and freelance writer. She lives on two acres in Western North Carolina where she puts both her scientific and magickal knowledge to work caring for a small piece of our beautiful planet.

Fascinated by the dialogue between science and religion, a conversation fueled by discoveries in quantum physics that stretch the boundaries of belief, she feels that the Pagan worldview, especially our view of magick, will become more and more instrumental in shaping that dialog as our religion (s) mature. She sees the dawn of a new paradigm, where science and metaphysics become allies instead of adversaries.

Witches' Voice Duties: As the essay editor for The Witches' Voice, Diotima is continually impressed by both the depth and breadth of thought displayed in the essays she receives, and is honored to have some small part in helping to promote communication within our community.

Email: Diotima

Steve McManus

Profile: Steve McManus Born 03/31/60 in Bangor, Maine. Raised in the Irish Catholic Tradition. Raising Daughter and Sons to understand and respect all positive paths. Has a strong background in professional security operations, law enforcement and private investigations. Was called by the Goddess and God in 1990 to follow the path of Wicca and to practice positive magick to effect needed change in himself and the World. Was self-initiated in 1994. Practices the Craft with his beautiful partner and wife, Suzanne with whom he has been pairbonded since 1994. Steve is an ex-WLPA rep. for Maine and continues to work for Witches everywhere. He and Suzy have worked since 1995 to foster more open communications between Pagans across the northeast United States. They now make their home in north/central Florida. Steve and Suzy are owned by 18 pounds of Maine Coon/Persian feline who allows humans to address him as Zeke.

INTERESTS/GOALS:: Furthering my studies in the Craft. Being there for my children. Working at being a good husband. Playing an integral part in helping to bring the Witch community together in unity. Having much more fun! Perfecting my HTML skills.

LIKES: Books and the way bookstores smell, documentaries, developing technologies, good music (whatever that is) , equality unqualified, true goodwill, children, the internet, belly laughs, rain, Xena, The Simpsons, mead (if made well) , being out in the World, angels (real ones) , thunder and lightning, White-Lighters, the fact that it appears I'm finally becoming a human being.

Non Interests: Racist, homophobic and manipulative behaviors, destructive violence in humans, politics, money, addictions, the drug war, people who give the Craft a bad name, liars, when people make things more important than they have to be, violent tv for kids, darkness (or lightness) when it is dwelled upon obsessively putting things out of balance (i.e. the refusal to consider "the other") .

Witches' Voice Duties: Internal Security (Protection and Information)

Email: Steve

Don WaterHawk

Profile: Born 1950, has lived all over the U.S. Of Tsalagi (Cherokee) and German heritage, he has studied Native, European and Asian cultures. He walks a predominately Red Path, but allows all things good to enter his Circle, Don is an admitted Eclectic.

An accomplished Silversmith, Leatherworker, Carver, Drummer, make that DRUMMER!, avid gardener (biophiliac) , photographer and Sharer, and now new Author working on the second book. He is also a Council Facilitator for groups around the country. Don states he is not a Teacher, a Medicine man, nor is he affiliated with any Tribe or Nation. "I am a Human Being of all Mix". A member of the Seneca Wolf Clan, highly decorated Combat Medic in Viet Nam, and closely works with Veterans groups around the country, and has 13 years with Sheriff Department in Ohio.

Don's goal is to work for the "ALL", not the "few". He lives in South West Florida with his life mate Daniella, and their two beautiful daughters, Tara and Tia. Oh, and we shouldn't forget about his friend Kokopelli, and blue gold macaw and Elf, a Articularia Metallica.

Witches' Voice Duties: Staff Photographer and a wonderful voice for the all.

Email: Waterhawk

Darragh Nagle

Life, the universe, and everything: Darragh arrived on planet earth in Chicago, in 1954, and headed west at the age of two. He grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico. There in the land of enchantment, in the desert night under the full moon, one can hear the coyotes sing. In those mountains you can hear the earth. In those skies you can feel the spiritual connection with the universe. It is a wonderful and magical place.

Computers: Darragh studied computer programming in high school and college, and has been working in computer programming since 1972. He works in unix applications, kernels, and networking.

Music: Darragh started exploring music during childhood, and was writing songs and playing guitar by age 10. He went on to study music formally in high school chorus, and as a music composition major at the University of New Mexico and Arizona State University. Darragh became a folksinger, and he made the recordings "Lapis", "Starcrystal", "Dragon Dreams", "The Land of Faerie", and "Darragh Live at Heartland Festival". He has had the pleasure of performing with singers such as Steve Goodman, Elaine Silver, and Gwydion Penderwynn. Darragh has been singing for organizations to promote positive social growth and healing heart wisdom, including Results, Noetic Sciences, The Pilgrimage healing center, and festivals around the nation. He continues to use the heart-mind-body connection, good spirits and comedy to bring the healing powers of happiness and spirit path awareness.

Airplanes: Darragh loves to fly sailplanes and single engine airplanes. Best flying story: the time he was in a sailplane and circled in a thermal, while just across from him flew a good instructor: a red-tailed hawk.

Witches' Voice Duties: Darragh is in charge of Unix appplication support here at Witchvox.

Email: darraghn


Born -- this time around -- on 7/23/58, RuneWolf is a Traditionally trained, currently eclectic Witch, martial artist and armchair philosopher. A native of Northern Virginia, he resides in Reston, VA, with his beautiful wife Mary, and Macha the St. Bernard.

RuneWolf began his Pagan journey a decade ago, but the Witches' Way has always been in his blood. His maternal Grandfather used to regale him with tales of strange doin's in the "hollers" of Appalachia, and his Great Aunts Ada and Gail were "yarb women, " who regularly inflicted their foul-smelling concoctions on the young wolf-cub.

RuneWolf began his love affair with the martial arts in his early teens, when he chanced to meet Dermot Michael "Pat" O'Neill, the hand-to-hand combat instructor for the legendary "Devil's Brigade." O'Neill's demonstration of the principles of aikido, and his stories about the founder of that art, O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, launched RuneWolf on an odyssey that continues to this day. Central to that journey is the study of ki or chi, and the techniques for harnessing that elusive energy, which now blend seamlessly with his practice of Magick.

After years exploring the intricacies of Eastern religion and spirituality, RuneWolf finally came home to the contemporary revivals of Northern European religious beliefs and spiritual practices. While his Wiccan training is Traditional, his current practice is highly eclectic, as he draws his inspiration from many Paths, including Wicca, Asatru and Druidry. From a young age, RuneWolf was captivated by the stories of the Old Gods and Heroes, particularly the Norse, and so it is not strange that he is now a devoted follower of those Gods.

Witches' Voice Duties: Assistant Editor

Email: RuneWolf


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