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Witchvox Awards Received 1997 (Jul-Dec)

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: February 12th. 1998
Times Viewed: 14,448

Witches' Voice awarded the Touched by the Light Award for Achievement (Dec. 13th., 1997) "Blessings, Merry Meet and Congratulations... The Witches' Voice is the first recipient of the Touched by the Light Award for Achievement. This award is granted to those sites which have performed a valuable service to the community, whether it be the cyber-community or the offline community. Your site was one of the first I visited when I came along this path and I find myself returning to it again and again. The Witches' Voice is, no doubt, the undisputed leader in advocating the rights of the followers of the Earth Religions. For this you have my respect, thanks and now my award. Keep up the wonderful work! Falkyra's Web of Light" - Falkyra Silvermoon

Witches' Voice awarded the...

BC Best Site Award
(Dec. 13th., 1997): "Bluegrass Communications set up The BC Best Site Award to recognize internet sites which stand out from the rest. We honor sites with superb graphics and fascinating content, which may be entertaining or educational for it's readers."

Witches' Voice awarded Catala's Mystical Award (Nov 23rd., 1997) "Greetings and Merry Meet Fritz! I would like to offer your site Catala's Mystical Award! You truly have a wonderful site. And I can tell by looking at it- you've put so much time, hard work and love into your site. This award is not given out lightly. You can not apply for this award. I'm very selective on the award winners because I want this award to have special meaning. Keep up the wonderful work and sharing!"

Also Check out: Friends of the Earth Friends of the Earth was established to educate and fight against religious intolerance. Our vision is one of spiritual growth within ourselves as individuals as well as a oneness with our community. We work together to dispell some of the horrible myths and lies that are being spread about those who are of Earth Spirituality. - Catala

Witches' Voice awarded the Pagan Awareness Excellence Award (Nov 23rd., 1997): "As you know we are currently working on re-defining our website and organizational goals. One section of our website is dedicated to sites we believe represent the epitome of excellence in their choosen field. We ask that you please except this award for all your hard work. Please note that this is not a generic award. We only offer this to Groups & Organizations that we feel are the very best. Once again thank you for your hard work" - Rev. Robert "Aes" Payne

Witches' Voice awarded the Zephyr's Seal of Zeal (October 31st., 1997) "Dear Witches' Voice... Hello, I am writing to present you with "Zephyr's Seal of Zeal award". This award can not be applied for (at present, anyway) it is only awarded to sites that I find myself mesmerized by, returning again and again. This is the award I give to sites that make me squeal with zeal. I have come across some sites that are so good they make me, in a highly mature and articulate manner exclaim "WOW, COOOOL!!!!" These are the sites I intend to give this award to. This is a brand spanking new award. " - Zephyr Lioness (Cave of the Word Witch)

Witches' Voice awarded SunRaven award (October 30th., 1997): "Your site has received a SunRaven award! These are very new, and you are one of only three who receeived it. Winners for OCTOBER 1997: Circle of Grey Light for their continual excellence in an outstanding webpage that continues to grow. Lady Bella's Book of Shadows for her wonderful depiction of runes and layout. The Witches Voice for continuing to bring an excellent webpage to the light. Honorable Mention: Sean's Pagan Place for her great page, expressing her own thoughts and ideas as only she could. *Note: this award was given solely on the base of merit. The site stood alone, and was choosen in this manner with no discriminatory outlooks." Congratulations! - SunRaven

Witches' Voice awarded the Epona's Award for Website Inspiration (October 5th., 1997) "I am writing you to present my award for Website Inspiration, hopefully this award will help show just what a great Pagan force your site is on the web, and just how much I appreciate it! I hope you will accept my humble award with pride, as I only pick the very best Pagan websites for this award, and only those who have truly impacted my life and inspired not only me but others. Congratulations! Again, thank you for your wonderful website! " Blessings - Epona

Witches' Voice awarded The Lady's Award of Grace (September 14th., 1997): "My goodness, this one is tough! Fritz and Wren are the webmasters of The Witches Voice. These two lovely people and their flock have created a site more than worthy of this honor. The information and teachings that they bring to the web community goes unmatched in its sensitivity as well as it's genuine useful value. They offer a haven for the person who is seeking information about the Earth Paths, the beginner who is looking for places to network and seek learning, and the seasoned Pagan who wants to seek companionship within the pagan realms as well as share their wisdoms. This is a place of beauty and love, a place to feel at home, and above all a place to feel welcome no matter what path you are on. I can't say enough about Fritz and Wren. They have been there consistently to share my triumphs as well as my sorrows. They are always there to support me and to love. You can't ask for a more caring couple. Please join with me in welcoming them into "The Lady's Grace". Fritz, Wren, to you both I bid you the brightest blessings, the love of spirit and my forever friendship. I love you!" - DianaDru

Witches' Voice awarded the Witch's Brew New Purple Rose Award (September 14th., 1997) "You have been chosen as one of the First recipents of Witch's Brew New Purple Rose Awards! These awards can NOT be applied for. I hand pick and choose each recipent of the awards below. They will not be handed out Lightly as the Path of the Goddess IS a way of life. The sites that are awarded these awards show the unconditional love of both The Goddess and The Self. Each author should be applauded for their dedication to their self and the Goddess... How canst thou honor another unless thou give honor to thyself first? You Have won the Witch's Brew Purple Rose Award for Networking & Webweaving Dedication. This award is given to sites that have given hours of their time to help bring others together so we may grow... " - Lady Morgan Moonstone

Witches' Voice awarded the Blessed Site Award (August 31st., 1997):

"Dear bright ones, One can never thank you enough for your wonderful site! I would like to present you with the Blessed Site Award to honor your dedication, compassion, determination and spirit which is so evident when visiting The Witches Voice! A visit to your site is essential in furthering one's spiritual quest. Filled with practical information, guidance, though-provoking discussions and positive activism, The Witches' Voice is a shining light in the shadow of darkness. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us! Goddess bless, Caolainn"

Witches' Voice awarded ElsAngel's Halo award for webpage excellence (August 28th., 1997): "Bright Blessings, It is with the greatest pleasure that I award your site with the ElsAngel's Halo award for webpage excellence. It is by far one of the best and most informative pagan sites on the web. I am proud to be on your contact list and display your logo and link on my website. Soft Winds, Diaana aka Elsangel"

Witches' Voice awarded the Military Pagan Network: Online Community Service Award (August 24th., 1997):

"Congratulations. You are only the second organization to win this award. The first of course was WLPA and you were the webmaster then too. The Military Pagan Network: Online Community Service Award is only awarded to organizations that are service oriented and on the world wide web. You have recieved a minimum of 5 nominations from people you have helped in some way. Note that this award is to be placed on your website, but it should be noted that this is not a website award, but an award from the Military Pagan Network Inc., to The Witches Voice Inc." - John Machate, Coordinator (Military Pagan Network)

Witches' Voice awarded the Ward of the Red Deer (August 10th., 1997) "I am pleased to present you with the *first* Ward of the Red Deer for Lughnasadh. Your site is a major tool for the dissemination of information concerning our religion to both Witches' and those open-minded individuals of other paths who simply wish to develop some understanding of the Craft. I thank you, applaud the work you have undertaken, and am proud to share the Web with Crafters of your caliber. May your light shine brilliantly and long. Brightest Blessings & Merry Part " - Red Deer (W. Reid White)

Witches' Voice awarded the

Harper Award

(August 2nd., 1997)

"this award was given to the Witches Voice, for outstanding web page design, and for exceptional educational material. The staff have been more than friendly to me, and have helped me greatly in composing my own web page. Before encountering this page, I was wary to even let anyone know that my husband and I are witches. I never dreamed of the support and friendship given here even existed. I am new to the net, and The Witches Voice has shown me other places to go to speak with those of a like mind. Thank you Witches Voice, for helping to lessen the fear." - Crystalize Webmistress, MysticWood

Witches' Voice listed in the Pagan Pride section of the Blonde Ambition HIT LIST (July 1997)

"THE WITCHES' VOICE - A huge educational site, The Witches' Voice offers commentaries, action alerts, a networking page, witches in the media, hundreds of links, etc. all wrapped up in a site with incredible graphics. " - Shauna Webmistress, The Blonde Ambition Pages

Witches' Voice awarded Poetic's Pagan Pride Award (July 20th., 1997): "This award will be given to Pagan sites on the Internet that I would be Proud to show to: Law Enforcement Agencies; Clergy of All Faiths; My Children & Family; News Groups; and Anyone that is seeking to know the TRUTH about Paganism, in all it's Beautiful Colours, Styles and Sizes! Basically, I am very Proud, as a Pagan, of these Sites. I expect to be doling this award out to *almost* every pagan site on the web, but for right now... I am proud to say that the very first Recipients of this Award, July 14th, 1997 c.e., are the hard working Pagan Women & Men of The Witches' Voice... CoNGRaTuLaTioNS, TWV, You serve the Pagan Community Exceptionally Well... All my best Witches... Poetic, of Poetic's Pagan Page"

Witches' Voice awarded the Tatianna Award of Excellence (July 12th., 1997):

"I would like to give you my "Award of Excellence". I think that your site is wonderful and provides much needed information to those who surf the Internet realms... I hope you will accept this award and thank you for all of your wonderful contributions! Your site includes information I have never been able to find anywhere else, and is all the more needed due to that fact. Keep up the wonderful work and see you on the Web! Love and Brightest Blessings, Lady Tatianna HPss First Temple of American Witchcraft,ULC

Witches' Voice awarded...
The Circle of Winter - Award of Excellence
(July 12th., 1997) "We live in a world of magick and technology. While our Circles are lit with candlelight, we weave our webs and meet our Craft-mates in a digitalized world. There are a few brave souls who are adept in both worlds, who share their magick via the Internet. Though there are many voices raised in a magickal chorus, there are certain websites that stand out among the many...

"The Witches' Voice is such a website. Blessed with a teacher's vision and graced with an artist's soul, your site has become a realm that many of us dreamt we would find. You have become a landmark on the Internet, a Circle of love and power that others rally around. Although this award is a simple token of my gratitude for the vision, time, and effort you have unhesitatingly shared, I hope that it gives to you a tiny bit of the blessings that you have shared with us all. Bright blessings and blessed be! " - Winter

Witches' Voice awarded the Power Magazine's Best of the Web Award (July 6th., 1997) "Our Webmaster has submitted your site for selection in out Power Magazines Best of Web award. After consideration and browzing through your site, the award was UNANIMOUSLY agreed upon. The Witches' Voice will be displayed on our award winners link page! Keep up the good work" - Power Magazine

Witches' Voice awarded the Amaranth's Society's Best Pagan Site Award (July 6th., 1997) " The Goddess has brought me to your site and I found the experience to be quite wonderful... as a web master and professional HTML programmer I know the hard work involed in making a quality site as yours... therefore I am presenting YOU (not your site... what kind of work has your site done for its own success?) this award given only to the best pagan sites on the internet.

The time has come for pagans to come out of the broomcloset and your sites helps to end the traditional stereotyping, dogma, etc. which has plagued those of our path for centuries. With your help and the help of others we can finally bring Wicca/Paganism out of Occult* status and into the mainstream acceptance." - Rev. Sebastian Brad (Comyns) Cummings


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