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Witchvox Awards Received 1997 (Jan-Jun)

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: February 13th. 1998
Times Viewed: 17,098

Witches' Voice awarded the Sacred Grove of Faerie Glen Award (June 29th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice would like to thank Dennis & Kristin for this award and their kind words.

"Merry Meet! Congratulations on a wonderful job well done. The Witches Voice is a true inspiration to Pagans around the globe. We would like to offer you "The Sacred Grove of Faerie Glen" award for an outstanding contribution to the Pagan community. Please don't feel you need to link the graphic back to our Glen. We are not interested in cheap advertisement, we only wish to commend you on a beautiful, and extremely well written site, in our opinion THE absolute standard for Pagan site of the web.

May the Lord and Lady Bless you for your efforts." - Rev. Dennis Looney & Rev. Kristin Looney

Witches' Voice awarded the Rhiannon's Five Star Wiccan Site Award (June 14th., 1997) "You can rest assured that ONLY THE BEST WICCAN WEB PAGES will receive this award in an attempt to create quality on the Internet for those who are seeking the ways of Wicca. Again, congratulations and keep up the great work! " - Rhiannon

Witches' Voice awarded the Aerta Award for Web Excellence (June 8th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice would like to thank Lady Aerta for bestowing us with this fine honor

"Merry Meet! I'd be very pleased and honored if you would accept my Award for Web Excellence. What you folks have created here is a great asset to the Pagan/Wiccan community, and should always be recognized as such! Blessed Be those who Bless us as you have.." - Lady Aerta

Witches' Voice awarded the Heaven and Earth Peaceful Spirit Award (June 8th., 1997) Congratulations. This is to let you know that your site "the Witches Voice" has been awarded the Heaven and Earth Peaceful Spirit Award The graphic is attached if you have problems let me know at the above e-mail address." - Donette

Witches' Voice awarded the Red Dragon Award (May 30th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice would like to thank S. Pritchard for bestowing us with this fine honor

"Your site earned this award through the obvious care and attention and research that can come only from bright, talented and devoted people. Well done!" - S. Pritchard

Witches' Voice awarded the Widow's Web Award (May 24th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice would truly like to thank Mary for bestowing us with this fine honor

"I have visited your site, and am satisfied that you have met all of my requirements. My award is is given in recognition of a webmaster and/or webmistress' honesty and integrity on the net. These people are setting a good example of how a good webber should construct his or her web site! They show us how to do a web page that correctly links art and/or music from their own server by setting an example to others on the net of how a web should obtain its graphics or music. I consider the winners of my award to be truly Web Masters and Web Mistresses and all set a good example that every web spinner can follow." - Mary

Witches' Voice awarded the Shining Pentacle Site of the Week Award (May 24th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice would like to thank Nymue for bestowing us with this fine honor

"Blessed Be Staff of The Witches Voice, Your site is an inspiration and encouragement to the Pagan Community. The dedication on your part for awareness, education and networking within The Global Neo-Pagan world is of major importance towards correcting the stereotypical image of the word "Witch". Please accept the "Shining Pentacle Site of the Week Award" for the week of May 24 1997, this is awarded weekly to the best of the Pagan Internet." - Nymue'

Witches' Voice awarded Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, & Transgendered diabled Veterans award (May 17th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice would like to thank Sharon for bestowing us with this fine honor

"Congratulations! Your site has been nominated by your internet peers and awarded the GLBTDVA Award for Web Excellence! In order to remain fair elite sites receiving any number of nominations are winners! " - Sharon Daugherty (Founder/CEO)

Witches' Voice awarded the EarthMother Award of Merit (May 10th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice would truly like to thank Sage of Sage's Wicca Pages for bestowing us with this fine honor

"Congratulations! "The Witches' Voice" is the first winner of the Great Goddess Award for Best Overall Pagan Website! The GGABOS is given to the Best Pagan sites Overall on the Web. The GGABOS is given to the site which best manifests four or more of the categories represented by the other Great Goddess Awards. Sites that receive this award must include pleasant visuals, ease of navigation, technological soundness, and be of interest to the general Pagan community! We're pretty picky, so you must be REALLY special! Thanks for the great work!!! TWV is by far the best Pagan site on the web, in my opinion. The information you impart is important beyond description. Not to mention the fact that your site is just plain interesting and fun!" - Sage's Wicca Pages

Witches' Voice awarded Oak Circle Web Award (May 4th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice would like to thank Traeonna Firemane for bestowing us with this fine honor

"Your site has been selected to receive the Oak Circle Web Award - Bealtaine 1997" - Traeonna Firemane

Witches' Voice awarded the EarthMother Award of Merit (May 4th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice would truly like to thank Robin or Rare Earth for bestowing us with this fine honor

"Attached to this email you will find a file, emaward.gif. My son made if for me, he said, "everyone else has awards, you should have one too mom." (Isn't he sweet? Anyway, I've decided to share the award and give it to sites that have impressed me with their presentation and content, community service, and that try to help dispell the misconceptions and misinformation about wicca and other earth religions. Please accept this award with my appreciation and congratulations." - Rare Earth

Witches' Voice awarded Crow's Suffer a Witch... TO LIVE (May 4th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice are truly thrilled to win this award and would like to thank Crow for bestowing us with this fine honor

"The Witches' Voice has won the CROW Award (Suffer a Witch...To Live) is my personal award for service to the "Witches of the world" and our Right to religious freedom... " - Crow

Witches' Voice awarded Elenya's Magickal Moment Award (May 4th., 1997): Thank you Elenya for this fine honor.

"Merry Meet and Congratulations! Your site has been chosen to receive Elenya's Magickal Moment Award for Web Excellence. Your site provides an excellent resource and guide for the pagan community at large. Your pages are well designed and extremely informative. May your words continue to be heard... "The Goddess Is Alive And Magick Is Afoot"" - Elenya

Witches' Voice awarded MoonDragon's Admiration Award (May 4th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice are truly thrilled to win this award and would like to thank The Witches' Cave for bestowing us with this fine honor

"First of all congratulations with your wonderfull site. I really enjoyed visiting here. It is easy to read and it helps to spread the word about us witches. We definitely need more education and you are doing an excellent job. For this I wanted to reward you with my award" - The Witch's Cave

Witches' Voice awarded Celtic Connection Award of Excellence(April 26th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice would like to thank Doug Miller (Herne) for bestowing us with this fine honor

"I want to tell you how much I enjoy your site and applaude the work you are doing to defend our spiritual path. I would like to offer my humble Award of Excellence in recognition for your outstanding efforts. Since in this day and age, time is a premium. It is difficult for most of us to adequately maintain jobs and operate our sites while keeping abreast of current news. If you would allow this link, I would be eternally grateful... One other thing that I would like to make you aware of is that I would feel a great sense of loss if the Witches Voice were to go away." - Celtic Connection

Witches' Voice awarded C.O.L.L.'s Award of Excellence (April 26th., 1997): The Witches' Voice would like to thank Lilith Silerhair for bestowing us with this honor and wish her only the best magic

"The Witches' Voice is THE most important Pagan site on the net today. I personally visit at least every other day, and have used your information from the beginning. I recommend your site to everyone, from the seasoned pagan seeking help in any way, to the new seeker wanting information. It is my sincere hope that The Witces Voice may continue to be a presence on the Web and in the Pagan Community for many years to come. Congratulations & Blessings" - Lilith Silverhair

Witches' Voice awarded The Mystic Site of the Web Award of Excellence (April 26th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice are truly thrilled to win this award and would like to thank Tina and the folks at Avatarsearch for bestowing us with this fine honor

"The Mystic Site of the Web Award exists exclusively for the benefit of the Mystical and Occult Communities on the Internet. Its sole purpose is to provide a means of recognition for a Web Site's Achievement and service to the community. The Witches' Voice has proven to be among the very finest of an Mystical or Occult nature on the Internet and has demonstrated both Excellence in Design and provides a critical resource to Mystics and Occultists Worldwide." - Avatarsearch

Witches' Voice awarded Jaz's Pagan Web Site of the Week (April 19th., 1997): Thank you Jaz for bestowing us with this wonderful honor and congrats on your recent release from Cyberpatrol's "CyberNOT list"

"I was so excited to find your page! A few months ago when I surfed to WLPA, all that wonderful information and beautiful web-spinning was gone! Then a week or so ago I happened upon Witch's Voice...and this is even better! Tons of information, regularly updated, absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on THE must-see Pagan site on the web! I surf there at least twice a week." - Jaz Gordon Jaz's Pagan Page

Witches' Voice awarded Unickorn's Premier Pagan Site (April 19th., 1997): Thank you Unickorn for these kinds words and this beautiful award.

"This site has received the honor of being chosen as the first of many Premier Pagan Sites by Unickorn! Not only is their information pertinent and important to Pagans from all paths, but it is also timely and beautifully displayed. Hats off to The Witch's Voice, Unickorn's new favorite!" - Unickorn

Witches' Voice awarded The Apple of Excellence Award (April 19th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice are truly thrilled to win this award and would like to thank Crow for bestowing us with this fine honor

"The Apple of Excellence Award is awarded for Graphic Design(creativity)/Layout & Surfablity/Creative use of Html/Writing/Service to community. and is awarded with from 1 to 5 Stars/Bullets... depending on how many categories a Site wins in. Heckate's Broom is happy to Award 5 stars to The Witches' Voice...!" - Rev.Gwyddion Thornapple W.P. H.P. Heckate's Broom

Witches' Voice awarded Nymue' Mystical Site Award (April 19th., 1997): and we couldn't be more excited we love this site and thank Nymue' for this fine honor.

"I LOVE your site, the message, the purpose, EVERYTHING about it. It is exceptionaly done. I would like to award you "Nymue' Mystical Site Award". This award is only given to a select few." - Nymue' Mystical Site

Witches' Voice awarded Pagan Best of the Web (April 19th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice are truly thrilled to win this award it's worth noting that PBOTW was one of the first Pagan Awards that we had ever heard of.

"CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected as a recipient of the PAGAN BEST OF THE WEB award. Your award logo is attached to this message, or you can get it at our web site" - Pagan Best of the Web

Witches' Voice awarded Earth Wisdom Site of the Week (April 12th., 1997): The Witches' Voice would indeed like to thank Earthwizard Steven Craig Hickman for bestowing us with this wonderful recognition.

"I have wandered the net for many moons now. I watched, waited, and listened to the silence of the web's music. I have personally sought the empowering vision of unity that would trigger the Earth Community into an active awareness of itself. Suddenly it is truly happening. And one of those nodal points of light that are gathering the kindred into the dance is "The Witches' Voice". They are sophisticated and web savvy; yet, they are full of wisdom, deep learning, and commitment as well.

The Witches' Voice is a site of information and feedback, a place of challenge and responsibility, but most of all it is a gathering place for those who honor our ancient right to worship the Old Religion as freeborn children of the Earth Mother. My Celtic Staff is raised high to the four winds in peace to those who have brought forth this best of the best websites. " - Wisdom of the Earth

Witches' Voice awarded Stone Circle Award (April 12th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice are truly thrilled to win this award and Moonleaf for bestowing us with this fine honor

"I would like to award your site with this award. You are the first site to receive this award because clearly this is the best site on the Wiccan faith on the web. It has information on practically every aspect of the religion and most of all it tells the truth. People can visit this site to learn the truth behind Witchcraft, and that is the most important thing! Blessed Be." - Moonleaf's Witchcraft Page

Witches' Voice awarded The Dancing Sidhe Goddess Award of Excellence (April 1st., 1997): The Witches' Voice would indeed like to thank Rowan Sidhe for bestowing us with this wonderful recognition. More importantly, if you havn't visited the Dancing Sidhe Pagan Rescources web site you are truly missing out. This site is both beautiful AND powerful. Surf over today by clicking on the award to your left.

"Your site was nominated for an award by a traveler through my own page. As soon as I saw who they were nominating I was ready to mail the award out. Your site is an inspiration to the rest of us and it is wonderful to see what you are doing and the information you are providing.You are a great service to the Pagan community and I hope you realize the importance of what you are doing! Keep up the wonderful work." - Dancing Sidhe Pagan Rescources

Witches' Voice awarded Witches' Web Award for Excellence! (March 30th., 1997): The Witches' Voice would indeed like to thank WhiteWolf and the fine folks at the Witches' Web for bestowing us with this recognition.

"Thanks to all who submitted nominations! The Witches' Web is happy to announce the first Witches' Web Award for Excellence!. Congratulations goes to none other than The Witches' Voice. In many ways, the WVOX embodies everything a Witch or Pagan web site could hope to be. Aside from the great set of links to other Witch and Pagan sites, it is most importantly a proactive educational network dedicated to correcting misinformation about Witches and Witchcraft. There are other fine groups fighting for Witches' rights, but none have truly inspired Witches' quite like Fritz, Wren and Peg of the Witches' Voice. If there was ever to be a beacon of light shining on this Earth for all Witches' freedom everywhere, it would emanate from somewhere in the vicinity of Boston, MA - the location of the Witches' Voice." - The Witches' Web

Witches' Voice awarded Gwydion's Golden Site of the Month (3/24/97): Texas Pagan Awareness's affinity for the Witches' Voice is no secret. Our Texas Coordinator serves on the Board of Advisors for the Witches' Voice, and the rest of TPA simply love Wren, Fritz, and Peg alot.

This web site is first among those sites that seek religious freedom and equality for Witches'. Fritz and Wren and Peg have spent countless hours working on their site, writing wonderful articles, scanning tons of media reports for news that we should all be aware of, and yet they always have time to write a supportive email to encourage others in their endeavors. The light and love and truth that emits from this site is palpable when you first visit.
They have created many offering for Pagans from all over the country to aid in networking and dialog. They have created a resource and educational section that is surpassed by no other site on the web. Their site is always on top of the latest new and stories, and they use their web space like a magickal tool to finally secure freedom and understanding for Witches everywhere.

For all that they have done, for all that they continue to do, and for all the heartache they have suffered to further the cause and the work, we give this month's "Golden Site" Award to Wren, Fritz, and Peg of the Witches' Voice. Their site is more than just a web site - much more." -Texas Pagan Awareness Online

Witches' Voice awarded WebCrawler Site of the Week (3/17/97): The Witches' Voice would like to thank one of the coolest search engines on the internet for choosing us for this award.

"When these Witches aren't tuned into Xena, Warrior Princess, they're working hard on The Witches' Voice, a regularly updated hub of witch and Pagan resources. Witchcraft is a legally recognized religion in the United States, and visitors here can learn about its history and practice. The site also offers Witch news, plus info on witches in writing, music, and the media." - WebCrawler Select

Witches' Voice awarded Best of the Teen Pagan Web Award (3/17/97): The Witches' Voice would like to thank Callisto, and the rest of the OGTP for deeming us worthy of this award and of course to our wonderful teen pagan writers, Embers, Roland WordStone, Stormcrow and Shawn Connolly for making it possible.

"Your site is the first site we are offering this award to. Our reasons are as follows: The site is cool...:), Most Teens can relate to it, It supports teens, rather than tells us we are doing it for shock value and it's VERY INFORMATIVE!" - Online Group of Teenage Pagans

Witches' Voice awarded The CDW Web Weaver Award (March 14th., 1997): The Witches' Voice would indeed like to thank BlackHawk and the fine folks at Dragon's Weave for bestowing us with this recognition.

"Talk about being blown away! The design of your site was beautiful, the graphics crisp and eyecatching, the content phenomenal, and the construction excellent... Classy stuff, people!" - Dragon's Weave

Witches' Voice awarded the Clan Y'Draig Award of Excellence (March 6th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice are truly thrilled to win this award and the applaud the love love and light that emits from The Clan Y'Draig Web site. Tim and friends - We love you.

"This is an excellent site, which is blazing the trail on the WWW in the effort to unite all Pagans/Wiccans in the fight for Religious Freedom, and makes great strides in the area of Education. Skillfully crafted by Webmaster Fritz Jung, this site is truly a work of art. Easily navigated, full of useful information, and resplendent with beautiful graphics, The Witches' Voice has become a beacon in the firmament of CyberSpace." - The Clan Y'Draig

Witches' Voice awarded The Internet Top Ten (February 28-March 6th., 1997): The Witches' Voice would indeed like to thank Internet Magazine for bestowing us with this fine honor... FYI They rated us #4 on this weeks countdown.

"Eye of toad, tail of newt, a pinch of unix and a heap of HTML; the essential recipe for this Wiccan Website. As pagan rituals require this site includes all the elements from news and issues, witchcraft FAQ's, and more links than there are whiskers on a black cat. Honestly this an excellent resource for anyone with a genuine interest in Witchcraft and the Pagan religion" - The Internet Top Ten (by Internet Magazine)

Witches' Voice awarded the Tribute to the Goddess Award (March 6th., 1997): We of the Witches' Voice would like to thank Chas and the Witches of Deamon Child's resource page for this fine honor - Blessed be

"I made my own award that I give to pages I feel are magnificent in the content, presentation and the whole feel for the pagan way of life." - Deamon Childs' Witch resource page.

Witches' Voice awarded "Catala's Site of Excellence"(February 24th, 1997): The Witches' Voice would indeed like to thank Ed & Kriss of Catala's Wicca Page for bestowing us with this fine honor... Their page is first rate and a real gem in cyberspace. It contains some beautiful Wolf pictures wonderful light throughout. As of 2-21-97: More info about Wicca, More spells in their Book of Shadows, More awards won, Description of links, More winners of my award! Do check out this wonderful page today.

Catala gives out an award for excellence to those pages that are most wonderful! They need to be creative, beautiful and full of information." - Catala

Witches' Voice awarded the Yahoo! Award for Weekly Notoriety (February 24-March 1st., 1997): "This week's Fly-by-Night YAWN goes to The Witches Voice, a site by, for, and about - well, conjure up a guess yourself. You'll find awards here (favorite TV pagan: Xena, Warrior Princess), and a list of the top 13 witch sites. Also available: articles by teenage pagans, Witchcraft FAQs, and more related resources than you can shake a broomstick at. (Pardon the stereotype.) As it happens, the site also takes a look at some of the more serious issues concerning the treatment of witches and their portrayal in the media and popular culture". - Yahoo On the Web

Witches' Voice awarded "Site of the Week" February 17th, 1997): The Witches' Voice wishes to sincerely thank Chas of GPH Site of the Week for bestowing us with this fine honor...

"Hiya Fritz, We (the folks involved with the G/L Rites project) had a meeting last night, and wanted to thank you for a great link and the beautiful page that you have dedicated to the Gay & Lesbian Witch so we cam up with this... " - GPH Site of the Week.

Witches' Voice awarded "Site of the Week" (February 16th, 1997): The Witches' Voice would indeed like to thank the beautiful Angie Nash of *Out of the Besom Closet* for bestowing us with this fine honor...

"Every week, I choose a site from my list of links to profile, based on content and appearance. This week's site is the The Witches' Voice site, based in Boston, Massachusetts. It truly doesn't get any better than this site, to be honest. Remember the former "Witches League for Public Awareness" (link below) site? It was beautiful, no doubt about that, and it was sorely missed when all the changes took place. Well, HAPPY DAY, because Fritz Jung and company is back on the 'Net, doing what they do best: The graphics are awesome, the content is staggering, and everything links its way back to wherever you need to go. Fritz should be an inspiration to webmasters everywhere, and this site makes a valuable contribution to the Pagan and Wiccan internet community. Stop by, and don't forget to leave Fritz some e-mail when you visit, telling him and the rest of the staff - Welcome Home." - Out of the Besom Closet.


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