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Witch Wars - Fire in the Craft

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Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: February 15th. 1998
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Sekhmet Benuhotep - Aiken, South Carolina
United States

"I was so relieved to see an intelligent rational treatment of this topic that I had to stop mid-paragraph and respond.BRAVO to the VOX Other than Bonewits classic evaluation most of us have never seen this painful topic intelligently discussed. Its too close to the bone and too painful. I have been in the Craft for nearly 28 years and there is nothing like a Witch War to send you running towards the solitary path. While there is a lot that is gained alone there is a lot to be learned from sharing and celebrating with friends.My area has a small WiccanPagan community but seldom have I seen more carnage than I have witnessed here in the past five years. At the present things are calming down but at one point I was ashamed to be called a part of this community.At this point the survivors of our local Witch Wars are crawling out of the wreckage and attempting to reassess what went wrong in the respective groups how to avoid these problems in the future and how we as individuals can take steps to try and head these problems off in the future. A very useful excercise occured when a dozen of us sat down and without naming names or groups told about the tendencies and practices that led us to feel disenchanted in previous groups many of which appear here in your articles. Bearing these issues in mind we are attempting to forge a new sort of community where we will try to police ourselves as individuals and keep certain set standards of ethics and behaviour as groups in hope s of taking the power out of rumors and clipping Wars in the bud before they explode and people get hurt.A foolish hope Well we are at least making an attempt. Even if it fails we will be perhaps a little wiser...Sekhmet BenuhotepCircle of the 13th Moon"

Date Posted: 2/11/98   Email:

Suzanne Simmons - Austin, Texas
United States

"Kudos to you for creating an open forum to lift the band aid and expose to healing light air the ugly sore spot on the Pagan community.There is unfortunately no healing for those individuals who operate solely to take from and gain power over others.The best one can do is recognize these sorts for what they are and avoid them. However many Witch Wars are started not by evil pschic vampires but by old fashioned foot in mouth syndrome.One who is newto a group or coven or community may inadvertently inflame an old conflict between with an offhand comment. Personal discord lying just beneath a placid surface can explode with force enough to destroysaid group.Pagans are people too.No matter how experienced in ritualor intercoven behavior a person can be they can still make a choice to behave in a petty or irresponsible manner when emotions cloudmoral or intellectual decisions.I am a semi solitary but active in my local community and have seen marriages and covens destroyedby mostly petty but sometimes malicious behavior on the part of the few who are not happy unless they are occupied in gossip and intrigue.Some groups fall apart from inside because of power trips by so called leaders who enjoy the great guru role more than truly teaching the people who trust them . It is imperative that we continueto explore the many factors behind Witch Wars and keep in mindthat while we will not eradicate conflict one can remember the Redeand try to avoid being sucked into the cesspools created by theladder climbers lover stealers or power hungry.You know who you are."

Date Posted: 2/12/98   Email: rhyanon.worldnet.attnet

StarGazer - Bakersfield, California
United States

"I feel that we as a community should stop arguing and start listening. I dont know if this has ever been said before but i will say it again. As pagans we are used to persecution and misunderstanding. So why is it that we do the same things to each other. We chose our paths for a reason. Whether it was to be free from the pressures of another religion or just because it all made sense we created our own path. So why not honor each persons decision. We should understand and acknowledge their freedom of religion. All we ask for from others in society is to be accepted. Accepted for who and what we are. Why can we not do this with each other. Our faiths have many similarities. And if we do not accept these differences of opinion we will be our own domnfall. So next time why not just sit back be comfortable with who you are and what you believe and let someone else do the same."

Date Posted: 1/22/98   Email:

Jesse Michaelah Parker - Ft. Worth, Texas
United States

"Dear OnesSince you had asked for my opinion a while ago I am taking this opportunity to offer what I feel about the Witch Wars. Even though I feel that you have already done a wonderful job of covering the issue As an Elder High Preistess and practitioner of the Craft for more than 28 years and a 3rd generation witch who has produced a 4th generation male witch born on Candlemas whose 22nd birthday just happens to be rapidly approaching in my personal history and experience I have seen amazing discord amidst the Craft. I have met countless people who have stated that they were High Preistesses and have always wondered why everyone feels they should hold such a title. Whatever happened to the Novice or the NeophyteIt is then that I watch as the battles begin. I have stared in complete amazement while some of these people completely mimicked christian philosophies and mannerisms such as vows of poverty etc. I have seen these same people literally ripping off their own covens and the unsuspecting public. It would make me so angry To me it was as if they were doing as much damage as those who link us to satanistsThis is all the more reason why I support the Witches Voice both in my heart and with my money. My organization the Lone Star Witches Support Network has been trying to offer the same type of unity and sanity since the late 1980s but you have done a much better job of reaching people.I sincerely hope that all of the true seekers of the Path will remember to hang on while the Craft takes on the metamorphosis needed for the next century. We must remember that there will always be the charleton and the thief but we should never lose sight of what the Craft is really about. And Magic is always made stroonger in peace and unity.Thank you for all of your good work. Blessed BeJ. Michaelah Parker - President Lone Star Witches Support Netwrok LSWSN@aolcom"

Date Posted: 1/28/98   Email:

Scott - Virginia Beach, Virginia
United States

"First it may not be appropriate for me to express my thoughts. I am not a witch or a pagan. I am simply someone who has an interest in the fair treatment of all persons. Sounds funny coming from a copI spend a fair amount of time educating police officers on the Pagan Community. I have several friends who are following various paths. They educate me. It disturbs me to know that this kind of in-fighting is going on... however it doesnt suprise me.One problem that is forthcoming as I see it anyway is that the Witch War will get out of hand and get to the right wing press. In the area I live home of CBN it would be blown all out of proportion and give fuel to the fire of ANTI-PAGANISM.Christian Zealots are looking for ANYTHING they can use to discredit Paganism. I see it everyday. On my shift someone finds a dead animal and before anyone can say BOO the death of the animal is credited to witches and satanists. Too many of these things go on and the news gets it and runs... Neo-Paganism does not need this. It is just now getting to the point where you can say I am a witch and not feel as much heat. This will only create more problems that CAN BE avoided.File this in the For What Its Worth file. Just my"

Date Posted: 1/30/98   Email:

Deborah - Colorado Springs, Colorado
United States

"I feel it is imperative that as concientious people and pagans bychoice rather than force we allow those who feel the need to be ALL WISE to express their views openly. Working toward global harmonyas a community is critical in these times. Following the wiccan redeand law of three allows us to energize these people to a positiveand more productive means of expression. Knowing that there are manyfellow pagans supporting you in light and through the Goddess can moreeasily establish a less threatening atmosphere for those whos ego hasrun amuck. Perhaps the healing of those who espouse the I am better than you attitude can heal us all. Let there always be light love.We have a response .. ability and not to use the healing energy wehave to help individuals directly or indirectly is to turn our backson those who forged a significant path for us when many would not come forth to do so. We must have the grace to say thankyou and the wisdom to know that often a small wish can SPELL a miracle in the hardest of hearts and soften the egos of the most famous of us all ..whoever that may be I cannot tell you... Let us all walk carefully and bruise noone as perhaps they are more fragile than we see. I come on strongbut those who have taken time to look see a sensitivity they never expected allow those whose thought are seemingly wrong to hear and feel the true POWER OF THE WITCH and the healing can be magic"

Date Posted: 2/5/98   Email: unavailable using a friends

William - Southeastern, Ohio
United States

"It sounds like what were dealing with is simple humanity. All these problems are common to all religions and groups and any gathering of people. They will never go away they will never be eliminated until we stop being human. But that will have problems of its own.Fortunately because all these problems are universal they have been dealt with by many people for a long time. Counseling techniques especially marital counseling offer answers and techniques that will allow us to deal with them. What is necessary is the will to choose to deal with these things instead of hiding from them. The solutions are available as long as we are willing to work at it.Another problem might be the question of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. We form covens casually then hope that we will grow into the necessary relationships. This is like getting married then hoping youll come to love your spouse. Relationships must form first as part of our daily lives then based on these relationships well know who will be ready to be part of our coven. These issues will ride with us for as long as we live we must accept and embrace this reality. Thats part of being human and accepting our humanity with all that means is part of being a witch.Blessed BeWillStagMoon Coven"

Date Posted: 2/5/98   Email:

Kat MacMorgan and a bunch more - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

"One of the Things that attracts people to Wicca is the allowance for many different types of beliefs. This is a really noble thing until youre scrounging for bus fare while another local priestess is charging 200 dollars a pop for classes without a single stray thought. At this moment in time WE all define our different tradtions by what we have that is different than the next group. Its really easy to sit there and point fingers to say that some other person we know is in a Witch War but I watched some barely teenage girls lose their childhood because of this stuff. A local man in my former hometown claiming to be Wiccan convinced these girls that they were possessed and that by sleeping with him they would be cured... Now while we all could agree that this was bad the fact that one REALLY respected priestess in my area had told these girls that most of the other so-called Wiccan covens in the area were really Satanists or charlatans or INSERT YOUR INSULT HERE made it worse. Put simply since no other coven was real... and her coven didnt take people their age... NOT A ONE of the kids in this guys coven felt they could leave and still be Wiccan. MOST of them decided it was better to be a solitary..but a few fell victim to our old friend ONLY A WITCH CAN MAKE A WITCH made. Without one Lady WitchlierThanThou preaching the neopagan gospel of hate and mistrust it probably would not have happened...or at least not have happened to as large a group as it did.OKAY...OKAY...I know that some trads say one thing and some trads say another but why cant we just get together once and say that we are all equal. Why cant we say that all Wicca taught by the ethical and the knowledgeable is good and all Wicca taught for profit or to promote a personal agenda or vendetta is bad... SHEESH we have more in common than we have different...Kaatryn MacMorgan Jadefyre MacMorgan Donatien and Tessa Marchand and more"

Date Posted: 2/5/98   Email:

North Star - New York,

"BlessingsI think this is a helpful section for anyone involved in a current witchwar. My it help to heal and not be used to perpetuate misunderstandings... Blessed Be"

Date Posted: 2/9/98   Email:

Robert - Long Beach, California
United States

"Being somewhat new to Wicca and paganism I havent yet had the unfortunate experience of a Witch War. However after reading these fine essays I have a better understanding of what to expect and what to do to avoid or resolve a war. I have also made hard copies of these essays for others to read. All of the authors made their point in an articulate and informative manner. I am looking forward to the next series of articles and essays."

Date Posted: 2/9/98   Email:

James Bardin - Clinton, Mississippi
United States

"I can sum up my feelings on the subject with but one quote.If we do not hang together then we shall most assuredly hang seperately. Benjamin Franklin"

Date Posted: 2/10/98   Email:

Victor Kinzer - Bloomington, Indiana
United States

"It struck me as incredible that such pettiness could infect the pagan community. We are told from the beginning in every book and by every teacher that there are several paths of paganism and wicca. I can't imagine what would happen if I were to become involved in a Witch War. My views or path are so off the beaten path that I can easily immagine someone having problems with them. I couldn't really imagine responding to such pettiness, yet you never really know until it happens. Emotion is not rational and it seems that emotion is one of the driving factors of this useless activity. The one reall cure that I could see for this would be for each individual to make an effort on their own part to avoid this stickey and pointless situation. Victor Kinzer"

Date Posted: 1/9/98   Email:

Victor Kinzer - Bloomington, Indiana
United States

"It struck me as incredible that such pettiness could infect the pagan community. We are told from the beginning in every book and by every teacher that there are several paths of paganism and wicca. I can't imagine what would happen if I were to become involved in a Witch War. My views or path are so off the beaten path that I can easily imagine someone having problems with them. I couldn't really imagine responding to such pettiness, yet you never really know until it happens. Emotion is not rational and it seems that emotion is one of the driving factors of this useless activity. The one real cure that I could see for this would be for each individual to make an effort on their own part to avoid this sticky and pointless situation. Victor Kinzer"

Date Posted: 1/9/98   Email:

Rebekah Goldwin - Raleigh, North Carolina
United States

"Major religions having different denominations or sects and having at least a few hundred years of experience under their belts have learned to foster professional courtesy among their clergy. Not all of the clergy of wiccan faiths and witches practices have been able to foster and maintain this. No matter how old a given tradition is or isn't the face of witchcraft as a religion in this country is the face of a young developing religion. The second clear and ever present divisive force is the personal professional choices of witch and wiccan clergy. This is neither new nor specific to our faith. In fact it is as old as history. Independent churches with clergy maintaining outside professional employment and professional clergy of much larger congregational bodies have long distrusted each other. Sad hallmarks of a growing and developing religion are battles for majority control battles for cash control battles for priority status among the clergy and an ever present fundamentalist sector. The future of the faith depends upon the resolution of these conflicts and growing pains. My fervent prayer to the Gods is to live long enough to see peace and mutual respect in our community."

Date Posted: 1/12/98   Email:

SilvrSkys - Cape Cod, Massachusetts
United States

"Wren and Fritz once again you have brought up a subject that needs our attention. I as well have been there done that and got the tee-shirt. The pain caused by blame is often unable to be healed. You have addressed this subject in a direct way by asking the Pagan community in large. Thank you for not hiding in the corner for instead taking the stand. We have always been provoked into thinking by the issues addressed at the Witches Voice for which we thank you. The only reason to degrade another is to boost your own ego and soothe your own insecurities. author unknown. Brightest Blessings - SilvrSkys"

Date Posted: 1/12/98   Email:

Donald Branum - Atlanta, Georgia
United States

"Shades of the Reformation. The greatest harm we do our Pagan brothers and sisters is to believe our definition of Paganism is complete that it contains no room for expansion. Life is a process of expansion and evolution. . . who are we if we do not allow ourselves and others the room to expand and evolve with it Want a good example of what a Witch War at its worst could do Take a look at Northern Ireland or at Bosnia-Herzegovina. These are acts of humans against humans. Do not dismiss them as acts of Christians against Moslems or Catholics versus Protestants Faith is Faith. We have the potential to carry on the torch of hatred and burn ourselves in the carrying. We have equal potential to quench the flame that burns and carry a calmer light. The latter is what we must do if we are to create and establish ANY union of faith."

Date Posted: 1/12/98   Email:

Marsha Smith Shaw - West Hills, California
United States

"I have been actively involved in the Craft since 1968. During the past 30 years I have had the honor and privilege of working with many wonderful and talented people in putting together or serving in various Pagan and Craft organizations. It has always made me sad and a little bit angry that there are those individuals whose egos are so fragile and sense of self esteem so low that they feel they must put others down in order to build themselves up. There is so much work to be done that we do not need to waste our energies on petty vindictiveness. I applaud The Witches Voice for taking a courageous stand in bringing this topic out into the open where it can be freely discussed and examined. Lets all work together to bring our vision of a united and diverse community into manifest reality. So mote it be. Rev. Marsha Smith Shaw DD First Wiccan Church."

Date Posted: 1/12/98   Email:

Cerulean Skies - roseburg, Oregon
United States

"Squabbling is what a family does. My brother and I kicked the crap out of each other when we were young. Now we have matured and respect each other. So can pagans. But look at Christians. How many of you looked at web sites by them bashing Catholics Mormons and other Followers of Christ just because they don't follow their ideal path of Christ I cant understand it but it is their family. I have an alcoholic in my family but hem is family. I did not pick him and I did not pick those pagans I do not agree with. But they are pagans and I should at least acknowledge them. I don't have to talk to everybody in the community accept them in my circle of confidants ect. I don't have to like everybody and nobody has to like me. But I am Pagan and a child of the Lord and Lady."

Date Posted: 1/12/98   Email:

Justus White - Ft. Worth, Texas
United States

"Merry meet... I do not feel that it should make any difference to a Pagan what any others Pagan path is. Whether someone is Dianic or an Odinist Druid OTO or Witch. We are all part of the same Pagan family. You have written where there is smoke there is Fire. I feel that this is good because Fire is Purifying. When we come through the Fire we will be like a tempered Sword that is taken out of the Fire. The Sword is strong and will not break and neither will we. We will be stronger for having come through the Fire and survived the Witch Wars. Some Pagans are bothered because of the titles that some people give themselves. I do not see why it should make any difference what someone calls themselves. Or whether someone feels that someone is not qualified to be an HPS or an HP. As long as our lives or the quality thereof is not affected why should it make any difference Shakespeare said What's in a name A Rose by any other word would smell as sweet. I feel that it is very important for us to celebrate our diversity and individuality and not turn our noses up at someone who sees the Goddess and the God differently than we do. I very much enjoy meeting Pagans from paths other than mine. I feel we can all learn from the other person. We should learn about their paths because it just might make ours stronger. We should welcome diversity. As far as I am concerned a Pagan is a Pagan regardless of their Path. Brightest BlessingsJustus"

Date Posted: 1/12/98   Email:

Rowan Amergin - Belleville, Ontario

"Well met. The concept of a witch war was totally alien to me when I was first initiated almost a year ago. I learned fast. I knew several people who were or claimed to be Wiccans. I chose one teacher over another and inadvertently bruised some egos and hurt some feelings. The result was that I triggered a witch war. The scary part was that the teacher I turned down took it as a personal insult and I became a target. The I rejected that person because he had no sense of responsibility and/or control. The fact that he began hexing and binding me and my teacher not to mention her friends in an effort to quote teach me a lesson unquote is a prime example of this. It is very poignant to me that the first magickal gift I was ever given by my teacher was a protective amulet to ward of any magickal attacks. Physical confrontation was also a real concern on several occasions. Fortunately that never happened. I hate witch wars. They are a waste of time and energy. They are also a source of huge amounts of bad karma and a lot of worry. There is a time and a place for bindings and even hexes. A witch was is not that time or place. Period. If you have a difference of opinion just talk it out. Blessed Be - Rowan Amergin"

Date Posted: 1/12/98   Email:

RainWalker - Wappingers Falls, New York
United States

"Blessings An important if disturbing report with excellent coverage. Youve made some excellent points. We do all carry our own baggage onto our spiritual paths. Before we announce a decision is right because weve been led to that decision by Goddess God our Guides or whomever we need to be sure that it isnt our OWN voice we hear. And speaking of voices the Silence is Golden proverb isnt always right. Silence ignoring what we know is right because we are afraid to challenge our leaders escalates the war. I was part of a circlecoven that nearly disintegrated because many of us were afraid to tell our HP that she was wrong. That fear caused great hurt and dismissal to a member and eventually eroded the circle figuratively and literally. It was only when one woman had the courage to break the silence that the rest of us spoke up. Apologies were made to the woman who had been mistreated and the circle reformed stronger than before and minus the HP who felt that her guides were directing her to dominate and control and mis-lead the group. Speaking up may cause a skirmish but may preempt a true war. We must be true to what is right. Ive seen reference to the status quo made in reference to Witch wars. What status quo Didnt the resurgence of Witchcraft happen in response to people fighting the status quo The Pagan path is one that encourages individuality and our only dogma is and should be Harm none. Beyond that no one should be telling anyone else whether or not they are Witches. Degrees and initiations are an individual choice and should be up to each individual whether heshe chooses a particular path that requires such things. If someone lives by the Wiccan Rede calls herhim self a Witch that person IS a Witch regardless of degrees. If a particular group requires those things thats fine but lets not then declare that everyone needs to fulfill that in order to be a Witch. The way out of Witch Wars is to live by the Wiccan Rede to acknowledge harm where it exists and speak out - and take action- to end it. If we all focus on our personal spiritual paths and truly respect one another the war will end and there really will be the dawn of a New Age."

Date Posted: 1/14/98   Email:

Gaia Ivorywitch - Memphis, Tennessee
United States

"I have been a solitary for eleven years. I say that because that is how many years I have embraced what the mainstream calls people like me. Witch. It is a name I claim proudly now after many years of avoidance and denial. For too many of those years even before I embraced Wicca as my faith I was looking for a certain person. A person I felt drawn to meet. A person I felt had much to teach me if she only would. I saw her in local newscasts. I heard her on radio shows but as a teenager I was forbidden to seek her out at her local business. Then I searched for her as an adult but she was nowhere to be found. I met many who knew her and almost none who liked her and I wondered why. I wanted to make my own descision about her. I got my wish but I learned a very valuable lesson. I met her and worked with her and grew to love her as my spiritual mother. But after I worked with her in a local group she founded I apparently began to threaten her authority. She challenged me and called me a wannabe when I questioned something she did. This taught me never to hold someone up higher than myself. It taught me to always expect to be treated with respect and to stay away from those who hold themselves above the masses.

I have since formed an open circle and am constantly battling against being put up on some pedestal where I do not belong. I am constantly beleaguered with duties that fall under the category of leadership and I wonder. How do I keep from falling into the same trap The Lady called me to her. She brought me into contact with people who could broaden my mind. She has a purpose I am only beginning to understand. All these things happened for a reason. I think they happened so that one day I can assume a mantle of my own personal power without beckoning to others to follow me down what should be my own personal path. I hopefully will one day arrive at a place where I can answer questions when asked without posturing about how wonderful I am and how much I know and why everyone should be in awe of me. One day I hope to be worthy of respect of my peers and those who would have me teach them of Wicca and of the Lord and Lady and their effect on my own life and how wonderful my life has been since I began in their ways. And I hope to stand accountable for my deeds at face value with unquestioned integrity. But I am human like my one time friend who says I betrayed her. I do not know if I will pass that test. I do know that when the time comes I will have done everything in my power to be worthy of the test. Until that time I seek solace in the knowledge that the Lord and Lady are always with me. They hold my hand between them and perhaps one day they will bid me turn and summon others too. And then again perhaps not. I will be happy either way. And I will continue to serve Them and those who serve Them also.

My primary objective is to be of service where needed. To be of counsel only when asked and then only to guide the seeker to look inward and remember that what he or she seeks cannot be found without if it is not encountered first within. And when they and I have learned that lesson we can enjoy a diverse community of equals. Unity. Balance. Celebrating diversity. Egomaniacs are enemies to those of us who truly seek a well lit and well balanced path. They are however the shadow that contrasts the light. For every one of them there must be one more of us. Do not let someone tell you what to do and feel. Do and feel for yourself. Then help others do the same. There will always be egomaniacs. There will always be those that fall away from that and those will be the ones who make the difference in the end. Pay your dues and be a star Not hardly. Study learn know teach be satisfied. Be of use. Let the Lady deal with the ones that get too big for their britches It happened to the Christians itll happen to the Wiccans and Pagans too. Mother will work her own vengeance where needed. Thanks for letting me vent. Blessed be and may none who read this ever thirst"

Date Posted: 1/14/98   Email:

Cindy Ettinger - Poland, Indiana
United States

"I did not realize that I myself had been involved in a Witch War until I read some of the comments and articles on this wonderful site. I think what it all boils down to is only believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. If you have a question or problem with someone go to them and talk it over. If you still disagree with them dont participate . Looking back I wish I had formed my own opinions instead of blindly listening to my friends opinions. It takes a strong personality to follow the pagan path to begin with so locking horns occaisionally is inevitable. But like I tell all the newbies who ask for advice go with your gut as long as it harms no one. If it doesnt feel right for you then dont. And believe it or not you can still be friends with someone you disagree with as long as you agree to disagree."

Date Posted: 1/15/98   Email:

Starr RavenHeart - Dallas, Texas
United States

"Thank you so much for this special section on witch wars It is a great service to our community. Living in a city Dallas that has the reputation of having the worst wars I hope this will open the eyes of people in my community and be the beginning of the end to witch wars."

Date Posted: 1/16/98   Email:

Silver Fox - Denver, Colorado
United States

"I have read all of the articles on this subject of Witch wars. I must say I was very surprised to learn all this was going on. But now that I look at it I realize that I too have been involved in a Witch War. I will not talk about it because that fire is out. I always thought of it as just a stupid fight between myself and another person. And really that is all it was. People are going to have disagreements that is just the way it is. Sad...But true. I think we need to act like adults here and handle it in manner that Harms None. I also know that this is easier said than done. I would like to take a moment here to extend warm thanks to The Witches Voice and all the wonderful people that make it happen. I can not thank you enough. For I have learned so much from you and the way you handle things. The way you take on such sensitive subjects and present them in a way that can only be admired. I do not wish to voice my opinion on other groups or individuals because then I too would be making a judgment. This is just one of the lessons I hope I have learned from all of this. I know that I personally will try to be the best Witch I can and ALWAYS be willing to learn. For me learning is growing and growing is learning and The Craft has been the most fulfilling thing to come into my life. It has changed me changed my life and changed the way I view so many things. This is a good thing and The Witches Voice is a good thing too. I will do my best to stop the Witch Wars and I think the best way to do that is not to get involved. But when you are involved just try to handle it in a adult manner and remember Harm None. Thanks again to all of you for all the hard work. Blessed Be."

Date Posted: 1/16/98   Email:

Brandyc Dawn - Pikeville, Kentucky
United States

"We are all of the same path. Why must it be that there is fighting amongst our own I experience the cruelty of those who are not Pagan on a daily basis and it saddens me to see those that I can count on for support are fighting. I am a young Witch and am 20 years old. My generation will inherit your mistakes so please think of us your children. There is no one way to the Goddess God. Why can we all not realize that I am thankful for those people in my life that help me on my path. Please do not make it harder for your children grandchildren and so on. Blessed Be Brandyc Dawn"

Date Posted: 1/16/98   Email:

Sinceeus - Silver City, New Mexico
United States

"Witch Wars....I found many of the opinions and thoughts on Witch Wars excellent in their points and information. One thing that may not have been considered with regards to this matter is looking further than the immediate problem. I realize many pagans and Wiccans refuse the possibility of those who work with the dark forces to exist. Evil for them has no place or effect on them nonetheless it is here. I have experienced firsthand well-meaning groups torn apart through such means. They never knew what hit them. Not even when the cosmic dust sort of speak disappeared. When I state those involved might look further...sometimes there are those who goal is to break-up and weaken the Wiccan and pagan communities only they use you to do it. And yes sometimes it our own egos which destroy us. That in its self is a test of soul and spirit. So beware...are some of you being played as puppets or just ego games gone riot It truly bears thinking about. Unfortunately our world isn't as neat and tidy as we would hope it was. A witch worth their salt will consider all threads leading in and out of any situation."

Date Posted: 1/19/98   Email:

Kurt Talking Stone - Brooklyn, New York
United States

"I have been particularly enjoying the new section on Witch Wars. Being in NYC and associated with a number of New England Pagans. Over about the past decade my wife and I have been exposed to, on the fringes of, or caught up in a number of squabbles and controversies. While we've been trying to keep our centers and grok the lesson, they do wear you out and we're currently somewhat withdrawn from the local community at the moment. Also caring for two allying elders, my parents, in their 70's gave us a real dose of real life perspective.

I served as Editor of Our Pagan Times and have been frequent contributor on and off. I have a few pieces which may be relevant. But I'm going to hold off till I read through the section. It's right stuff, and the vibe of honesty buzzes right through.

While some of the observations touch raw and barely healed wounds, and occasionally hit a tad too close to center. This is a necessary and important thing that is being done. It will help and help heal many people who are hurting. Wakan aloh. It is sacred. "

Date Posted: 1/19/98   Email:

Circe - Fayetteville, North Carolina
United States

"Witch Wars...I thank you for your coverage of an issue long ignored by Pagan communities. On a personal level I have found that most of these ego battles are wearisome at best and boring at the least. I do not mean to belittle those who have endured these experiences but I seem to remember being taught early in my training how to spot those who are likely to start this sort of thing and to treat them to a 10 ft pole response. I know that when we try to come together as communities that egos will inevitably get in the way. I have a recommendation. Read Starhawks Truth or Dare before you try to come together in any way either as a coven or a Pagan association. In 11 years as a practicing witch I have only been through one painful episode even remotely akin to a Witch War and have managed to affirm since then that all of my Craft encounters will be with positive people who abide by the Rede and threefold law. Our experiences with these wars are nothing new to religion...even Unitarian Universalists have begun to open dialog on how to foster diversity within their congregations. It isn't easy to accept those who believe differently than ourselves but the pattern of fostering hate cannot be allowed to establish itself in our communities lest we become like our accusers... Thanks Fritz and Wren for the great and neutral forum. It is deeply appreciated....Blessed BeCirce"


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