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Witch Wars - Fire in the Craft

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Witch Community Thoughts Page 05

Author: Pagan Communities
Posted: February 15th. 1998
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guinevere of the greenwood - greenwood, Indiana
United States

"I want to very much thank the Witches Voice for being here. It is so helpful to a fairly newborn wiccan. I have already and am still learning alot from the different article posted on the different pages. There is still a long way to go. While it is naive to think we will never have wars PLEASE fellow Wiccans and Pagans set aside your petty jelousies and differences try to work it out together rather than fight. How are the Pagan communities to work together to educate the non-pagans of our ways when all we do is argue fuss and fight Lets get a grip here I dont want to upset anyones apple cart let us not take these feelings and negativity into the next century."

Date Posted: 4/17/98   Email:

Aonach DragonSoul - Riverside, California
United States

"It is amazing to me in this day of religious intolerance that some of our own should fall into the same category. The Lord and Lady are known by literally thousands of names and faces so it only makes sense that there would be many paths to reaching Them. I believe there is a certain amount of selective ignorance thereby shutting off all but what they know - by choice. We must do what all long-term religions have done. Stick together!

There is no one way to the divine which is already in each and every one of us. Just as there are different personalities for every individual there are the individual paths that match those personalities. Most of us are moving torwards the same goals whether its Witch Wiccan Native American Celtic or Egyptian the ancient paths regard Mother Earth the divine love and respect of life in all its forms in the same manner. Although I personally have not been involved in a Witch War there have been those that made light of the paths my wife and I have chosen.

Please...we already face an adversary when it comes to mainstream religions and the lies spread by them. If you value your religion and the freedom to practice it dont remove or shun anothers beliefs merely because they dont mirror your own. Talk with them. Learn from them. You may realize you are closer than you think. The greatest weapon and the most knowledge. Go in peace and walk in light. Brightest blessings to all."

Date Posted: 4/24/98   Email:

Kytheriea - Tampa, Florida
United States

"I was deeply surprised and baffled this morning when I woke up and read the e-mail that had come in over the night. I awoke to find a letter detailing how someone believed that my website was a Pagan hatesite. Oh boy At first impression I thought it might be a cruel joke. Then I realized that the author of the letter was actually serious. Have we as Pagans become so blind that we think that anything which is different than the normal is automatically against us Just because what I practice as my religion and the things which I do are not Wiccan and that I stated such - the person made this automatic assertion that I was anti-Wiccan. This made me start to think. Here I am someone who keeps to themself and then there is a person who is about to launch an all-out attack on me. Truly things such as this are the cause of our problems. If even we can start to understand that there are difference between some our beliefs - and that sometimes differences are okay and good - maybe this would help us to understand. So quickly I see people who want to run out and call for the complete demise of another. I find this mentatily difficult to understand. There is so so much more out there. There are so many other things that if we put our time and effort into would bring about a much better good that could be shared among everyone and instead we use it on hate."

Date Posted: 4/24/98   Email:

Lady Jessica - Birmingham, Alabama
United States

"Witch Wars. World Wars. Office Politics. It is the same old story. The struggle for power over other. The struggle for money. The quest for sex. What we should be concerning ourselves with is the education and enlightenment of the next generation of witches. Why are we wasting our time quibbling over petty coven issues It wont matter in a hundred years which coven infringed on what coven. Spend your time teaching the younger generation the Way and you wont have time to argue."

Date Posted: 5/5/98   Email:

Prince HaZeCaT of Panor - London, Ontario

"Whats up with this witch wars thing I thought witches all witches would join me and be my brothers and sisters. Now I find out that we and just as bad as the followers of the Christ. we are one we sould be one under all the gods and become the title wave on the seas of the souls wipeing out hate and loving nature for the way it was when we were one. We are the keepers of knowlage the Wise Ones keep it that way please.HaZeCaT17 male."

Date Posted: 5/7/98   Email:

Porphyrous - Tualatin, Oregon
United States

"By the time I found this section of the web site a lot of material had accumulated. So it took awhile but it was worth it. What I realized as I was reading this was that everybody who has ever been involved in an organization or a community has been through something like this.

I have been on the Path for less than a year. I am exclusively solitary and dont really feel that comfortable in public settings yet. However I have been active in politics for quite a bit longer. The story of the Libertarian Party reads like a lot of these Witch War articles. Whenever you bring strong individualists together who feel compelled by a central ideal you can expect wars to happen. You can expect people to challenge each others purity of thought. Rumor becomes more powerful than truth.In my organization I think the worst is behind us. But I have no illusions. It will happen again. If I become involved in the pagan community here it will happen there too. I think there is no stopping it because it is so much a part of human nature. But we can limit the damage and keep the time and energy spent on it to a minimum if we are vigilant tolerant and patient.

The reason people fear talking about politics and religion in polite company is because they are so much alike. Theyre both based on ideals and frequently on unprovable assertions. Especially the Libertarian Party which is based so much on individual rights and personal freedom. Belief can bond friends and enflame enemies. I hope that both the Pagans and their political cousins the Libertarians will find enough love to overcome these wars and reach their goals."

Date Posted: 5/9/98   Email:

Sage Hecate - Chamblee, Georgia
United States

"I just read the post from someone known only as MSL. What MSL describes is NOT good. Never mind the typographical errors and bad grammar. Somewhere out there is someone he or she described as a high witch who is forcing his or her girlfriend to do things she does not want to do.THIS IS WHY THE NONPAGAN SOCIETY HAS SUCH A POOR OPINION OF US AND DOES NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE.We do not need Witch Wars draining our resources and energies. There are more important concerns than feeding egos and gaining points that we could involve ourselves in."

Date Posted: 5/12/98   Email:

Ariel SeaChild - SLC, Utah
United States

"My Many Beloved Sisters and BrothersSeveral years ago I was a victim of the satanic witchhunt which occurred here. I thought I was very strong and faced them with the heart of a warrior. I faced a person who claimed to be a professional therapist accused of things I am not capable of doing. And in a very short period of time I watched my entire world anihiliated. They were very good at what they did. I do not know anyway to explain the hell that is delivered by such people who are trained so well at what they do. Through it all I walked alone. No one believed me. I know many of you have also experienced this. In the end the doctor was discredited as documented facts would refute everything he had presented. But the hurt oh how it burned.It took many years and the touch of my beloved Goddess as a mother cares for her hurt child to heal. And in the end what did I learn The atrocities of the past can and WILL happen again if we are not united. For me ALL Pagans are my Sisters and Brothers and the same love and loyalty that I have for the Goddess also belongs to you. In my own practice I will always be a Student and Child of the Goddess so I take no degree for unity is so much more important than status to me.A new generation joins our circle. With them they bring new ideas new ways of looking at things just like we did. Lets welcome them to a circle of unity and love not one of division and pride.Brightest Blessings and Love to all my Sisters and Brothers"

Date Posted: 5/16/98   Email:

Crimson Wing - Portland, Oregon
United States

"I have noticed a great deal of bad press involving leaders who taketoo much power for themselves thus driving a group apart. I have yetto see this myself. Instead I see the opposite problem of groups whofall apart because of a distinct lack of leadership. The common pattern that comes up is this....

First a group gets together with the ideal in mind of total fairness and democracy. Second a few disagreements come up and everyone goes through the process of trying to discuss and vote on issues of dispute. Third less and less people are satisfied that all is fair and some try to build their sides power base by starting to play political games and side taking. Then after the sides have become firmly established the groups breaks apart and the process starts up all over again. Sometimes leaders are needed to insure that things are fair. Too...we should consider that beginners and long time experienced and widely read Wiccans can come head to head if they are given equal power. Mainly because sometimes the beginners on ego trips do not know what they are doing and do not want to listen to reason. In such cases a good and fair leader can allow a group to avoid trouble.

A good leader establishes guidelines for teaching and settling disagreements as well as give a final say on upcoming rituals. Too much power causes damage but a lack of guided power can cause just as much... Human beings are social mammals and all social mammals seek to establish a heirarchy within groups. Look at lions and wolves as examples. Voting is wonderful for very large groups and for wide reaching decisions. More intimate groups start to fight amongst themselves for power if that ambition is not somehow guided into reasonable paths. Everyone will have to decide for themselves how it all works...but I can not be the only one who sees this."

Date Posted: 5/16/98   Email:

Idrianna - houston, Texas
United States

"thank you for a well-balanced and informative set of articles. It is no great surprise that certain people look at our openness of religion and find instead an open avenue of exploitation. It is our very freedom to worship that gives these self-appointed leaders their opening. As long as we cannot agree on even the basic tenets of our religion then they are free to make up any harmful thing that will get them more milage. And to subject innocent seekers to their warped philosophies under the guise of religion. Unfortunately these sociopaths are usually the only ones considerred newsworthy by the mainstream press. These people make it very difficult to trust anyone in the pagan community. As we have all had run ins with this sort of egomaniacal behavior. That is why I am writing to thank you for your well written and thoughtful look at a common problem. Idrianna"

Date Posted: 6/2/98   Email:

Barton Boehm - Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
United States

"My two cents is on the topic of MONEY. pun intended I am amazed that so many are against the thought of paying teachers for their gift. I ask the would-be student... Is this important to you It should be the most important thing in your life. What should you exchange for the energy your teacher has expended on gaining this information and then preparing it for you In our tradition money is the least acceptable form of payment because it is so easy. But it does represent the energy spent in earning it. Im saying dont let money scare you from the best teacher you may ever have. Negotiate trade your skills if not cash. EVEN EXCHANGE OF ENERGY."

Date Posted: 6/16/98   Email: Benadet@aol

Wendy Breeze - Foley, Alabama
United States

"Merry Meet All Allow me to introduce myself. I am Wendy. Sometimes known as the Celtic Enchantress and other times known as Breeze. I am from a long line of very gifted Scottish Highlander women. Up until about 2-12 years ago I was a Catholic until a transition left me as what most Christians would say hellbound or unholy or possessed.I wish to comment on an topic I read in your site about sex and such. I was the Priestess of an eclectic coven that was so eclectic nobody wanted to learn the faithpantheon of Wicca or anything else except how to score with the opposite sex and the hocus-pocus. I myself am very gifted in the ways of sex magick but I do not just go around zapping folks. Toward the last days of the coven a professed witche was between boyfriends and was eyeing my handfast mate using everything she had to offer just short of downright molesting or rape. I thank the Lord and Lady for Silver RavenWolfe and her advice. Otherwise I wouldve did something very deadly to her and dangerous to my karmic returns. Because of Silver I have found that using the isis or coldice rune to chill her out makes these types back off considerably. Even though in younger days I couldve and wouldve snuffed her I chose to follow the path of a healer since that is where most of my giftstalents tend to lean toward. With a little help if you know what I mean I led her to find someone she has fallen head over heels in love and it appears to be very mutual. They have recently married and seem to be very happy. I see nothing wrong with skyclad ceremonies and rituals however it is not for everyone. Not all of us are model material and some are very self conscious about certain aspects of our anatomy. Here comes the old saying of perfect love and perfect trust. Not all have that luxury. Sometimes it is best to leave our clothes on to spare our feelings later when say in the middle of the local coffee shop where members of that ceremony decide to talk and sometimes the talk can be very hurtful. Not everyone in the circles are honorable. Im not saying dont go skyclad just really really know the others involved and know beyond a shadow of a doubt they are honorable and trustworthy and check yourself at the door as well. Ive not been burned on this but have seen it happen to others. Its bad enough to be giggled at but it really hurts when they point and giggle. Thank you for allowing me to speak my mind.Merry Part and Blessed BeWendy"

Date Posted: 6/16/98   Email:

Christopher Wichtendahl - Parsippany, New Jersey
United States

"This is not necessarily a commentary on the opinions expressed here. Though I thought the Field Guide for the Modern Pagan to be hysterically funny. Rather it is an opinion of Witch Wars and Pagan Egos in general. Quite frankly I have found many members of the pagan community to be humorless and condescending about their religion. I have unfortunately come in contact with a majority of pagans wiccans in particular who seem to use their religion as a platform for their own personal agenda whether it be feminism or recovery or gay rights or environmental issues. Ive also found that as humorless as these people seem to be about wicca itself they are even more so about said agendas. This attitude breeds an atmosphere of intolerance that I feel rivals even the most right-wing fundamentalist Christian. This attitude is ridiculous. It is destructive. It is immature.I am not saying that every pagan I have met behaves this way. Rather I am saying that an alarming number seem to. My message to pagans involved in Witch Wars is Lighten Up. Its just religion. I think the Goddess would be much happier if we were all nice to each other rather than wasting time arguing about who intitiated who or how far back someone can trace their lineage. Who cares I dont. And I dont think the Gods do either.Then again I could be entirely wrong and the Gods could have a vested intrest in who has the oldest athame or the most impressive magical pedigree or the nicest robe. In fact Im sure the Goddess ignores my prayers completely because I was never initiated into the Ancient Mystery Tradition of the Sacred Order of Wet Blankets by the Ordained Grand High Stick in the Mud."

Date Posted: 6/25/98   Email:

Lady Shadow Wolf - West Palm Beach, Florida
United States

"I have read just about every missive in this particular for for unfortuneatly I have a stron vested interested in this topic. I was relieved yet saddened to realize that I wasnt the only one who was experiencing this sad state of affairs that has been occuring throughout the Pagan community. Everything on how they start and how the evolve is absolutely true.I have not found anything here offensive. I have experienced every range of emotions involved with this whole issue. I was and still am at the center of a witch war. Although this one is basically about ethics of the worst kind Dark v. Light it also has Power Money and Sex wrapped into it as well. At first many of those I thought were my friends hought I had been blowing outof proportion what I was feeling and reading off a particular group in the area. I am not one for grandios statements about another person but it go to the point I had to say something and I did. It turned a few heads but no one took me seriously until about a month ago.I will forgo all the details. I was betrayed by my now ex one of the reasons why he is my ex and the groups inner workings were also betrayed to the group that continually to this day desire to pull me in. I am the only on of our origional group that has not crossed over. And I have always felt like I stood by and did nothing to help them but in reality I later found out I saved myself.I was basically the desired mechandise. That was how it was put to me by one of my ex members who although still within thier grasp managed to let me know. Desired Merchandise it is as degrading as it sounds. I was wanted by them for what I magically possesed power the money they planned on earning the coven with the gifts power and the physicall desire of myself by their HP.To this day I hve not looked for a group in this area. Although I had no right to ask fo rhelp form others I did. I was outnubered and both emotionaly battered and physically battered. I am to this point in time still alone. I do have TWV to thank for a couple fo things though. 1 they were willing to tackle a subject as of this which is in as much a support base as a wake up call. 2 They were able to put me intouch with good people to converse with that weren touched by the other group. I am thankful to Gaia for that. and 3 Allowing people to understand and see that it is very real and does exist. There is nothing more rewarding than validation when everyone has been telling you this doesnt exist or they refuse to help because they dont want to get involved. I had never asked for anyone to do anything in my life and when I needed help I found it here. I will ever be greatful to this CyberHaven.In the name of GaiaBlessed beWulfie"

Date Posted: 6/30/98   Email:


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